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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  February 17, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ n new details in the jesse smollett investigation. president trump declares a national emergency at the southern border. >> congress had the ability to act and actually stop the president from doing this national emergency. >> the left have ignored what has been happening over and over again. >> walls do not, as the president has claimed, save lives. wall end lives. >> the america i see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their parents because it makes us embarrassing.
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[bleep] [bleep] [bleep] ♪ panama. there's no better way to kick off jed's one-year wedding anniversary than rocking 0 it a little van halen. i know this song. i didn't know they were saying panama. animal, that's what i thought. >> animal? >> this is the david lee roth heyday. a child of the '80s, van halen. i may or may not have had a lot of van halen posters in my bedroom. >> animal. i always do that. i think i know the song and i'm
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sipping it and my husband is like, those are all the wopping words. >> e-mail us. what song did you think said one thing your quhoal lif your wheen you grow up and find out it says something different. the jesse smollett case, griff you should break it down for us. >> for our viewers just walking up, the jesse smollett case, a great actor on the "empire" show if you watch that. this began at the end of january when smollett claims he was attacked by two men using racial slur, doused him in bleach, put a noose around his neck. well police were investigating it. now they took two nigerian men into custody, one of which may have had a part in that show as an extra in the "empire" show.
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they requested them, picke quesd on wednesday night. and police issued a statement that has many believing that smollett's story may be falling apart. here's the latest statement from the chicago police department. it says, we can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the "expire" case has shifted the trajectory of the investigation. we've reached out to the "empire" cast members attorney to request a follow-up attorney. smollett's attorneys put a statement out then to entertainment weekly that says as a victim of hate crime who has cooperated with the police jesse smollett is aing ire anged devastatedevastated that by thes that the perpetrators are people he know of. nothing is further from the truth. and anyone claiming otherwise is
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lying. so we have a lot of new details this morning. >> i think the key to the change in this case is the police in chicago are no longer considering jesse smollett a victim. they changed him. he's not a victim. what exactly happened they don't know. the "new york post" is jumping ahead saying it's a hoax. we're getting new details that they think the nigerian men -- they have a receipt where he bought the stuff at the ace hardware. he was a victim of attack but he still had his subwa subway sand. >> we adopt know wha don't know. some in media were honorable saying hold, this is an allegation. let's let the chicago police do their job. but once again as happened with the covington situation, you have a lot of people saying that
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he was telling the truth, making judgments about trump. the things being said were racist and homophobic and wer we referencing maga. when there's something about maga and trump, there's a rush from the media because they quantity to make the connection. be cautious about that. your credibility is on the line when you that. >> let me play for our viewers who may have forgotten. it was jesse's own statements that captured a lot of people's attention. >> who says [bleep] [bleep] "empire" this maga country, ties a noose around your neck and pours bleach on you. this is just a friendly fight? i will never be the man that this did not happen to. i am forever changed. and i don't subscribe to the idea that everything happens for
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a reason but i do scribe to the right that we have the right and the responsibility to make something meaningful out of the things that happen to us, good and bad. >> that's a powerful recounting of a terrible situation if indeed it happened. however it is a class four felony to knowingly file a false police report. >> the chicago fox station is reporting that the two brothers, nigerian men, they told cops that the star paid them to orchestrate the attack. we don't know. it's been fishy at the beginning. a lot of people looked sideways at that, middle of the night in chicago, bleach, noose, a small scrap, you got away, kept your sandwich. and you want to to believe victims a the first. >> he doesn't turn over his phone records. he took 13 days, finally he hands them over and he hands them over redacted.
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the police were saying, if we want to find these people, this won't hold up in criminal court. you need to show us the records. can we look at the network news coverage. abc news, 52 minutes, 38 seconds, cbs news 13 minutes, 47 seconds, total, 101 minutes 22 seconds on a case where we didn't know what happened yet. give it a minute. let people investigate. we have seen this with kavanaugh, covington, smollett, a rush to judgment, they put the narrative out there before they have the facts and so many people in media have to walk it back. so many people on another network made the same mistake with covington and now they have to walk it back and apologize. the best case you could at the time is to say this is what we're hearing, we don't know yet. we'll follow-up when we have more information that's what reporters do. >> in the case of covington,
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there was some confusion as to how the whole conversation transpired and then the moment we all saw, the video. in this case what the splig police department puts on record, what they say about the information is going to be the deciding factor. we have not yet confirmed all of the facts that some of the chicago media is reporting. but we're going to find out. and that's going to be very telling. >> what's the common thread in all of these cases, maga, make america great again. hi think it's a violent trump supporter doing something racist. you walk it back, it's more complicated, maybe not true but the media jumps on it and creates a cultural case. >> it's democrats running for president. look at what they said, senator kamala harris right ie way called it an attempted modern day lynches, nancy pelosi an affront to our media.
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so now you have high-level democrats -- these are people who are supposed to be considered credible, they're running for president many of them, and they right out of the gate feel comfortable enough to make those judgments and not be held comfortable if that information comes back and negate what they said. it's amazing. >> if you look closely, you can see the date. january 29 and january 30th is when those democrats -- see that right there? the date? they immediately reacted without giving the police the time to tell us what happened. >> cory booker said the same thing by the way, modern day lynching on january 29th or 30th. everybody take a breath. let's find out what happened. >> social media doesn't happen with that because everyone wants to the first to the story. nobody knows. give the investigation a case and when we find out the information, feel free to comment on it and then make your
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opinion heard. don't lose your credibility. >> you know who's shaking in his boots right now? jesse smollett. >> we'll bring you the facts. >> his lawyer put the statement out saying nothing could be further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise that jesse set this up is lying. here's the thing, he's on the hook possibly for a class four felony, however if he's questioned again and lies in that questioning, he's going to expose himself to other charges. >> we also have joe biden running for president calling america an embarrassment. that's a teez. tease. we'll talk about it. headlines coming to you. patrick shanahan is reviewing programs to scale back to fund the border wall. reports show he will likely
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redirect 3 .6 million from the budget. president trump declared a national emergency to get the wall get. secretary snahan will hold meetings this week to determine how to pay for it. a community gathers to remember five victims shot and killed at a manufacturing plant in illinois. among those killed, a 21-year-old intern on his first day of work. the other victims have been identified. authorities say the suspect, gary martin, was about to be fired when he went on a shooting rampage. martin was a convicted felon and had the gun illegally. he died in a shoot outwith the police. senator bernie sanders on the verge of another presidential run. the independent recorded a campaign video launching a 2020 bid. it is unclear if or when the video would be released. sander would join an already crowded field of democrats running for president.
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former fox correspondent pat has died. he suffered a stroke. he was instrumental in jimmy carter's presidential campaign in the '70s. and he also advised joe biden and former trump strategist steve bannon. caddell was 68 years old. he wasn't a talking points guy. i had so many conversations with him on and off the off. he was ra great thinking. we need more people like him. >> he was such a gentleman. >> he was. >> pleasure working with him. it was something special. >> outside the box guy. never know exactly where he was coming from. >> that's how i like it. democrats dismissing trump's national emergency at the border. >> simply no emergency. it's unquestionable not a national emergency. >> all hands on deck to refute this president. >> our next guest is a border
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chief overseeing one of the most active legal crossing errors and he's taking the media to task. you don't want to miss it. instead of pressing her on our policies, reporters now picking out kamala harris' outfits. that's journalism on true display. we will bring it to you. >> get used it to. ♪ ♪
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we're going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border and we're going to do it one way or the other. whether it's 8 billion or 2 billion or 1.5 billion it's going to build a lot of walls. we're getting it done. we have an invasion of guns, people and it's unacceptable. >> president trump declaring a national emergency over the border wall but a new washington
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postop ed declaring there's no crisis an. joining us to react is the acting chief border patrol agent, the del rio sector, one of the most active legal crossing areas of the border. chief, thank you for joining us. i appreciate you coming on. i communicated some with you when i was covering the last caravan but i want to get your thoughts. we have this op-ed and some other evidence of the media thing that this isn't a crisis. how does that settle with you? >> well, good morning, tbrif and thankgriff,and thanks for havin. i can speak to the reality that we're dealing on our 209 miles of border in south texas. october 1st of 2016 our arrest2018, ourarrests have dou.
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qurng with that is alien alienst are parent's one child and multiple, those are up 400%. when we talk about the numbers, they may be lower than what we saw in the early 20 2000s. the challenge that we deal with now, it's completely different population. rather than single adult males primarily from mexico 18 years ago, now we're dealing with family units from central america. >> we goa we got it on the scre, 304% increase. i certainly saw it. but we got some news out of mexico and for whatever reason the u.s. media doesn't want to report as much it seems. but the governor of the state which is the one that was in charge deported a handful of people confirming in an interview in mexican press that
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there were multiple understand stances of ms13 gang members mix into that caravan. does that concern you? >> it certainly does, whether it's specifically ms13 or even criminal aliens in those groups. we see people like that. we see ones who have had criminal records, been in this country before and been removed. the previously removed aliens are a concern. last week we arrested somebody here crossing the border that had a prior conviction for murder and had been removed from the united states. so we know that's a concern when we're talking with any group but certainly when we talk about large groups, it's an added concern. >> let me ask you as i asked all of the chiefs and i get the pleasure and honor of working with, i say, what do you need, if you could have resource to continue to do your job better, what would you prefer to have? >> for us we have some frur along our border, within the 20. i've only got a little over four
3:20 am
miles of any type of fencing. so that fru infrastructure, wher it's the physical barriers, it's the patrol roads to go with it to allow our agents to move. the infrastructure and even stations in the physical facilities we need to get the job done. adding to that we need more technology. the camera systems and the technology that we have, as great as it is, there's an opportunity to increase that. and most importantly the, the most important part of the equation is the personnel. >> manpower. chief, we're almost out of time here. thank you for joining us and thank you to the men and women of the border patrol keeping our border safe. >> you're more than welcome. california firefighters saving a dog's life using cpr. this morning it's inspired us to learn how to save a pet's life. some on the left now slamming trump supporters for backing the wall. have the attacks on the right hit a new low. >> we debate coming up next.
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some quick headlines for you pump president trump ice nominee for u.n. ambassador is withdrawing her name from consideration. she says she's dropping out because it is what's best for her family. it is unclear if she will stay in her post as state department spokeswoman. and the governor of alaska offering to sends the state's national guard to the u.s.-mexico border. >> while the southern border may seem far away and distant, this crisis is real and a potential threat to every american,
3:25 am
including alaskans. >> the offer comes as some governors pull their troops from the southern border. pete? >> i must say well done. media outlets slamming president trump for declaring a national emergency. some saying the move proved he was unfit for office. but one msnbc guest took it way further than that. >> the 37 to 40% of people who believe whatever donald trump is going to say, they're gone. they're lost. they're zombies now. so we have to ou cauterize the wound and worry about the people that aren't infected yet. >> here to debate, former tucson police officer brandon tat an td antwon. ie start with you. why can't trump supporters be human? >> well they can. i would not have used the same
3:26 am
words perhaps as the msnbc guest, no disrespect to him were no hits on him. at the end of the day, i think what's consistent is the fact that no one will disagree with the fact that president trump supporters are very loyal. i think they drank the cool aide ancool aidand they're drunk on . i think he said if he went down the street, whatever they said during the course of the am pain, they would be with him. he has followers that are loyal to him. >> is antwon being a bit too generous? >> this is what i'll say, we're not loyal to president trump. we're loyal to america and president trump is defending america. and as long as he's defending america and doing what's right,
3:27 am
we'll stand by those principles. it's simple and plain. >> that's a fair point. trump supporters would say if he was doing the wrong things ultimately we wouldn't be with him. but he oo he's fight in way no e has. can you acknowledge that? >> if you look at some of the rhetoric and some of the maif your that comes from this president and you think h he's doing fsh america. >> pro-america agenda. >> that doesn't mean i agree with everything that the president does and says. and if you don't call him out for the things he does wrong or the things he say that is wrong, you and i both have a problem. >> it's not a matter of calling him out for what's wrong or right. the bottom line is this. we're talking about the emergency that he's ordered. we're talking about border security. we're talking about the things that he's been able to accomplish for america. give me an example of something that'that he's done that's
3:28 am
anti-american. >> some of the language he uses. >> jesse smollett, the actor who made accusations about an attack on him a number of weeks ago by maga supporters yelling racist and home foapic things. this morning we're hearing that the chicago police no longer consider him a victim. they're getting new evidence that may allege that this was not an attack at all, may be orchestrated by a couple f people he knew. brandon, your reaction? >> racism in this country is dying. people like myself are literally trying to pull the plug but the left wants to revive racism every chance you get. >> oh my goodness, brandon. >> this is a fake faux outrage paid by a man. why do you have to pay to create it? that man should be ashamed of
3:29 am
himself. he should be ashamed of himself for what he's doing representing his family and people on his side of the aisle. >> we don't know what happened yet. but so many people, including democratic presidential candidates jumped in right away saying this is a modern day lynching. is not that type of rhett wrik without knowinrhetoricwithout ks creating a racial lens where maybe one didn't exist? >> i will be consistent. i appreciate you having me on. let's let the facts play out and see how it plays out. if it's what others are speculating is true, it's very unfortunate. it's like the one who calls wolf. it sets a dangerous precedent and puts unwanted pressure on these situations when i come up before and it's like people will never believe you when you have these scenarios and situations. however i strongly disagree with
3:30 am
brandon, the fact that racism is essentially nonexistent. america's carpet has lumps in it because we swept racism up under the rug for so very long in this country and we cannot allow this to be a distraction for calling things out that are very very true. >> briefly last word, brandon. >> why do they have to recreate the scenarios. why can't the man be walking down the street and get beat up by white men. he had to pay brother to do it. i understand how the process works. when they investigating two individuals and they let them go without charging them and now they're focusing their attention on jesse smollett, he is going to be charged. end of story. this is the way it works. >> i don't disagree with you. my point is lit's let the police do their job. >> that's not what the democratic candidates were doing at the beginning. >> i can only speak for.
