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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 25, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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, thanks again. thanks for stopping by. that is the story for this monday night. don't forget to subscribe to the untold story podcast. a new one just went up today. go check that out. we will see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson is coming up next. >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." jussie smollett is not the first to fake a hate crime and turns out he is not the last either. just ahead, we will take a deep dive into the bizarre trend of fabricated victimhood. there is a reason they do it. then you probably didn't catch the oscars last night but don't feel bad. most people missed the oscars last night. hollywood is now completely irrelevant. more on that just ahead. but, first tonight. republicans have described ocasio-cortez as the leader of her party as the boss of the democratic party. there's a reason they are saying that because she is. she said so herself in an interview on friday.
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watch this. >> oh, it's unrealistic. oh, it's vague. oh, it doesn't address this little minute thing. and i'm like you try. [laughter] you do it. >> right. >> because you not. because your not. until do you it, i'm the boss. how about that? >> that's right. >> tucker: she's the boss. how did this happen? well, for the last two years democrats have been very distracted. they have spent all of their time hating donald trump. and none of their time thinking about what they would do if they ever took charge as they just did of the congress last november. so they arrive in washington in january and they have no idea what to do. lucky for them someone had a plan. she was a 29-year-old bartender from the bronx and she showed up with a brand new democratic platform already written. she imposed it on her party. it's called the green new deal. in less than two months she was basically convinced the entire leadership of the
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democratic party to buy into this plan, to wrath it. ratify it it's a perfect plan it would shut down the entire economy except for the hedge funds for the democratic campaigns. absolutely perfect. there is only one downside. the plan, if enacted would cost some estimate more than the entire global g.d.p. not the g.d.p. of the united states. but the g.d.p. of the world. it's pretty expensive. but it doesn't bother ocasio-cortez at all. she doesn't care. listen to her describe her reaction to the bean counter description. this is her response. >> our planet is going to disaster if we don't turn this ship around and so it's basically like there is scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead, i think, young people to have a
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legitimate question. you know, should -- is it okay to still have children? >> tucker: is it okay to still have children? well, i don't know alexandria, can we? you are the boss now. if you say we can't reproduce the species, of course we won't. it's your call. my gosh. it's a measure of how cowardly and passive everyone has become all of a sudden that a chorus of right-thinking democrats has thasn't told this i had 00 particular wind bag to be quiet and take a seat. nobody has done that they are all too afraid of her. what you are watching isn't politics it's a children's crusade an army of tiny combatants marching off in oversized close into an unknown puffed up with ignorant self-righteousness. last week as if on cue activists showed one a group of kids to harass california senator dianne feinstein for the crime of not endorsing the green new deal. watch. >> some scientists have said that we have 12 years to
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turn this around. >> well, it's not going to get. >> the government is supposed. >> get turned around in 10 years. what we can do. >> senator, if this doesn't get turned around in 10 years you are looking at the faces of the people who are going to be living with these consequences. >> the government is supposed to be for the people and by the people and all for the people. >> do you know what's interesting about this group is i have been doing this for 30 years. i know what i'm doing. you come in here and you say it has to be my way or the highway. i don't respond to that. >> a plan that doesn't take bold action is not going to be what we need. >> we need your leadership. >> you know better than i do. i think one day you should run for the senate. >> tucker: you almost, almost feel a little bad for dianne feinstein. this is not the politics that she joined. when dianne feinstein became a u.s. senator the democrat party was sort of tethered to reality. they cared about the middle
