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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 26, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this monday night and let us know what you think i'm email your fox and let us know what city you are writing from. we will see you back here tomorrow night 7:00 with more of the story as it develops. good night, everybody. ♪ b1 good evening and welcome to tucker corso -- carlson donald trump jr. will be joining us pierce morgan on the show too, but first there are some negative things that you could t donald trump. what is interesting for left almost never says them and instead they spend a lot of time tromp is a fascist who poses imminent and terrifying threat to the constitutional order. sounds pretty scary. is it true? consider the major freedoms protected by the bill of rights, the document that makes america distinct from all other country, freedom of speech, freedom of worship the right to bear arms,
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due process under the law. take a close look at today's news. who exactly is threatening those freedoms? is it donald trump? whatever his fault, it is not donald trump. it is the left and they are doing it more aggressively than they ever have before. as usual critique of trump's pure projection. if you want to know what the leftist actually doing, listen to the way they attacked other people. start with foundational freedom, speech, if they can tell you what to say, you are not free. there is nothing they can make you do. that is where the founders put it first. the freedom that comes before all others. the left has spent decades trying to weaken the first amendment. they have done in the stinkiest way possible by creating phony hate speech exemptions out of thin air. so far they have not accepted this idea that you can limit speech because someone else doesn't like it. so the left has a new plan now.
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they have big corporations to make it impossible for people who say the wrong things to make a living in this country. you may have heard of the company paypal and the biggest. if you want to make money online and many people do, paypal is a central. with a recent interview with "wall street journal," and sherman explains diversity and inclusion are his company's top values. of course, he doesn't mean it, he means the opposite. like most on the left which dan shulman once but are conformity, where only approved opinions are allowed, last year paypal band alex jones from using the platform for saying things they didn't like. they ban anti-muslim activists and the publication be there and other people and organizations who speech they believe should be silenced. and shulman admitted to take guidance on who demand from southern poverty law center. a fraudulent organization that
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works with the democratic national committee. according to shulman "the line between free speech and hate. nobody teaches it to you in college. nobody defined in the law. that is ridiculous" it is very much defined in the law and has been for 50 years. in 1969 the supreme court conclusively decided hate speech does not exist. but it doesn't matter to shulman or allies on the left. to them the first amendment is merely a legal obstacle. something to subvert rather than celebrate. paypal is just one small example of this. across the country the left working to crash in the organization that stands in the way of power. in new york state governor andrew cuomo to shut down the nra, why? the disagreement with his agenda. he is harassing financial companies to do business with the group and it is working. immediate celebrate just as they celebrate endless attacks on fox news. their entire nonprofits whose
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only purpose is to close the network you are now watching, they are tireless and well-funded. if they someday succeed, you won't hear a word from the left about censorship, no. they will celebrate an entire new mise -- news media with one perspective that is their goal l conformity same as obedience. to achieve that they are working to nullify the second amendment as well. almost every democrat running for president would like to disarm the public and they say that out loud. >> why do you need a assault weapon for hunting? why can't you have universal background checks? so much corruption, you can't pass common sense and reform in this country, not because the american people aren't behind it because they are but because the nra more worried about gun sales and the well-being of our kids. >> we need to take on the nra, expand background checks and ends at gun loophole. the united states congress needs to have the backbone and courage
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to pass more gun safety laws. [applause] >> the nra smart gun safety, common sense and reform and the gun show loophole, i don't believe a word, those are just talking points. they don't mean any of it. they plan to take your guns away. they have to. how else can they make the population obey? once you understand their goal is total control, their policies began to make sense. to a literal person, for example the green new deal sounds like something good to the environment because it's green after all. but of course if you really care about the environment with quality of air and water, you would push china to stop polluting. train is the biggest polluter by far but the green new deal doesn't even mention china. instead it's all about controlling you. the job you have come at a house you live in, the vehicle you drive. today those are choices you get to make under the green new deal, the democratic party would make them for you. that is why so many candidates
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have endorsed the green new deal. >> you will hear things like the green new deal, medicare for all, you will hear things like taxes, and at what point do you say, that is the northstar. let's be realistic. >> there is no question we have to be practical, but being practical also recognizes that climate change is an existential threat to the human being. >> can we afford it? of course we can afford it. >> three to a billion dollars for studies? >> it's not about cost but investment. >> tucker: medicare for all. another power play. a total federal takeover of the health care center. that means more power for them. just the other day congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez speculated it may no longer be right to have children, kids. they should consider that a debatable question, just asking but in 20 years it may be settled theology and one wake up and alexandria ocasio-cortez proposing control who is allowed to have children and win.
