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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 25, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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good-bye. we thank you for joining us. here's trace gallagher. there ar >> 9/11 first responders are sick and dying. live look at capitol hill where members of both parties teaming up to end once and for all what john stewart called a national embarrassment. >> they always answered the call for us. we need to answer the calm for them. >> those facte affected by 9/11. >> president trump on his way to second summit with north korean dictator kim jong-un. the president now says he's not in a rush to get kim to give up his nukes. after vladimir putin warned another cuban missile style
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crises. it could hit in a matter of minute. i'm trace gallagher in for scheppe -- shepard the news start now. the hom home -- the home runs f1 fighting for help. they are facing huge cut and though first responders and other survivors are getting sick and dying after breathing toxic dust at ground zero nearly two decades ago. bipartisan group of lawmakers is set to roll out a bill to permanently fund compensation for victims of the september 11th >> he was in the wheelchair until his body finally lost that fight to cancer. last respect for arlington. it should not have to be a fight to pass this bill again.
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in this divisive time in this broken congress, if we cannot come together once again to stand with these brave hero, if we can't show america once again that we would never, ever forget. we will not leave our 9/11 first responders on their own. then what can get done? i want to say this very loud and clear to every senator, every member of this house. we must not force our 9/11 heroes to go through the same exhausting process again. we have to fully fund the september 11th victim compensation fund and make it permanent. we must do it now. here's why. the 9/11 death toll is still growing. 9/11 responders are still suffering. in the world trade center health
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program, 45,000 people are suffering from at least one 9/11 related chronic health condition. over 10,000 have been certified with a 9/11 related cancer with more being diagnosed everyday. almost everyday another 9/11 responder or survivor dies from 9/11 related cancer. we've known for years that the air that our first responders breathed in day after day, month after month, the air that community members breathed in was toxic. there was a high risk this would make people sick. now just as doctors have predicted, nearly two decades after the attack, which is the average time it takes for these
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types of cancers to develop, cancer rates in the 9/11 responder community are rising higher and faster than ever before. that means in our 9/11 heroes are going to need the victim compensation fund program more urgently in largely numbers than ever before. just over a week ago, we all heard the horrible news that the vcf will need to make severe cuts between 50 and 70 percent. this will hurt -- >> that's new york senator kirsten gillibrand. she's fighting for more funding for 9/11 first responders victims. let get to mike emmanuel. >> reporter: lot of emotion
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behind this push. bipartisan push. you just heard there from senator kirsten gillibrand also behind this is senator chuck schumer and colorado republican cory gardner. here's part of the pitch to get this done. >> i know congress is abastion of physical responsibility as you can tell from the rotunda that we're standing in. they've got to understand in the larger scheme of things, this is not a lot of money. what it will do for these families is enormous. >> reporter: 18 years after the 9/11 attacks were reminded of the selfless response to the first responders and others who went in to help, many are very ill and died. >> mike, what exactly would this bill accomplish? >> reporter: it would replenish the fund which is due to run out next year. it would also make it permanent.
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people who died from the 9/11 attacks or the aftermath would be paid also it would extend the funding 70 more years to the year 2090 and pay eligible claims that was reduced to inefficient. you hear lot of passionate from the first responders >> they can take out the worse day, worse week and worst month and worst 18 years and come together make congress finest hour. they have the chance to be that guy. anybody who practices political malfunction, we'll expose them. >> bit warning shot there from lawmakers who might want to play games with in funding. >> it's money well deserved. mike, thank you. right now, president trump is on his way to vietnam where he'll meet with north korean dictator kim jong-un for a second time. the president said yesterday he sees eye-to-eye with kim and he doesn't want to rush the north
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korean leader into giving up his nuclear arsenal. the president adding as long as there's no testing we're good. critics point out the leaders didn't spell out how pyongyang will denuclearize. john roberts reporting in hanoi, vietnam. >> reporter: good morning to you from hanoi. president trump has gone on record in the last few weeks saying he is no hurry to push kim jong-un to dismantle his program. there's growing sense kim is going to have to do more soon to get rid of his nuclear program if he hopes to get the dialogue with president trump going especially to reap economic benefits of denuclearization. he was leaving the white house today for the 20-hour flight here to hanoi.
