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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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it made his little girl cry and made her year. you are already a hero. but tonight, you are a midnight here. most grateful you spend the evening with us. good night from washington. i'me shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." tv star jussie smollett claimed to be the victim of a racist, anti-gay attack at the hands of two trump supporters, the entire news media immediately believed him and demanded the rest of us to as well. now that story is coming apart according to police forces, he actually orchestrated the entiri attack himself. elizabeth has been following from this from the very beginning. she is a reporter from variety. >> hi tucker, reports are swirling that the alleged hate crime against the empire star jussie smollett was all a hoax as he staged the attack on himself, two arrests were madee late last week of the chicago police department officially
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named two nigerian brothers as suspects, not just persons of interest. hours later both the suspectsts were released without any charge filed, due to new evidence,, clearing the two brothers. with the term of events the chicago pd wants to re-question smollett.o i spoke with his publicist who told me there are no plans for jussie smollett to meet withok chicago police today. any news reports suggesting otherwise are inaccurate. the brothers who were initial suspects were both extras on empire and they knew him. he told police that he was attacked by two white men on january 29th, they yelled homophobic and racial slurs, pouring bleach on him and putting a rope around his neck. the police entered the twout suspects home with a search warrant in chicago they found a black mask, bleach bottles and a script from empire. the manager told us exclusively at variety that he was on the phone with the client during the incident and he heard the slurs
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yelling, "this is maga country." he refused to turn over his cell phone and he eventually turned over heavily redacted phone records. smollett is denying the attack was staged, but reports haveve surfaced that he rehearsed the act with the two nigerian brothers and even paid them close to $4,000.0. the brothers fled to nigeria the night of the attack and did not return till the police pick the0 up and they began two days of questioning while today the two brothers spoke to a local chicago affiliate and this is what they said. "we are not racist. we are not homophobic we are not anti-trump." we were born and raised in chicago and we are american citizens. lawyers for smollett are standing by the client story sing as a victim of a hate crime who has cooperated with the police, jussie smollett is angered and devastated by a recent supports that they are individuals he was familiar with.
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he has now been further victimized by these alleged perpetrators. nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying. that is from his lawyers. >> tucker: amazing story. thank you very much. i appreciate it. almost 3,000 people were shot in the city of chicago last year. men, women, small children, sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. many hundreds of them died. not a single one of those people received anything like the attention the media has lavished on a relatively minor assualt oe the actor jussie smollett. none of the shootings were even half as useful as smollett story. his story had everything. the national media gave up the pretense of gathering news, journalism is now explicitly a political job. the point if it is to enforce cultural orthodoxies and punish enemies. jussie smollett was the perfect vehicle for both of those things.
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the journalists pretended to be horrified, but secretly they were thrilled. >> there are many indications of a hate crime here. they are looking for two suspects who were wearing make america great again hats, though that has not been officially confirmed. >> we don't know what happened, we do know that racism is alive and well in this country. there is real evidence of people who have done these crimes, they cite the president has inspired them. >> the fact that they said this is maga country adds to the atmosphere of menace that african-americans in particular, people of color in general have felt since the advent of the trump administration. >> the media has cast so much doubt on his story which i find so personally offensive that a gay, black man is targeted and then suddenly he becomes the victim of people's disbelief.
