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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 25, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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get fneaster. next month, their place! a drop of dawn and grease is gone. heather: good morning, monday february 259, this is "fox & friends first". happening right now, at 4:00 a.m. here on east coast. president trump heads to vietnam today as he prepares for a second summit with kim jong un. >> there won't be a popular movie and méxico is not paying for the wall. [cheers and applause] heather: awards with politics, wasting no time bashing the president, a look of who took home the hardware.
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presidential parenting, adorable reaction when he sees grandfather on tv. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning. rolling stones to get you going, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm heather childers and thank you as always for starting your day and your week with us. in just hours president trump taking off for second summit with kim jong un. denuclearization talks in
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vietnam begin on wednesday, griff jenkins live in washington with a preview. >> big week, denuclearization talks but no shortage of nay sayers here at home, senate democrats are expressing concern in a letter signed by chuck schumer and they write, the singapore meeting gave kim legitimacy and acceptance on the global stage while affecting undermining maximum pressure in sanctions but the president shot back last night. >> they are giving up nothing. we have special feeling i'm not pushing for speed, but we are not going to move sanctions. >> the goal in vietnam to build upon the 4 pillars agreed to in june in singapore last year and those are the establishment of new relations for peace and prosperity, lasting peace regime
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in the korean peninsula and completely denuclearization in the korean peninsula. there's a lot of pressure this time that there are some gains at this summit. secretary of state pompeo already in route, says it will take time to undo previous policy. >> the previous administration's policy, allow the north koreans to test, pray they stop and coward, test, pray and tow ward, up-ended by president trump. >> now, the president addresses the nation's governor's this morning and departs. heather: griff jenkins, we will follow all of the action as it happens, thank you. democrats under fire for premature criticism of the summit. fox news contributor say democrats fear president trump
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succeeding with north korea because it will only showcase their mistakes. >> the other crime that president trump is committing is brought to success and highlighting how everyone else has failed. that's what the democrats have always been afraid of from the start, if he is successful, deny success because they would have to explain why they didn't get it. this is an example of that and clearly thinks approach, we will start war, stop this way, it's all part of the package of negotiating what i think the president has been trying to do is trying to kind of pull kim jong un away from china believing perhaps that america could be better bet that it could trust, right now, they can't do anything without china's approval. heather: special coverage of the summit, "fox & friends first" will be on at 3:00 a.m. wednesday and thursday. vice president pence boarding
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moments ago, on his way to colombia to meet with venezuela' opposition juan guiado. it's being blocked by nicolás maduro, secretary of state mike pompeo says all options are on the table. >> it was very hopeful on the days and weeks and months ahead of the maduro regime will understand that the venezuelan people have met its day numbered. >> at least two people have been killed as protest at the border turn violent. congressman adam schiff threatening leakingal action if robert mueller's probe isn't made public and expect today wrap up soon, the question now though is when we will see the report and todd piro joins us live. >> report on possible russian collusion would come out last
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week, speculation debunked with timeline of the next few weeks of most likely but no one able to pinpoint an exact date but that didn't stop adam schiff threatening to sue the trump administration if he isn't how much with how much attorney general bill barr discloses to the public. >> we will obviously subpoena the report and bring bob mueller to testify before congress, take to court if necessary and if the president is serious about all of his claims of exoneration, then he should welcome the publication of this report. >> in response the president tweeting, the only collusion with the russians was with crooked hillary clinton and the democratic national committee and where is the serveller that the dnc refused to give to the fbi, where are the new texts with lisa page and agent lover peter s, we want them now,
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senator lindsey graham saying it's time to wrap this up. >> if there's no intelligence between campaign, that should end all of this. it will blow in their face in 2020. >> provide ag with confidential report, however, heather, legal experts, making report public and, of course, how much is redacted. heather: i have a feeling a lot will be redacted as it has been in the past. thank you so much, today. >> no problem. heather: and then there's this, prosecutors could issue an arrest warrant for robert kraft as soon as today, the new england patriots owner facing two charges on soliciting sex in a spa in florida. all part of a sting that netted dozens of arrests, if guilty the
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billionaire businessman could face up to a year in jail. kraft denies engaging in any illegal activity. r. kelly could walk free on a million dollar's bond today, kelly expected in court later this morning after failing to make fail and spending the weekend behind bars in chicago. the singer is charged with sexually abusing four women including 3 minors going back to 1998, r. kelly repeated denied similar allegations over the years. man, it's windy in new york city and powerful winds up to 50 miles an hour, dangerous storms slammed the midwest and the south as well in wisconsin take a look at this, one person was killed, several were injured in 100-vehicle pile-up in conditions there and in minnesota under state of emergency as the national guard
