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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 25, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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minutes. we go plan-b. i hop on the scooter with somebody. we just went on the sidewalk and we got here on time. we will be here for this historic week all week from vietnam. laura ingraham is standing by. >> laura: i am laughing so hard my ear rings are falling off. can we call that a mobed? >> sean: no, they are scooters. >> laura: you look adorable and freshes. -- precious. you got all of the intersections do down. you should be in a helicopter saying hanoi heavy -- avenue
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looks heavy today. "hannity" on a moped. >> sean: they call them scooters. you have to have a sense of humor to do this. >> laura: great show. stay safe. >> sean: i am glad i cracked you up. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. how the grievouses by spike lee and alexandria ocasio-cortez and jussie smollett related? we will tackle that and a california school district told a student she could not wear make america great apparel. she is fighting back. the high schooler is here to tells how and why. is adam schiff moving the goal
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post on the mueller conclusions? and raymond got back from l.a. and will tell us from the oscars had a bump in the and why the back lash over the best picture winner could have severe culture implications. first spike lee and the politics of me. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." what is spike lee, aoc and jussie smollett and ill-mannered teens tell us about the modern-day liberals? a heck of a lot. spike lee is worth millions. over 30 years nominated no fewer than 5 times for an academy award. until last night he had never won an oscar. but he took home the award for adapting the screen play for his
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movie "black klansman." he spiked the moment with politics. >> the 2020 election is around the corner. >> [cheers and applause]. >> let's all mobilize and be on the right side of history and make the moral choice between love versus hate. let's do the right thing! >> [cheers and applause]. >> you knew i had to get that in there. >> laura: number 1, lame that he could not memorize his line and could not accept the honor without cursing and the oscars had to bleep him. number 3 disagreeing with your political vision doesn't make you immoral or a bad person. liberals are angry even when they should be happy.
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most are intolerant and judge mental of those who don't think like they do. the president could not resist lobbing a post-oscars response, tweeting, be nice if spike lee could read his notes or not have to use notes at all doing a racist hit on your president who has done more for african-americans and lowest unemployment in history and tax cuts than almost any other press. what should have been a part of hollywood's big night, spike lee's performance lacked some grace. he just came across as bratty and rude and self-absorbed. the old spike lee, like 35 years back, was cutting edge. should we judge him for some of
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his old movie lines like this one when describing a girl he had relations with? >> i thought she was a freak. i am not crazy. >> laura: this craziness goes way beyond spike lee. it propelled the "empire" star to stage an anti-maga hoax and conclude he would emerge as a hero. casting yourself as a wounded martyr is what these elite do best. facts, they are irrelevant and passe. as alexandria ocasio-cortez once observed: >> there is a lot of people more
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concerned about being precisely fact usually correct than about being morally right. >> laura: like most of today's sociojustice warriors, she believes she's is always morally right and that entitles her to be the leader of the me, me, me movement. she's been on the job 2 months and you would swear her new green new deal is the new declaration of independence. >> people say it doesn't address this. you try. do you it. because you are not! you are not! until you do it, i am the boss. >> laura: oh, no, you didn't.
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she is like 29 years old and like the boss of congress? it's like totally, it must be nice. what she lacks in experience, she lacks perspective too but makes up for that with ego and confidence. give her that. but her demands they seem familiar. ♪ i want the whole world ♪ i want to lock ♪ it all up ♪ in my pocket ♪ it's my bar ♪ of chocolate >> laura: her i want it now mentality is a byproduct of everyone gets a trophy era where kids grow up to be entitled adults. who needs manners and decorum when you have been rewarded for speaking your truth? you have to hit your chest when
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you say that. speaking your truth wherever you want. when adults endullge youngsters we get shallow thinkers. your truth is not necessarily the truth. it's probably just your opinion. you are entitleed to have it. but until you have lived, fallen and failed, it's probably fairly uninformed even if it's entertaining. you are entitleed to speak all you like. first amendment everybody is entitleed to their opinion but no one is obligated to listen to you. whether you are a minor tv actor or "vogue"'s it girl, it doesn't matter. that goes for rude students coached to get in the face of adults on capitol hill and talk to them like they are instagram
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buddies? on friday senator dianne feinstein was confronted by a group of aoc's mini-mes. check out this exchange. >> scientists said we have 12 years to turn this around. >> well, it's not going to get turned around in 10 years. >> you are looking at the faces of the people who will be living with. >> i have been doing this for 30 years. i know what i am dog -- doing. you come in and say it has to be my way or the highway. i don't respond to that. i know what i am doing. maybe people should listen. >> we voted for you. you are supposed to listen to us. >> how old are you?
