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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 26, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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embrace has gone viral. batman in fool character. bruce wayne said it is not who i am underneath but what i do that defines me. you are our midnight hero. thanks for watching, see you tomorrow. heather: tuesday, november 26th, this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert. good morning vietnam, donald trump set to arrive in hanoi in just hours as kim jong un gets a red carpet welcome. we are on the ground ahead of the historic second summit. >> this is not about politics or partisanship but patriotism. heather: democrats get ready to dismantle the border declaration as migrants shut down a texas port of entry.
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nancy pelosi says faces the nation. is lake erie a person. the real live question making a splash sending voters swimming to the polls. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ let's get it started hot ♪ let's get it started here ♪ let's get it started hot ♪ let's get it started here ♪ let's get it started hot ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started hot ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ >> black-eyed peas to get your morning started. you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning. thank you for starting the day with us and let's get started with this fox news alert, donald trump set to land in hours after
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leaving dc monday afternoon. the president gearing up for summit 2.0 with kim jong un, the north korean leader arriving to a red carpet welcome in vietnam ahead of the denuclearization talks. despite peace efforts democrats are doubtful that any real progress can be made. >> continues to have people executed, people starved. he is a vicious, murderous thug. >> reporter: donald trump will sign a new trade deal with vietnamese leaders after arriving later tonight, the president and kim jong un will open with a private dinner tomorrow. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry joins us live from hanoi, vietnam with more on all of this. thank you for joining us, what
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time is it there? >> we are exactly 12 hours ahead so it is in the afternoon. i've seen into the future. it will be a great week. >> after laying out some expectations, what do you expect to happen when you arrive? >> donald trump is looking at what the mainstream media is saying about all this, tweeting about his optimism. we see stories in the ap, washington post and elsewhere saying this trip will be a bust before it has even happened and this president has defied expectations in these talks before. a year and a half ago the president talked about fire and fury raining down from the us military on north korea if they didn't cut out those rocket launches, if they didn't cut out nuclear testing? that has all stopped. after the rhetoric from the
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president, we saw kim jong un come to the table in singapore. i think it was a follow-up. there was a nice break. they didn't accomplish a lot in terms of denuclearization but you have to start somewhere and it opens the door to some serious conversations. heather: we can bring up those numbers in terms of the missile tests by north korea. a year ago they did suspend nuclear and long-range missile tests. they said they dismantle their nuclear testing ground but those measures were not perceived as meaningful reduction. >> right. bottom line is a year and a half ago when the president was talking about fire and fury's critics were saying he was going to lead us to nuclear war. the opposite has happened. the reason the president pushed back then and talked about little rocket man and the rest
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is kim jong un had developed the technology to have a miniaturized nuclear weapon in a missile that could potentially reach america. that is serious serious stuff. so you had critics back then saying the president would lead us to nuclear war. he was trying to push back on kim jong un, be tough with the stick and now the carrot is we will lift us sanctions and help your economy if you move towards denuclearization. heather: that is one of the four caveats, the president laid out his goals, establishing new relations between the nations, building a new piece on the entire korean peninsula, completing denuclearization and recovering us pow mia remains from the korean war but senate democrats are already attempting to hold donald trump's feet to the fire by putting conditions on this summit and we can bring up part of this letter they gave
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to him signed by eight democrats including chuck schumer and bob menendez. >> you are right and you can see the letter. you have to demonstrate tangible verifiable progress. democrats have a point which is as we mentioned, singapore largely was about symbolism, bringing these leaders together. they had that initial agreement but since then the us intelligence community has suggested north korea has been cheating and haven't followed up on denuclearization so the democrats are right to raise the point the president in round 2 here is going to have to hold kim jong un's feet to the fire. where they could be hypocrisy and the problem politically is there is no such letter that exists in a eight years of the obama administration where democrats were demanding let's do something to push back harder against north korea. what you saw in the obama years is more progress where rashida tlaib is getting closer to
