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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 22, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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episode you can get and so make sure you go online. check it out. you will love it and you will get all my impersonations i can't do on tv or go to a teens. itunes. shannon bream, take it from he here. >> this is fox news alert, mike emanuel, bob kraft allegedly taught a sting, r. kelly turning himself -- himself and my facing a dozen charges of aggravated sexual abuse, news to shed light on sexual assault by virginia lieutenant governor and the connection between president trump labor secretary and accused of having with underage girls. some rich and powerful men with unsavory criminal allegations. involving sex crimes with victims underage were virtually ignored. all of these stories, breaking
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late tonight my trace gallagher is on the case from l.a. newsroom, good evening, mike's weeks after the patriots won six super bowl, 77-year-old robert kraft accused of paying for acts at baseball in jupiter, florida. this ball was part of month-long sex trafficking investigation but we should note robert kraft is not involved with sex trafficking. that the police say they do have him on video receiving acts. the patriots spokesperson denied the allegations and today president trump said this. >> it is very sad and i was surprised to see it. he has pleaded his innocence but i'm very surprised to see it. >> trace: kraft is facing misdemeanors with jail time but r&b singer r. kelly could be looking at 70 years in prison. kelly, his real name robert kelly charged today with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving four victims, three of them between the ages of 13 and 17.
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attorney michael avenatti with star stormy daniels said he gave chicago prosecutors video evidence of kelly having sex with a girl who said several times on tape that she is 14. listen. >> today marks a watershed moment in the 25 years of abuse by this predator known as r. kelly. the two are kelly's attorneys say that the allegations blatantly false. our kelly was equated pornography charges in 2008. meantime labor secretary alexandra costa on a plea deal he struck a decade ago with billionaire predator jeffrey epstein who was accused of molesting 80 women and trafficking minors from overseas to perform parties. and facing life in prison, but because of the plea agreement that acosta miami top prosecutor signed off on epstein 13 months palm beach county jail. the deal being his victims no
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recourse but the federal judge in florida says the agreement was illegal. some democratic lawmakers want president trump to demand acos acosta's designation, mike. trace gallagher if, thanks lot speaking of public scandals the general assembly a new push by republicans to investigate one of virginia's top democrats. gillian turner with the latest on a controversy that almost got over shadowed and even forgotten, julian >> gillian: it's been over two weeks to women to detail sexual assault allegations against virginia lieutenant governor, justin fai. the state republican state until today, crickets from the democrats. >> we tried to work diligently with bipartisan way to investigate. and proposed a special subcommittee that would have been five, five republicans five democrats and testimony and subpoenas to conduct the
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investigation and that was declined. >> a breakout move today at the state house delegates said time is up and announced a hearing. >> so announced today the court justice committee will schedule a meeting. we will invite dr. tyson, miss watson to testify. we will also invite governor fairfax to testify. this will give all parties a chance to be heard. >> gillian: meredith watson accepted immediately saying she looks forward to testifying at this forum. and his team familiar from last year's confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh added "it is our understanding that the hearing will be public and televised. any subject to the same rules and requirements including our right to present witnesses and cooperators." watson claimed rape her duke university two decades ago. and vanessa tyson, professor of script college in california
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claimed fairfax sexually assaulted her in boston during the democratic national convention of 2004. both women have called for fairfax to resign and have publicly indicated their desire to testify against him. the big question now is when. republicans in the alleged victims eager to get the ball rolling and this year's general assembly session ends tomorrow. however, virginia's constitution would allow lawmakers to return at a later date especially to hold his hearing if that is what they choose to do. mike. >> mike: jillian thank you so much. so little time, a good chunk of time to discuss the payments have fallen in here now fox news contributor, mchenry, and former virginia congresswoman barbara, comstock great to have you all. high, mike. >> mike: should they work with republicans to investigate the sexual assault allegation against justin fairfax to take to take partisanship out of it? >> absolutely. there is no question about it.