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president trump telling national governor's associations he was responsibility about the possibility of the talks this week. kim does need to do his part. >> we're speaking. we could have very good summit. i think we'll have a very tremendous summit. we want denuclearization. i think he'll have a country that will settle lot of records in term of the economy. >> reporter: according to senior administration official, there are concerns in the white house the state department as well as the dod the treasury department and energy department about the direction the preliminary talks were headed in before the president came here to vietnam. officials tells fox news, the special envoy has been willing to offer too much to north korea without seeing some results from north korea. among the concerns that many officials in the administration has, the denuclearization is becoming negotiating point
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rather than the nonnegotiable promise kim made last june in singapore. u.s. officials do not want south korea engaging economically with north korea. there are concerns about cultural exchanges that are being promised between south and north korea before there is more developments in terms of the denuclearization process. group of senate democrats are echoing the concerns of intelligence officials who testified in congress that north korea has no intention of getting rid of its nuclear program. in the letter to president, the democrats writing we believe your next meeting with kim must demonstrate tangible, verifiable progress on denuclearization and reducing tensions with the north. it's unclear what the concerns of administration officials at least what affect the concerns of administration officials will have on what president trump plans to do here in hanoi later on this week. one administration official put it to fox news, the president
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will do what he wants. >> president trump said there's making progress in trade talkses with china? >> reporter: yes. the president very happy about what happened over the weekend when they were talking with the vice premier of china. he left late yesterday to head back to china. the stock market seem to like it as well. the president telling the national governor's association this morning that things are looking up. listen here. >> i told you how well we did with our trade talks in china. it looks like they'll be coming back quickly again. we'll have another summit. a signing summit which is better. hopefully we can get that completed. we're getting very close. >> reporter: the signing summit that the president is talking about, he hope to host xi jinping mar-a-lago some time in
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march. the president said lot of progress was made on the core issues as well as ownership of american companies that do business in company. of course trace, the proof will be in the pudding. >> jon roberts live in hanoi, vietnam. more now on the summit in vietnam. let's bring in the senior fellow on foreign policy at the brooking constitution. democrats are looking for results. is the process also not very important? >> reporter: i think that we're set up for some progress. i think that president trump has actually created some opportunities. it's wrong to celebrate too much. sometimes his language implies that we're near the finish line and goal line, but we're not. we're positioned in much better place than talks with ncaa --
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north korea over the years. recognizing that again, it doesn't mean much unless we make a much bigger step. we don't need complete denuclearization in the first instance because we aren't going to get it no matter how much we pound our chest. kim jong-un watched what happened to sadaam hussein and moammar gadhafi. that's going to be end of the process where he gives up his last nuke. it's not going to be the beginning. i think the president trump starting to appreciate that whether all of his advisors do, i don't know. i think he's right on that point. >> what about your estimation. i know you say with will not get denuclearization. is it important for the north koreans to give us a big ticket item so we can show everybody look, we're going to do this before we do this?
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>> reporter: right. i think the right interim deal is that they give up their ability to make more nuclear weapons and permanently end testing. both nuclear weapons and long range missile. once it's verified, dismantle or shut down their plutonium production and eliminated their ability to expand their arsenal, that sort of half way towards where i want to see them get. we should give up roughly half the sanctions to get there. that's a rough statement on my part talking on tv. a treaty would need to be much more elaborate. yes, it has to be verifiable and meaningful. they don't have give up their bombs necessarily, certainly not all of them in the first agreement. >> i got to go. i want to get your read on these reports that the u.s. actually kind of asking russia for some advice on how to deal with kim
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jong-un. >> reporter: as long as we don't take the advice too seriously i think it's good. i think president trump is right to want to improve his rapport with president putin where possible. as long as we don't assume russian intentions and advice is honest and sincere. we can listen. no harm done. >> good analysis. michael, good to see you. thank you. much more ahead. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein making comment about special counsel robert mueller investigation and where american people will receive oh accept the finding. prosecutors in florida talking about the prostitution sting that busted new england patriot's owner robert kraft. that is coming up. ll newday usa. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home and take out 54,000 dollars
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>> trace: new england patriots owner robert kraft. the billionaire won't be getting any special treatment. >> reporter: trace, robert kroft is one of the league's best known owners. pats won six super bowls. he has a home at the breakers in palm beach about 20-miles from jupiter where this massage parlor was located. he was paying for sex in the spa on january 19th and on january . he's 77 years old and worth more than $20 billion. it could get to one year in county jail and 100 hours of community service.