3:31 am
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>> all right. welcome back. well you see there kamala harris, one of the to 20 hopefuls that is running. now if you want a preview of what's going to happen on this campaign trail, as the many reporters like myself cover these candidates, kamala harris told the crowd in south carolina, by the way, you're going to get so sick of me because i'm going to visit so many times. she's warm enough to the people. trying to get familiarity. comes a f familiarity with the reporters. watch this and then we'll talk about it. >> yeah, that's it. >> the point of this video is the people there laughing taking
3:36 am
the video and interacting jokingly about what looks good and what doesn't with kamala harris. are the reporters themselves. you know press outlets when someone is a prominent candidate they send someone to follow them and cover them. she's at a boutique in south carolina. they're fawning over her outfits. they're suggesting new and cool looking jackets for her to wear. it's one thing to do it in private. another thing to put it on instagram. >> it's a fan girl moment. >> suggested by this reporter. she suggests you should try this sequin so on and senator harris did. i think she brought it because she liked it. >> to tweet it out unapologetically really was a fan girl moment. i'm laughing so hard remembering sarah palin on the campaign trail. not only were they helping her find clothes, they were
3:37 am
critiquing her wardrobe. this is a bunch of people like at a boy band concert. remember they have to make her as likable as possible. she will be the one candidate that becomes the media darling, they're going to do everything they can to help her out. >> . this is one example. >> they're all liberals, all of them except for fox journalist. what they do with a female candidate, it's mind blowing. but they want you to give them credibility. >> it's a joke. >> e-mails us friends in fairness, senator harris is a very charismatic person. >> very smart. >> she's drawing the press in already. >> she's smart to do that. you can't fault her for that. >> and tell us if you like the
3:38 am
jacket too. i kind of did the jacket. i'm not going lie. a convicted murderer and armed robber are back behind bars after escaping a mississippi jail. the men with were on the run for 24 hours before u.s. marshals captured them overnight. investigators say the pair likely escaped their cells and breached the fence around the jail yard. they were captured in the same city where they escaped. anthony weiner is reportedly out of prison, according to tmz. he's still in fed r58 custod fey but moved to a prerelease program in new york. he was sentenced for nearly two years in prison for trading nude pictures with a 15-year-old girl. he's scheduled to be released early in may for good behavior. a college student scores 19,000 dollars with this incredible half court shot. take a look. >> come on baby. >> that's it! that's it! [bleep] [bleep]. >> university of kentucky
3:39 am
sophomore mckinley webb drains the shot and mobbed by the wildcats. before kentucky upset number one tennessee 86-69. why can't i do that? i'm a terrible basketball player. >> if you're like me i watch the three-point contest and the dunk contest last night with nba. it was pretty cool. >> you and my husband have way too much in common. even the same food. >> there's another contest in florida that rick is covering with, the daytona 500. >> the great america race takes place this afternoon at daytona speed way. >> rick is there with a presue of what we can expect. >> if you want to watch the race it's at 2:30 on fox. that's very important. welcome president of the speedway. my question is, you're way too young to have a job like that. how did that happen? >> i've been very fortunate to
3:40 am
have incredible opportunities that really have nothing to do with me. it all has to do with the people who have given me that opportunity and helped mentor me. we have an incredible team who have given so much to ensure that today is special. and it certainly is going to be there. >that. >> i wanted to get to the top of this building to have this view so we had to get you on here. i don't know if you're watching and can see this view, this is a special spot. we're at what was initially the biggest stands until you built those out there. >> that's right. this is the daytona 500 club. an incredible venn view. when you think about the $400 million investment, it speak to what this race and what this property means to motor sports. >> how many people can be inside this stadium watching the race at any one time and to that, it sold out again. >> yeah, we're really fortunate. race fans from 45 country wills
3:41 am
be here today to watch out the soldout daytona race. we can seat 105,000 people. >> best of luck to an amazing race for you guys. >> thank you so much. >> back to you. >> good stuff. democrats pushing socialists policies heading into 2020 but your next guest escaped communist china and is sounding the alarm. shell tells us what it's really like to live in an equality state. she's been outspoken in her criticism of amazon, helping force its exit from new york. now an executive at the company has a special invitation for griff's not so favorite socialist. ed's favorite. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:42 am
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some quick headlines back here at "fox & friends" weekend. major sales starting at payless today as the shoe chain prepares to close all of its u.s. stores. i bought a lot of shoes at payless. the 2100 stores will start closing in march, most staying open until may. the international stores however will not be affected. and an amazon executive invites the congres congresswome socialist from the bronx stand ya 0 casio cortez to tour the facilities. amazon executive says her claims are not true and has invited her to take the tour just as we have invited her on this program. jed, down to you. it's a rush to the left as dems gear up for 2020, many
3:46 am
pushing socialists plans like medicare for all. but what would america look like if the left gets its way. our next guest grew up in communist china in the mid 1980s and is sounding the alarm writing, hey, democrats i've lived in a socialist country with income equality and it was miserable. here is author of "chinese girl in the getto." so many people on the left talking about socialism, making it trendy. can you give us some insight into what it was like to grow up in communist china? >> yes, absolutely. good morning. there's a strange ro mant tie te disaition of this. there was an ending economic equality when i lived in post mao china. that means everybody was equal in having no running hot water. we were equal in having no
3:47 am
dryer, no washer, no color television. you can think of other e menties that we were equal in not having but we were equal in having no economic opportunities. and that's because when the state runs your lives and the economy, most people are equal in having scarcity and hopelessness and that's the future that we can look forward to. >> but the problem is that the government guarantees, guarantee of a, guarantee of economic opportunity provided by the government and not the free market, you'll have health care, you'll have everything, it's a great slogan. what do you say to people who might listen to the slogans and be drawn to them, saying yeah, democrats are looking out for me. >> all they need to do is look at history. its not even ancient history. it's recent history. it wasn't that long ago that communist china was very much
3:48 am
communist and it wasn't that long ago that we defeated the former soviet union. what i would say is look at a time when china was not the second largest economy in the world. even communist china did not want the economic qualit equalit it used to have. so i think what people need to do is stop decolluding themselves and actually read a little bit about history. >> socialism has become mainstream. and just quickly, what is your reaction to president trump taking this head on and in his state of the union saying america will never been a socialist country and having to face people in congress now who are unabashedly socialist and advocating for the policies? >> i think it's presiden fantast the president is doing what he's doing and saying what he is doing. i was a deputy director of a trump super pac so i supported
3:49 am
the president in the last few years and it's fantastic that he's actually calling out those folks who in fact have a very odd idea of what a socialist future might bring to this country. and i hope that the president will continue doing what he does, which is to fight against that sort of socialist utopia. >> thank you so much for being here. i cannot wait to check out your book "chinese girl in the getto." thank you for being here. joe biden blasting america to an audience in europe. >> the america i see values basic human decency, not snatching children -- american people understand please because it makes us embarrassing. >> is this really the right message for a possible presidential candidate? plus we're learning how to save a dog's life this morning with a lesson in cpr. oh, yeah, look at pete. he's going. coming up next. ♪ ♪ after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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you may remember this from last weekend, dramatic video of firefighters saving a dog who was trapped in a house fire by performing cpr and this is how pete reacted. >> i would not know how to perform cpr on a dog. >> it was honest. so here to show us how to save a pet's life, rachel bowers, founder of brooklyn bark here in new york. who is your furry friend. >> this is radar. he's actually the company mos comascotand the pet first-aid.
3:54 am
so we take him with us so you can demonstrate on a dog. >> we are dog walkers and pet sitters in brooklyn. e everyone on staff has to be certified in pet first-aid and cpr. safety is nem bu number one. >> teach us. i want to learn. >> the first thing you want to do is being prepared. knowing first-aid is a great first step. but before that we want to have the emergency vet numbers program into your phone. >> call the experts. >> call the experts so you're not wasting precious seconds. >> what happens if something happens and you're in an emergency. >> you ready? go down. if our dog is unconscious. >> it's okay, radar. good boy. >> we want to be checking for a pulse and execking to see if chf
3:55 am
he's breathing. there's a few places, the heart as well. if we don't have a pulse and he's not breathing, we're going to want to check. >> where is the heart on the dog? right here? >> we're going to show you in one second. the main thing we want to do is compression, airway and breathing. if he's not breathing and doesn't have a pulse we want to check the airway. he's unconscious, we don't have any risk. we pull the tongue out, look down his throat. nothing there. >> no chew toy. >> now we want to begin cpr. >> radar is moving by the way. >> he would not be doing this. >> in the case of an unconscious dog is there precaution for not moving him too much like you would with a human. >> you're not worried about flipping him over, trying to find the correct position. the main position is being behind the dog so the dog can feel you. >> what do we do. >> ? >> the next thing is we're going to do compressions.
3:56 am
lie down. we're going to find the heart. to find the heart, take his elbow, this is universal in dogs and cats, point right to the heart. we're going to take the hand that's furthest away from the head, put our hand down so we're locking him in right against ouo 30 compressions and we're going down a third to a half of the way. do 30 compressions at 100 to 120 beats per minute? >> can we find this on line? >> you can find it online. you can do breathing as well, 30 compressions and two breaths. there's talk in the industry now where you just do compressions. >> you're breathing over his snowt. >> we want to create a seal by taking the lips and rolling them down and the tongue would be out put our mouth right over his nose. >> now i know. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it.
3:57 am
brooklyn bark. >> who knew? >> for "fox & friends" coming up next. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> new late details emerging in the jussie smollett attack information. >> the police are no longer considering jussie smollett a victim. >> president trump declared a national emergency to get that wall built. >> i can speak to the reality along our 209 miles of border in south texas. our arrests have gone up -- have doubled. that's 100% increase. >> congress had the ability to act and actually stop the president from doing this national emergency. the left have ignored what has been happening over and over again. >> walls do not, as the president has claimed, save lives. walls end lives. >> the america i see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their
4:01 am
parents, because it makes us embarrassing. [laughter] >> okay. [inaudible conversations] >> come on, baby, get it there! [cheers and applause] [bleep] >> let's go! let's go! ♪ ♪ >> that's a great song. pete: fantastic song. dragons are great. ed: excellent choice. pete: imagine dragons. where did they come up with that name? i've always wanted to name a band. >> they're creative. pete: unlike us. >> in case anyone's wondering, this is my tale for today. there was a belt gone wrong, so i've tied it up in a knot, and
4:02 am
in case you're wondering what's behind me, it's a knot. i'm just going to call myself wonder woman today. pete: very fashionable. ed: i think it's great. >> it's a good look. pete: thanks for being here. griff: aaway of protests are planned across the u.s. tomorrow. >> in response to president trump's national emergency declaration. pete: gillian turner live with what we can expect. >> good morning. or he knew it would face some immediate legal challenges, but turns out he's going to have to contend with a lot more than just judicial pushback. large scale public protests now slated for tomorrow, that's prime ministers' day, from california -- presidents' day, from california to texas to new york. democrat maxine waters issuing a clarion call.
