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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 20, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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until the wall is built. rob: rapper end the concert after getting hit with a beach ball in the face. he turned around and walked off stage in denver. that's it, a beach ball. jillian: have a good day. lawyers for covington high school student nicholas sandmann they have just filed a 250-million-dollar lawsuit against "the washington post." >> do you still believe the president could be a russian asset? >> i think it's possible. >> if thinking that jim comey is not a good fbi director is tantamount to being a agent of russia just list all the agents of russia. nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, rod rosenstein. >> defend emergency declaration. >> in the end, we will be very successful with the lawsuit. i was put here for security. we need strong borders. we have to stop drugs and crime. [crowd boos] >> who want the wall, they
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are not people who love this country. >> it's possible that jussi smollett may stop cooperating with police and police could seek an arrest warrant by taking the case to grand jury. >> monster winter storm today nearly 1,000 flights already cancelled. ♪ i'm top of the world steve: i don't know about on top of the world but we are here on top of the studio. brian: imagine dragons and hundreds of people. steve: we know a lot of the country today is having cloudsy weather on this wednesday. thank you so much for starting it with us. ainsley: janice is going to tell us all about it flights have been cancelled already and we will give you details. our top story this morning "the washington post" being sued by nick sandmann and his family and lawyers the guy from the covington catholic school for
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$250 million. steve: that's right. our first two stories this morning first about the covington situation and then about jussi smollett out in chicago essentially in the rush to judgment the mainstream media apparently got a couple of stories really wrong. remember, the early video showed and the story was that that young man in the maga cap was mocking the native american who marched up to him as we learned later. according to the lawsuit, they are -- the post targeted him and bullied him because he was the white catholic high school student wearing the maga cap on that field trip on january 18th. brian: the lawyer gave everybody time to apologize and retract people like -- that condemned him and others. many did. the post didn't. this is what sam is saying against the post and the reason for him going forward. the post ignored basic journalistic standards because it wanted to advance a well-known and easily documented biased agenda against president trump.
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the post bull idea an innocent child absolute disregard for the pain and destruction its attacks would cause to his life and i imagine he is still experiencing today. ainsley: they say the post must be dealt with the same way every bully is dealt with that is hold the bully fully accountable for its wrongdoing. we need to teach the post a lesson that it will never forget and the amount 250 million is because that's the amount that jeff bezos paid for the paper, the richest man in america, for the post when his company, nash holdings purchased the newspaper in 2013. steve: this certainly is going to get their attention. the paper has put out a statement and they say reviewing a copy the lawsuit, and we plan to mount a vigorous defense. now. brian: good job. there is a loft video to back up with the kid did. how many angles do we see five to 10. steve: the lawyers put together about a 15-minute video it's all together and it tells a story like we have never seen before. now, you might wonder why
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are they going after "the washington post" first? well, you know, jeff bezos is the richest guyed in the world and they have a beef with him, the covington school. ainsley: they said specifically because of the newspaper said quote that he accosted phillips. swarming him and intimidating. blocked phillips path refused to allow him to retreat. taunting and indigenous crowd engaged in improper conduct. steve: there is a list of 50 other media figures and celebrities and media outlets and reporters and politicians who may be served with lawsuits. you've got to figure that they are probably going after the post because it's owned by the guy with the most money in the united states. and obviously, this is getting a lot of attention on this wednesday morning. brian: by the way the people who started the hostility black israelites seem to be getting a total pass if you see some of the things they said to start the baiting against these kids because they happen to be kids and white is inexciewivelg. i don't know why we are just allowing this to happen. if you walk on a street
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corner on 42 or 44th you see the guys screaming at you all the time. steve: rush to judgment to get the story out and somebody got it wrong. that's the case in this story, too. ainsley: you mentioned that story and you mentioned another story we are covering jussi smollett story. the empire actor could soon be handed an arrest warrant. that's the latest twist in the investigation into the alleged hate crime attack on smollett. steve: matt finn is live in chicago with new information about the actor's criminal record -- wait, he has a criminal record, matt? >> yes. actually documents obtained by fox news indicate that smollett was convicted of a 2007 dui in los angeles in which he did plead no condition test to giving false information to police. here in chicago it's becoming increasingly apparent that chicago police are trying to get a portion of this current case in front of a brand jury. whether that's to obtain a subpoena or some type of warrant. fox news has learned that the two brothers were set to have their testimony locked in before a grand jury but
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that did not happen. two sources tell us smollett's legal team provided some type of information that paused the grand jury process. and this morning chicago police are still waiting for jussi smollett to respond to their request for a follow-up interview since this story took a dramatic turn. smollett's crisis manager says he did not talk to police on monday and did not talk to them yet again on tuesday. also on tuesday, cook county's states attorneys kim fox recused herself from this case. statements say she might personally know some of the witnesses too well. police say they investigated a tip yesterday that the brothers were seen inside of smollett's building on the night of the alleged attack but they ruled that tip unfounded. brian, ainsley, steve. steve: mr. finn, thank you very much. apparently according to cbs chicago, they're say that the brothers have told the police that in addition to staging the attack where he paid $3,500 to them and said okay, when you come back, i will give you another 500.
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apparently they told out police that jussi was involved in creating that racist letter, too. and ultimately he became disappointed it didn't make a bigger splash. so then that's when they decided you know what? let's do something else. let's fake this attack. ainsley: there are reports that say that he made that whole letter. and then sent it to himself where he was working on set. and so they are investigating that. they are going to the postal service. the fbi, you know, is looking into that. brian: federal case and local case and think about all the man hours and all the other crimes in chicago they could have been working on. meanwhile 7 minutes after the hour another fbi guy disgraced major book tour and getting himself in trouble in the process. reminds me of james comey. you can't agree with what james comey is saying and agree with andrew mccabe. you can't agree with james baker and james comey and andrew mccabe. yesterday one of the stops wasview. another stop was cnn as he continues a tact president while his story doesn't add up. he doesn't seem to be able to remember why he was
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unable to tell the truth three times to the inspector general. he doesn't steam remember about an insurance plan when he went with peter strzok and ladies and gentlemen. he remembers exactly his interactions with the president. watch. >> do you still believe the president could be a russian asset? >> >> i think it's possible. i think that's why we started our investigation. >> is there anything in the last year that makes you less suspicious of the president? >> no. [laughter] >> did i answer too quickly? >> no. >> he said that conversation about the 25th amendment did not represent a potential coup. he said it was not very coupe, that conversation. steve: he also didn't put it in his book. something everybody was talking about was not actually put into the book. keep in mind, the inspector general, the guy who looxz over the entire department of justice, he is the guy who said you have got to 2350eur this guy because he broke all the rules. trey gowdy former chairman of the house oversight committee took a look at
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what he implied that the russian -- that the president could be a russian asset and said this on the martha show last night. >> if thinking that jim comey is not a good fbi director is tantamount to being an agent of russia. list all the agents of russia, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, rod rosenstein who wrote the memo getting rid of comey. michael horowitz the inspector general. he gets rid of comey, replaces him with a comey ache light who not only continuals the probe but expands it. so if his goal was to obstruct a russia investigation. gosh, he did a terrible job. brian: very interesting and very sarcastic. i get it other thing he brought up on march that's show so interesting when i through out i was so concerned about being asset of russia i launched a counterintelligence investigation and i briefed the gang c of 8. we never heard anything about that.
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did they express any concern? nobody looked to stop me. that's just the thing. he came ton say because devin nunes and others, they are not allowed to talk about what the fbi briefs them with. so they can't even come back and say he never briefed me. did brief me. i was concerned, i wasn't concerned. he wanted to say something that can't be challenged. ainsley: he was accused of being the source for the "new york times" he told meghan mccain yesterday i was not the source. that's why he got fired. brian: this was the most telling. he called in to fray the inspector general. he says the inspector general might -- when he came out and said i lied three times. he might have been pressured by jeff sessions because president was will. the inspector general was appointed by barack obama. he has never met the president of the united states. this is the first time we can remember an inspector general's integrity being called out by mr. law and order andy mccabe. steve: he is out there trying to officially sell his book that came out yesterday. it's embarrassing for him to be fired by the fbi. what's he doing you?
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noe that inspector general thing? i'm considering suing them to get my job back. clear his name. what do you think? email us, all right. ainsley: meanwhile we have headlines and jillian is over there in her pretty yellow dress. jillian: and your hair cut looks fantastic. gentlemen, you always look great. get you cottrell up on fox news alert we are following for you. police officer is fighting for his life after getting stabbed in the neck. started road rage incident that spilled over into a parking lot in mississippi. off-duty officer shooting and killing the other driver after he was attacked with a knife. neither of them have been identified. the police officer is in critical condition. president trump will nominate jeff rosen as his next deputy attorney general. rosen is currently the deputy transportation secretary. he previously served as general counsel for the department. he was a partner at a chicago-based law firm with attorney general william barr. deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein is expected to step down next month. president trump wants california to give back billions from failed bullet train project. democrat governor nasm calls the threat political retribution for lawsuit over the emergency declaration. newsom saying in part this is california wants money and we are going to fight for it the white house is exploring every legal option to get back the $2.5 billion from the project. how about this? a man aitems to make snow shoveling funnel by turning it into art. robert greenfield recreating one of the world's most famous paintings the mona lisa in ice ice rink in tore robert toe, canada. the artist sharing the time laps video. this is not exactly a masterpiece but i present the snoa lisa. it also be placed in the egg
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glube. >> that's very punny. >> yes, it is. >> ainsley: you wait when it line forever and run in and see it run in and it's teeny tiny. steve: however, not created with a hockey stick. ainsley: no. brian: am i the only one that didn't like the mona lisa? jillian: it was very small. ainsley: we watched it like it was a movie. brian: bernie sanders is officially back in the race. it? >> is time to complete that revolution and implement the vision that we fought for. brian: so is the president feeling the bern? kind of? we will show you next. steve: couple of whales make a big splash next to a group of unsuspecting paddle boardeboarders. >> oh my god.
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♪ brian: democratic socialist bernie sanders has officially entered the 2020 race. president trump was quick to respond. >> i think he missed his time. what happened to bernie maybe was not so nice. i think he was taken advantage of. he ran great four years ago, and he was not treated with respect by clinton.