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don't believe it? the same thing happen with reparations. it moved fast for you. 20 years ago seizing people's possessions and giving them away and atone for sins of those who died a century ago, that was considered a fringe position no one said that out aloud and wanted to be elected but today elizabeth warm, kamala harris, kent castro, all for it. at this pace knocking down statues of barack obama soon for opposing reparation. does this sound paranoid? okay, do this point big city paper ten years ago and read the whole thing. then compare it to this morning's "washington post." how far has the left moved in just a decade? a long way. the pace is quickening. fascism? yep, it is a threat and it's not coming from the white house. >> donald trump jr. joins us live to make my thank you for coming on. do you think you talked to a lot
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of republicans in washington. do you think they understand the threat of capitalism with that left in the big business shutting down speech? >> donald: i think they are starting to get it. and i think that's why i would like to utilize my platform. and nuclear politics the other day, i see it from so many real americans, guys second amendment accounts, people who follow me and like my politics or whatever it is and they are reaching out to me when i made a big deal of this saying while mick, it is happening to me too. but i have a platform to do something about it and kevin mccarthy has been vocal about it but the reality, nothing has changed. i put up instagram post two weeks ago and i had the goal to be a little bit cynical about the entire ridiculous situation and instagram just deleted it. i sort of responded my normal fashion rather aggressively, what is wrong with this here is the problem of yada yada and it got and indicated tucker. hundreds of people sending me
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bms. my account was shut down because i tried liking one of your tweets. i tried liking one of your father's instagram post, him and his grandchildren, nothing even controversial. in time and time again, i had to follow you, three times in the last week because they keep on following you. it is really sad to. and it is happening. and the excuse, it is spam like behavior. no, spam-like behavior is not making instagram unfollow people who want to follow my content and other conservatives. >> tucker: so free speech doesn't mean anything if people can't hear you speak. and this alliance between the activists left and big corporations is preventing people from being heard. it is in effect an attack on free speech. the media benefits from freedom of speech. they are the prime beneficiaries of the first amendment and yet, they don't even cover it in places like cnn encourage companies to the platform voices they don't think should be
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heard. why is the president and by the first moment roads question must >> donald: again the majority of the press now left-wing activists and they are on the sf that. they are not on the side that is stymied, not on the side that is being oppressed, guys like me again i can do this the big soapbox can get it out there but some of the big guys don't have that ability. and that is what has happened. you never see someone on the left say it is weird, dawn come all of a sudden i'm following fox news and i was never following that, many conservatives complaining to me and all of a sudden crazy left-wing accounts that they never signed up for. this is happening one way systematic attack on free spee speech. to me, it reads like a trial run for 2020. how are we going to do it? i'm not saying every account is suppressed but you do it enough you take x percent off of the top. you got the message in half. you get rid of some of the viral
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nature nature and my father did very well in 2016, he played moy in the middle with the media and what they try to do with medical care. he went right to his people. he went right to the people with his message. he didn't allow them to manipulate it but went right over them. i think to me, the reasons they try to figure out how to minimize that ability again and let the media, which again, 93, 94% left-wing activists at this point? and let them drive the narrative. make sure that is the only thing regular hardworking americans see. we have to call it out and hit it aggressively. >> tucker: i mean, i'm a little surprised the republican congress has set back over the years they control the house and took control of the senate and let this happen. is there a reason to have mitch mcconnell and senate majority leader? what is the point of having republican senate if they can't stand up for free speech, especially on voters are being targeted? >> donald: this and i hope this creates the platform for
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them to jump on board to get it. like i said, if it is me and i'm seeing literally hundreds of people. those are just the people who actually saw that quote and are willing to take the time to reach out and sent screenshots. imagine how many other people. imagine how many don't even realize that it's happening. i think the republicans a lot of these companies are getting the government from the internet, from all of these things, you know, it doesn't seem like it would be fair to have a one side of platform. you saw it and covered it in the opening segment, what is going on with paypal? they are not even hiding in the more or pretending anymore but it's become the norm. donald trump has shown conservatives one thing, it is that you don't just have to take the loss when the other side want you to. you can actually fight back. you can fight back and win. i think we have to take that message to hurt. i think we have to start pushing back, and i think we have to start pushing back hard. if we don't we will never get the chance again, tucker.