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>> 16. >> well, you didn't vote for me. >> laura: this might have been her finest hour. forced to deal with activists her party is turning out that confront and try to embarrass republicans. the blame is not with the kids. they are students. it's with their parents or is that their teacher? if there was no cellphone recording every word, how many would even be there? so many people today crave attention and want to have their moment. i understand. and spike lee and aoc should take note. this is no substitute for hard work. whether you are a liberal or conservative, just listen to the opposing view and then sharpen your argument. no matter how much you virtue
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signal, harasking people is not a talent. it's lazy and it rarely wins. that's the "angle." joining me with reaction and david, an expert in identity politics and leo and a minister and activist who took part in president trump's black history month. david, you studied identity politics. you think the left is using race relations in a pointed way. >> the examples you listed, the one i found most disturbing was the jussie smollett one. if he pulled off his hoax the consequences would be dramatic for america. you could have had race riots. it's a hate crime. kamala harris said this is a
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modern-day lynching. we all remember what happened in ferguson with michael brown. to advance his pathetic little career, he made this accusation that has been diffused but could have exploded. >> laura: spike lee has an enormous amount of talent. the oscars are another example of hollywood cutting off half of america and they are cast in you are bad people because you like trump or you are more conservative. i don't get that. it's not entertaining. it's predictable. it's conformist. it's the opposite of non-conformist in hollywood. a non-conformist would be a conservative calling bson you.
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>> i don't recall anybody naming president trump. i was screaming and clapping at home so i am giving him entertainment value. >> laura: that's a representative audience? >> well, i represent people like me. i think he gets to use his time whatever way he wants to use it. >> laura: he can do whatever he wants and we have the right to criticize. >> and i have the right to defend. in defense i found his statements accurate and poignant. i was surprised when you were talking about him lacking subtly. >> laura: that was predictable. >> and you mentioned something about people coddled when they are youngsters.
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>> laura: yes. >> [overlapping talking]. >> laura: i was talking about the generation that believes that if someone disagrees with you they are a bad person. spike lee and i disagree on stuff. i would not say he is a bad person. >> that's popular right now, isn't it? >> laura: how is that interesting? >> we as a country elected someone whom if you do not agree with him, you are a bad person. >> laura: who said that? >> he says it all the time! >> laura: he said i am the president of all of the people. leo, you were with him. monique says donald trump thinks you are a bad person if you don't agree with him. you were just with him. there were 300 plus african-american leaders across the country. a lot of people didn't see that. but a lot of people saw the oscars. and everyone in that room probably 90% liberal democrats
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or too afraid to say anything different. they love it. of course they love. it what did you see in this president that is a different take from what monique said? >> we know that spike lee was alluded to the president when he said love versus hate. he said in 2020 vote for love versus hate. the democrats represent 90% of black communities. we are in poverty and being shot and miseducated. is that love or hate? i don't understand how under this president he dropped black unemployment to the lowest it's ever been. our poverty rate is lower than it's ever been. still above the national average but lower. i don't understand the allusion that spike lee and other liberals make when they say that the president is spewing hate or love. i see it from the other side. if a black conservative stood in
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front of a room of all white people and did the same thing that spike lee did, they would have said i was chucking and jiving. but because he is part of the liberal elite he is able to stand up in front of the world and even afterwards asked questions in front of a smug room of people rich and famous and makes it seem like he understands black america or the plight of the people. >> laura: stacy wrote this is working for democrats. i think we should take this to heart. she wrote americans must pursue an expanded identity conscious politic politics. >> the truth of the matter is the exact opposite.
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by nature we are tribunal people. we prefer to be with our own. we distrust people who look different or talk different. what we should emphasize is not identity but unity, that we are all americans. the diversity part will take care of itself nationally. don't emphasize the division. emphasize the unity. >> i 100% agree with you, david. >> laura: monique, your reaction? people say trump is dividing us but a lot of people are dividing america along gender and racial. i am just trying to get through the day. >> you and me both and raise my kids while i do it. i think identity politics can save us as much as people think
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it can divide us. me recognizing that you are different than me is not the same thing as saying i hate what is different from me. we don't have to embrace that to embrace the fact there is something good about me in the skin i am. >> laura: i agree. >> when we are talking about identity politics, i think the message can't be sillos that don't talk to each other. what do we have in command? >> laura: i agree with you. i think there is something we can agree on. no one wants to say that in cable news. leo, i can never understand what it's like to be an african-american woman. i can't put my shoes in someone else. i don't look down on people because of skin colors. we might disagree on things. that's okay. what i don't like is when people say because you are not that,
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you have privilege and you need to apologize. i didn't do anything. that's getting in people's craw. they don't like that aspect of it. the differences and coming together. that's all positive. leo, close it out. >> also with identity politics you have black lives matter who will march when a black boy is shot by a white police officer but who won't march when black kids are shot every day. identity politics goes into the feminist movement where they will march for gay marriage and anything feminine but not march for a masculine movement. identity politics continue to divide us. i think we should all be americans first. we should be talking about the policy that affects us as americans. >> laura: great conversation.