12:20 pm
violators would have to attend program. the state attorney said he hope this arrest will shine spotlight what is not a so called victimless crime. >> it was built on force, fraud, or coercion. it is evil. it was fuel by the demand side demands by law-abiding who are not aware about those being exploited. >> reporter: the nfl released a statement saying our personal conduct policy apply equaling to everyone in the league. he'll handle this allegation. we are seeking a full understanding of the facts while ensuring that we do not interfear with an ongoing law enforcement investigation. we'll take appropriate action as warranted based on the facts. spokesman for bob kraft denied
12:21 pm
the charge. it is a judicial matter that said that we will not be commenting further. >> trace: rick, thank you. the deputy attorney general is new comments the mueller investigation. you'll hear from rod rosenstein ahead and show down over the border. some former national security officials blasting the president's decision to declare a national emergency. but president trump has some new things to say as well. that's next. so with xfinity mobile
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i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need and still save hundreds of dollars. do you guys sell, other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. get $250 back when you pre-order a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. >> trace: chairman of the house intelligence committee said he'll subpoena special counsel robert mueller final report if attorney general william barr doesn't give it to congress. >> we will bring bob mueller in to testify before congress.
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we'll take it to court if necessary. in the end, i i think the department understands they're going to have to make this public. >> trace: several justice department official have told fox news mueller's russia investigation is close to wrapping up. prosecutors are looking into moscow's meddling in the 2016 presidential election. possible collusion with members of the trump campaign and whether the president obstructed justice. the president has said there was no collusion and to obstruction. meantime deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who was overseeing the investigation, talked about the case today. chief intelligence correspondent reporting live in washington. >> reporter: good afternoon. washington think tank earlier today the deputy attorney general seem to choose his words carefully calling the mueller probe open. rod rosenstein said he believes the public will have an open mind about the findings despite negative tweets from the president. >> i'm not going to answer this
12:27 pm
question directly. i don't comment on open investigations. i think if you just follow the internet or cable tv about what american people think and how appropriately skeptical they are of information that is available. >> reporter: special counsel regulations attorney general william barr who was sworn in two weeks ago, writes a summary of the mueller finding and barr decides how much is released to the public and how much is provided to congress. barr testified during confirmation hearings that he will err on the side of transparency. rosenstein reinforced that position this morning and said the regulations separately require the special counsel to notify congress if actions are blocked by the sit organize acting attorney general. >> if the special counsel proposes to take an action overruled by the attorney general, we require to report
12:28 pm
that to the congress. that's the structure independence provided in the statute. >> reporter: it's going to be a big day starting tomorrow and then back-to-back until thursday. we have the closed senate intel testimony from the president's former personal attorney michael cohen and public testimony on the house side on wednesday and closed session on the house side on thursday. >> trace: busy week. live in washington, thank you. dozens of former national security officials blasting president trump's decision to declare a national emergency to build a border wall. in a letter to congress, the officials say they are aware of no such emergency to justify the declaration. they said the president's move appears to be unprecedented. quoting the president's actions are at odds with the overwhelming evidence in the public record including the administration's own data and estimates. most of the letter signering served democratic president bus some served republicans and
12:29 pm
