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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 27, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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day at 3:00 eastern. goodbye. >> we both felt very good about having this important summit in vietnam because you are an example as to what can happen with good thinking. >> it is wednesday, february 27th and happening our 4:00 am a fox news alert. >> the stage is set for a second historic summit, donald trump and kim jong un meeting and just hours to fully establish a clear plan for denuclearization. heather: home, michael cohen ready for his close-up, former attorney heading to the hill, kicking off days of congressional testimony and the democratic committee behind this promising other moments. >> the president's emergency declaration over our immigration crisis facing a wall of opposition in the house. >> we are not going to give any
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president, democrat or republican, a blank check. >> the new fight the president faces when he comes home. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ heather: good morning. you are watching a special early addition of "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. heather: thanks for starting the day with us. let's get to a fox news alert in a couple hours, donald trump and kim jong un will come face-to-face for a second time, the president gearing up for high-stakes denuclearization talks with a north korean leader in vietnam. >> summits 2.0 taking pl. in a country that has tremendous symbolic value and could provide a glimpse of hope for the future. at henry is live with what we can expect from these big talks on a big day.
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>> back in new york we are two hours away from the president of the united states sitting down again face-to-face with a north korean dictator. that will happen, the current -- the president is resting in the c where we are broadcasting from. it has been a busy morning already. what he did was try to illustrate what you were talking about which is show this close relationship between the us and vietnam. you see with his counterpart they cite a few trade agreements, boeing, another big us-based company getting involved is a big deal the president says will mean american jobs, investment as well. bottom line is with an economy that is growing in vietnam, the president wanted the summit here in hanoi in part to show a way forward for kim jong un.
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is economy shattered by tough sanctions. if he opens it up while keeping communist rule with market-based reforms, this is a path he could have forward. the president talked about his optimism about us trade relations in asia and his conversation coming with kim jong un. >> we have a very big meeting planned tonight with north korea, chairman kim. it may turn out to be very successful. you have shown something, the world is getting to see the incredible job you have done in vietnam. >> reporter: he will sit down with kim jong un just two hours from now, they are supposed to have a working dinner 3 hours from now. >> an article talks about what potentially this deal might look
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like from one news source. i wonder if we are getting anything leaking out about what we could see from this? >> reporter: there's a lot of speculation about what might be in there. one uncertainty on the table at least is something you alluded to a moment ago, potentially decades later to the korean war, some may see that as symbolic but it could be an important step forward. there was an armistice at the end of the korean conflict but no official end to the war. that's why there's so much chaos and strife. that might be something on the table. the other key point, in singapore they signed an agreement that said north korea would move towards full denuclearization of the peninsula and they haven't followed up on that. if they do follow up on it, those are the key elements. >> we need to verify that. thank you for your coverage.
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we want to know what you think will be accomplished with north korea. now to another fox news alert, donald trump's former attorney in the hot seat. >> michael cohen will target the president in public testimony today after his closed door questioning spark the firestorm. >> todd pyro is here with what we can expect. >> another one today. the second story of today. he is telling the truth about donald trump. different fireworks with closed-door testimony with matt gates tweeting to your wife and father know about your girlfriends? maybe tonight would be a good time for that. i hope she will remain thankful when you are in prison.
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she's about to learn a lot. he apologized and deleted that two but not backing down on his message that cohen is a liar. >> we know he lied to congress, to law enforcement and the irs, 3 banks and is going to prison for his lies and it will be a heck of an inquiry for us because this is someone who has tangled such a web of lies that he's not to be believed. >> reporter::delivering a prepared statement today which reads in part i'm ashamed i chose to take part in concealing mister trump's illicit acts rather than listening to my own conscience. i'm ashamed because i know what mister trump is, a racist, a con man, a cheat. :will providing committing documents including a check to stormy daniels. >> at this time i appreciate the opportunity that was given to me to clear the record and tell the truth. i will at the american people decide who is telling the truth. >>:expected to say trump new roger stone was talking about
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the democratic national committee emails. this is the other huge story. >> another fox news alert, tennessee police officer shot in the line of duty has died. 27 years with the sullivan county sheriff's office. first responders saluting hinkle as his body passed by. he was responding to a welfare check saturday when he was shot. the suspect is dead. a suspect is shot dead after shooting with police for 30 minutes. police say he started firing after officers for speeding in north carolina. the incredible photo shows the cop car with a dozen bullet holes in the windshield, tried to use a swat team and the negotiators to get him to surrender but he kept shooting. no officers were hurt.
