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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 13, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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♪ how sweet the sound ♪ >> i want to play the whole thing. we will make sure it is on my twitter feed. make sure to check it out, shannon bream and the fox news at 19, take it from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. standing by to see if donald trump will sign off on a deal he is not happy about. one of the key lawmakers who brokered the deal changed his mind, a fraction of money he wanted for his wall. tonight the president backs a plan, sounds like he has the support of at least one conservative radio superstar who says do not underestimate donald trump. i am shannon bream in washington, we have fox team
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coverage tonight, how the conservative base is responding to the deal and we begin with kristin fisher on the latest from the white house standing by. >> you getting a clue tonight of where the president is headed from one of the key republican negotiators, richard shelby said he spoke with donald trump and he sounded reasonable, he said the president expressed concern this deal does not give him as much as he wanted for a wall but senator shelby says he pointed out you weren't going to get any money with this deal, you at least get some money. >> this is only a down payment on the wall. we are not going to get any money, we did get you some money. >> we done the best we can to
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come together. we are more interested in what is best for america, not what might be best for one person's ego. >> the exact language of the bill is still being worked out but congressional aides say the deal includes $1.375 billion for physical barriers at the border, 55 miles of new fencing using any currently deployed design like metal slats, it does not include a immigrants detained in the united states but would provide a path to reduce ice detention beds and improvements at customs and border protection holding facilities. earlier today donald trump said he's not thrilled about the deal but also signaled he would be reluctant to shut the government down all over again. >> i don't think you're going to see a shutdown. i wouldn't want to. if you did have it it is the democrats fault as i accepted the first one and i'm proud of what we have accomplished because people learned during the shutdown all about the problems coming in from the southern border. i accept that. always accepted it but this one i would never accept if it happens but i don't think it's going to happen.
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>> at the rally in el paso donald trump said it didn't matter what the deal was, he was going to build the wall no matter what meaning he could still declare a national emergency at the border and tonight senator lindsey graham said deal or no deal he thinks donald trump will do it. >> he has authority to reprogram money, the other ways, he will do both. i think he wants that fight. he sang for my point of view this is a national emergency and he is willing to have that fight with congress and the courts. >> in terms of a timeline for this agreement the committee hopes to have a text of the bill done by tomorrow night so that the house can vote on thursday, just one day before the deadline. they are cutting it very close. >> as we always seem to do in washington on these tough issues. under mounting pressure to sign the funding deal it looks like the president is getting support from the most influential conservative radio talk host.
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>> that conservative commentator is rush limbaugh who told his listeners if the president signs a bill that allocates less than $5.7 billion he demanded for the wallet cannot be looked at as a defeat. in fact just the opposite. watch. >> anything that happens that solidifies and cements that effort, the president can portray as a win, always hold out a declaration of a national emergency, getting the rest of it built and so forth. >> limbaugh gave the president his blessing while he cited poll numbers from rasmussen which is an outlier showing that shutting down the government again would be politically beneficial to the president again but limbaugh went on to say there is no way the president caved on the premise of controlling illegal immigration, tell that to and coulter who ripped the president calling the compromise the
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president's yellow new deal quoting trump talks a big game on the border wall but it is increasingly clear he is afraid to fight for it. a few weeks ago when the president of monica struck a deal to end the partial government shutdown she called donald trump a wimp, the president shot back calling her a hostile person and on following her on twitter but gop senator bob corker and democratic senator dick durbin said the president thinks losing conservative radio host means losing his base. here's where other conservatives stand, sean hannity opposes the deal calling it a garbage compromise. laura income is a no saying the deal is pathetic, "fox and friends" is yes, breitbart and matt drudge are on the fence as is the president who says he doesn't like the compromise but stop short of rejecting it.