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it is so outrageous. >> he said his attackers hurled racial and homophobic slurs at him. this is america 2019. >> tucker: this is america 2019. the national media story, it was the perfect metaphor for the trump era. it was also pretty clearly aho total crock. his account began to pull apart within hours after a series of leaks from the obviously skeptical chicago police department. smollett's handlers paired him with an anchor they could rely on. he sat for 16 minutes with robin roberts of "good morning america." she knew there was ample evidence that he was lying, but she decided to ignore that, instead they colluded with him. she nodded sympathetically as he wept on camera. she asked no significant follow up questions, the two parted like old friends. they both turned out to be talented actors. check our their performance on
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youtube before it is scrubbed. you will never watch "abc news" again. virtually everywhere the uttered is dishonest. he began to explain the men who attacked and were not muggers, they didn't want money. they assaulted him purely because of his identity. people like jussie smollett are not allowed to live in donald trump's america, that was the message of the attackers. this is maga country they screamed., referring to chicago, a city where 80% of the population voted against donald trump. as a crime story it didn't make a lot of sense, when skeptics on the internet raised questions to he attacked them as racist. >> if i had said it was a muslim or mexican or someone black, i feel like the doubters would have supported me much more. a lot more. that says a lot about the place that we are in our country right
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now. the fact that we have these fear mongrels, these people that aret trying to separate us and it is not okay. >> tucker: what you just heard is a near perfect inversion of the truth as he might have put it. who is the fear mongrel here? who is dividing us and who is the victim in all of this? smollett claims that he is the victim. he tells us that he represents the most despised and unfashionable groups in america, that is why bigots doubt his story and the rest of us nod as if this was true because we are required to do that. that is how dishonest are to society has become. everyone must lie all the time. we know the rules, we have no choice. meanwhile our leaders immediately jump to the defense of the supposedly unpopular person before even hearing the evidence. within hours at least twoo presidential candidates have
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described what happened to himt as an attempted lynching. they assumed that he must be telling the truth, by definition, they smeared anyone who doubted him. they called him a hero. is the treatment that marginalized people received? no, hardly. smollett isn't powerless, farin from it. his power lies in pretending that he has no power, in fact jussie smollett and his promoters are the aggressors in the story. they launched a calculated campaign of slander against the entire group of people who have far less wealth and far less cultural influence than they have. if there is a biased crime here, they committed it. will anybody be heldd accountabe for this? don't bet on that. in 1987 al sharpton introduced the media to a young women, tawana brawley, she had an awful story to tell. she said she had been viciously raped by a group of racist white man and left in a garbage bag. she was covered in feces with racial slurs scrawled on her body. the case dominated headlines across the country for more thad
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a year, it bitterly divided new york city along ethnic lines lines, people hated each other. it was all a lie. after conducting hundreds of interviews, the grand jury declared the entire story fraudulent, none of it actually happened. she fled the state, a judge ordered al sharpton to pay for damages for accusing innocent men of that should've been the end of his career, yet just the opposite happens. before he promoted her lies, he was known as a small-time hustler, an fbi informant from brooklyn. a man who had been james brown's road manager. after he perpetuated the single most destructive racial hoax in memory, he got a promotion. he became the world famous civil rights leader. he ran for president. he became a policy advisor to barack obama. according to visitor logs, he was invited to the obama white house more than 80 times.a he got his own show on msnbc which he still has.
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he has never apologized or acknowledged the harm he did to this country by lying about her case. no one has forced him to. the lesson of al sharpton was clear to everyone watching, there are no penalties for hate hoaxes. there are only rewards. not surprisingly, there have been many more since. the incident escaladed dramatically after the 2016 election. the muslim student who claims she was assaulted by racists in trump hats. the muslim woman in san diegoo who alleged the same. an anti-asian attack in minnesota. an anti-gay attack in california. racial in delaware. racial graffiti at the air force academy. anti-semitic threats phoned into jewish centers. all fake. those and many, many more. the much-hyped epidemic of hate crimes we have heard so much about is essentially is made up. the premise is absurd. america is not a hateful country. it is the most welcoming place on earth.
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that is why even as our children learn from their teachers what a bigoted country this is, millions continue to stream in from africa and latin america for a better life here. it is why we have welcomed more refugees and immigrants than any nation in history.. it is we rescued ilhan omar from a refugee camp in kenya. we are kind people. w you see it in your own life. how many violent racist you know personally? none probably. that is because there aren't any in america. the left has to invent them. stoking race hatred gives power to the party, divided populations are easier to manipulate and rule. there would be no democratic coalition without racial animosity, it is what holds their constituencies that is the part of of identity politics. it is why they forever reopening the wound. it is why al sharpton is still a revered figure. the cost to the country has been high. ask the kids from covington catholic school. for the crime of having
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unfashionable beliefs, a group of entirely innocent high school students can post them in their lives destroyed. that didn't happen by accident. the national media did that. they concocted a hate crime out of nothing. the twitter mob then demanded those boys be expelled from school and marked for life. their parents were threatened and their classmates were harassed. after two days the video surfaced proving that none of it was real.. the mob moved on. what if the video had not emerged?ov cnn panels panels would be screaming for their blood. you sometimes hear people wonder why the media never seemed to learn anything from moments like this, moments where they are exposed as corrupt and reckless. the answer to that question is very simple, it never occurs to them that they may be wrong or have something to learn. they see themselves as teachers, not students. if you ever try to put a sleepy 4-year-old in a snowsuit before school, you know how journalist feel about the audience. it is frustrating when children don't understand or obey, but you have to keep trying. that is how they feel.
