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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 20, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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nasty woman. people on twitter so nice, my response, sweet, another informed activist burning up twitter with facts and substance. biases she was playing politics at age 10. i was outside playing to colleton, not politics, that's all the time we have tonight. a new podcast, go online and get it. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert, second presidential run, bernie sanders threatening to upend the democratic race that was supposed to be about color, use, gender, news on jussie smollett. a reporter at the heart of the story is live with the latest. donald trump denies new allegations he inappropriately meddled in a federal investigation as claimed in the new york times, the president
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calling it fake news and that's not all. welcome to fox news at night. judging from money flowing and it turns out there are plenty of democrats still feeling the burn despite the fact that leaders on the left say they are the ones about youth and diversity. tonight, 77-year-old white man who has been in government for decades taking center stage in the 2020 field of democrats. trace is on the case from the la newsroom. >> reporter: bernie sanders jumping into the presidential race, former vice president joe biden possibly on the verge many on the left issuing a collective sigh. the morning news ran about that
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why bernie and biden should not run. cnn ran about that and why biden shouldn't run. both for the same reasons, too old, too white, too new to campaigns biden has run for president twice and failed badly and democratic observers say the only reason bernie sanders had an unexpected strong showing in 2016 is because he was the only option for younger more liberal democrats opposed to hillary clinton but now the field is filled with young, diverse, exciting candidates including 5 women, a gay mayor and the little man white congressman and kamala harris and cory booker are the future, bernie and biden are the pastore is one social media observer said, quote, please no more bernie sanders or joe biden, you guys are great but it is time for the new youngblood of the democratic party. if anyone can beat trump it is a woman. the midterms have shown us that. old white man versus old white man isn't motivating enough. the new york times took it further examining bernie sanders's failure in 2016 to attract minority support. a problem not likely to improve includes two prominent african-american senators. unless you consider the ma'am -- marist poll showing bernie sanders is highly popular among
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black democrats, second only to joe biden but biden and bernie are leading most of the polls. when sanders through his head in the ring today donald trump said this. >> i like bernie because he's one person that on trade he would agree on trade. >> sanders is good at raising money. 4 hours after he announced he was running, his campaign raised $1 million and money in 2020 is going to be critical because the president as $129 million in his campaign coffers, the most ever by a president at this stage of the campaign cycle. >> presidential campaigns are never really over. we are always a couple months from the next one. the money is piling up, thanks, the president firing back at a new york times report claiming he wanted the former acting
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attorney general to change the prosecutor in charge of the investigation of michael cohen. kristen fisher with the latest, the president not happy about the claims. >> the president's attorney just weighed in on this report in the new york times, claiming donald trump asked then acting attorney general matthew whitaker to see if it trump appointed attorney would recuse himself during the 2016 election. giuliani says it is not true and so does donald trump. >> more fake news. there is a lot of fake news out there. >> reporter: democrats like richard blumenthal say it is part of a disturbing pattern of pressuring law enforcement officers to make investigations go away and makes a strong case for obstruction of justice. the special counsel is investigating similar claims in a separate probe by rod rosenstein. he is stepping down and an hour
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ago the white house seeing his replacement, jeffrey rosen, current deputy transportation secretary and attorney general william barr describes him as a distinct lawyer, harvard law school graduate who worked for george w and george hw bush. in addition to the new york times report today donald trump also fought back against new lawsuits calling is national emergency declaration unconstitutional. the aclu is suing donald trump over his decision to die for it funding for border wall without congressional approval in addition to 16 states that filed a similar lawsuit on monday. >> we are going to be very successful with the lawsuit. it was filed in the ninth circuit and i think we might do well even in the ninth circuit because it is an open and closed case.
