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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 18, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the responsibility for fake news begins with us. if we -- we bear some responsibility for that we are not taking ownership of that and addressing it. we just want to blame it all. on somebody else. that's not how life works, right? >> laura: kudos to laura logan for laying bare we all know about the media. too many anonymous sources, not enough facts. pause before you make a conclusion. put an outrageous allegation other. that's all the time we have to fight. shannon bream and the fox news @ night" team take it from here and i have shannon's new book in my office. i just got it, although it's not out yet. i thought it was. i am promoting it all over the place and people can't buy it. >> shannon: preorders are never a bad thing. laura, thank you so much. okay we begin tonight with a fox news alert. led by california, total of 16 states my joining forces trying to block president trump from using emergency powers to build the border wall. and no surprise those dates are
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filing a lawsuit within the ninth circuit which has regularly block the president's plans. tonight the white house as it is confident of a big win if this is it likely will cause all the way to the supreme court. breaking by the minute, the real story about what happened to empire star jussie smollett. it's unclear right now but here's what we do know. the original narrative that claimed a racist attack by a trump supporters was embraced nearly immediately by many political leaders, activists, and the media. as a chicago pd seeks a new interview with smollett in the wake of what it calls new evidence, what a prominent 2020 candidates and media personality saying how after blaming the president forgetting of violence, hatred. hello and welcome the "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. 2020 candidates for us to field questions for about an actor who says he was targeted and assaulted by men who yelled anti-gay, antiblack, and pro-trump comments to him. trace is on the case for us tonight. in the l.a. newsroom. >> good evening shannon. when the story first broken
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jussie smollett claimed he was attacked, there is no corroborating evidence that did not stop or even slow down the rush to judgment. 2020 democratic presidential candidates weighed in immediately, senators cory booker and kamala harris both called it "an attempted modern-day lynching." senator kirsten gillibrand said "we are all responsible for condemning this behavior and every person who enables or normalizes it." freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted "this attack was not possibly homophobic. it was a racist and homophobic attack. despite being caught red-handed in more than one rush to judgment in recent weeks, the media also had no problem declaring it a hate crime. "the new york times" quote jussie smollett, one of its stars in the television show "empire" was attacked in chicago by two assailants who yelled racial and homophobic slurs." american urban radio networks white house reporter april ryan tweeted "this attack on jussie smollett is a hate crime and
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should be treated as such." "gq" magazine added "the racist homophobic attack on jussie smollett is far right america is an game." now there are reports saying that when the actor received a racist letter back in january, and it did not draw a bigger reaction, he went out and paid two brothers $3500 to rehearse, then stage the attack. one brother held the rope and poured the bleach. the other wore a red hat, yelled slurs, and said this was maga country. in light of this investigative 180, the 2020 presidential candidates who commented before there was evidence now want to hear all the evidence. watch. >> there should be an investigation, and i think that once the investigation is concluded, then we can all comment. but i'm not going no comment until i know the outcome of the investigation. >> information still coming out. withholding to all the information comes out. >> meantime, smollett's
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attorneys have bound to keep an active dialogue with chicago police but a few hours ago, chicago police told us they had not heard from smollett or his lawyers. shannon. >> shannon: okay, we will stand by. trace gallagher, thank you very much. let's discuss this whole situation joint with our power panel michelle ritchie, former press secretary for the democratic policy and committee patients committee, charlie kerr, executive director, turning point usa. buck sexton, former nypd analyst enough contributor to the old outcome. welcome to all of you. so, bulk, you are one of the first people asking questions. you took a ton of heat about it. how was it now? to go i haven't gotten any apologies yet, shannon, which is not surprising. i think it tells us a lot about the media attitude here which is that they are not going to learn. they're not going to learn lawson. this was obviously a flawed story from the start. i know this because i came out and said this is a flawed story from the start for them what we're hearing like he wouldn't turn over phone records, then he
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turned over redacted phone records, just the very line this is maga country, this is something somebody who doesn't know any trump supporters would think that trump supporters during an attack like this would say. it just didn't add up. i'm not saying the press had to say that he was a liar from the get-go. of course it's an allegation. it's very serious. words like alleged, words like reported and then following up to get evidence and facts, that's what the media supposed to do but as we know, they are activists. they are not journalists. they will learn nothing from once again just like in covington being done wrong. >> shannon: buck, you mentioned this caricature of the person. this is what they say. the headline, hate crime hoaxes reflects america's sickness. anyone not blinded by visor panic should have been skeptical of smollett's story from the beginning. he openly harbors an intense hatred for donald trump and his supporters. going so far as comparing them to klansmen. that his alleged attackers perfectly fit this description should have raised eyebrows