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class. they wanted a secure border. dianne feinstein made that case herself. they wanted abortion to be legal and they also wanted it to be rare. they never told you not to have children. dianne feinstein is 85 now. she is not the future of the democratic party. alexandria ocasio-cortez is the future. she may be arrogant and dumb but at one point she is absolutely right she is the boss. josh holmes a former chief of staff and campaign manager for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell recently accused by ocasio-cortez of running a, quote, multi-million-dollar operation to have bot accounts manipulate online discourse. there is no. ocasio-cortez cleat deleted the tweet. josh joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: first the specifics of your experience with alexandria ocasio-cortez. where is the idea that you ran a multi-million-dollar bot farm. >> your guess is as good as mine. i would love to know the fever swamps that this
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conspiracy came from. i am afraid i will probably never know. i have think it actually touches upon what your lead-in is and that she is so uncomfortable with the idea that there are people who disagree with her, so uncomfortable with the idea that walking the planet the idea that there is any traffic online, anybody who could disagree with the green new deal certainly must be bought and paid for and totally corrupted by some republican out there like me. >> tucker: this is kind of what democrats deserve though after spending two years not mentioning what they might be for an affirmative case for their views a program for americans focusing on trump. she just filled a void. >> that's entirely right. i'm glad that you are covering. this it is really easy to look at somebody who is milling about their kitchen espousing the absolutely crazy views that she espouses on a night-to-night basis. i mean, i don't know what's going on. but, what she is coming up with is crazy. but, it's not that crazy in the context of the
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democratic party. as you saw, she rolls out the green new deal. the next thing you know we have 2020 candidates on the record all of a sudden coming out in favor of banning cows. this kind of lunancy is now becoming mainstream in the democratic politics. if we don't take it seriously, i will be darn if we are not going to wake up and half this country is going to be endorsing those kind of things. we have to fight for it. >> tucker: i think it's exactly right. foolish to sit back and laugh oh how far stupid this is. if she were 35 i have think she could be the '. i'm struck how easy it was for her to take over the democratic party. there has been no resistance. nobody has been brave enough. either senator feinstein 85 what does she care? no one has stood up and said you know what you don't know anything. you are arrogant and dusm. please be quiet. why won't anyone say that. >> you have a combination of problems. the first problem is that you have seen the leadership of the democratic party largely confined to those so
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out of touch with the american people so long that the base of the democratic party is looking for something new. she has seen that and seized upon that to try to drive this wedge that started developing in the sanders campaign honestly almost a generational battle within her party. the difference is the come up wand views espousing here are incredibly dangerous. the restructuring of the economy the likes of which we have never seen before. tearing down every building in america and replacing with some new green dream. 93 trillion-dollar deal. here have the problem they are all saying they are going to vote for it i'm glad mitch mostly cloudy council is going to put this sucker on the senate floor so we can at least see the 2020 candidates democrats running for president to be counted. you know darn well when they get to ohio in a general election they will not want any part of this deal. >> it's a takeover of the u.s. economy. it's so interesting.
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there must be democratic senators who think this is unwise amend dangerous to their party. why aren't they saying anything? >> absolutely what you saw with dianne feinstein why they are not. questioned the idea that we ruin the entire american economy and southed down by a bunch of children. by the way, there were calls all over california for her to resign for that. this is the modern day democratic party. i saw it personally with aoc attacking me. you see democratic senators, if they dare question this them being shouted down by aoc 3000000 followers online which by the way facts be darn, they are going to absolutely attack no matter. what and it's a really dangerous place for democrats who have any sort of wherewithal these days. >> tucker: josh, thanks for that that was smart and interesting. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: claim that climate change is an existential threat to all