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reaching a nuclear missile on the american mainland so donald trump has reason to push back and say we didn't see a lot in eight years of the obama administration. he is trying to make peace, let's give peace a chance. >> you will be there in the middle of all of it and we will talk with you throughout the week. you can catch special coverage of the us north korea summit on "fox and friends first" starting tomorrow at 3:00 am eastern. today the house will vote on a measure to block donald trump's national emergency on the southern border, the push comes as a new wave of migrants force a texas port of entry to close, griff jenkins joins us live in dc with more on the border battle. good morning. >> it will certainly raise the stakes in this border battle in
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the house votes and likely passes a resolution to block the national emergency declaration. >> this is not about politics. it's not about partisanship. it is about patriotism. we would be delinquent in our duties if we did not resist, fight back to overturn the president's declaration. >> reporter: democrats control the house but minority leader kevin mccarthy said the president is doing what he has to do to secure the border. >> the president will get the full 200 miles the expert said we need on his barriers to protect us, to have the border secure and that is what the president said he would do and he has a responsibility -- >> in laredo, texas, officials had to close the port of entry bridge due to a migrant wave attempting to cross. sources told me more than 12,000
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illegal crossings already this year. the resolution passing in the house will go to the senate next where some republicans are supporting it. north carolina senator santos wrote this in an op-ed in the washington post, as u.s. senate i cannot justify providing executive with more ways to bypass congress. as a conservative i cannot endorse the president that i know first future left-wing presidents will inflate to advance radical policies, eroding economic and individual freedoms. mike pence is likely going to try to meet with republican senators today to work on this but even if it passes the senate donald trump has indicated he will use his first veto. heather: thank you. take a look at. and ice tsunami sparing evacuations on lake erie,
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massive ice chunks pushing against the niagara river parkway in canada forcing parts of the road to close. on the new york side ice mountains up to 30 feet high coming into people's homes. look like a movie. crews going door-to-door encouraging residents to leave. hurricane force winds 70 miles an hour reported all around new york. the wind and ice caused hundreds of thousands of customers to lose power. the funeral for tennessee police officer killed in a hit and run will be laid to rest friday. nicholas galanter was inspecting a roadway saturday night when he was hit. the suspect, janet heinz turned herself in monday, she was arrested on 9 charges including vehicle or homicide and given a $300,000 bond. officer galanter graduated from the police academy last month. he is survived by two children.
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billionaire businessman robert kraft is officially charged with soliciting sex. is the new england patriots owner facing year in jail for paying prostitutes in jupiter, florida, prosecutors claim to have video evidence of craft in the act on the same day his team played the playoff game in kansas city. last month. he is accused in a month-long investigation that resulted in dozens arrest, craft denies in engaging in any illegal activity. today michael cohen will testify before the senate intelligence committee. he will be grilled on several topics in a hearing that could last more than 10 hours. a public hearing in the house oversight committee is scheduled for tomorrow. donald trump's former attorney pleaded guilty last year to bank and tax fraud and campaign finance violations. he will begin a 3-year prison sentence in may. dozens of disrupted green new deal supporters are thrown in jail after flooding mitch
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mcconnell's office. [chanting] >> reporter: police say those arrests were demonstrating unlawfully in the senate majority leader's office. the younger activists demanding he support the green new deal. the protest happening on the same day a new study shows the progressive plan will cost an estimated $93 trillion, $600,000 per american household. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump hours away from meeting kim jong un in vietnam. how to make sure they get rid of nukes. our next guest negotiated otto warmbier's release, small steps will be to a long-term victory.