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listen as that oily media kid from cnn explains that the jussie smollett hoax is not in any way reflect poorly on the people who promoted it. >> perhaps the question was not tough enough, ultimately this is not about the media or politicians or activists, it is about jesse. >> tucker: oh, yeah, it is about jussie. it has nothing to do with any of us in the media who uncritically repeated his lies night after night for a political effect. it is his problem now. that is nancy pelosi's new position now, after the story broke on the newswires the speaker of house denounced the attack "may we all commit to ending this hate once on foryb all." she since deleted did that tweet, she has not apologized for her own role in perpetuating that hate. she should apologize and not simply because it is good
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manners. hate hoaxes make ethnic groupss fear and distrust each other. that is a dangerous thing to do in a country that is becoming more divided by the day. the only way to prevent future jussie smollett's is for the people who promoted this to acknowledge what they have done. ask for forgiveness and pledge to stop judging others on the basis of racial stereotypes. we need to resolve the jussie smollett story. we can't just move on and act like it never happened, which is their plan. he himself made that point actually at the end of his interview at "good morning america." watch. >> i still want to believe with everything that happened, that there is still something called justice.eve >> tucker: we got that in common. something called justice. we all want to believe that. more on the jussie smollett story after the break. w it is still developing. why were the police skeptical of this story from day one while journalists whose job it is to
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♪ >> this is happening for a reason. why all of the sudden do we have people unable to study while black? why all the sudden do we have people unable to have a picnic while black and being attacked? it is coming from the president of united states. he is dog whistling every day. >> tucker: victim is now the highest honor of the american ruling class can bestow on a citizen, like victoria cross was in the first world war. for three weeks jussie smollett wore the victimhood mantle, it
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appears to be now a sham. instead he was likely victimizing other people. the press controlled things and he would have gotten away from it. the local police were skeptical from the very start. they apparently exposed a bizarre plot that nobody would predicted as outset. mark morgan was the head of the border patrol under barack obama and before that he spent more than 20 years at the fbi. thank you very much for coming on. underneath all of this is the largest story of chicago, which has an epidemic of shootings anr murders. 3,000 shootings last year. fewer than 1 of 6 murders is solved resolved in chicago. as i watched this i kept thinking, what is the manpower that has been diverted from actual crimes to work on this for crime? >> that is one of the most infuriating parts of this. they have a shooting about every two hours, a homicide almost every 12 hours.
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the chicago pd, even though they were skeptical, they took it serious and they didn't outstanding job. they devoted 12 of 15 senior detectives around the clock to work on that, do the math. they could have been doing other stuff, solving real crimes to help the people of chicago. >> tucker: if this is what it appears to be, that seems like an actual crime. i can't remember -- we were just talking about alim sharpton, who has a show on another channel. he is richer and happier than ever. he perpetuated the greatest race hoax in my lifetime and walks free. do you think smollett will face a similar bright future after this? >> i hope so. and i think you have been very fair and balanced tucker. if the evidence does show wheree it is leaning, the district attorney should take this before the grand jury and get the indictment which means he will be arrested. it is a class four felony in chicago, he will spend serious time. i hope the chicago pd writes out
9:22 pm
a bill and make some pay for their services. >> tucker: do you think it is possible that andy lack at msnbc will hire him to join al sharpton in a race hoax block? [laughs] i couldn't resist.n the criminal penalties though, it doesn't seem like anyone is ever charged. i can think of a long list on the top of my head of hate hoaxes in the last couple of years, i can't remember anyone doing time for it. >> what i will say and most investigators and detectivesha will tell you this, falsifying claims, this isn't anything new. this happens on a regular basis and that is why from acl law enforcement perspective it was so frustrating. it is not just a rush of judgment to assume it is a fact, what you see is a step further. they are not just excepting every allegations as a fact, they are immediately placing blame hours after it happens. >> tucker: what happens after a society in which people's skin