3:18 am
you have got a lot of people running, but only one person is going to win. i hope you know who that person is. brian: what will be different this time around? let's ask senior advisor to the bernie sanders campaign then and now chuck rocha. have you big news how his announcement was received. >> it was amazing ground swell of support last night. i have never seen anything like it. i have been doing campaigns for 29 years. we raised over $4 million last night from hundreds of thousands of individual donors. i have talked about the problem of money in politics and fat cats on wall street having way too much control. when you start empowering regular people all across the country and they are giving you 5, 10, $20. it's a big shot in the arm and boost to if i campaign. bernie sanders has capitalized on that and it shows his message works. brian: you had a much different field. nobody cared about governor o'malley. nobody cared about lincoln chafee and he had incumbent
3:19 am
that was just basically looking to walk through in hillary clinton. you already got eight opponents already,ible of which have the same policies and they are a lot younger than your guy. what makes your guy different? >> so, i think i would remind all of your viewers exactly how donald trump won the republican nomination when we had debates junior debates and field debates. we're going to have the same issue on the democratic side so that means that the vote is going to be split 10 ways 15 ways. 20 ways. guess which candidate has the core base of support that follows him and i just explained to you that we raised $4 million in 24 hours or more. that's the biggest difference because all the votes are going to be split up in so many different ways. >> what is the perfect model to run on venezuela or cuba? >> i think fdr is the best model. they called fdr a socialist for creating social security. yes, brian, i realize we were in a depression but called lyndon b. johnson a socialist for creating medicare. we want to empower people and not wall street.
3:20 am
i think people and i give donald trump some credit on this. he spoke to people. he thought that people would believe him that he would actually change things. bernie sanders is that person who is out there with that message. brian: chuck, he is not even a democrat? he has his own reprisal to the president's state of the union address. he doesn't even march within those circles. why is the party even letting him in? >> you have a great point. you know, he did a state of the union himself to just people who subscribe to his facebook page and people made all of this big brouhaha it was after stacey abrams who we respect immensely. bernie sanders is a democratic socialist and he has been caucusing with the democrats in the senate for years. brian: all right. i guess we have to go. a lot to discuss a lot of spending and a lot of give aways and a lot of taxes are going up. but people are responding on the left. chuck rocha i look forward to seeing you and that hat again soon. >> thank you, brian. brian: supporters. >> people who want the wall
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. brian: some quick headlines. i got here just in time. the state department making position on foreign fighters clear as an alabama mom turned isis wife pleads to come home. the spokesperson would not address the american woman's case specifically but says terrorists should be returned to their home countries to be prosecuted and to prevent them from returning to the battle field. and there she is. she has a kid. and the mother of a man beheaded by isis is demanding that the american isis bride face justice. diane folly says she needs to be held accountable. listen. >> hoda and the man thousands of others isis
3:25 am
fighters who have promoted terrorism need to be held accountable. brian: absolutely. ainsley, steve? steve: the media are getting fired fbi director andy mccabe a platform to attack the current president. >> we were all operating under incredible stress. we were all grappling with this idea that we have a president who we think may have committed obstruction of justice. >> that the president himself might in fact be a threat to the united states national security. >> you know, i was experiencing in the oval office some of those same things that i had seen happen on the streets, right? i had seen the relationship between the leader of the organization and those around him who carry out the rules. ainsley: while mccabe defends the possible illegal behavior in the fbi and the doj the "new york times" is calling out the president for a, quote, secret assault on the machinery of federal
3:26 am
law enforcement. here to react is former presidential writer for george w. bush ned ryun. good to see you. >> good to be with you guys. ainsley: the "new york times" is all in on this. is it unusual for the president? he is defending himself against these attacks and these investigations. >> well, first of all, ainsley i have to point out how many have decided to give aid and comfort to the enemies of this administration and literally just be a pop granda machine for the deep state. but they claim it's unusual for trump to be attacking the investigations. i will tell you what's unusual is the fact that we spun up the surveillance state and counterintelligence operation against a sitting president of the united states based off a fake dossier. other thing that's striking you see andrew mccabe with book tour how bifurcated our legal system has become under these guys. cohen, flynn, stone papadopoulos were all lying to federal investigators. andrew mccabe lied full
3:27 am
mel times he gets to kick start book tour it's insane. steve: trying to sue the department of justice unjustly fired from his job for lying and leaking. but then, i know, it's been so delicious in listening over the last couple days to mr. mccabe, ned, just to hear him talk about i would never leak in not authorized by my job. remember how james comey kept those documents so he could get to his friend the lawyer who became support of his legal defense team so they could give them to the "new york times" and start the investigation with the special prosecutor. >> again, this is incredible, steve, when you think about this whole investigation was spun up on a hoax, a lie, illegal leaks. the fake dossier. it's the foundation. only in washington, d.c. with the propaganda mainstream media would any of this make sense. in the real world, you know, i look at a lot of this stuff i think the clintons
3:28 am
and dnc facilitated a russian misinformation campaign when you look at bruce ohr's testimony, christopher steele's main source was ex-russian intelligence officer and fusion gps was working for the family of a russian oligarch in the summer of 2016. this is insane and mind mummingly stupid. the thing that's really concerning to meet doj and fbi are supposed to be guardians of the rule of law this and is one of the basic foundations of our republic. i think they have made a mockery of it and equal application of law. and that has some really serious implications for us moving forward. ainsley: they are not supposed to be leaking to reporters and that's exactly why he got fired and that came down from the inspector general he defended himself yesterday on the view. meghan mccain a lot of people on social media are saying kudos for meghan mccain for not holding back. watch this exchange. >> i would like you to say right here on national tv that you are not a source for the "new york times." you were never a source for the "new york times" or any other publication considering that's what you are accused of lying about.
3:29 am
basically were you ever a leaker to the "new york times." >> absolutely not. no, not in any time ever. >> then why did james comey deny the claim that he approved your leak to the press. >> i don't know why jim comey doesn't remember the conversations we had in the same way i do. ainsley: ned? >> is he a known liar. this is why michael horowitz, inspector general, recommended criminal prosecution against andrew mccabe. i will say this last thing. wait until you see the fisa report that horowitz is going to release, i think in april, about the fisa abuse is based off the fake dossier in which mccabe was also heavily involved. we have a lot to really discuss and get to the bottom of what actually happened the last couple years. steve: let's hope they are trying to get to the bottom of it because we would all like some answers. ned ryun, thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: thank you. >> thanks, guys. steve: new york senator kristin gillibrand tried connecting with voters in
3:30 am
iowa. one person just not so interested. >> in the grassroots. >> sorry, i'm going to get some ranch. [laughter] >> look. somebody needed some salad dressing. campaign moment now going viral. >> it is good. >> tomi lahren went down to the border to get the wall. we are going to ask her live coming up next. ♪ no place to run ♪ no place to hide ♪ oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events
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3:34 am
absurd. >> that you will thing about seeking asylum, doesn't want people coming to the border. why would you eliminate that possibility for your case to be adjudicated in country? it's about xenophobe i can't. xenophobe i can't. >> let's bring in tomi lahren host of fox nation. good morning, tomi. >> oh, good morning. guys. i never get tired of hearing the democrats tell us how hurtful and immoral protecting the border senator is -- senator maxine waters saying if you are want the wall you are not patriots. >> they are not patriots. they are not people who love this country. they are not people who
3:35 am
stand up on what's right. brian: great speech. [laughter] well mad maxine wouldn't know patriotism if it came up and bit her square on the behind. what can be more patriotic than protecting and securing the border nothing? people like maxine waters, noips, kamala harris do a lot of talking about the wall and immorality of the wall. what they still haven't explained is how they know more about border security than the border patrol agents who protect our country for a living. they still haven't explained that to us. steve: of course, don't forget before the big vote in washington they say we have got to hear from all the experts. we have to hear what the experts say about a wall. the experts came out and said we really need a wall. that was then and this is now. this is not hypothetical to you, tomi, you just returned from a wall five part series on right? >> absolutely. you know, i had the opportunity to visit both arizona and san diego and it's a part of keep america
3:36 am
safe month on fox nation. like you said a five part series. here's a little taste of what you are going to see on fax nation from my trip to the border. >> have you ever climbed a 31-foot ladder and looked down in the average human being starts getting a little squeezy at about 18 feet. they just don't want to any higher and it takes energy. even if they build a 31-foot ladder the time it takes to go up and then come back down slows them down. that gives my agents a chance to respond. and that person just exerted a lot of energy. they are slower than they were before which makes them easier to catch. steve: higher equals slower. >> well, yeah. that was san diego sector chief rodney scott ohio spent quite a bit of time with he is really the expert on border security and border enforcement. we took a tour of the wall prototypes while i was n. san diego. we talked about the need for the wall. a need for the steel slats that president trump has often referred to. they said time and time again we need a wall and physical barrier.