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humanity. a matter of life and death for every person on this planet. nothing less than that. >> the climate change is real. it's an existential threat to our country and the entire planet. >> the biggest threat to our prosperity in this 21st sen thrill is climate change. >> and if we don't have the bravery and the courage and the heart and the determination to take it on as the most important challenge of our lifetime between we don't care about those children. >> climate change is existential threat to us as human beings. >> climate threat is real and the threat is existential. we need to take action now. they have see say it allot. they require that you believe it. they attack you if you don't. any evidence of doubt makes you a denier. but do they themselves believe it? that's an interesting question. and rarely asked. when he was campaigning for hillary clinton in 2016, bernie sanders repeatedly demanded private jet access
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for himself and his entourage. over the past three years, according to a report in politico, sanders has spent almost $350,000 on private flights. how can you justify that if you believe the world is ending because of climate change? adam green is co-found everywhere of the change campaign and he joins us tonight. thanks for come on. >> thank you. >> tucker: it's really simple. if you say you believe that carbon emissions are destroying the planet and making it impossible for people to live here and this threat is so employee found. how could you ever under any circumstances fly on a private aircraft. >> tucker, i have seen you make enough good arguments to not really think you think that's a strong one. i mean, bernie sanders. >> tucker: don't belittle the argument. why don't you plain wipe it is wrong. >> i am. >> tucker: okay. >> just like you wouldn't blame your viewers who aspire to a better job in the future for going to work every day and call them
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hypocrites now. you can't blame bernsen for supporting a world so years argue with less carbon epolitician. those two things are not in contrast with each other. >> no. in fact, i'm taking a might, no, stop. you are misrepresenting what i said. ing that he private planes. you number of numbers per passenger private vs. commercial. nothing you can do to cause a bigger carbon footprint than flying private. >> come on. >> don't come on. don't b.s. me and make excuses for this guy. hold him to the standards that you expect the rest of us to live. to say why give him a pass. >> interesting to say b.s. i have seen you tear down people b.s. argument. >> tucker: what's b.s. argument about that? >> let me tell you what bernie would say. he put out. >> tucker: you want to take over the u.s. economy. >> over 10 years. >> tucker: you don't believe it's eminent crisis.
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>> there was one 9 day spurt where he took a tour and took a private yet rest of the two years he went commercial. this is not a. >> tucker: why would he do it at all if this is a moral issue. you guys have framed this not as a matter of science. anyone who doubts is a denier is immoral. wife in the world would you do this because it is not a big deal or big deal which? >> it would be hypocritical if he believed democrats were going to pass things to save the world. not to campaign hard in the final nine months, nine weeks, nine days for democrats who are going to do stuff. >> tucker: how many houses does he have? >> i don't know he was one in boggleton. what's your point? >> tucker: three. my point is if you believe carbon emissions are destroying the earth that's too much houses. that's too much consumption and carbon. you lead by example. why is it people trying to control my life and tell me what i can do and can't do and how many kids i can have
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don't bother to restrain themselves? >> again. >> tucker: it's not silly it's truth. >> it's hypotheses. if you believe that facebook has bad private policies you shouldn't check facebook every day. >> tucker: no. no. i'm saying if you think adults are wrong don't cheat on your wife. don't sins you tack other people for. >> nuclear energy of course he should spend the last few days of a campaign to fight for a green new deal and people who believe in those values. >> tucker: it's really simple. >> he should walk to work. should he walk to washington, d.c.? >> tucker: yes. live by the standards. >> you said yes walk from vermont to d.c.? that's the argument you just described. >> tucker: okay. you know what you are doing making excuses. >> i'm not. >> tucker: all you want is power the exactly the kind of person. >> i have seen you make better arguments than saying he should walk from vermont to d.c. anybody who take as car -- anybody who takes any plane. >> tucker: this is idiotic.