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>> tucker: republicans elective republicans a free market, no it's not, fascism. >> donald: that is not the free market. >> tucker: no, it's not the free market it's ridiculous, michael cohen to testify before the oversight committee to mark and you haven't heard his testid testimonies what he may say or not but what is your take on it. speak to my take is i have my fr and he's in vietnam right now trying to negotiate nuclear peace settlements with north korea. after 60 years of failed attempts trying to end the war, trying to end a clear proliferation on the korean peninsula, you have finally a president willing to do it. finally a guy who actually got a meeting with the other side. for the democrats to try to counter program that kind of progress -- progress or distract him with this nonsense a convicted felon who longs to the same committee, it just goes to show you how much those democrats really sustain --
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disdain trump but who wants to try to stymie that process? who doesn't want peace in the korean peninsula? who doesn't want to end nuclear proliferation and a dictatorial state? who doesn't want that, tucker? it is crazy, but they show you that they really hate trump much more than they would like america. because i get nothing from counter programming those kind of peace talks with this nonsense that has been proven with a convicted felon other than they just want trump to fail even if it means america fails. that is a really sad state of affairs, tucker. >> tucker: donnell jr., thank you so much for that. >> donald: thank you. >> tucker: those talks in vietnam continuing we will talk to henry life with a report is what is happening. and then alexandria ocasio-cortez the democratic party has said having children could be immoral.
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♪ >> tucker: president trump has arrived in vietnam for his summit tomorrow with north korean leader kim jong un. what exactly is going to happen there and henry with the latest. eddie. >> tucker it is game on and the president to kick off all of this in a couple of hours. first with the meetings and then import and trade deal between the u.s. and vietnam, sitting
5:20 pm
down with be at many with vietnamese officials. the president will arrive aboard air france taurus 112 hours ago with a trade deal and another reminder kim jong un the thriving markets here in vietnam and the potential for north korea and the fact that they can get in on the action to rebuild their own shattered economy. but first, arriving before the president with armored train, will have to move to du nuclear a station. that is the president for president trump to get the u.s. remove sanctions that have been throttling the north korean company. excitement on the ground, there were crowds of vietnamese people lining the streets when president trump came from the airport to his hotel where we are now. they were all just trying to get a glimpse of the president, went out and spoke to some of the people on the streets, and they said, they are of course weary of war in vietnam. they went through it for so long, so they are actually optimistic about the prospect president trump forging some peace. that is interesting to me on the
5:21 pm
ground, sharp contrast to the media, democrats in congress back home who have been talking down the possibility of a deal, tucker. in fact i went to a barbershop where the barber is offering free haircuts. you pick a donald trump cut that looks a little bit like the president come a little bit interesting color to it or you can imagine what it looks like but i thought it was a goof. i asked the barbershop, wyatt. he looked me in the eyes and he said my family so impacted by the were here that i want to see the president and the chairman get peace. so the people here in vietnam seem to get what this is about, tucker. >> tucker: what a choice. ed henry live from vietnam, great to see you. >> ed: great to see you. >> tucker: the left has long had a front relationship and hostile posture with nuclear families. they are a rifle to the power of the state. the main rival. but they were not always over about it but now they are. days ago alexandria
5:22 pm
ocasio-cortez said that due to environmental concerns, it could be immoral to have children. >> our planet is going to be a disaster if we don't turn this ship around. so it is basically like the scientific consensus, that children will be very difficult. and it does leave, i think, young people to have a legitimate question, you know, is it okay to still have children? >> tucker: , the radio show host in the state of california joins us, great to see you. >> high hi, tucker. >> tucker: the one country, the big country has made out an effort to limit children born is china which had no child policy for decades. china also not coincidently the lowest environmental standards and the developed world, the world's largest polluter.