democrats. president trump tweeted today, we have a state of emergency at our southern border. >> reporter: 60 former national security officials said there's no factual basis to fund a wall or border wall on the southern border. under no plausible assessment of the evidence there in national emergency that entitle the president to tap into funds appropriated for other purposes to build the wall at the southern border. officials argue the border crossings are at a nearly 40-year low. there's to documented terrorist national security or violent crime. the wall construction needlessly pulling money from programs. this morning at the white house, the president continue to push for that border wall. >> it's a big beautiful powerful steel wall. you can see through which is very important to be able to see
12:30 pm
through. if you don't have it, you're not going to have borderers. you will not have a country pretty soon. we're spending a fortune. we're doing an incredible job. the border patrol has been amazing. if we had a wall, we'd save a fortune. >> reporter: among the 58 former officials steining the -- signing the letter, leon panetta and james clapper, cia director john brennan. they -- they served during the obama administration and previous administrations. tomorrow the house is scheduled to vote to kill that national emergency. democrats trying bring that up as well about two dozen former congressional republicans are urging current congressional republicans to vote against that national emergency or vote for that measure that will kill that national measure. the president said if if does
12:31 pm
pass the house and senate, we would veto it. >> trace: first veto. live for us in the north lawn. we're learning about a possible motive behind a deadly fire at a mansion in new jersey. man accused of killing his brother, sister-in-law and two kids. r kelly in courts today. he is charged sexually abusing four women including one who said she was just 14 at the time. we're live at the courthouse next.
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12:36 pm
at the time. a lawyer for the women said, he has second video of r. kelly sexually assaulting underage girl. he's a rock star. he doesn't have to have nonconsensual sex. >> reporter: r. kelly attorney said $100,000 might surface any hour. we're on stand by to see if he bails himself out today. r. kelly was brought in the courtroom wearing an orange jumpsuit. he was brought in by deputies. he was quiet and he looked distraught. one of the attorneys said he's representing at least two of the victims in this case, claims he turned over two videos to prosecutors that depict r. kelly in sexual acts with an under age girl. one girl talked about being 14 years old. so far they have not seen these
12:37 pm
tapes. here's r. kelly attorney and one woman who is speaking out against the singer. >> at this point in time, i have no reason to believe that there's any tape of mr. kelly acting inappropriately in relation to these cases or he's done anything else wrong. >> i'm coming forward now. i thought this is the right thing to do. i want to encourage other victims who i know must be out there to come forward as well. >> reporter: the state attorney says that r. kelly met one of the alleged victims in this case in his previous 2008 trial when he gave her an autograph. >> trace: the state attorney said at least one tapes does exist. >> reporter: y the attorney confirming that. they identified her niece in one of the video. there's question whether that's a brand new video. today the attorney representing the clients said there are two
12:38 pm
separate videos. >> trace: live outside the courthouse in chicago. head of the chicago police department doubling down on his claim that jussie smollett lied about being attacked. tmz has reported the brothers told a grand jury the "empire" actor wrote them a check for personal training services not to help stage an attack. police superintendent eddie johnson talked about the money today on "good morning america." >> the brothers specifically say it was for the attack? >> they said he paid them $3500 with a check. >> did they say what it was for? >> yes, to carry out this incident. >> trace: smollett charged with filing a false report after telling police last month that one masked men attacked him yelling racist and homophobic slurs. his lawyers called the actor's
12:39 pm
arrest organized law enforcement spectacle. she say -- they say smollett wants nothing more than to clear his name. police superintendent said there's lot more evidence against the actor. the lieutenant governor of virginia comparing himself to lynching victims as he continues to deny sexual assault accusations. >> you heard much about anti-lynching on the floor of this senate where people were not given any due process. we stand here in a rush to judgment with nothing accusations and no facts. >> trace: lieutenant governor justin fairfax made those comments during a surprise speech over the weekend. there have been calls for him to resign after two women claimed he sexually assaulted them years ago. fairfax has asked for an investigation.
