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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  February 13, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> katie: we are going special tomorrow. the team at fox nation is doing an awesome job pedro quickly, and amanda pulled trigger and killed brian carey was convicted yesterday first-degree murder. to go throw the scandal during the special. you can go to fox nation for tomorrow. here's harris. >> and a beacon of breaking news. the president is in no rush to sign off on the border do. we just heard from him moments ago. that deal is aimed at avoiding another government shutdown. as he says, the president has not yet read the entire bill yet. but he will. i am harris faulkner. this is "outnumbered overtime." the measure, hammered out by negotiators, provides just a fraction of the money the president says he wants for the border wall. he said yesterday that he's not happy with it, but the president at the white house minutes ago saying he has not yet seen the full text of the bill but also that he will secure funding for his portable regardless of whether he decides to sign the legislation or not.
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>> actually, regardless of what i do -- we have, as you know, a lot of money where we are building existing wall with existing funds. i have a lot of options. just like we do with venezuela. we have on the border. we have a lot of options. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts has more now from the north lawn. so we are waiting for the bill to be read, and what the president will be doing next. >> we are waiting for the bill to be written and find it with the present will be due. a white house source told me a couple of hours ago, harris, that the president has not made a decision contrary to some other reporting out there as to whether or not he is going to support this bill. he has not yet seen the text of it. it's likely the text won't come to him until either late today or sometime tomorrow. all he knows about it right now is what has been passed along to his staff from members up on capitol hill who are part of the conference committee who are dealing with this. the president said yesterday in the cabinet room that there are
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aspects of this that he's not happy with, and i am told by house officials that there was a lot in this build of the president has a real problem with. listen to what he said in the oval office just a short time ago. >> we haven't gotten it yet. we will be getting it. we will be looking for landmines, because you could have that. you know, it's been known to happen before to people. i appreciate all the work the republicans have done, because they are really going against a radical left. it's a radical left. and they are going against it very hard. and they are fighting. but we are in very good shape, and we are going to take a look at it when it comes. i don't want to see a shut down. a shutdown would be a terrible thing. >> he doesn't want to see a shutdown but he also wants to have a chance for him, the white house staff, and for dhs to go through this thing with a fine tooth comb. congress meantime pressing ahead with the bill. listen to what the house majority leader steny hoyer set a short time ago. >> let me say, the conferees have indicated that they pretty
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much have reached an agreement. obviously, they are working on this. and we hope to have the papers done and ready to go by tomorrow. we hope to pass it by tomorrow night. >> so here's what we know about the deal. it calls for $1.37 billion to create 50 miles of new border wall. that can be a design, anything of the border patrol wants including the president's newly-designed steel slat fence. it also includes $1.7 billion in funding for new border technology. the president already indicating, though, that he is going to spend more money than that, tweeting this morning, "was just presented a concept and parameters by hardworking senator richard shelby. looking over all the aspects, knowing that this would be hooked up with lots of money from other sources of this concept of lots of money from other sources is the latest point between democrats in congress. he's got what is called transferred to it down like a fairy. he can move money that's already appropriated around the government. if he were to take money from other agencies or within the dhs
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and put it toward a border wall, congress would likely erupt. listen to what chuck schumer said. >> as for moving around the money, he needs congressional permission to do it. it was done in the past by president obama and president trump, but they control their republicans -- the republicans controlled the house and gained the okay. he doesn't have the authority to do it without house permission. >> we don't know if that is exactly true. we do know under the rules of the president has to inform congress, harris, as to whether they need to sign off on it. that's unclear. it certainly sounds like democrats would stand in the way of any attempt by the president to move money around for his wall. harris? >> harris: john roberts king of the facts. thanks very much. let's dive into all of this with house minority leader kevin mccarty. he's in favor of the latest bill to fund the government. does he think the president should sign a customer agree no just moments ago he held a news conference, he said not until the present has read every word. it's ten that's way on this
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program. for now, another fox news alert. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will vote on the green new deal to get democrats -- especially 2020 hopefuls -- on the record. the plan, cosponsored by a freshman democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez, has faced widespread criticism over its costs and demands. peter doocy's level capitol hill with the story. peter? >> harris, the senate sponsor of the bill doesn't think it is ready for a vote and he's suggesting that's because he doesn't think it would pass. ed markey, the democrat from massachusetts, tweeted this. "don't let mitch mcconnell fool you, this is nothing but an attempt to sabotage the movement we are building. he wants to silence your voice so republicans don't have to explain why the are climate change deniers. mcconnell wants this to be the end. it's just the beginning." right now for of his colleagues support the green new deal, and they will have to go on the record. cory booker, elizabeth warren, kirsten gillibrand, and kamala harris, who i just asked