5:23 pm
so it's not obvious having fewer clades makes you cleaner and if it is, what about china? >> well, china is one example with japan across the sea. and they have chosen to go that route. what about brazil, women of brazil with birth rate of over six per woman with pressure campaign to empower women to have more control over their own life to peer pressure campaign, nothing more than that, about 1.73 where it is right now but these are valid questions large environmental concerns and scientist just released a report that says they have five sigma level of certainty, one in a million now that they are wrong about the data regarding claimant and changing claimant and how much impact we are having. >> tucker: okay, but hold on, but there is no certainty to fix it so let's not pretend a consensus on that because there isn't. but back up a second. you said it is empowering to
5:24 pm
have fewer kids, but it's more empowering to work for some corporation to serve markets. you are aware that it is the ugliest kind of propaganda that you are spewing? are you being paid to say that? be >> tucker: to work as a and have children, really? >> ethan: i'm pro entrepreneurs so women being in charge of their own life, choosing to start a business can make qr pro entrepreneur and i'm for entrepreneur. >> tucker: i'm actually four children. what i'm really for his kids and families and loving relationships from people who are related. i'm the oldest unit in humanity, the family, that is when i'm poor but when i'm not foretelling women you are somehow liberated to work a wage job over having children because that is a lie. the only thing that would benefit from that the people getting rich from the global economy. it is a lie and it's weird to hear a liberal repeat that lie. >> ethan: i'm not suggesting that the alternative is to work
5:25 pm
a corporate wage job. but what i'm saying is -- >> tucker: to be an entrepreneur or. [laughter] >> ethan: entrepreneurship is something we celebrate in this country. that's how we developed it and created it. it is important to ask the question and i think there is nothing wrong with asking the question are you ready to have children? isn't that better than abortion and shouldn't we be thinking about these things before we engage -- >> tucker: happy people reproduce. depressed countries like japan don't. let me ask you if we are concerned about population why do the same people tell you kids, import millions of new kids? shouldn't we want reduced population by stopping immigration tomorrow if we really cared about the environment? >> ethan: the better question is, why do we not support birth control around the world and allow that to be handed out more freely so we don't have to worry about impoverished nation where ten, 11 children? >> tucker: children all around the world. i'm for kids, i'm sorry, i don't see kids as bad.
5:26 pm
ethan, great to see you. >> ethan: i don't either, thanks, tucker. >> tucker: in case you need more evidence that there really are people who are against children, they have their own political party. they are running anyway, democrats voted to down a bill to protect newborn survivors of abortion. that actually happened in washington. and we will attack that after the break. and with a $0 copay, that's something to groove about. ♪let's groove tonight. toujeo® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. get medical help right away if you have a serious allergic reaction such as body rash, or trouble breathing. don't reuse needles, or share insulin pens. the most common side effect is low blood sugar,
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>> tucker: recently, number of high-profile democrats have been talking up economic system called socialism. in venezuela that they've had socialism 20 years. the results, not good. some of the worst incoming equality in the world and 90% of the country lives in poverty and ruling class in switzerland quite a spread. the average of venezuela and lost 25 pounds from starvation and in a word a disaster. but it could get worse for venezuelans and for us in the
5:31 pm
united states. the u.s. has imposed new sanctions on venezuela. some lawmakers are cheering on the idea of regime change they are. sound familiar? one republican senator tweeted out dictator muammar qaddafi in the showed smiling and the second showed him covered in dirt and blood, shortly before being tortured, and killed. the point is clear, bad dictators will be overthrown by the united states. maduro should watch out. the tweet did not acknowledge what happened to libya after hillary clinton intervened and qaddafi was toppled from power. it is libya a thriving democracy now? no, it is not a worn torn worse even markets thrive in the major cities and qaddafi once protected from mass migration but now libya is the main departure point for huge numbers of migrants coming into europe illegally. so the lesson is obvious sometimes horrible dictators are
5:32 pm
