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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 13, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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wants. don't buy the hype. none of it is real. that is of rose. we'll be back tomorrow. 8:00 p.m. they show that if this were an enemy of line come up with prosody, smugness, and hopefully with goodyear. sean hannity standing by in new york. hi, sean.. >> sean: standing by from the swamp. both places are swamps. they charge you a fortune to live here.ta you pay less in taxes. thank goodness for you. welcome to "hannity." while construction on the southern border, guess what, it's now underway. according to another report, "washington examiner," miles ofe desperately needed, brand-new steel barriers are under construction all along the rio grande valley. this portion of the ball was funded with federal money previously negotiated by the trump administration. nobody seems to report that. we've also repaired a lot of the bad walls that were out there. and there is no construction. meanwhile, this garbage deal that i've been telling you abou about, out of washington, which allocates a measly additional
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$1.375 billion for wall construction, well, that has not yet been signed by the president. as a matter of fact, nobody in the white house has seen any language in the bill. none. so let's be frank. it's not nearly enough money. washington lawmakers, the swamp creatures, they have once again last week, the people, the american people down. this is a swamp compromise. let me make some predictions. based on what the president is saying publicly, the press loves to speculate. how did hannity get his information? we know this is a president and keeps his promises. he goes at the speed of trump. if you watch every speech, if you actually listen to ddonald trump swords, especialy you people and hate trump mediae telegraphs -- he saying exactly what he's planning to do. you are too stupid to listen. watch this. >> so much crime comes into our southern border. illegal immigration provides a
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lucrative cash flow, to put it mildly, lucrative. do some of the most dangerous criminal organizations on the planetls. these deadly cartels what are studies with narcotics that kill thousands of our citizens, ruined families, they use fear and intimidation and violence to get their way. there is only one moral course of action. to put these ruthlesshl criminal cartels out of business and out of business fast. i will never waver from my sacred duty to defend this nation and its people. we will get the job done. >> sean: all right, he saying he's going to get the job done. let me make a prediction. let's face it on what you just heard. and what we witnessed the last two years. the president is going to find their way to get the money. now look at this bill. $1.375 billion. not enough. but it will keep the ball on the
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project moving along, assuming -- we haven't seen the language -- there is no poison pill or restrictions and they are thrown in by a swamp creature at the last minute that says you can't build a wall with the money. thathe happens, i don't think te president will sign that bill. in that case, he would move to a short-term cr and the congress creatures will go back to do the crappy work they usually do and if they get that right, he also met bella. let's assume to get it right. in other words, he gets $1.375 billion for the wall now, and that prevents a government shutdown, and that's a good thing. in order to meet our borders and security needs, the president has stated publicly, not just to sean hannity, that he will also tap into hundreds of millions -- at least $900 million, but i'm told a number isr much higher. other discretionary funds that he can direct that money directly to the wall, which then brings us to occur quote don
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mark two or $3 billion. again, in the interim, and it sounds like what heik is saying, he's going to sign all dominic simultaneously declared a national emergency to free up billions more. now they hate trump media, if that happens, they are going to feign moral indignation, outrage, hysteria will break out. meanwhile, they'll say, how did hannity know? because i have listened to him and he's telling you the entire time what is going to do. donald trump, "i will add whatever i have to add to build the wall." the president tweeting, "i am getting almost $23 billion foror border security." now that money, the $23 billion he's talking about, that can be spent on everything else but the wall, but if he declares a national emergency, or uses the law which we have been fighting on this program, u.s. code 284, we don't want the democrats --
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they will immediately run to the courts, they'll do judge shopping, find a liberal activist george somewhere in california or anywhere in the ninth circuit. they will lose -- the president will lose their first round, go to the ninth circuit but in the interim, he stillhein gets 1.37 billion. so he continues the project and the other funds continues project, and i believe, when it gets to the supreme court, he's going to end. this supreme court is going to have to take this case, considering it's a constitutional case as his role of commander in chief, separation j of powers, national security. just a side note: all of you in the media, i don't know why, everyone has been obsessed. "hannity's predicting this -- that's what i'm predicting is going to happen because i actually listen to the publicly stated words of the president for you so keep speculating. nobody in the media has any idea of whom my sources are, who they are not, and who i doctor, who i