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these issues should not be seen through a partisan lens, i think sadly that is what is going on but the lack of investigation for lieutenant governor fairfax is basically moral malpractice on the behalf of democratic politicians. these scandals that we are seeing today, i mean come on mike, thank goodness it was national margarita day. scandal after scandal after scandal. can we start to finally talk about toxic masculinity which i'm not saying is something about all men are bad, but it is about how manhood is best defined by sex and violence and aggression. and i think that is really where we are right now in society. we have to address this or kel kelly, so finally good to see him in handcuffs. the 25 years he has been doing this to young, black vulnerable girls and the contributions that
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his managers, the agents, the lawyers, they need to be held accountable. >> mike: okay. >> jehmu: at the list goes on and on and on. speak you know a lot of the key players but now they will bring in lieutenant governor fairfax who accuses to testify, your thoughts where things stand right now. >> i served in the state office so i would commend cox for taking this action today with a bipartisan committee 5-5 so we would actually have to be bipartisan. inexplicably the democrats refused to work with it, the democrat women actually, dozens of them down there who aren't doing anything but i would like to point out, there are two codemocrat men delegates saying they should go forward and should be bipartisan because over the past year and a half, made two issues in congress in hollywood, it was not about
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party but about getting those who were empowered, misusing their power and getting them you know, out of wherever they were abusing people. to make it a level playing field and allow victims to come forward. we still have due process and that legal process in a political open system. that is what they need to do. with justin fairfax and it's disgraceful that today you saw really a disappointment to see my former colleague eileen, the minority leader say, we really can't do this. of course they can do it and they should do it. and virginians deserve it. and we need to hear from justin fairfax as well is these women who want to come forward. >> mike: in your previous life you covered sports and the highest level in robert kraft the world champion super bowl champion for the new england patriots getting involved with this case in florida? >> you know my think the worst is still yet to come if you are
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to go by the reports by my former colleague adam who said we can have 175 names still to come out and reports even bigger names than his. and i think, look, there is a lot of jokes going around on social media but this is a serious thing. the question will be what knowledge if any did he have of potential sex trafficking, right because a couple of locations in florida and not just massage parlor that he went to bed a lot of agents and players i spoke to were shocked that this is so out of the norm and especially coming off of super bowl win. kraft and the belichick air out that this would happen but i don't think it is taken lightly at all. >> barbara: i'm on the board of prevention of human trafficking and this is an issue we have worked on bipartisan. what they will tell you officers involved in this is when you are paying for sex, 80% of those
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victim, people are traffic. so to say you don't know. this is a human trafficking sting that was involved. to say you don't know that, that is something the public needs to understand because it's not just about prevention. it is about stopping those who are soliciting and engaging. to say you are ignorant when we actually know 80% of those people involved in any type of are traffic, that is something we tried to educate the people bipartisan basis and past tough human trafficking laws to deal with the reality. >> mike: no love lost between the commissioner and robert kraft. consequences with the nfl. >> britt: that is where it doesn't go to full extent legally where he really could get some pushback because robert kraft goes to every game. he goes to away games, home games and possibly $500,000 fine and six-game suspension for violating the code of conduct
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for the lead policy. and there is some bad blood between those two coso i can see roger caddell trying to flex muscles. >> mike: for those scoring at home let me read this tweet from matt walsh, he wrote smollett staged a hate crime and more black face and advocated that a job fairfax was accused of rape by two women and still have a job. don't tell me about privilege no one is more privilege than a leftist, your reaction to that? >> jehmu: like a said, they should not be looked through a bipartisan lens especially at one point, no less than three stories on the home page of "the new york times" about sexual abuse and boy tatian robert kraft, the catholic church, or kelly. i certainly think jussie smollett should be thrown under the jail. he has planted seeds of hate that will grow exponentially and
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there are many people on the left to recognize that we have condemned it, just like we have with or kelly. and we should in the same way look at the billionaires and go back to the beginning of labor secretary alex acosta. his job was to protect victims but instead he chose to protect a billionaire, billionaires involved in sexual abuse, they also have to have some accountability here. >> mike: we have to leave it there, britt, congresswoman, jimbo, thank you so much. >> mike: went the president said more than likely a deal will happen with trade deals with china days before traveling to vietnam for a second summit with kim jong un. and when the bailor says with the president as planned. >> tonight and over the weekend, administration officials headed west towards vietnam. but they go having left expectation slightly, but not
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much, calling it just a photo up. here secretary of state mike pompeo. >> the good news is they haven't conducted missile test or nuclear test in over a year so that is better than the place we found when trump administration came into office but the president said yesterday in the administration said repeatedly, this is a long and difficult task. >> during the meeting vice premier president trump in a more optimistic tone and said everything was on the table. he appeared positive about foreign policy calling a trade deal with the chinese very likely. ahead of a march 1st deadline for more tariffs, the optimism since the dow for the first close above 26,003 months. and the president said he would continue to count on the chinese for their help with the north koreans. look look at the promises coming out of last year's joint statements in the first meeting with kim jong un peaceful relations and recovery of u.s.