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>> we can have a very good summit, a very tremendous summit. we went denuclearization, a signing summit which is even better so hopefully we can get it completed but we are getting very close. heather: donald trump set to land in vietnam in just hours, confident that he will get a signed agreement from kim jong un during their second summit. what does he need to do to make that happen? part of the team that negotiated the release of american prisoner otto warmbier joins us with what happens. we appreciate you joining us. let's begin with your personal experience in terms of negotiating otto warmbier's release. what role do you play? >> i worked with the former governor of new mexico, we
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worked on the release of political prisoners and hostages and so we were involved for 16 months in an effort to bring back otto warmbier and bring back the remains of american serviceman from the korean war. heather: based on your personal experiences dealing with that negotiation what needs to take place for these negotiations to be successful this week? >> it is important to understand a few points. chairman kim made clear that donald trump is his preferred partner, not mike pompeo. that is why we saw until the second summit has been announced, no progress in negotiations. as soon as the announcement came, the channels were revived and we are making good progress.
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we need to be realistic about what the overall outcome can be in the agreement, the chances the north koreans will get rid of their stockpiles is very slim but we can get them to dismantle any further development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles we can have them dismantle facilities for tests and stop any proliferation. in return the north koreans will look for removal of sanctions, a peace treaty, normalization, removal of troops, all of that cannot happen in one blast, it takes time and so i think what we should expect is two things. we should have a framework for negotiation comes out and includes timelines, terms of reference and routine scheduled summit.
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heather: i spoke with lindsey graham who said a similar thing, that is what he expect to come out of this particular summit, he expect there to be more of a timeframe, more details and move forward from here. you don't expect complete agreement with this particular summit. >> when we were negotiating in pyongyang and thought we were getting close to an agreement with the patriots and of remains eventually the prime minister of foreign affairs told me the offer and proposal was rejected and i was disappointment, my counterpart leaned in in an informal way and said there's a saying in my country, it takes 100 have asked to take down a tree. my response is i hope i don't have to come back 90 more times
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to get otto back but the north koreans did not say no. they said not yet. heather: i have to ask with what happened to otto warmbier do you trust the north koreans after what they did to him? we only have a minute left? >> regardless what happened, which was a terrible thing and they are accountable for it i think we have no choice but to work with the north koreans. we need to verify, we can't trust but there is a mutual interest and an agreement in the interest of the united states and north korea, there is that formula. heather: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it and we will see what happens, trust but verify, thank you. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and she is a fugitive copula hiding in cuba but one airline just honored her on a poster for black history month. carly shimkus with the apology and backlash that is growing online. you.
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all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome.
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xfinity, the future of awesome. heather: bernie sanders gearing up for the debate stage revealing how he will handle donald trump. >> how will you engage with him? >> i will bring a lie detector along. [laughter and applause] >> free time he lies it goes beep! heather: carly shimkus here with the online backlash. >> he appeared at this cnn townhall where he pushed his platform and all the things he talks about, raising taxes on the rich, single-payer
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healthcare, free college education but his comments criticizing donald trump has everybody talking. when twitter user says as long as a lie detector is also a catch to you. instagram user says a lie detector would break the first time bernie tried to explain how he would pay for his socialist policies, john says this is the best the left has to offer. he certainly is causing quite a stir among democrats that are running for president, raising $10 million. he's done a tremendous job in the first couple hours. heather: we learned yesterday that 40% of the people that have donated to his campaign are new. growing support for bernie sanders among the left. heather: jetblue, why would they do this, they on a cop killer for black history month, choosing the wrong person. >> the person they honored as part of their black history
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month display, one of them has been on the fbi's most wanted list after she murdered a police officers and escaped from prison in 1979, jetblue released a statement saying our crewmembers came together to celebrate black history month. when we learned of concerns regarding one individual we immediately removed the poster. we apologize for any offense. it sounds like jetblue corporate didn't realize this was going on and it was a lower-level decision. folks on social media are very upset, one person instagram saying how could they not know? this is outrageous. another saying what kind of irresponsible corporation decides to allow employees to put something up in a public space endorsed by the corporation without approving it first? the only person i can think about our the police officers families.