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about an upcoming vote. >> senator harris, mitch mcconnell bring a green new deal up for vote -- do you support that? >> i support the green new deal. >> republicans have been ridiculing the roll out of the green new deal, which included a now-redacted, frequently asked chet questions page suggestive air travel can be bad along with cows which be a problem for a senator iowa like chuck grassle grassley. >> a lot of people in this country, mostly city slickers, that think food grows in supermarkets and not on farms. i think it's very unrealistic. >> the green new deal, though, is more of an outline right now. there is no legislative checks that we know of, so there is nothing for the senate to vote on. but as soon as the idea that everyone has been talking about the last couple days are put into a bill, mitch mcconnell
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plans to bring to the floor. harris? >> harris: what a line, people who think the food doesn't grow on farms and in fact not in foreign markets. peter doocy, thanks very much. joining me now is ronna mcdaniel, republican national committee chairwoman. good to see. you actually had another interesting one-liner as well, and that was, "did they proofread this thing?" >> clearly they didn't. you saw them all begin falling over themselves, saying, "that's not what we put forward in a resolution resolution," when it said we will take care people not just unable to work but unwilling to work. how do we do that customer card we go to work every day and say, "you don't want to work? we will work for you." they didn't read that part of it and they have to retract it and say, "yes, that was on a website." so this has been a pretty bad rollout. >> harris: the part about planes and nonflatulent cows. i'm cleaning it up, actually. there's an underlying message of do we need to do something
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responsibly responsively in regard to climate change with our legislation? >> i will say one thing -- you don't fix any of the problems they are addressing by total government take over and destroying our economy. you've got china out there, you got india, they are not coming to the table. you don't put the country that is leading on these issues on the back burner by destroying our economy and taking over health care and education. chileans and trains of dollars. they can't see how to pay for it. i know how they will pay for it -- the taxpayers. we are in a place now where an economy is growing, jobs are coming back. but don't destroy the american economy. >> harris: one last question about what we would do. gavin newsom, the california governor, just swiped away a huge green project. that's not necessary being the focal point of democrats.
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>> alexandria ocasio-cortez e-cig we will get rid of airplanes, we will have real. you just lie in california that they are getting rid of this rail project because it's costing too much money. >> harris: an interesting chess move is how critics are seeing the advice by mitch mcconnell. that is to make them vote on this. here's enclosure on whether she would vote for the green new deal. >> i see it as aspirational. i see it as a jump start. i would vote yes, but i would also -- if it got down to the nitty-gritty of an actual legislation as opposed to "here are some goals we have," that would be different for me. >> harris: real quickly and want a response and we will move on. >> your seem to have a crafty democrat nothing for 2020 embrace the green new deal. they have made a centerpiece of many of their announcements. let's get them on the record. let's make it very clear -- democrats are for moving toward socialism, total government takeover of every aspect of our economy, telling americans what they can do from washington, and republicans are for capitalism
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and allowing entrepreneurship and innovation and our country to grow and jobs to come back and we just to grow. those are the two star choices they are putting forward. let them put the money where their mouth is. >> harris: house speaker nancy pelosi calling it a suggestion. it'll be interesting going forward. >> it's funny, according to a casio cortez, the world is about to end until he or so we should take about right now. we need to get it done. >> harris: meanwhile, top senate democrat chuck schumer is reportedly trying to recruit a high profile fight approach taken mitch mcconnell in 2020. according to politico, a marine veteran-turned-2018 candidate didn't rule out the request. what you think of that? >> mcgrath ran against andy barr. she's very extreme. she compared president trump winning to 9/11. she would not denounce abortions on a due date in the ninth month. she said she's the most progressive deliverable libera. i do think it's a good move. go ahead, chuck schumer. spend all your money in kentucky
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so we can win other senate seats. >> harris: i don't want to lean too far on this point because we will get mired in this. most people have made up their minds and how they feel about the subject of abortion. i want to bring up that what she has said in the passes with being talked about right now. the irony of that -- did you see it coming? what is the clap back, if you will, from the rnc? >> i think most americans -- pro life, pro-choice, wherever you stand -- think it's immoral for come on the due date, when the baby is viable, when they can have life and live outside the womb, to take that life. when you saw a ralph northam's comments -- >> harris: the virginia governor. >> of infanticide. saying, "the baby can be born and we can decide whether it will live." that something as a country that we should object to. it should not be partisan. to have this discussion be something where democrats are equivocating and outstanding strong on this issue, i think is out of touch with most americans. one is mitch mcconnell -- is he in jeopardy because directors have competition with amy