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>> reporter: even without the emergency declaration the white house says it has identified $4.5 billion of additional funds which would be enough to build 180 miles of border wall immediately without waiting for the challenges to play out and you know better than anybody in these court challenges it can take some time to play out. >> well into the 2020 election if not beyond so good news for them as they tried to put together their assets. the former acting fbi director is telling his story again tonight. andrew mccabe making new claims about efforts to protect evidence and keep congressional leadership in the loop on his investigation of the president. katherine herridge tracking the story tonight. >> we are at the beginning of an investigation. >> the former fbi director andrew mccabe said congressional leadership on a counterintelligence probe into the president. >> did anyone object? >> no one objected, not legal grounds, not on constitutional grounds, not based on fact. >> reporter: a member of the
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gang of 8 said this was confusing and misleading. the senior lawmakers knew the fbi had opened a case on trump by investigating his campaign. >> it is something we never seriously considered. >> reporter: mccabe thought conversations with rod rosenstein invoking the 25th amendment to remove the president. >> i made a decision not to include these comments in the book because they were exactly that. it never went beyond the realm of a brief offhanded comment. >> reporter: mccabe justified the probe, saying donald trump wanted rosenstein to include
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russia in the memo but as events unfolded two years ago mccabe struck a different tone. >> completely in the president's authority to take the steps that he did. we all understand that. >> reporter: mccabe was fired for lying about his role is challenging those findings from justice department inspector general michael horwitz. >> one of two people in the fbi that had the authority to disclose information to the media. that is in fbi policy baked into the way we run media relations. >> the inspector general covered 3 violations of the ethics code. lack of candor under oath, lack of candor were not under oath and improper disclosure of nonpublic information about fbi investigations the clinton foundation. fbi field agents tell fox lack of candor is cause for immediate dismissal and they say mccabe should be held to the same standard. >> thank you very much. to talk about why the former acting director of the fbi is talking about sensitive topics, here to discuss, isaac right and former national security council spokesman michael landon, author of after the election. we know andy mccabe is making the rounds.
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the president may be something rather nefarious. >> do you still believe the president could be a russian asset? >> that's why we started the investigation, not just to see what director mueller can do? >> reporter: you were part of this administration. is the president a russian asset? >> i was laughing as i heard that. it is the most preposterous thing i ever heard and i am amazed as a national media and political culture have been dwelling on this absurd point for 21/2 years when there's no evidence for it. what stuck out for mccabe's original interview, motivation was to put the russia collusion investigation story on solid footing so nobody could walk it back. that's laughable.
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solid footing? you would think if there were solid footing, 2 and half years and we would have something. i'm still waiting for any evidence of collusion by the president or his team. >> reporter: so far we have had multiple folks look at this, the senate intelligence committee the latest, to say it is not there. we await the mueller investigation but until we do it is speculation. >> michael was looking for what the evidence is. ask paul manafort who was looking at a life sentence. papadopoulos. all of these people lied to the fbi about collusion with russia and are willing to go to prison to protect the secrets about russian collusion. shannon: manafort was convicted on tax, bank and fraud charges. let's be clear about that. >> the indictment says manafort was slipping campaign strategy memos to russian military intelligence.
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that is collusion, period. let's be clear about that. he was not convicted on it, but court documents were clear about collusion. he was giving campaign strategy memos to russian military intelligence. shannon: a shared polling information with russian individuals but i've not heard anything related to collusion. >> keep in mind the charge is an extraordinary one that the president himself is a russian asset, asset is an intelligence term meaning a spy betraying your country, handing information, secret information to a hostile foreign power, that is a crazy and extraordinary thing to say. i find it hard to believe anybody could possibly believe it and you have to asked if the
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president were a russian asset what have the russians gotten out of him, not much if anything. this administration has been tough on russia. it sanctions russia but it hasn't pulled back or altered us policy in ukraine or crimea. it hasn't reopen russian diplomatic installations, it closed more of them, kicked more russian diplomats and known spies out of the united states. doesn't seem to me the administration has given vladimir putin anything he wants and a lot of things he definitely doesn't want. shannon: people who support donald trump will say he has done things like arming folks in ukraine and providing them -- >> why has donald trump refused to allow interpreters or notes to be taken on a single conversation. i didn't interrupt you, don't interrupt me. if everything is aboveboard why are they so determined to keep it secret? why is he the first president in modern history to deny those records, deny notes be kept, to deny readouts be given. >> you don't know what you are talking about. you can google it.
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shannon: we know there are folks on the hill who say they want to subpoena and get their hands on the use notes, what do you say? >> one conversation happened at a theater after the formal meeting in which there were interpreters and note takers. in hamburg at the ga in 2017 the democrats are trying to spin is a scandal. that is the purpose of those dennis, to get foreign leaders into a big room and let them mingle and there are interpreters, no way the president can talk without an interpreter because he doesn't speak russian and firemen doesn't speak english. it is true the policy is to have an american interpreter with the foreign interpreter. a social setting like that doesn't always connect and a sidebar conversation over dessert is hardly a scandal. shannon: there are lawmakers trying to get their hands on that information. we can talk to you guys for an hour, come back, great to have you.