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>> the verdict is in for joaquin guzman. sarah huckabee sanders tweeting his reign of terror is over, he will spend his life in a maximum security prison, the threatened violence drug cartels is real, we must secure the border. prominent lawmakers see the conviction as a way to get more cash for the border wall. we have details. >> reporter: one republican senators proposing legislation mandating all of his drug proceeds, billions of dollars the used to fund the border wall. now that he was found guilty on all 10 counts including murder, conspiracy and drug trafficking, the world's most aureus drug lord will spend the rest of his life in the us prison. after 6 days of deliberations,
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four men and eight women found him of the cartel over 25 years smuggling hundreds of tons of cocaine, heroin and marijuana into the united states. the evidence in this case was overwhelming. 56 witnesses testified including 14 cooperating witnesses. his closest associates. there were guns seized cocaine, drug ledgers, including wiretapped phone calls and personal text messages, all of them leading to one damning conclusion. >> he was behind it. he pulled all the strings. he directed all the production, the smuggling, the transportation, distribution of billions upon billions of dollars worth of narcotics into the united states. >> the defense tried to cast reasonable doubt, ultimately they conceded the avalanche of evidence proved too much. >> savages have left all of the battlefield for joaquin guzman. >> reporter: debate continues over funding for border wall, ted cruz urged senators to pass
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the bill introduced that would make number 0 -- it must be used to pay for a wall. it is estimated he made $14 billion. so far huge stashes of cash have yet to be found. 's lawyers say they will appeal, he will be sentenced on june 25th. given his history, twice escaping from mexico prisons it is highly likely he will be serving his life sentence in america's most secure prison in colorado. >> tonight as we await word whether the president will endorse the current border deal congress is wasting no time. expected to move ahead with his deal in principle, as soon as tomorrow, let's bring in democratic strategist howard franklin and border patrol chief
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under president obama, great to have you with us tonight. i want to start with you because we've been hearing from a lot of people who are experts on the issue on the border so what do you make of the deal? >> from a law enforcement and border patrol perspective this proposal is a fail that clearly demonstrates to me they are not listening to the experts. experts have been saying the tools and resources they need, they made their case, backed up with fact and historical data of which that multilayer plan is 230 additional miles of physical barrier in strategic locations to help the operational control, to stem the flow of drugs and bad things and congress today said no, we are not listening to the experts, we know better, this bill is proposed is the fail. >> the president has a choice here. he says he doesn't anticipate another government shutdown but
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this is a deal on the table for now. >> in my opinion donald trump has to find a deal. he can't politically afford another shutdown. he doesn't want to do his religion prospect and the fact of the matter is he's asking to have his cake and eat it too. he is heading on the deal that he will beat himself the room for the emergency that will allow them to look for more funds whether it is senator cruz's bill or some other avenue. shannon: it sounds like there's a partisan debate about whether he has the ability to move these funds without congressional action. we are talking different parts of money that can come into play. we will hear from both sides of the aisle about what they think. >> he doesn't have the authority to do it without house permission. >> he are to feel free to use whatever tools he can legally use to enhance his efforts to secure the border.
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i would not -- >> i know you don't love the deal the president has this allegedly in front of him as it comes together and get on paper. there may be some other options but so that congress is going to fight him. at least the democrats, if he tries to move money without getting them involved. >> one silver lining in this if i can find one, we can put to rest that walls are immoral are ineffective because at least they said we will give you $1.3 billion so we can put that to rest about what is frustrating from an american citizen standpoint is congress sales to do what they need to to secure this country by giving the tools to the experts that they need to secure the borders, instead they toss it to the president. i hope the president stays strong. if you can legally declare a national security i hope he does, to give the men, women risking their lives every day the tools they need to protect this country. >> he sounds upbeat, i want to
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thank all republicans for the work you've done in dealing with radical left on border security, not an easy task but the wall is being built and will be a great achievement and contribute to life and safety within our country. he is putting a positive spin on this, got money for the wall, 55 additional miles so he sounds like he's trying to stay upbeat. >> he does sound like he's trying to stay upbeat, sounds like a positive spin. don't know that his base will buy it. a number of conservative talk radio hosts and the question is not whether he has the authority to do simple what are the implication for redirecting funds otherwise use for our military and other projects that are ongoing in this country and around the world? to me that is the real political risk. he is running if he tries to recovered funds. shannon: they have decisions to make at the white house and on capitol hill. thank you for being with us, thank you. senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell says it is time to put up or set up as he plans a vote on alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal, this will put democrats including several 2020 contenders on the spot and on the record. democrats say they are feeling optimistic. >> it is absolutely realistic and i think we need to set our sights high. >> california slams the brakes on older green deal citing cost overruns and lack of transparency so how is the governor responding to accusations that he's losing his progressive edge? ♪ doctor dave. see ya. ♪ here's your order. ♪ hey.