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mcgrath? >> i don't think is in jeopardy. president trump won kentucky by 62%. mitch mcconnell won his last election by 15 points against allison grimes, another up-and-comer. let's not forget, mcgrath lost to auntie barb. so do didn't win even in the congressional race. i think mitch mcconnell is not in trouble but i love chuck schumer picking kentucky as a battleground state. just go ahead and go there and we will focus on other states around the country and spend our money to keep those senate seats. >> harris: ronna mcdaniel. i know you're do or not, even making it more fierce than ever. we talked about that ground game in the past. the democrats have there's an you have yours. good to see you. thank you. >> any goodwill that might've existed in the committee with michael cohen is now gone. i would prefer that before he goes to prison, but -- you know, the way he has positioned himself not coming to the committee, we may help them go there. >> harris: senate intelligence
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committee chairman richard burr slamming trump's former attorney, michael cohen, for doing his apparent support can't tell my congress three times this month already. he reiterated that his committee found no factual evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. but that he wanted to interview michael cohen before the report to federal prison happens next month with michael cohen going on march 6th. cohen's attorney, however, quick to push back saying that cohen is recovering from shoulder surgery and that his medication is making it impossible for him to testify this week. ladies first -- white house hopeful cory booker says he would look for a woman to be his running mate. don not, should he get the democratic nomination. whether this is gender politics. a debate, coming up. plus, the bricking development's on the compromise to head off a another partial government shutdown asked the president is saying that he is checking for landmines inside the bill. reaction from the top republican in the house, kevin mccarthy joins me.
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welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> harris: fox news alert, the senate voting to advance william barr's nomination to be the next u.s. attorney general. just three democrats voted with republicans. they have raised concerns about his oversight of the mueller investigation, and whether he will release the report to the public. a final vote on his nomination is expected to come later this week. let's get back to the top story. the president sing mom's go he will look for "landmines" in a government funding bill. although he also said he doesn't want to close the government for the second time this winter. the president telling reporters before a meeting with colombia's president that he would decide whether to assign the legislation when he sees it. house minority leader kevin
10:19 am
mccarthy joins me now, and that is my number one question. it is being written -- do we know when it will be ready? >> it should be ready a little later today. we are not in the majority anymore. appropriations will work this negotiation. i'm in the same position as the president. i am waiting to see what the language says. the structure itself, you have to think about this -- just a few weeks ago nancy pelosi said "not $1 for the wall." the president is getting 55 new miles of wall and barrier inside this bill. they tried to lower the number of beds. with that really means to the viewers is what they are trying to do is get us to release into society the criminals were catching coming across the border illegally. then they are trying to eliminate i.c.e. i.c.e. has more money in this. i view this as a down payment, and the president still has more tools in his toolbox. he can go and grab more money, finish the ball, but the most important thing here is that the wall is being built.
10:20 am
>> harris: the president has said in the oval office in the last day or so that this moves them in the right direction even though he doesn't really like this deal very much. talk to me now about the process of getting the money to build even more wall. senator chuck schumer says, "the outcome of the president is limited in his ability to do this." what you say? >> he's not. everybody knows the president has the legal authority to declare an emergency, of what's happening along the border. he can grab other money that's out there and use that to build the wall, to finish off from the $1.4 billion that's inside this bill. so we have 55 miles, the president wanted to go a full 200 miles. that's where i was, wanted to get more than $5 billion for the barrier. but he can grab other entities that have money and finish that as we go. what we've really been doing is listening to the expert. that's why i want to read the bill, because we want to make sure we are building in the top three places that the experts say you need these barriers to be in. >> harris: what does everybody get? isn't that the whole point of a
10:21 am
deal that actually works? that people have skin in the game and democrats get something, the g.o.p. get something? >> the democrats don't want to give the president a victory. from nancy pelosi's view, she said that walls are immoral but the president getting a victory there. they try to eliminate the beds. we have the same cap that we had before. so maybe they can't expand too far, but we have the ability to do that. what it really is is not providing the $5 billion, just one-tenth of 1% of the whole budget. i think that's the only thing they think they are trying to will the president back. but what's unique in the situation, this bill is a down payment. the president still has other avenues that he can use to get the rest of the money, and finish it. this president will not give up. we will make sure this border is secure. >> harris: meanwhile, vice president mike pence is going after democratic congresswoman ilhan omar after her recent tweets about israel that it mainly condemned as being anti-semitic. among them, tweets implying that
10:22 am
pro-israel lobby is buying off lawmakers. here is the vice president earlier today. >> her tweets were a disgrace. anti-semitism has no place in the united states congress. or anywhere in our country, or the free world. unless representative omar resigns from congress, at minimum, democratic leaders should remove her from the house foreign affairs committee. >> harris: should they remove her from that committee? >> i believe so. remember this, harris -- what congresswoman omar was doing was referring to an article about a press conference when i was saying the democratic leadership has stayed silent on what these anti-semitic comments that were being made -- and if they stay silent, that means they agree with them. she did another tweet over the weekend. i think that was too far for even the democrats. so they said she had to apologize.