4:03 am
>> it's time for everybody to stand up, all hands on deck, to refuse this president, these fake emergency powers that he would like to have. and so i'm urging everybody, get together, rally in every community across this country. send a message to washington d.c. >> liberal advocacy group is behind at least a few of these protests, their web site reading: donald trump has declared a hashtag fake national emergency and an illegal power grab to push his racist, dangerous policies. now, president trump and some of his closest advisers will be in miami tomorrow. he's slated to address venezuelan-americans and make the case that socialist policies ultimately drive nations into the ground. a political message as 2020 gets underway. guys, back to you. pete: grigf alerted me -- griff alerted me to the new york times
4:04 am
and an article that said asylum policies wearing down many at the border, even acknowledging that the policies of this president is deterring, and you've seen it more than most, the ability to just jump right in -- griff: that's right, we just had a border patrol official if on last hour. democrat 2020 hopefuls are leading the charge in making a political football out of this wall, and beto o'rourke is really on the front end of that. he fist, of course, told us that he would tear a wall down. listen to this. >> you know, would you, if you could, would you take the wall down now here? >> yes, absolutely. >> knock it down. >> i'd take the wall down. walls do not, as the president has lame claimed, save lives. walls end lives. pete: so that was him yesterday doubling down on the statement that he would take the wall down with a de facto acknowledgment, jedediah, he's saying walls and
4:05 am
lies -- which is an open statement -- saying walls are effective if your approach is to stop something from happening. no one wants to end lives, but this is where the debate's going to go. jedediah: it's the rush to the extreme. it's not going to be beto, by the way, but who makes it out of the primary and has to run in the general election adhering to these super, super, super far-left principles. it's amazing. they're going to all but can ask abdomen -- be asked about this. and whoever makes it out of that primary is going to have to defend these points while he's talking about a humanitarian crisis, drug trafficking -- pete: angel moms. jedediah: exactly. a whole lot of people regardless of political ideology. griff: and beto to o'rourke or has nothing to lose, because he has to rise to the top, joe biden comes with a lot of name recognition -- pete: he's never won. he did win his last race. jedediah: you would think that
4:06 am
biden would have to be more careful, but there he is telling europeans that america is an embarrassment. take a listen. >> the america i see values basic human decency, not snatching children there their parents -- from their parents or turning their back on refugees at our border. americans know that's not right. [applause] the american people understand fit because it mix us 'em -- it makes us embarrassing. the american people know overwhelmingly that's not right, that's no who we are. pete: so the munich security concerns -- conference is a conference for global elites to pat each other on the back. this is joe biden's lane. he thinks he's the establishment guy, he's been the vice president. griff: correct. pete: will he continue to be a liberal or be a leftist. but to start with my country's embarrassing? that's an interesting place --
4:07 am
griff: yeah, but he's not going to go as far as beto o'rourke, because the thing that's a problem is to say walls end lives, it's happening at the same time that the river border that is literally just in his backyard, people have lost their lives trying to cross. the wall didn't drown them, the river did. and the wall is there to say don't cross. i don't think you're going to see joe biden go that far. he's taken a page from the book of obama as we saw -- pete: the base isn't going to like that. jedediah: you know, i want to hear from viewers, do you think joe biden is going to go all the way left, or do you think he's going to be a more reasonable moderate. pete: he's an old school liberal. jedediah: he is. he's also smart. pete: he stays a liberal which is now the middle of the democrat party. jedediah: he's not an aoc. pete: not yet. [laughter] there's another story out of chicago, pretty important one. griff: that's right. if you've been paying attention
4:08 am
to the actor, jussie smollett, you may have seen this "empire" show. it all began in january when he claims he was attacked by two individuals shouting maga country, dousing him in something that may have been bleach and put a noose around his neck. that, of course, was certainly something that took everyone by surprise. pete: that was his story. griff: his story. but we now have developments from the chicago police department. now, they are putting out a statement today, but it comes on the heels of having taken two nigerian men into custody wednesday, one of which may have had a part in it. but you're seeing the statement now after those nigerians were released, the chicago police department says we can confirm the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in the case has, in fact, shifted the trajectory of the investigation. we've reached out to the "empire" cast member's attorney to request a follow-up interview, something happened in
4:09 am
that interview with the nigerians that caused them to question smollett's explanation of what happened. so his lawyers are responding sending a statement to entertainment tonight that says this: as a victim of a hate crime who has cooperated with the police investigation, just city smol especially is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators are individuals he is familiar with. he has been further victimized that jussie played a role in his own attack. nothing is further from the truth, and anyone claiming otherwise is lying. pete: yep.the chicago police now do not consider jussie smollett a victim. new news based on the interview. they brought in two guys they thought could have been responsible, those two guys walk, and they have receipts showing they bought the noose at ace hardware. this is according to fox chicago tv. they see these two nigerian men told the cops that the star paid
4:10 am
them to orchestrate the attack. we don't know what happened. these two individuals potentially were paid to make it look -- if that's the case, who really committed the hate crime? really, think about that. if you're accusing someone of yelling maga, and that's a hate crime, but let's just say possibly that he made it up or paid someone, who really is committing the hate crime? griff: just for our viewers, this was the interview that he gave that really set this in motion. listen to this. >> who says [bleep] empire [bleep], this maga country? ties a noose around your neck and pours bleach on you? and this is just a friendly fight? i will never be the man that this did not happen to. i am forever changed, and i don't subscribe to the idea that everything happens for a reason, but i do subscribe to thed idea that we have the right and
4:11 am
responsibility to make something meaningful out of the things that happen to us, good and bad. jedediah: so he gave this interview, a lot of media folks defended him from second one without allowing the investigation to run through. a lot of democratic politicians, 2020 hopefuls, everyone from booker to kamala harris, beyond, defend him instantly. we saw this with covington, we see this repeatedly, this is an investigation. none of us know what happened, that's why the police force exists. chicago police trying to do their job. all the people who had to walk back their immediate defense, learn how to do some reporting. take a minute, be objective, be journalists. sometimes it means stepping back and not being part of that social media firestorm where you've got to be first, or because you don't like donald trump, you've got to figure out, oh, this angle works for me to criminalize trump. don't run with it, because you're ruining your, credibility in the process.
4:12 am
griff: it may be too late for some of the 2020 hope willfuls who immediately leapt to solutions, and your point is correct -- pete: modern day lynching, they said. griff: no one knows exactly what happened but jussie smollett. the police will put out an initial statement, we'll find out. just remember, we don't know yet. pete: the reason it got headlines was because it was about racist trump supporters -- jedediah: because the word maga was involved. the same thing that happened in covington, because he was wearing a hat, his smirk made headlines. pete: the truth shall set you free. griff: all right. one man received a nearly $1 million tax refund. the huge price he's now paying, we'll tell you. pete: hope he didn't spend it. plus, more and more democrats keep throwing their hats in the ring for 2020, but who's president trump's team keeping the closest eye on?
4:13 am
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>> i stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> i'm running for president because i believe in us, i believe in these values. >> i stand here today to declare that i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] jedediah: with a number of democrats now throwing their hat in the ring for 2020, president trump's re-election campaign is busy scouting the competition. here to break down the democrats on the president's radar, former trump campaign pollster jim
4:17 am
mclaughlin. we are going to go through this, because there are a few that the trump campaign is really going to be keeping an eye on. we're going to start with cory booker. this surprised me, actually, they really think he's going to get some headway? >> because you want to do your homework. no matter who the candidate is, you're well prepared for it. cory booker is a guy who's created a sensation. personally, i'm with you. i think he's a lightweight, i think he's been inconsistent -- jedediah: but he could have a good donor base. >> no question. you know where he's raised a lot of money and it could be one of his vulnerabilities? he's raised tens of millions from wall street. jedediah: wall street. >> exactly right. jedediah: elizabeth warren is known as a populist, but she's had a lot of issues when it comes to lying about her native american heritage. they're still worried about her though? >> again, you want to make sure you're doing your due diligent. if i'm -- due diligent.
4:18 am
if i'm donald trump, he would love to run against her. look what happened to her last week. she was saying she wasn't using the whole native american thing to her advantage, and now we saw that it was on her bar registration form down in texas. and that didn't come from republicans, that came from democrats. jedediah: and she used to be a hot more right-wing, just for the record. >> they all were. jedediah: senator camilla harris who i think is -- kamala harris who is formidable. she does have a long record that's in contrast to the things she's saying now. >> exactly. i agree with you, i think she's going to be the front-runner. jedediah: yeah. >> i think she checks a lot of boxes -- >> and the media loves her. >> we just saw that. but you look at her, what did she get hit on last week in the democratic primary, for actually reporting and going after illegal immigrants that commit a
4:19 am
crime. to most american, that's a common sense thing. that's what a prosecutor like her was supposed to do. but i guess some democrats think that's a bad thing in a democratic primary. jedediah: exactly. now, this is my can key, joe biden. i think he's going to come out last minute. i think he's going to be the guy to watch. trump knows that. people on the campaign may be looking at everybody, but i think trump's got his eyes on biden. >> you know what the interesting part is, even though the polls show he's the pseudo-front-runner in this, he's getting significantly less primary votes than what hillary was getting last time. that was a smaller field, no question about it. and also, 60% of democrats in one democratic primary poll i saw, they're looking for something new, and that's not joe biden. jedediah: do you think that the concern is -- you've got a lot of far-left candidates. joad joe biden's smart, is he going to be the guy in the middle? are they going to be watching him because he has the obama record behind him also?
4:20 am
what is it about biden that i you think they'll be focusing on that will be their best bet to defeat him if he's the guy? >> when you've been around american politics for as long as he has, 40, 50 years? i had this problem when i worked for bob dole back in '96. because his record was so long, we could say whatever we wanted about him. and it's the same thing with joe biden here. he got hit last week for saying nice things in the democratic primary about george wallace who was a segregationist. that came from the democrats. jedediah: all right. i think joe biden's the guy to watch, but thank you so much, joe. appreciate your opinion. all right, we traded bowe bergdahl for these detainees, but now we're negotiating the future of afghanistan with him. really? and our next guest was at the rose garden when president trump declared a national emergency at the border. sign stephenst -- susan stephens lost her daughter to a drug
4:21 am
overdose last year. that's coming up next. in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity, the future of awesome. ♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. a couple of quick headlines. an off-duty police officer killed in a wrong-way crash in south florida. officer steven greco was on his way home from work when police say another driver was driving the wrong way and hit him. both died. the one-year veteran of the force leaves behind a young child and a pregnant wife. authorities are investigating if drugs or alcohol play frommed a role. and in a second story, the u.s. has delivered a second round of humanitarian aid to the venezuelan border, but disputed president nicolas maduro continues to block aid entering the country. the u.s. has been sending help at the request of sewer with rim
4:25 am
president juan guaido, who we recognize. jedediah: president trump highlighting the deadly consequences of an unsecured border during an emergency declaration and honoring the families impacted. >> one incredible woman just showed me her daughter, who we were talking about was killed in the year of '18. stand up for a second. griff: that's susan stevens. she lost her daughter to a heroin overdose one year ago. the drug crisis has torn her family apart. susan joins us now. good morning. our condolences to you for your loss. that must have been quite a moment in the rose garden. >> it was. it was surreal. i didn't know that he was going to point me out and honor my child, but he said stand up and
4:26 am
show your beautiful daughter, and it was -- she would be proud that she represents 72,000 lives a year that are lost to opioids. 90% coming over the border. jedediah: susan, can you just tell us a little bit about toria, a little bit about her story, please? >> she was a superstar. i called her my golden child. she was easy, had a her homework done. gifts academically, artistically and would come up to d.c. to take part in leadership conferences. appointed by the mayor to the student leadership. she was just a superstar in every way. she was a lifeguard, had her whole world. some tragic things happened in her life, and she became addicted to opioids. give i-and now, susan, you are advocating for a wall. why? >> a wall is one of the pieces, but 90% of our opioids are coming across the border, and we have to stop it.
4:27 am
it's killing the best of the best. it's killing our young generation 24-26 years old. jedediah: susan, as someone who's suffered in the way that you have, losing a child due to this heroin overdose, as we've talked about 90% of all heroin consumed coming over from mexico, what is your reaction when you hear people say this is a manufactured crisis or a fake crisis that trump is capitalizing on? >> i jumped up, and i was the one that yelled this is not manufactured and shoved my picture of my daughter in his face. there's -- i wouldn't manufacture my child's death. griff: and, susan, when you now hear, as we point out on the show here and in other instances, the candidates running for the democrat presidential nomination are really going as far as saying they want to tear down existing wall, how does that sit with you? >> it breaks my heart. drugs don't discriminate, so i don't even know why they would even suggest that.
4:28 am
drugs are hitting republicans, democrats, black, white, it doesn't matter what language you speak. the crisis is touching everyone. and you don't hear anyone talking because there's so much stigma attached, but 72,000 lives are lost every year. and it's in gated commitments. it's the best of the best. it's potential astronauts and maybe a future president of the united states. jedediah: yeah. susan, thank you so much for being here. you know, throwing around statistics is one thing, but when you hear stories like yours, personal stories, that's what really touches people's hearts, and it takes great courage. so thank you. >> thank you. griff: elizabeth warren facing hecklers, how she's being remind of her native american exaggeration. jedediah: plus, rick is live at daytona if international speedway, and he's got some guests coming up next.
4:29 am
griff: and country star miranda lambert is now a married woman. we'll reveal her mystery husband. stay tuned. you don't want to miss it. [laughter] ♪ ♪ this is not a bed.
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4:33 am
oh, my gosh. peter: i feel like i might be ready for my push-up rematch. jedediah: oh! >> adam did stop. >> i'm not stopping, he is! that's a win! that's a win! pete: i declared victory. i've been put to the test many times here on "fox & friends." thankfully, adam klotz is not here this morning. a new study out of harvard, griff, consider the source, reveals men who can do less than 40 push-ups -- jedediah: so how heart healthy are we on "fox & friends"? we're going to do some push-ups. i've got to join many, because you know how i am. can't be left out. griff: i don't even have a line. i'm just waiting to have a heart attack -- pete: how's the wing? if. jedediah: you guys, first, are going to start -- pete: 40? griff, you got 40 in you?
4:34 am
griff: we'll find out. jedediah: look at 'em go. all right, i should -- i've got to represent the ladies. pete: somebody else count. 13, something like that. this is morning television at its best right here. 20. i'm stopping at 40. i had a friend who was a marine, and he did the physical finance test, and he said he's the reason why the marine corps has minimum standards. he would stop right at 40. >> 40! jedediah: i didn't do bad. pete: did jedediah do -- jedediah: i came to play. pete: i would not mess with her. probably makes your heart better too. jedediah: it's about men if, but you got women running for
4:35 am
president, we can do it all. i gotta represent. how do you feel though? griff: i feel great. i feel like rick reichmuth at daytona, 500, he's down there in florida -- pete: drop and give me a couple, griff -- rick. rick: i did 40 this morning, actually. it's true! >> live forever. rick: it's true, i'll live forever. [laughter] by the way, i offered them $100 each if they would start this doing push-ups, and they said -- >> i'd have to do the interview laying on the ground. [laughter] rick: today is the big day, daytona 500. you guys are the announcers. by the way, daryl, you were going on about the '88 race and you could have won that one. like, you have this memory for every race you raced and how you could have won more. >> well, i came here in 1966, so my memory goes way back.
