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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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speeding away from cops, golfer forced to jump out of the way. >> holy smoke. we were close to getting seriously mehmet. heather: it started after someone called 911. a man who thought people were eating his brain. the ugly, move over, tender. ready to milk cows for what they are worth and let farmers swipe left or right on potential partners for their cow. the tinder inspired apps is available in finland. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," happy valentine's day, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> looking for landmines. you could have that. >> donald trump signed this bill. rob: february 14th, valentine's day. two high-stakes votes happening
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to end the border battle but the bill is facing the resistance that could derail it before it reachedes the president's desk. jillian: live with sticking points that have lawmakers traveling to avoid another shutdown. >> do you support an armed faction that engages in war crimes against humanity or genocide? >> i'm not going to respond to the question. jillian: the freshman congresswoman who made headlines for anti-semitic tweet is making waves yet again. rob: her unexpected attack on a us diplomat returned a house for affairs hearing into gripping television. heather: the 4-year-old who saying for the best valentine's day date ever. "fox and friends first" continues right now.
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♪ ♪ the next when we make will be mine ♪ heather: is on your playlist? rob: gone. old tsonga. jillian: oldie but goodie. happy valentine's day, you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us, late night on capitol hill. what is in the bipartisan border agreement? jillian: will the president sign it if it passes house and senate? griff jenkins is live with the latest. >> reporter: there you go, 1159 pages of light reading.
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the president says he doesn't wants to shut the government down but he's approaching it with caution. >> we are looking for landmines, because you could have that. it has been known to happen before. i don't want to see a shutdown. >> reporter: $2.3 billion in total border security funding, $1.375 billion for rgb sector, $17 million for technology, $270 million for facility improvements. it has a pastor reduction in ice detention beds but that is not all. some highlights in a press release put out by one of the architect of the bill, it also includes 1.9% pay raise to federal civilian workers which she notes overrides the president's decision to deny them a raise and the census combats the trump
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administration's assault on the senses and $9.3 billion for epa land and water conservation fund to reject the trump administrator as radical cuts. we will see if the president views these as landmines. democrats encourage him to sign off. >> sign this bill. neither side got everything it wanted in this bill but both sides want to avoid another shutdown, democrats, republicans, house, senate. >> reporter: lawmakers on both sides are confident it will pass the house and senate with some objections. final vote by tonight dipping the way for his signature but he has been known to change his mind before. one thing is for sure. there has been a lot of late-night reading for those in the white house, happy valentine's day. rob: how they expect anybody to read all that is ridiculous, we appreciate it. jillian: lawmakers going back and forth on the border deal, men and women at the border waiting in limbo for the help they need. rob: former border chief under president obama mark morgan says if this bill passes he won't get
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it. >> from the border security perspective this proposal is an absolute failure. they not only didn't listen to experts on the tools and resources they needed but have rejected that. one thing that is important to understand, ice beds. this proposal reduces the ice beds. i'm not a mathematician, reduces the ice beds, legal immigration is skyrocketing. you don't have to be a mathematician. catch and release 2.0. they have to release them. jillian: democrats were slammed for trying to reduce the number of ice beds as a means to abolish the agency. rob: first responders for a fallen nypd detective, his body is home to long island. the 19 year veteran brian simonson will be laid to rest wednesday. simonson was shot and killed by
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from the fire during a robbery in queens, new york city. his sergeant was hit but is expected to survive. the suspect charged with murder is recovering after being shot by police. simonson's nickname was smiles, someone who would do anything for anyone. he leaves behind a wife and two kids, sad story. florida governor ron desantis orders flags to half staff to mark one year since the parkland school shooting last valentine's day. a moment of silence will be held at 3:00 pm to honor 17 people killed by a gunman at marjorie stoneman that was high school. the governor is calling for an investigation with florida schools are complying with gun and school safety laws enacted after that tragedy. the sheriff will join us in the 6:00 hour of "fox and friends" to talk about that.