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♪ >> shannon: de much shannon: the green new deal
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spurred by alexandria ocasio-cortez is headed to the senate floor for a vote forcing democrats to take a public stand how they feel about the plan that could cost tens of trillions of dollars while proposing radical changes to life as you know now it. chad program explains. >> mitch mcconnell wants to put democrats on the spot on the controversial new green deal especially the potential and declared presidential candidate serving in the senate. republican say new york freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal is contentious. causing the us to transition away from fossil fuels and also laced with ideas like illuminating air travel and guaranteeing all-americans a government job and paid vacations the matter what. the republicans to let that is the socialist pipedream and a real nightmare.
12:19 am
senate democrat chris murphy cosponsored green new deal in the senate last week calling for sweeping overhaul of the entire us economy in 10 years. >> it is absolutely realistic and we need to set our sights high. >> i noted with great interest the green new deal. we are going to be voting on that in the senate and give everybody an opportunity to go on record and see how they feel. >> reporter: mcconnell opposes the green a deal. in this case he wants to show where democrats stand on the green new deal especially the 2020 hopefuls. kirsten gillibrand, amy klbuc r klbuchar, elizabeth ward of massachusetts, even possible candidates like bernie sanders and sherrod brown but there is a risk for some republicans too. such a vote would force for us cory gardner colorado and susan collins of maine to weigh in as well, both face challenging reelection bid next year.
12:20 am
>> republicans should answer, what is their answer on climate change? what are they going to put forward? >> reporter: two years ago republicans tried to pin down democratic senators on how they would vote on bernie sanders's medicare for all plan. the vote was 0 you as and 57 as. all democrats avoided taking a position. they voted present. shannon: thank you. as the progressive green new deal pushes for a big buildout of high-speed rail, the goal of making air travel nearly obsolete, california governor pulling the plug on moving forward on his state's high-speed rail project from san diego to sacramento. >> the current project as planned would cost too much and take too long. has been too little oversight and not enough transparency. >> let's bring in chris stierwall. mitchell, says we will give everybody a chance, they seem very excited about this deal so
12:21 am
we will up and go on the record. >> this is a resolution that was designed as an aspirational -- the democrats say let's not fear because it is not legislation that is made. justice sentiments, and ideas that we support this concept and mcconnell is saying you have the opportunity to do this. he will have an opportunity to say this out loud. it is problematic for the democrats potentially in the general to the real problems come in if you are at state democrat who has to think about reelection where you live and you can't be doing that but at the same time if you are democrat in a very blue state where you face a primary challenge if you don't vote for it they need a trapdoor hearing that marky, the author in the senate has laid out, this doesn't count and we are not going to hold this against any but if you will probably get what you got in 2017, medicare for all or single-payer,
12:22 am
mcconnell let that ride as an amendment, there will be democrats who vote no on this, there might be read state democrat to say i will take it with your done jones in alabama, who would probably like a free shot to vote no on something that will never pass anyway but might like to do present. >> senator marky is a big proponent and sponsor of moving forward with this, he says mitch mcconnell threatened to sabotage the green new deal by making people the. he says the principles resonate with the american people. >> it is trickery. we know it is a trick but it is also a trick the democrats left themselves open for because they didn't have to propose this resolution, it is a bill. it is in congress, available to vote on so mcconnell is taking them at their word. they could've talked about this. howard dean and the democrats give counsel to fellow members of the party, discussions are good, because of the words you use, the things you say because they come back at you and years.