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color makes the more believable or less believable? i thought that is what we were against and yet i saw a lot of people when we played this clipg earlier saying this guy looks a certain way and therefore you must believe him isn't that what was wrong with the jim crow south when people had that attitude? >> that is exactly right. let's be honest, we are already a country that is very divided on this issue. when something like this happens, what happens? it further divideser us. i hope if the evidence shows, i hope the da does the right thing and holds him accountable. >> tucker: i wonder after a while if the pressure doesn't become so intense that justice is no longer blind. we should be trying for that, i would hope.o have we given up trying?g? >> i can tell you chicago pd has not given up. they did the right thing even though they were skeptical from the start, they did everything they could. they took us hate crime very serious and the work that they have done, i hope they let the american people know just how
9:24 pm
difficult it was with what they have done. they did the right thing. i think we are okay from a law enforcement perspective. they will still do the right thing. i hope the divide, the anti law enforcement movement, i hope this serves that. d the law enforcement will still do their job. no matter the vile things that are said, chicago pd did exactly what they were supposed to do. >> tucker: it makes everybody hate each other, so sad. thank you very much. the press blasted smollett's original allegation to the entire country as they did with covington, the fake duke lacrosse rapes and a lot of other stories that conveniently confirmed their own personal bias. they learned nothing from any of these hoaxes which again they helped perpetuate, they prefer to forget they ever happened. will this time be different? robby soave is the worlds living expert on this, author of the book, "panic attack, young
9:25 pm
radicals in the age of trump". i said, you are an expert on hoaxes like this. i said, if we find out more on this smollett case i hope you will come back and you have. my first question is, what about the stats that you often hear about these hate crimes? i always hear, one of five will die in a hate crime or whatever. they seemed very large, are they real? >> the short answer is no. if you look very carefully, it is easy to misrepresent. there was an increase from 2016 to 2017 in hate crimes, but if you look, more agencies reported data to the federal government that year. just counting the issue more accurately will make it look like the problem is getting worse when really there werere fewer people participating in this scheme to count hate crimes the year before. statistics about anti-semitic hate incidences they said there
9:26 pm
was a 60% increase since trump was elected. actually anti-semitic violence was way down and what was up was that one deranged teenager who actually lived in israel who had sent bomb threats to jewish institutions. that was the entire swing, it was just him doing that. these were small numbers of overall crimes. so it is easy to change depending on how you count and tally, it looks like it is happening and rising and we can point to why that is. that can't be further from the truth. >> tucker: what you have is interest groups giving misleading statistics to the media, but in this specific case, the media don't push back. if philip morris says to me, marlboro's are good for your health, i might want to google it. when these groups say, they send fake stats to the "new york times" they don't even check? >> right. those stats weren't even scientific, they are surveys from their own members, who are
9:27 pm
very interested in promoting the idea that there is a surge in hate crimes. with the media institution and when you read their stories, they lead with the headline of, this is a figure that thee activist group said and maybe many paragraphs down if you are lucky you get, by the way, this is comparing apples to oranges.a >> tucker: you are one of the only people i know in the media -- >> it is so hard to tell what percentage of these things areoa hoaxes. a lot of times, if we are talking about the college incident where someone does something, it may not be criminal, but it violates the college policy orol something. something racially offensive. often times they're just not solved. when they are solved it seems to me, a lot of the time it ends up being a hoax. that is just from which ones i see get solved. i can't say. >> tucker: of the cases that
9:28 pm
have been solved, off the top of your head, what percentage are fraudulent? >> it could be as many as every other, probably. >> tucker: wow. a long line. no surprise there. great to see you. congrats on the book. andrew mccabe says the fbi schemed to remove the president, their boss from office. what is happening at the doj? we have an update after the break. instead of covering herup campaign, journalists are giving kamala harris fashion tips. what hardworking reporters! more examples of them at work, after thein break. ♪ work, work, after the break. this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews.
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♪ >> tucker: andrew mccabe's much-hyped "60 minutes" interview aired last night and during it he says that deputy attorney general rod rosensteing offered to wear a wire, a recording device to collect evidence on his boss, president trump.