10:23 am
remember this. when i had a member of our conch doll not conference say something that was, to me, appoint -- >> harris: representative steve king. >> that's not with the belief of the party of lincoln believes in. we got together, not with the democrats but with our own, in our own steering committee, and removed him from any committee at all. the democrats are not doing that. they are allowing this to continue. seeing a simple apology is enough. >> harris: why do you think that is customer care i'm sure you are talking with your democratic colleagues across the political aisle. what are they telling you? >> a number of democrats across the aisle wish that speaker pelosi would take the same action that i took against congressman king. that it would really put an end to this anti-semitic statement that she is making. this isn't the first time, when you look at what she's been doing earlier in congress, as well. look at what she's -- hopefully she is canceling the dinner, that she was going to have a dinner here in the next month for an individual is also going to be speaking at that dinner talks about the joy of 20 jews
10:24 am
being killed. this is not the place you want to associate ourselves with and it should be a participle part. we know the history of this world, we should stand up anywhere we see this taking place anywhere in the world. >> harris: we had on representative lee zeldin of new york yesterday saying as much. and democrats. as you said, steny hoyer forcing that apology from a present of omar. i want to ask you specifically since we are talking a lot about twitter, you put out a tweet about three billionaires trying to buy the midterms. what did you mean by that? >> that had nothing to do with faith. that was her republicans versus democrats. michael bloomberg put in $54 million into campaign just in the last couple weeks in 24 districts. all i was pointing out was money that republicans and democrats were spending to defeat one another. one of the greatest joys i have in this job -- every single new term, i lead a trip of all the republican freshman to israel.
10:25 am
when i became a majority leader and started to do this, i changed the course. i sat down with steny hoyer and said, "let's make it bipartisan. let's overlap for a couple days." it had nothing to do with faith, it had to do with party and the campaign. >> harris: real quickly before i leave go, we seem to be at a time where people are going to do a lot of this in the public sphere of social media. does that concern you? >> i think it does. people will hide behind social media, but they will say things that they would never say to your face. remember this -- social media does a lot of great things, but isis could not recruit if they didn't have social media. as a a lot of negative things that can be used by it, if it's used wrong. the idea that somebody would continue to use some type of hate, and of the people to see that and coming together, i think that is the wrong use of social media. that's why people have to stand up in every place, and in every face, whenever they see it. >> harris: and face to face as often as possible. i contact.
10:26 am
thank you, good to see you. house minority leader kevin mccarthy on the program today. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: high-speed train projects intended to get the count points across the state in mere hours -- 90 more. why they decided to pull the plug more than a decade after voters approved the plan. plus, vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo have arrived in poland for an international summit on the middle east. hoping to ratchet up pressure on iran. will they succeed? ♪ smile dad.