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jillian: one of the women accusing virginia's lieutenant governor sexual assault will meet with prosecutors to discuss her claim. vanessa tyson's lawyer set a time for that meeting has not been set. she says justin fairfax assaulted her 15 years ago in boston. in a statement the democrat says she's open to a full, fair and nonpolitical investigation. congresswoman omar goes against donald trump's new envoy to venezuela. >> do you support an armed faction within venezuela that engages in war crimes? crimes against humanity or genocide as you did in guatemala, el salvador and nicaragua? >> i'm not going to respond to the question. i don't think this line of questioning is meant to be real questions. i will not respond. jillian: the democrat questioned the former reagan state department official about the iran contra scandal and us involvement in latin american civil conflict. elliot abrams was appointed to the us policy on the unrest in venezuela.
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rob: house republicans submit a draft summary of the controversial green new deal that comes after the senate is forcing a vote on this radical new proposal. jillian: todd pyro joins us without democrats are responding to the push for transparency. >> reporter: the green new deal aims to transform our country to combat climate change but also promises a job to those unwilling to work, gets rid of planes and as we love to talk about, eliminate flatulence cows. mitch mcconnell urging democrats to take a position by putting it to a vote. >> i've noted with great interest the green new deal. we are going to be voting on that in the senate, give everybody an opportunity to go on record. see how we feel. rob: this is a listing very reaction study with 2020 contenders from kamala harris doubling down on her support.
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>> mitch mcconnell bringing the green new deal up for a vote? >> i support the green new deal. >> reporter: kirstjen gillibrand calling out mcconnell. >> it is a political ploy at this point but we have an urgent crisis on global climate change. >> reporter: bob menendez taking a combative approach planning to call police on a reporter. >> wondering why you won't answer questions. >> i won't answer questions. you are trash. >> what you think we are trash? >> reporter: finally the brains behind it all, alexandria 15 tweeting don't mess with our future. when it comes to climate it is all our lives at stake, the younger you are the more consequences you will see. it is life and death for us and we will fight like it. the president weighing in
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singapore shutdown american energy, describing it as a high school term paper that got a low mark. >> nobody likes it when the press is after you. imagine what the president said. oregon voting to stop cooperating with the fbi joint terrorism task force. supporters say the task force targets left-wing activists and is an effective. this the's police chief objected think it would hinder investigations. >> we may be walled off from day-to-day information, protecting the community. >> reporter: after the 9/11 terror attacks, signed back up after 2015. jillian: milania trump will warmhearted children's hospital, the first lady will participate
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in activities with young patients from the children's in at the national institute of health in maryland. milania visited the same hospital last valentine's day making cards and decorating cookies with many of the kids. nice to see that. rob: we just revealed what is in a bipartisan border package although 1200 pages. is it enough to secure the border? we will find that with two critical votes. georgia congresswoman jody ice joins us with how he plans to vote and why. jillian: you want to do business in los angeles? there is one thing you need to do first. california liberal taking a shot at the second amendment. we are coming back. you've got to get in there, like...
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i know what a bath is smile honey this thing is like... first kid ready here we go by their second kid, every parent is an expert and... ...more likely to choose luvs, than first time parents. live, learn and get luvs jillian: hours ago the bipartisan border but was
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unveiled to lawmakers and their scrambling to read it before later today. rob: $1.4 billion, for 65 miles of border barriers. is that enough for republicans to back this and avoid the shutdown at midnight? jody heiss joins us to explain. this bill, i don't think anyone will have time to read it. >> that is exactly correct. it came out when we were all in bed asleep, we are waking up in the morning getting going finding out we have 1200 pages worth of bills in front of us which we have not seen and democrats made a promise this type of thing would not happen, 72 hours before being called on to vote on a bill but this bill was done behind closed doors
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meaning negotiators don't know what is in it and we are expected to vote on it today. i cannot go there. heather: let's look at the main points, 55 miles for fencing, and border security programs as we discussed at reduction in ice detention beds and $400 million in humanitarian aid or detained migrants. the point, what do you see as problematic, what do you like in it? >> this is a drop in the bucket, what we are facing on the border. we have a president of the united states trying to do everything in his power to secure the borders and secure the same deal to the american people, and failing under the leadership of nancy pelosi and the democrats, they are unwilling to negotiate in good faith and this does not come close to addressing the real
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problem. rob: some in the gop say this is a down payment on the wall and they will get more in september when it is up for negotiation. i want to talk about the ice detention beds because both sides were claiming victory on that, democrats pushed for a reduction but republicans say they will have as many reduction beds and detain as many as they have in the past. >> you can push back and forth like a ping-pong ball who is getting the victory on this. what is the need on the border for agents dealing with these individuals day in and day out? they need the ability to apprehend these individuals and hold them in custody as long as needed. we are dealing with criminals and folks that need to be detained. none of them should be released into the country and that is the fear i want to make sure does not take place.