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don't talk to, and i will not reveal my sources. all these hate trump media outlets, they all pretend they are unbiased. like they are journalists. t i don't claim to be a journalist. we do journalism. what we say about being a talk show host -- we are the whole newspaper. nowht we do straighten news when there is a war, straight news on weather, street news on important, you know, incidences that are happening, like ferguson, when that was happening, or, or baltimore. then we give a lot of opinion. so the news page, the editorial page, the opinion page, we even do gossip and sports, like tonight for example, tim tebow is on. so,he we are like the whole newspaper. that is what we are doing. freedom of thehe press. but we identify what we do. now we do our own research, like we did with betting obama, like we do on the deep stage. we do investigations, we bring you news and information you won't hear or see anywhere else
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and opinion you won't get anywhere else. but always hate trump hating people that claim to bere journalists, they are reallyth editorial writers and ones that make up a lot of b.s. at the same time. so tonight, when it comes to building the wall, whatever has to bee done, the president is saying it will be done. not for political reasons, but for the safety and the security of all americans. he sees this, rightly so, as a life -- death issue. don't just take my word for it. maybe some of these people on the fake news channels, maybe they should start speaking to angel mom and dad's pride may be a woman like mary maloney, her son killed by a drunk driving illegal immigrant from ecuador. got that, senator menendez? he was upset that illegal immigrants could be classified as criminals if they get caught drunk driving. yesterday, maloney urged president trump to hold strong in this fight for the portable. sadly, she's among thousands of our fellow americans whose lives
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have been ripped apart, permanent separation by violent criminals because we have open borders that have entered this country illegally. the past two years alone, i.c.e. arresting illegal immigrants who are accused or convicted of 4,000 murder, homicide charges. carnage from illegal drugs, 90% of the heroin crossing that southern border is even worse. every single week, 300 americans are dying from heroin overdoses. almost all of which traffic across that border. now that is why americans are overwhelmingly backing up the president and his plan to secure the border. brand-new fox poll, 66% of americans approve of the president's efforts. you republicans in the house ann senate, you may just want to follow his lead. good politics. according to gallup, the president's overall poll numbers are up a whopping seven points since the government shutdown. he had his heights number, 52% on the raspberries and poll. earlier this week, he filled in
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arena and el paso, texas. look at that. oh, that is inside the arena. am i correct? then he had thousands and thousands of others outside the arena. nobody in the media talks about this. what are the president got those types of crowds? some of the left, they try to put on the president has no support at all. i've never seen a president with no support for a late-night loser stephen colbert, himself, just last week, watch this. >> trump's inaugural committee raised a record $107 million, which was double the previous record set by barack obama. what was all that money for? i mean, obviously they didn't need for crowd control. >> sean: lets show the picture before the inauguration ever took place. don't worry, your audience is stupid enough so they'll believe you are crap. may be called there needs to
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attend a trump rally. maybe he will see the unbelievable enthusiasm, people standing for hours and hours and hours outside of the cold and rain and then standing for the entire time the resident is speaking, supporting his agenda. which brings us tonight to our "hannity watch" on what is the radical socialist takeover of the democratic the president is promoting freedom, low taxes, national security and strength. uninformed socialist extremists, they are steering the ship at the dnc and a pretty big way, and a kind of scary way. look at freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez who says the world is going to end in 12 years, now leading the way. she is the chief spokesman, leader for the democratic party, and some background, look at the new leader of the left. take a look. >> medicare for all would save the american people a very large amount of money. why aren't we incorporating the costs of all the funeral expenses of those who died