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rob: the truck is hit by two oncoming trains ready to go in opposite directions. passengers left in shock, is happening on long island. >> i knew something was wrong because we were in a panic. >> it shook very hard. >> a really big bang. >> unbelievable. investigators say the driver was trying to beat the trains as the crossing gates came down, one train derailed and crashed. no passengers were seriously hurt. everybody inside the truck, all three, were killed. the national guard and border patrol teaming up to arrest 75 illegal immigrants, a blackhawk helicopter helping agents find dozens of people in the arizona desert. one group trying to blend in with surroundings, 48,000 were apprehended on the southwest
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force according to border patrol. >> a local sheriff will not cooperate with ice. it is not his department's job to enforce federal immigration laws, his department will not honor detention requests without a warrant. suspects will not be asked about their citizenship because it would be discriminatory. chicago will elect its first-ever african-american female mayor come april. lori lightfoot, the top vote getter overnight, and neither secured 50% of votes needed to win during yesterday's election so they advanced to a runoff. the winner, the current mayor, ronnie manual. >> joe biden says he is closed to a 2020 decision. >> as straightforward as i can be, i've not made the final decision but don't be surprised.
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>> likely democratic front runner if he enters the race told the delaware crowd his family is on board with him running. 9 minutes after the hour, critics say donald trump needs to focus on the human rights violations this time around and there are many but at what cost? is getting nuclear weapons out of his hands more important? >> jim hansen joins us with what he calls the fastest path.
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heather: donald trump set to meet with kim jong un in just a couple hours. our military keeping a close eye on these talks. the united states has troops in
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the dmz. >> here to weigh in on this, jim hansen, good morning to you. a deal here could bring 26,000 home. what do you think? >> it is on the table. the north koreans said this is one of their conditions for a nuclear deal. i don't think it will happen in the earliest stages. those troops are not going to come home until they have denuclearize to and we've seen they are not backsliding on that is going back to their evil ways. they are there to keep the peninsula safe and i believe they will be there for the foreseeable future. heather: what is a fair first step for both parties?
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>> kim jong un needs to allow some disinterested parties or neutral parties to see his nuclear facility. that is the first thing that has to happen. we need to know what we're dealing with, to take an inventory, the facilities they have. if they do that there are a number of things the us can do in return but i don't think we will make any substantive steps until he opens up the kimono. rob: people think this is another bait and switch, trying to get something out of us before he does anything. on the other side, he would like to change his country, modernize it and make it better. >> i think kim jong un has grandiose notion that he's one of the great men of history and one of the things donald trump and his team did that was my last time was show him that hollywood trailer phone with the maglev trains and new skyscrapers showing what north korea could be like if he plays
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ball, in the middle of that film there was also the alternative which is incoming tomahawk and hellfire missiles destroying large parts of their infrastructure so the choice is pretty stark and clear. you can come into the future with us and we will help you or we will turn large parts of your hermit kingdom into smoking rubble. jillian: what you think of addressing the human rights issue in north korea? this is criticized last summit. >> i can understand why people look at that and say how can we deal with an evil dictator like kim jong un who has done the most horrific things anyone does to his people but if you look at what the actual dangers are and the damage that can be done, getting rid of his nuclear weapons so far outweighs the human rights danger that we have to focus on that first and if we do and are successful, the economic development that follows that will help those
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people faster than anything else we could do if we separate those issues. rob: let separate those abuses, one out of 5 people don't have access to clean water, sanitation, worms in them, christians that are persecuted with harsh punishment and poor treatment, 41% of people under nourished, 100,000 people in the gulags at this point. when you look at this this might be a reason kim would be more hesitant to open up to the rest of the world. this would expose the terrible things, they would shoot you if you try to leave the company right now. >> good for people to criticize that. it should be on the table and one thing donald trump is doing which he gets criticism for that is unfair is buttering up kim and telling him what a big man he is and what an amazing job he has done and say nice things about him because he figured out the threat is already there, we
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don't want people seeing your country is this to crippen regime that runs a prison state. you want them to see it as one of the great countries of the world so he treated like that already and an appeal to his vanity to get him to that. it is a smart boy for someone like him. >> even if he wanted to agree, how difficult is that going to be in north korea? >> is generals and people in power are tremendously worried they lose their leverage and ability to saber rattle. it is a dangerous situation and is going to be doable. >> they don't trust the west inherently. >> we appreciate it. 18 after the hour, donald trump's for emergency facing the
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wall of opposition in congress. vatican ii overturn it. >> where does it stand in the senate? live in washington next. want more from your entertainment experience?