3:37 am
slows people down and allows them to reallocate their sources elsewhere and put more eyes on everything. and that's why we need it. they say we need it. wimax seen waters and nancy pelosi thinks they know better than someone like chief rodney scott really baffles me. brian: it's totally insincere they voted for it in the past. democrats voted for it and you saw it your series shows the areas, the barriers and the openings. it eliminates the opinion and you get the facts. i also think when you have a wall or a barrier, old and young people can't get over it and the others will be spotted because they're at least delayed. it's just logic. >> well, of course it's logic and it makes all the sense in the world. we hear a lot of democrats talking about just putting technology. technology is great. as the border agents i spoke with told me yeah we can put cameras and things if we can't slow people down just getting them on video isn't that helpful. a physical barrier is what they need and want. this is what we should give
3:38 am
them. this isn't donald trump's wall this is america's wall. >> they are building in mcallen texas last week. 22 miles from 2017 that's just being built now. tomi, thanks so much. your series on fox nation is great. >> thanks so much. i hope everyone will watch it keep america safe month on fox nation. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: that agent she interviewed brought up a good point. you don't think about that. that's three stories tall that you have to climb pretty scary. steve: be to-like to the top of this studio. brian: i wasn't good at climbing the ropes in gym. i would not be good at climbing the steel slats on the border. jillian would though. jillian: ainsley and i proved in one those things we did outside we cannot climb. ainsley: you get to the top and your heart is racing. jillian: if you get to the top. yes, exactly. get you caught up on some of the news we are following starting with. this president obama's proposed presidential library faces a proposed legal threat. a federal judge is allowing a lawt against the
3:39 am
500-million-dollar museum to move forward in chicago. a parks advocacy group wants the court to stop the facility from being built on public land. the center was slated to open in 2021 hasn't yet broken ground because of the ongoing litigation. and a vital campaign moment, democratic presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand gets interrupted by someone who just wants some ranch dressing. >> and the grassroots care about. >> sorry. >> i'm just going to get some ranch. >> go ahead. [laughter] >> who doesn't love some ranch. iowa cleaning student said she had no interest in talking politics during gillibrand's stop in the hawkeye state adding she goes there each week for bible study. searching for vandals to spray painted me too on world war ii statue. represently indicates the famous photograph of a sailor kiss ago nurse on happening two days after the veteran in that photo passed away. the spray paint has since
3:40 am
been removed. paddle boarders are completely shocked by visitors. take a look at this video. >> oh my god. [screams] oh. oh. oh my god. jillian: that's scary but also really cool. three humpback whales making a splash off the coast of hawaii. a lucky group of friends just yards away for a show that they will never forget. brian: i would like to see where the land is however were they out? steve: those whale watching tours they go way out. ainsley: so majestic. imagine swimming when a giant whale comes up next to you. brian: ever since i read moby dick i'm afraid. ainsley: or the bible. brian: or the bible. steve: i don't think it was a documentary. meanwhile, if you look out the window, there was a chance you see extreme
3:41 am
weather. steve: individual grow outside of washington, d.c. this morning. by the way federal government already cancelled. cancelled it last night. brian: more than 1100 flights already cancelled. janice dean is tracking the storm because we asked her to. janice: i am going to change coats because i'm not dressed appropriately. next hour you will see me in a giant puffy coat. snow? new york city. 17 in buffalo. 28 in chicago. you can see where you have that cold air in place. then it's going to be a transition over parts of the mid-atlantic and the northeast over the next several hours to a wintry mix. and that means the potential for ice and then all rain as we go into the overnight hours. freezing rain being reported in columbus. we have light snow in pittsburgh. light snow in the d.c. area it is cloudy in philadelphia and new york but the snow is on the way. there is your forecast temperature radar. d.c. transition into icy mix. i'm glad they have shut
3:42 am
things down there. 32 in philadelphia it will be all snow around 1 to 2. and 3:00 p.m. where that icy mix comes. in around 8:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m. that's when we will be dealing with the worst of it in terms of ice. this is not a blockbuster storm by any means but it is going to cause travel problems. we will certainly keep you up to date and i'm going to go change. ainsley: come on inside. steve: put on the puffy coat. brian: you've haired a lot about the green new deal on capitol hill. one state is pushing their own version. our next guest says it exposes what democrats really care about. and it's not the environment. ainsley: plus, somebody called this little boy little hitler because he is selling hot chocolate to raise money for the wall. the outrage growing this morning. ♪ who is going to save the world tonight ♪ who's going to bring me
3:43 am
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3:44 am
3:45 am
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♪ ♪ the commonwealth of virginia is pushing their version of the green new deal. plans underway to build a large, a humongous, let's call it solar energy project half the size of manhattan. our next guest speaks up for her community in a new op-ed. virginia's green new deal exposes what democrats really care about and it's not the environment. joining us now is lauren apell, a freelance writer and former press assistant to senator rick santorum. lauren, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, that's right. steve: we have been hearing a lot about the green new deal with people who have ambitions alexandria ocasio-cortez in new york. tell us about the virginia green new deal. >> well, what they want to do is they want to take this
3:47 am
solar power project that as you said is literally half the size of manhattan and they want to dump it on a rural virginia town. and you are sitting in the studio right now in manhattan. i don't need to tell you how large manhattan is. you navigate it every single day. and it obviously these people have some concerns. if this goes through, this is going to be the largest solar power project off the east coast and largest in the world. they have a number of concerns about this. steve: let me read the line from the op-ed. so it's official big government liberals have made green into a one word oxymoron, any claim by these green dealers feigning concern about the environment is bogus, their bluff has been called. i see in the op-ed it says a group of residents in your neck of the woods is worried that electricity price could say actually go up which flies in the face of, wait a minute, it's renewable, it's just the sun. you would think it would be cheaper. >> well, you would. and that's not just it. they also -- it is what i
3:48 am
said about it being an oxymoron. it's not just electricity prices. they also have other environmental concerns. already they have had thousands of acres of land cleared. trees cut down. they are concerned about erosion happening. they are concerned about toxic chemicals if this gets going. they are concerned about potential for fires. if this gets -- to put it in perspective. if this goes into effect this will be within 50 feet of people's homes. on over 6,000 acres of land. 2,000 of which they can't even put solar panels on because there are streams and wet lands running through it virginia department of equality has already said that these streams are endangered they have a lot of different concerns for the environment. steve: sure. absolutely. and the area is steeped in american history as well and that is another one of your concerns. >> right. steve feef by the way we did reach out to s power sustainable power group we did not hear back from them
3:49 am
but we did hear from you. thank you for joining us from d.c. >> thank you so much. steve: meanwhile, the trump bump is already in effect ahead of 2020. the new face of trump's 2020 campaign reacts coming up. plus, a heart warming story in the winter cold, a wounded vet and teenage neighbor teeming up to clear snow in their neighborhood. the dynamic duo there. joining us live. you are going to love this story. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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3:52 am
>> it may be cold outside this story will warm your hear. ainsley: a wounded veteran and teenage neighbor are
3:53 am
teeming up to tackle their neighborhood snow and it is going viral. brian: there is a lot of snow there. joining us there is iraq war veteran and good samaritan himself sergeant justin anderson and his neighbor noah triggs. good morning, guys. >> good morning, how are you doing? brian: sergeant, tell me why it was so important for you to hop in your track chair and help move some snow for your neighbors? >> you know, honestly, it was an opportunity brought by the independence fund, obviously, with them donating the chair to me. and i just figured, you know, my community has really supported me through some of my different struggles and why not give back. in some way, shape, or form. and i figured this was the best way to do so. ainsley: really sweet of you. noah, how did you get involved? >> i saw him plowing the street and so i was like, you know, i might as well
3:54 am
hop on my snow blower and help him out. steve: you know, justin, the sergeant was just talking about his struggles. he was wounded in iraq in 2003. his left leg was amputated in 2014. he had brain cancer in 2013. the independence fund did provide you with this amazing track chair. sergeant the at what point did you realize i could put a blade on the front of a track chair and essentially turn my track chair into a snow moving machine? >> you know, i have always been very ingeneral knewive i guess is the best word to use. what would make life easier for me? i had mounted up my own blade to the chair. as a result of that action track chair, who made the chair that was donated to me actually came out with their
3:55 am
snowplow system of their own. steve: that's great. >> the independence fund was gracious enough to do some upgrades to my chair and that new snow blade setup was one of them. brian: noah, what's it like having someone so inspirational in your neighborhood? he has been through -- your heart stop i understand, sergeant, after you got shot. later you have your knee removed. go through brain cancer. what's it like having someone like him in your community? >> it's amazing. always good to have positive reinforcement in the community. so it's nice having him. brian: sergeant, what has it meant to you, this community? >> you know, honestly, i have a lot of admiration for noah. it really shows how a community can come together and how, you know, a younger generation and now i try not to use this too much but an older generation like myself can really, you know, come
3:56 am
together and age doesn't matter. it's just a sense of that camaraderie of the military community and us being able to do this together. ainsley: sergeant, you are a good representation of the military. noah, you are just precious. you are, i guess, a teenage boy. you are a wonderful person and you will grow up to be a spectacular individual because you have a great neighbor as an influence in your life. thank you both for being with us. god bless you. >> thank you for having us. steve: you bet. the track chair did change his life, obviously. if people would like to know more about the independence fund that provided it, their website, i believe is right there independence guys, thank you very much. have great day out there in omaha. >> you have a great day. steve: you betcha. thank you, sir. meanwhile straight ahead, the bernie sanders campaign feeling the return of the bern. they raised more than $4 million in half a day. how do millennials like his policies?
3:57 am
a panel of four in about a half an hour. ainsley: we showed you this act of kindness, a police officer leaving $100 tip for a pregnant waitress after ordering just a salad and water that waitress is going to join us live. means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection
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4:00 am
brian: democratic socialist bernie sanders has officially entered the 2020 race and president trump was quick to respond. >> i wish bernie well. what happened to bernie sanders four years ago was quite sad. >> we want to empower people. bernie sanders is that person who is out there with that message. >> "the washington post" being sued by nick sandmann, the guy from covington high school for $250 million. >> chicago police are still waiting for jussi smollett's response becoming inceasely apparent trying to obtain a subpoena or warrant. >> who want the wall are not patriots. >> what could be more patriots than protecting and securing the border? mad maxine wouldn't know
4:01 am
patriotism if it came up and bit her square on the behind. >> 7-year-old boy is called little hitler for raising money for the border wall. >> are you going to stop selling. >> i'm not going to stop the stand until the wall is built. rob: 200 million americans feeling the effect of a monster storm. nearlnear flights cancelled. ♪ ♪ brian: the white house is a little bit whiter this morning because of the snow. steve: and it's going to be easy getting around washington, d.c. today because the federal government called off business yesterday. they said there is a big storm coming so it's going to be slippery and hazardous and the federal government said everybody should watch "fox & friends" on wednesday morning. ainsley: how many of your two kids that live there have to work today? steve: both of them peter is covering the 2020 and my
4:02 am
daughter is working from home she is telecommuting. brian: this feels like our home so we feel like we are working from home, too. steve: that's right. brian: bernie sanders says welcome me back into this race. only difference i plan on winning it only thing different many other people and to his credit taking up his believe that everything should be paid for. free preschool we heard elizabeth warren talking about that raising taxes. single payer healthcare. medicare for all. we hear kamala harris say get rid of private insurance. let's just have single pair. everybody is taking a little bit of bernie sanders. cory booker wants to give you money for being born. this is the bernie sanders formula for success. ainsley: we were all reacting to it yesterday. the president reacted as well. listen to this. >personally i think he missed his time. i wish bernie well. it will be interesting to see how he does. i think what happened to bernie maybe was not so nice.
4:03 am
he was taken advantage of. he ran great four years ago and he was not treated with respect by clinton. and that was too bad. i thought what happened to bernie sanders four years ago was quite sad as it pertains to our country. so we will see how he does. steve: four years ago the system was rigged against bernie and for hillary. we all know that now. and so now what the democrats are trying to do is because bernie sanders was so effective and you look at the dialogue on the progressive side. it's a lot of what he has been talking about over the last four years. they are trying to outbernie bernie. when you look at alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal. which has been embraced by a lot of the progressives. you know, and bernie sanders likes many of the same things as well. barney frank, very powerful former politician from the commonwealth of massachusetts says the problem is gril would be terrible for the democrats.