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because they can't afford access to health care? when it comes to tax cuts for billionaires, when it comes to unlimited war, we seem to be able to invent that money very easily. we look at these figures and say, oh, unemployment is low, everything is fine. unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. we need to occupy every airport, we need to occupy every border, we need to occupy every i.c.e. office. we need to work our butts off to make sure we take back all three chambers of congress. >> you use the term the occupation of palestine. what did you mean by that? >> oh, i think what i meant is the settlements. >> dressed like stair, we give the military a $700 billion budget increase. which i didn't even ask for. and we are like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change on your break biggest issue is --r
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biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it? no, i think it is a green dream. i think that -- it is. it is. i don't consider that to be a dismissive term. i think it is a great term. >> sean: i guess it's no surprise that congresswoman ocasio-cortez's green new deal has now become a nationwide laughingstock. except for the fact, democrats are really serious about this insane piece of legislation. take it seriously. 2020 presidential hopefuls are literally tripping over each other to support the green new deal. make noo mistake. democrats want to radically reshape this country into a little socialist echo utopia that will promise everything and deliver nothing but a catastrophe and poverty.. if you are wondering what a socialist utopia looks like, well, this new green new deal -- oh, no more oil, no more natural gas, no more nuclear, no more
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airplanes, no more gas powered cars, no more gas powered heavens, no more cows because of flatulence, government promised, paid leave, paid vacation, oh, they wreckeded high school and k-12, so they will wreck college. education, free for healthy fool for all, government forced renovation of every building in america in the name of energy efficiency, government paid for high-speed rail r connecting evy city in america. we won't have airplanes and so i guess we'll have high-speed trains to australia. and asia. nd you're afraid and they are going to guarantee income to every single person even those unwilling to work. while mark a retirement plan. believe it or not, there's more badness. we wouldld be here all night ifi listed it all. look at the side of your screen. here's the kicker. the green new deal is calling for this to happen in ten years or the world is going to be over in 12 years according to ocasio-cortez if we don't act. on twitter today, she said passing the green new deal is a
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life or death issue. well, in a way she's right h because if this ever happens in this country, the american dream that has created more wealth, more prosperity than any other country on the face of this earth, it's over. the government will take over every single industry, the health care industry, no private health care, the energy industry, they'll give you that cradle to grave, womb to tomb promise, they'll tell you what car you can drive, where you can travel, what you can eat, and even how you cook more notably, in order to try to paper that insanity, mother government, oh, they will own your paycheck, according to their ability, to each according to their needs. like congresswoman -- generally watch this show. let's w not forget about those o would be impacted first. airlines, 700,000 employees, goodbye. over 10 million people, oh, their jobs to oil and gas industry. see you.
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millions and more sermon roles related to those two major industries, promoting the stupid deal, d democrats, they are actively calling for tens of millions of americans do lose high-paying jobs and it's only going to get bigger. we have two pipelines on the line and reopened and war, the number one world producer, surpassing s saudi arabia and russia, for the first time in 70 years. and all the high-paying career jobs that will be available for people. look at this fox news poll. 25% of americans have a favorable view of socialism. it promises everything and never delivers historically a thing. another freshman democratic lawmakers making news for all so all the wrong reasons. that is congresswoman embroiled in a serious controversy over her constant stream of hatred and anti-semitic remarks. she has instituted an apology on one of the remarks but her bad behavior on capitol hill is not going away. look at this from earlier today,
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hearing with the administration's new special envoy for venezuela, elliott abrams. watch this doozy. >> i fail to understand why members of this committee or the american people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful. >> if i could respond to that -- >> it wasn't a question. that was not a question. i reserve the right -- my time. yes or no, do you think that massacre was a fabulous achievement that happened under a barrage? speaker that is a ridiculous question. >> yes or no? >> no. >> i will take that as a "yes." >> sean: no, i'll take it as he is. as of today, that extremist holds all all of her very important committee assignments. let's recap the week for democrats.