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with blizzard conditions, further south, mississippi, tornadoes over the weekend and at least one person was killed there. the flu, it is no match for this nascar super star fighting through his illness to win big at quick trip 500. >> turn four for the final time, bret, the win the quick trip 500. heather: grabbing career win, says he needed two iv's before the race but he wouldn't let anything get in the race and he won. good job. heather: well, music taking 91st academy awards in hollywood. ♪ ♪ heath health star-studded
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night with big moments and big winners including lady gaga scoring her first oscar with best original song from a star is born. ♪ ♪ heather: great song, olivia coalman getting acting, best actor for role, coalman taking for the favorite. the biggest picture, green book, one of three awards, meanwhile the host award shows still finding ways to take jabs at president trump. >> just a quick update in case you're confused, there's no host tonight, there won't be a popular category and méxico is not paying for the wall. >> 2020 presidential elections is around the corner, love
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versus hate, let's do the right thing. [cheers and applause] heather: second time in decades that the oscars went on without a host and a lot of people said it wasn't missed. well, the time now is almost what about 15 minutes after the top of the hour, president trump heading to vietnam in a few hours for a second summit with kim jong un, is denuclearization really possible, gordon chang says only if the president puts pressure on three other key countries and live tokes plain. do you remember the barber giving out free president trump and kim jong un haircuts for the summit. find out how people made the cut, stay with us an looking. it's the strongest, most advanced silverado ever.
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heather: welcome back, in just hours president trump will leave for second summit with north korean leader kim jong un, the president touting their relationship. >> you'll see eye to eye but you'll be seeing it one way or the other. what is going to happen, i can't tell you, i i don't want to rush it. as long as they are not testing, we are happy. heather: what should we expect? expert of nuclear showdown, gordon chang, thank you so much for joining us this morning, appreciate it. >> thanks so much heather. heather: we have been following with you from the original, the very first summit, what can we expect this time? >> i think we can expect that north koreans to stall, they've been very good at it, you know, president trump is trying to create this favorable atmosphere where they feel secure now have give up weapons so i don't expect the united states to say
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anything unfriendly towards the north koreans and we will see continuation of american policy. i don't think that's a good thing but nonetheless, i think that we will have some very friendly words from president trump. heather: should we trust north korea? >> well, absolutely not and we shouldn't trust south korea either. just a day or so ago, moon, special adviser to south korean president, look, the north koreans should be trusted to dismantle arsenal without international inspectors, well, i think that that's just ludicrous but that's what the south koreans want. heather: so how do we handle that in terms of south korea, we can bring some of that in terms of petroleum product that is were sent to north korea, if you take a look at numbers, 2018, there it is. >> yeah, what we should be doing
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is calling moon jae-in in south korea. he's unpopular and politically vulnerable and that's the way we go at it. there's a lot of things we can do but he is an ally and therefore we've got to treat him a little more gingerly than we would china, russia or north korea but nonetheless, you have to make it very clear that we are unhappy with what he has been doing. heather: what about china, we just had the announcement yesterday that the president is delaying the tariffs that were supposed to go into effect march first, he's delaying that now, does that have something to do with what's going on here? >> yeah, i think so. chinese ruler has been trying to dangle in return with concessions on trade and it looks like president trump is giving one more chance. remember, in 2017 president trump was trying to bring the chinese on board to help and the chinese were not very helpful.
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at this particular time there's going to be a lot of developments on trade and north korea so obviously the chinese are trying back, one more thing, heather, you to remember that over the course of two decades the chinese have tried this and they've not really helped us on north korea. heather: it is really interesting on how it interconnects and we will see what happens this week, gordon, thank you so much, appreciate it. >> thanks heather. heather: oscars getting political right from the very start. >> there's no host tonight, there won't be a popular movie category and méxico is not paying for the wall. heather: and that was just the beginning, carley shimkus is here with the political moments taking center stage on social media when we started our business
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. heather: wouldn't be hollywood without jabs and last night delivered. >> in case you're confused, there's no host tonight and won't popular movie category and méxico is not paying for the wall. [cheers and applause] >> the 2020 presidential election is around the corner. let's all be on the right side of history, make the moral choice between love versus hate. heather: carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm 115 is here with reaction, good morning. carley: it got political. wouldn't you know it, there was more obvious political moments
1:23 am
and more subtle ones like the introduction of the movie vice reportedly unflattering depiction of dick cheney, if you're a democrat or liberal you're aok with this and if you're conservative you will get reaction, the oscars, annual gathering millionaires about how oppressed they are under donald trump. rudy giuliani vocal, made us laugh by laughing at hollywood and laughing at himself, the modern oscar show is every year by very little comedy and a lot in service of limousine liberals, the oscars, you mean the political movement where movies win oscars that don't deserve them and the movies that do get left in the dust, award shows overall are trying to make greater effort not to get political, but this was the biggest night.