12:23 am
heather: senator klobuchar said this about voting for it. >> the green new deal, i see it as aspirational, a jumpstart. i would vote yes but i would also when it got down to the nitty-gritty of actual legislation as opposed to here are some goals we have that would be different for me. heather: i would imagine every contender is going to vote yes because it is a race to the left and who will be most progressive. >> another way out is hold everybody harmless, you vote present in protest of mcconnell's tactics so nobody has to pay the price, if you're sherrod brown from ohio that is not our brand for you. he's an environmentalist and liberal in that way but not if you're from a manufacturing
12:24 am
state, talk about an aspirational issue but don't want to get down to the details so they may come up with something where they say we will vote present because we are protesting the method. >> maybe you should go beyond voting present. >> it is like people in washington are insincere. we will look into this. but there could be cynicism that takes place. shannon: good to have you speaking. and a brutal murder mystery a woman's body found stuffed in a suitcase was the woman who claimed she was raped by the lieutenant governor of virginia speaks out. >> to function in this world. >> republican g otto caldwell tackle the latest on the allegations against virginia's lieutenant governor and nicholas
12:25 am
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♪ spewing reports night at the ex-boyfriend charged in the death of a woman whose body was found in a suitcas >> the ex-boyfriend charged in the death of the one whose body was found in a suitcase in connecticut is in the us illegally having allegedly overstate a visa. details are emerging, xavier told them 24-year-old valerie fell and hit her head during or after she had sex and he bowed her hands and legs, teacher mouth shut and put her in a suitcase before leaving it in a forest. attorneys for the first woman to accuse virginia neil: governor of sexual assault urging the legislature to investigate and they vow they will cooperate in any way they can. they are speaking up for the first time.
12:30 am
>> this is the first time we heard an accuser of justin fairfax speak on camera but she did not talk about the lieutenant governor or her name in the headlines. doctor tyson is a politics professor in california, sexual violence advocate. a few hours ago she appeared and lives speed symposium called betrayal and courage in the age of me too and was to appear at the symposium long before she was alleged that justin fairfax sexually assaulted her. we do know that tyson said -- >> sexual violence and sexual assault in our lives can have a prominent impact on our understanding of our souls, the bodies, the world around us. >> reporter: tyson mentioned christine ford who last fall accused brett kavanaugh of sexual assault.
12:31 am
>> and she told her story we felt the pain she so visibly demonstrated. >> reporter: it appears lawmakers are looking to launch an independent investigation of the lieutenant governor. doctor tyson didn't discuss the fairfax case on camera but she has been talking through her attorneys. in a letter to her attorneys her lawmakers any investigation into the serious allegations of sexual assault made by doctor tyson will demonstrate lieutenant governor fairfax lacks moral fitness to continue in public office, fairfax continues to maintain, to clear his name, meredith watts says she too was raped by fairfax was governor of northrom over the racist yearbook photo. he wants to focus on race
12:32 am
relations, just today the governor announced he will restore the voting rights of 10,000 former felons. it is clear he's moving past the scandal, and focusing on his job as governor. >> fox news political analyst g otto caldwell, great to have you with us tonight. two weeks ago when this broke with governor northrom. he may not survive the evening or the weekend as governor and now he firmly has a hold to stay in the governor's mansion and keeping his job. what do you make of that? >> he needs to go and take the lieutenant governor with him and he needs to take the attorney general. there aren't other honorable people in the commonwealth who
12:33 am
can govern. we have respectable people, other people, need to go home. go home and resign and allow us to continue the business of the commonwealth and the choices that led to this position. >> that would be the 3 top democrats in the state to a republican, an interesting piece, power trump values in virginia. and continues to call for mister northram's resignation it is apparent democrats in virginia and across the nation adopted a political tactic that expressly is about protecting their power. any chance all three of them go? >> probably not.