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heather: he commented all from police organizations? >> not that i'm aware. we find we will bring it to you. >> companies always blame a lower-level person for anything that goes wrong. >> it is their responsibility, got to check. >> with their name on it, jetblue. appreciate it. time is almost half past the top of the hour, bernie sanders says he's a democratic socialist but newly uncovered video shows his appreciation for communism. >> american journalists talk about how bad a country is. >> so is that a good thing and which side is he on? we will debate it up next.
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jillian: half past the top of the hour. look atop headlines this morning, donald trump lands in hanoi in just hours for a second
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summit with kim jong un, arriving to red carpet welcome in vietnam. the two world leaders will open denuclearization talks with a private dinner tomorrow. here's a live look at capitol hill where today house democrats will vote on a measure to block the president's national emergency on our border. the declaration is called unconstitutional, the house will pass the resolution and send it to the senate. alexandria ocasio cortez's green new deal could break the bank, the progressive plan to combat climate change could cost an estimated $93 trillion, $600,000 per american household. american citizen jorge ramose is
1:32 am
speaking out after being detained in venezuela by nicholas maduro. this as mike pence meets with the opposition leader in hopes of bringing change to the socialist country. todd pyro joins us live with the alarming story. >> reporter: he asked questions about the humanitarian crisis, lack of democracy and short-term political prisoners was all coming to a end when ramose showed maduro a video he didn't like. a video children are seen picking through garbage on the street. maduro ordering the seizure of the video and the univision crew's equipment and tv and phones and detaining 6 journalists including ramose for two hours before they were released. >> to think he can censor the press the way he sensors people in venezuela, he cannot do that. this is an abuse. >> the us and other nations demanding he step down,
1:33 am
recognizing opposition leader juan guaido as the rightful leader. mike pence is promising stronger sanctions against maduro's government and committing to $50 million in support, the vp urging a coalition of latin american nations and canada to freeze the assets of the state an oil company in response to violent clashes saying military action is a possibility. >> we hope for a peaceful transition, we hope for diplomatic and economic pressure will result in a peaceful transition. all options are on the table. >> maduro accusing the us of trying to fabricate a crisis to start a war in south america. >> thank you very much. let's talk about alabama and the alabama woman who left the us to become a nice his bride. she should face justice in the
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us, that according to alabama senator doug jones who said "makes a powerful message that any american who lends support to a terrorist organization will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. her father is suing the trump administration for blocking her return, there's confusion whether she's a citizen since her father is a former diplomat. donald trump blasting the left for blocking an antiabortion bill tweeting senate democrats just voted against legislation to prevent the killing of newborn infant children. the democrat position on abortion is so extreme they don't mind executing babies after birth. this will be remembered as one of the most shocking votes in the history of congress. if there's one thing we should all agree on it is protecting the lives of innocent babies. the bill would have penalized doctors who harmed babies that survive and abortion. washington state attorney general says he will sue the
1:35 am
president over a new policy barring taxpayer-funded clinics from making abortion referrals. a lot to be debated there. newly surfaced footage of the younger bernie sanders reveals the 2020 democrat to be more on the side of communism. >> the word socialism does not frighten me and it is fair to say the nicaraguan government is primarily a socialist government. american journalist talk about how bad a country is. in other countries people -- the rich get the food and the poor starve to death. >> does this mean bernie sanders is a communist or socialist? here to debate is jason nichols, lecture at the university of maryland and former rnc deputy press secretary, thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. communist or socialist? >> certainly not a democrat, that is for sure.