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across the political spectrum. the cartoon screenplay villain portrayal of white trump supporters was outrageously comical. michelle, your response to that. >> when i first heard the story and the allegations that jussie smollett had alleged happened to him, i supported him. i believed him. the reason why i believed him and i think a lot of other people like me believed in him is because it's conceivable to think that something like this could happen. unfortunately in our country, considering how heightened racism and racist rhetoric is right now. but one burqa wants the evidence came out about the two brothers and him not turning over phone records, i started to look at this and i said you know, this doesn't seem quite right. and then i said, you know, this is a slap in the face to anyone that has or will unfortunately be a victim of a hate crime. it gives credence to this idea that when black americans or americans say that they are being targeted by racists them s credence for people not to
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believe us so much as he has done is really been a disservice to anyone that has been a victim of a hate crime. unfortunately i cannot stand behind him on that. >> shannon: we are still waiting to hear officially from the chicago bleach apartment with a probably want to say about so much of what's trickling out. we're waiting for that official comment from them. charlie, i want redo something that was written by the executive assistant to "the washington post" pictorial born. she says this. if smollett stories found to be untrue, it will cause irreparable damage to the communities both defective as respect took out the incident would be counted as proof that there's a leftist conspiracy to cast trump supporters as violent, murderous racist. it would be the very embodiment of "fake news. because of that's why need the story to be true despite its ugs and despite what it would say about the danger of the world i live in. >> that's a great point earlier, there are real hate crimes in america this is a disservice to people who experience those hate crimes when they are manufactured. when their plan. when you pay people to try
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allegedly pay people to try to participate in them. this is what i called lottery ticket journalism. we have three examples of this over the last month where journalists essentially to scratch off a lottery ticket hoping to be true. we saw this with the covington high school kids. we saw this with the michael cohen story where you are actually have a come out and debunk the buzzfeed story. what happened to that by the way? that is. really quickly. we saw this during the cabinet hearings back in october. unfortunately this rush to judgment is creating an atmosphere where people want things to be true because it will fit their political narratives. and i hope we have not fallen that far as a country, but the hatred for donald trump is so great that the media class is clamoring to find these instances to confirm a narrative that they believed to be true, which is the antithesis of what journalism is supposed to be. >> shannon: again, new information or going out this week and a lot of it still unconfirmed by chicago please. we wait to hear if there will be in an interview in what follows
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from that. in the meantime, charlie, buck, rochelle, thank you for joining us. this is a fox news alert. 16 states led by california are going to the ninth circuit. a court known for snacking on the president's plans. tonight they are requesting that a federal judge blocked the president's use of a national emergency. in order to direct money to the portal. kristin fisher is tracking it all. joins us out with the very latest. >> this type of lawsuit it's really exactly what president trump predicted when he declared a national emergency earlier this week. eight it was filed in federal district court in san francisco on the same day as hundreds of protest nationwide. the state argued the declaration is unconstitutional. they also argue that they -- funds for the border wall will hurt their economies, counter drug efforts, wildlife, and military bases. >> the president targeted a lot of military dollars, military construction dollars. much of that money goes for example to the army corps of engineers which helps quite honestly a lot of states when
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they are in mode of helping folks who suffered from natural disasters. there's also military money that goes to installations, military installation where men and women in uniform and their families reside. taking that away hurts california families that are in the military. >> white house officials have said they are confident they can move this money around without hurting the military. shannon, clearly not everybody agrees with that assessment. >> shannon: the president also making headlines. he was in miami giving a very important speech on venezuela. >> he was. right now, so much a venezuela skater really hinges on what the country's military is going to do. so far, few generals have been willing to turn against venezuela's socialist president nicolas maduro but president trump tried to change that today by issuing this dire warning to members of the venezuelan military who remain loyal to maduro. >> if you choose this path, you will find no safe harbor, no
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easy exit, and no way out. you will lose everything. they are risking their future. they are risking their lives. and venezuela's future for a man controlled by the cuban military and protected by a private army of cuban soldiers. >> sticking to a cheering crowd of venezuelan and cuban immigrants in miami, president trump said the united states stands with the venezuelan people and its interim president, juan guaido. >> we seek a peaceful transition of power. all options are open. >> madura responded by saying who is the commander of the armed forces? donald trump from miami? they think they are the owners of the country? guaido thanked president trump for his determination and clear leadership and support of democracy. the united states has sent tons of aid to venezuelan people.