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heather: gentlemen -- carley: of course, light hearted moments as well and social media at captain america chris evans after he helped, he walks her up to stage. amy tweets, chivalry isn't dead, because he's a gentleman, someone raised him right. love this moment. captain america after all. heather: yeah. carley: subtle moments go viral as well. heather: i loved her gown. she looked beautiful. no, not at all. heather: kevin hart sending a message to all the fans. carley: of course, he was supposed to host the award show, what did he do during academy awards? right as he was started, posted video punching bag and abc the
1:25 am
channel -- heather: there's a message. carley: the channel that aired the affects on background. one instagram user says, well done, hart, stick to your guns and don't allow them to squeeze you into your mold. good for you, kevin, keep moving forward and another person on instagram says i think the oscar needs kevin hart than hart needs oscars. heather: i agree with the statement, the oscar needed him more than he needs the oscars. carley: i thought the opening number was clean, was amazing. heather: i always love the music, that's my favorite part. i try to stay up long enough to see lady gaga. carley: fantastic. there were some very good moments in the oscars.
1:26 am
heather: thank you so much. appropriate -- appreciate it. congressman adam schiff making big claim about the russia probe. >> ample evidence of collusion of the campaign and very much in the public record. heather: why isn't the media pushing back on the unfounded claims? we will debate that up next? and playing defense, why the head coach is standing by his players who just kneeled during the national anthem?
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heather: welcome back look at top headlines for you at this hour, just hours from now, president trump leaves to vietnam for second summit with kim jong un, the white house hoping to produce, quote, substantive step forward in denuclearization talks.
1:30 am
senate democrats demanding the president to produce verifiable progress. vice president pence meeting opposition leader juan guaido amid humanitarian crisis, it's being blocked at the border by venezuelan president nicolás maduro and people have been killed in violent protests and congressman adam schiff says he's willing to sue doj if mueller probe is not released publicly, al threatening to subpoena mueller to testify before congress. >> do you have any evidence at all that the president colluded? >> george, ample evidence of collusion and it's very much in the public record but to -- to not see what is plainly in front of us means you basically don't want to see the evidence of collusion because it's quite abundant. >> thanks for your time this morning.
1:31 am
heather: so why is the media allowing democrats to go unchecked on the collusion claims, here now to debate conservative radio talk show host summer and political analyst kelly, thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> shantel, i will start with you, you heard what adam schiff had to say, he's arguing that people don't want to see the collusion but is he going too far the other way where he sees nothing but collusion no matter what these reports seem to say? >> of course, he's going too far the other way, there's no evidence of collusion, if there was evidence of collusion the senate committee would have found it, the house committee would have found it and investigator mule e has done thorough job but there's been no indictment with the collision, this is a witch hunt and should come to conclusion soon so we don't continue to waste more money on the process. heather: kelly in reference to the senate intelligence committee and their reports
1:32 am
specifically because we know what their result was, senator richard birr said they interviewed more than 200 witnesses from multiple countries, they reviewed over 300,000 pages and found no collusion. >> i believe the american people have a right to know and the report should be made public, i think that the only way we will get to the bottom of it and know the truth if the report is not redacted and the public have the right to know and see the full report and read it for themselves and find out what exactly happened. heather: let me ask you this if the full report is released and it says no collusion, is that good enough for you because it seems like it's not going to be good enough for adam schiff? >> well, once the report is released and it's fully and once they make determination and that that say there's no collusion, that's the report, that's what they will find.
1:33 am
heather: do you think we should move on from there? >> we should look at the report and see what the report exact i will says and once we have the report figure out what there is and if there was collusion or there wasn't collusion, we just don't know yet. heather: okay, chandelle what do you think, do you think adam schiff will go after this no matter what the report says? >> of course, and the whole battleground is now going to shift from what the report says which quite frankly likely to say there's no collusion to they didn't release enough of the report, they're not releasing portions of the report so we will have another couple of years of legal challenges to how much the report has to be released, the president can claim executive privilege and not release the report, he can also classify the report which a lot of experts claim would be the best move to classify because that really can't be challenged -- >> but if there's nothing to hide, why wouldn't you release the report?