4:36 am
and every driver -- mike knows this, he's interviewed all of us -- every driver remembers the one he almost won, the one he should have won. hardly ever do you think about the one that you did win. that's just the driver mentality. you've got that endowed in your mind, and you never forget those that got away. rick: yeah, i'm going to let you think about, endows, indelved -- >> what is that word? it's up here. [laughter] rick: mike, daytona 500, it's the beginning of the season, but there's kind of some storylines this year with a lot of people left last year and retired. >> well, we've cupid of had -- kind of had that the last few years. let me set this up for you, rick. you, and now that our three friends in new york are now all in great shape, you're all going to hop in cars with 36 of your friends, one in each car, you're going to drive to boston at 20miles an hour -- 200 miles an hour, you're going to pull off of and get gas in 12 seconds,
4:37 am
when you get to goes on the or you're going to race back to new york. the whole thing's going to take just three and a half hours, and when you get back to new york, the lead two cars are going to be that far apart. >> no, they're not. [laughter] you're going to run out of gas. rick: most of the cars of would have wrecked along the way. >> that's 200 laps around daytona. rick: we've got a great view of it right back here. you guys are going to be calling it on fox today at 2:30. >> with jeff gordon. rick: 70 years of experience? >> yeah, he's really old. [laughter] rick: guys, thanks so much for being up with us. >> good to be here this morning. jedediah: thank, rick. he's having way too much fun out there. all right, we've got some headlines for you this morning. bill cosby compares himself to the likes of gandhi and martin luther king jr. in a letter released by his spokesman, the disgraced
4:38 am
comedian writes, quote: i now have a temporary residence that resemin bls those -- resembles those of martin luther king jr. and mahatma gandhi. 2020 presidential hopeful elizabeth warren is heckled at a georgia rally about previous claims over her native american heritage. >> my story -- >> [inaudible] >> we'll make this -- jedediah: that heckler escorted out carrying a parody warren sign -- the massachusetts democrat has apologized. pete: a lot of room in that crowd. jedediah: a florida man gets a $980,000 tax refund after a false filing. the man reported he had $1 million in taxes withheld, leading to the massive refund. the irs caught the error and has since reclaimed the money along with a lexus. the man has not been charged. [laughter] country star miranda lambert
4:39 am
says she's found true love by marrying an nypd officer in a secret wedding this weekend. ♪ ♪ jedediah: she tweeted wedding photos with her new husband, officer brendan mclaughlin, he has a three-month-old child making lambert a stepmom. >> do you think the guys back at the office are going to give him a little heat for that? i mean, good for him. [laughter] giving hope to every cop everywhere. griff: she just went way up in my -- pete: that's true. jedediah: i love her stuff. and staten island -- pete: i bet he's a great police officer. jedediah: in the house all the time. [laughter] pete: all right. well, we traded the traitor,
4:40 am
bowe bergdahl, for these five former gitmo detainees. now we're negotiating the future of afghanistan with those guys right there on your screen. our next guest was a medic at guantanamo bay. he says this is a punch in the gut to anyone who served in the war on terror. griff: plus, mr. science is live oven "fox & friends" showing -- on fox and friends showing us some i awesome experiments to make science fun again. and that is, clearly, a balloon on his nose. ♪ ♪ i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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at, we can't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah ♪ ♪ griff: good morning. some quick with heldlines. a minor league baseball team is getting rid of peanuts and cracker jacks, banning the baseball staples because of allergies. this is the first team affiliated with a big league franchise to institute the ban.
4:44 am
and remember this? famous jazz musician kenny g talking about his private performance for kim kardashian west on valentine's day. ♪ ♪ griff: well, telling "rolling stone" magazine kardashian didn't know what to do with herself when she saw him playing in her living room. her husband, kanye west, organized the whole thing. pete? pete: doesn't the song go buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks? griff: not anymore. pete: all right. the outrage is growing after it's revealedded that during taliban peace talks, they will include five former gitmo detainees released in exchange for u.s. sergeant bowe bergdahl. our next guest says this is an obvious attempt to humiliate the united states. retired army ranger montgomery
4:45 am
granger is the author of "saving grace at guantanamo bay." major, we both served at gitmo, you're proud of your service, thank you for that. these five guys, they weren't just low-level taliban fighters. >> no, pete. they were top of the top. these were some of the worst of the worst. they were army command commanders, they were minister of defense. these are five top leaders of the taliban. pete: so american brood -- blood on their hands. now we're hearing that these five guys will be part of the peace talks with u.s. leaders. i mean, it's shocking to the mind. >> it is shocking, and there was disbelief last november when the news broke. when they were released from qatar and went back to the taliban, taliban announced that these five guys would be on the peace negotiating team. and only recently it surfaced again that they would be on the team and was met with comments from others such as another
4:46 am
military person we know said it should make us all sick to our stomachs. it does. it's angering, it's a punch to the gut. but, you know, if they want to do, that maybe we should send pete pete hegseth and lee zeldin and tom cotton -- pete: send our vets, because they're laughing at us. they're trying to humiliate us. >> they are. but also, if we remember, george w. bush and barack hussein obama both said we stayed in afghanistan to do things like promote women's rights. so i think there should be afghan women at the negotiating table -- pete: absolutely. right now we're relying on promises from the taliban that, no, we won't support islamic terrorism anymore. we'll allow women's rights. but can anyone remotely believe that. >> no, not at all. and i think we need to be careful who we send there, because if you're a non-believer, you're the lowest thing on the face of the earth
4:47 am
to an islamist. so they can invoke takia which is moral absolution for lying or deceiving. so we need to make sure there are people at the table who are of their same faith but need to help us get where we want to go. pete: how did we get this so wrong? i mean, the bergdahl swap was terrible in and of itself. now we find ousts at the table trying to end a 17-year-long war with the very men who we sent to guantanamo bay. how did it get so sideways? >> well, pete, if we take the emotions out of it, it is a good thing, peace is a good thing, and we should want to get peace. and, unfortunately, sitting down with the enemy and negotiating the only way we can achieve that. we've been there 17 years, but we can make progress if right people are at the table. and we have a special envoy going other there, and he's the right man for the job, and maybe we should have someone else there who's successful in the
4:48 am
past negotiating with the taliban like yvonne ridley. she was captured by the taliban, negotiated her own release, and she's available. pete: why is the of afghan government not a part of these talks? >> well, hamid karzai's a part of it. the former president of afghanistan is part of it because he and cal dodd have a relationship. our envoy has a long relationship with afghanistan. he was born this, he's pashtun, and he is someone apparently that the taliban trust enough. i think eventually we're going to pull in the current government though. pete: it just -- do you see a good outcome? you want it to work, we want it to be successful. i've grown increasinglyic about the outcome -- pessimistic. to you see a -- >> i do. i think we have to have faith in our president, donald trump, that he's going to do -- pete: you can have faith in our president without having faith that after 17 years and all the
4:49 am
trillions that we've spent that the afghans still can't get it right. >> correct. but i think we have an opportunity, and we can't let the opportunity pass. we need to negotiate fairly, but also it would be great to have you on the other side of the room staring down -- [laughter] pete: i've got a weekend hosting gig here, not going to work in afghanistan, but i appreciate it. major, thank you very much for your service to our country. good stuff. scary stuff, actually. well, the 2020 democratic candidate wants to give every adult $1,000 a month, but is universal basic income the best way to beat president trump? i sit down with democratic presidential candidate andrew yang next hour. plus, mr. science is live on "fox & friends" showing us some awesome if experiments to make science fun. this is a classic weekend. we go from terrorists at guantanamo bay to presidential candidates to science. ♪ uh-oh! guess what day it is? guess what day it is!
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♪ ♪ jedediah: mr. science visits more than 500 schools a year with his hooked on science program, butted today he's brought science experiments to the "fox & friends". [laughter] pete: sorry, give. griff: thank you. we had the tease. >> weed had popping the balloon with the orange and balloon boarding. jedediah: let's show it. >> fun stuff. science safety first. remember, kids, before doing any science experiments, an adult has to be around, and wear the appropriate safety gear. balloons to their fullest, they're almost ready to pop. it's all about matter. the smallest piece of matter is an atom. good job, give me -- pete: i know about science. atoms to molecules to polymers.
4:54 am
>> we're going to pop this with the sharpest thing i know, an orange. do you believe me? you "to peel -- you've got to peel the orange. just for the sake of tv, we're going to speed this off. it's the oil in the actual orange. you going to squeeze it onto there just like that -- jedediah: oh! >> there we go. it sprays everywhere, all over the place. so squeeze the oil on there, and you'll notice it breaks down smaller pieces of matter -- [laughter] and those smaller pieces of matter come apart. griff: i'm already moving on, jason. bubble ?awk. >> yes. you go ahead and grab yours. we're going to init into this here. this is just some disfunctioning -- >> whoa! jedediah: pete! >> over there. you're going to blow into it. the air's going to come out, and we're going to create a snake here. dip it in here just like this,
4:55 am
and then -- oh! jedediah: it's so good. pete: griff's done this before. [laughter] >> pretty cool, right? you can see the snake that forms. and that's something kids can do at home. do you want to try it? dip it into that solution right there -- pete: okay. what about the balloons? jedediah: this is intense. >> let's look at this one really fast. i have a gigantic bag, you go ahead and hold that. which one of you is fullest of hot air? jedediah: that would be -- [laughter] >> keep going. how many brents will it take to blow -- breaths will it take to blow up this bag here? >> one. >> one? pete: no way. >> i think i can do it in five breaths. watch this. jedediah: whoa! >> wow. pete: whoa! >> pretty amazing. >> up and about and around.
4:56 am
griff: jason, we're-out of time. -- we're almost out of time. >> balloon boarding. there's balloons underneath here, and we have two boards. we need you to hold that side, you hold that side, kind of bend down. you're going to stand on top. jedediah: okay. do i have to step up? >> i'm just going to grab you by your armpits, and you're going to lift up, stand up. keep your center of balance. [laughter] act like you're surfing. griff: i like this! isn't that amazing? pete: she weighs like 0. jedediah: i weigh 115. >> i'm close to 200, so it can hold up to 200 pounds. we're desperating out her weight among all of the actual p balloons -- pete: what if i got an orange -- >> you're going to make her flip onto the floor. let me get you off here. pete: well done.
4:57 am
jedediah: thanks so much. griff: more fox and friends and more science coming up. ♪ ♪ ... this is not a bed.
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♪ >> new late details emerging in the jussie smollett attack investigation. >> the police in chicago are no longer considering jussie smollett a victim. >> president trump declared a national emergency to get that wall built. >> i can speak to the reality that we're dealing with here along our 209 miles of border in south texas. >> here in this sector have doubled. so it's a hundred percent increase. >> the wall is one of the pieces that 90% of his our opioids are crossing the border. the crisis is touching everyone. >> walls do not, as the president has claimed, save lives. walls end lives. >> the america i see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their parents because it makes us
5:01 am
embarrassing. >> if you want a preview of what's going to happen on this campaign trail, kamala harris was in south carolina. [bad audio] >> you need something that's fu. >> it really was a fan girl moment. >> elizabeth warren facing heckl hecklers at her latest campaign stop. ♪ let's go! ♪ break it, break it, break it, 'til we see the sun jedediah: whoo! pete: look at that. mr. science this year, it turns out a lot of balloons stronger than one bloom. jedediah: i was waiting for them to all pop. and it's such a weird feeling like you're on air, i kept just waiting to collapse. you know what? i got the feeling of what it means to surf. >> you looked good. you were ready. we are taking you surfing when the weather gets jedediah: i would too. griff: taking pete too. fly fishing yesterday, but
5:02 am
you're surfing. look at that. your weight is distributed perfectly. jedediah: you know what that is, boys? that is core strength at the gy. pete: it turns out air, even though you can't see it, is real real. it's amazing. so it can hold you up. jedediah: my favorite was the guy who has the most hot air here, and we're all like "pete." >>that's what we've been doing this morning balloon surfing. we want to start your sunday morning off with the latest in a case that you may just now be becoming aware of and that is jussie smollett, the actor from the show empire. pete: i liked him best in mighty ducks. griff: he of course back in late january said he was attacked by two men who allegedly used racial slurs shouting "maga county," doused him in bleach, and put a noose around his neck. well, we have a new statement now from the chicago police department that says, "we can confirm that the information received from the individuals questioned by police earlier in
5:03 am
the empire case has in fact shifted the trajectory of the investigation. we've reached out to the empire cast member's attorney to request a follow-up interview. those individuals were two nigerian men, one possibly appeared in the show, empire, as an extra. they were picked up on wednesday wednesday. they were released friday night, police saying that they are not keeping them as suspects. pete: before we get to the attorney, they brought in the guys they thought were guilty. this is code talk from the police. we've shifted the trajectory of the investigation. it means they no longer believe jussie smollett is a victim. they believe something else is at play here. griff: and those are the two individuals from nigeria. smollett's attorneys put this statement out to entertainment weekly responding to the latest saying, "as a victim of a hate crime who has cooperated with the police investigation, jussie smollett is angered and devastated by reports that the perpetrators are individuals he's familiar with. he has now been further victim
5:04 am
victimized by these alleged perpetrators that jussie played a role in the attack. nothing is further from the truck, and anyone claiming otherwise is lying." strong words and just finally for anyone who may have just started paying attention to this this is the interview on good morning america that smollett gave about the attack. listen. >> who says [bleep] empire [bleep] "this is maga country" [bleep] ties a noose around your neck and pours bleach on you? and this is just a friendly fight? i will never be the man that this did not happen to you. i am forever changed. and i don't subscribe to the idea that everything happens for a reason but i do subscribe to the idea that we have a right and responsibility to make something meaningful out of the things that happen to us, good and bad. jedediah: important to note that as of right now smollett is standing by his story. we'll see if there's any
5:05 am
shifting there. but the media ran with this story right out of the gate. they didn't have all the facts. none of us had all the facts. we still don't. we still don't know what happened. check out the news coverage january 29th to february 14th. abc news, 52 minutes, 34 seconds seconds. nbc 34 minutes, nbc news 34 minutes 57 seconds, total 101 minutes, 22 seconds before anyone really had the story and while the investigation was going on not only did they provide that coverage but many of them jumped to conclusions, made a decision that his story was in fact correct without letting the investigators or the people on the ground do their job, ran with that narrative. why? well, many of us believe because a maga narrative was involved and much like covington, there was a rush to condemn trump supporters. pete: did you say "jump to conclusions"? this is knacks even waters on january 29th about this case. listen. >> i'm pleased that he's doing okay. but we have to understand this is happening for a reason.