4:04 am
>> i think the green new deal would be a loser. i do not think that people are going to be advocating that whole package. there's an argument that you don't destabilize a society by doing too much change at once. and i don't think -- and partly weave people who are skeptical of government. people like me who do want to expand the government in some areas need to understand that we have to show how that works. you have to do it in pieces as you show it has worked. brian: couple things to bernie sanders credit he made $4 million in one day according to rocha. fundraising kamala harris, everyone is lauding foreher her start. this goes way past her. i'm very curious to see what bernie sanders is going to be like when he starts having real pontsd who hit him and say have you accomplished nothing legislatively in your entire career. you are not really a democrat. you are using our apparatus. you seem to be contradicting
4:05 am
a lot of leadership and i think when he has people hitting him and it's not donald trump, i think he is going to realize it's a brand new year. ainsley: everything is proposing is going to bankrupt the government. how are we going to pay for all of this? strife steve that is it. there is division form not guilty democratic party. moderate democrats like amy klobuchar and sherrod brown who say, look, all these other democrats are for healthcare for all. we can't do that it's god to be incremental just like barney frank. ainsley: i would love to wave a magic wand and give everyone four years of. i support two years of community college unfortunately we can't afford to do four years. brian: elizabeth warren wealth tax and give free preschool. i would like to admit something on television i never went to preschool. ainsley: you didn't? you started at 5. brian: i was willing to start at kindergarten part time. you know your colors you can go home now. ainsley: isn't it all states you? don't have to send your kids
4:06 am
to preschool that's a parent's decision. a lot of parents in new york do 2. ainsley: there are 2-year-old programs. brian: they interviewed 3-year-olds. interviewed my son to get into preschool when four when he was three. ainsley: we need to do as parents. let them play and have fun. brian: can we go back and do preschool now? is it too late? steve: another free something. as you can hear, we have a personal history where we don't quite understand it meanwhile, this is something we don't we d do have somethingo understand. that covington high school was on a school trip for the march for life. they were standing right there and nathan phillips that native american activist walked right up. the rush to judgment was these young men in the maga hats were mocking him and they were excoriated. the students were. well, now, since the video has come out that is pretty
4:07 am
much exonerated them. now mr. nick sandmann's family has sued the first target "the washington post." they want a quarter will a billion dollars for what they did. ainsley: they are seeking justice. they say why that amount of money 250 million? that's the amount that jeff bezos the world's richest man paid in cash for the post when he purchased the newspaper in 2013. they are trying to teach the post a lesson. and must be dealt with the same way every bully is dealt with that is to hold the bully accountable for wrongdoing. brian: at love celebrities jumped right on and started ridicules these kids. i wonder if they walked it back and apologized could they be next? ainsley: they were sent letters. brian: here is what sandman wrote as part of his suit against the post. the post ignored basic journalistic standards it wanted to advance well known and easily documented bias against president trump. the post bull idea an innocent child with an absolute disregard for his pain and destruction attacks
4:08 am
would cause to his life. listen, like it or not, when this kid applies to college. every time someone brings up covington and kentucky, everyone is going to know exactly what everybody is talking about for the foreseeable future. ainsley: 250 million. probably settle. get half of that money? but he might have trouble getting a job down the road. he has to pay his attorney and going to affect him for the rest of his life. steve: this is the nature internet there are stories out there that are true and stories that are not true. obviously what they're trying to do is trying to correct the record. elle linwood his attorney says there are over 50 celebrities, media outlets reporters and politicians who may be served with lawsuits as well. "the washington post" gave this statement to fox news regarding the lawsuit. we are planning to mount a vigorous defense. nonetheless what they are trying to do is clear that kid's name and the names of all the covington students so people will know what actually happened. ainsley: watch this. there is a little boy in texas benton stephens
4:09 am
selling hot chocolate for $2 and marshmallows and using that money to help build a wall. watch. >> hot chocolate stand helping trump build the wall. >> he has had a lot of supporters online and some against you. are you going to stop selling, doing the stand deal. >> i'm not going to stop the stand until the wall is built. steve: there you are. his parents apparently members of the rnc and dinner table talk has influenced young benton. over two days he raised $1,400 to help build a wall on our southern border. ainsley: look at nancy pelosi's picture on there. >> those marshmallows are extra 50 cents for those. cup of ho chocolate 4 bucks. some adults are happy to see him. according to his family some are mad. one referred to him as
4:10 am
little hitler. ainsley: that's harsh. brian: between that and maga attacks and fake maga attacks amazing what's going on. steve: at the inauguration some women in pink accosted him and complained about his maga cap. parents said they wanted it to be a learning experience. figure out what politics are all about in this country. brian: and taking action. he wants to help. ainsley: he has raised up to $5,000 now. isn't there a go fund me page. brian: there is. ainsley: trying to raise money to go to the wall. does he send it to washington? steve: good question. i think they got up to 20 million. what do you think about that story where they called him a little hitler because he was trying to raise money for wall. email us at ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. get you caught up on the story we have been following for a while in colorado. fiancee the missing colorado mom will stand trial for her murder. crystal keny. a woman claiming to be
4:11 am
patrick frazee's lover tell investigators he wanted her to poison berreth with a mac poison drink. frazee called kenny to help clean up the blood before burning her body. kenny says she left behind evidence for police. disturbing encounter. breaking overnight, russian president vladimir putin threatening missile attack if america moves nuclear weapons into europe. putin says he is not seeking confrontation but warning the u.s. russia will respond to weapons deployment. the tough talk comes weeks after president trump suspended a cold war nuclear treaty with russia. southwest airlines is apologizing to travelers africans ling hundreds of flights over recent days. the airline forced to take unusually high number of planes out of service due to a range of different maintenance issues. the company is blaming its mechanics union which has been in really contract
4:12 am
talks since 2012. trying to divert attention away from safety issues. this will be the luckest office in the entire country travment grouch 23 workers winning the largest mega millions jackpot in new york history. employees at a company on long island buying the winning ticket worth $437 million. they will each get nearly 8 million bucks if it's divided evenly. most of them plan to keep working because they say they are like a family. ainsley: like the kilmeade family in long island. brian: might be. steve: isn't there a story out there that they want to remain anonymous. brian: i don't know. ainsley: we just said long island family. we don't know who they are. brian: joel is looking it up. thanks, jillian. 12 minutes after the hour. president trump's 2020 campaign team just added a brand new member. kayleigh mcenany tells us about her new role expanding
4:13 am
team highlighted in politico today. extremely impressive organization. steve: a police officer leaving $100 tip for a pregnant waitress. what that tip meant to her coming up on "fox & friends" ♪ we could be heroes ♪ can we talk? you hardly ever play catch with the grandkids
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4:17 am
brian: president trump staffing up big time for re-election. communications team is out including next guest for the 2020 campaign kayleigh mcenany former rnc person and spokesperson for the president trump election cycle. congratulations, kayleigh, not a surprise you are joining. >> thank you, brian. brian: politico highlights this whole organization brad parscale heads you are off to a great start. 30 full time. 100 very shortly. and you have raised a lot of money. >> absolutely. brad parscale has made a start of the art operation world class team. we are light years ahead of where any campaign in modern history has been in terms of fundraising in terms of
4:18 am
structure. this is going to run like a well-oiled machine. steve. brian: what role do you think you will have? what is different this time. >> i will be overseeing all our communications with the press in coordination with our calm comms director. the false kyrons we see. we will be on offense not defense. we will be out there. exposing the press. attack these democrats and guarantee you it's offensive, it's proactive. not reactive and we are ready to go toe to toe. brian: decide the shutdown many people blamed on the president. numbers are beginning to climb up his approval as he heads into this cycle. many people say it's a little early. not too early for the democrats. they already have nine commitments and others were exploratory committee. has that thanged your time line at all. >> no, we are ready for this. of course these cycles get earlier and earlier each time. it's not caught us by surprise we set this operation up long ago. we are ready for this. you mention you had the
4:19 am
president's skyrocketing poll numbers. i will tell you i have talked to brad parscale about his data. i can confirm that the president's state of the union address completely set him soorlg in the polls among swing voters. very interestingly brad shared with me those who watched the president unfiltered for the state of the union without the fake news media lens he scrowcketted in the polls. it's incredible. double digit among swing voters. brian: up to 44% which is typical. he has to find a way to get other people besides his base. what message can he get can he use that would get moderates and independents in his corner and also to go ahead and tackle women. usually lose by 4 points in the midterms lost by 15 points. >> i can tell you in the state of the union when he was talking immigration. when he was talking healthcare. lowering the cost of prescription drugs on all of those counts, paid family leave, 80% to 90% support registered among swing
4:20 am
voters. this president, this is where the democrats ought to be very scared. he has an unfiltered lens in these rallies to talk directly to the american people. he has unfilter you had lens in these presidential debates to talk directly to the american people. he wins when it is him unfiltered at his best. the democrats should be very fearful moving forward. brian: it's going to be very interesting. he will have a stark contrast instead of what i promise you had it's what i did and what i will do. it's going to be an interesting time. the one thing is for certain not going to be going by the seat of the pants very organized. >> absolutely. brian: 10 minutes before the bottom of the hour. we move on. fbi joining the investigation into the alleged attack against just j smollett. that's not the trouble the actor is facing this morning. we are live in chicago with the saga. act of kindness going viral. young police officer leaving $100 tip for a pregnant
4:21 am
waitress that waitress shares the heart-warming story with us in a matter of moments ♪ ♪ made in the u.s.a. ♪ for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to.
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♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". steve: we are just learning that empire actor jussi smollett could be handed an arrest warrant. latest twist in the investigation alleged hate crime on smollett. brian: matt finn in chicago uncovering details about the actor's criminal past. right, matt? >> yeah, that's right. documents obtained by fox news indicate that jussi smollett was convicted of dui in 2007 in los angeles in which he gave police false information and this morning here in chicago it is becoming increasingly
4:25 am
apparent that police have trying to get a portion of this current case in front of a grand jury whether that's to obtain a subpoena or a warrant. since this story took a dramatic turn. jussi smollett has not responded to chicago police's important request for a follow-up interview. smollett's crisis manager tells us he did not talk to police monday and he did not talk to them again yesterday. chicago police acknowledging this case could go to prosecutors or grand jury for an arrest warrant and fox news has learned that the brothers were set to have their testimony against smollett locked in before a grand jury. smollett's team provided some type of information that halted the grand jury process. cook county state attorney kim cox suddenly recused herself from smollett's case yesterday. a statement says she might know some of the witnesses personally and smollett could be in trouble with the fbi agency is investigating a death threat letter sent to smollett. jussi was involved in w. that letter. chicago police are no longer
4:26 am
insisting in jussi smollett is the victim in this case. started to refer to him as the person who reported the incident. brian, steve? brian: wow. steve: lots to that story. matt, thank you very much. ainsley you have another story about the police? ainsley: yes, that's exactly right. a new jersey police officer is going viral for an act of kindness. the officer went into a diner and ordered just a salad and a water about nine bucks. he left the pregnant waitress in tears when she realized that he gave her $100 in tips on $9 bill. it read quote enjoy your first. you will never forget it the officer wants to remain anonymous and the waitress courtney english expecting her daughter april fools day. congratulations. aren't you so excited. >> so excited. ainsley: having a little girl. >> yeah. ainsley: working to pay the bills for your little girl you love so much already. tell us about that day. how did this happen?