12:40 pm
>> reporter: this imspeech -- this speech was the lieutenant governor last. he warned lawmakers not to repeat history by allowing political lynching against him without due process. he pointed to examples of racial injustice in the state history while drawing comparisons to the sexual assault allegations. he compared himself to african-american during the jim crow era who were lynched because of allegations without proof. told lawmakers he they treat his case will show whether or not the state has changed. >> we have to decide who we are. i'm happy to be just one representative example of what whether or not we're going to rise for better angel of our nature or go back down a very dark, political road where 50 years ago, fingers have been pointed to me in the same way, it will be a very different outcome. >> reporter: at the end of the
12:41 pm
five minute speech, lawmakers said there was an awkward silence. the chairman of the black caucus he didn't have problem with his fairfax markets. constituents are concerned that fairfax is being treated unfairly because of his race. one republican leader said fairfax speech was the worst most disgusting type of rhetoric, particularly because on friday, state republicans announced they plan to hold a public hearing for both fairfax and his accusers to testify. fairfax said, he wants law enforcement to handle the investigation and he will not take part in a hearing that he describes as a political circus. both his accusers are willing to testify. at this point, no hearing has been scheduled. >> trace: thank you. iran launched cruise missile from the submarine. that's according to an iranian news agency. it happened during naval exercises near the straight.
12:42 pm
-- strait. iranian media report the country other submarines had the same capability to launch missiles. no word on the range of the missile reportedly launched today. >> reporter: iranians test fired far missile yesterday as part of the their annual military drill. this test raising new tension between the united states and iran. it was significant in the sense, this cruise missile was launched first time from the iranian submarine. the drill was successful at least two iranian submarine have the same launching capability. the test does come as syrian president bashar al-assad met with the leader on monday. the trip was the first time assad visited syria. he promise to continue
12:43 pm
coordination with the regime. with military drill this weekend and other tensions in the region involving iran including iranian backed troops on the ground in syria, they are concerns that verbal threats from the iranian regime could lead to real military action in the future. >> trace: breaking right now. news coming out about the iranian foreign minister. what do we know? >> reporter: that's right. we are getting some details right now. we understand that iran's foreign minister muhammad has resigned from his position. this was first announced on his instagram page. this is significant because, he's widely seen one of the key faces of the iranian regime. he spent time as iran's ambassador to united nations from 2002 to 2007. he speaks english. we've seen him clashing with u.s. lawmakers.
12:44 pm
clashing with senator lindsey graham. he's made public remarks including remarks this weekend at the university in tehran. another key role he's played for the iranian regime is that the chief nuclear negotiator that deal that president trump did for the united states out of last year. >> trace: live for us in the middle east. thank you. president trump heads to asia, vice president mike pence is heading back to south america. pence traveled to columbia where he met with venezuela optician leader juan guaido. he's looking pressure to nicolas maduro. the u.s. officially backs guaido, venezuela has been in recession for years and many people don't have access to basic necessities like food and medicine. maduro's followers blocked u.s.
12:45 pm
backed effortsly to deliver humanitarian aid this weekend. >> reporter: they did more than just block it. these were units loyal to nicolas maduro who opened fireplacfireon aid workers. it was against this backdrop that vice president expense pene arrived in colombia. he announced tough new sanctions against government members. he called on people of venezuela to stand up to the regime. >> nicolas maduro has no legitimate claim to power. nicolas maduro must go. >> reporter: vice president pence announced another $56 million in aid on top of the $139 million u.s. given. the interim president thanked vice president pence and president trump, declaring maduro's reelection last year ill legitimate. in terms of the next moves, the
12:46 pm
u.s. asked the united nations security counsel to hold a meeting to discuss venezuela to find other possible ways to remove nicolas maduro. as far as other attempts to get aid in, there are no plan it is far right now. we saw over the weekend, when venezuelan forces fired tier gas at aid workers. they've taken a step back and they're looking at all other avenues to find a solution. >> trace: benjamin, thank you. russian state television has listed locations in the united states that it claims kremlin would target in the event of a nuclear attack. it includes, pentagon, camp david, naval radio station in washington state and couple of former military bases. vladimir putin claimed he would point hypersonic missiles a the united states if the u.s. puts new missiles in europe. he said his country is ready for the standoff like the cuban
12:47 pm
missile crises. u.s. officials said they have no immediate plans to deploy missiles in europe and that all of this is just russian propaganda. the administration announced that its pulling out of decade decades-old treaty with russia. it's been three months since cops arrested a man on charges of killing his brother and his family then setting their house on fire. we're now learning about details from the defendant. who is he and what prosecutors say may have motivated him to commit this murder. that's next. why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. when i went on to ancestry, and wi just put in the namelife. yes, we are twins. of my parents and my grandparents.