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new twist in the jussie smollett case, some of his scenes are cut from the hit show as police need to talk to the actor. they have a list of questions only he can answer. >> he doesn't want to come in or talk to the police or give his side of the story. the second time. >> reporter: we have the story cover on all angles, mike tobin has the latest and a reporter who came under fire when he expressed basic journalistic skepticism, live. the university of iowa cracking down on christian groups on campus. two of them sued. weight till you hear what an appointed federal judge just decided. hi guys, this is the chevy equinox. it offers a lot of great technology inside. oh, this is fancy. yeah, that's the available hd surround vision camera. the top of your car? it helps you see dangers around the vehicle. what is that? what the?
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>> shannon: ne shannon: new developments in the complex case of jussie smollett, facing massive fall out of his story of being attacked is raising new questions. police want to conduct a follow-up interview. mike to open joins us with the latest. >> reporter: pretty exciting evening following the jussie smollett case. the brothers showed up in criminal court. there attorney was spotted going into the grand jury room and that ended up a meeting with police and their attorney, not the start of the grand jury in the controversial state attorney accused herself, her office issuing this statement. under abundance of caution the decision to recuse yourself was made to address potential questions of impartiality based on you ready with potential witnesses in this case and it was confirmation that he pleaded
12:20 am
no contest in 2007 los angeles to a dui providing false information to police and driving without a license. the day started with that standoff, police wanting him to come into the follow-up interview because of evidence that came out of the interrogation. burr's team made no plans to show up. eventually time is going to run out for jussie smollett if he doesn't submit that interview. police will get a warrant and go pick him up and as we see steps are being taken. shannon: thank you very much. promptly after it was reported, the alleged attack on jussie smollett became a celebrity talking point as politicians and stars demanded answers in the, quote, racist and homophobic attack. joining us from chicago is a fox 32 reporter, great to have you here tonight.
12:21 am
you were asking questions as a reporter because this didn't add up and you have been there, you have police sources. what is your experience like as you unravel this after so many people came after you for even questioning this. >> reporter: we reported that jussie smollett says he was attacked. of the media outlets that blindly reported that he was attacked, that is journalism 101. the old adage as i said last night. if mother says she loves you check it out. also speaking to chicago police and my managing editor working the story with me and talking to her sources they were skeptical from the beginning giving the extremity of the claims, the red hats, the robe, the location
12:22 am
that nobody stepped into intervene, no cell phone video, they expressed that skepticism to me but that is their job, to be skeptical. i voice that skepticism early on, took a lot of flak for it but at the end of the day i didn't take that personally, this became something very politicized very early on by both the left and the right but i did caution against some people, against the outrage without more actual facts coming through and as the facts are coming through it appears that skepticism was warranted. shannon: we are getting more information, some is on the record but we do know is the state attorney has decided to recuse herself. can you tell us what is behind that decision and what happens next? >> reporter: he said because of familiarity with potential witnesses, that's a very vague term, she has some kind of connection to the witnesses themselves, possibly with jussie smollett and if that is the case she's doing the right thing by recusing herself. there are a lot of theories floating around.
12:23 am
i don't know the attorney personally but he is under pressure from the mayor's office and the police do want to prosecute jussie smollett because they believe he fabricated this entire police report and they want to see him prosecuted for that and also we are not talking about the federal investigation going on into that letter that was sent to the empire set. that's a different issue altogether. if they decide to prosecute him on that that's independent of what happens with the chicago police department, you're talking federal time. a whole different list of problems and there are no leaks out of that investigation we have no idea what's going on with that. shannon: his attorney says as a victim of a hate crime who cooperated with the police investigation he is angered and devastated by recent reports that the perpetrators or individuals he is familiar with. he's been further victimized by claims attributed to these
12:24 am
alleged perpetrators come of that he played a role in his own attack, nothing is further from the truth and anyone claiming otherwise is lying. they are not leaving a lot of daylight. >> know, and his first attorney, my sources tell me monaco essentially felt he couldn't work with him because jussie smollett wanted to make that statement you might recall over the weekend that his lawyers released at my sources are telling me that monaco didn't want him to come out that strongly and felt they had a difference of opinion in philosophy so it appears their legal team plan on fighting this, taking it all the way until the 12th round which means i don't know we are in for any resolution anytime soon. shannon: we will follow your twitter feed and come back and join us again when you have news. a covington class like students suing for a quarter billion dollars accusing the washington post of defamation.