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jillian: knowing what the president wants, if this were to happen would he sign it? >> i don't know. we will wait and see. the president is committed to doing what he can to secure the borders. this is not come anywhere close enough to doing that. congress yet again as i mentioned a while ago has failed miserably. if the president, seems to me he's left with no other choice but to take action on his own and if he chooses to do that i would support him. heather: numbers we got that are interesting. when you take wall out of the equation and show what people want at the border, 66% of people are all for some kind of barrier at the border. that is a pretty solid number. if you are a republican or the president does this show he shined a light on the issue by showing border patrol agents say they need a barrier, he pushed public opinion.
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>> no question about that. in my district it is 83% the we need a barrier of some sort. we all know barriers work and that is the issue, isn't it? we want a safe and secure border. it is ultimately although there is more involved than a wall it is also true that you cannot ultimately have a secure border if you don't have some sort of barrier keeping bad people out. the american people understand that and once it. heather: you look at the numbers, 56% oppose the president bypassing congress and declaring a national emergency to build the wall, some people wonder if he even finds this would he still declare a national emergency? >> ultimately the question is not the president bypassing congress with congress bypassing the president, congress bypassing constitutional responsibility to keep our borders safe. that is the issue.
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what the american people want is not compromised. they want security. the president is on the right side of this issue. congress and the leadership of the democrats on the wrong side of this issue and it is time to secure the border. how difficult is there for democrats to understand? rob: maybe move that money around, see what he does. heather: you have a couple hours, thank you for joining us. >> have a great day. rob: 1100 pages to read, 20 minutes after the hour, donald trump demanding california's read -- return billions of federal dollars from a disaster of a high-speed rail project that failed at this point but the governor is not budging. >> with all due respect i have no interest in sending back 31/$2 billion of federal funding allocated to this project to donald trump.
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jillian: is that part of the green new deal? the latest on the move to abandon the project next. ♪ from the first loving touch everything that touches your baby should be this comforting pampers swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, is 2x softer and wraps your baby in our most premium protection
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internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. heather: gavin newsom derailing plans for a high-speed train from san francisco to la. the president calls this expensive project a green disaster. jillian: here is more on the move to abandon the project. >> our goal is to give 80% of americans access to high-speed rail. >> reporter: president obama gave california $2.5 billion in federal tax money to build a bullet train.