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>> trace: investigators in new jersey say the man charged with murdering his own brother, sister-in-law and two children was about to be cut off from the family business. that's according to an indictment today. he's pleaded not guilty. >> reporter: investigators have revealed more about the alleged motive here as they doubled the charges against paul which is over money between suspect and his brother. they laid out the details how the family of four was found scattered around their home,
12:52 pm
shot and stabbed and set on fire. paul has been in custody since november. held on multiple charges stem from the murder of his family members. he went on a age. paul caneiro stove to new jersey, shot and killed his brother keith on his front lawn and went inside their home and shot and stabbed his wife jennifer and stabbed their two young children, his nieces and nephew. their house was is the on fire. paul went to his own home and discarded evidence, knife and glove which had blood from the murder scene before set higgs house on fire. caneiro has pleaded not guilty. his attorney his client had no family and have been wrongly accused. part grand jury indictment included information that
12:53 pm
caneiro sent e-mail to his associates the night before he was murder. he will be discontinuing payments to his brother until some of the missing money was found. keith caneiro told a relative he was frustrated with his brother paul over the amount of money he has been spending. paul caneiro is facing 16 counts which could bring him life in prison if convicted. >> trace: just a horrible story. thank you. they hid in their workplace and dialed for help. cops in illinois releasing 911 calls. the calls as they came in, is come coming up. if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash,
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911 calls people made when a gunman opened fire at a warehouse in aurora, illinois. police say the gunman started
12:58 pm
shooting after he lost his job, killing five people. >> it's always chaschastenning obviously to hear these calls. he's hiding from the gunman as he calls 911. listen here. >> i heard shots. there's more shots. please send somebody asap. >> they're already on the way. i want you to stay on the phone with me, okay? do not hang up. >> now, police arrived within minutes. but the dispatcher stayed on the phone with the same caller, warns him the gunman has not been found. >> this guy is not in custody. nobody moves any further, okay? do not give him a target. nobody move. >> after that, the caller says he hears more shots, in all five
12:59 pm
employees were killed that day. >> frightening calls. why do they release these? normally not this early. >> the aurora police department actually addressed this directly in a statement on their facebook page. it says "this decision was not made carelessly, as we understand the troubling nature of these calls. but as a matter of public interest and our ongoing commitment to transparency within our community, we agree that you have a right to hear the courageous souls who helped us bring this horrible tragedy to a swift conclusion." listening to those calls certainly does help you appreciate the courageous nature of the dispatcher who helped the witness there and of course the cops who rushed out toward gunfire. >> really stunning. good to see you. thank you. we'll have a fox news update on facebook watch. it's a minutes' long newscast. just a few minutes from now. once it's over, it's available
1:00 pm
to view anytime you want. on the corner of wall and broad, not bad, not great. dow was up about 60-something points. i'm trace gallagher. "your world with neil cavuto" starts right now. >> neil: it's still a record high in 2019 with the dow jones industrial, stocks up. things are looking good for not just one, but two big pow-wows. the one you know about already, the president heading to vietnam for a second round of talks with north korea's kim jong-un. the with unthat affected the markets are upbeat talk from china and the united states on trade. the president saying substantial progress has been made, enough for him to postpone tariffs. the market's interpreted that to mean and the chinese to insist that a deal could be at