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he was a hit in 2016 but many democrats are grumbling about bernie sanders running in 2020. how would you feel if joe biden jumped in? how would they stack up against the president. chris steigerwald is here to answer those questions and more when we return. well, you should definitely see how geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here? that is definitely not for sale! is this a yard sale? if it's in the yard then it's... for sale. oh, here we go. geico. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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♪ >> shannon: tonight, it is official, bernie sanders has joined a 2020 race, and p >> bernie sanders has joined the 20/20 race and plenty of democrats are not thrilled. how do they feel about joe biden and how would either of them match up against donald trump? a task krista i are walled. chris steigerwald. people are feeling the burn. >> and have been for four years. >> let's talk about the 2016 campaign. >> three months paid family and medical leave.
12:30 am
a living wage, $15 an hour. healthcare is a right of all people, not a privilege. radical ideas are now mainstream ideas because of your support. shannon: a lot of people have those same ideas. >> elizabeth warren out matches him. she has the same ideas running in the same lane with serious structural advantages. remember, there's nothing new about democrats wanting these things. this is what they talked about in the 40s, 50s and 60s. this is the old democratic party, the way back machine was they moved away from this in the 80s 90s as they were political setbacks and developed the new clinton is him and obama, cool, technocratic, liberal but not all the way.
12:31 am
this is retro politics. bernie sanders has been around 40 years. shannon: he is so popular with young people. a poll says 18-34-year-olds, sanders is top of their list followed by biden at 18%, kamala harris in the center at 12%. these are old ideas, the young people are digging it. >> far be it from me to pooh-pooh someone else's poll. they are not methodologically up to what i want to see. this is a name identification measure. sherrod brown not electrifying college campuses, not shot through with that effect. bernie sanders was the runner-up, obviously famous and he has a better chance to win the democratic nomination this time around than he did last
12:32 am
time when he ended up with 46% of the vote. the presumptive nominee from the beginning. shannon: weighing the scales. bernie sanders is one of many and as donald trump, if there are people running, with that distribution with the new delegate will bernie sanders imposed. i don't think he is the most likely winner but he could win and if he does it almost becomes the worst-case scenario for democrats. hard to imagine a worse outcome for democrats in 2020 than they nominate a person who embraces the moniker of socialist, is an old white dude and sets up not only are you easy prey for
12:33 am
republicans but almost certainly invite howard schultz into the race. everyone excited about white dudes in their 70s. >> just in, the washington post with a huge lawsuit from the teen at the center of the catholic controversy topping the realtors roundup. the poets engaged in a modern-day form of mccarthyism by bullying covington student sandman. he was wearing a mag a hat after the march for rally when he saw home video clips of him staring at a native american activist who approached him. the lawsuit says rather than digging the truth supposedly sandman because he's a white
12:34 am
catholic student wearing a make america great again hat. sandman's attorney rights it would compensate nicholas for his damages and teach the post a lesson it would never forget. it seeks money damages in excess of $250 million, the amount jeff bezos paid in cash when they participate in 2013. the post says we are reviewing the lawsuit and plan to mount a vigorous defense. a 7-year-old texas boy's mission, selling hot chocolate sparking outrage in his neighborhood. the boy said the man called him little hitler for what he was doing nevertheless he made a lot of money and he raised $6000. some angry neighbors have come back and apologized. and of secure condition that causes heavy, long-term marijuana smokers who vomited for extended periods of time. skeptics debate whether cannabis is the cause.