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>> you said he should walk from vermont to d.c. obviously you don't believe that. >> tucker: i'm sorry. >> he is not a hypocrite for doing it he believes in tens of millions of new jobs in the clean energy economy. what's wrong with that. >> tucker: this is idiotic what you are saying because you will. >> you said he should walk from vermont to d.c. >> tucker: i asked if he should walk and you said yes, come on. not a real argument. >> tucker: you got me adam. brilliant got. thank you so much. we have pictures apparently on the screen kim jong un's train pulling in. into vietnam. we will check in with ed henry on that in just a second. the president, of course, meeting there for a summit to discuss the future of the korean peninsula. we'll be back in just a moment. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin
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this is a big game changer. this is the new wave, and whoever doesn't get on, i think they would be left behind. just one more way we go beyond at&t. right now get fast, reliable internet and add wifi pro for a low price. comcast business. beyond fast. >> before his fraud was exposed. jussie smollett's supporters including a number of members of congress claim he was the victim of a modern day attempted lynching. smowlts' hopes fell apart in the end but only barely partly because he was completely incompetent. he paid by check, for example. but if he hadn't been incompetent, he would still be considered a victim. he would be a hero because victimhood is power. virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax, meanwhile has certainly learned that lesson. fairfax accused of sexually assaulting two separate women in the early 2,000s. instead of defending himself against those charges fairfax has taken the offensive by becoming offended. he isn't a victimizer he is
5:21 pm
telling us, is he a victim, too. therefore holy in a way. criticizing him he said yesterday in the a speech at the capital in virginia is like trying to lynch someone more than a century ago. watch this. >> i have heard much about antilynching on the floor of this very senate. where people were not given any due process whatsoever. yet, we stand here in a rush to judgment with nothing but accusations and no facts and we decide we are willing to do the same thing. >> tucker: it's really a lot like lynching. under normal circumstances anyone who said something like that would be laughed off the stage. but this is 2019 and the cult of victimhood is at its peak and so it might actually work. same feminist groups and politicians who hounded brett kavanaugh for weeks have barely said anything about fairfax at all now that he has compared them to a lynch mob they won't say anything. you watch. well, we warned you last week on this program that
5:22 pm
jussie smollett did not invent hate crimes. in the past few years they have actually become alarmingly common. the overwhelming hate crimes received national attention have turned out to be false. at least the ones we could check. another example just came out of jackson, michigan the home of transgendered activist nikki joelly burned down in 2017. a horrible pfeiffer you may remember. killed all five of his pets. at first the fire was considered a hate crime and investigated as such. now police say jolly is the one who started the fire. ad cording to his friends he was upset that a recent gay rights parade hadn't sparked protests. jackson michigan it turns out is not a very hateful place so hatred had to be created seeing a theme here? yes, you are. so is bradley campbell a sociology just and author of the book rise the victimhood culture. mr. campbell, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: are you surprised by this it seems like our society has created a pretty strong incentive to create
5:23 pm
fake hate crimes. >> i'm not surprised by it i have been interested in hate crime hoaxes for long time now and i have been following them. it's not that of course hate crimes are more common than hate crime hoaxes and they are a problem. it is interesting that so many of the cases that get broader public attention and media attention do turn out to be hoaxes. i first started seeing these things mainly on college campuses. now, with the jussie smollett case, if that turns out to be as police are alleging this would be the most famous hate crime folks and obviously not on a college campus. it seems that some of the cultural things that are enabling hate crime hoaxes, enabling their success might be spreading from college campuses to other areas of society. and i don't think it's that surprising. people lie about all kinds of things. there are all kinds of hoaxes and con artist scams
5:24 pm
and things like that. people will lie when it benefits them to do so or at least some people will. not most people. some people will lie when there is a benefit to it and the lie will be believed. we have to understand what is the context in which these kinds of things provide some kind of benefit. and in which they're believed. >> tucker: right. >> if it's a matter -- if people are given a kind of status for victimhood. and that's what we -- that's what my co-author and i argued in our book, that a new victim hood culture was arising, first among activists on college campuses and began to spread elsewhere where victim hood came to a kind of status. if you are perceived as a victim of oppression you are treated differently ideas you should have a kind of credibility. when people make claims about oppression, then often, it's thought that there is a moral impair toif believe them. that makes these kinds of hoaxes more successful. and also provides, you know, people attract sympathy and fame and support. so it might give them
5:25 pm
individual benefits and also help them advance a political cause. >> tucker: grotesque and sad and we're going to see more of it, exactly the reasons that you just outlined. thank you very much for that appreciate it. ♪ kim jong un of north vietnam is arriving in vietnam by train. maybe not surprisingly. ed henry is in hanoi for us tonight and joins us now. hey, ed. >> tucker, good to see you. one of the many reasons kim jong un is a complicated negotiating party is a level of mystery around his every move. we see him where i am in a moment a moment ago a state secret to which hotel is he going to be staying at here. there are legitimate security concerns for any leader. north koreans are paranoid because of his hold on power. he has killed some of his own relatives to hold power. decoy planes that left pyongyang when kim came to singapore some months ago.