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but maduro is refusing to allow it into the country. >> crippling shortages of food and medicine plagued the country. socialism has so completely ravage this great country that even the world's largest reserves of oil are no longer enough to keep the lights on. this will never happen to us. >> speaking in the key swing state of florida, president trump did not directly link any of his 2020 contenders to socialism but he did say this. >> to those who tried to impose socialism on the united states, we, again, deliver a very simple message. america will never be a socialist country. we are born free. and we will stay free now and forever. >> saturday could be a critical day for venezuela. guaido is going to try to get all the usaid across the border
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from colombia. the big question is will maduro and the military trying to stop him? >> shannon: saturday is going to be a big day. thank you, kristin. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, fired official andrew mccabe saint rosenstein was floating plans to force the president out of office. new reactions that rosenstein said he would wear a wire in the white house. >> it's alarming there were apparently folks at the highest level of our government considering whether or not our president is unfit to serve. >> shannon: do mccabe's claims about the conspiracy? we are going to ask national security attorney bradley moss and former congressman, author of "the deep state," jason chaffetz. they are next life the worst... ...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. [ping]
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. justice department official says rod rosenstein is expected to leave in mid-march, by mid-march. attorney general bill barr is expected to pick jeffrey rosen to replace rosenstein as soon as this week. the timeline comes amid the uproar over the comments by former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. i'm told they are not connected. mccabe says he was fired because he would open the investigation into the present. not for lying to investigators about media leaks which is what the inspector general found very catherine herridge tells us what she's learned. >> counting votes or possible votes. >> former acting fbi director told "60 minutes" the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein openly discussed how many cabinet members would support invoking the 25th amendment to remove the president. but the fbi former
8:19 pm
general counsel james baker who met contemporaneously with mccabe and f gaylor lisa page about their conversations with rosenstein testified that the ee the impression that they deputy attorney general had already discussed this with two members in the president's cabinet and that they were on board with this concept already." on twitter, the president responded to mccabe on "60 minutes": "wow, so many lies by now disgraced acting fbi director andrew mccabe. he and rod rosenstein, who was look like they were planning a very illegal act the firing of james comey left vin justice department in turmoil. make concerned that the firing was designed to -- the russian program and obstruct justice. >> the deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire into the white house. he said i never get search when i go into the white house. i think general counsel had a heart attack. he said that's a bridge too far.
8:20 pm
>> baker who could face criminal penalties for lying to congressional investigators, testified "my recollection is that there were discussions about it over the longer period of the course of one meeting, a couple days." mccabe said rosenstein initially resisted as special counsel because they deputy attorney general worried he might lose his job. a senior department official told fox tonight the special counsel was appointed "to ensure that the russian investigation was truly independent and without bias." something they said mccabe could not have accomplished. >> shannon: catherine herridge. with rosenstein on the way out, will bill barr investigate this alleged plot to use the 25th amendment against president trump? joining us now, national security attorney bradley maas and fox news contributor jason chaffetz, former chairman of the house oversight committee and author of "the deep state." i want to play something that elizabeth warren said today
8:21 pm
about this issue of using the 25th amendment. >> if they believe the president has a problem that triggers the 25th amendment, then their loyalty is the constitution of the united states. it's that simple. >> shannon: jason, if that's what they literally thought, were they taking the right steps? >> well, there was no underlying evidence of that. there is no underlying evidence of the need for a russia probe. there was no underlying evidence of anything in the 25th amendment. if you believe what mr. mccabe said to scott pelley on "60 minutes" ." remember mr. mccabe was fired, something that is rare for federal employees, for lying. he was the subject of a february the inspector general about lying under oath three times, lying four times in total. i don't think we can really believe anything that he says. i do think mr. baker, though, he
8:22 pm
does have a lot of credibility but that's why congress has to go, and my only hope is lindsey graham will -- if he's not leaving, mr. mccabe, if he's not leaving until mid-march, there's plenty of time to go testified before lindsey graham's committee. >> shannon: rosenstein. mid-march. mccabe is gone. >> yes, absolutely. >> shannon: graham has said this is happening. they are going to get to the bottom of it. in the meantime, victor david hanson writing an article. he says about this whole situation, in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in american political history, marking the first occasion in which u.s. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election and remove a sitting u.s. president. bradley. >> trying not to roll my eyes too hard at this whole thing. this is a once in a generation problem these guys face. they had a candidate where the
8:23 pm
investigation started during the campaign after george papadopoulos starts running his mouth. the investigation is ongoing. the president is not giving up his tax returns. his finances are tied up with deutsche bank. he is saying there is contacts with the russians. his senior officials, campaign chairman selling polling data to russian intelligence operatives. coordinating with roger stone about wikileaks domes. right after he fires james comey, he brags about in the oval office to senior russian officials, including the ambassador. i'm not surprise these guys were freaked out. they don't know what to think. they thought what could we do here, what options. they talked about the 25th amendment. they didn't go to the white house with armed fbi agents. they talked about the 25th amendment to go to the cabinet which would involve the vice president of anything happen. all these people selected by the president.
