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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  February 17, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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we'll put-up an interview with the facts about what is happening on the border. >> thank you for joining us. have a great sunday. go to church. >> bye, guys. happy sunday morning everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up straight ahead on sunday morning futures. president trump declared a national emergency to build the border wall. we'll have reaction from kevin mccarthy. plus the attorney general will start his first full week on-the-job tomorrow as former fbi director andrew mccabe dropped a bombshell. the former prosecutor john radcliff is here live. president trump called a meeting of his top trade negotiationers.
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the clock ticks down for the trade deal with china. micheal is here. all of that is ahead right now on sunday morning futures. democrats are vowing a big response to the president's declaration to build the wall. maxine waters spoke out on friday. >> it's time for everybody to stand-up. all hands on deck. to refuse this president, these fake emergency powers he would like to have. i'm urging everybody to get together. all this weekend send a massage to washington dc. >> a number of republicans and democrats in the house and senate say they object to the president's plan as well. some call it an over reach of
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executive power. joining me know is kevin mccarthy. thank you so much for being here. >> is this a national emergency. your reaction to what is happening? some of your colleagues are pushing back. >> first of all, does the president have the authority. president's have declared more then 60 emergency. they can be clear in an emergency. in 2005 janet they declared an emergency so did new mexico governor. the president has the authority. yes, it's a crisis.
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think about the human trafficking. think about the children being moved across the country. how many americans are dying. the president one happy authority. the emergency has been shown before. at the end of the day the wall for 200 miles. you have 55 miles there. the treasury and crimes that people have done. the department of defense, narcotics, drugs as well. >> this is $3 billion. we can use other money in other
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areas. the president wanted 5.7 billion. you still voted yes for it. >> yes, i did, because you know what it was a down payment moving forward. just about a month a go what does nancy pelosi say? criminals would be let out in sotity and they would abolish ice. they received more money then they have in the past. we have the ability to keep the number of beds we had before. they voted for $1.375 billion. and 55 miles of new wall. if i'm weighting that compared to a continuing resolution that wouldn't get any of course this is moving in the right direction. is it as far as i want it to go, no. the combination of this bill in reaction with what the president is doing we need to protect the southern end of the border.
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>> let me ask you about the meeting the president called for today and tomorrow and members of the trade team. the china talks will be continuing next week. a lot of colleagues in the house told me on the democratic side they won't vote for it as it is. first we have the china talking and what you would like to see in terms of a deal as the talks continue this upcoming week. >> well, i haven't been able to get an update since they came back from china. i spoke to others before going. i want to credit the president because they are moving against china and making for a level playing field. the entire western hemisphere should have been able to do this. what i'm finding is we are getting movement to protect the intellectual property rights. it's a fair and level playing field. i'm seeing good movement. the entire world is watching.
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this is a better stage to compete against china at the same time. >> will they have to change mta to get that ratified. >> okay, that's different. that's between canada and mexico. i'm not sure he will. for those democrats that say they wouldn't vote for it i'm not sure they have read it. this is looking at nafta and improving it. it's a good policy and they are stronger. when you modernize it and protect intellectual property as well. >> let me move on. congressman, you sent a letter to adam shift. we know that adam has said for a long time he said two years ago he has more than circumstance
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evidence that there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia. we also know that this past week we have news from the senate they saidal all of their findings they found no collusion. explain the letter you sent to adam and what you are trying to do? >> i put it out on a blog. i raised questions about shift. yes, you said he had proof. sounds like a modern day joe mcmccarthy. we had the senate and houssay there is no collusion. you know what we recently found out, maria. this is something you have been monitoring the entire time and bringing out information on. we find that adam shift met with glenn the co-founder. in aspen which never has been known to us.