preferable to the chaos that replaces them. our leaders have not learned that. how will attacking venezuela improve this country or make america safer, more prosperous? no, it won't. that is not even the point though. the idea that american foreign policy should somehow help america has become a quaint historic relic something you don't see any more like phone booths were compelling network television. it is gone. brookings institution report predicts venezuelan prices could create 8 million refugees. that is even more than the number created by the syrians and war. a disaster. two reckless with venezuelans temporary protective status in the u.s. in other words, even if they came here illegally, they could stay forever. temporary status like this never ends. nicaragua still has temporary status so it can recover from a hurricane that hit the country more than 20 years ago. in venezuela, benefit, around when your grandchildren are old,
5:33 pm
guaranteed. if we send troops they are, they will never leave either just like american troops never left syria, iraq, afghanistan or korea for that matter. permanent obligations to solve temporary problems. that is our foreign policy in a nutshell. washington, nobody learns anything. timmy governor ralph northam came close to being expelled from the democratic party for the possibility that he wore a black face decades ago. the parties somehow cared less about an interview he gave just before the blackface controversy in which northam defended the practice of liberal infanticide. >> the infant would be delivered and be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that is what the mother in the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the positions and the mother. >> tucker: keep in mind,
5:34 pm
northam was not some confused lehman. he is a pediatric position. he knew exactly what he was saying. it turns out he's not alone. senate democratic just filibustered a bill that would impose criminal penalties on doctors who failed to care for infants who survive late term abortion. abortion survivor melissa oden weighed in on the question earlier today. >> i survived a failed abortion back in 1977 that was meant to poison and from the outside in. i actually under that procedure over a five day period. my biological mother's labor was induced with the intent of me being expelled from the womb has a deceased child. and accidentally, i was born alive. the democrats who voted last night against this bill really showed up and said they are willing to sacrifice his life like mine to keep abortion on demand right there. >> pretty stunning interview that played on fox & friends,
5:35 pm
the only channel that would play but we did. tammy bruce, she joins us, tammy, what is interesting, this took place the backdrop of a much broader health care debate. so democrats are in effect arguing for health care for all except for children who survive abortion. how does this work? >> tammy: obviously it doesn't but it is informative, isn't it? the same people who want the government to control health care would be the only resource for insurance. the decisions who gets health care can't even find it in their hearts to save a born child. that is who we now say or the ones who are superior to us and who should decide all of our health care. that is one point. but the other thing is an fascinating, tucker, nobody wants but they are supporting. not even democrats. a gallup poll from last year from 18% of democrats are okay with late term abortion. with third trimester abortion. only 13% of independents are.
5:36 pm
not even democrats want this. and so you have to ask, why are they doing it? who are they pandering to? all i can think planned parenthood checks must be gigantic. so they are willing out of money and for their position, their job, it to stop a bill that is e simplest thing in the world that all of us agree with that if there is a child that needs health care that we attend to the child. they can't even do that. that is why americans are rejecting the status quo and this process. and it's beyond words. it doesn't happen very often. >> tucker: but you are right. this is not an abortion debate. >> tammy: no. >> tucker: whether to provide health care to a child. >> tammy: 80% of americans agree with roe vs. wade limitations. certain circumstances to 12 weeks and then support craters.
5:37 pm
80% okay, but this is not about abortion. this is something very different. and it also speaks to alexandria ocasio-cortez dynamic of well, maybe you shouldn't even be having children. this is the mind of these individuals, a person on my block noted very cleverly, now at least maybe we wouldn't have to worry about free tuition if the democrats get their way. >> tucker: [laughter] >> tammy: that no one would be there to g go to college. >> tucker: laughing is so ghoulish. >> tammy: it is ghoulish but important for the american people to realize. this is not all roads leading to rome. for those of us who are democrats and identify pro-choice, and this is the other thing that has happened the last month. marriage pole come up last month pro-choice 55%, pro-life 38%. and now february, it is even, 47 -- 47%. >> tucker: exactly. you are totally right because there is a cost to extremism.
5:38 pm
i hope there is a cost. >> tammy: it has been talking. >> tucker: it really is shocking. to make great to see you. >> tammy: thank you, tucker. >> tucker: as you know everything you do is racist. that would include smiling, standing in place, and now brace yourself, knitting. knitting. like hats and gloves and we are not joking at all. we will bring you the latest after the break -jamie, this is ? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] -please. -okay. bill's back needed a afvacation from his vacation. an amusement park...