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troops remains, follow-up talks, denuclearization of the korean peninsula and as for report ca card, committed gina haspel, committing long-range nuclear or missile that would pose a direct threat to the united states. and a view perhaps a little different than her bosses. >> we've had a great relationship, the singapore was a tremendous success, and fake news likes to support trade but otherwise we would have done, we literally would have been in a war with north korea in my opinion had i not been elected. >> ahead of the trip there is a growing chorus of questions that the president is willing to give up too much and received too little from kim jong un. jeff mason of reuters declaring kim jong un a winner. >> the fact that summa is happening at all is a win for the north korean leader. the u.s. officials have been playing down expectations what will happen there and that alone is good for him.
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>> the summit what makes this summit so unusual at the last one, agreed on by those ahead of time. whatever relationships are built by the united states representatives with their counterparts at the last meeting there in singapore and in the meantime, might go to waste. kim jong un, mike, just replaced much of his nuclear negotiating team. >> mike: leland, of course the president announced next pick u.n. ambassador today. what do you make of the timing? >> it wasn't a big rollout that happened late friday afternoon. kelly knight kraft ambassador to canada and confirmed it will take over at the u.n. noteworthy the president pick someone who had already gone through the senate confirmation process and also come from mitch mcconnell's home state, mike. >> mike: leland vittert life in washington, leland, thank you so much. stick with fox news live around-the-clock coverage north koreans, and it all
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happens next wednesday, thursday, vietnam time which means better coverage here on fox news begins tuesday night. shannon bream will be right here is the president and kim jong un go face-to-face again. we will have an extended show from 11 until 1:00 a.m. eastern time tuesday and wednesday night. don't miss it. progressives including senator kamala harris and elizabeth warren among those supporting reparations for slavery but can that policy go the distance and the 2020 campaign? bernie sanders fires back at democrats worried about his age, race and gender. >> i think we have got to try to move to a nondiscriminatory society. but looks at people based on their abilities, based on what they stand for. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> mike: bernie sanders under fire for expressing support for nondiscrimination, none discriminatory society. the 2020 canada and how he's handling the criticism high hi, david. the second time for the presidential campaign and he will benefit from name recognition in the 2020 race but with the rise of identity politics, he has a target of race and gender recognition and he's pushing back on critics. but sanders is a 77-year-old white male in the democratic field shaping up to be younger and more divorce than ever before. sanders himself discusses diversity and how it should play into the democratic nomination for president. this issue of identity politics where most of the candidates making stops, the late show with stephen colbert poke fun at sanders after announcements this week. >> but sanders, for all that
8:22 pm
diversity, bernie sanders does not believe that hurts his chances. >> we have got to look at candidates, not by the color of their skin, not by their sexual orientation or their gender and not by their age. i mean i think we have got to try to move to a nondiscriminatory society which looks at people based on their abilities, based on what they stand for. >> just like dr. king come i have a dream come a diverse nation to come together and be led by an old, white guy. [laughter] >> mike: this interest criticism does not ring hollow with sanders, but criticized for running 2016 campaign, that was not diverse enough. here is last night responding to that claim. >> when people said that our campaign was to write to male oriented, they were right. you take a look at the staff we are putting together right now and a look at you will see a
8:23 pm
fundamental difference in the way the campaign is operating. >> david: identity politics more obvious and the campaign because of the diversity we are seeing. house minority leader stacy abrams lost her bid for governor in similar comments from senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts, she was in new hampshire. >> i would tell every single candidate, pay attention to identity. talk about it but talk about it in the context of larger policy. >> electing more women, more women in position of power, from committee rooms to boardrooms, to that really nice oval shape room 1600 pennsylvania avenue. [applause] >> david: all right, howard schultz not a politician may be running as an independent described himself as not seeing color when asked about raise, about mike, he has been criticized by many pendants on the lip or such comments. interesting story i did and t politics we will see closer to 2020. >> mike: the question it's