8:24 pm
>> shannon: jason, there are people raising the point today. >> i disagree with everything you just said. >> shannon: just about everyone has gotten in trouble, it's been for lying to a federal agent and yet we have people here including mccabe himself who got in trouble for lying. they have had to quit or be dismissed and none of them are facing any charges for anything connected to a federal investigator. >> it is what is stunning about mr. mccabe and while he's on a book tour on "60 minutes" instead of facing prosecutors. it doesn't get any worse than this report by the inspector general detailing the four times he lied and yet he's not prosecuted. the department of justice has had this information for more than a year and yet you look at manafort, stone, papadopoulos, i'm not saying that they should be prosecuted but if you're going to have equal justice under the law, they should also be going after the person -- he
8:25 pm
was the acting director of the fbi for a time, for lying. >> shannon: bradley, fair to say the american people might feel better if they realize and felt there wasn't a double standard when it comes to prosecuting. >> of course. it was lack of candor. i represent fbi officials. there is a distinction between lack of candor and actually lying to the fbi. >> shannon: my parents right before they spanked meek, would have said that's not telling the truth. is there debate brewing between the far left and the even farther left? we head out to the campaign trail. >> i am supporting the green new deal. we don't aspire. this is going to be a bad ending. it's very real and it's within
8:26 pm
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>> shannon: as the green new deal gains traction, the questions about its economic viability grow. with the 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls crisscrossing iowa and new hampshire today, it's becoming evident the race the left is on. ellison barber is tracking it and she's here to sort through what they're saying. >> today is presidents' day and some people use president stated to say happy birthday to our first president, george washington. some use it to say happy birthday to all our presidents. others just use it to stay home from work. these 2020 hopefuls use the holiday weekend to hit the road and try to convince americans in places like new hampshire, iowa, and california that their vision is the right one for america. >> in the face of hatred and
8:31 pm
bigotry, we can bring love and healing. this is that moral moment in our country. >> when you want a build a wall, when you want to divide a mother from her child, you are destroying the basic moral, decency of this country has always believed in. that is wrong. >> we do not have gun safety laws because of fear of lobbyists. instead of understanding that our values should be about protecting our babies when they go to school. >> we confront those problems together. i promise you. our tomorrows will be better than our yesterdays. >> at least six owners consider running for president have publicly backed the green new deal. critics say it's unrealistic and would cost way too much money. in new hampshire, senator cory booker told fox news he believes that argument is nonsense. >> a guy who was a former mayor that shows you you can revive
8:32 pm
your economy and great a bold future. we environmentally retrofitted the buildings. saves taxpayers money, creates jobs for community and lowered the carbon footprint. this lie that's being put out that being green and responsible is going to hurt the economy, it's a lie. >> senator kamala harris supports the green new deal but talked about it more aspirational term saying that it requires us to have goals. some we will achieve and some we will not. tonight senator klobuchar said the same thing at a town hall in new hampshire. senator klobuchar says the debate is important and needs to start now but she doesn't think everything in the green new deal can be achieved by 2030. >> shannon: pretty ambitious. thank you. with the green new deal taking center stage on the campaign trail, we are starting a new series about the pitch for a policy intended to dramatically reshape america as you now know it. the green new deal got its start with self-described democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and massachusetts democratic senator ed markey.