12:34 am
a power-play and democratic policy working for bernie sanders, need to start making this about donald trump, racism was here before that. folks in virginia, black voters are going to forgive the governor with the what he is committing to know it even more troubling, what i read, the vice chairman of the black caucus, united we stand, divided we fall, can't blame governor northram for acting white in america, if you don't find it troubling i don't know what you will find troubling. democrats across the country, there's a double standard when it comes to race and racism in this country. if a republican does something as despicable they find a way to keep them in office and i find it disgusting. heather: this should not be a
12:35 am
partisan conversation. >> it should not. heather: they say -- doctor tyson has no motive, and great personal risk. >> there is precedent in virginia for ousting the lieutenant governor. and the republican speaker of the house of -- the first republican speaker since the 1880s. when we heard he paid off someone who worked, made sexual advances against her, we pressured him. he knew in no uncertain terms he had to go and this was a man many of us, the thing is right. i notice when brett kavanaugh
12:36 am
was having a confirmation hearing, a microphone but a democrat said he has to go. here we are now, and the other day, lieutenant governor working towards the general is simply where they are making laws for the rest of us to live under here in the commonwealth and has a white female senator on the one hand and a black female senator on the other hand and they were shielding him from the media. didn't have to answer questions. we republicans removed our speaker of the house, and watch this man in the dais as he
12:37 am
addresses the border, and making laws for us, mister lieutenant governor, each of them could stand and say we ask you to resign and do that now and none of them have done that. heather: we leave it there because we are out of time. his accusers, we will see where this goes. the president talked late term abortion following the passage of a controversial bill there and democrats, another billet banning what republicans call infanticide, rough northram i's controversial comments, there should be nothing partisan about this issue, live next. . [nondescript dialogue] what would it look like if we listened more? could the right voice - the right set of words -
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shannon: donald trump and andrew
12:42 am
cuomo meeting in the white house discussing a range of issues from the empire state avenue abortion law passed last month. and mental health threatened by the pregnancy is not viable. democrats dispute with the legislation said in a similar proposal in virginia. what did they actually do? >> are you saying there is no such thing as late-term abortions are they overturning the concerns about that? >> gynecologist don't use that term. it was created by the pro-life lobby to scare people about this. after your due date there are no infants up to your due date. it goes by doctors. shannon: let's bring a republican senator ben sachs, a measure on the senate floor.
12:43 am
infants born alive after abortions but it was blocked by democrats. senator, you outlined that this should not be a partisan issue, something all-americans can agree upon. >> there is hardly a more basic truth in life than a little baby who survived the botched abortion it is on the table fighting for life should have dignity, and image bearer, has worsened right and we have a moral obligation to provide the same care as we would to any other baby. shannon: this is what senator patty murray said about the bill. >> we have laws against infanticide. this is a gross misinterpretation of the language of the bill being considered as i object. an
12:44 am
abortion and the argument she appeared to be making is because no one is proactively taking a pillow and putting it over the baby's face and smother her to death then there is no problem because there is no one actively doing the killing. there is a phenomenon called backing away where doctors let the baby die by exposure. you don't do that to a 6-month-old baby or 12-month-old baby, they don't survive without care. these babies have rights and we should be there. shannon: people don't want to talk about the reality of what is before them in so many cases. no one wants to think about these situations. i want to bring a piece from the new jersey editorial board, the truth about late-term abortion, they say there is no such thing as an abortion moment before birth. doctors do not deliver babies and kill them.
12:45 am
the central conceit is women will seek out late term abortions for cavalier reasons and doctors will perform them with the indulgence of craven politicians. when you talk about this it is just a scare tactic, not something that is really happening. >> is happening and people need to realize that was the governor and his description he gave on that radio show, they never complete the statement, they say the baby will be born and if it is not viable or has a severe handicapped it will be kept comfortable and the woman can talk to the doctor and that is where they end the conversation. they talked about ending the baby's life. those on the other side who believe in pro-choice position don't discos that to people. i'm proud of senator sachs and the other pro-life senators who are saying enough is enough, this is too far.