5:06 am
why all of a sudden do we have people unable to study while black, unable to mow a lawn while black, unable to have a picnic while black and then attacked? it's coming from the president of the united states. he's dog whistling every day. he's separating and dividing. and he is basically emboldening those folks who feel this way. pete: to be clear at that moment maxine waters knew nothing, okay okay? and she was speculating and saying this was a racist attack. now chicago fox tv this morning is reporting that those two purported attackers, the nigerian men actually told the cops that the star, jussie smollett, may have paid them to orchestrate the attack. they've even shown cops the ace hardware receipt for the noose or the rope that they bought. that is the flip allegation. that's the exact opposite of what happened. again, we don't know. jedediah: we don't know .et pete: we're not condemning anyone at this point. we're just saying, wait for things to actually happen, and the chicago p.d. say, "might be
5:07 am
a different story." >>they want to speak with smollett again. it is a class 4 felony if you knowingly make a false police report. but the police are going to issue some statement that we will get probably in the next 24 48 hours that will give us more indication. but right now this is a highly charged situation. you give smollett the benefit of the doubt to see what happens. his lawyers say -- pete: he's losing that benefit of the doubt real quick. griff: but his lawyers say, listen. anybody that claims smollett made this up is lying. well, the police want to talk to him again and we have to defer to the police investigation in this case. that is what matters. jedediah: it wasn't just maxine waters. just want to say it was corey booker, kamala harris, they were calling it a modern-day lynching lynching. it was a lot of 2020 hopefuls who you would think would be measured. kamala harris is a former prosecutor. how does she not know? there's a current investigation going on, sit back, let the police on the ground do their job let the investigates do their job and once the facts are
5:08 am
out, you want to make a current, go ahead. but to make comments ahead of time that's completely irresponsible for someone who wants the credibility to be president. pete: if he's lying, will he be charged with a hate crime? it's actually hateful to do the opposite. we've got another story. the presidential campaign is already underway big time. hopefuls hitting early campaign states -- new hampshire, south america. what's the other one? iowa. jedediah: that's a big one. pete: here's a montage of some of the hopefuls on the campaign trail recently. >> we know that we are facing a moment where americans are starting to feel left behind. >> as much as it is painful to watch what goes on on the president's twitter feed every day, but that's not what we're going to do. >> to tear families apart doesn't make us safer. >> the real emergency is the humanitarian crisis he has created at the border by separating families. it is outrageous what he's doin. >> in our country today, this
5:09 am
economy is not working for working people. pete: so this is pretty standard stuff yesterday from the folks running for president. but, griff, something else caught our eye. griff: someone went shopping. by the way, kamala harris told that crowd in south carolina i'm going to be here so much you're going to get sick of seeing me. well, let me tell you who wasn't sick and that is my colleagues in the media, one reporter in particular helping the senator do a little bit of shopping. look at this video here. you can see her picking out a particular piece. watch. >> oh, yeah. that's it. >> oh, my god. it's amazing. [laughter] pete: those are not campaign staffers or even passer busy. those are actual journalists? jedediah: those are objective journalists, pete hegseth. objective. they would have done the same thing for sarah palin, michelle bachman. come on. it's a big joke. and they find it hilarious.
5:10 am
the thing is they're so austintatious about it, they're out there tweeting about it, having a blast, having a fan girl moment. we know objective media is essentially dead in most corners but when you do this stuff, i mean, it's so obvious, and you're -- i mean, this is their desire to prop her up, to make her as likable as possible. she's a very smart woman kamala harris. i think she's a formidable opponent. but this kind of stuff just doesn't -- this makes her not appeal to folks in the middle that are starting to see that this narrative of media bias in actuality is very much -- griff: just a small defense here of my colleagues, this is a candidate that is giving access; right? so you're a reporter it, you're on the campaign trail, you take whatever access you can get. question is, did it go a bridge too far when that particular reporter picked that jacket out -- pete: every candidate gets to decide how much distance they create. it makes a lot of sense to get the reporters close, get them to like you, maybe they write more favorably. the challenge, though, if you're a journalist you make yourself look bad -- jedediah: you do. pete: -- by posting this and being seen this way.
5:11 am
there's no distance, there's no objectivity. you can't defend that. >> abby: we asked the viewers about this. we have a tweet from morgan. " "my main critique is aimed at the reporting. kamala should get her shopping on whenever she wants. it's just annoying that reporters are covering her shopping sprees and completely ignoring her candidates' campaigns." >>and here's bill. "you going shopping with melania next? nope. understood. stick to your agenda." ooh, . pete: from louanna, "in my opinion her appearance has nothing to do with whether or not she's running for president, you're right, it's her policies i'm more interested in." another underreported aspect of this story is she's actually wearing griff jenkins' jacket. griff: i was waiting for that. jedediah: i have no beef with the jacket. but that melania point i think is amazing. she takes so much heat. remember she wore that jacket, the logo, it's so ridiculous the double standard. just own it. own your double standard. pete: be smart. know that most journalists are lying to you. jedediah: we've got some headlines for you. a community gathers to remember five victims shot and
5:12 am
killed at a manufacturing plant in illinois. among those killed trevor wehner a 21-year-old intern on his first day of work. the other victims have been identified as clayton parks, russell beyer, vicente juarez, and josh pinkard. authorities say the subject, gary martin, was about to be fired when he went on a shooting rampage. martin was a conflicted felon and had the gun illegally. he died in a shoot-out with police. a 3-year-old boy is fighting for his life after he was shot in the shoulder at an apartment in phoenix. the boy's mother rushed hip wanted to and he had surgery and is in critical condition. police say it's possible the shooting was accidental. the case surrender investigatio. president trump meeting with his china trade team in florida as the deadline for a deal draws near, the president calling negotiations in beijing this week, quote, "very productive." the two countries have been in a trade dispute for about a year. president trump suggested he may extend the early march deadline for a new trade agreement.
5:13 am
former fox news contributor patrick caddell has died. he reportedly suffered a stroke. the democratic pollster frequently shared his insights on fox & friends. he was instrumental in jimmy carter's successful presidential campaign in the 19 sevenths. he also advised then senator joe biden and trump strategist steve bannon. caddell was 68 years old. griff: what a gentleman he was. he will be missed. beto o'rourke said he's tear down exist walls if he could and more and more democratic presidential hopefuls agree. pete: he just settled with the nfl for a reported 80 million bucks. jedediah: whoa! pete: so could colin kaepernick soon be back on the football field? we'll answer that. you know, i used to be good at this. then you turn 40 and everything goes. tell me about it. you know, it's made me think, i'm closer to my retirement days than i am my college days.
5:14 am
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5:17 am
♪ pete: if you could would you take the wall down now here? >> yes. >> like you have a wall. >> take the wall down. >> what about a proposal from beto o'rourke to actually remove some of the existing wall? >> if it makes sense i could support it. >> should we tear down the existing barriers? >> the specific barriers he's talking about, i have no specific knowledge about that section. griff: prominent democrats including declared 2020 hopefuls now flirting with the idea of an open border and removal of any physical barrier. here to react former border patrol chief under president obama mark morgan. mark, good morning to you. does it shock you to hear what is coming out of the mouths of some 2020 hopefuls? >> it absolutely does, griff. and i hope the american people are listening closely to what they're saying. but understanding that that's coming from a personal belief
5:18 am
and political ideology. those statements reject 100% truth, fact, and reality. you just had a guest on earlier this morning, acting chief patrol agent of the del rio for the border patrol matthew hudak, and he told you, he told american people what they need -- more barriers, dealing, and only, and that's what they've been sawing, and congress in statements like that reject that a hundred percent. griff: i was in piedras negras, and since i've left the governor of juila state, governor reelk me said he had up to 20 ms-13 gang members in that area. is it your sense that the democrat hopefuls that are going that far with the borders are really going to regret those comments one day? >> absolutely. i may, -- and again, this is not based on political ideology. this is based on fact, truth, and reality.
5:19 am
if you tear down walls or if congress, more importantly, doesn't give the border patrol and other pearl agencies the resources they need, they will continue to be americans that will die as a result. this rhetoric is irresponsible and reckless. griff: mark, i want to bring your attention to the cover of the new york times, perhaps an unlikely place to see an article that essentially affirms that president trump's stance, particularly as it comes to the remain in mexico policy, the migrant protocol that they just put in this year is actually working, saying that it's making it harder -- you see the headline there with "trump's tough deterrence, many asylum seekers on the border are giving up." that's specifically the case in tijuana. what do you make of the fact that it's on the cover of the new york times? >> well, that is surprising. but what's not surprising is that the president's plan is working. what he's doing by making individuals seeking asylum wait for their claim to be heard and wait in mexico or their country of origin, that eliminates the
5:20 am
pull factor and incentive factor that our current laws have. because currently right now before the president enacted policies like this, if you set one foot on american soil, said the magic words, you're allowed into the country never to be heard from again. this policy stops that. griff: mark morgan, thanks for joining us, and we will see this policy as more caravans come our way. still ahead, could your breakfast be killing you? the new warning this morning, this 2020 presidential candidate came out once to give every adult a thousand dollars a month but is universal income the way to beat trump? andrew yang sits down with pete. you don't want to miss it. ♪ this is not a bed.
5:21 am
it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now, from $899, during the ultimate sleep number event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running. only at a sleep number store. during our presidents day weekend special, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 36-month financing. ends monday. sleep number... proven quality sleep
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>> good morning. quick headlines for you. and pay attention if you have not had breakfast yet, because toast could be as toxic as traffic fumes, according to a new study university of texas researchers say burned toast can be especially toxic because have pollution caused by the toaster. candles and other household items that produce smoke were also listed as potentially toxic toxic. and students in the u.k. strike for climate change. more than 10,000 students some as young as 6 years old walk out of class friday to protest. they're demanding the government take action on climate change and lower the voting age to 16. pete? pete: in a crowded field of 2020 democratic hopefuls, one candidate is pushing to give every adult in america $1,000 a
5:25 am
month. so is universal basic income -- that's what they call it -- the best way to beat trump? joining us now is 2020 democratic presidential candidate and former ambassador of global entrepreneurship for the obama administration, andrew yang. andrew, thanks for being here. >> great to be here. griff: you wrote a book on this called "the war on normal people people: the truth about america america's disappearing jobs and why universe basic income is the future." how do you set yourself apart in a field of a lot of way better known people on the democratic side? >> in my mind the reason why donald trump is our president today is that we automated away four million manufacturing jobs in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, missouri, iowa, and now we're about to do the same thing to millions of jobs in retail, call centers, truck driving, fast food and on and on through the economy. and this message is resounding loud and clear when i talk to americans in early states and around the country.