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10:31 am
stanford. garrett tending now in richmond, virginia, with the latest. garrett? >> harris, this was vanessa tyson's first public appearance and she came forward with allegations against lieutenant governor justin fairfax. she was already scheduled to speak at the symposium prayed last night she did not mention lieutenant governor justin fairfax by name. she did not talk about her allegations against him. at one point she did describe how she was inspired while watching christine blasey ford's congressional testimony over the alleged sexual assault by justice brett kavanaugh. >> as she shook, we shook with her. as she told her story, we felt the pain that she so visibly demonstrated. and yet we have this empathetic absorption, because we see her bravery. we see her strength. we see her vulnerability. and we recognize it. maybe perhaps it helps us to see it in ourselves. >> tyson's attorneys are encouraging regina lawmakers to
10:32 am
investigate the allegations against fairfax, and we learn today that the district attorney in boston, rachel collins, has o reached out to tyson's legal team to let them know that if they want to file a criminal complaint, or office stands ready to investigate. tyson's legal team has not said if that's something they are looking to do, but fairfax's office tells us if it does happen he would cooperate fully with an investigation by the suffolk county district if you criminal complaint was filed. in that event, the lieutenant governor will explore all options with regard to filing his own criminal complaint in response to the filing of a false criminal complaint against him. fairfax completely denies the allegation, says he has never sexually assaulted anyone, and it -- like the governor and attorney general -- he has no plans to resign. harris? >> harris: garrett tenney, thank you very much. vice president pence and secretary of state pompeo are joining foreign officials from 60 other nations in poland for a u.s.-led summit on the middle east. the u.s. is hoping to increase
10:33 am
pressure on iran despite hesitation from several european countries. i want to bring in retired army lieutenant colonel daniel davis, a senior fellow and military expert at defense priorities. good to see you today, lieutenant colonel. when we start with exactly how differently the united states and some countries in europe see putting pressure on iran? >> you hit it right on the head. that is really the issue at stake right here. the united states seems to be really putting a lot of pressure, trying to build up pressure on iran on a number of fronts. almost to the buildup, potentially, of armed conflict later on. but then you have europe on the other side, that is actually doing everything in their power to maintain the jcpoa that president trump got out of. because they view that as in their economic and security interests. they are not very happy at all about the pressure we are trying to put on them. that's why some of our allies didn't even show up to this event. or, they sent some lower-level
10:34 am
diplomatic personnel to send a message. >> harris: i'm always curious how much gets done. i know they like to release and agreement or an accord -- not an accord, but some sort of communiqué out of these things. last month, the u.s. until chief contradicted the president's claim that iran is trying to make a nuclear weapon. here is the director of national intel, dan coats. >> while we do not believe iran is currently undertaking activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device, irani and officials have publicly threatened to push the boundaries of jcpoa restrictions if iran does not give the tangible financial benefits it expected from the deal. >> harris: whenever we see the sort of disconnect, i always wonder if one side knows moving out of. maybe the president know something about this that the rest of us don't know. what is your tape on iran's capability? >> that's the heart of it. what is their capability cost of equity they have the ability to do and the intent to do? the fact is that, militarily
10:35 am
speaking, iran can at most be a nuisance to american interests in the region. because our military -- both our nuclear and our conventional military -- are so much more powerful than anything iran could ever have. and they know that. so they are not going to push any bounds that would cause us to take military action because they know they would only lose in that case. which means they can be deterred indefinitely, because we hold all the cards in that regard. >> harris: who helps us, colonel davis, to get intel on what iran is doing? are those people in the 60 nations in poland today? who are our friends in regard to pushing against iran? >> actually, i had an event last night where that very subject came up. as a matter of fact, we have really good intelligence to be able to know what's going on inside of iran and all of our european allies i'm sure are being forthcoming and giving us information that they think should lead to a conclusion that we should not be putting all this pressure on iran so that we
10:36 am
can continue to have a peaceful relations that they have. >> harris: as you astutely pointed out, they have the notion of saying this to be pulled out of. so we will probably have to check, at least with good pacifism, i would venture, with their motives are in regard to that. colonel davis, thank you very much. the nation's largest infrastructure project stopped dead in its tracks -- no pun intended, train tracks -- at least for now. avenue some of california has stopped the real project, citing fees, costs and mismanagement. he said he has no plan to repay the trumpet initiation for the billions of federal dollars that were already allocated for the project. william la jeunesse picks up the story from there in l.a. william? >> harris, president obama gave california $3.5 billion in federal taxpayer money to build this bullet train with the understanding that it would travel l.a. to san francisco in
10:37 am
two hours and 40 minutes. that's not going to happen. will the administration go after california for failure to perform? it's too early to know. the governor newsom hopes to keep the project on life support so he won't have to repay those billions, despite president trump. >> with all due respect, i have no interest in sending back three and a half billion dollars of federal funding that was allocated to this project, to president donald trump. >> he shrunk the project by 80%, to money already spent are appropriate. not l.a. to san francisco, but a tiny stretch in the central valley. not 500 miles, but 100 miles. skeptics told governor jerry brown for years that this train could be built for what he promised to, but democrats and union supported it. poor management, losses, made this project unrealistic and unsustainable. the green new deal claims "high-speed rail will make plans obsolete to help the save the
10:38 am
planet." for now, it was touted just last week -- >> i say today that it is time for us to be bold once again. we have the technology to do it. we have the moral obligation. we have the economic imperative. we just need the political will to get this done. >> the current project as planned would cost too much and, respectfully, take too long. right now there simply isn't a path to get from sacramento to san diego, let alone from san francisco to los angeles. >> so a democrat could revive this project with another federal handout, should they win the white house in 2020, harris. for now, the bullet train is slowed to a crawl. back to you. >> harris: wow. $3 billion, no train. willing thank you very much very much. >> my dad got sick.