9:33 pm
watch. >> the deputy attorney general offered to wear a wire into the white house. he said i never get searchedfe when i go to the white house, i could easily wear a recording device and they wouldn't know it was there. now he was not joking, he was absolutely serious and he brought it up in the next meeting we had. >> tucker: crazy people. after that aired the president tweeted that mccabe and rod rosenstein engaged in illegal and treasonous behavior, maybe the most amazing thing is that as of right now, rod rosenstein is still the deputyow attorney general of the united states of america. how does that happen? victor davis hanson joins us tonight. he is still the deputyor attorney general? at some point the president is his boss. that is what the constitution says. i'm getting confused as how this is continuing.
9:34 pm
>> he created a pseudo-immunity for the media and politico said that if he was let go, it was tampering into the mueller investigation.e on that clip you played, andrew mccabe is not a psychiatrist either is rod rosenstein. they knew the constitutional limits of the 25th amendment, as a president like woodrow wilsont the last week of fdr. it is not a president you happen to disagree with. what they are discussing is how to overthrow or abort a presidency. one of the most disturbing o things of the interview was the high school journalism. he came onto the scene, remember? the word insurance policy under the peter strzok page text. why wasn't asked what that was? why wasn't he asked why he went
9:35 pm
to a fisa court and did not appraise the judge that that dossier that he said was the chief piece of evidence to get a warrant on a u.s. citizen, he was not verified. the author had been fired and most importantly it was a product of hillary clinton's campaign. he didn't see any of that and nor was he asked in an interview. not only is he engaging in unethical and maybe even unconstitutional behavior, but he has a record of leaking according to the inspector general and not a telling the truth this evening. you've mentioned this too. what really gets us upset, the american people, we have these sanctimonious boy scout self righteous, james comey, peter strzok, andrew mccabe. they feel that somehow they have the rationale or prerogative to be that they could tell people when a president should go and when he should come in and what the court needs to know and what
9:36 pm
he doesn't, when they can leak confidential information. when they can tell under oath a committee they don't know. we can't do that. us, the people. they created a hierarchy or some kind of cadre in washington, like a guard where they are not subject to the limitations that we all enjoy is what you can do. mix that with self-righteousness, hired loyalty, all the dramatic language, it is depressing. >> tucker: it is depressing. isn't it also ironic that all of this is being conducted in the name of protecting democracy? they are subverting an office holder, their boss in the name of protecting democracy. is anyone self-aware enough to get this? >> i don't think so. i think they feel it is trump as a special case and that is the
9:37 pm
best take on it.hi the worst case is that they thought all along that hillary clinton -- they started this during the campaign thinking that she was going to be elected and the behavior would be excused, if not rewarded. once that failed they thought they would take this campaign effort, the dossier. when he said he opened up the counterintelligence investigation, he had no grounds for doing so. all he had was the rumors and the smears and the slander of this dossier. he had been told in 2016 byst bruce ohr that it was unverifiea in his own spouse worked on it. that is all just rhetoric, he said to scott pauli, i was opening up a counterintelligence investigation. not only do we have a right to do that, there is no evidence to do that. he is not andrew mccabe indeed, he is not a doctor, or a constitutional lawyer. if he has a problem with donald trump and thinks he has done something wrong, that is a
9:38 pm
matter for the u.s. congress. >> tucker: i agree. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: democrats running for president have a new rallying cry for 2020, tear down every wall and protect this country. why are they saying that exactly? we will ask the question after the break. ♪ we will ask the question after the break. ♪ (woman) candace, two minutes. too late for lunch. starkist saves the day. sweet and spicy tuna in a pouch! smart choice, charlie. (charlie) no drain, no pain. just tear, eat... and go! try all of my tuna, salmon and chicken pouches.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: a profound moral revolution is sweeping the democratic party. when we say profound we mean profound. this is like the reformation except for there is one thesis. walls are bad!ic kirsten gillibrand of new york
9:43 pm
and beto o'rourke, a one-man road trip somewhere in texas ars both running for president and they put this new thesis in no uncertain terms. walls must be torn down. >> would you take the wall down? >> yes. absolutely. i would take the wall down.ou >> do you think if there was a referendum that would pass? >> i do. >> i would have to ask folks in that part of the country to see whether the fencing that exist today is helpful or unhelpful. i can look at it and see what part he means and why and if it makes sense. i >> tucker: tear down those walls! they are not alone in that. young pioneer alexandria ocasio-cortez says a wall to protect our country is very much like another wall built to imprison a population. listen to this. >> no matter how you feel about
9:44 pm
the wall, i think it is a moral abomination. i think it is like the berlin wall. >> tucker: like the berlin wall! what city did that divide? that is the question i want to ask. thank you for coming on. i was shocked to hear alexandria ocasio-cortez is criticizing east germany. s she is not the person i thought she was. >> again, when she says that walls are immoral i think she is not saying -- i don't think anyone thinks walls are immoral, i think what they're saying that it is something that walls us from our allies rather than our enemies t is immoral. i somewhere where we are not being invaded, that is immoral. the fact that it is a physical manifestation of the racism that is coming out of the white house, that is immoral.