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anti-semitic conspiracy theory about jewish money, bozo or rourke said that walls kill people, three top democrats in virginia refusing to resign, two over a black face one over, yeah, rape allegations of sexual assault, multiple democrat supporting a bill that would turn america into a socialist disaster ego state, multiplest 2020 candidates for e democrats calling for tax increases, and government stealing, one still apologizing for faking her method is, spartacus himself calling for ao all meat consumption. what a week. it's just getting started. full coverage at all of us later. first we turned "hannity watch" on the deep state. whilet we sound the alarm, democrats are suspiciously silent on the increasing evidence of corruption, abuse of power inside the fbi and the justice department. bread quid pro quome between the clinton
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state department. the top fbi brass including lisa page, who was with peter strzok, scrambling in the run-up to the 2016 election about evidence of an offer from a clinton ally, x-ray department official, patrick kennedy, to have the bureau reduce the classification that they found onin anthony weiner's laptop, a clinton email, and exchange, we'll boost fbi personnel abroad. but just change the classification so she doesn't have to go to jail. we'll have a report coming up later in the show. first, training is now, our top story, former acting i.c.e. director, fox news contributor thomas homan. freedom caucus chairman mark meadows. congressman meadows, i just listened to the president publicly, and i hearia guy saying, okay, if it's cleanc the $1.375 billion, i could use it for the wall, i'll take it.ll i'll use the extra money, anywhere between $900 million and maybe billions.
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and i will declare a national emergency. people don't seem to want to listen to him. b >> they better start listening to him. this is a president who has performed over and over and over again. he's moved to the embassy to jerusalem. he's brought back jobs from china to america. the economy iss roaring. we've got a number of people brought home.ages every time they say he won't do it, he does do it. he's going to do at this time. i'm confident of that. if he passes this bill to make sure the government stays open, so be it, but i believe that he will take executive action to make sure he gets the dollars that he needs to make sure that that wall gets built. >> sean: do you agree with me, in the interim, while he -- not part of the wall is being built right now. some is being repaired, right now, with previous allocated money. assuming -- let's say he signed this deal -- other people have been nervous about it. to me, he's using it to buy
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time, predicting legal arguments that left will make, i think he wins if the supreme court does its job and follows the law and thee constitution. in the interim, the wall project keeps getting both. >> there's nothing bad about that. as part of the three-stepnt process that this president has deployed and will deploy because congress won't i do its job, que frankly. we could have done a lot better. we could have given him the $5.7 billion he requested. instead, he is having to embark on a three-step process that i applaud. i mean, i can tell you, i wish that the executive branch would have less ability to do things on their own. but there are statutes and laws in place right now that allow this president and -- >> sean: u.s. code 284. >> there's three different sections. but there are laws on the books so he's not even violating a law. he is deploying what is a tool in his toolbox to get it done.