10:39 am
i went to get help at the neighbors'. neither of the neighbors were home, so i got on my bike. i tried to go to my grandma's. so my teacher was on her way back from school, and she saw me, and she told me that she was going to call 911 for my dad. >> harris: a 7-year-old south carolina boy describing a heart stopping ordeal when his former first grade teacher found him riding his bicycle down a busy highway seeking help for his diabetic father who had collapsed at home. the little boy says he didn't know the passcode for his dad's phone to call 911, so the teacher was able to help that child get paramedics to the home where they successfully treated his dad. the teacher says her former student was a real hero on that day. wow. the father of missing kentucky mom of four now is pleading for help. the search continuing for
10:40 am
savannah spurlock who was last seen more than a month ago. a live report and update ahead. >> three men take your daughter out to the middle of nowhere, you never hear from her again. somebody has to know something. three men. somebody knows something. ♪ helhomeowners get cash by using the powerful va home loan benefit we've earned with our service. the newday va cash out loan can help you get over 50,000 dollars to pay off the credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and reduce your payments by over 500 dollars a month. and since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. get the financial security you've earned and deserve. go to, or call 1-855-newdayusa.
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>> harris: take a look at the center of your screen. a couple of maryland first responders went above and beyond to get their patient to the hospital. a metro bus driver slid on the ice and needed some medical evaluation, and on the way the avenue and out multiple times even getting stuck on certain roads. to the paramedics decided to just push their patient the final mile to the hospital. putting extra traction on their boots to keep them from slipping, like those vehicles had. a bystander snapped a picture. the father of a missing kentucky mama for is now speaking out as the mystery is deepening over
10:45 am
the disappearance of savannah spurlock. she vanished more than a month ago. matt finn's life in lexington, kentucky, with the latest on this. matt? >> harris, savannah spurlock's father is breaking his silence in an exclusive interview with fox news in which he tells us that savanna's 4-year-old son does not know his mom is missing. cecil spurlock tells us he is taking care of her 4-year-old son, noah, who is scheduled to visit therapists tomorrow. counselors are expected to tell him for the first time or details about why his mom is gone. savanna's father tells fox news that she was going through a rough phase in life around the time she went missing, making poor decisions. but he believes she was going to bounce back to the very responsible mother everyone tells us she is. >> being in a bar that late at night, leaving with three men you don't know, people you don't know -- that's a horrible decision. you don't even know those peopl people.
10:46 am
>> cecil spurlock says he thinks the three men that savannah was last seen with know exactly what happened. he is pleading for any information that might end his nightmare. her dad says his proudest moment in life is when savannah excelled in classes and lifeguarding during her first year of college. now he says he's getting strength from savannah's 4-year-old son, because he doesn't want to break down in front of that toddler. >> he's happy. happy, happy. i hate to see that end if he finds out about his mom. it's going to be hard on him. >> there have been extensive foot searches in this area for weeks now, and the largest is scheduled for saturday in which the first time searches will be accepting to help from volunteers from the public. >> harris: data, haunted by the fact that she said she was getting things turned around and worked out. matt finn, figure very much. 2020 democratic presidential candidate cory booker already
10:47 am
waiting in on a potential running mate. why his comments have critics accusing him of pandering. >> i'm not going to box myself in, but should i be -- i know i will be looking to women first. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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>> hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. leave a lot to cover today. a former u.s. officer accused of spying for iran and exposing one of the crown jewels of the intelligence program. plus, majority leader mitch mcconnell says yes they will be a vote on the green new deal. why are some democrats worried about that? and he confessed serial killer's painting portraits and some of his unidentified victims, and the fbi would like your help finding them. that disturbing story and more on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: democratic presidential hopeful senator cory booker is speaking out on a potential running mate. saying if he wins the democratic nomination, he will prioritize finding a woman. >> i believe it should be a woman president right now, and we worked very hard to get one. but we have such a great field of leaders. i think you will rarely see a democratic ticket anymore without gender or race diversity. i think it's something we should have. i'm not going to box myself in, but should i become it, you know i will be looking to women first. >> harris: departmental slides and i.