4:27 am
>> it was a regular day. steady not too busy, not too slow. he came in and he wanted to sit by himself. he is real quiet. i was talking to the tables around him. being my first baby i was excited. and then when he went to pay the checks the hostess said he left you $100. i said no he didn't. she said yes he did. when she showed me i was shocked. that doesn't happen. ainsley: that depose a long way. >> yeah. ainsley: that's what you make in about a shift. >> yeah. ainsley: what was your reaction you started to cry. >> i stuarted to cry. when i got home it hit me all over again. ainsley: why the tears? >> it was very genuine. it meant a lot to me because i'm getting ready to gout off work and it was unexpected. ainsley: how did it go viral? >> my dad shared it on facebook. it went public. saturday morning he shared it and it started getting you know, a couple hundred shares and then about
4:28 am
halfway through my shift i checked it and he had like 600 and something shares and it went completely viral within 24 hours. it was crazy. ainsley: that's great. what are you going to use the money for? >> just diapers. you know. basic baby stuff. ainsley: you are going to need a lot of those. >> definitely. ainsley: the police officer wants to be anonymous. do you know anything about him? >> just that he had just had a little baby and he is so in love with being a father to his first child that's why he did it. ainsley: you never got a chance to thank him because he left the restaurant too soon what do you want to say to him. >> thank you. it was so generous. ainsley: what did your dad say. >> he was thrilled. so when you get something good. he really wanted to share and it thank him. and you know with him leaving already, i couldn't thank him. so, it was definitely really awesome that he made the post. hopefully get it out to him and reached out to his chief. he definitely is at least heard it a couple of times.
4:29 am
ainsley: we wish you all the best. >> thank you. ainsley: what are you going to name her? >> cailee. ainsley: so sweet. got bled you. >> thank you. ainsley: you will be a great mom. the sanders campaign feeling the return of the bern raising more than $4 million in a few hours. bernie also feels good about his platform. >> medicare for all. raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. all of those ideas and more are now part of the political mainstream. ainsley: do millennials still like those ideas? our panel of millennials is here next to discuss it coming up next. ♪ get ready ♪ get ready ♪ get ready ♪ 'cause here i come ♪ want a performance car that actually fits your life? introducing the new 2019 ford edge st. capability meets power.
4:30 am
in the first suv from the ford performance team. the new 2019 ford edge st
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4:32 am
>> bernie sanders has announced he is running for president. [cheers and applause] although at age 77 years old. he isn't as much running as slowly wandering for president. >> senator bernie sanders
4:33 am
announced today that he will run for president in 2020. if successful, he would be the oldest person -- that's it. [laughter] steve: there you have late night hosts joking about bernie sanders run for president. the senator announced he has raised more than $4 million in the first 12 hours of his campaign. that's extraordinary. so what do millennials think about bernie and the direction of the democratic party? let's talk to a panel of millennials across the political spectrum. screen left right here we have nathan reuben the founder of millennial politics. maliyah fisher is the founder of we are defiant. joseph pin i don't know is outreach chair for young republicans and chair for the conservative color coalition and alison lee pillager choi is officer of leading heart conservatives. good to have all of you. let's start with you. is he a democratic socialist. isn't it a problem being a socialist in the united states running for president? >> i think it's an interesting question and to
4:34 am
be honest socialism is losing edge particularly among millennials. with that said a country of 300 million. 330 million people, if there are only about 50,000 registered democratic socialists. so, while the term is losing its edge, the increase in registration and affiliation with that actual part of the party isn't skyrocketing but people like what bernie sanders has to say. steve: keep in mind, is he not even a democrat. he's an independent who caucuses with the democrats. you like the fact he was very popular four years ago and a lot of his ideas people are outrunning bernie. >> a lot of millennials are going to be incredibly excited about bernie this cycle. steve: why is that because he stands for free everything? >> no. because we are facing insurmountable challenges as a generation. we will be worse off than our parents. we are facing crushing debt. we are facing stagnant wages.
4:35 am
we are facing a society that can't even afford too pay for family medical leave. child care and these are issues that bernie actually has broad solutions to address. steve: but his solutions are expensive. where does the money come from? >> i think that the money comes from taxing wealthy americans who can afford to pay more to help everyone in our society. and generations to come. steve: what's that number? >> that number is. steve: a really rich person should pay how much? >> i think if we went up to a 70% tax. steve: ugh. >> we would see a lot more ability for our generation to sustain jobs and our families down the line. steve: okay. joseph, back when taxes in the united states the highest march jingle bell rates were like 70, 80, 90% there were a million loopholes and nobody actually paid that are the bernie ideas sustainable or is it a great idea on the campaign trail? >> i think the reality is that socialism has literally never worked in the history of the world. have the tax rate go up to
4:36 am
100 percent still not pay for the pittance of the ideas being proposed. i think the reality is bernie sanders is going to have a lot of difficulty. last year last cycle he got to be the candidate who was not hillary clinton. now, everyone is not hillary clinton. and i think that the candidate who is liberal politics going to find himself in a field where everyone is saying get today and work out tomorrow. steve: look at the field of democrats right now. you have got for instance have you amy klobuchar and sherrod brown they say you know healthcare for all would be a great idea we can't do it all at once it would have to be incremental and howard schultz, the billionaire from starbucks. he says green new deal not realistic, immoral. healthcare for all doesn't make sense. so while a lot of people are thinking okay, that's a great idea. there are people in his own party adopted party if the
4:37 am
democrats let him. >> even kamala harris who champions getting rid of private insurance companies went say she is a democratic socialist. she understands there is a fine line. and i can't fully blame the millennials for who think they support socialism. they came to adulthood during the time of the financial crisis and i really do blame the failed education system. lack of specific education that is having them believe this is a better way forward. steve: real quickly. take a look at a poll the view of millennials on socialism. about a third of millennials do like it. unfavorable it looks like about 46% say they don't like it. and then the other answers right there as well lightning round one at a time. at this point a little under 10 so far have declared they
4:38 am
are interested in running on the democratic side. who is the biggest challenge to the president. >> i think right now it's a little early to say. steve: have to pick one. >> there are three people i would say top tier candidate. bernie sanders, he raised $4 billion overnight from 140,000 individual voters. kamala harris another top tier and elizabeth warren they are all occupying that progressive wing. steve: maliyah. >> i think i agree with nathan across the board. very exciting our our candidates have by 30 points. steve: okay, joseph? >> one candidate keep the candidates up at night is probably amy klobuchar. resonates with the largest voice of americans. realistically end up picking bernie sanders only thing for certain president trump might not just win he will probably win the popular vote. steve: you like amy klobuchar because she is a moderate. during the primary generally you have to be more extreme. >> the reality is, to me i'm a republican so i think they are all probably failed
4:39 am
ideas but i think the hard truth is that amy klobuchar probably speaks more in step with the vast voice of americans. steve: finally alison. >> for a long time howard schultz i think would be keeping donald trump up at night. steve: a chicken in every pot and latte in every kitchen. steve: joseph, alison, thank you very much. it is now 19 minutes -- 21 minutes before the top of the hour. sorry about that. it's digital, jillian. jillian: very difficult to tell the times sometimes. googood morning, steve. today the nypd detective shot and killed by friendly fire will be laid to rest. nypd flag seen draped over brian simonson's casket as honor guard carried it into a church on long island. hundreds of family members, friends, even strangers lining tomb say final goodbyes to the officers who nickname was smiles. detective simonson was killed responding to a
4:40 am
robbery. 19 year veteran of the force leaves behind a wife. well, trying to get the perfect selfie nearly cost a teen his life. tristan bailey fell off a bridge in dallas, texas. attempting to take a photo. doctors say it is a miracle he survived with a collapsed lung and fractured pelvis. >> one more turn, one more twist it's amazing that he didn't snap his neck. it's amazing that he is not a paraplegic or broke his back. he plans to join the air force after he is fully recovered. do you remember when putty was revealed as a super devils fan on seinfeld? ♪ doesn't remember this. reprising his role for 90's night at the devils game against pittsburgh. the actor dropping the puck and recreating another
4:41 am
familiar scene tearing his shirt off to fire up the crowd. pittsburgh won the game 4-3. okay. you want to leave your shirt on today though, janice because it is a cold one out there. janice: shirts off, what? i'm just kidding. you don't know who putty is my friend? i have to introduce you to seinfeld episodes. hello, everyone. where are from you. >> ohio. use that. >> glen stone. >> where is that? >> two hours from buffalo. >> south carolina. janice: very nice. thank you for coming to "fox & friends." we will get a little wintry weather. let's talk about it and i will show you the maps and we have the potential for some snow across the northeast d.c., snowing in d.c. completely shut that city down because it's just a mess when it starts to snow. then we have the potential foflooding. another storm moving into the west and winter weather advisories. winter storm warnings as far
4:42 am
as south as tucson, arizona. watching this system move up. we will get some snow across the new york city area later on today and then we seal that transition. not a blockbuster storm but going to mess up a little bit of travel. anybody traveling today? >> yes. >> you are going to try? >> right. >> if you don't, come back to "fox & friends" tomorrow. all right. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: hi, everyone. nathan, south carolina. steve: get the shovel. brian: put some chains on your tires. steve: we have heard that before. brian: snap them on. -- some s hooks. images make you sick. vandalism to a memorial. steve: should you be able to vote at the age of 16 it could happen in one state. we will tell you where. ainsley: sesame street coming to "fox & friends." elmo and grover are here in hair and makeup. ♪ on my way
4:43 am
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>> good morning. time for news by the numbers. start with 16. that would be the new age. 16-year-olds are capable of making informed decisions. voters can decide on the proposal in 2020. next, 300 million bucks. that's how much baseball player manny machado will make over the next 10 years. san diego padre signing the biggest free agent contract in history. let's see if harper goes to the phillies: 800 miles per hour top speed of flight 20 london thanks to jet jet stream. typically fly at 561 miles per hour. steve?