12:46 am
shannon: political said it was false the baby could be aborted a minute before is born under this new law. talking to and ob/gyn, the baby would be crowding, not a minute before but the day before, the week before. >> these are silly discussions when people are trying to equivocate about those arguments. the reality is what's new york did is try to strip protections for babies until the moment from birth and they went out and said let's celebrate this in the light of the world trade center and pink life. pink is symbolized breast cancer survivors and these are tough gritty women and they did something, persevered, succeeded, celebration of life and people are trying to pervert that imagery to something used to celebrate death. it is wrong of the american people happily know it is wrong. the pro-life movement is broken
12:47 am
passion, pro baby, pro mom, pro-science and the american people -- heather: is that your sense? >> i appreciate that, latest polling shows 80% of americans do not support late-term abortion. even among those who support a pro-choice position, 70% of them do not support late-term abortion, democrats can go this way but it is not what the american people want and for us we are going to say no, it starts now and we will do all we can to get the message out. shannon: we know you have been to the senate four times, the sun -- the conversation continues, thank you for being here. next up, 2020, senator harris bragged about smoking weed and they know why and we talk about allegations of racism to sexism, anti-semitism, plaguing the
12:48 am
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♪ >> shannon: 2020 heather: 2020 and 60 seconds. after apologizing for claims of native american heritage,
12:52 am
elizabeth worn made a surprise appearance at a luncheon honoring native american women. warren took the stage to introduce a chairwoman of the whopper not tribe who talked about freezing native american women. pamela harris is glad people are asking if she's black enough and mentions a radio interview, she admitted she smokes weed in college when listening to snoop dog. critic stick out both artists released their albums five years after she graduated from college and says the candidate is looking to head off a problem with barack obama. president obama's attorney general eric holder hit the road today testing the waters for his own 2020 run. he is expected to announce his decision very soon. the virginia scandals are the least complication for democratic party some see as losing itself declared moral high ground over republicans.
12:53 am
peter doocy looks at the fallout from a very difficult stretch. >> in a time of trump democrats are trying to claim the moral high ground. >> you are either complicit in the evil, contributing to the wrong or you are fighting against it. >> the tax scam is a moral of 70. it is immoral to allow politicians to harm women and families to advance a political agenda. >> reporter: the tables have turned, that one democrat as commercial, some critics i as a defense of infanticide is overshadowed by questions whether he was the one in blackface or klansman uniformity with your book. >> it keeps us out of the papers. i like it. have to find a few more guys like this one. >> reporter: congress consumed by questions about racism in the virginia governor's past and
12:54 am
allegations of sexual misconduct in the lieutenant governor's past. >> i don't know what the right answers are but i don't think the democratic party ignored it. many of them have risen to the occasion. >> reporter: then there is the issue of the democratic congresswoman apologizing for anti-semitic comments. >> anti-semitic and anticancer all hate info trading politics and we are seeing on college campuses, the halls of congress. >> reporter: of our was condemned by democratic leadership. >> almost as if they needed time to think the political consequences and that disappointed me. >> reporter: the democrats doubt they will see the moral high ground as long as the president's name is donald trump. >> they are engaging in manufactured moral crisis as they continue to support the like sexual predator president. >> reporter: regardless who has the high ground heading into 2020 the scandals are on the front pages of newspapers across the country which could
12:55 am
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to claim your complimentary bottle. if score!'s results are too strong, please discontinue use. that's the keyword on the screen to 69-69-69. ♪ >> shannon: retired teacher and book sale volunteer had to >> book they volunteer kathy mcallister double take when left speechless when she found $4000 cash in a book he described as tattered around the edges, not a big seller and the family letter who said we who the money belonged to. without hesitation she located the family and returned the money. the church taught us what was right or wrong, it becomes who you are after a while. you are our midnight hero for doing the right thing. we all would. i will be making a big announcement on social media tomorrow.
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check it out on twitter and facebook. we will have more on the show tomorrow night, thank you for joining us, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. >> am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no. i'm not. i am not happy. am i happy with where we are going? i am thrilled. jillian: heather: it is wednesday, this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert, deal or no deal? a bipartisan plan for border security and fund the government is heading for a vote. if the president signs at what does it mean for the wall? we are live in washington to break it down. no collusion, a senate panel finds no


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