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can i find my wifi password? just ask. [ ding ] show me my wifi password. hey now! [ ding ] you can even troubleshoot, learn new voice commands and much more. clean my daughter's room. [ ding ] oh, it won't do that. welp, someone should. just say "teach me more" into your voice remote and see how you can have an even better x1 experience. simple. easy. awesome. >> the house approving the measure to block donald trump's national emergency on the southern border, the vote potentially setting up the president to use veto the first time. >> the measure now moves to the senate. >> congress not slowing down overseas, democratic controlled house sending a sharp rebuke to
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pennsylvania avenue voting to block the declaration. the vote falling short of the 2 thirds majority needing, speaker pelosi calling it a duty. >> we are not going to give any president, democrat or republican, a blank check to shirk the constitution of the united states. we would be delinquent in our duties as members of congress if we did not overturn what the president is proposing. >> reporter: it wasn't just democrats, a dozen republicans cross the aisle to cast a vote against the president. the illinois congressman adam kinzer get her disagrees. >> this rises to the level of national emergency. if it was just an issue of immigration i wouldn't think so. this is an issue of drugs and human trafficking. >> i talked to the senate guys,
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they say they will join democrats in opposing a vote that mitch mcconnell says will happen. >> personally couldn't handicap the outcome at this point but we will be voting on it. >> one more republican defection and democrats will have enough votes to pass it in the senate which will guarantee the president's first veto. jillian: a lot on his plate. rob: the president responding to claims he was a racist. that according to his former attorney michael cohen ahead of public testimony, i am ashamed because i know what mister trump did. he is a racist, conman and sheet. donald trump tweeting michael cohen was one of many lawyers who represented to me. he had other clients also. he was disbarred for lying and fraud. he did bad things unrelated to
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trump. he is lying to reduce his prison time using crooked's lawyer. house republicans claim a small victory or climate change hearing after democrats don't show up. tickets congressman louis goehmert ending the hearing early since two democrats were actually there, calling it a waste of taxpayer time. it is unclear why more democrats did not show up. jillian: drivers may have to pay to show up in new jersey, a 3.5% tax to leave a car in certain cities. lawmakers say the money could fund mass transit measures, the bill needs to pass the democratic senate before it can be signed into law. the supreme court will consider if a giant cross statue is religious or not. the world war i memorial has said for 100 years over a highway median and maryland. critics say it is religious and
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shouldn't be on public land, but they say it is a secular -- we asked what you thought of this and a lot of you agree. >> stephen says it is to honor the fallen. not every future generation -- no one complaining has been where they have to throw off the case. >> a viewer on instagram says keep the cross. >> skipper says it has been there for many years. wasting away american history. 26 after the hour. all eyes on vietnam as donald trump and kim jong un are about to meet for a second summit, a big dinner tonight, donald trump wants denuclearization. what was kim jong un's motivation? >> what a win for the regime looks like coming up next.
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heather: back with a fox news alert at a live look at hanoi, vietnam were donald trump and kim jong un are hours from their second summit. rob: the president has been busy meeting with vietnamese officials and praising the country as a model nation. >> lauren blanchard continues team coverage. >> donald trump is at his hotel for another hour and a half ahead of his dinner with kim jong un blue through some tweets, trying to make the point that their economy could be better, the cost is denuclearization. >> the world is getting to see
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the incredible job you have done in vietnam in a short time. i look forward to the meeting tonight. he wants to do some things that would be on par, he can do it in a very rapid time. >> reporter: donald trump meeting today with the president and prime minister of vietnam, they are signing a trade agreement worth $21 billion supporting 83,000 american jobs, meant to show a clear message of economic relationship like the one between the us and vietnam, former enemies, is possible. the president has tweeted the summit is an opportunity for kim jong un. the summit is seen by hanoi to be a roadmap for north korea. the president says vietnam is thriving and north korea could do the same very quickly. amazing to see how big a buzz this summit has created in the capital city. the sheer size of the crowd lined up on the road hoping to
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catch a glimpse of the motorcade, signs welcoming the two leaders as they see the country claiming a major role in paint a pathway to peace and prosperity. we have seen t-shirts like this with the leader's faces, they hope there will be real concrete agreement out of this agreement more than a handshake. the president hoping north korea will achieve complete denuclearization or they will agree on that. rob: coming up on dinner times. jillian: what would a win look like with the us and north korea out of the trump kim summit? policy panel is here to discuss. anthony tater and former assistant secretary of energy for international affairs bart mccoy. thank you for joining us this morning. anthony, i will start with you. the obvious answer for the
1:33 am