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he's committed to do that. i've been talking to the stadministration. as long as the democrats don't play a trick on him -- and that is put a poison pill in this -- we are still waiting to see the legislation. >> sean: no one has seen it. where is it? >> nancy pelosi is putting her freshman in the place that she has long espoused. you got to pass the bill before you can read it and know what'st in it. m.ed. is the play that's being played here tonight. >> sean: tom, the talking point of the hate trump media and patron democrats has been, this is a manufactured crisis. of 90% of our heroine crosses tthe border, we have gang members, cartels -- again, that is the 2%. people that we know have committed homicides, sexual assaults, violent assaults. human trafficking, even young girls into. that sounds to me like a real humanitarian and national security crisis. >> all you got to do, talk to t
10:22 pm
the angel moms. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, refused refused to talk to her usual moms. they refused to go to the border talk to the experts who have putting dominic put their lives on the line every day.e. they see the wall is a moral, and effective. they were for you to look as the data, because the data shows where the wall works. you forgot one number. 138,000 criminal aliens were arrested by i.c.e. illegal aliens that commit crimes in this country. they did not appear here. they came across a southwest border. so it is terrible. >> sean: while the president do this simultaneously, mark meadows? in other words, if he signs that horrible budget deal but gets some money for the wall, if he has extra money that he's going to appropriate for the wall, and he goes whatever emergency route he decides, that will be challenged in court, i would expect he does it all at once. what do you think? >> i would think so. i don't know for sure, sean. at this point, the president is
10:23 pm
committed to making sure our communities are safe. he's also committed to making people like tom and his previous career. the ones that are in control of the border, not drug cartels. a dangerous place. he's committed to do it. i have not seen him so resolved on any one issue since he's coming to office. >> sean: a two year track record of doing it! a two year track record of keeping his word. >> look, i't don't like this de. i've said it from day one. until i see the writing. we have a surge at the border and they want to take beds away from i.c.e. 42,000 beds, they have 49,000 right now. to get to the 42,000 number, they got to go 7,000 below that number, 35,000. that is a bad metric, people from central america to come, we are taking less of you. >> sean: a lot of breaking news. mitch mcconnell moves ahead with ocasio-cortez, let's have a vote of the green new deal on the senate floor. tim tebo is in the house. we'll talk about his latest
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project. an hour villain of the day, trulyy disturbing. new details about one of the worst colors in american history. trace gallaghera joins us, and your emails. straight ahead. ♪
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>> i think it is a green dream. it is, it is. i think that all great american programs, anything from the great society to the new deal started with a vision from our future. and i don't think that -- i don't consider that to be a dismissive term. i think it is a great term. >> sean: all right, alexandria ocasio-cortez announcing her green new deal. i think we are up to 100 democrats that support her.
10:29 pm
breaking tonight, mitch mcconnell invoked route to rule 14 of the green new deal to bring it to the senate floor. brilliant move. joining us now, fox news contributor tammy bruce, an american first senior advisor sean spicer. let's get them all on record. nancy needs to bring it in the house, senate, i want to know who supports banning airplanes and redoing every building in america and free, free, free, everything and nationalizing industry. >> what's interesting is that the democrats thought they were going to roll what this as they had been, this idea, i did a column a few weeks ago saying there was really no substance to it yet. it didn't really exist. and of course the scandal of them removing the reality of what it was they were proposing, including money for people unwilling to work. but what they had thought this was going to be was a fun way to signal to millennials and two progressives for what they stood for without having to do
10:30 pm
anything about her, without needing to exist, a resolution is not a bill. and a lot of media and press, having to vote is a reminder that people will have to vote with the individuals who want to pay people who are unwilling to work, or they have to vote against them which will signal to the base that this has been an unserious remark from the start. >> sean: i don't think it is nkunserious. sean, i'll make the case, i will stand up for ocasio-cortez, i think she's probably the most honest extreme radical democratic socialist in the country, and that she is seeing what they have been -- what the wanted to do incrementally for years, and they used the courts for what they could never get done at the ballot box. legislatively, and they used activist justices, the dirty work for them. but this is what they want. this is their dream bill. >> you are right. it's a dream bill in the sense that is not based in reality.