2:25 am
the understanding it would travel from la to san francisco in 2 hours and 40 minutes. that is not going to happen. will the trump administration go after california failed to perform? too early to tell but government gavin newsom helps to keep the project on life support so he won't have to repay those billions despite donald trump. >> with all due respect i have no interest in sending back $3.5 billion in federal funding that was allocated to this project to donald trump. >> reporter: the money already spent or appropriated. not only to san francisco but it stretch of central valley not 500 miles but 100 miles, skeptics told governor jerry brown the train cannot be built. he promised, democrats and unions supported it, cost overruns and lawsuits made the project unrealistic and unsustainable. >> the current project as
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planned would cost too much and take too long. there has been too little oversight and not enough transparency. >> reporter: those hoping for faster travel between the cities, the private sector may be the answer. elon musk is testing hyperlinked transport station, underground pods and the promise of a trip under 45 minutes. in los angeles, fox news. rob: the question is will the federal government get that money back? jillian: the state needs to pay it back to help fund a border wall. >> reporter: it got too expensive as travel times are too slow, ticket prices were double what you would pay for southwest airlines. it became very apparent they promised something of a couldn't deliver. they said they would have this project with all this private money and investment, it wouldn't cause taxes to go up. they haven't gotten a penny in private investment. the federal government put $3
2:27 am
billion into it and now they are in breach of agreement with the federal government. i think the federal government should ask that money back and use it to build the wall. jillian: gavin newsom says claims the project has been canceled are fake news. rob: he is so indignant. it is not trump's money the way he makes it sound, it is our money, $3 billion, he doesn't want to give it back. jillian: 31/$2 million is allocated that and it is not going to happen. rob: nice to be a politician. double trouble for delta airlines, violent turbulence rocking one flight in midair and flames and smoke filling another. >> you can see the people who aren't belted in hitting the ceiling. rob: how the airline is responding. jillian: can a multibillion-dollar drug fortune pay for the border wall? a former texas prosecutor joins us to break down how he thinks it can be done. ♪
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jillian: welcome back. look atop headlines. the text of the border security bill has been released. it includes $1.3 billion in wall fund again $1 billion for technology upgrades. a vote is expected on capitol hill but the president says he will need to review it for the, quote, landmines before signing up. rob: paul manafort's the deal is void. foreman trump campaign manager made false statements to the fbi. he will be up for a harsher sentence next month is manafort's attorneys say he did not lie. jillian: a hospital advantage most significant gun-control billing years.
2:32 am
it would require background checks for transfers in the us, the house judiciary committee debated the bill for 9 hours before voting on it. it is expected to be voted on by the full house in the next few weeks. rob: fbi asking for help identifying the woman in these chilling sketches. samuel little through the sketches in his jail cell, he says he killed all of these women. little is serving a life sentence after being convicted of 3 murders. he says he has killed 90 women across the united states over the past four decades. of confirmed little would be one of the deadliest killers in us history. jillian: the illegal immigrants accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, stuffing her body in a suitcase and dumping it. they veer da silva is in portugal, he admits to dumping
2:33 am
valerie rice's body in connecticut but insists she died from a head injury. of convicted in her killing he could face the death penalty. rob: students at the center of this final confrontation in washington dc have been cleared of wrongdoing. jillian: an independent investigation found no racist or offensive statements by the covington catholic students. they were widely criticized after coming face-to-face with native american activists at the march for life rally. the agency concluding, quote, the statements we obtained from students and chaperones are remarkably consistent and the statements are consistent with the videos reviewed and there was a lot of video out there. rob: senator ted cruz doubling down on his calls to have el chapo pay for the border wall. >> the department of justice estimates of the global worth of el chapo's criminal network worldwide were roughly $14 billion. that means we could do this without spending a penny of
2:34 am
taxpayer money. those billions that el chapo has were made traveling -- trafficking across the border. it is right because of gotten gains go to fixing the problem and stopping the next traffic. jillian: is this a legal possibility and how would it work? we are asking texas county attorney, thank you for joining us, in that interview last night ted cruz went on to say i don't know if this will happen but what do you think? is it possible? >> it is possible. it happens all the time. donald trump has called it an interesting idea describing the el chapo act, $14 billion in proceeds seized from his drug cartel and use it to pay for border security. criminal as that forfeiture is used by the department of justice all the time. they put them in a fund with wide latitude to use that
2:35 am
although not on this scale but it is commonly done and perfectly lawful. rob: it is possible. i have another question. i would assume mexico probably wants this money as well. he was a terror in that country who killed so many people. what -- do they have a say in this? >> they wouldn't. the action is done by the department of justice connected to criminal prosecution and the conviction of the drug kingpin. this elegant out-of-the-box proposal by ted cruz is not just el chapo but future convictions from other drug cartel members to fund border security and build a wall. jillian: how long would this take? is this something we would see in the near future? >> the elegance of the bill, it is only a 3 page bill, simple proposal that would designate these funds to be used for this purpose.