8:24 pm
only february 2019. >> david: a little while away. >> mike: david thank you very much. illustration how far left democratic presidential candidate seem willing to go to get the nomination. at least three of them supporting a position former secretary hillary clinton and barack obama would not take. reparations for african-americans, or a score of -- correspondent doug mckelway. the idea of reparations occasionally arise as a way to write historical rung of slavery but getting attention of presidential candidates now. we have got to address again, back to an equity. after democratic senator kamala harris through her support last week and with two weathers jumped on board yesterday. >> i have long thought this country would be better off if we did find a way to do that. senator elizabeth warren said we must confront dark history of slavery and government sanctioned discrimination and civil rights robert said the
8:25 pm
reparations pushed is shameless. >> i find it insulting and i would rather face an honest bigot than injustice warrior. >> doug: the real move behind the move, pulling african-american vote away from the democratic party. >> african-american unemployment is at an all-time low, historic low. >> doug: while the poll shows 70% of african-american voters support the president he believes it is higher. >> absolutely 19% of blacks support donald trump. these are concrete steps that this administration is taking that if it is done the right way, it can really convert democratic voters into swing voters. >> he cites opportunities and sentencing reform as the blow of unemployment rate. supporting reparations may be a risky strategy for all three candidates given the divisiveness over the issue. 12016 survey found 32% of african-americans opposed to it
8:26 pm
but 85% of white residents were. none of the other democratic contenders have weighed in on reparations. during 2016 campaign bernie sanders dismissed it telling an interviewer it is likelihood to get to congress is nil. >> none of the 2020 fields have offered details for example how to divvy up reparations among mixed race people or how to handle the groundswell of operas -- opposition that will follow, mike. >> mike: doug mckelway -- doug mckelway, thanks much. embracing reparations for slavery, our power panel to weigh in, tom evans and kurt schlichter.
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8:31 pm
african-americans. without let's bring in our panel democratic strategist zach friend cofounder of real politics tom bevan and senior columnist, kurt schlichter, gentleman, great to have you. good to be here. zach, from kamala harris and i will ask you to react to it, so when we are talking about recognizing the inequality, it's not about saying i'm trying to take from those if they play by the rules and work hard. good for you, keep it. but i am saying, we need to be honest and address that not everyone has an equal opportunity to access to success. we've got to address that. so zach, trillion dollars to the african-american community the way to go? >> zach: , well i think a couple of things. i happen to know senator harris personally and she deftly is a social justice person. i'm not surprised this is a
8:32 pm
position she is taking. but i think overall issues like this will continue to come up on a democratic primary when you don't have a clear front runner. these kind of issues, similar 2016 when you had seven republicans running and now president trump differentiated himself by taking what i think a lot of the republican establishment would have said pretty controversial stance on immigration. so all's well so primary, may be don't jive with a lot of general election voters into democratic bays so i think there is going to be some stuff the next month or two months that will be having the same conversations. >> mike: senator harris is not alone, take a look at elizabeth warm in new hampshire. >> we need to confront it head on. and we need to talk about the right things to address it and make changes. >> mike: tom come as there a fear is being seen as a moderate
8:33 pm
if not all land on delivered ideas? >> tom: well, certainly, that is where the energy is on the democratic side, pulling everybody leftward, but this is an issue that is terribly unpopular in the mainstream of the country. in this is one that will be hard for democrats to go on records reporting something like this to come back in a general election in a position they will climb down from. i always take these issues and look at them. this will boil down to seven states and all the rest are pretty much decided. so how do all these various issues including this one player in places like wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, florida? that is where it will matter and this is a problem for democrats. >> mike: the national review scene politics rating, the proposal is not intended to mitigate evil. they are intended to make elizabeth warren or kamala harris or kirsten gillibrand president of the united states. kurt, your reaction.