5:26 am
pete: you're barnstorming around the country for name ilin the polls. talking about universal basic income, people that look to this say it would cost $3 trillion to do what you're talking about. others call it socialism, getting free money for nothing. how does it work? >> it's very much not socialism, it's capitalism where income doesn't start at zero. pete: that's good spin. i have to give you that. but is it really? >> well, if you look at it, this has been in effect in one state for 37 years and that state is alaska which is a deeply conservative state. it was passed by a republican governor and now in alaska everyone in the state gets between one and $2,000 a year in a petroleum dividend, and it's wildly popular, it's created thousands of jobs, has improved children's health, and we can do for the rest of america what they're doing in alaska, but instead of oil money we're going to use technology mo.ey pete: ultimately that money is going to come from someone's pockets like mine and years so i'm going to pay taxes and in your plan, everyone's going to get $1,000 a month, which is $12,000 a year, not enough to
5:27 am
live on, but you're saying that little boost is what allows them -- how does that math add up, though? 'cause $3 trillion? it's our entire federal budget -- >> if you had a thousand dollars a month in your hands you know you're going to spend it right there in your main street economy on car repairs, tutoring and food for your kids and in between is going to circulate right back through the economy. the plan is to make the freedom dividend opt in. but if you opt in and you take this thousand-dollar dividend then you're forgoing other welfare benefits. so for millions of americans who are right now receiving welfare benefits they would vastly prefer a thousand dollars in cash with no administration, no monitoring, no reporting requirements. and so we can actually -- pete: free money from the government. >> well, we can lighten up the bureaucracy because the truth is we have 126 existing welfare programs. a hodgepodge. no one's in love with with it from either side of the aisle. if you have a dividend that lightens the bureaucracy and puts the economic freedom into hands of americans because it's our soci.ty pete: andrew yang. you're running for president, wish you luck, and the book is "
5:28 am
"the war on normal people." will you tell your democratic friends to come on fox & friends for an interview? >> yeah, i would. pete: good stuff. the socialist from the bronx is facing heat over the amazon headquarters flip-flop. >> my constituents want jobs. it used to be that we would protest wars. now we're protesting jobs? pete: good point. the growing outrage coming up next. and do you know who wrote the declaration of independence? turns out only 40% of americans have a basic understanding of u.s. history. i'm going to hit the streets to put you to the test coming up. ♪ living in america your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
5:29 am
originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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5:32 am
>> we need to create dignified jobs in new york city. we do not have to settle for scraps in the greatest city in the world. (applause) pete: it's like the new crumbs is now the scraps. turns out a job at amazon is settling for scraps. jedediah: some of those jobs are for $150,000 or more. i would love to know -- i would like to ask her, what is a dignified job? pete: that's right. jedediah: is being a teacher a dignified job? a working, you know, an insurance company? what is -- pete: how about a police officer officer? is that a dignified job? jedediah: what about just a paycheck that puts food on your table for you and your family where you work and do something you love. is that dignified? griff: i think it's a
5:33 am
fascinating moment because if you look at what politicians particularly here in new york are saying, well, that's an entirely different situation. it may be that aoc has gone a bridge too far. he's rep. carolyn maloney who represents a part of the area where amazon's cancellation happened. here's what rep. maloney said on friday. listen. >> my constituents want jobs. it used to be that we would protest wars. now we're protesting jobs? if this had gone through, it would have made overnight new york city the high-tech capital of the east coast. i'm a progressive, too, but i'm pragmatic. if someone's going to bring a job to my district, to my city, and billions of dollars in tax reve.ue pete: yeah. i mean, de blasio said the same thing, the mayor here. listen perform it was a crony deal that would have gotten them here but to protest the jobs. jedediah: aoc has started to make de blasio sound sane. how did that happen? it's interesting. a lot of the things folks on the
5:34 am
left come out with they're not rooted in practical logic. they're rooted in emotion. dennis prager host of the dennis prager show had exactly that to say. take a listen. >> for the left, the love of ideas is much greater than the love of people. that 25,000 people would have jobs, good-paying jobs, that massive numbers of workers in long island city and environs would benefit from amazon coming there is of no consequence to them. they care about corporate greed, not about bettering the life of human beings. leftism is an emotion. it is not a position. and so they so loathe that anybody is richer than anyone else that it is better that everyone suffer at a low level than everyone be improved but there still be much richer people. griff: you know, that just jogged me. do you remember bill clinton famously said, "it's the economy stupid." and he was right.
5:35 am
it was a position that ultimately led to two successful terms. i don't know what the equivalent is now. pete: it ain't bill clinton's party anymore. that's true. i would love to give a few civics questions to alexandria ocasio-cortez. i don't think she'll be outside, but i am going to go outside here in a moment, 'cause americans at record levels are failing basic -- the basic citizenship exam. so tomorrow's president's day. you do the headlines. jedediah: you head outside and let us know what you find. we'll turn to headlines now while pet gets outside. a security scare prompts mass chaos at orlando international airport. a man ran across a security checkpoint and someone yelled he had a gun. police later clarified he was not armed. he's being held for mental health problems. hero neighbors rescue a mother of four from an exploding cabin.
5:36 am
>> get out of -- jedediah: the woman smelled gas and went to investigate when the cabin in utah burst into flames. neighbors, including a retired firefighter, rushed in to save her. the woman was taken to the hospital hospital. her rescuers were not hurt. colin kaepernick's attorney expects the quarterback to be back to the field soon. >> i'll make the bold prediction i think you're going to see in the next two weeks somebody is going to step up and do the right thing. it would not surprise me if bob kraft makes a move. jedediah: kaepernick and a former teammate settled a grievance against the nfl on friday. they accused team owners of colluding to keep them off the field for kneeling during the national anthem. an american hero throws the first pitch at a college baseball game and is surprised with a brand-new car. >> enjoy it and love it and do it. and to get appreciated back home makes it even better. jedediah: i love that.
5:37 am
former army staff sergeant kevin kirby is honored with a $20,000 chevy cruze during vets weekend. he will join us tomorrow morning on fox & friends. those are your headlines. griff: how well do you know your u.s. history? a new survey reveals that only 40% of americans have a basic understanding of u.s. history! and only one of the 50 states, vermont, can pass a u.s. citizenship exam. so we sent pete to the street to put americans to the test. pete: good morning to everybody out here. you know what they just said? 40% of americans cannot pass the citizenship exam given to new citizens of the country. so we're going to put you to the test this morning. matthew, you're exempt from this exam 'cause you're not quite of voting age yet but you're from florida. you have a gift for me, do you? >> yes. pete: what is it? >> a bear from the space pete: you live near there? >> yes. pete: very cool. can i have the spacey bear? me and spacey bear -- i might ask you one question at the end. question, you can see it in the
5:38 am
telepromter there. >> i can. pete: what's your name, sir? >> pete: who wrote the declaration of independence? >> thomas jeffer.on pete: thomas jefferson is correct. well done. we're going to go to the next gentleman here. okay. the first amendment. can you name a few of the rights afforded to american citizens in the first amendment? >> freedom of speech, freedom of expression -- pete: that's pretty good. >> freedom of religion. pete: freedom of religion. good one. >> right to assembly, petition the government. pete: you even got petitioning of the government. you're fired -- you're actually hired. but i can't ask you any more questions. you're too good. ma'am, what's your name? >> i'm stephanie from germany so i don't have any -- [laughter] pete: you might know this, stephanie from germany. who was the president during world war i, the u.s. president during world war i? don't say it if you know it. >> i don't know. pete: ehhh. president during -- what was your name, ma'am?
5:39 am
>> carolyn. pete: carolyn. president during world war i? it could be a family answer. >> i know it was before harry truman. pete: was before harry truman. >> i'm drawing a blank. pete: drawing a blank. anybody? >> woodrow wilson. pete: well done. we got woodrow wilson. this will be easy. how many justices on the supreme court? >> nine? -pete: nine how many justices as president trump -- this is not on the citizenship test -- how many has he nominated? >> two. pete: what are their names? >> kavanaugh and -- really know kavanaugh. pete: everybody knows pete: before kavanaugh there was neil...? gorsuch! all right. that's not on the test. okay. patrick henry famously said -- i just gave away the answer -- the question was who said give me -- was who said "give me liberty or give me death." it's patrick henry. we know when the revolution was,
5:40 am
1776. when was the constitution signed ma'am? what was it written? tell us your name shontelle? >> st. louis. pete: what year -- you didn't know you were getting a quiz when you woke up this morning, do you? >> i don't know what year. pete: sir? let's get this gentleman back here. >> 1776. >> 1776. the constitution was not written before the revolution. [laughter] good attempt, though. how many amendments to the constitution, anybody? >> 27. pete: what's your name again? >> ryan. pete: ryan is the winner of the quiz. he would qualify as a citizen. thank you all very much for taking our quiz. 27 amendments to the constitution. jed, griff, in to you guys. jedediah: that was fun. griff: the guy that had the signing before the revolution -- jedediah: that was my favorite. pete: it happens. you can get mixed up. >> some democrats drawing outrage over late-term abortion laws, but there's also at least
5:41 am
20 abortion cases now in the pipeline to the supreme court. how they could change abortion rights in this country coming up up. griff: and joe biden telling europe america is an embarrassment. is this really the right message for a possible presidential candidate? we'll weigh in. ♪ take it to the limit one more time [cell phone rings] where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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5:44 am
griff: time now for some quick headlines. manhole explosions in manhattan for broadway shows to evacuate. >> holy [bleep] griff: wow. flames shooting in the air show the new world stages were on fire saturday night. authorities were investigating the explosions. an suv hits a pile of rocks, flies in the air, and lands on a police cruiser. dash cam video shows the
5:45 am
terrifying moments the vehicle goes airborne in tennessee. the officer became trapped, radioed for help. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the other driver's okay. the accident is under investigation. jed? jedediah: thank you. democratic lawmakers drawing outrage over late-term abortion laws, but it doesn't end there. at least 20 abortion cases currently in the pipeline to the supreme court could significantly change abortion rights in this country. here to break it down, constitutional law attorney jenna alice. jenna, thank you very much for being here today. a hot topic, a lot of new bills about late-term abortion; so people are very emotional about the topic. with these 20 lawsuits, is there a threat to roe vs. wade as it stands? >> absolutely. and i think everyone in the pro-life community who has stood for the sanctity of human life since with roe vs. wade can be very encouraged that there are so many potential opportunities to go in front of the supreme court and actually repeal and overrule roe vs. wade. and what a lot of people don't
5:46 am
know about roe is that case didn't actually provide a right to abortion. that's just a leftist liberal talking point. what it actually provided was a test, really, that said that the right to privacy would cover some abortions in some circumstances. and the court set up this balancing test between a woman's interest in privacy versus the government's legitimate interests in protecting the sanctity of human life and with the advanced technology a lot of these heartbeat bills that are coming up through the different state legislatures really have an opportunity to go back and challenge roe's proposition there and say even roe vs. wade would actually look at the fetal heartbeat as a child being viable at least at that stage, even though in 1973 we didn't have the advanced technology that we do now; so i think we can be very encouraged. jedediah: from a constitutional perspective can it be overturned and in your opinion honestly should? is it just bad law? should it be overturned?
5:47 am
>> it absolutely can and it absolutely should be. so the federal government has no constitutional purview over any anything related to health care. that is absolutely a subject matter given to the states. but what the federal government does have to protect and preserve is the sanctity of human life. life is the first fundamental freedom. and we see in the declaration of independence that the founders recognized that our rights are prepolitical. they're endowed by god, our creator, not our government, and our constitution mandates that the very limited powers given to the federal and the state governments are for the sole purpose of protecting and preserving all of those rights for every human being made in the image of god and that absolutely covers the unborn. jedediah: there's been a lot of polling done where people are opposing infanticide, opposing late-term abortion not sitting well to the left or the right but a kaiser foundation recently did a poll and 67% say they don't support an overturning of rovers, they see that as a more extreme measure.
5:48 am
so could we see modifications to roe vs. wade here as opposed to removing it in its entirety, kind of modifying it so that the rights to the states are a little bit more empowered, so to speak? those states' rights are kind of livened up a bit but at the same time it's not removed entirely? >> we could see that but why we have a constitutional republic not a democracy is because it doesn't matter what the polling data shows. it doesn't actually matter when 51% or greater is either pro-life or pro-choice. what matters is what the legitimate obligation of government is. and so if we have a truly originalist majority on the supreme court, that means that they're going to fairly apply the constitution, they're going to protect life and overturn roe regardless of what polling data says. and i hope that the five originalists on the supreme court which would have to include chief of staff roberts will do that very thing and won't just walk it back but genuinely repeal that and protect the unborn. jedediah: we've got maybe ten seconds. prediction for the court given what the court looks like now, is there a potential overturn here? >> absolutely. i think we're going to see a
5:49 am
case taken up and we're going to see roe vs. wade overturned within the next year or so and i'm really excited about that. jedediah: thank you so much for your information. great to have a constitutional lawyer when we talk about these things. thank you very much. >>. jussie smollett claims he was attacked by two masked men yelling "this is maga country." now he may no longer be a victim as police reveal a shift in their investigation. hawaii the media has covered the case. plus rick is live from the daytona 500 and he has a special guest, nascar driver clint boyer boyer. rick? griff: clint has run this race 13, 14 times. we're going to talk to him and see if he can win it this year coming up in just a minute. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. ♪ >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust.
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pete: the daytona 500 just hours way, the 61st great american race is what they call it takes place this afternoon on fox at the daytona international speedway. griff: we're checking back in with rick down there. looks like a gorgeous day for the rick. pete: he gets the best assignment. >> it is a gorgeous day. clinton boyer here. this is good weather. you like this kind of weather for racing? >> absolutely. we've had good weather down here last two weeks starting with the clash, the qualifying races, we've had beautiful weather and hotter today. going to make it is track a little bit slick, move around more. >> maybe a little bit more action with that? >> we want to put a good show on for our fans. a lot of attention for the daytona 500. this is a big one. it's such a tricky combination to be able to run our super bowl bowl; right? the very first race of the year knock that rust off and get going and get that trophy. it's what we're here for. >> this is your 14th time and you haven't won.
5:54 am
is it time? >> it's time. and you said you've been here 11 11? >> i've been here 11. >> let's do this together, all right? >> we'll make that a plan. i just want to point out. you guys live pretty well. this is how you travel about 40 weeks a year, in this motor home home? >> this is the trailer park. >> you've got neighbors? >> you can see my guy hasn't showed up yet. patrick! see, that's larson's guy over there cooking a nice breakfast and everything. put a little extra butter in that for larson, all right? >> and you don't have any breakfast cooking on here. >> no! what's the deal? where's my guy? >> you got to work on this. odds are i think you're like the 8-to-1 odds. that mean anything? >> not really. i think it's anybody's game at this racetrack. you know, anybody can win this race. obviously the -- they've been really strong winning most qualifying races. we led most of ours. confidence is really high but you got to go out there and take care of business. a lot of stages, first stage,
5:55 am
second stage, points are on the line. we don't care about points. we care about that victory lane, the big trophy. >> by the way, the producer on the side just said 10-to-1 odds, not 8-to-1 odds. less pressure that way. good luck to you on the race. thanks so much. guys, back to you. griff: that's going to be exciting. today on fox. joe biden blasting america to an audience in europe. >> the america i see values basic human decency, not snatching children. (applause) the american people understand because it makes us embarrassing. griff: is this really the right message for a possible presidential candidate? pete: i love it when they mischaracterize to foreign audiences. and a world war ii veteran celebrates his 92nd birthday fittingly with chick-fil-a. nolte ♪
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ pete: the police in chicago are no longer considering jussie smollett a victim. if. jedediah: the media ran with this story. we still don't know what happened. >> this is a fake, faux outrage. the left seems to want to revive racism. jedediah: president trump dechaired a national emergency to get that wall built. >> i think speaks to the reality we're dealing with in south texas. here in this sector have gone up, have doubled. so that's 100% increase. >> walls do not, as the president has claimed, save lives. walls end lives. >> the america i see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their parents. [applause] because it makes us embarrassing. ing. pete: if you want a preview of what's going to happen on this campaign trail, kamala harris was in south carolina.