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first of all what did they meet about. this is after the committee wanted to look into gwen good simpson. i want to know what they talked about. how many times have they met. why did adam shift fight when we wanted to find out who paid fusion gps. we found out it was the democratic national committee. why did adam shift fight that? why did they ask gwen simpson in the hearing. why are they taking direction from this individual that doesn't have credibility. adam shift who is the chairman, why doesn't he hold himself to the same standards he asked before. he created fusion gps and not
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telling us. in that part the bias of what's going forward he should recuse himself from any investigation. >> bruce's wife worked at the firm. this was used to wiretap carter page. >> remember what adam shift said. devin met with someone at the white house. the attorney begunnural had to reduce himself. they didn't realize when they went through. we know that adam knew who he was meeting with glenn simpson
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knew they had to investigate farther because of the credibility the answers he gave inside the hearing. they contradicted. they could be lying before congress. based upon the investigation and answers given by other individuals. >> we know the hillary clinton paid to create the dossier. you would like him to reduce himself from the russia probe. that was one of your questions within the post. we'll take a short break. when we come back you had a ti argument with congresswoman omar. we'll have more when we come back. an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. but you can believe this, real esurance employee
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welcome back. we are back with minority leader kevin mccarthy. we got compelling testimony from the number four guy bruce ohr. he provided calendar notations and notes that told us, in fact, that glenn simpson started a meeting back in august. we know the democrats were saying they met until thanksgiving. that was important because it showed you when they started investigating president trump. >> that's the key question. there are reports that it's not the same matching. now you have a chairman of the committee. privately meeting with them when the committee will investigate them farther.
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>> yeah. >> this is why he has to recuse himself so they can trust anything that comes out of the committee. you have 20 answer what they talked about and how many times you met with glenn simpson. they made a remark that it's about the benjamins. you reacted to that. there have been calls for her to move off the port affairs committee because of her comments. you got into a tift with her on twitter. >> i had a press conference and talking about the democratic leadership to a number of the new freshman democrat congressional people. they are anti-semitism talks. they have been silent and are they agreeing with it. a reporter wrote about the press
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conference. that's what congresswoman omar was saying people were supporting israel based upon receiving money. i thought it was again anti-semitism. they said she should apologize. there is something much farther they should do. congresswoman omar sits on foreign affairs. we have watched what she does during investigations. she should be removed from the committee. when you watched what the republican side does we remove them from committee. we acted on the floor. we acted on an amendment for the bill. we do not support this type of language anywhere in the world. we won't let it repeat itself. >> i know you relieved steve king of all of his assignments after remarks he made. we will see if there is any
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movement here in terms of taking her off of foreign affairs. you have been the majority leader and know minority leader. over the years they are questioning the republican fiscal discipline. you are at $22 trillion in debt. what's the plan to start wining ourself off debt as interest rates move higher and interest payments alone are substantial. >> this is a great threat to our country. when we were in the majority and i had to hand that gavel back to nancy pelosi. it was discretionary spending. it was lower then eight years ago. it's the mandatory side. the growth when you came to obamacare. now you look to the democrats the new green deal that will add $3 trillion. this is really hard for
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all-americans. when we failed to reform and sustain what we need for social security by reforming obamacare we lost by the one vote but the house was able to pass that. this is something both sides should sit-down and seriously take a look at. not just take a look at but take action. we have done well. on the mandatory size we can't sustain these programs without taking action now of the that's something we have been running on for ten years. >> i don't expect anything to be done about in during an election year. as they points out spending is topping a trillion dollars. this is interest spending alone. >> you need to do it now. you have to be honest with the american people. just like we have been before we took the majority. we laid out we would protect medicare and social security. if you do nothing it won't
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sustain itself. we laid it outdoor where the democrats attacked it. what the viewers need to understand for any reform to happen it takes 60 votes in the senate. the democrats denied the ability to have so the debt continues to grow. that's harming future generations. it's the greatest threat we face today for the next century. that's why we should tackle it know and not after the election. >> we'll be watching congressman, thank you so much. congressman kevin mccarthy. we'll have hysteric's on the gene new deal. we'll get reaction from the democratic side on sunday morning futures. back ahead in a moment. so did you get a new car? kind of. thanks to navy federal it only took 5 minutes. so vets can join? oh yeah.