5:26 pm
that would decrease the chance on him. the dictator travels with his own toilet. presumably not kept in the overhead compartment. the portable party has a purpose. kim does not want intel agencies in singapore or vietnam to get a stool sample that would give the u.s. and others clues about his health, his longevity. again, his hold on power. he is also scared of being poisoned so he travels with his own food. in fact, i have a source who is in the room where president trump dined with kim and his entire team back in singapore last june. this person checked the plates after all the dignitaries left. all of the american plates were basically clean. they had eaten. every single north korean plate i was told was totally full. untouched. they apparently did not trust the food. they were worried about poison or something else. so what we know about kim's preps this time for hanoi he has been on that yellow and green train you just saw him get off of. two day roughly 2800-mile trek through china into vietnam.
5:27 pm
perhaps to retrace the journey of his grandfather who took a train for several trips to vietnam some decades ago. that train, of course, is honorabled. but it may not just be about family ties and security that he went train instead of plane. his jet is old soviet era technology. his pilots are not that experienced. so he borrowed a jet from the chinese, for example, to get to singapore last june, tucker. >> tucker: it's really out of another time. ed henry for us in hanoi, vietnam. thanks very much, ed. meanwhile the release of the mueller report could be just days away. not sure if it's accurate or not but in washington widely believed that the mueller investigation may be waiting for the president to return from abroad. we will find out. it's a good time in any case to consider what we have learned from this investigation over the past two years. we will consider that after the break. ♪ ♪ this is huntsville, alabama. aka, rocket city, usa.
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♪ >> tucker: how dangerous is paul manafort, very dangerous, apparently. on saturday for manafort's upcoming sentencing hearing the mueller investigation filed a memorandum that was more than 800 pages long. it's a good thing says msnbc because manafort needs to go away for a long time. national security and public safety are at stake. >> there's such a wealth of information about paul manafort in the public domain that i don't think we need the mueller report to see that information. what we need are indictments. we need people like manafort to be put behind bars as a matter of national security and as a matter of public safety. >> tucker: behind bars for life, lobbying for the ukrainians makes you dangerous. if that's the case why is tony op-e podesta still free? we will be waiting a long time to find the answer to that question i assume. the mueller investigation itself could be ending
5:33 pm
pretty soon. still unclear if the final report will be made public. adam schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee says a legal challenge is inevitable if it's not. >> well, we will, obviously, subpoena the report. we will bring bob mueller into testify before congress. we will take it to court if necessary. i think there will be immense pressure not only on the department but on the attorney general to be forthcoming. >> are you talking about public pressure. are you prepared to take the administration to court? >> absolutely. we are going to get to the bottom of this. we are going to share this information with the public and if the president is serious about all of his claims of exoneration, then he should welcome the publication of this report. >> tucker: richard good stein is an attorney and former advisor to bill and hillary clinton. he joins us. thanks for coming on. >> sure. >> tucker: let me ask you a macroquestion. all the russia stuff, manafort, trump, was he a spy, all this stuff. it's completely dominated the conversation for two years, occupied all the desk space of the democratic
5:34 pm
party. and what hasn't happened is any kind of democratic program getting created or explained to the public. into to that vacuum comes alexandria ocasio-cortez and basically takes over your party. and i know that deep down you must hate that because she is obviously a lunatic and i know you think that. so, looking back, wouldn't it have been smarter to just run the party like a real political party instead of wasting all this time with the russian nonsense? >> democrats picked up 40 seats and won the national vote by 8% or 9 %, tucker. having zero to do with anything that alexandria ocasio-cortez said last fall. it was because of healthcare and because of disgust with donald trump and the need to have a check on him to a democratic house. that's why the democrats won. and they wanted to proceed on things donald trump says he supports, infrastructure, right? doing things about healthcare to kind of shore up the system. which donald trump said in the state of the union he wants to do. that's where democrats campaigned on. >> tucker: that was the plan.