10:52 am
republican strategist and former deputy assistant secretary for public affairs the department of: security. antjuan seawright, former senior advisor to other clinton in south carolina. he is also the founder and ceo of blueprint strategy. great to see you both. antjuan, i was to review. cory booker says he will first look to women. merits? anything else you want to start with first? or are some say he's pandering? >> with the political gospel according to jim clyburn says in this business you need to know how to count. i think senator booker knows how to count. the bottom line is he is an african-american which represents the most loyal voting block within our party, and he also knows that women have made it clear their voice will be allowed and they will be a around for a while. arguably they are a force to be reckoned with in elections now and elections to come. i think he is smart to make it upfront to talk about what this country should have, and setting a tone going forward. and putting a challenge to the republicans to put up your best diverse ticket.
10:53 am
>> harris: lauren? >> i think he's being really smart about this. i kind of have to agree. listen -- cory booker is obviously making a very smart play. you can see from his interview with vegan news that he is making a play toward a very specific part of the democratic base right now. part of that is the female. the female voting block. do i think that just putting a female on a ticket means that all women are going to all of the sudden voter cory booker and has running mate? no, because females are not that homogenous in their voting. they obviously are independent-minded and they are 50% of the country. there's going to be diversity within that voting block. but somebody like amy klobuchar makes a lot of sense for him, because she kind of brings in that more moderate democrat that -- >> harris: do you think amy klobuchar would go second tier ticket? >> i don't know, maybe! >> harris: interesting. i did catch him saying, it's time for a woman to be president. so has he been saying that as he recruits a woman, if he gets the
10:54 am
democratic nomination -- we got a lot of ifs going on. supposed to get to that point. is he saying he will bow and let b president? i don't know. you know what they are not talking about when your candidate speak of the sort of thing? they're not talking about that sharp pitch left happening in your party, antjuan. if you're saying that you are bringing a woman fourth, the green new deal and some of the other left-leaning values. socialist ideas. >> the one thing primaries do, democrat or republican, gives the opportunity to allow the marketplace of ideas to be discussed, talked about, and some of the tone and some of the things you hear in the primary will ultimately end up being the messaging that you will see in the general election. because a primary is a political scrimmage. a general election is a big game. what i will tell you is some of the bigger issues you hear democrats talking about our quality of life issues. very important issues not just for democrats and independent thinkers, but at this point, the
10:55 am
america people. >> harris: did you see this week the percentage of people in polling that said they feel good about where the economy puts them in their ability to spend? lauren? >> this is why i don't know that making a play toward identity politics makes any sense for the democrats, because it's going to be a very tight race in regards to the economy. people always say that economy is what they vote on, and they want economic security. so i think that's going to be something that the democrats are going to have to focus on. how do they make a play toward that when the economy is doing so well and republican policies are working? >> harris -- >> harris: quickly if we can come a look at all these women who declared their candidacies in the democratic party. over and over and grab this picture. >> we have a record number. >> harris: i don't know what cory booker is talking about when he calls for gender diversity or any other kind. that's a pretty diverse field. >> what i think he saying, harris, is that if he's on the ticket as an african-american male, we have to have balance. balance is so important. >> harris: i've got to let you
10:56 am
go. >> all right. >> harris: i'm sorry. i will beve back in a moment. tot of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-855-newdayusa you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate
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>> so we await the bill to be written, bipartisan. can they avoid another partial government shutdown? i'm harris. "the daily briefing" start now. >> dana: fox news alert. 2:00 be in new york. first a justice department charging a former u.s. counter intelligence agent with spying for iran. virginia's lieutenant governor, justin fairfax barely hanging on to his post. president trump says he wants to look for land mines and a border deal before making a decision on whether to sign it. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing. "t" lawmakers are waiting to see whether the president will sign the deal to keep the government funded or demand a panhandle add more security funding. >>


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