8:33 pm
correspondent doug mckelway brings us up to speed. >> never and our history of the interests of all americans then so united. >> if unity about climate change ever existed, within moments of the green new deal rollout, it tore apart. two days before this press conference, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez posted a green new deal fact segment on her website, saying that of the alleged ten years mankind has come of the "we are not sure we can get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast." providing economic security for all unwilling or unable to work. a torrent of really cool follow -- ridicule. >> it sounds like a high school term paper they got a low mark. >> within hours, ocasio-cortez's office deleted it from the website. her chief of staff tweeted that
8:34 pm
it was an early draft posted by mistake. an advisor to the ocasio-cortez offered a different explanation. >> she tweeted it out to laugh at it, if you look at her latest tweets. some republicans put it out there. >> the cornell professor was mistakingly referring to a parity of the faq. mitch mcconnell, well-known for his disdain of showboat, announced a showboat. >> see how they feel about the green new deal. >> this cheap cynical ploy evidently represents the sum total of senate republicans leadership on the vital issue of climate change. >> 67 democrats signed on, including many presidential candidates yet stung by the ridicule, sam temper their support. >> why not have an aspirational goal. >> aspirational goal is vague. the rest of the week, we will
8:35 pm
try to pin down the consequences of the green new deal. >> shannon: thank you. we will bring you those pieces each night on "fox news @ night news @ night." progressive versus progressive. bill de blasio, freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and they canceled amazon deal. she says the city promised the retailer in tax incentives that should be spent on other programs but that's not how it works. >> that $3 billion will go back, it was after we get the jobs. there is $3 billion.
8:36 pm
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to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has become the young face of american socialism. after taking fire from democrats over pulling out of new york and taking with a 25,000 potential jobs, now even the far left is taking ocasio-cortez to task.
8:40 pm
>> here's the thing. i am a proud progressive and progressives need to do a show working people that we will get more for them. >> shannon: michelle ritchie, charlie kirk, david her david . de blasio says they want to communicate that you can be progressive and not kill jobs. can they do it? >> apparently they can't. the difference between populist socialism that sounds good and all that and the actual nuts and bolts of policy are very different. aoc is more than real life socialist than de blasio because she's actually practicing what she preaches. you can't embrace big companies. you can't give them any incentives for competition you can't bring them into manhattan or anywhere else, or new york.
8:41 pm
i think it can't work. that's the rift that's happening in the democratic party. >> shannon: she's become the star of the show for a lot of people. social media. young people attracted to her mission. rochelle, i want to play something she said about the berlin wall. >> no matter how you feel about the wall, you know, i think it's a moral abomination. it's like the berlin wall. >> shannon: ed morrissey says the berlin wall's moral abomination came from its intent to trap people inside a communist system when they want to fleet. 5,000 crossed over into freedom. they didn't care if anyone wanted to enter east berlin. if nothing else, you would think a cheerleader for socialism would know to avoid references like this. she thinks she's getting unfair treatment. she is provocative. >> there is a media spotlight on
8:42 pm
her because of the things she says and because of some of the very outlandish ideas she has. she has this whole socialist idea, medicare for all, education for all. i definitely want people to be able to get the health care they need. i want people to get the education they need but that has to be a fair process in order to make those things happen. this debacle that happen with amazon, i live in manhattan and so it's really unfortunate for those people that live in long island city that had an opportunity to get a job. i'm not sure what she thought was degrading about an average salary of $150,000 a year. this is a woman who came from being a bartender. now she's telling other people that an average salary of $150,000 a year is not good enough for you. she has done a lot of damage to people that want of those jobs. the businesses that were planning for people to come and work there. the realtors that were
8:43 pm
refurbishing their brownstone staff people, and move in. all of a sudden, it's just over. amazon is going to take their business elsewhere and i'm sure any other cities going to be glad to have them. >> shannon: charlie, we had new polling out in the last few days about socialism, capitalism. for the most part people reject the idea of socialism. one of the biggest groups most interested in this for young people. here's what rush limbaugh has to say. >> we've done a real disservice to our young people. you look at this new green deal and you look at the things they think are true. they live in the greatest country ever. they have more opportunity for contentment, happiness, success than ever. and they think they live in a country that's unjust and immoral. they have an ill educated, male educated. it's a shame. >> shannon: charlie, where is the disconnect? your youngster. >> this is something i fight on college campuses every day and that our organization turning point usa is up against.