5:35 pm
and then because there was no actual plan, ocasio-cortez came, in wrote a new platform for you guys and now holding hostage. lots of time to talk about it i wanted to run that by you because i have been thinking about it today. manafort, the average racist in this country gets 8.9 years in prison. manafort is looking at 19 to 24. do you think what manafort did is twice as bad as rape? >> again dick cheney said what the russians did was an act of war. >> tucker: i don't think what cheney said. >> what manafort did, the campaign chairman to donald trump is he met as campaign chairman with the russian spy, gave them the inside polling data, not we think we are going to win. here is where we need help which led the russians to mount a campaign that very specifically targeted the very places that manafort. >> tucker: hold on. wait. is he being charged for that? oh, no. he is not. he is being charged for not religion strerg under fair fara which half the people i
5:36 pm
know. you know every lobbyist in d.c. he is probably one of the sleazest, i would think, manafort. i doubt he is the sleazest. 19 to 24 when your average rapist gets 9.8. tony podesta gets nothing. this is not equal case of the law. right. >> this is where you and i disagree. i think and the public thinks preserving the sanctity of the united states democracy actually matters a lot. and paul manafort took steps to undermine that with the cahoots of who in the campaign? we don't know. we do know that don jr. and kushner and all these people lied about their contacts with russians. we know that. >> tucker: mean to his wife too. he hasn't been charged with any of that if that really happened, why haven't we charged him with any of that. >> we have to wait. >> tucker: no, but, his sentencing is coming up. >> we don't know yet. we will know. >> tucker: life for what everyone in our city does every day it seems unfair. >> defrauding people and bank fraud and so forth.
5:37 pm
did he actually every lobbyist doesn't do that. >> tucker: i agree. a lot do though, as you know. richard, good to see you. >> all right. take care. >> tucker: democrats used to have nuanced view on guns. some had high nra ratings. now they are pushing a bill to require the government's position before can you give a gun to your kids or loan a gun to a friend. not going to make anyone safer. you know what the point is, control. that's next. ♪ ♪ my experience wi usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> tucker: fox news alert the state department says a news team from univision has been detained against its will in venezuela news anchor jorge ramos a frequent guest on this program. traveled to the presidential palace in caracas to
5:42 pm
interview the president. apparently they asked a question the president didn't like and they were held and i think they are still held. state run says it has demanded the team's immediately release. we will continual to monitor this story as it continues. just a decade ago it was possible to still find pro-gun democrats kirsten gillibrand claimed to be one of them. now the party is dominated by antigun zeltd tri. this week the house is mandated to vote on a bill mandate background checks for all gun transfers. loan your gun to a nephew. cell one to your best friend could be a crime if this bill passes. ryan is a firearms attorney and a columnist at the federalist and he joins us tonight. so, this -- when they say background checks, ryan, for all gun transfers. what does that cover? >> well, background checks to back up a second, already happen at every single transaction in a gun shop or gun dealers across the country. when they are saying for all transactions.