4:47 am
steve: gogot a push from mother nature. jillian, thank you. look 59 images, a memorial to fallen border agents face the national border patrol museum near el paso vandalized after this protest over the weekend. >> actually a lot of border patrol agents from murderers. that's who they are. they have medica murdered famil. they have murdered youth. [inaudible] at the border like water. >> need to push back. push back in every way we can. steve: border patrol agent hector garza vice president of the border patrol council he joins us with reaction this morning from austin. when you watch those images of those people inside the museum. what goes through your head? >> it's just very disappointing and disgusting that these people would vandalize the museum that honors border patrol agents and honors those agents that have made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting
4:48 am
their nation. i wish these people would hold the drug cartels accountable for putting all these people at risk and all these aliens that die while they are coming across the border. but, again, these are the results when people vilify the work of the border patrol and work. ainsley: how did they get inside and have a protest inside the museum and deface some of the pictures and some of the items in the museum? >> well, this museum has been in the community since 1985. it's a public museum part-time are welcome. schools out there go out to the museum so the students can learn the history of the u.s. border patrol. and they made access. they had access to the museum and instead of honoring our agents they vandalized the museum and it's very, very unfortunate. brian: we got the photos and video. someone going to pursue thi this? >> we hope people are
4:49 am
prosecuted to the full extent of the law. border patrol agents part of the border community. born and raised in border communities. why are they disrespecting their own community members? steve: hector, clearly the museum was a target. people went in and had this protest. to you as a border patrol representative feel like a target as well? >> well, we have been targeted by members of congress. we have been targeted by the fake news media and that is very unfortunate. that needs to stop. our border patrol agents do an amazing job day in and day out rescuing people left behind by human smugglers. rescuing people that are victims of sex trafficking and human trafficking. this is definitely a show of disrespect for law and order. brian: is it time to take down the wall, the fence because it's immoral? is it president making up a crisis? >> we see it's a humanitarian crisis on the border. we see people being victimized by the cartels
4:50 am
and human smugglers. it needs to stop. we need to make sure our members of congress get serious about this. recognize there is an emergency on the border. ainsley: has the wall in el paso made you safer and are new support of a wall. >> of course. we have been advocating for physical barriers along the border strategic locations. unfortunately some people on the left and in the fake news media they try to create this false fairive thanarrative.border patrol agend walls to keep borders safe and border patrol agents as well. beto o'rourke would take the fence down is he running than platform. steve: he is from el paso. heck tore thank you very much. brian: unbelievable. thanks, hector. meanwhile, the field of democrats running in 2020 may look diverse. one former naacp leader says they are smelling the same old politics. he will explain. >> sesame street comes to
4:51 am
"fox & friends." elmer and grover. get the kids in front of tv. they will love it. brian: and elmo. ♪ to where the air is sweet ♪
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ainsley: elmo and the sesame street gang are back on sesame street live make your magic. brand new show taking cities all across the u.s. they join us on "fox & friends" for a very special performance every year. here with elmo. good to see you nicholas. >> so good to be back. ainsley: this year the theme is make your magic. what is it about. >> that's right. elmo and abby can a dhabi discover magic in every day life. along the way elmo learns the power of yet. with practice and
4:55 am
perseverance nothing will stand in the way of your dreams. we are very excited to be back in new york city. what's yet to come exactly. ainsley: welcome back to new york. >> yeah. ainsley: we are here now through the 24th. and things are going wonderful at the theater in madison square garden. >> so much fun. i took my daughter last year. who loves elmo? do you all love elmo? they're all raising their hand. elmo is over there. we have grover and the performers and perform for us right now, right? >> that's right. >> sneak spea peek of our production of power of yes. ainsley: go to sesame street for information on the tour dates and tickets or go to we have it on our website as well. thank you so much nicholas. we will get out of the way so they can perform. >> awesome. ♪ you like to add up the numbers came up wrong ♪ you tried to sing ♪ but you didn't know the whole song ♪ you tried to cook
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♪ but the food didn't taste right ♪ you didn't get enough ♪ that's the power of yes ♪ yes, yes, yes ♪ that's the power of yes, yes ♪ yes, yes. ♪ and that's what you get ♪ with the power of yes ♪ >> ♪ take the handkerchief and show there is nothing in it ♪ put the handkerchief over your. sesame. ♪ that's the power of yes ♪ yes, yes, yes ♪ yes, yes ♪ that's what you get ♪ with the power of yes ♪ [cheers and applause] ainsley: great job elmo and those kids are adorable. thanks for coming. in coming up, maxine waters taking a big shot at president trump's supporters.
4:57 am
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♪ >> in the end we're going to be very successful with the lawsuit. i was put here for security. we need strong borders. >> who wants the wall are not patriots. >> maxine wouldn't know patriotism if it came up and bit her square on the behind. >> they have sued "the washington post." they want a quarter of a billion dollars what they did. ainsley: new jersey police officer left a pregnant waitress in tears when he realized he gave her $100 in tips. >> you hear bad things from cops but when you get something good it's a blessing. >> this 7-year-old boy is called little hitler for raising money for the border you will.
5:01 am
>> are you going to stop selling? >> i'm not stopping until the wall is built. >> a monster winter storm. >> snowing in d.c. they have completely shut the city down, it is just a mess when it starts to snow. ♪ steve: that is what it looks like when we look out the window. we look at you. welcome aboard, folks. hour three of "fox & friends." >> lots to talk about, right? steve: i love the story in the first two hours about the vet with the track chair outfitted it with a blade to pay back his community where they were able to move the snow out. i also love the story with the waitress. the guy ran up 8-dollar bill, left 100-dollar tip. brian: i love seeing elmo in person. >> children dancing was really
5:02 am
cute, right? steve: what will happen in the final hour? stay tuned because it starts right now. ainsley: that's right. also in the news 2020 democratic hopefuls slamming president trump's national emergency on the southern border. brian: the attacks are mounting as the president promises to prevail over all the lawsuits against his declaration. steve: washington, d.c. is officially shut down. somehow kevin corke was able to make it to work this morning. reporter: piece of cake. steve: it was a piece of cake. reporter: i live mile 1/2 from the white house. i guess i could walk. i have an suv i rarely drive it. a today like today i was able to mix it up in the snow. president tweeting just moments ago. let me take you to his favorite social media plaid form, he said this case sy bernie has just entered the race.
5:03 am
wish him well. sanders joining crowded and soon to be more crowded democrat field taking on the president in 2020 ready to battle the incumbent on his policies to the border wall. >> we don't need a multibillion-dollar wall. that ain't going to stop them. >> a lot of people are indigenous to the land. and that border -- >> that is why the wall is so disturbing. >> this thing about seeking asylum. he doesn't want people coming to the border, why would you eliminate that possibility, for your case to be adjudicated in country? it is about xenophobia. reporter: seen -- xenophobia or fashion security depending on your perspective. president's pole numbers are surging 7 points in january to 44%. according to the latest gallup
5:04 am
survey. keep this in mind, in other surveys he is north of 50%. things on the plus side for the president right now. brian: that is incredible, kevin, the stark difference between what president wants and what they perceive. they don't think it is an emergency, they think it is totally a fallacy. ainsley: at least now they do. not a few years ago. thanks so much, kevin. brian: he doesn't start it every day. steve: there you go. talk a little bit about this there in washington, d.c. "the washington post" received yesterday that the famous attorney from atlanta, lynwood, who is representing nick samond from "washington post," suing $250,348. they claim that he bullied nick
5:05 am
because he was the white catholic student wearing a maga hat on a field trip. the story was that he and others were mocking the native-american. as more video came out, abundantly clear that initial story all wrong. ainsley: suing for $250 million. that is how much jeff bezos the richest person, says in the lawsuit paid for the post in cash in 2013. the president tweeting about it, covington students suing wapo, "washington post." go get them, nick, fake news. steve: "washington post" put out a statement. reviewing the copy of the lawsuit and we plan to mount a vigorous defense. the post proved itself to be a loud and aggressive with a bully pulpit n this country our society is dedicated to protection of children regardless of color of their skin, religious beliefs or the cap they wear.
5:06 am
the post did not care about protecting nicholas. they raced with reckless disregard to the facts and truth. in this day and time there is premium for being first and loudest mia bully. they want $250 million because of the rush to judgment. brian: anti-trump movement continues. andy mccabe has a book out. would you think a guy with mr. law and order would wait for an investigation to finish went out with his view of the a investigation of the president united states and reasons behind it. anything he does wrong he doesn't really remember. when peter strzok name come up, lisa page come up, their text messages are empirical evidence that they hate the president, he said they are good people made bad decisions but don't think the biases leaked into any of their investigation. here is a little of his book tour as he continues to attack the president, who got him elected and what he might be subservient to. >> still believe the president could be a russian asset?
5:07 am
>> i think it is possible. i think that is why we started our investigation. >> is there anything in the last two years that makes you less suspicious of the president? >> no. [laughter]. did i answer too quickly? >> no. steve: keep in mind, he is out promoting this book, but he got fired from the department of justice because of he had leaked some information to the washington, to the "wall street journal" that is, to say, yesterday, ainsley brought this up earlier, meghan mccain had him in the hot chair. actually had him grilled a little bit. ainsley: she didn't hold back. watch this. >> i would like you to say right here on national tv that you were not a source for "the new york times," you were never a source for "the new york times" or any other publication considering that is what you're accused of lying about? basically were you ever a leaker to the "new york times"? >> absolutely not. not in anytime ever. >> why did james comey denied
5:08 am
the claim that he approved your liking to the press? >> i don't know why jim comey doesn't remember the conversations we had in the same way i do. brian: so understanding with james comey not understanding things the way he does, but not understanding of the president having a different perception of their interactions. he is also not understanding that the inspector general, no one really said had a bias, hired by president obama, to investigate what took place about to come up with a further investigation, this michael horowitz, he says, well, the inspector general who said you lied three times, recommended you get fired, criminal referral, where you could end up, in criminal court, he doesn't understand, well he might have been pressured by the attorney general because the president wanted him to be. no one i know has ever said the inspector general sanctity and honnessty was in question. that is what his answer is. ainsley: interesting how he goes on media blitz trying to sell books and liberal media -- brian: loves him. ainsley: loves the story, because he doesn't like the president. he was trying to out of the president using the 25th
5:09 am
amendment allegedly. meghan mccain says that to him, probably only one, a few people have questioned him to his face all social media, kudos to you, meghan mccain for asking him the tough questions. steve: one thing about the fact he revealed chats between him and rod rosenstein and others regarding using 25th amendment to get rid of the president of the united states, you know, you would think that the administration would love that because it continues the narrative that is out there that there is a deep state out there, highest reaches of government that are working against the president. then when you see andy mccabe on television, yeah i had this conversation, trying to figure out how to do it, the president and his team say, see, that is exactly what we've been talking about the last two years. there is a deep state and he is proving it. brian: has not had a good answer to the question why his wife got $680,000 from the hillary clinton campaign.