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coming up defending against the radical people on the left and a world war i cross underseeing. and a teen challenging her school district after she was band from wearing a maga hat. how she is fighting back. >> how does being a pariot and showing pride in your country inappropriate? t some of us turn those dreams... into action... the bookers. the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... is right there for the booking. be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations.
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simple. easy. awesome. >> laura: tonight in our defending the firsts series. 2 stories of insufficient. -- injustice. we will talk to a high school student fighting back after her school district banned her from wearing a maga hat at school. first this 100-year-old memorial honoring veterans who died during world war i is under siege. some liberals want it torn down. >> it gives the impression that no jews are welcome here. >> laura: an appeals court in 2017 ruled the memorial
7:25 pm
unconstitution. on wednesday the supporters of the cross will have another chance to save it. joining me here is sarah from the american humanist association arguing for the remove of the memorial. what would make your group happy and what do you want to replace this memorial with? >> we support the opinion of the 4th circuit judge which found 3 great options. it could be reshaped, removed or reaasigned. our plaintiffs are three local residents perturbed by the cross. it's a christian memorial. >> laura: it's been there 100 years. what happens to them physically? they see that cross? do they have physical symptoms, emotional distress? >> it affects their every day
7:26 pm
lives. >> laura: i am asking you how. you keep saying that. i am not trying to be tough. they drive by and they think oh my god the government is establishing religion and it's going to be compullsory church attendance. >> it's a christian cross. >> laura: i have a cross. if i took this out right now, would you want me to put that back in my blouse? >> of course not. i want you to be free. >> laura: the people honoring these fallen heroes can't be free to press what they believed. >> this cross was rededicateed in 1985 to honoral veterans of all wars. it's silly to think they are all
7:27 pm
christians. >> laura: do you believe the crosses at national cemeteries should be removed? >> the crosses on the individual gravestone doesn't represent that. >> laura: if you drive by wg parkway you see a lot of crosses. you could drive right off the road if you saw crosses. that could be debilitating, could it not? >> those are crosses of individual religions. >> laura: but you just said the symbol discriminates. those were your words about 60 seconds ago. that's the most prominent cemetery in the united states to honor the war dead. >> the government of maryland is d discriminating using a christian cross to represent all veterans.
7:28 pm
>> laura: when you work for the humanist association do you have to say you don't believe in anything? how did you grow up? >> i grew up in a non-religious household and my parents supported me destroying different religions. >> laura: were you raised in any faith? >> i was raised to explore other faiths but my house did not have a religious faith growing up. i attended a number of christian and jewish services and had lessons of faith explained to me by friends. >> laura: it's the outward manifestation of anything that is city, town or federally owned? let's say the arlington cemetery
7:29 pm
had a sign, would they believe that was a establishment of religion? >> i would like to talk about the issue at hand here. >> laura: 50 years ago if you told people that people would be arguing over the cross, that's what we are arguing about. we have to go from here to in god we trust on the coins. we have slipped down the slope. that's why people are concerned. whether you are christian or not anything or jewish or muslim, the manifestation of public faith gets groups like yours, it affects you deeply.