10:31 pm
it's generally speaking what dreams are. dreams are generally also positive things. nightmares are negative things. i think this is a dream and a sense as it's not based in reality but it's a nightmare in terms of what it would do to our country and economy. just a few years ago, this would be sort of one of the fringe thinks of the democratic party. unfortunately, it is not a mainstreamy thing. you look at every one of the 2020 announced their prospective candidates forid president of te democratic side, and they are all embracing this. but what are they embracing?, not a policy difference, not more spending, better be typical typical for democrats. they don't even know where it's up. don't even know where it's this is insanity. the idea we want to end all sorts of commercial travel, the idea we want to certify every building in a way that they can tell you how they will get their -- >> sean: rebuild -- >> killing so many jobs. it's insane. i'm glad that the leader will put in for a vote because we need to expose the agenda that is coming and most of the time, they mask it in really good words and all sorts of things. this time, i think everybody
10:32 pm
needs to understand exactly what is happening and call a spade a spade. this is socialism. there is no other way around that. >> sean is right. this is a nihilistic -- >> sean: which sean? >> shawna squared on my program. this is what i think matters as well. i would caution starting by saying it's not affordable, how much it would cost, that presupposes that it should be feasible to implement way that would be like saying, we will go to the moon and then we'll be arguing about how much it would be cost to redistribute all the green jeez we will harvest when the moon. we wouldn't go to the cost of harvesting the green cheese because it's not going to happen. it's absurd. >> sean: we have created a nation of wealth and opportunity that has -- even the poorest. you could buy the poor int america, which we want everyone lifted out of poverty. the way statistic,ty. donald trump got 1.5 million
10:33 pm
people off of food stamps, and willing out of poverty, 5.3 million new jobs, 600,000 manufacturing jobs. two pipelines in the works, and we have anwar opening out. >> fantastic. >> sean: sean, these are literally hundreds of thousands, high paying career jobs that will increase the wealth of every american. wehe are the saudi arabia of natural gas! we are the middle east of natural gas! >> look at what the president talked about during a state of the union. the economy by all members, people are doing better, taking on more pay, got more opportunity, living better lives, and we are safer in this country. country. wanted. instead of offering a realistic alternative, you see this new congresswoman offering a fictitious world to live and that defies reality. this is the challenge the president is up against at thisi time. putting his accomplishments on the table and explaining to people that we've made the
10:34 pm
country better, and we can get to do that for four more years. >> you know what she's offering? everyone gets the fred flintstone car. give your battle with your feet and maybe there will be -- >> sean: no more planes. we will nationalize all industries. no health care. we are all on one health care plan out a lot of good obamacare did.ou when we come back. we'll have a hannity investigation. you'll see a new report, fbi going straight up against the fox news channel. also, tim tebow in the house to talk about his latest project and the "villain of the date," will make your skin crawl. and your emails. and your emails. using buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken!
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♪ >> sean: new news developing
10:39 pm
tonight, "hannity watch" and the deep state. more corruption evidence inside the fbi.g according to documents uncovered by judicial watch, the fbi brass scrambled toew respond to fox ns inquiries about talks of an alleged quid pro quo over occluded emails and thereafter the 2016 election. despite this mounting evidence of the politicized fbi that wasn't doing its job and gone in the witch huntt against drunk ad protecting hillary, the media continues to obsess over, what, mueller investigation. which by the way he is seeing a darker and darker cloud hanging over his credibility. just listen to former trump attorney john dowd. >> what did he have? was the result? >> there is no basis. there is no exposure. it's been a terrible waste of time. what's worse is, let's get on the other side of this, how it all happened. this is one of the greatest frauds this country's ever seen.
10:40 pm
i'm just shocked that bob mueller didn't call it that way and say, i'm being used. >> sean: sara carter also reported met roger stone alleges in a new court filing of the special counsel's office leaked and unsealed t indictment to fae news cnn and tips the network off to their predawn raid with amphibious vehicles, tactical vehicles, the predawn 27 guys, roger stone and shorts, really? process crime? it with reaction, author of the number one best seller, the russia hoax, a new chapter in paperback, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. fox news contributor sara carter is with us. sara, let's start with you. i want t to get into the details because this fox news component, but this is when they found anthony weiner's laptop and they found classified material. the state department, clinton supporters are offering a great number of things that the fbi wants if they can just declassify and protect hillary
10:41 pm
for my crimes she committed. >> that's right. what they wanted to do, sean, they wanted to reduce the classification so that if it was secret, they would reduce that to not secret, may be to sensitive only. this was patrick kennedy. i want to take people back because patrick kennedy at the time was the undersecretary of management at the state department. there were enormous problems at the state department during this time. patrick kennedy was in the middle of the whole benghazi scandal. according to sources that i've spoken with, over the years, patrick kennedy was trying to run interference on that. this is the reason he was so nervous about these classified emails. he knew, and he suspected, that there were emails regarding benghazi within clinton server that would expose what was going on. so he tried to run interference, goes to the fbi, he says, i can give your agents posts overseas in iraq, other areas throughout the world if we can just work something out.