5:43 pm
they are trying to include those private sales that might happen between residents of the same state so, for example, friends selling each other guns or family members or things like that. >> tucker: so, that would basically ban, if i am hunting with a friend, or am at a gun range, i need the government's permission before any transfer takes place at all? >> that's a good question. >> tucker: is there any evidence? yeah. >> they actually put an exemption in the bill for that so whenever i hear about universal background checks my immediate come backs are what about what you just brought up or what about somebody who might being suicidal and asks a friend to take their guns from them. those rule at things that typically come up and they came out with gemtions in this bill. the problem i have with the bill is that it is entirely too burden some on gun dealers and individuals. i think it's the federal government sticking its nods in a states rights or states business issue. big problem despite the family member issue. >> tucker: is there any
5:44 pm
evidence that this would prevent mass shootings? i mean, have we seen a spate of mass shootings where people avoided background checks? i mean, i don't think this is from what i can tell a driving factor in mass killings, is it. >> you are absolutely right. as a matter of fact, so currently the federal law says that any intrastate between two states has to gun through a gun dealer and any sale gun dealer background checks. we have almost half the states in our country, 20 states have extra restrictions that already require universal background checks in that state. and some of those states have already had the mass shootings like connecticut, for example, has universal background checks in the state of connecticut did nothing to stop newtown. i went through and looked at the 12 biggest mass shootings that we have had since the federal background check system went into place. not a single one of the 12 would have been prevented. we are talking parkland, why are talking newtown and san bernardino, fort hood. the orlando nightclub shooting. aurora movie theaters, las
5:45 pm
vegas. every single one of these cases, the shooter, the murderer, the person that's to blame bought the gun from a gun store and passed a background check or only in a couple of those 12 they had somebody else buy the gun for them to completely circumvent the process. which means they would have done nothing to stop these past 12 that we had. >> tucker: then why do conservatives play along with this game? democrats come out and say we want to make the country safer. we want common sense gun regulation. they make no attempt to disarm criminals and make no attempt to tailor the laws and focus on the people who are actually committing the crimes. they are trying to disarm the population. they don't want middle america to have guns. why don't we just say that out loud? >> maybe they should. we have one thing in common out of every mass killing. not going to talk about mass shootings. one thing in common with every mass killing. you have one evil person or more that is intent on killing innocent people. the tool can change one way or the other. that's seems to be the focus of everyone here.
5:46 pm
the problem is this is a maximum. every single call for gun control is also an admission that gun control doesn't work. because every time we try and add new gun law, we have to ignore the fact that all the gun laws and all the laws that are already broken didn't stop the person. murder didn't stop the person. having a gun on a school zone didn't stop the person. stealing the gun didn't stop the person. so by asking for something more, you have to admit that gun laws don't work. >> tucker: so maybe people who believe in the second amendment should resist in some way and say, look, i see what you are doing. you want to take my guns away because you want to control me. let's stop playing along with these kind of responses. the numbers show they don't care what the numbers show. i have had this debate a thousand times. they want to take your guns away inconvenient to have them. first step to confiscation is registration. not necessarily going to happen it gets me scared. here's the problem i understand that after these mass shootings.
5:47 pm
these horrible incidents that people want to do something. i want to do something. tucker, i believe you want to do something. but, banning guns isn't going to work. and i think we have a problem that we need to address. you and i and people on our side of the aisle here is that just saying that new gun laws won't work it's right, new gun laws won't work but not offering an alternative or solution that will might be part of the problem. a little over a year ago some of my special operations veterans and i made may day safety which is technology and smart phones and dash boards and systems so that schools sand churches can communicate and track where people are. and first responders can get help where it's needed. that's something that's perhaps a solution. i encourage the gun community not only to resist. not only to fight back. not only to say that new gun laws won't work but don't stop the sentence there say new gun laws won't work. >> tucker: i think that's right. >> here's something that might. >> tucker: i think you are absolutely right about that. ryan, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on again, tucker. >> tucker: the oscars didn't have a single host last
5:48 pm