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welcome back. the democrats in congress repeatedly devised a strategy to challenge president trump over his declaration of a national emergency. they started a showdown in the courts. joining me is congressman jeff van drew. thank you for joining us. >> oh, it's great to see you and thank you for having me. >> will you join your colleagues in pushing back against the national emergency. >> well, let me say something really quickly. when i believe the president is right i have supported him. when i believe he's wrong i know he's wrong. in this case i think the president has over reached. i think it's a constitutional issue. it's an important issue and sets
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up a precedence. the bottom line is be careful what you wish for. some folks might think this is happy and good but they wouldn't be happy if there was a progressive president that decided it was a national emergency with what's going on with climate change and move a lot of money from the military and other areas to climate change issues. or if there was a president from a different viewpoint and felt like the gun issues was a tremendous emergency and have guns confiscated from people. >> yeah. >> you have to watch for executive party getting too great on either side of the aisle. they believe the balance of power and taking money and military construction money. it's not the amount but the principal of it.
7:25 am
using it for something it wasn't intended is problematic. >> you are talking about $3 billion from the nonemergency funds. $600,000 for treasury funds. this law was signed obviously into law by the congress. it was passed by the congress rather. it's been utilized 58 times since implemented. on average it's been used every nine months. if you have funds that are meant and allocated or appropriated for anything around national security, construction of national security that sounds about as close to building a wall around a border as it gets. >> well, know we are using military money to built a domestic project.
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only once or twice has there been an appropriation of money. the other time, the other 50 something times the money is used for emergency situations that occurred. it was a catastrophe. >> i understand that. >> the money wasn't used in this way. this is different. >> you make an important point and it's practical of you. do you think there is an i emergency. drugs are coming through the abortetheborder and ports.
7:27 am
all the things we see coming through is this an emergency? >> this is a serious situation. you know i believe it is. i spoke about it and supported it. what i think we should have done is use more money, still, it will be spent for this issue of border security than ever before in history. let's use the money. let's go forward. let's get the work done we can. let's keep the working group going. i recommended having a working group where you didn't have elected officials make more recommendations. i don't think it's a nature that we really have a constitutional breech. this is a real constitutional issue. there are many republicans that feel that way and people that really strongly believe in the
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constitution feel that way. >> of course. >> no one should allow us to get mixed up with the other 50 something times the emergencies were used. they were totally different situations. it doesn't take the power of the purse a way from the constitution. >> as you said a moment ago you have taken sides when you think it's right and wrong. you were against it. cortez had a trillion dollars plus deal for a green change. >> exactly, we can't do it right now. i'm not sure if we will ever be able to do it. you spoke about the debt before. it's a serious issue. if interest rates rise the debt issue will be a huge problem. we fund in the united states of america through all of the interest we pay the entire
7:29 am
military of china. think about that. >> i said a trillion dollars when i spoke about congressman mccarthy. that's a trillion dollars per day. just in interest payments. really quick because you are from new jersey i have to get your thoughts on amazon. some of your other colleagues there. would you like to see amazon set up shop in new jersey? >> yes. a few counties are looking into it. i know newark is looking into it. the bottom line is this is the world we live-in now. people don't like corporations and incentivizing corporations. i think we have to compete and we have to make sure we create jobs and frankly if they don't want the jobs in new york we want the jobs in new jersey. >> you think it was a mistake what happened in new york then? >> i do. we are still, we will have to make a decision in all serious
7:30 am
any. republicans and democrats. are we an entrepreneurial capitalist nation. >> do we want jobs? >> do we want jobs, do we want to succeed and compete? do we want to see our people do well. >> these are all good questions. i think i know the answers as far as our viewers personal feeling about that. thank you so much. this is a very important conversation there. there are big new developments. reports of discussions of removing president trump from office. this is the brand-new attorney generals first week on-the-job tomorrow. member of the house and intelligence committee. congressman radcliff is here next on sunday morning futures. we'll be right back.
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at, we can't guarantee you'll find gold in them therr hills on your vacation. but we can guarantee the best price on this rental cabin. or any accomodation from hotels to yurts., booking.yeah welcome back. two cabinet members would like to remove the president from office. that's according to top fbi director james baker. baker said he was told by senior officials that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein spoke about support. i want to bring in john radcliff. it's good to see you on the program this morning.
7:35 am
thank you for joining us. >> good morning, maria. >> you were a former federal prosecutor and we learned information on common fronts. the senate said there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. number two was an drew mccabe. in an interview with 60 minutes said he launched an investigation into president trump. your reaction? >> it's a collusion issue. the senate confirmed what the house and every other investigative committee has found. as you mentioned the only person in washington that said they have evidence of collusion between trump and the russia campaign is adam shift. it's neither director circumstance evidence. we'll wait on that. as for the issue of andy mccabe.