10:42 pm
they did not. according to the fbi and the information that we have that's been made available, the fbi did not do what patrick kennedy suggested. thereen were ten pages of email exchanges that judicial watch and obtain. you can see that they were scrambling because fox news was asking very serious, very poignant questions, that the fbi was terrified, and so is the state department. >> sean: we are really not liked by these guys we talked about a lot. you will get a predawn raid before me. gregg jarrett, this is a lot like the exoneration without investigation. this is a lot like bill clinton wanting to meet with the nuclear authority, uranium one, nukes with putin, tribble has become a $145 million back, and the russian dossier she paid for. russia collusion come up. >> what's amazing, the fbi has it in writing that they were being "pressured" with a "quid
10:43 pm
pro quo" crime. that has a special legal meeting. quid pro quo is a corrupt act. exchange of benefits. >> sean: alan dershowitz said, it didn't happen. >> that's not a defense. it's not a defense if i shoot a gun and my bullet misses my intended target, it's attempted murder. if i tried to bribe an officer and he rejects it, it's an attempted bribe. it's notot only that, it's attempted obstruction of justice and a violation of several public corruption laws. whatat did the fbi do? nothing. >> sean: my prediction is now, things are going to move more quickly and they are going to be criminal referrals and indictments on fisa, lying to congress, these issues. >> i agree. >> the people at the fbi who chose to hide this and take no action because it was hillary clinton and barack obama, they ought to be held accountable because of
10:44 pm
trump didf this, there would bea tag team raid at that individual's own. >> sean: we will stay on it. we will not stop. when we come back, one-on-one, tim tebow about to make big news. stay tuned for that. our "villain of the day" tonight, you won't believe what this guys up to. and you are male, straight ahead. ♪ and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. my teemotionally, socially. very sore spot for me, ♪ if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience...
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10:49 pm
nationwide february 22nd. here's a quick clip of the film's trailer. >> i'm going to get a scholarship. i don't want to end up like dad. >> hey, do you guys mind if i join you? >> be our family. you are a drunk who left us after our mom died. ♪ >> all you are good is into football. >> what did you say? >> football season? >> sean: by the way, the movie is not the only big news from tim tebow. recently engaged. wait a minute.s! >> that's the best news right now. >> sean: and she was competitive former miss universe. okay, all the girls around you swooning -- it's great to see you again. >> thanks, good to good to see you. >> sean: here's what i like you more than anything.
10:50 pm
you talk about your faith and i think you even paid a price for it. in essence that is throughyo controversial. you never backed down. are you are playing football and you are like, i will play baseball. and you do so successfully. that is hard to do when you are atying in private jets and now you are in a bus. >> not the most fun part about it. it's doing what you love, going after something regardless ofeg the risks, and regardless of getting a lot of people that will be naysayers and haters about it. that's notit why i do it. i don't want to do something -- i don't want to do something to let the to find me. the only person that gets to define me as god. i want to go after my dreams, what's in my heart, and shoot, even a lot of my team down the street were like, why would you go do this? you might embarrass yourself. i said,ar i would rather embarrs myself going after my dreams and not go after my dreams to live with regrets. >> sean: you had a home on
10:51 pm
your first time at bat? >> thankfully, yes. >> sean: you went through a streak at one point in the last season -- p funeral, batting .3, .400. >> a streak was good. >> also bad streaks. that is baseball up and.1 down. a lot of times, it wasn't going good, peopleod were like, do you want to get out of it? no. if's you are in something, i wat to be all income i'm a believer, a fighter, that is what i want to be in everything i do. >> sean: how did you get to be this devout? what happened? especially at a young age. how did that happen? >> for me, i want to have a life of meaning and significance and purpose more than anything. >> sean: be elected as a kid? i was a troublemaker. i've been incorrigible my whole life. i get in trouble every day. >> my life was really changed when i was 15 and i was in the philippines and i met a boy with his feet on backwards and the rest of the village looked at him as kirsten an insignificant