5:10 am
they never met. state senate race is pretty substantial. why $140 million goes to the clinton foundation, from russia, but hillary clinton didn't raise up any eyebrows without any of her possibly being compromised by that country. we also don't know about an investigation that happened july 5th where hillary clinton was questioned but not under oath with nobody taping it at all. she doesn't, no one ever asks these questions to him. the dossier was the foundation of all of it, barely comes up in any of this examination. steve: he is on a book tour if he likes to stop by the couch. we have a space here. ainsley: jillian with headlines. jillian: let's get you caught up on latest of story we've been following. "empire" actor jussie smollett could be soon handed an arrest warrant. latest tweet into an investigation of a alleged hate crime against him. the actor has not responded to a request by chicago police for
5:11 am
follow-up interview. his lawyer says this is not a hoax. we'll have a live report from chicago in a few minces as fbi looks at a piece of hate mail sent to smollett before the attack. a lot to unravel. acting president of venezuela is confident that u.s. aid will reach the people who need it. in an exclusive interview juan guaido tells fox business he plans to deliver stockpiles of medicine and supplies into the country. disputed president maduro so far has blocked the aid. rosen is currently transportation secretary. he previously served as general counsel for the department. he was a partner at the chicago based law firm with attorney general william barr. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is expected to step down next month. viral campaign moment. democratic presidential can did kirsten gillibrand gets interrupted by someone who wants
5:12 am
ranch dressing. >> i am just going to get the ranch. [laughter] jillian: the iowa college student said she had no interest in talking politics during gillibrand's stop in the. she goes to the restaurant for bible study. when you need the ranch dressing you need it. steve: you have to make it perfect. ainsley: gillibrand thought she was saying something. i'm just trying to get the ranch. steve: where is the siracha? just asking. many liberal states are increasing access to very late-term abortions but mississippi governor phil bryant, wants his state to be the safest place in america for the unborn child. he joins us live next. brian: someone called this little kid little hitler. he wanted to sell hot chock late and raise money for the wall. your comments on that decision next.
5:13 am
means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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5:16 am
♪ steve: the state of mississippi passing a a pair ever heartbeat bills last week banning abortion at the time a baby's heartbeat is detected. this is the not first anti-abortion bill the state passed. back in 2018 it also passed a law that banned most abortions
5:17 am
after 15 weeks. that was later ruled unconstitutional though the state is appealing that. will this new law, which is even more strict stand up to a court challenge which undoubtedly would happen? mississippi governor phil bryant joins us from jackson, mississippi. governor, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, glad to be with you. steve: good to be with you. what would this heartbeat bill do? >> it will do what medical science has proven from the beginning, a heartbeat is the beginning of life. when the child lives through detection of that the heartbeat six to nine weeks, you can't destroy that life, can't take that life in the womb. it would hold the doctor responsible through the licensure procedure if the doctor disobeyed that. if the doctor in writing did not notify the patient that the child had a heartbeat. other than the life of the mother, the abortion at that point would be prohibited in mississippi. steve: phil, what do you make of these other states, famously now
5:18 am
the commonwealth of virginia, they were proposing essentially a day of birth abortion, for that to be legal? you've got very late-term abortion in number of states including new york state where i'm sitting and new jersey where i live. what are these lawmakers trying to do? >> i think what they're trying to do is what many of the democrats want to do, they want to grow the culture of death, if you will. they want to be able to say take the life of a child at anytime, moments before the birth of that child, even as we heard some elected officials talk about after that child was born, making it comfortable, then taking their life. this is shocked the senses of this nation. it has shown a light on exactly what the endgame would be to be able to have infanticide if you will, across this nation upon just the demand of someone that wants to take the life of a child. we think, in a strange way they
5:19 am
are going to help our movement by shocking people into realizing just how horrific this movement has become, taking the life of a child moments before it is born. viability, having a heartbeat. it is truly shocking and we're going to try to stop it here in mississippi and other states around the nation. look at ohio, governor dewine says he will sign the bill that governor kasich vetoed. florida, tennessee, kentucky, the movement is spreading. we're proud to begin it here in the state of mississippi. steve: not just mississippi, governor. look at the national polls, a majority of americans are squarely against very late-term abortion. women should have a right to an abortion but it shoulding -- should be earlier than later. >> if particularly if you ask millenials, majority of americans say absolutely not. late-term abortion is something
5:20 am
they're against. ed officials should be against. science is on our side. son know grabs that have been developed show the development of that fetus far beyond anything we can imagine at very early ages this is human being, they have rights bestowed upon them. rights of people not even citizens of this united states, we want to give them every right afforded to citizen of the united states, but that child within the womb we'll take all their rights to live away. steve: in mississippi you're about to pass the heartbeat bill out of both houses. you will sign i. thank you for dropping by from mississippi. >> thank you, steve. always enjoy it. steve: 8:20 here in new york city, the field of democrats running in 2020 looks diverse but one former naacp leader says they're selling the same old policies. he will explain that next. plus this top housing and urban development staffer is living in public housing.
5:21 am
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5:25 am
free haircuts inspired by donald trump and kim jong-un. creating the iconic trump-kim handshake photo. the barber says president trump's style displays power while kim's cut shows youth. there you go. ainsley: thank you, steve. the growing field of democratic hope youfuls might look like a diverse group. our next guest says from candidates to freshmen in. brian: to a new op-ed, quote a painful reminder that the modern democratic party does not want us to get woke. they want us to stay broke. reverend cl bryant, senior fellow at freedomworks. in what respect does this group want us to remain broke? are they so much into spending? >> that has been the sign that progressive liberals have had on a certain community and this country, for the last 60 years.
5:26 am
they don't want any types of changes as far as their voting bloc is concerned. they're scared to death now, that there is an awakening going on, in the minority community. and the identity politics which has been the foundation of racism in this country, since the end of slavery, is the tool that they are using to maintain control. over that voting bloc. ainsley: why is that. why is that message, why is it dangerous for the democrats, for the people who go to the polls, think it's a good message. what do you say to them? >> the good news about the message that the progressive liberals are placing in the american field right now, in the population of america is that, identity politics and progressism, socialism will implode upon itself. before our very eyes, before our american eyes we are seeing how it is imploding.
5:27 am
and so i certainly hope that america continues to watch them make fools of themselves. brian: i mean they definitely take the black vote for granted. i don't think anyone doubts that. they also say, we'll give you free health care, free preschool, give you free college, why wouldn't you vote for that? by the way the successful rich people are cheating, they don't want to pay their fair share. in fact the term is freeloaders. look at the stats, president of the united states since he took over, some say coincidence, i doubt it, a lot of his policies are dramatic. you have low minority unemployment. more back to work, less food stamps. when he cracks down on illegal immigration he is helping the working class more than anybody else. >> in the midst of economic prosperity, and you have named point by point the things that this president has done in over, in less than two years, we see 300,000 jobs added just last month. we see the lowest unemployment rate in this country. we're in the midst of
5:28 am
prosperity. and americans are beginning to be very tired of being victimized by ideas that we are not a great country. and that we are a country of losers. this is the message that progressive liberalism does in fact put forth. freedom works, our organization, we have a mission in order to educate and build the largest grassroots organization in the nation and that is to let people know that american freedom is something that is given to us as an endowment in our founding documents. and americans, we should take back the opportunity to pursue our lives, our liberty, and our happiness. socialism, democratic socialism, or any otherwise will definitely rob the american people of that great gift that god has given to us. ainsley: reverend, have you always felt like this? if not, when was the turning point for you? >> the turning point for me was back in 1989 when i was
5:29 am
president of the naacp in garland, texas. i was asked to speak at a pro-choice rally by directive came down from dr. benjamin hooks, the former executive director of the naacp. god rest his soul but i could not do it because of my core value beliefs. i noticed that my star that was rising rapidly in the organization abruptly began to set. and i said to my wife, jane, you know, they don't just want to control the agenda, they want to control me and use my as a tool to control these people. and so with that epiphany, i began a journey toward conservatism and i began a journey toward where we are today. brian: you know what? if your theory is correct, could be why almost every candidate goes out of their way to call the president a racist, xenophobe, sexist, the worst possible descriptions they might be getting panicked the minority
5:30 am
community might be up for grabs this election cycle. reverend bryant. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, reverend. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead, maxine waters says president trump's supporters are not real american. >> those people who want the wall they're not patriots, they are not people who love this country. brian: really? she was just getting warmed up. ainsley: it is the president versus california's railroad. the billion dollar battle heating up. ♪ brian: taking the money back, how about that? ♪ as someone in witness protection, i can't tell you anything about myself. but believe me... i'm not your average consumer. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry!
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makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn, now, his world explodes with flavor. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day all-night protection. can you imagine 24-hours without heartburn? ♪ >> this president is trying to keep a campaign promise to all of those people that he swore he would build a wall.
5:34 am
and those people who want the wall are not patriots, they're not people who love this country. they're not people who stand up for what's right. steve: on presidents' day, maxine waters, congresswoman from southern california, taking a shot at the president. of course her state as well suing the federal government to stop the president from using his emergency powers to build the wall. ainsley: saying if you voted for the president you are not a patriot. if you support building this wall. the majority of people probably voted for the president for that very reason. brian: even though the 600 miles of built, barack obama did 133. president starting on 22. should be over 100 when some of this money begins being spent. amazing how many small stories of donald trump supporters end up in the news. ainsley: there is a little boy in austin, texas. his name is benton stevens. he set up, look at this, he set up a hot chocolate stand.
5:35 am
all the proceeds are going to pay for the wall. two dollars for a cup of hot chocolate. marshmellows cost you a little extra. steve: the nancy pelosi marshmallow is the 50 cents. you can have the beto o'rourke fellow for free. his mother jennifer says, i think it is important what our kids know what is going on in the world what we stand or believe in. his parents are members of the rnc. at the dinner table there is lot of conversation going on in the world including the president's wall. here is a little of 7-year-old benton, making the case, buy my hot chocolate. i will put the money toward the wall. >> getting hot chocolate will help trump make the wall. >> he had a lot of supporters online and then some that kind of were against you. are you going to stop selling your, doing the stand deal or? >> i'm not going to stop the stand until the wall is built. ainsley: he doesn't care what they say about him. gotten nasty comments.