night. same series of political sermons have you come to dread by now. look at the low life and ask does anybody still care what happens at the oscars? stay tuned. ♪ ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin
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>> the oscars were last night in case you had anything at all better to do, and if you missed it like so many other people, this year there was no host. kevin hart was supposed to be the host but he wasn't fired for a thought crime that he committed nearly a decade ago. the scene was nearly the same with celebrities seizing their chance to us about messages to the dwindling part of the country that actually cares what they think. a few decades ago the oscars was a pretty big deal, huge ratings get her on television. it might be irrelevant but it certainly eye-opening. we talked to someone who watched
5:53 pm
last night. >> as i'm sir dumb i can assure you saw, it took a political and trump turn, i know that talking to you. 29.6 million people tuned in and everyone is lauding this ratings increase but what is not talked about is that still the second worst rated oscars in history. last year was the worst they had ever seen. so let me take you through the political nonsense that they saw last night. let's start with spike lee talking about immobilization for 2020. >> 2020 presidential election is around the corner. [applause] let's all mobilize and be on the right side of history. let's make the moral choice between love versus hate. let's do the right thing. you know i had to get that in there. >> piling on and going after
5:54 pm
president trump's immigration policy, listen to this. >> [speaking in foreign language] >> here is also chef jose andres piling it on as well. >> one that gives the voice to the voiceless, reminds us of the understanding and compassion that we are owed to the people before us in our lives. >> so tucker, as you can see now, there were lots of swipes at the president. or the fact that americans don't want to be lectured to by a bunch of smug crits. >> i don't know how people can stay mad that long. i forgot what i'm mad at. they have amazing, persistent
5:55 pm
anger i would say. >> we can't have anything nice anymore, everything is poisoned by politics. i just want to have a good time and watch something fun but everything has to be poisoned. b6 what that means you are immoral simply. mark steyn was also watching last night and joins us. they do care deeply, wouldn't you say much more deeply than a person like you cares? >> they cared at length. that guy you had on saying that movies give a voice to the voiceless, i have to laugh. they did that all night long, they said movies give a voice to the voiceless shortly before they cut off the microphone of the best sound editing guy because his cowinner has gone long on her speech. so it was literally hypocritical. lisa said she just wanted to have fun. a few decades ago, the oscars
5:56 pm
shows where a big deal and they were conventional shows of that type. they've gotten rid of everything, they got rid of the song and dance and the jokes, they got rid of the hosts. they got rid of the gowns. the gallants were frumpy last night except for billy porter in, what did he call it, a toxic address. he was the only one i would have asked to dance with in the post-oscar ball. and all that left was this pious earnest virtue signaling, which i think they think because they bottomed out and got a little uptick in on the audience, they in fact have a core audience that doesn't want fun, to go back to lisa's word, which is
5:57 pm
much more comfortable with its pious and boring virtue signaling. and i wonder if it makes them feel good. >> hollywood in some ways is overcome a dimensioning its power and its reach. i wonder if -- they have to make these noises. >> i think spike lee certainly does. he walks out of what's called the green room or at green door, and i think most of the other people are reading glassy eyed from the telephone, and one thing is, that's awful prompter
5:58 pm
readers. they are doing it because that's just part of what it means. when you go up to his hotel room, then you have to genuflect to transgender rights or whatever is this year's faction. they just do what they need to do to keep themselves in work. >> tucker: did anybody say anything artistic, which is to say, unexpected, interesting, against the grain, radical, or was it all just approved thoughts?
5:59 pm
there is no sense of joy or pleasure in the event, a guy who is getting a statuette for making a movie, he feels obliged to talk about the of his native people, if you seriously believe it's and, it's actually trivializing of that. it's connected to you for getting some crummy award from best of acted screenplay. and you haven't found anything to put in its place. >> tucker: they've lost the power even to offend me, that's all it is.
6:00 pm
that's hooray for hollywood. >> we will be back tomorrow, so that is a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. >> oh it's sean hannity. >> sean: you don't keep track of my schedule? >> just keep watching the monitor for a minute. we are broadcasting live from hanoi, we are in vietnam. it's 9:00 a.m. in the morning, 9:00 p.m. in the nation's capital, 12 hour time difference. kim jong un just a short time ago arrived in traffic on the streets of hanoi was awful. so i leave my hotel. 7:15 a.m. in the morning here. probably a 15 minute drive. after literally 40 minutes not moving, -- we


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