6:00 am
[laughter] >> you need something this fun. pete: from science showing us some awesome experiments. jedediah: this is so cool. pete! griff: oh! ♪ ♪ griff: not even gonna try. there's only one justin timberlake. there's a temptation to want to do it -- jedediah: as you're saying that, i'm like, yeah. [laughter] just went right for it. ft. president you're always ready for it. griff: to include surfing on balloons. jedediah: i was a little nervous, i thought i was going to take a nose dive, but i held up the fort. i stayed on there. it was fun. pete: speaking of holding up the fort, your lineage is from the
6:01 am
alamo, by the way, which we learned yesterday. griff jenkins, literally, one of his forefathers fought at the alamo. marcus luttrell, you know him, lone survivor, he wanted me to give a shout-out to his wife melanie. she turns 40 today. she looks 30 but age, you know, it happens, so happy birthday. thank you both for what you do for this country. griff: and first anniversary for you. jedediah: yes. first wedding anniversary. griff: but it is a day with a lot of news as well. a wave of protesters are planned across the u.s. tomorrow. jedediah: liberal activists calling for demonstrations after president trump declared a national emergency to build the wall. pete: our own gillian turner is live in washington with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, guys. when president trump declared a state of national emergency friday, he admitted the likelihood he'd face immediate legal challenges in courts across the country. it turns out he's now facing the
6:02 am
prospect of large scale protests also. tomorrow, presidents' day, protests currently being organized from california to texas to new york. democrat maxine waters issuing a clarion call to americans opposed to the president's national emergency. >> it's time for everybody to stand up, all hands on deck, to refuse this president these fake emergency powers that he'd like to have. and so i'm urging everybody, get together, rally in every community across this country. send a message to washington d.c. >> liberal advocacy group is organizing a few of the protests. they're calling the president's move a hashtag fake national emergency and call it an attack on immigrant if, muslim, black and brown communities. president trump himself will be in miami tomorrow. he's slated to address venezuelan-americans and make the case that socialism ruins nations. this a political message as 2020
6:03 am
gets into full swing. guys? griff: gillian, thank you very much. jedediah: you know, obama, as i recall, declared 12 national emergencies, and i don't remember the marches. i must have been asleep for that. the hashtags, the declaration that he was completely lawless. i remember his daca deal, everybody on the left kind of just jumped behind that. they don't remind the lawlessness of the sanctuary cities. it's amazing, they organize when it's convenient, but when it's not convenient, it's pretty quiet. pete: do you really want to have a national debate for two years about whether or not this is a crisis on the border? griff, you've been there, the guys who work there see this emergency, the visuals are all there. so to pretend like it doesn't exist is not going to work, but a group like has a lot of power on the left wing in the primary. griff: you're also going to see a fight playly in the house, guys like jerrold nadler who's in charge of the committee, but
6:04 am
the senate's controlled by the republicans, but senator lindsey graham was on another show this morning saying he's behind the president. listen. >> i think the president's been making a persuasive case that the border's broken. you know, drugs are flowing across the border killing americans. human trafficking. we've got a dangerous situation along the border. trump has, and i think he has the authority while they're there to build barriers, and we'll see. unfortunately, when it comes to trump, the congress is locked down and will not give him what we've given past presidents. so unfortunately, he's got to do it on his own, and i support his decision to go that route. jedediah: good for him. pete: and he's been critical at times, and he's given a lot of counsel to the president. so to hear someone like him -- he was part of the gang of eight, to be strong on this shows he feels congressionally they've run out of rope to get a deal done.
6:05 am
jedediah: many in media, though, sticking to their talking points -- [laughter] pete: do democrats give the media the talking points -- jedediah: i know, where does it begin? trump's make believe crisis is untethered from truth and reality. the quote says there is no crisis and yo justification to specifically and surgically contravene the will of congress which just weighed and dismissed mr. trump's demand for $5.7 billion to build a border wall, opting instead to grant him $1.375 billion. it's just amazing, the selective outrage. because it's trump, now there has to be massive outrage. this will be their campaign talking point for 2020, that he declared a national emergency, he has no appreciation for the separation of powers even though his ability to do that is guaranteed by congress, but that will be what they run with. griff: pete's got in a competing newspaper -- jedediah: there you go. pete: one that is often failing,
6:06 am
a asylum policies wearing down many at the board, meaning those trying to cross the border illegally to claim asylum are met now with walls, agents and processes, and they're not able to just run across. therefore, they're giving up. griff: and the whole point has been a determ. pete: if you change that, maybe that dangerous journey is not taken by as many people. give gary you know, it is interesting because it is op-eds like that that stand in stark contrast of the people on the front lines. the border patrol chief in the del rio sector across eagle pass, texas, here's what he sees. listen. >> i think the term crisis, you know, some might say that's a subjective term, but i can speak to the reality. our arrests here in this sector have gone up -- >> have doubled. the number of family unit aliens, a parent and one child or sometimes multiple, those are up 400%. the challenge we deal with now is it's a completely different
6:07 am
population. rather than single adult males primarily from mexico, you know, 18 years ago, now we're dealing with family units from central america. griff: and in that interview with him, you will not find the fact that the group that i covered for a couple weeks had a handful of ms-13 individuals that have now since been deported back to honduras. jedediah: so many democrats shifting so far left on so many issues, the border in particular. and it's interesting, we were talking about kamala harris and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who may or may not if decide to run, i think he will, so far left. and you keep seeing joe biden in the back of your mind, when's he coming out? people say, oh, maybe he'll act like a moderate to distinguish himself. guess what? he was in munich, and he was telling europeans that america is an embarrassment. take a listen. >> the america i see values basic human decency, not snatching children from their parents or turning our back on refugees at our border.
6:08 am
[applause] americans know that's not right. the american people understand pleas, because it makes us embarrassing. the american people know overwhelmingly that that's not right, that's not who we are. pete: john kerry in the front. jedediah: i know. [laughter] pete: if you love the foreign policy of barack obama, you'll love the foreign policy of joe biden. it is, effectively, america's not a special place, our suns are what define us -- sins are what dine us. as opposed to what the current president believes which is america is a force forked good. we don't need to be everywhere, but with america represents freedom around the globe. see what they're doing in venezuela, standing up in that particular instance. but you just never want to see a leader from any side going across the pond and disparaging our country. jedediah: i have vague memories of president obama doing that.
6:09 am
remember the anti-americanism? griff: you referenced this new far left, and some say they go so far left, they're just going to fall off from where they are standing, but biden here is at least turning back to a tried and tested tactic which was obama, as you mentioned. so he wants to go back there, take the high road, use the embarrassment line. but you didn't hear him say he's going to tear down any walls because he knows -- jedediah: well, he's not nuts. pete: tip for reporters. go to all these candidates and say would you turn those these walls, a, and, more importantly, will you get a briefing from the border patrol and ask them questions about how they feel about physical barriers, infrastructure now. face the truth. reporters are in the tank though, that's what we know, or so many of them. jedediah: we asked you guys what you think. we got a tweet, bye-bye biden 2020. your supporters would be hard pressed to want a leader who is
6:10 am
embarrassed of the nation he wants to run. griff: another user says, wow, i love america. mr. biden is so embarrassed of this country, maybe he should stay in munich. [laughter] pete: a tweet from cheri says this makes me so sad. apologize for america, seriously? he needs to backtrack and apologize to the american people. listen, the slogan make america great again is more than just a slogan. it was we want leaders who have faith in our country because we believe in the goodness of america. are we really going to go back to that? jedediah: i think he gets under people's skin in particular when leaders go to foreign countries and belittle america. there's just something about doing on another person's land -- pete: it's just february of 2019. buckle up, folks. [laughter] jedediah: we've got some headlines for you. an off-duty police officer is killed in a wrong-way cash in south florida. officer steven greco was on his way home from work when curtis woolwine was driving the wrong way and hit him. both died. the one-year veteran of the
6:11 am
force leaves behind a young child and a pregnant wife. authorities are investigating. four people are dead after a domestic dispute leads to a 12-hour hostage standoff in mississippi. investigators say two young churn were inside the home when the incident began. they were not hurt. fbi, s.w.a.t. and local police were all on the scene. the suspect is now in custody. the suspect and victims have not been identified, but the situation is under investigation. thousands more teachers are expected to strike, in this time in oakland, california. the union and district failing to reach aing deal on higher pay and smaller class sizes. the union says it will strike thursday. it comes on the heels of major teacher strikes in los angeles and denver. a world war ii veteran celebrates his 92nd birthday by giving army veteran ed roose, spent $1500 at a california chick-fil-a to buy military
6:12 am
families meals. he's been inspired to give back ever since an elderly man bought him lunch when he was training in the army. that's pretty amazing. i love stories like that. we need more like that, uplifting. pete: we do. and more chick-fil-a. sunday. jedediah: it is delicious. griff: how about this? actor jussie smollett claimed he was attacked by two mass men yelling this is maga country. joe concha says the media gets an f for how they handled this case. he explains next. pete: and country music star miranda lambert is now a married woman. we'll reveal her mystery husband, he's a lucky guy, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ 300 miles an hour,
6:13 am
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♪ muck. pete: welcome back. chicago police now confirming their investigation into jussie smollett's claims of a hate attack, they're shifting as they seek to question the "empire" star again. jedediah: his initial story got more than 100 minutes of network news coverage. griff: yeah. joe concha is a media reporter for the hill and a wwor or radio talk show host. joe, good morning to you. this is a fast moving story. what do you make of this media coverage? >> it's a depressing story, actually, because when you look at that media coverage and that particular stat, around 101 minutes, you tell me how many minutes were given to reports around the senate intelligence committee finding no collusion between the trump campaign, the president and russia. i'll give you a hint, it's whatever number you multiply zero by. look, if this was true -- and this is looking bad right now, but we have to be cautious
6:17 am
because smollett is still denying this was a hoax -- he'll be cast in another movie right after o.j. simpson is in naked gun 4. this is the end of his career, if this is true. by the way, if it is true, he should go to jail, because you wasted the chicago police department's time. there was more than 500 murders in chicago last year, and they put a lot of time and resources into looking for these people that you said attacked you, and now it looks like that may not be the case, guys. so national media here absolutely gets an f on this, and i'm happy to explain why. jedediah: no surprises though, joe. we saw this with covington, with kavanaugh, and they don't hold themselves accountable at all. reporters coming out and saying, well -- justifying it. we ran with what we had. no, that's not your job. there's an investigation going on. maybe step back, let the police do their job and stop rushing to judgment when it's politically convenient. >> yeah. a story like this, which was so sensational, and when you think about it, it was during the polar vortex, and you're telling
6:18 am
me this actor was walking around at two in the morning and trump supporters in chicago, mind you, decided they had bleach and a rope ready to go, attacked him. look, i'm not saying that -- you say he's lying, you say it's the truth, but you have to question it. and if the way you do that is go back and look at every headline. it said that jussie smollett was attacked. the word missing there, allegedly. that's what you use in a situation until you can get more information. and when he sat down with robin roberts last week, we already had information he refused to turn over his phone records, and when he finally did, they were heavily redacted. you can't call it an attack, you say it's alleged. and you brought up, right, covington. they all have the same themes. buzzfeed, president ordered michael cohen to ply to congress. they -- to lie to congress. trusting without verification, being first instead of accurate, but most importantly, all this reporting is happening from a foundation of assumed guilt.