8:44 pm
for years i've been trying to warn people that there will be an outward socialist under the age of 35 it will come to congress and that person will gain a lot of momentum. i knew that because the college campuses are a harbinger of things to come. what she is saying is the exact dogma that's taught in our universities. america is a bad place. business is evil. redistribute of policies are going to work and socialism hasn't been tried. it seems very radical to mainstream america because it is. this is the philosophy being taught in universities. we campuses come to congress. the rest of america can decide if you really want to sort of ideology to be mainstream. i know for one i'm going to fight as hard as i can to make sure our generation does not embrace these ideals. >> shannon: charlie, rochelle, david, thank you. president trump tells venezuela's dictator nicolas maduro step aside and end the violence. how far is the president willing to go to ensure those people's
8:45 pm
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8:49 pm
is free, this will become the first free hemisphere in all of human history. >> shannon: president trump declare he will make the western hemisphere beacon of freedom as he vows a new day is coming from venezuela and latin america. joining is now, a former senior u.n. diplomat to venezuela. and a diplomate during the obama administration. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> what did you make of the speech today? national security advisor bolton said -- the president keeps saying that everything is on the table. >> absolutely. first of all, please allow me to think president trump and his team not only for the immense humanitarian effort, for his continued support and also and most portly, for bringing back
8:50 pm
home to the venezuelan people. today it was incredible. he was -- it was the final notice to allow the humanitarian aid to come in and a very peaceful way. otherwise, i believe that they will face the consequences and he was very clear to point out that all the options are still on the table. >> shannon: brad, i know that you think there were positives about the speech but you had a concern that portions of it were directed at a u.s. domestic audience talking about the evils of socialism potentially as a rallying cry here in the u.s. >> this isn't a left or right issue. it's a right or wrong issue. i firmly believe that both democrats and republicans should combine the policy of strong action on venezuela. unfortunately what the president said today in miami, i
8:51 pm
don't think it reached across the aisle. i don't think it reached across the political spectrum in latin america or around the world. we still need the support of these countries to force maduro from power. >> shannon: what do you make of that? >> i have to tell you we have to work together. after is resurrecting democracy in my country, to make sure neither venezuela or the american hemisphere will ever have 21st century socialism. we need people free to choose their governments. they need to be able to eat. what we are talking about here shannon is tyranny versus democracy. hunger and suffering versus hope. it's freedom and life versus death. this is what we are fighting. we are in the gateway of the
8:52 pm
united states and the i we do have two eradicate this radical movement that oppress our people and bring the worst social control and political control. >> shannon: much of the president's message today, to the people and the military leaders. we know who's controlling the money and what's happening. we are asking you to be part of helping your people and not turning on them. how do you think that will be received? >> that was a positive part of the speech. i think it was an unmistakable, unambiguous message to the military. a number of whom are sitting on the fence right now, trying to decide, do they cast their support in with juan guaido, do they stay with maduro? trump made it clear to them there will be consequences. i think they needed to hear that. >> shannon: do you think,
8:53 pm
isaias, you talked about hope and encouragement to the people of venezuela. do you think they were able to hear and process this message today? >> absolutely. the continued support from the trump administration has allowed our interim constitutional president, juan cueto, to garner this incredible support. he already has at least more than 700,000 civilian voluntary's to cross the border and bring humanitarian aid. now it's up to the military to stand back to allow, to bring back help. bring back the rule of law and stand on the right side of history. >> shannon: we are at the beginning of how this plays out. saturday is a big day. brett and isaias, thank you for weighing in. we appreciate your expertise. keep an eye on the story. an alabama woman who joined isis years ago is now begging officials to let her back into the u.s.
8:54 pm
the plea from hoda muthana comes following her recent escape from isis capture by kurdish forces. she's being held in refugee camp in northeast syria. stick around for our midnight hero. another police officer going above and beyond. you don't want to miss that story. in the western round, an update on a california law that allows the state to take firearms away from certain gun owners. that story and more when we return. can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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8:59 pm
send of the alaskan national guard to the u.s.- u.s.-mexico border. they pulled their troops back. president trump has not taken off got up on that offer. museum employees, a group of protesters. happened at the border patrol museum in el paso, texas. some of them were bandannas and chanted "say it loud say it clear border patrol kills." they said there shouldn't be a museum for. charges will be pursued. it's time for tonight's "midnight heroes." a dad in new jersey. she is seven months pregnant, which was at a local diner. saving up as much money as she can ahead of her first child. he spent $8.75, but he tipped her $100 and left a short note saying enjoy your first. you will never forget it.
9:00 pm
it made his little girl cry and made her year. you are already a hero. but tonight, you are a midnight here. most grateful you spend the evening with us. good night from washington. i'me shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." tv star jussie smollett claimed to be the victim of a racist, anti-gay attack at the hands of two trump supporters, the entire news media immediately believed him and demanded the rest of us to as well. now that story is coming apart according to police forces, he actually orchestrated the entiri attack himself. elizabeth has been following from this from the very beginning. she is a reporter from variety. >> hi tucker, reports are swirling that the alleged hate crime against the empire star jussie smollett was all a hoax as he staged the attack on himself, two arrests were madee late last ekf


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