9:45 pm
>> tucker:us beto o'rourke says that we should tear the walls down that exist on the southern border. i'm pretty sure i understand that he is a rich man, i think he has married ito a billionaire family. i bet he has some pretty stout locks on his doors. why should he be allowed to have those? why is that not racist? i'm serious. >> that is not a fair comparison. >> tucker: why? >> when you look at it, that area around el paso did not really have walls for -- we shouldn't even call this aid wall, it is a gate or a fence. >> tucker: whatever, a physical barrier. >> that barrier is relatively new, when you go back to 1995 and you look at the trends of violent crime in el paso, it has always been one of the safest cities in america. it is not like a physical barrier was built and people got safer.t
9:46 pm
it was always a safe city. >> tucker: it is a wonderful city by the way. great place and great people. juarez, the city right across the river was the most dangerous city in the hemisphere. so they built a wall to keep the dangerous people out of there in the drug war. that would be fair, right? >> i totally understand the motivation for building that barrier, particularly we were in a post-9/11 time where people were afraid of many different things coming from other countries. however when we look at it statistically, before the gate there was nothing. juarez has been violent for a very long time. >> tucker: i think el paso is a majority hispanic city and i think that wall was built with the approval of most people in el paso, not because they
9:47 pm
don't like hispanics, but because there was an actual threat across the way and it served everyone. it doesn't need to be a race dispute. >> 2005 is not the same place of 2019. we can agree there that it went through a period of extreme violence, it is not quite as violent now. >> tucker: i guess the way you're thinking about this is that if there isn't what you call a threat then you don't have a right to protect yourself? beto o'rourke lives in a pretty safe neighborhood and most rich people do. why is that not racist to lock your doors? >> locking your doors is very different. >> tucker: what do you mean? you are surrounded by allies and your law and order treats them like enemies. that is the message. you don't like me enough to let me in? >> first of all we know when it
9:48 pm
comes to migration on our southern border people come through illegal ports of entry, we also know that the vast majority --de we talk about undocumented immigration, it used to be 40% of people overstayed a visa. now the new studies are saying as many as 66% of our documented people come on airplanes. >> that may be right. >> tucker: we will start there. they are talking now, aoc, talking about the right of migration. why doesn't that apply to beto o'rourke and his yard? i'm asking. why don't i have a right of migration there? what makes him so special? >> again, i don't know if he has a gate around his yard. i think private property is different than -- >> tucker: than the country? [laughs]ro
9:49 pm
we have an excellent conversation for next time on private property. i hope you will come back. there is an epidemic of pouncing underway in this country. the republicans are pouncing on people. plus, kamala harris and the news journalists are doubling as her fashion advisors. hilarious story! after the break. ♪ ter the break.