10:52 pm
and left him and so he was an outcast and when i left that boy, i knew what i felt like i was positive for the rest of my life, fight for people that can fight for themselves. vied for the underdog. love people. that is what i tried to do anything that i do. >> sean: you play in minor-league professional ball, and you would be called up to the mets. i read the local dr papers in a sport section every day.vela you got very close last year. tell us what you can tell us behind the scenes. what happened? >> i broke my hand so that ended the season for me. was not a good streak, playing well, and i think that is the key. there is a certain piece of me that is grateful for it because now i had more time to prepare, so if i get that opportunity i could be that much more ready for it. >> sean: it's kind of funny that -- the way people are, and i don't know what it is, but there is a great desire in the
10:53 pm
media for conservatives or if you are an outspoken christian like yourself, to fail. do you feel that? there is this extra scrutiny. i think that the whole story of christianity is that you know that you failed. you know you screwed up. >> we are all saved by grace. >> sean: you've never been incorrigible like me. i can tell. >> it's understanding match. it's understanding that you are not perfect, that we have fallen, we are not perfect, we just get the chance to have a relationship with someone who is. i think that is what christianity is all about. >> sean: let's talk about this movie. i did a movie recently -- congratulations. >> sean: it was very successful. i really enjoyed. i learned a lot. tell us about the movie. >> "run the race," my brother and i first saw the script six years ago. we readaw it and i penetrated my heart and has and i shared it with my family and friends and i never wanted to get into the movie industry. but then when i saw the story, i
10:54 pm
sent them a man, people need to hear the story. it's a hard world but people need to be encouraged. it's a faith-based film but it's also a real film. a lot of times for me growing up, a lot of faith-based films -- >> sean: when it'ss in theaters? >> february 22nd. faith-based films, -- >> sean: how many seats in theaters? >> a little over 800. >> sean: huge opening by to help everyone -- i will go see it. we are really happy. please get to citi field. >> i will do my best. >> sean: what you have done to bring crowds into the minor league professional ball is huge. >> thank you.>> when you getting married? >> we have is of the date yet. >> sean: best of luck for your tim tebow going from a great guy to the "villain of the day." it's atrociously outrageous. straight ahead. ♪ eshe wrapping paper.
10:55 pm
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10:59 pm
evil convicted serial killer samuel little. trace gallagher has the latest sean after spending over 20 years preying on the vulnerable in 201278 year old samuel little was convicted of killing three women and sentenced to life in prison. last year he requested to exchange prisons. the fbi said he went through city and state and gave the number of people he killed in each place. in all he claims to have killed 90 women. 34 have been confirmed. to find the rest samuel little is drawing pictures of his victims, detailing their hair color, hairstyle, eye color, even facial expressions and lipstick. the fbi is releasing the drawings hoping that family and friends will recognize them and provide evidence to identify them. the pictures are generating numerous tips. locating the victims is difficult. the killer has a photographic
11:00 pm
memory but his timelines are off by as much as a decade. >> sean: that's evil. hanni we will not be the destroy trump media ever. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham are you in new york? >> laura: no. i'm here. i was is in texas. why are you in new york? >> sean: i don't want to pay any more. >> laura: come on. rush told us we should move to florida two decades ago. >> sean: i said to rick perry one time i want to go to texas. i want a baby ranch. he goes what, like 4,000 ache centers no, i want like two cows. i grew up in new york. >> laura: there are a lot of the hannity fans down there. we met a lot of great people. >> sean: it was a great show. that crowd outside was massive. how big was that crowd? >> laura: i mean we put the photos on twitter. i'm not