7:36 am
he might be a disgrace former fbi agent that was criminally referred to for lying. he will make one truthful station in the interview tonight. many of us have been saying for the last year senior leaders of the fbi and department of justice have been secretly investigating donald trump and trying to remove him from office. tonight he and other leaders at the department of justice and fbi were secretly investigating donald trump and trying to remove him from office. we heard from bruce ohr when he told us he met with gps founder as early as 2016. that testimony was quiet illuminating in terms of what
7:37 am
did go on. >> it did. we have gotten a lot of testimony. as you pointed out, maria. as a former federal prosecutor i'll tell you as conspiracy starts to unravel they start to turn on each other. andy's testimony is inconsistent with his boss jim comby. mccabe's testimony is inconcussant with rod rosenstein. you have all of these things taking place and there were senior officials at the department of justice that were the same officials that undermined and prejudged hillary clinton as innocent prejudged donald trump as guilty they made the decisions in the investigations. >> here we are beginning week
7:38 am
one for the new attorney general. he's now in the job. bill barr. tell us about what we are expecting if for him. people like accountability. andrew is doing the interview around his book but been referred to by the inspector general for criminal charges. >> let's go back to mccabe and what you will hear tonight. one thing he will say is he started the investigation when jim comby was fired. he believed that order came from putin. the problem for mccabe is every news paper in america reported eight days later on may 17th they are one of four people. how do you go from i think you are an agent eight days later.
7:39 am
they are working for you everyday. this is part of the challenge that faces bill bar. i'll tell you it's an incredible tall leapt. he's going to have the opportunity to try and be severed the american peoples confidence. i would certainly hope that engaging in doing that in the first of bill bar will address the by-products. the by-product is the smaller
7:40 am
investigation. it's his first action. they are not bringing in bob mueller and say the american public has been consumed with this for two years and the idea of collusion between donald trump and the russians after two years you have evidence or you don't. if you do let easy it. if you don't make that clear to the american people so this can end and move forward with the department of justice. >> in the meantime you have add dim shift saying they won't slowdown but expand the investigation into president trump right now. congressman, stay with us. i want to ask you about that but also why you voted against the bipartisan border security deal. more with john radcliff up next.
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welcome back. we are back why john radcliff. we just ended our last block talking about what will be on
7:44 am
bill bar's plate. the democrats are vowing to pursue every corner of trump's life. >> i hope there is accountability. bar pledged there will be. he was troubled by a lot of developments. he promised senator graham he would get to the bottom of that. we are holding him accountable to that standard. it remains to be scene if adam has a secret collusion evidence that he hasn't been able to produce up to this point. we do know adam shift has a conflict of interest under a standard that he created. remember he said devin needed to recuse himself because of a bias. now we have learned that adam shift med with glenn simpson. the same one that got 1 million dollars to commission the phenomenon any fake russian deal
7:45 am
dossier document. the same shift that now lied to the committee that adam shift chairs. the house select intelligence committee that i'm on. on his own standard he needs to come forward. adam can't be the one previeding over that. >> congressman, let me switchgears. you voted against this funding deal? >> i did. >> why? >> because the president as commander and chief said he needed 5.7 billion dollars to fulfill his primary role securing the integrity of our borders to provide for the common defense. congress gave him a quarter of that $1.4 billion. i'm not going to support that but i will support the president, again, meeting his constitutional obligation.
7:46 am
as you pointed out the national emergency act created by congress gives him that authority. the supreme court said that's improper. donald trump will abide by that. i appreciate the fact that he's being relentless with respect to his desire. >> it's not lawful. you just heard what the congressman said. walk us through the money. your reaction to some colleagues saying it's the wrong move constitutionally speaking to delay a national emergency. >> what you pointed out the national emergency was created by congress. it's been used 58 times. we see it quiet frequently. in this case what the president is trying to use is military reconstruction money. that means the military is using
7:47 am
it for national security purposes. when he said i would like to use it for national security purposes it seems appropriate and would be on solid legal footing with regard to that. i hope the president continues on this course. again. i think he's on solid legal footing. beyond the legal determination here there is a political calculation as well. it's the right one. the american people are waiting to see if there is the first president republican or democrat to address a crisis at the border that resulted in immigration problems in the country. from drug and human trafficking. an opioid epidemic. he's trying to address that. many of us believe this is the most important thing he will accomplish. >> congressman, it's good to see you. thank you so much.