1:36 am
all signs point to weigh further left than socialism. if you look at his college years he was in socialist and marxist organizations and in the 70s founded an organization, outline private utilities, let's make our banks nationalized, then found another organization in vermont, also a marxist organizations saying we support russia, we support the organizations in nicaragua and thing lately it is almost like marie antoinette left cake in arizona. it is terrifying. anyone who considers himself a democrat to take a further look at this because their platform is being used by someone that doesn't understand or respect their values. >> what do you think? should we be shocked by some of the things he had to say? >> first of all if we are going to talk about things people said 30 or 40 years ago there are many things donald trump said 30
1:37 am
or 40 years ago. i believe he was a democrat 30 or 40 years ago. the things he may have said in the 1980s are not things he advocates today. what he advocates today are social welfare programs and expansion of the welfare state and that is in line with many other democrats. i don't think this is something we should take seriously. these are things he said four decades ago. we can point do things donald trump set a decade ago. >> he never said anything about supporting communism. >> are we talking about -- >> donald from never said anything -- >> he has said things about african-americans, said things about -- >> that's now we are talking about. i appreciate -- that is a big
1:38 am
thing. >> 30 years ago, people's opinions change over time. i want to listen to this as well and get your response, what he said about castro transforming society. >> everybody was convinced castro was the worst guy in the world, the cuban people would rise up against fidel castro. totally transformed society. >> marxist? take over the elected president of nicaragua in an election. why don't we use the phrase democratically elected president of nicaragua? >> in 1985 sanders traveled to new york city to meet with ortega just after he imposed this state of emergency in
1:39 am
nicaragua including shutting opposition newspapers and magazines. we hear about donald trump and his war on the media and then you have bernie sanders out there saying he was in favor of this. >> again, when you look at it, this was 1985, many of the people watching this program right now weren't alive in 1985 and i would also say when we look at contras they were far more brutal the killed far more people and trafficked drugs into our country. i can understand why bernie sanders would say they were more progressive than the contras. were they good? with a perfect? absolutely not and i don't think that is what he advocates for today. >> let's not point to the lesser two evils but having said that look at what he says just last week about the crisis in
1:40 am
venezuela. 's opinions have not changed, they have worsened. >> thank you for joining us, we have a long campaign to go so we will see what else he has to say. we will be right back. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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heather: after what should have been a short trip to south korea for his father's funeral a veteran and us citizen is trapped overseas she was born in south korea but came to the us as a boy before serving his mandatory military service in south korea and now he is banned from leaving. he joins us live to share his story. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. heather: summarize what is happening to you. >> what happened was i came here february 2nd, my father suddenly passed away on a trip here so i had to make an unplanned trip.
1:44 am
i came here and was only supposed to stay three days to get my affairs in order and then went back to the us, they told me i could not leave the country because there was a travel ban placed and they couldn't tell me why so what happened was from there they sent me to the police station, told me that after searching a little bit, there was a warrant for me because years back, when i was younger, i did not report to the korean military. bill:'s are called conscription laws where people have to serve time in the military but you left the country as a young boy, came to america where you served
1:45 am
in the army and included two tours in south korea and afghanistan for the us. >> yes. when i came here i came here as a us citizen, u.s. army. i was under protection of the us sofa agreement with korea but at that time i still had a warrant on me, nobody told me i had to do this or that. i went back and forth but this time i came as a civilian, they told me -- heather: where does it stand now and what can we do to get you home? a congressman from ohio is trying to assist. >> yes. i've got so much support from everybody back home, from all over the place.