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bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. ♪ >> tucker: you might assume the left has run out of things to call racist after they branded ice cream trucks and snow as racist, but it turns out a bottomless well. they surpassed themselves to find new things that are racist. just yesterday come a piece on
5:43 pm, a website carried this headline, the knitting community is reckoning with racism. for evidence, the cost of the hobby and a prominent net are excited to visit india on vacation. that is very racist, apparently. we contacted to make sure this was serious and not a joke and second we wanted to know how to fix the problem, a new government agency, yarn subsidies and obviously she is welcome month to show any time she is free but in the meantime, bobby, the leader and the author of the book panic attack the age of trump, robbie, great to see you but are you as surprised to racism in america so bad old knitting needles on the bus are bigots? >> robbie: it is because of that tendency that is unfortunately so calm and college campuses these days to find something else to be
5:44 pm
furious about, even if it strikes absolutely everyone else has completely ridiculous, i mean this knitting blogger, the offensive comment about visiting india. i bet you could not find a single india person and antiwho would be offended by that. >> tucker: [laughter] totally true. >> robbie: you are actually taught, i think places like oberlin college, to be outraged and you have no natural outrage about this and no one is angry about this but it taught thing and academic discipline and we laugh. >> tucker: you have to be a precious white liberal to be upset about this. will you do me a favor because i know you are one of the great chroniclers of this thing and sputter of hate hoaxes. will you keep these pieces for future generations as we look back, i will probably be dead by
5:45 pm
them but our children what happens to america 22019 the evidence to show them just how crazy what it looks like? >> robby: i will preserve the knitting needles, the bloodstained knitting needles for future generations to remember these strife that we went through and this frustrating. in time. >> tucker: they just need to make it stop commit to many gloves and hats, robbie, great to see you as always. >> robby: my pleasure. illegal immigrant has been arrested after assaulting a man for make america great habit, rosie flew into a rage when she saw a man at a restaurant and it was caught on video. here it is. >> are you ready to get out of here? this is the problem, ignorance, ignorant people like this. you see this?
5:46 pm
people like that is the problem. have a nice night, rosie. >> tucker: after the event you just saw, santos detained by ice and banned by the democrats but ice said she was here illegally and has been for a long time and overstayed tourist visa in 1994. and the voice of new england and radio show host in the region and joins us tonight, how we, this might be the perfect stor story. >> i would think so, this is a real hate crime what you just saw, a video involving a maga hats. it doesn't fit the narrative. it is the american citizen being attacked by a woman who turns out to be illegal alien by her own admission. what are you doing in this mexican restaurant wearing a maga hat? this is america and i can wear
5:47 pm
this hat wherever i please. you know, tucker you would think this has all of the elements. so i text him tonight and his name is brighton turner who was preparing for the wasting exam, you know he has calluses on his hands and i guess that was triggering illegal alien and not just the maga hat. i guess you will be on with robin roberts on gma and then goldman and america 2019. and kamala harris and cory booker are they comparing this to a lynching? the old country song when the phone didn't ring, he knew it was cnn, nbc, "good morning america," nbc. nobody called him, tucker except for one group nationally. two groups if you include my radio show, fox & friends. nobody else called all day long. >> tucker: so this is self-serving but i have got to be honest. if they got rid of the few
5:48 pm
independent voices in media and you are one and i am one commit we just be the course with the same tone and that's what they want. trust me. thank you very much. >> howie: thank you. too much insanity, we've got to go. great to see you. up next, something we never thought you would say, we are transgender athletes becoming dominant in women's sports. is this a good thing for girls? here is more after the break. biopharmaceutical researchers. driven each day to pursue life-changing cures... in a country built on fostering innovation. here, they find breakthroughs...
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5:53 pm
runs track and field on the girls team. she and both sophomore terry miller swept the competition at the track and field state championship last week. miller is also transgender. some parents and athletes say the first and second place finishers have unfair advantage. they want a level playing field. >> tucker: this is increasingly common story. the u.s. long been a global leader in giving sporting opportunities to women, but now biological males are increasingly intruding on that space. some women say so out loud find themselves punished and even kicked out of the gay rights group from a transgender takeover of women's sports. the activist julia with a similar fate as she described on the show recently. >> in many states man can legally identify themselves as female and gain access and sports is just one institution where men are taking titles,
5:54 pm
scholarships. this is a problem. many women like myself have been pushed out of spaces that we built, spaces that were intended to include us simply because we acknowledge biological reality. >> tucker: here is morgan for and we are proud to have pierce morgan you are not allowed to say you were against this, and if anyone licensed to give her opinion on women's sports, but what is your view of this? >> howie: i think the way she's been treated is extremely worrying, tucker. all she said, but one of the leading advocates, gay rights americans have ever seen. >> tucker: yes. >> piers: someone herself transgender. she was the first major transgender and so this woman has been at the forefront fighting for rights for people and transgender people.