5:36 am
one person called him little hitler. brian: here is what you're saying. you're not saying that at all. ed says this, seems the left who scream stop bullying don't tolerate a little boy who disagrees with them. steve: don tweeted he is learning how to create a business. more than some kids do. ainsley: mary said the 7-year-old is getting more done than the swamp politicians are. brian: right. jillian enough of this little kid. toss to me. steve: tell you this, jillian, he raised $5,000. he would hike to deliver the money either in person to the president or somehow get it -- jillian: i didn't think you would be sharing that. brian: it was right there in front of us. ainsley: everyone is so offended by 7-year-old. jillian: everyone is offended by everything these days. i'm offending someone right now. brian: it is not possible. jillian: it is possible. president trump went wants california to give back billions from the bullet train project
5:37 am
but democrat governor gavin newsom calls it political retribution over the lawsuit suit over the emergency declaration. this is california's money, we are going to fight for it. the white house says it is exploring every legal option to get back the $2.5 billion from that project. new solar energy project in virginia is being slammed. former press assistant for senator rick santorum joined us earlier and compared it to the green new deal. she says it forces environmental projects on people who don't want them. >> this goes into effect, this will be within 50 feet of people's homes. they have a lot of different concerns for the environment. jillian: a spokesperson for the company behind the project says local businesses are for it adding that it's a private development on private land and quote, will result in millions in new tax revenue to spotsylvania county, grate hundreds of jobs and create
5:38 am
economic development opportunities to the area. burberry is apologizing after debuting a hoodie with a noose at london fashion week. critics including the model in the runway show, saying the brand was insensitive about suicide and lynching. burberry's ceo says he is deeply sorry for the distress the shirt caused. it has been removed from the fashion line. a top housing and urban development official learns what it is like to live in public housing. firefighters work to free lynn patton and several others stuck inside of elevator after someone accidentally pressed the emergency button. took 15 minutes to get the door open. patton describes the incident not unfamiliar. she is spending four weeks in different housing complexes around new york city. i've been stuck in an elevator. it is not done. brian: she is doing a great thing. to do that, sit in the horrible housing situation, to see for herself. evidently took aerobics with everybody. ordered pizza for everybody.
5:39 am
looks up and roofs are all leaking. want to get something fixed, see it first-hand. steve: two weeks into one month project. so far not so good. ainsley: how long were you stuck? ainsley: 10, 15 minutes. it is not fun. ainsley: remember the housekeeper in new york stuck there all weekend? jillian: three days. brian: if you're stuck in any elevators, they have tvs. steve: they have several different channels. you got the business channel. fox news and fox news extra. brian: yeah. ainsley: if you go into an elevator make sure you have your phone. steve: one other channel we have where it is all concerts from "fox & friends." brian: right. steve: we need janice dean, a channel for weather. janice: that is a great idea. steve: look at capitol hill. it is almost a whiteout in washington and federal government not in business today. janice: smart. we don't need anybody on the roads getting into accidents in
5:40 am
washington, d.c. you know what? hi, what is your name, where are you from. >> rebecca. atlanta. janice: have you ever seen snow in new york city? >> no. janice: my goodness you're about to see snow in new york city. does your dad watch "fox & friends"? >> yes. janice: excellent answer. thank you for coming this morning. it is 28 in new york. it is cold. if some of that moisture gets up into our neighborhood we'll be dealing with that snow. taking a look at the snow impact across d.c., up towards new york city, new jersey, it will transition later on today, so people need to be really careful, check with your local weather forecast. thank you for coming, lady. do i get a hug? okay. excellent. snow in new york gets a little dirty. steve: the snow is coming. thank you very much, jd. meanwhile the fbi apparently now joining the investigation into actor jussie smollett's alleged attack.
5:41 am
could an arrest warrant be next for that man? we're live in chicago with the latest. reaction from larry elder, joining us from l.a. ainsley: "rolling stone" called her one of the top new country artists you need to know. and you will get to know her. her name is jillian. jillian carterelli will perform for us today. ♪ after months of wearing only a tiger costume, we're finally going on the trip i've been promising.
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♪ brian: we've just learned "empire" actor jussie smollett could be soon handed an arrest warrant. ainsley: the latest twist into the investigation into the alleged hate crime attack on smollett. steve: we have new information in chicago about the actor's criminal past. matt? reporter: good morning. this morning it is becoming increasingly apparent chicago police are trying to get portions of the smollett case in front of a grand jury perhaps to get a warrant, some type of subpoena.
5:45 am
fox news has learned that the brothers testimony was set to be locked in before a grand jury but smollett's legal team provided some type of information that paused the grand jury process. documents obtained by fox news reveal in 2007 jussie smollett was convicted of a dui, lying to police in los angeles, sentenced to 36 months probation. this morning smollett's crisis manager, smolletts that not talked to police monday or tuesday, not responding to requests for a follow-up interview. on tuesday, cook county state attorney kim fox recused herself from the state. she might personally know some of the witnesses. police tell fox news they investigated a tip yesterday at the that the brothers were seen inside of the high-rise the night of the attack with smollett but ruled the tip unfounded. brian, ainsley, steve. steve: here to weigh in, radio show host larry elder joins us from l.a. there was a rush to judgment in this case, that
5:46 am
turned out not to be the case. >> i'll say. my reaction, isn't this good news that this didn't happen? i was interested in the reaction of a people tv host, who says i was hoping and praying this day would never come, meaning the day would never come that we found out that jussie smollett had pull ad hoax. she would prefer to believe in the streets of chicago, you have trump-supporting goons wearing maga caps, patrolling streets at night with bleach and nooses looking for black and gay trump bashers to beat up, to whitewash and to lynch. that would be a better reality for her, than to think this actor just lied. that blows my mind. brian: larry you see the big picture here when all these other presidential candidates call the president a racist, sexist, xenophobe, covington backlash, there is desperation to make the president seem like a white supremacist. >> that is whole point behind it. why it had legs. the narrative trump is racist,
5:47 am
his support remembers racist. not only supporters are racist but also violent racists. it served the purpose. it served the purpose of racism remain as major problem in america. a mantra of the democratic party and the left. that is also nonsense. back in 1997 time and cnn did a joint poll, asked black teens and white teens, do you think racism is a major problem in america. both said yes. more white teens said yes than black teens this is the poll, before we had back-to-back black attorneys generals, before we had back-to-back black secretaries of state, we had obama office. is racism a minor problem, major problem, no problem in your daily lives. 89% of black teens said minor or no problem in my life. that was 22 years ago. my suspicion racism is a lot less now than back in 1997. it was not a problem for teens back then.
5:48 am
it's a lie. this jussie smollett thing advance idea that donald trump is racist, that racist is major problem in the america. it was a perfect storm story. ainsley: he was scheduled to be in nine different scenes, have a musical act. he has been cut out of five of the scenes. he has no mans to meet with police, even though police want to requestion him. thank you very much, larry. >> my pleasure. steve: dozen minutes before the the top of the hour. she is rising country music star. "rolling stone" says she is one of the singers to watch. we'll watch, jillian cardarelli next. brian: with my permission. go to bill hemmer. >> talked about the chicago story. harvey levin from "tmz" broke the story originally. he is here live to talk about the case. white house from california, why that is not going over well. andrew mccabe keeps talking and sean spicer and bill bennett will tell us what we're learning from that. sandra and me in 12 minutes, top
5:49 am
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5:52 am
♪ ainsley: our next guest has been named one of "rolling stone"'s top new country artists you need to know. and her voice is compared to country icon faith hill. brian: welcome singer song writer, jillian cardarelli. congratulations on all your earlier success. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. it is an honor. ainsley: how did y'all come together? >> playing shows around nashville. steve: how did you wind up in nashville. i know you're from massachusetts? >> i am from boston. moved to nashville five years ago to pursue country music. brian: how has it been? it is five-year long struggle or success? >> a 10-year town they call it.
5:53 am
an amazing journey. i graduated from college in 2015, have been pursuing ever since. >> you're so cute. i love it. to be compared to faith hill. to be recognized by "rolling stone"? >> that was one of the biggest honors ever. she is one of my idols, so amazing. steve: is it true your grandfather was living down in georgia after world war ii, got you interested? >> i few up listening to country being up there. steve: patsy cline, merle haggard? >> my country music 2019. steve: what will you do for us today. >> the song is good at looking good. steve: we'll get out of the way. here she is, folkses. ♪ ♪ going through a breakup, wearing lots of makeup, going out with the girls been through hell you can never tell because
5:54 am
the hair is all up in curls ♪ ♪ hardly see them in something ain't right, got a cigar in is his hands, been through hell, but you can never tell image of a "gq" man, running pictures through filters, giving bad times a little glitter ♪ ♪ we're all good at looking good, even when the stars are not lining up like they should ♪ ♪ stick a smile for a little while, acting like it is good, y'all, it is all good and we're all good at looking good ♪ ♪ everything is fine and just the rite lite and i can put on a show ♪ ♪ highlight real, hiding my feelings, sitting pretty ♪ ♪ running pictures through
5:55 am
filters, giving bad times a little glitter ♪ ♪ we're all good at looking good ♪ ♪ even when the stars are not lining up like they should ♪ ♪ fake a smile for a little while, acting like it is hollywood, y'all, it's all good, because we're all good at looking good ♪ ♪ we're all just pretending that we're cooler than we are ♪ ♪ and we're all good-looking good even when the stars are not lining up like they should ♪ ♪ fake a smile for a little while, acting like it's hollywood, y'all, it's all good, and we're all good at looking
5:56 am
good ♪ ♪ y'all, it is all good, and we're all good at looking good ♪ ♪ ooh [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea:
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that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ >> how great was that? jillian cardarelli was with us. when you think about world good and looking good. what's that about? >> auto biographical. social media has become a big part of our generation, we don't get to see the real moment where people are going through tough times. we all have it. >> we want to see you in our
6:00 am
summer concert series. >> contact her. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. we'll be back here tomorrow. >> bill: good morning, everybody. breaking news on a massive lawsuit filed on behalf of the covington catholic high school student at the center of the viral confrontation in washington the "washington post" sued $250 million filed by the family of nick sandmann. attorneys accuse the paper of practicing a modern-day form of mccarthyism. much more in a moment. talk to sean spicer on that and a lot more. first, however, president trump punching back at california as the feud between the white house and golden state intensifies over billions of dollars. good morning. we've reached the midweek point. i'm bill hemmer in new york. >> sandra: good morning to you, bill.


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