7:30 pm
>> it's the government endorsement of that faith. >> laura: you think this is the establishing a religion under the first amendment? do you think that's tantamount to the government establishing religion? >> a government spending over $100,000 to maintain a specific religious symbol is clearly a violation. >> laura: thanks for coming on. now on to a high school student in california taking on her school after being told she can't wear a maga hat to class. ma matty was just tried to show pride in her country. she was told she could not wear the hat because it was not a school hat or from a school club or activity. they said our dress code is
7:31 pm
silent to political attire. with me is matty. they say the rules about hats -- don't like hats indoors. i am not a big fan of it. they said this has nothing to do with stifling your political beliefs. do you believe that? >> i disagree. >> laura: what evidence do you have have that the school is discriminating against your political beliefs? >> currently on campus as of today, i checked today, i saw 4 hillary clinton t-shirts, one obama shirt, a bernie sanders hat, and 7 lgbtq rainbow hats on campus today. >> laura: were they in class
7:32 pm
rooms? >> yes. >> laura: okay. that's pretty good evidence. if that's accurate, then people can just wear what they want to wear. i see kids coming out of schools wearing short-shorts. they are wearing lots of stuff including hats. i see a lot of political symbols on shirts. kids are encouraged to be mini-activists. but if you are a conservative activist, you are a hater. that's how the dominant culture sees you. why did you want to pick this fight which is pretty brave to do at most public schools in the country? >> thank you. i chose to take this particular battle because i ended up at the beginning the first semester getting an internship with nunez and david during their
7:33 pm
mid-terms. that's when i really discovered my true passion for politics. i realized that the school systems seem to be trapped under the government's thumb about what they are supposed to teach, what is acceptable to force down our throats in a sense. i realized that it's not always the truth. i chose, as a conservative raised in a family which was made through adoption. i was born into the pro-life army. i felt like someone needed to take a stand and stand up not just for clovis unified but nationwide for the conservative and christianity monitoring going on, on campuses. >> laura: okay. there is a federal judge said the following. we will put it up on the screen about maga hats:
7:34 pm
the hat could invoke violence... so your hat could provoke people to violence. that gets thrown on the list of reasons why this hat is a problem? >> yeah, actually. until the judge said it, that had never been brought to my attention. >> laura: wow! are you going to keep wearing the hat? >> yeah. i haven't been just because i know it's a big issue right now, but i did order a black one. i intend to try to wear it on campus because black is one of our school colors. >> laura: you can't say maga either? maybe you could have a silhouette of trump.
7:35 pm
>> today i went in to school. i had to get my support the blue sweatshirt approve. i had to give all of my shirts approved. >> laura: you are a trouble maker. >> what can i say? >> laura: you look pretty edge. look like real trouble at school. >> [laughing]. >> we will follow you. that's a nonconformist on "the ingraham angle." why did nancy pelosi and schiff struggle in their leadership positions. kevin mccarthy is here to tell us.
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>> laura: an update tonight on the jussie smollett hate crime hoax investigation. smollett has a new defense. tmz reported that the money he
7:40 pm
paid the brothers to carry out the attack was for training sessions, but they true in a nutrition plan according to the memo line on the check he gave them. there is even more evidence that disputes smollett's defense. >> there is a lot more evidence that hasn't been presented yet that didn't support the version that he gave. there is still a lot of physical and video evidence and testimony that just simply doesn't support his version of what happened. >> laura: smollett's co-star is coming to his defense writing the jussie smollett i know could never conceive of something so ugly. smollett was written out of the last 2 episodes of "empire" and a judge said he can travel out of state to meet with lawyers. he is due back in court next
7:41 pm
month. also tonight democrats in the house are forcing a vote tomorrow on a resolution to stop the national emergency declared by president trump to fund the border wall. house speak nancy pelosi said it's their solemn duty. >> we have taken the oath of office. we would be delinquent if we didn't fight back to overturn the president's declaration. >> laura: this comes after 2 dozen former republican members of congress penned an open letter to gop members asking them to stop this. >> i read that letter from the republicans. i didn't know hardly any of them. i had to look them up. >> laura: i think they are in the witness protection program.
7:42 pm
only a few were under 75. who are these people? >> what is interesting. going back to 2005 when the federal government was not solving the border problem, there were two democrat governors on the border that called an emergency. napolitano and richardson. they said because the federal government was not acting on the border they needed to act and it's worse today than then. >> laura: and napolitano is part of another letter today she signed with john kerry. they are mostly obama people. this whole thing is wrong. it's a wrong approach. but also saying that the president's national security strategy -- >> the president has the legal authority to do this.
7:43 pm
there is a crisis on the border. we have the most liberal immigration policy in the world. >> laura: 1.1 million green cards a year. >> take immigration out of it. how many people are dying from drugs that come across? how many kids are trafficked? >> laura: that's an exageeration -- you heard that. you were at the oscars. >> i was not at the oscars. i didn't even watch them. >> laura: you looked good next to glenn close. bernie sanders was at town hall and spoke about the national emergency. >> donald trump won't get the wall. i think it's outrageous. there are a number of republicans who feel the same way.
7:44 pm
this is a national emergency he is calling in order to build the wall. >> laura: vermont has a big opioid problem. >> every state. he said the president is not going to build this wall. this wall is already being built. the president will get the full 200 miles that experts said we need to have border security. that's what the president said he would do and he has a responsibility to do it. >> laura: we should have done it in the first 100 days. >> dealing with healthcare was the most difficult thing we had to do. >> laura: i want to get your thoughts on the house intel chair adam schiff about the russia investigation.