5:55 pm
but, always taken a position, she wants equality. in her column she wrote last week for london newspaper, she made a very calm i think, obvious point. which is nothing is fair or equal about what is going on in women's sports. if you allow people who were born biologically male and look, you know i was in the wrong gender, the wrong body and i want a transition. i completely respect that and i have no issue with that. and bigoted, by the way to say the issue with the sport, someone would like to claim. but she said, look, you have a situation where a male athlete in tennis, golf were one of the sports perhaps power and size. a male athlete may be number 200 and the world and earning money. he might decide that he wants to be a woman. purely for financial gain. then he can just have some
5:56 pm
treatment and doesn't need to have surgery. and then he can take part in a woman's sport when fas win vast amounts of money. and that would be a corrupt thing to do. that would be the wrong thing to do, unethical and cheating. as martina says. but it doesn't mean it can't happen. and that is what worries me about this. they haven't thought this through about what the consequence will be. if you simply allow anybody to identify as male or female. >> tucker: what i'm confused by is why they shut down the conversation over the details, which are the most important part as you suggested it. what does it mean to change biological genders? what is the threshold? saying you were changing changing, clearly that cannot be a standard way live with and even if you asked that question shut it down and you are punished. >> piers: well she was thrown
5:57 pm
off of a charity which he was a big advocate for her. she identified on social media and basically said, i'm taking myself out of this debate. she is now indicating she may talk about this again later this week perhaps. and i hope she does. i hope she does, in fact, doesn't back down and succumb to the mob on this. it is not transphobic to express a concern about what is going on in women's sports. in fact, what it is is unfair, unequal to young women to go who have been competing at a certain level and maybe have great aspirations to afford scholarships or some professional who are now seeing themselves coming down the line, down the ladder, down at a disadvantage through biology. because physically not able to compete with the young transgender women who as you can see from the picture are tall, powerful, and have grown up as a male biological body. that is an issue i think ought to be discussed rationally and
5:58 pm
calmly. i would urge transgender communities in america and around the world to be sensible about this. and say, okay, there is an issue here. we need to address the issue without identifying anyone, particularly like martina because that doesn't get anybody anywhere. >> tucker: i mean, it is bullying, really is what they are engaged in. it is not enough, it sounds like to say, i want to stand up for the rights of women and girls. it used to be that was a conversation and under. i'm here on behalf of women and girls, listen to me. now, nobody cares, why? >> piers: you know, tucker, i had an interesting conversation with caitlyn jenner who have cores, as bruce jenner, the olympic athlete gold medal winner. at the olympics of america. nl caitlyn jenner come a woman, she told me that when she plays golf and never mind she's 2 inches taller than me and i'm 6'1" and i think she is 6'3", c.
5:59 pm
she played golf when she plays golf now, she plays off of a women's team. if you play golf, you know what that means, she gets a 50-yard advantage on every hole if she plays me. and yet, this is someone who went the male decathlon at the olympics. and i said to caitlin, how can that be fair? and she kind of acknowledged and gave her an unfair advantage and put her against other women in particular or against men. so unfairness and inequality. and my concern, it's not about disrespecting transgender righ rights. it is still fair. >> tucker: in the name of equality, we make things less equal. pierce morgan, everything you said is common sense and brave of you to say it so thank you very much. >> piers: you know what tucker, we will get attacked for
6:00 pm
having the debate. >> tucker: [laughter] >> piers: we are probably trending already, having the debate about it. >> tucker: we have to go to hannity. thanks, pier. >> piers: i'm a fan of pierce morgan, iconic, and only spate t the second amendment, but he's a great guy and i like him a lot. i like him too. thanks, sean. great show as always, welcome to hannity, 9:00 p.m. on the east coast of the united states, 9:00 a.m., we are in vietnam broadcasting live for the second straight day. just moments i will speak one-on-one with you, jorge rentals detained by venezuelan dictator


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