12:35 am
into the mayo clinic the condition is relieved when the person stops smoking marijuana. taking aim at iran, the trump administration going global to decriminalize homosexuality in contrast to the left's claims that this president is anti-lgbt rights. and part 2 of our series on a green new deal how to california's high-speed train go off the rails? the answers might surprise you. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ ♪ >> shannon: >> the trump administration stepping up its battle with california over high-speed rail, the state scaling back the project the trumpet ministrations is give us back the money we gave you for the project. they depend to cancel $1 billion in federal grant funds and they want to $.5 billion back that was previously granted to the project. the california governor gavin
12:40 am
newsom called a political retribution. california leading the way on the border barrier national emergency. this is california's money and we are going to fight for it. the california bullet train kicks off in an installment examining the green new deal. looking at the proposal's impact on america's financial security. >> reporter: it took a week after the rollout of the green new deal that california governor gavin newsom threw a blanket on part of it, cutting the high-speed rail project. >> abandoning high-speed rail entirely means we would have wasted billions of dollars. >> reporter: the cost. from $10 billion-$77 billion, a warning some say for the utopian vision of the green new deal. >> about 15 years ago, we did $150 million of investment in renewables and a lot of it was
12:41 am
wasted, maybe most of it. >> reporter: even if it was implemented how would it impact climate change? >> if the united states disappeared from the planet right now, the effect on global temperatures would only be about a 10th of a degree by 2100. >> reporter: germany provide the close of the us future with 100% renewable energy. >> they will have spent $580 billion by 2025 on its transition to renewables but emissions have been flat for 10 years. >> reporter: wind and solar require fossil fuel backup if it is with your sunny. germans pay twice as much electricity for household as neighboring france which get 75% from nuclear. wind and solar require lots of land. angry neighbors plan to kill this whole are similar solar array. the green new deal proposes retrofitting every building in the us. >> how much would that cost? >> reporter: one estimate puts it at $1.4 trillion for homes.
12:42 am
supporters argue it is an investment. >> reporter: for every dollar spent on infrastructure we get a return on that investment. >> reporter: sometimes the return is tragic. the grunfeld tower in london caught fire in 2017, accelerating the blaze like kindling, 72 died. there are fire resistant claddings but as with so much more about the green new deal they tend to be more expensive. shannon: ten months ago richard grenell made history as the highest ranking openly gay official in a republican administration. the us ambassador to germany spearheading a global initiative to prove protect lb gt individuals. allison barber has more. >> reporter: the trump administration starting a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality, heavily aimed at iran. officials tell fox news the us ambassador to germany has been
12:43 am
working on this issue for months. a spokesperson in berlin told fox news ambassador rick grew now hosted a meeting on tuesday with 11 lgbt activists in various european countries, the meeting was an opportunity to listen to and discuss ideas how the us could advance, the capitalization of lgbt status and conduct around the world. >> this is not a big policy departure. this is long-standing and bipartisan. >> reporter: the latest efforts by ambassador grew now had a report in january the iran publicly accused of violating the country's anti-gay laws. he called it outrageous and barbaric. at the time told that i'm working on coordination to make clear that criminalizing
12:44 am
homosexuality is incompatible with the universal declaration of human rights. the trump administration has come under fire with lgbt issues at home and abroad. trump administration reversed obama era policy banning transgender people from serving the military. activists said this policy complicates efforts to save lgbt reports that suggest the chechen government was arresting, torturing and killing members of the lgbt community. they pointed to examples like that and told fox news when it comes to the folks on global decriminalization of homosexuality of this commitment is real we have a lot of questions about the administration's intentions and commitment and eager to see proof and action that follow. the recent focus on decriminalization is not only about human rights and iran in general and reframing the
12:45 am
conversation, and it could help the united states and europe reach a point of agreement on iran. shannon: from this global push to decriminalize homosexuality to the gop leading the way and repealing the death penalty and getting, justice reform passed, is compassionate conservatism to.0 or an effort to beat the left at its own game? university of iowa crackdown on christian student groups on campus, two of them decided to sue. find out what an obama appointed federal judge just decided. - i think the best company's succeed as a team
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♪ >> shannon: okay, just befor >> before the break we told you how the trump administration is working to decolonize homosexuality around the world where some people face the death penalty. the wall street journal is putting state-level republicans are looking to abolish the death penalty. the white house liberal and criminal justice reform. are they flipping the script hitting into the 2020 run for the white house? isaac right is with us again. and the federalist, welcome back to both of you. what do you make of this?