2:36 am
the power exists with the department of justice once they see these funds to put them to law enforcement type purposes. the length of time is how complicated it is to unpack the criminal empire of el chapo and find his assets and to seize them but once they are seized and captured and put in the asset forfeiture fund they can be directed by the department of justice and put to a just use. these funds have come from decades of terror on the american public from the drug empire. rob: fascinating you say mexico wouldn't have a say in this country those assets are in that country but we shall see. thank you for your time, appreciate it. jillian: 36 after the hour, critics holly out donald trump for a golf simulator at the white house. rob: what they didn't tell you
2:37 am
is there was already one there under president obama. nobody talks about it back then. carly shimkus joins us with social media reaction coming up next. ♪
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heather: three people rushed to the hospital after severe turbulence in a delta flight from california making an emergency landing in nevada. >> i flew in my seat. >> in the bathroom with her kid, she came out bloodied like a movie. >> the table and stepping over drink cart and causing a mess in the cabin. the airline has apologize. another delta flight evacuated due to fire in an overhead bin. a flight attendant put the fire out. >> the pentagon calling an
2:41 am
investigation is military families cause -- reveal problems with housing. >> the helplessness -- we surrender collapsing ceiling in her home in camp lejeune. >> military families reported toxic lead in their homes, something that has led to disease and birth defects in their kids. in a statement they say it is an acceptable to sacrifice so much to enter these hardships in their own homes. minnesota congresswoman freshman omar refusing to answer a reporter's question about her tweet slamming the president. >> what is wrong with you? >> you had a tweet thing the
2:42 am
president -- >> i tweeted, there is a response, you can run that, have a nice day. >> carly shimkus is here with more on the viral confrontation. >> reporter: is she giving alexandria ocasio-cortez a run for her money. rob: they like to be left alone. >> she's facing criticism for that exchange. a cnn host tweets your public servant, that is a journalist doing his job. there's nothing wrong with him, like you were saying. politico saying if you don't want to face questions from reporters don't run for congress. twitter user brenda says it was a mistake on her part, she will figure it out. she got into a testy exchange with special envoy from venezuela elliott abrams,
2:43 am
calling him mister adams. rob: there were for points. i saw this and it has been turned into something more. if you haven't seen the fire first documentary about that disaster. >> they released documentaries about this fire festival. a total disaster. now north carolina congressman mark walker has tweeted a video that compares it to the green new deal. >> all these things may seem big and impossible are not. it gives people that type of energy, that type of power. >> if you saw the documentary it is about the fact they created a video around the fire festival.
2:44 am
kill off all the cows, fire had a better chance of success. another twitter user says spot on. i ask of the cows are willing to work. the -- don't know how popular it is. a room size golf simulator. >> donald trump installed a new off simulator in the white house, sounds pretty bad considering it is on the heels of a report about all the executive time he is taking but in the body of that report you learn he replaced the one put in place by president obama and paid for it, $50,000 of his own money, not as bad as one may think that what is funny how donald trump, president obama, they golfed a lot and even on the golf course they golf at the white house, dream come true.
2:45 am
>> sometimes they can relieve a little stress. >> relieve a little stress. rob: nikki haley, obama actually -- >> exactly the same thing. jillian: happy valentine's day. giving a special someone a gift, last-minute deals that won't break the bank and stay out of trouble. rob: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". hey. >> it is okay. pet boys is open on the way home. we will talk about how much we give thanks to our loved ones with valentine's day at a special surprise, the news of the day, congress is about to vote on the budget border deal.
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we talk to devon nunez about that and chris:nobody knows more about immigration than he. judge andrew napolitano, dana lash and tim tebo. this is what we are excited about, we are throwing a wedding live on "fox and friends" today. a former air force medic of eight years says i do to her police officer fiancé. everybody will be dressed up, we got the game, the flowers and we will send them on a dream honeymoon. it happens on "fox and friends". our 3-hour telecast. jillian: he is amazed. >> it is going to be great. rob: i want to hear that. jillian: for flowers. ♪ hey toothless.