1:46 am
even the south korean government has been sympathetic to my situation because they know it was an unfortunate situation, not like i was trying to dodge the draft or anything like that but their laws are really strict because there are people who do try to dodge. heather: do you have a date you are scheduled to leave? where does it stand? >> they tell me it should be lifted by march 2nd. they told me i have to call back on march 3rd before i make any travel plans because there's a possibility of extension, possibility of punishment. at that point, i can make travel arrangements. heather: let's make sure there is no extension be have ago fund me page as well. thank you very much for joining
1:47 am
us, we appreciate it and our condolences to you and your father. >> thank you so much. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. it is called the globe of death for a reason. a circus stunt gone horribly wrong it stunned the audience it leaves children in tears, the flaw that could have prevented this. >> are the cameras on? 's everybody on me? the trump justice department is doing an excellent job. >> that was john stewart praising the president for helping 9/11 first responders. his fiery message for congress ahead. ♪ ♪
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heather: congresswoman omar deletes controversial tweets that triggered major back lash, one of the make use a lobbying group of paying members of congress to support israel but now an organization linked to the care group hamas is defending the minnesota democrat's comments, the director of the council on american islamic relations saying, quote, care and not feel there is any anti-semitic meeting in her tweets but due to the brevity some took it as such adding, quote, they are standing firm in her willingness to speak out. omar will be a keynote speaker at a caravan next month. a massive push on capitol hill to restock the 9/11 victims compensation fund. >> the trump justice department is doing an excellent job
1:52 am
administrating this program. it is congress's job to fund it properly. and let these people live in peace. heather: new york firefighters and families of 9/11 victims calling on congress to extend the bill's funding to the year 2090. the fund as we told you has been running out because of a growing list of victims. miniclip the number of deaths due to 9/11 related illnesses will outnumber those who died in the initial attack. today lawmakers will grill the nation's biggest pharma executives on rising drug prices. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness with a preview for us. >> we are talking pharmaceuticals from the largest companies, merck, pfizer, johnson & johnson all heading to
1:53 am
capitol hill to meet with the senate finance committee. in a tweet yesterday iowa republican senator chuck grassley said, quote, i hope the drug companies testifying tomorrow don't try to blame everyone but themselves, take no responsibility for their role in fixing the problem. understand there are other factors to consider. tomorrow's about the part drug companies can do to lower costs for patients plus taxpayers, this is a bipartisan problem. a lot of people on both sides of the aisle concerned about the high cost of drug prices, looking to lower those per patient, looking for some reform here. >> don't know if their prices are going to rise but we have some new flavors in time for easter. >> there are several new flavors this year. cotton candy. pancakes and syrup, orange sherbet will be available in all grocery stores, a special flavor and kroger, root beer float, blue raspberry peeps at walmart, vanilla cream and chocolate caramel swirl exclusive at target.
1:54 am
according to confections, 70% of all parent in the us give their children peeps in their easter baskets. hopefully the easter bunny brings a toothbrush. >> i am trying to cut out sugar but i don't know if i will be doing peach this year. appreciate it. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the our. new party, the brand-new satire looking at alexandria ocasio cortez, you got to see this. should lake erie be considered a person? the question making a splash as voters head the polls today and sharing your comments.
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>> today voters in ohio will decide if lake erie should have the same right to the human being. the lake erie bill of rights will allow people to sue on the lake's be have over environment wishes, supporters say it is necessary to protect the lake after was contaminated by toxic algae. it would impact industrial job growth. we asked what you thought. clark says i'm all for stopping pollution but this is ridiculous way to address the situation and distress from their goal.
1:59 am
if you are instagram says and what lifetime should we have to entertain such in the senate. craig right it couldn't hurt to protect the great lakes from pollution, over pollution and exploitation. tell us what you think. time for the good, the bad and the ugly, we begin with the good. this man has a big heart and a big appetite, a good supporting buying out his boy scout troop's entire cookie station south carolina giving them $540 and told him to get out of the cold. the bad, circus motorcyclist crashed in the globe of death, fans looking on in terrorist three bikes collide in the uk. one of those riders smashing into the of the two. in all this, no one seriously injured. the ugly, a bird, it is a plane, it is a oc.
2:00 am
the new york congresswoman the start of a comic book satire, alexandria ocasio cortez, the freshman, with a sword and superwoman style outfit with the caption new party. who is this? it is on shelves today if you want to pick it up. thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now. february 26th, happening at 5:00 am of fox news alert, the stage is set, donald trump arriving in vietnam in a few hours for talks with kim jong un. rob: some are doubting the president's negotiating skills. we are live. >> this is not about politics or partisanship. it is about patriotism. >> democrats vowed to unveil the emergency declaration on the


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