12:50 am
these are ideas the left would say they have more ownership of it republicans say the trump administration stepping forward. >> i think it is time to put partisanship aside. of the trump administration is going to come around and this is a genuine intention to do the right thing we should meet them with open hands and welcome them to the fight. the obama administration made a huge issue of decriminalizing homosexuality internationally with the quality outreach program in 50 countries, hillary clinton went to the united nations in geneva and declared lgbt q rights one of the great remaining human rights challenges of our time. of the trump administration is genuine about this we should welcome them with open arms. shannon: rick grew no has been on the show many times and he wrote an op-ed saying time to speak up. countries where people can be
12:51 am
put to death, that is got to stop. charlie kirk, conservative commentator says anti-trump game and takes a hate crime to delegitimize a patriot movement of americans, pro-trump game and launches global effort to decriminalize homosexuality, which one will the media focus on more? do you think there are a lot of skeptics who say they are not sure what the trump administration will do. >> it will be huge to see how the left, and the media can be included in that, react in the way you expect them to, the same policy under a democratic administration. some on the left are attacking his move but i'm not sure that will be the consensus position. we will see if it is but it is a step by the trump administration to show their willing to buck the expectations, they are bucking expectations. a lot of people set out for this president, a lot of people's preconceived notions about this
12:52 am
president may turn out to be false and this is coming under the administration of a vice president routinely charged with hyperbolic language because of his faith on these particular issues. >> an opportunity to encourage that about-face, this should be the opportunity for the trump administration to recant things they said about transgender servicemembers in the military. this should be an opportunity to come together. shannon: we will see how this goes. i want to get you to weigh in on this case from the university of iowa where student groups who had leadership principles if you're going to be in a leadership position, you are expected to live by certain christian principles and that includes no sex before marriage, between a man and a woman, number of christian groups recognized on campus. a couple of them sued. a federal judge appointed by president obama said to the university you got to cut it out, take these groups back, you are applying your human rights
12:53 am
strategies and policies in a way that hurts the christian group but not necessarily others on campus. i want you both to weigh in. >> i'm not an attorney like you. i can't analyze the judge's opinion but i will say as a person of faith that it hurts me to see a group that claims the name of christ that is focused so much effort on being exclusionary when those efforts instead could go towards the message of executing the message of jesus and the sermon on the planes, luke chapter 6, that would be a much better goal of their time and effort. shannon: let's get emily to talk about this. >> i wish we had more time because this is something people don't realize how common it is on college campuses. a lot have these policies, they apply them unevenly. more student groups should sue. i would say to that point a lot of these groups are not focusing their enemy are talking about these particular issues. student on the other side fry to poke and prod them on these
12:54 am
issues. student groups pursue legal challenges because they are effective. shannon: thank you very much. in our closing argument, should democrats grounds donald trump's cherished space force? news on that today? there goes our first big order. ♪ 44, 45, 46... how many of these did they order? ooh, that's hot. ♪ you know, we could sell these. .. ♪ we don't bake. ♪ opportunity. what we deliver by delivering.
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i'm a little bit country. and i'm a little bit rock 'n' roll. i'm a little bit of memphis and nashville. with a little bit of motown in my soul.
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i don't know if it's good or bad. but i know i love it so. with a little bit of country. and a little bit of rock 'n' roll. the all new chevy silverado. it's a little bit country, and it's a little bit rock 'n' roll. ♪ >> today, i'm thrilled to sign a >> i'm thrilled to sign a new order taking the next step to create the united states space force, so important. shannon: a directive greatest branch of the armed forces but up to the democratically controlled house to fund it. russia and china working on weapons capable of taking out us satellites. the air force started launching its own satellite designed to detect those attacks was the
12:59 am
president wents the space was to pack an actual punch. >> that will be a big part of where the defense of our nation and you could say offense but let's be nice about it and say the defense of our nation is going to be. shannon: the idea of a space force captivated pop-culture going back decades and one of donald trump's most cherished ideas. mike pence said he asked about it at least once a month. democrats basically against it, the white house going with space force plan b. of the air force instead of a standalone part of the armed forces. cape canaveral, home to kennedy space center to be the headquarters of the space force. stay tuned. tonight's midnight hero's are bystanders who jumped in and pulled a woman from her burning car. a passerby, dramatic rescue on camera.
1:00 am
she had minor injuries thanks to a good samaritan. some men who rescued her got burned, they are trying to id them. we salute them as midnight hero's. most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. heather: this is "fox and friends first" was happening at 4:00 am on the east coast, more than 2 dozen dangerous ms 13 gang members embedded in the caravan waiting to cross the southern border for weeks and shocking new report proves they are not the only ones. what will democrats say about it? still not enough to convince the critics we need a border wall and california leads the charge. donald trump going after billions of tax dollars wasted on the botched high-speed rail. the war of words heating up on the west coast.


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