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rob: another 2020 presidential hopeful under fire over claims of staff mistreatment. amy klobuchar accused of throwing objects, interviewed former staffers, she has admitted to being a tough boss with high expectations. if you want to do business with the city of los angeles you have to reveal ties with the nra. the you city council passing an ordinance requiring contractors to disclose connections to the organization. the national rifle association threatened to sue over this ordinance claiming it could cause contractors to sever nra ties over fears it could cost them customers.
2:51 am
jillian: valentine's day is today from the procrastinators out there, by something last-minute for that special someone in your life. rob wanted to do this segment but i said let me. thank you for being here. don't want to be in the doghouse tonight. >> start with the bathrobe. >> i love the idea of a soft silky luxurious robot. you can run into the mall. you can make it a set with slippers, it comes in cute so you are good to go. jillian: you can never go wrong with hillary. >> it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. if you don't know she's gold or silver gal you can get both. these are mixed middle heart jewelry pieces, you can buy them as a set, they are under $30 and doubling as travel jewelry.
2:52 am
jillian: you don't have to spend a ton of money on jewelry. >> it is so cute. >> don't know her size? no problem. i found these cute shoes, festive for valentine's day color. these are $20 and this gorgeous rap for $59, i love a nice rap you can wear with everything. it feels so nice. >> i love it. >> i hit kohl's and something for guys and gals, this -- for the traveler, the gym go or, great idea.
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3-d massager. a little pampering for $70. and -- >> both of these good for guys and girls. it is not about getting just women. >> we have black the guy and gold for the women. >> a little bit of pampering. >> i did this pedicure basket, got everything at the drugstore and the dollar store. this is $30 and hydrating compression socks were $20 and all the items you need to give yourself a pedicure and a little basket bag and that just ties it together and look like an instant gift. jillian: you can't go wrong with chocolates.
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>> these are the selections from godiva, they are doing a cool cupcakey tasting thing. >> get into that. so there you go. >> you want that? >> thank you so much. don't want to eat and talk at the same time. teleprompter, let's go. lovebirds this year, everything you need to know is coming up. and an identical shirt using bounce. the bounce shirt has fewer wrinkles, less static, and more softness and freshness. bounce out wrinkles, bounce out static. . .
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rob: welcome back. senator kamala harris of california called out for tax tweet. the democratic candidate for president in 2020 quoted out the average tax refund is down 170 bucks compared to last year. let's call the president's tax cut what it is, a middle class tax hike to line the pockets of already wealthy corporations and the 1%. >> "the washington post" chimed in on this tweeting, quote: fact checker kamala harris leaps to unwarranted conclusions in tax tweet. while refunds are down as she said less money is being withheld. meaning most of us got bigger paychecks last year. this is a democratic talking point not just from her but from many of them and it's not true. jillian: thank you for 21 mostly good years.
2:59 am
a sports store owner writing that message to customers after going out of business in colorado. steven martin says he can't afford to keep prime time sports open after he quit selling nike products in protest of the company's ad campaign with colin kaepernick. creating an honor the flag memorial covering an entire store wall with thousands of pictures of those who serve our country. it's unclear when the store will officially close. rob: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly, a valentine's day edition. we start with the good. a 4-year-old gentleman melting hearts across the country after taking a date a friend on a date. he paid for himself. this is great. he got the door for her, held her hand. said it's never too early to show kids how to be chivalrous columbus. jillian: out the men out there listen up. don't let your feelings enmity bank account. americans lost at least $143 million from online romance scams last year.
3:00 am
some scammers use fake or stolen identities into trick victims into sending cash. rob: move over tender this is cudder. let's partners swipe on potential partners cows. jillian: happy valentine's day. >> the bipartisan bill has been released. >> i appreciate all the work the republicans have done because they are really going against a radical left. >> from a border security perspective this proposal is an absolute failure. >> judge amy jackson says there is sufficient evidence to say that manafort broke his plea deal with robert mueller about lying. the ruling certainly hurts paul manafort's odds of getting a reduced sentence. >> 57% of voters have a positive opinion of capitalism. that is more than twice the number who feel the same way about socialism. >> only capitalism has lifted billions of people from poverty. >> to all of law enforcement, we


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