8:34 pm
>> kurt: i could not support this more i'm a conservative and i want a republican to win and tom is right, this moral idiocy is poison in the swing state. i want to see these guys go into ohio, hey, guys, everybody reparations, that is the real issue, not the economy, not getting your kids out of the wars, but reparation. mike, i'm still puzzled. how does this work? my beautiful wife escape the democrats favorite communist cuba. how much toshio and oh and my great, great grandfather fought with the army but do i get a discount? how does this work? it's stupid, immoral and i want the democrats to keep doing it and self-destruct. >> mike: sack all indications this will be a crowded field which we expect may be up to 25 or so candidates. is the critical thing to make sure a chunk of the left base is fired up about you? >> we have an exceptionally fired up based thinking about
8:35 pm
2016 from excuse me 2018 elections, clear a lot of new voters turning out, however, the reason for democrats won the house, actually suburban swing districts that actually do not have the same type of fired up base some of these other districts i've had to. i agree the sense with tom you have to find a way to parse that difference and win the industrial midwest and ultimately 2020 the elections will still be one into swing states over the last 20 years. >> mike: tom, vice president biden and sharon brown and those who could play well with white working-class voters do? do they jump on the reparations bandwagon or do they stay out of that? >> tom: well, we will have to see. sharon brown has been sort of cautious and some of these positions been a care for all et cetera. in terms of he wants to be practical and get things" which says the same thing. she doesn't want pie-in-the-sky but she wants things to be achieved short-term and certainly reparations is one of
8:36 pm
those things so the democrats are and that the limit because democrats say we need a white male to win 2020 election. a publicly though, they are not saying that in fact, quite the opposite. people are looking towards, you know, female, persons of color, those are sort of the cachet for democrats who are running and the primary election. so it is a real dilemma for democrats i think i'm general election. >> mike: kurt, how alarmed do you think some of these white male potential candidates are at this point? you heard bernie sanders complain about a boat joe biden, senator brown, should they be alarmed that this may not be the year for a democrat white male? >> kurt: i think they should because the democrat party is completely obsessed with race. now, i wanted to be because i want them to lose. here is the dirty little secret about republicans. you give us a conservative, we will happily vote for a different abled hindu of color
8:37 pm
if that person is going to support a strong military, strong economy, first, second and even third amendment, we are looking for values and they are looking for a check in the box. that is why they will lose next year. >> mike: gentlemen, thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> thanks for having us. we went up next president trump swinging against planned parenthood cutting up many in funding and instead antiabortion providers. plus, president prompt guardian by winning electoral college but guess what more blue states want to do about that. stick ♪
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>> mike: because officials say israeli officials killed a palestinian along the causes slashes really border fence. thousands contested jerusalem and a session of flash point holy site that was closed by israeli court order for more than a decade appear at the fox news cruz told because of
8:42 pm
the danger, this was correspondent trey yingst earlier today. major concern here is that violent demonstration along the border with ieds, grenades being thrown at troops could lead to what you heard right now an explosion from grenade or ied. you can see often the distance, the plume of smoke coming from the ground and right under the plume of smoke, you can see one of the idf military vehicles. right now, we have a number of idf troops asked to leave the area. there is concern of not only shooters along the border, but also snipers from hamas positions inside the gaza strip firing at the crew right here. so i'm going to toss it back to you. >> mike: fox news correspondent trey yingst along the gaza border. the trump administration issued new regulations governing the title x family planning program today. the biggest take away financial and physical separation for funding from programs and facilities where abortion is a
8:43 pm
method of family planning. democrats immediately criticized the move. first into a brand tweeted "this is nothing less than out all out attack on ability to do their jobs" all people who rely on providers deserve a president who respects them. meanwhile the democratically controlled legislature's and several other states working to change the way a president is elected in a fundamental way. one of the states, colorado. alisha is from. >> voted this week to join the national popular vote interstate compact. which claims it would ensure that every vote would be equal throughout the u.s. and every vote in every state will matter in every presidential election. states that joined award electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote regardless of their own states results.
8:44 pm
the movement that it started after 2,000 election when al gore won the popular vote. george w. bush won electoral college college. again steamed after it happened again hillary clinton in 2016. backers need states totaling 270 electoral's to join the amount to win the presidency. right now 11 states in the district of columbia belong. the jared bowl signature expected to add the states nine votes. all places clinton one with colorado organizers need it and i in el toro votes. >> honestly that would take some doing. critics say this is a run around the u.s. constitution. this is not something where the state legislatures independently by a compact can come together and modify the federal constitution. article 4 says how state can join the union and the state still has to abide by the supreme law of the land which is the u.s. federal constitution. >> supporter say it evens the playing field for voters pointing out the majority of
8:45 pm