1:34 am
>> the problem is when you are doing a justice department investigation often times there's evidence which may be damaging or derogatory and we are talk ugh about a sitting president. there maybe unflattering detail that don't necessarily need to be released and that is within attorney general william barr's prerogative what should be released and what shouldn't be released. >> yeah, but the american public has the right to know. heather: but does the american public have a right to know above and beyond the safety of america and keeping us safe? i mean, if it's something that should not be released and should be redacted in terms of keeping either ourselves or our allies some of that information private, shouldn't that be the case? >> well, i don't know what exactly the report says but i think it's important that the american public in order for them to make accurate determination of what the actual facts are for them to have full report.
1:35 am
>> heather: candelle, you get the final word? >> they need to know whether russians interfered with the aides of president trump and officials, that's the reason why investigation started in the first place, we need to bring to a conclusion and definitive answer to that question only. heather: we will see what happens when it was released. we originally thought it was released the case but we are being told that would not be the case, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. heather: all right, president trump announcing substantial progress in trade talks with china. the president says that he's delaying a plan tariff hike that was supposed to take effect on friday. >> doing very well with china and if all works well we will have big news over the next week or two, we put ourselves in a position strength for the first time in 35 years or probably a lot more than that. heather: president trump also announcing a new summit with china's president at mar-a-lago
1:36 am
to finalize a deal, no date has been set. >> if we go backwards and rush to judgment, we allow for political lynchings without any due process, the facts or evidence, we do a disservice. heather: justin fairfax speaking in richmond and says he will fight to stay in office. two women have recently come forward accusing fairfax of sexual assault and rape. he denies the allegations. well, secretary of mike pompeo making it clear the alabama woman who left the u.s. to join isis cannot return. >> noncitizen terrorist, she has no legal basis for claim of u.s. citizenship. she's not coming back to the united states. heather: hoda is pleading with
1:37 am
the u.s. to let her come back and her son, toddler son. her father is suing the trump administration saying she's american citizen and allowing her to return. there's question over status because her dad stopped being a diplomat a month before masona was born on u.s. soil. new york firefighters heading to capitol hill to fight for the surviving victims of 9/11, running out of money, we talked about that here. firefighters are working with congress to get a new bill passed providing more help for victims battling 9/11-related illnesses and families of those who died. 235% increase in claims of 9/11-related illnesses since 2015. a federal judge ripping the case, judge gabriel, it will help him, quote, better appreciate the risk or hazards
1:38 am
created by -- i'm sorry, terisio before he decides on her sentence, she climbed the statute you may remember last fourth of july to protest president trump's immigration policy. was arrested again last week after climbing a building in austin. well, the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour, vietnam set to be the peaceful backdrop for second north korea summit but back in 60's and 70's it was anything but peaceful, critical history lesson up next. >> love you. heather: adorable reaction when he sees grandfather on tv going viral ♪
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heather: welcome back location with second summit carries special symbolism. nation's history with vietnam provides hope with north korea. >> in 1961 president kennedy announced america was sending a small number of specialized advisers to assist the south vietnamese in war against communist north action that would result in longest and hottest battle of the cold war. by 1964 the number of troops in vietnam was well to 17,000. >> we cannot be defeated by force of arms. we will stand. >> by december of 1966 there were almost half a million american forces in vietnam. by 1968 reached 537,000, even at
1:43 am
those levels the war for many reasons was not being won. >> good evening, my fellow americans. >> in november of 1969 president nixon who had taken office that january announced a new policy. >> it's not the easy way, it is the right way. >> withdraw u.s. troops overtime, the plan intend today leave the south vietnamese to fight and win on their own. >> the last u.s. combat troop left in 1973, among the bright moments in this time the return of american pow's. one of them a young pilot who would become a senator. the south would fall to the north in 1975. in total 2.7 million americans serves in vietnam, 58,220 died. >> today i am announcing the
1:44 am
normalization of diplomatic relationship with vietnam. in 1995 the two nations set a new course. [applause] >> senator john mccain, the young naval aviator who was held captive and tortured during war went back to vietnam to mark 25th anniversary of the fall. >> the object of my relationship with vietnam has been to heal wounds and move forward. >> critical country in part of the world. >> a decade later after mccain's trip, peneta traveled during u.s. navy over the war. >> it really is an interesting mark of history that we are a part of right now. we recognize the 50th anniversary of the war in vietnam and now here i am.