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♪ >> tucker: the symbol for the republican party is the elephant and it has been sincee abraham lincoln was president, yet for much of the last century, the national media has advocated for a different animal mascot for the gop, the tiger. nobody has said that explicitly out loud, but according to a review we did of 85 years of headlines from "the washington post" and "new york times", america'sng biggest newspapers believe that
9:54 pm
the republican party behaves very much like a predatory jungle cat. this is not a crazy comparison, you can see resemblance. republicans tend to avoid densely populated areas, their senses come alive at night. the leader is orange, but above all, they pounce. according to "the times" and "the post," republicans are compulsive bouncers, claws extended, they leap with feline precision and devour. p they can't help themselves. their victims are usually unsuspecting woodland creatures who never see it coming. crouching high on the branches, they land on their prey from above and mercilessly tear them to shreds, sometimes for sport. it is grisly. it happened to alexandria ocasio-cortez just the other no word on how she is doing. she must've been terrified att the very least, that is certainly how the media shows it. they pounced on them a few weeks before that. two weeks before that, republicans pounced on some poor
9:55 pm
congresswoman from michigan, apparently she made the mistake of walking alone on capitol hill at night, r.i.p. the summer before that, conservatives somehow managed to pounce inside the vatican, that is in rome. a long way from washington. republican hunting grounds appear to be more extensive than previously understood. some victims have enduredme multiple republican pounces and lived to tell the tale. hillary clinton, for example. god knows how many pounces she has had to repel, tough lady. barack obama, too. his eight years in washingtonn amounted to a single interruptea republican pounce, imagine the horror of that. no wonder you don't see him much anymore, he is still recoveringo all those claw marks to fill. what is remarkable is how long republicans have been doing this, pouncing on people. here's a "new york times" headline from february 15th,e. 1933. fdr had not even been those
9:56 pm
inaugurated yet and already those republicans are pouncing on him, hard to believe roosevelt made it three full terms. pouncing then, pouncing now, apparently a tiger does not change his stripes. liberal journalists don't pounce of course, they just kamala harris should be getting grilled about her policy ideas, her role in promoting jussie smollett's fake hate crime, but no. instead she is getting fashion advice from reporters sent to cover her. harris was in columbia, south carolina, when cnn's maeve cajoled her into trying on a sequined jacket and then tweeted abouted it. reporters from cnn and "the l.a. times" gushed on twitter about the moment. mark steyn was also watching, if not gushing, and he joins us tonight to assess, pounce! >> okay, i will pounce. kamala harris is a fine looking woman to go all nonpartisan for a moment, but that is not a good jacket, it makes her look like a
9:57 pm
giant rubik's cube. i don't know why those female reporters would do that to her. i am slightly amazed by this story. we know the democrats have a cozier relationship with the media than the republican candidates. i think back to 2004, john kerry took some reporters into a sporting wear shop and in that faintly creepy way he had, he picked an athletic supporter, a jockstrap as we call that in my rugby playing days. to the best of my recollection, whoever was that went in the store with him, sam donaldson, when he did that, they didn't go, the turquoise is really you, senator. the participation of these female reporters in kamala harris' shopping expedition is
9:58 pm
taking it to a whole new level. >> tucker: it is a little discrediting, no?g if your goal was to beev taken seriously as a journalist, you probably wouldn't do this, would you? >> no, i don't think you would. a friend of mine in canada got into trouble for doing this with a royal duchess. i don't particularly approve of it with royal duchesses, we are doing it -- with political candidates who have a platform that they are trying to sell to the people, it is kind of pitiful. she interviewed me a few years ago and she didn't help me pick out a smoking jacket or a spangled bolero jacket or whatever she might have in mindt it is something that -- it gets back to what you were talking about at the first part of the show. the jussie smollett thing. the way the hostility only goes
9:59 pm
in one direction and the cozyy collegiality only goes in the other. >> tucker: i know. i agree with you. very quick, we are almost out of time. i cannot resist asking. what does your friend do with this duchess? >> that is just the royal family. they are getting so chummy and laid-back now. they areth leaving it to the hillary clintons and the nancy pelosis, all that's left of the regal figures in this world today. >> tucker: such a deep point. you always throw something really profound in that i meditate on for the next three days. thank you. we will be back. 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night and we will remain the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. boy, those things exist in abundance right now.
10:00 pm
resist, as they say. it's worth it. this will end at some point. good night from washington, i great news for you. this is unexpected, but it is true. hannity is next. >> sean: [laughs] great news. not expected a 9:00 9:00. tucker, thank you. busy news night. welcome to "hannity." a busy news night. we have branding information in the case off jussie smollett. in january, he told police he was brutally attacked by men on thete streets of chicago, shouting anti-gay and anti-black slurs and shouting this is maga country. tonight jussie smollett is unded investigation for a hoax. we will have a lot more on the story coming up. also, despite obvious red flags in the smollett case, predictably behaved strength media and their friends in the democratic party, they champion the story as unadulterated facts from the get-go.


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