7:48 am
>> congressman john radcliff there. the president spoke about a trade deal with china. he called a meeting with his top trade advisers today. we'll talk about that and they will resume talks this upcoming week. micheal is here. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
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welcome back. president trump sited progress in china trade talks. he called a meeting with his top trade negotiators today. he's also a former assistant under secretary for defense for president trumpresident reagan. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> the state of play is exactly where it was. the chinese won't admit to the
7:52 am
cyber intrusions. they won't admit to stealing intellectual property. they will buy more soybeans from the united states. do you think we'll get a deal. >> well, as you know, very well. there could be a cosmetic deal. apparently there is an effort to move towards a memorandum of understand. say the same thing. the chinese go a bit farther. they use the word consensus. this could be very bad news. it could mean the chinese will get away with the agreement and principal to be better citizens in the world. no enforcement, no monitoring. no punishment, they can still play for time and keep the tariffs low or off entirely over the coming years and hope for a new president. this is what vice president pence warned about back in october. china doesn't want trump to continue as president trump for
7:53 am
a second term because he's been so tough on china. this is part of his campaign promise. this is very important with the working level maria. we'll try to find out what will be in this memorandum of understanding. will it have enforcement and time off-limits or will it be cosmetic agreement. >> when we get that understanding should we trust it. do you believe in the chinese say yes we will try to move the needle on i.p. theft and stop the constant hacking and intrusions the country's get on a military standpoint and commercial. will they put that in the mlu. will they actually follow-through on that. should we believe them. >> i believe i can answer your question by describing a few meetings from beijing. chinese translations are our governments two biggest
7:54 am
complaints. they are called economic discretions. the long list of chinese misconduct has over 1,000 footnotes. the chinese told me in painful sessions this is always false. they never do any of this. the government of china never condones this. they can't negotiate about it because they are innocent. in memetaphorical concerns somem they are a bank roborant didn't know it was at the time. >> should we be worried about the fact that china is one of our most important debtors. i mentioned earlier that the fastest growing item in the budget will be justintress on that debt. interest payments will rise from
7:55 am
$325 billion last year to nine $928 billion by 2029. that's a trillion dollars we are inching towards a trillion dollars for the year as interest payments. some people think it's a billion dollars per day. that's what it's looking like. should we be worried the fight will lead the chinese to sell our debt. >> it's a possibility. if you pay attention to the president's statements and tweets. he doesn't want a new cold war with china. he doesn't want to hurt the chinese economy. he sees a win-win situation here. especially in terms of american companies making profits in china. our technology is extremely important and won't let china be the number one power in the world. we have a lot of goals to balance. the fear of china selling our
7:56 am
treasury is exaggerated. >> that's exactly right. that's what the chinese have said. we deem this as a safe investment. >> i think they are telling the trust in that case. >> the first $50 billion were on chinese high techstuff. that was 25 million in tariffs. the next 25 billion could go up to 10%. do you believe the president will does he lay the tariffs come the march 1 deadline? >> if i were to bet from his comments on friday. he would like to put them up higher. he live give them one last chance next week and a short extension. giving it one last chance. the president refers to the tariffs as bringing in revenue. billions of dollars worth of revenue.
7:57 am
he's not somebody who's anti-tariffs. >> this is bringing it to the table. >> micheal, thank you so much. >> that will do it for sunday morning.. futures. .. after months of wearing only a tiger costume,
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unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. howie: a media uproar in a wild news conference as president trump declares a national emergency to get funding for a border wall after a fears debairtd. some anchors accuse the president of the selling the wall through falsehood. >> he's pretending to fulfill his campaign promise by pretendinged to build his wall. >> the president is lying to you about his wall. >> he'll be doing photo-ops. >> any republican who supports this garbage


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