6:19 am
in other words, it's a trump support or it's trump. they have to be guilt. and then when they backtrack, the allegation gets 100 times the play than the exoneration does, and that's going to be the case here again. pete: has the standard changed, or are so-called journalists just blinded by their trump hatred? >> i think it's a matter of being first instead of accurate. i think social media, you probably played football -- you look like a guy who played football -- [laughter] it's like a linebacker rushing a quarterback, and they want to get rid of the ball faster even when they don't want to. i think people are rushing to get the clicks, the ratings because there's no accountability when they are wrong. and it's a matter of being first instead of accurate. griff: that's a good point. we'll find out, joe. the police obviously want to talk to mr. smollett more, and perhaps we'll learn -- pete: and i did play football. [laughter] >> all right, guys. me too. [laughter] enjoy your weekend. pete: all right. his daughter was killed in a hit and run crash on thanksgiving, tragic. and behind the wheel was an illegal immigrant. now this angel father says
6:20 am
president trump is right to declare a national emergency at the border, and he joins us coming up next. you control your blood sugar
6:21 am
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6:23 am
♪ ♪ pete: welcome back. two quick headlines for you here. president trump calling on european allies to bring captured isis fighters to justice. the president tweeting in part: the united states is asking britain, france, germany and other european allies to take back over 800 isis fighters that we captured in syria and put them on trial. the caliphate is ready to fall. it comes as the u.s. is prepared to withdraw troops from syria. and the u.s. delivers a second round of humanitarian aid to the venezuelan border, but the food and medical supplies are still in limbo as nicolas maduro continues to block the
6:24 am
aid from entering the country. the u.s. has been sending help at the request of interim president juan why e doe, the one we recognize. griff: on friday president trump declared a national emergency to get his border wall funded. >> we have an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people, and it's unacceptable. i could do the wall over a longer period of time. i didn't need to do this. but i'd rather do it much faster. jedediah: one of trump's special guests at his rally in el paso agrees with the president. his daughter, amanda, was crossing the street when she was struck and killed this past thanksgiving by an illegal immigrant driving drunk. here to discuss the reasons why we need the border wall is angel dad dan ferguson. dan, thank you so much for joining us. first off, i'm so sorry, we all are, for the loss of your daughter. can you tell us a little bit about amanda? >> amanda was a sixth grade teacher, she was the love and joy of my life. she was my wife's best friend. she loved dogs, she was an
6:25 am
animal rescuer. she was just an all-around good person. she was the glue to my family. griff: darntion i'm a father of daughters, and i sympathize for you, my heart breaks for you. and i've covered this caravan and this issue extensively as a reporter. but when you hear now democratic hopefuls running, like beto o'rourke, near where you are there in el paso, say he would not only not build the wall, he wants to tear down existing wall, what is your reaction? >> my reaction is beto o'rourke hasn't lost a family member or his daughter to an illegal alien. this last week i was in washington with 20 angel moms, angel dads. let me tell you where they're from. they're from north carolina, there are three from california, there's one from ohio, there's one from new york, there's one from maryland, there's one from virginia, there's one from san antonio, texas. you think these illegal 5eu8
6:26 am
yens just come across the border and hunker done sure in el paso, you're wrong. they get on planes, trains, buses, they travel throughout america and disappear into our society. then they commit horrible crimes, and all these angel moms and dads i've met lost a child to one of these illegal aliens. beto o'rourke needs to understand there's one word he's leaving out of every conversation, and that word is illegal. all the angel moms and dads like immigration. we agree with legal immigration. we know immigration makes our country great. the problem is illegal immigration where they aren't vetted, they aren't checked, they come in here, they don't know what they're bringing with them whether it's drugs, children, whatever, that needs to be stopped. you tear down the walls that we have here in el paso, the crime rate will increase tremendously again. beto o'rourke needs to wake up and get his head out of the sand. jedediah: some in media have said this is a manufactured crisis, it's a fake emergency.
6:27 am
as someone who has lived the pain of this story firsthand, does this offend you? their language about this? >> it does. it offends me tremendously. my daughter was not manufactured. you know? the group that i was with in washington, their children weren't manufactured. you know, the funny thing is two of them, one of them was an immigrant from germany, a legal immigrant from germany. another was a legal immigrant from mexico. they both came here and did it the right way. they did their time. what happens to all these people who are legally waiting to come into our country and just going to be bypassed by all these illegal aliens? it's not a manufactured crisis, it's a real crisis. and believe me, i live it day-to-day. before my daughter was killed, i could count the number of times i cried on my hand, four times in my adult life. since her death if i can make it through a day without crying four times, it is a great day for me. these guys need to realize it's not manufactured, it's a crisis. griff: and you're fighting, dan,
6:28 am
in her memory. when you were in washington, when you talked to law makers, what are you telling them in terms of what needs to happen? >> we're telling them they need to secure the border. you know, we tried to meet with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we went to nancy pelosi's office, and the result was she called the capitol police on us, even though a sign in front of her office says everybody is welcome. it's not a manufactured crisis. they need to secure the border, that's our message, secure the border. jedediah: thank you so much for being here. so sorry for all you've within through, but thank you for having the courage to share your story and your passion. >> thank you. griff: fired fbi deputy director andrew mccabe now pointing the finger at those who wanted trump out of office. >> the deputy attorney general was definitely very concerned about the president, about his capacity and about his intent at that point in time. greve give so what needs to happen now at the fbi and doj?
6:29 am
maria bartiromo on that coming up. jedediah: plus, he's over seven feet tall, but shaquille o'neal just got dunked over. the incredible highlights from the slam dunk contest. griff: and rick is live from the daytona 500 where he's gearing up for the big race. rick: i found joey logano's car, but i didn't find joey. we're going to be talking to him, the defending nascar champion, coming up in just a few minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ) dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more
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that's the shot of the morning. i was watching it live last night. he was like superman. he even tore his jersey showing a super managercy. shaq threw the winning dunk. >> he hangs on the win. that's just stuffing. >> they crowned the slam dunk champion. it was fun to watch steph curry shoot threes. he lost in the third. >> i wish i could do some of that. >> i could bring in a mini hoop.
6:34 am
>> in a few weeks the harlem globetrotters will be here with a basketball court. you might get your chance. the daytona 500 is just hours away. the great race takes place in a few hours. >> we'll check in with rick. he's there along with nascar driver joey logano. >>reporter: you won this race in 2015. you were the best of the year. how does that feel? >> that was great. that was last year. this is the opening of the great american race. it's always exciting. it's the biggest race of the year. i have a great mustang to see behind us. we won the dual. we got a good starting spot. >> one thing super interesting
6:35 am
the ford car used to be the fusion. it shouldn't be the fusion but the mustang. this is the beginning of the mustang in nascar. >> the mustang makes more sense other than the fusion. it looks great and any time you make a manufacturer but a car change within ford there is a learn curve. everyone did a great job designing the car. it was faster off the bat. we'll kickoff the momentum. >> that's a good point. the cars you are constantly tweaking them. is that a disadvantage. >> i don't think we are at a disadvantage. as the season goes we have a longer runway to develop the car. the fusion we made small changes. we have a lot of areas to maquillage gains.
6:36 am
>> right you yo won this in 2015. what did that do to your career? >> they introduce you as the champion instead of race car driver. that's a big deal for us. for any driver this is the box you want to check. you want a daytona 500 under your belt. next to winning the championship this is a big deal. i always was excited to watch the daytona 500. there is nothing like pulling your car into victory lane. >>reporter: how old were you when you started racing? >> i was 7 years old. my a parents got me a go cart. when i got home at the end of the day i wanted to drive my car. >>reporter: know you are living your dream. if you drink enough swigs of
6:37 am
coke it this goes to your charity. good luck today and have a great race. >> thank you so much. >> i think you will have a good time the rest of your day there. >> have fun. >> thank you, rick. we have headlines coming in. anthony weiner is out of prison. he has been moved to a prerelease program in new york. the congressman was sentence to two years in prison for trading nude photos with a 15-year-old girl. he will be released for good behavior. a florida man gets a 989,000 tax refund after a false filing. he reported he had $1 million worth of taxes withheld. they caught the error and reclaimed the money along with a lexis. the man has not been charged but could face fraud charges. country star miranda lambert
6:38 am
found true love. she married an nypd officer in a secret wedding this weekend. ♪ [ music ] >> she tweeted photos with her knew husband brandon. he has a 3-month-old baby making lambert a stepmom. >> the wedding was a year ago. >> it was. a year went quick. >> what is your husband doing today? >> hanging out. oh, look, there we are. >> your husband name is jared. >> stop it. >> happy anniversary. >> stop. >> come here. >> what are you doing here? >> oh, i love you. >> these are for you. >> oh, and food. >> he knows i love my food.
6:39 am
>> what are you doing here. >> a whole year. >> you really didn't know. >> i have been driving him crazy for a whole year. >> owoutstanding. >> what is it like to be married. how is it like to spend life? >> in the last year she has pushed me to do more things at a level i didn't know was possible. >> it's like when you love someone their standarders are higher than myself. >> all right. >> i know, i know. >> i got him to change his eating. he used to eat like you. >> before here i loaded the mixer with vitamins and vegetables.
6:40 am
>> how did you meet? >> we met at the gym. should i let you tell? >> i should sit on the couch. >> we met in the gym. i was training for a body building competition at the time. we happened to be working with the same trainer that introduced us. we just got to talking over the course of several months. one thing lead to another. >> he was very flirty. >> she likes to say that. >> how soon did you know she was the one? >> wow, i'm trying to remember. i remember i told her i loved her and i had never been in love before. it was less then two months. we were lying down and i was overcome with emotion. i didn't know what it was. it just came out. it was like what is this. >> i hope you have an awesome
6:41 am
anniversary. you can go to dinner and shopping. >> she's wonderful. >> this was the best surprise. >> that's real love. >> i like to see happy people. maria bartiromo will join us live coming up. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and decreased appetite. these can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i choose once-weekly trulicity to activate my within. if you need help lowering your a1c, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. it's time for quick headlines. florida inmates rescued a baby locked in a car. [horn honking] >> yes, thank god. >> they used a wire coat hanger to pop the lock. they were on worked detail when parents locked the baby in the car. the girl was okay. a michigan weight lester wed
6:45 am
pushed a two ton block off a man. he was pinned inside. the two drivers had serious injuries but expected to recover. fired fbi director andy mccabe dropped bombshells on the fbi investigator. >> the deputy attorney general was concerned about the president, his capacity, and about his intent at that point and time. >> here to react is maria bartiromo. welcome back. >> hi, good to see you. it's really funny. >> i can't get over this guy mccabe. what is the reaction to this latest madness. >> you were just referred for criminal charges. isn't there some kind of rule you can't come out with a book without passing through national security and given the fact he
6:46 am
was such a high level. what strikes me about the whole story here he is saying yes, i wanted to make sure the investigation were in full force. what got all of these guys to launch an investigation in the first place. isn't there suppose to be a predicate other than a dossier that they used to wiretap an american citizen. >> did we learn anything new in what mccabe is now saying? >> not from what this interview showed us so far. it will be on 60 minutes tonight. what we know is what we have known for the last two years. we have been covering this every weekend. how john radcliff and devin
6:47 am
nunez wanted donald trump out. they secretly investigated him and removed him from office. >> as we see no evidence after all of this time the democrats vow to expand the investigation. >> it's extra ordinary. this week we learned the facts from the senate. the senate intel and judiciary said we have done an expensive two year investigation. we found no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. here we have the senate, house, the i.g., the doj and fbi saying no collusion. they are looking under every rock and know they need to find a crime. they are expanding this into president trump's life. >> we'll talk to john and get the democrat side of all of this. he's a moderate in terms of his policies. we'll talk with him about what
6:48 am
he thinks about it. he doesn't think the green deal makes sense. as well as medicare for all and all of the other policies. i'll speak with represent kevin mccarthy telling him he needs to reduce himself and former john radcliff to talk about what we just discussed. >> this is bill bar the new a.g.'s first week. >> thanks a lot. >> we'll have more coming up next. ♪ [ music ] my teeth have always been a very sore spot for me, emotionally, socially. if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier...
6:49 am
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this weekend the 116th north american toy fair is in town. we'll take a look at the hottest new toys your kids will be asking for everyday. >> adrian is the toy association leading trend specialist. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome. >> you are ahead of the trend. what are the trends. >> there are a ton of trends on boxing. we heard a lot of fun things. we started out with this. this is the monster truck. i know my son will want this. this will be out in time for spring. what kid wouldn't want that. >> i want it. >> this is awesome. >> yeah, it does have reverse. it's over one in reverse.
6:53 am
>> is there an age restriction. >> three and up. >> i'll come over here. don't run me over. what do we have next? >> we have an escooter. you are able to go up to 10 miles per hour on this. what's awesome about this is we have an four hour charge. parents love that. >> four hour charge. >> you lead and i'll go behind you? >> the brand-new show on nickelogeon. >> i love it. it's like mittens but cuter. >> this plugs in. we started it. it will inflate 40 balloons in 40 minutes.
6:54 am
turn it on and it will inflate the balloons in seconds. we have one that popped. it's great. they come in and they are ready to go. >> you can't blow them up one by one. >> that's your fault. >> it's great for a ki kid's birthday party. >> oh, these aref are my favori. >> we are seeing throw back toys. pound puppies were huge in the 1980s. this is the original packaging. >> sometimes trends come back a round.
6:55 am
>> retreaders are in. >> we also have the seek and smell. that's the original toy from the '80. it's the first electronic spelling toy. there is a hang man on their. you have the instant reckless from when you were a kid. >> you are making me miss the 80s. >> this is another bring back. this is the rubrics cube version. it's a hand held electronic play. it's much easier than the real rubrics cube. >> kids are used to high tech now. do they love it. >> it's really cool. >> they love to hear mom and dad played with it. when i tell them i had this when i was a kid. >> it's true. you are bringing back memories. i didn't get one of these. >> i didn't either.
6:56 am
>> go to toyfair new york to find out more. >> we'll have more fox and friends on the other side. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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6:59 am
you just brought on your husband jeremy. >> he's camera-shy. that was a lot of talking for him. >> he's very social and turn on the camera and he was very mute. i was trying to help him out but he did great. >> what will you do today? >> watch movies, walk around the city. i'm off this week. i have to get in gear. >> congratulations, have fun. go to our webpage later today.
7:00 am
we'll put-up an interview with the facts about what is happening on the border. >> thank you for joining us. have a great sunday. go to church. >> bye, guys. happy sunday morning everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up straight ahead on sunday morning futures. president trump declared a national emergency to build the border wall. we'll have reaction from kevin mccarthy. plus the attorney general will start his first full week on-the-job tomorrow as former fbi director andrew mccabe dropped a bombshell. the former prosecutor john radcliff is here live. president trump called a meeting of his tra


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