campaign events 2016 took place in just a dozen battlegrounds. >> 12 states to pick the president. but those opposed candidates primarily visit states with populations. this would be taking away yours and mine vote and let somebody decide colorado is going to do. a pew research poll last year showed a majority of americans supported changing the constitution to get rid of the electoral college. the national popular vote compact would not change the constitution and it would not get rid of the electoral college. that would take action from congress, mike. >> lee shook on you in denver to make him alisha thanks. adoption nation -- suing claiming discrimination to shutdown the agency for refusing to place children with unmarried or same couples. does the adoption agency have a case? our attorneys are standing by ready to argue the case. you are the jury, night court is
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>> time for night court, a legal challenge from christian adoption agency who said the state tried to shut them down because they held to religious
8:50 pm
convictions and new hope family services said close the agency for what the state deemed to be discriminatory and impermissible policy with same-sex couples to other adoption agencies because of religious beliefs. but the state argues granting the agency's exemption would violate constitution's equal protection clause, nice legal discrimination attorney margaret mazor white power crime and securities attorney will stoke men, good evening, great to have you. >> good evening. so exhibit a, let's take a listen to president trump. my administration is working to ensure faith-based adoption agencies are able to help vulnerable children find their forever families, while following their deeply held beliefs. [applause] >> mike: marjorie, why should it be possible to have christian adoption agency or other
8:51 pm
background having an adoption agency of its own? >> margaret: welcome essentially for faith-based organization who is doing the job that is not related to the practice of their religion, to openly discriminate against something that clearly states in the guidelines that either marital status, sexual orientation cannot be taken into consideration in and of itself is a violation of the law. i think it is very clear on its face and clearly impermissible but ultimately this is not something prohibiting them from practicing their faith or their religion but they are partaking in adoption and there is nothing religious in the process of adoption of children. my understanding is a lot of birth mothers like to know what background their children may be going to and so, some may prefer a christian, jewish, muslim
8:52 pm
agency. what is wrong with that? >> marjorie: well that in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with the natural parents to have a preference one way or the other. but what we are talking about is something little different. you are talking about an agency with a written policy that indicates that they will not in any way whatsoever process adoption at location for same-sex couples or somebody that is single. that is something different than a natural parent a preference of who they would like to adopt their child in order for them to be a preferable match. >> mike: all right let's go to exhibit b. new york law expressly permits birth parents to specify the adoptive family with which their child will be placed in many both murder -- birth mothers we choose to work with precisely because they share or value itss nature and convictions so your argument against them? >> marjorie: well, essentiall
8:53 pm
essentially, if the parent has indicated a particular preference, that is one thing, a step above and beyond, they have indicated that they would not allow a same-sex couple or a single person to even apply. guard lists of the interest or preference of the natural parents. if we have a situation where you have a natural parent specifically indicated, i would like my child placed in a christian home with a natural mother and a natural father, that is one thing but this is clearly different than what is being asked. >> mike: let's bring andrew into the conversation and give us your take in terms of your legal argument. >> andrew: might come it is stupid. it is probably the worst idea since before pinto. you have an adoption agency that is done amazing work. they have placed 1,000 kids in various homes in the last 40 years. they don't take a dime of taxpayer money. nobody has complained, nobody
8:54 pm
has complained about what they have done the last 40 years. this is new york looking for a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. i have a little bit of advice for new york peer instead of focusing on something like this in an agency like this doing great work instead, focus in on crumbling infrastructure of the murder, the guns and chase it companies like amazon out of state. there is no problem, there is no issue. this adoption agency does a phenomenal job enters a somehow exterminating is silly and nobody is buying at. >> mike: andrew and marjorie thank you so much. we will leave it there and have a wonderful weekend. thank you. historic mission for israel as they sent the first privately financed spacecraft to the moon. that tops the world next.
8:55 pm
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8:59 pm
20. defying the country supreme court travel plan to attend venezuelan aid concert in columbia. the show down the delivery of aid to venezuela turning deadly tonight. venezuelan security forces firing on protesters near the brazilian border, two protesters killed in a dozen wounded. israel looking to the men launching first privately funded lunar lander on eight cape canaveral falcon nine rocket. benjamin netanyahu said the launch was a giant step four is really technology and israeli craft scheduled to land on the moon april 11th. and a reference today as u.s. and royal air force planes conducted a flyby over shall fail to come england 210 u.s. airmen who saved the lives of a group of british children during world war ii. set 25 years ago u.s. bomber mi amigo deliberately crashed their plane after some british children accidentally got in on
9:00 pm
their way of their emergency landing in sheffield. a small crowd told watch the flyby including one of the children that was saved that day. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful, you spent the evening with us, from washington i am mike emanuel. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." we'll take on issues that are underak covered by most in the media. first tonight, how the press is responding to jussie smollett's fake hate crime. will also get to the bottom of the question of hate hoaxes, are they exceedingly rare as "the new york times" told us this morning or are they common? first, we've got an update for you, an up to the moment update on the smollett case itself. >> good evening, the update to the smollett case, this evening, jussie smollett's character has


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