7:45 pm
last week he told cnn it might be tough to prove collusion and now he said he may go after mueller if the report is not made public. >> we will subpoena the report and bring bob mueller in to testify before congress and take it to court. in the end i think the department understands they will have to make this public. >> remember this is a man schiff who had he conclusive evidence to prove it. never produced anything. what is more concerning is he met with glenn simpson, this is fusion gps whose bruce ohr's wife worked for. how many meetings did they have? why did he fight so hard for us not to find out who paid for fusion gps, that it was the democratic party?
7:46 pm
he fought to make sure. >> laura: why? it runs brack to the democrats that's why and hillary. >> and glenn simpson came before the committee, he asked: what should we look at? taking ideas from him. >> laura: a scandal. >> if he holds himself to the same level as nunes, he should recuse himself. >> laura: we will talk to you later about the senate. thanks for joining us tonight. get your black-tie on and grab your champagne. raymond is back from l.a. even though he said the oscars don't mean what they once did the back lash over the best picture win could have wide implications. stay there. we all dream about our next vacation... but some of us turn those dreams... into action... the bookers. the doers.
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>> ♪ >> laura: tinsel town is celebrating the fact that this year's broadcast beat 2018 ratings it had the second smallest audience for the oscars in history. according to your next guest is because the night celebrates people and films most americans have never seen. just back from l.a. is raymond
7:51 pm
best selling author of a new brand new book. raymond, why do you think the oscars have lost so much culture currency? let's not put the audience to sleep. why do they not matter? >> because they no longer speak to the american people. these are films that only appeal to people in hollywood. the old billy wilder line is true more than ever. now stars unite the american people. the winner for best short documentary illustrates this disconnect perfectly. it was for the film, "period, end of sentence." this is the film maker. >> i am not crying because i am on my period or anything.
7:52 pm
i can't believe a film about menstruation just won the oscar. you are empowering women all over the world. >> i am still scratching my head. what is that? america must have gasped when they heard that. >> laura: let's go to barbara streisand. >> she rose to introduce spike lee's motive. note how she frames this motive. >> it has everything a great film should have. it was so real. so funny. and yet so horrifying. because it was based on the truth. it's an unflinching look at race relations in america. back in the 1970s, that was then, but it's just as relevant
7:53 pm
today. >> as if we made no racial progress. >> laura: nothing has gotten better. i like that black beanie. that was a classic. black klans lost best picture to "green book" about a white italian man who drives a black pianist across the country. spike lee was not happy. >> he walked out and he said every time somebody drives somebody else, i lose because he lost to driving miss daisy. this is a huge back lash now against "green book" because there is a battle over which narrative of race relations will win out.
7:54 pm
critics are saying "green book" and saying to have a white man and a black man become friends that's simplifying. >> a movie about race should provide something more tough minded than this very retro-grade, comforting feel-good story. >> laura: people thought they were getting the after-school special version of race relations by this movie. they thought i am tired of seeing these pictures about race being white washed. >> "green book" is about unity and these two men who came from two different worlds coming together despite race. the man who wrote the script about his father who was the driver, this unity is underattack right now because hollywood would like us to be at each other's throats because of the color of our skin. that's a no winner.
7:55 pm
i am glad "green book" took the big prize. >> laura: glenn close was beaten out. she should have won. that was a rub. >> i agree. >> laura: is that what you wore to the oscars? >> no, this is what i am wearing to my mardi gras tonight. it's in full swing in new orleans. >> laura: we will be right back with last rites. we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. you might or joints.hing for your heart... and we're usaa members for life. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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we do >> laura: you look at life picture of hanoi vietnam war kim jong un has just arrived ahead of his second summit with donald trump. his president is still on the way, such arriving just a few hours, we will have continuing coverage of this summit. a lot of people on the left are already -- naturally, but we will be covering all the events and they will be following in our our throughout the week so we will make sure we bring all of that to you.
8:00 pm
that is all we have for trying. shannon bream and the fox news in 19 take it all from here. shannon bream are you upset you didn't make that long trip? >> shannon: listen, jet-lagged is not always agree with us. but duty calls. if they fire us up, we will go. >> shannon: good for you. we begin with the fox news alert. will kim jong un actually give president trump what he's after my giving of his nukes? the president is on his way to that second summit with the north korean leader as peace on the korean peninsula hangs in the balance. tonight, senate democrats blocked a g.o.p. measure that would require doctors to treat babies born alive after a failed abortion. the president calling it one of the most shocking boats in history of our country. and trans athletes scoring big wins and creating strange bedfellows as social conservatives team up with radical feminists to say it's unfair for competitors born as men to now compete against female athletes. he


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