1:45 am
>> now, four decades later the u.s. relationship with vietnam has vastly improved, the two countries have come together on both trade and defense and now a place to talk peace with north korea. i'm jennifer griffin, fox news. >> vietnam is celebrating the historic u.s. north korea summit with fresh hair styles, ed henry paid attention to barbershop with presidential haircuts. >> so why did you get the kim jong un? >> because i'm fat a little bit, i look like mr. kim jong un. >> why not go with donald trump? >> i think it's not good for my face. >> why do you think you look like donald trump, why do you look more like him? >> i admire him, that's why i want to -- heather: interesting,
1:46 am
lots of stuff going on over there. some people in vietnam are even dying their hair to match president trump. there you go. the president's youngest grandchild going viral. adorable way of supporting the commander in chief. watch that. >> hi, grandpa, love you. >> eric trump sharing the sweet moment when 1-year-old luke spotted grandpa on tv and mom laura trump says it happens all of the time. so sweet. the time now is about 10 minutes till the top of the hour, do homeless people need id card, the state that thinks it's such a good idea, they are spending half a million dollars to make it happen and firefighters need to be prepared for anything, of course, but they probably didn't see this coming going above and beyond by babysitting.
1:47 am
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heather: 2020 presidential hopeful kamala harris insist that is we can afford the green new deal, the california senator says the huge price tag would be worth it. >> it's not about cost, it's about investment. there's no question we have to be practical but being practical recognizes that climate change is existential threat to human beings. heather: the green new deal could cost trillions of dollars, senator harris and senator
1:51 am
warren cosponsored the bill. homeless people could soon get free id cards if lawmakers in one state get their way, if the program passed will cost washington taxpayers half a million dollars over the next 2 years, well, the state had the nation's fifth largest homeless population, the plan will help people get off the streets right now. washington charges $54 for state id, other states have similar measures. fitness app will no longer send sensitive information to facebook, apparently, tracee carrasco with sister network fox business here on what kind of data may have been shared, good morning, tracee. tracee: good morning, heather, sensitive personal information like your weight, even your diet, now several apps said that they will stop sharing this information with facebook after a wall street journal investigation. so how did facebook get all of this personal information,
1:52 am
facebook got it when the owners gave information to several apps, developer software tools and shared it with facebook for ad targeting purposes so the journal found that 11 out of 70 tested apps shared data with facebook without notifying users about data-sharing tools in privacy policy, very scary to think about if you're sharing information with the app who else might have seen it. heather: we keep hearing about it, all the information that's out there. let's talk about irs, people are getting refunds and are down. tracee: according to new numbers from the irs, tax refunds this year down by about 17%, that's about a difference oh of $550 so last year, halfway mark of the tax season refunds average of $3,256, this year the average refund is just over $2,700, of course, this being the first tax season after the new tax laws went into effect in late 2017
1:53 am
but the smaller refunds good to remember mostly because people are paying less in taxes every paycheck, so most people are seeing the benefits of the tax cuts in larger paychecks throughout. heather: i keep hearing they got paid more throughout the year becauseless came out. thank you so much, tracee. tracee: thanks, heather. heather: 8 minutes until the top of the hour, playing defense, why a head coach is standing by players who kneeled during national anthem and wait just a second, those aren't pineapples in the package, $19 million worth of cocaine that you have to see.
1:54 am
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heather: welcome back, jussie smollet's tv dad speaks up, posing video with real son with smolett saying, we love you, plays the embattled actor's dad on empire. reaction on social media. you love a criminal and then supporter writing, loyalty, another person responding, serial killers, not sure the point of this post, who is
1:58 am
nothing. well, coach changes mind after players kneel for national anthem. now defending 8 of his players who took a knee on saturday to protest proconfederacy rally. >> i made decision that they are not welcome in campus and respect our players' freedom and ability to choose that. >> when he took the job last year david said that his team would respect the flag and the national anthem, former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick started kneeling protest in 2016 to proces racism and police brutality. time for the good, bad and ugly. first the good. watching two little boys after parents were sent to the hospital. the firefighters watched the kids for half an hour before their grandparents arrived.
1:59 am
now the bad, border patrol founding a thousand pounds of cocaine hidden in pineapples, inspecting a shipment from colombia. the drugs are estimated to be worth more than $19 million by the way. and finally the ugly, total panic as they get clothes out of dryer, look at that, the snake all curled up in the clothes, the woman got the harmless snake and took it outside and the couple believed they got into the dryer vent after realizing cover on the side of the house. that's not a good thing. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now, have a great day, bye bye. rob: monday february 25th, countdown to second summit in
2:00 am
hanoi. jillian: media are already predicting doom and gloom, how north korea state media is firing back. wave of reaction, the left called it everything from a modern-day lynching to maga hat attack. rob: tom pérez defending his party after many rushed to judgment. >> there is no host today, there won't be a popular movie category and méxico is not paying for the wall. [cheers and applause] jillian: political jabs taking center stage at hollywood's biggest night. rob: "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪


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