united states is complete denuclearization. do you see that as realistic out of the summit? >> great to be with you. what i see, the president has framed this brilliantly by being in vietnam. a country divided by north and south, the korean peninsula, some tangible assets here. kim has nukes and ballistic missiles and the united states has the ability to drive economic investment. i think what a real solution looks like is a milestone driven step-by-step investment of economic infrastructure in north korea where they verifiably allow us in to see them dismantle their nuclear and missile capabilities. i see it as a tit-for-tat step-by-step milestone driven solution and that is what success looks like and it is achievable because the president
1:34 am
has worked hard to achieve this and set it up. heather: break down the goals of the summit starting with us north korea relations, denuclearization and the return of pow mia remains. olivia, i will go to you. success for the united states is one thing but what do you think success looks like for north korea and kim jong un? >> pretty ridiculous for us to be talking about what success looks like for north korea. they want additional credibility. they want to be recognized as a legitimate nuclear state but the reality, kim jong un is a rule banker -- breaker. he possesses a rogue missile and nuclear weapons program it has 80,000 to 120,000 individuals in political prison camps. the fact that he is able to have an audience with the president in the first place is a win for him. the us needs to be focusing on
1:35 am
putting north korea on the defensive rather than having them act on the offense event in many ways sets the agenda for how things are proceeding. heather: i see opposite. i don't see it is ridiculous to talk about what success looks like because we are not going to get anything out of this if they don't. both parties are coming to the table here. >> i agree with both the panelists on several points. we need a tit-for-tat, step-by-step exchange. i agree with olivia that this is already a win. coming to vietnam, having the president come to vietnam is a win for kim because he's coming to kim, close to his domain and kim takes his luxury train instead of having to fly somewhere but you don't enter negotiations with an enemy, you don't try to get an enemy to give up his weapons by
1:36 am
threatening him. we already threatened him, brought him to the table, donald trump got what he wanted by stopping the threats against the world. kim is no longer threatening the destruction of los angeles, and the chinese parable, the northwind, to take his coat off. pulling it closer around him. the sunshine warmly and the man says it is hot here. donald trump was the northwind last year. is that i have a bigger button and threatened complete destruction of the country. this year he is going as the smiling son and saying give up your weapons, i am giving you a concession and you could be a luxury beachfront real estate mogul like me if you just follow this plan and give us those weapons.
1:37 am
heather: do you think the president is taking the right approach and how he is handling this? >> i do. the way he applied maximum pressure, leveraged diplomatic information, military economic elements, this administration is better than any i have seen it synchronizing those elements of power to make things happen on the international scene. what he is doing with north korea, it was the number one president president obama gave him and he took it on head on and achieved more and two years than any president managed to achieve in the last 30 years and his approach is exactly right. we will see what happens with the summit in vietnam but he's in a perfect place where chairman kim can see the economic prosperity and we have to remember kim came into office wanting to be a nuclear power and economic power and he's ready to trade off the nuclear part. heather: thank you for joining us.
1:38 am
we appreciate your time. rob: the location of this summit was picked to send a message, communist vietnam can thrive on capitalist enterprise and open markets, why not north korea. jillian: peter morici joins us next with the economic roadmap for the rogue regime.
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1:42 am
still thrive by incorporating capitalism. how the president could sell that model to kim jong un, former chief economist for the international trade commission, peter morici. of north korea opens up its markets and goes by the vietnamese model their gdp could explode the way vietnam did over the last 20 years, their people would be better off. >> this is true given it would integrate north korean with south korean economy. they have geopolitical problems with china and concerns about the united states, making america in our like, or at least a friend, they can open their economy, with all kinds of technology and marketing their products. the same happened to korea and that would provide a
1:43 am
counterbalance to the dependency on beijing. this would be a terribly good deal. >> the most important thing and the thing that kim and all his people were worried about is maintaining control. we see you dictatorships would rather be poor and starving them lose power in their country like we see in venezuela. >> i don't think that leader will be around much longer. a thriving country, much better position to hold onto power. the communist party in vietnam has held onto power and the monarchy in saudi arabia is similar. how many countries still have king? if you have a thriving economy, most people don't care, especially non-western countries don't care nearly as much. rob: the president is pushing this, vietnam thriving like few places on earth, north korea could be same and very quickly if it would denuclearize. the potential, great opportunity
1:44 am
like almost none other in history. we will know fairly soon. some people on the other side of this say north korea has been shown this capitalist dream many times even by china which is trying to show ways of introducing free markets into its economy which could help communism become more of a burgeoning economy itself and he hasn't been on it yet. why would he bite on it this time? >> this is the best card the administration could play. sanctions are not working because kim is implementing some market reforms. very quietly, private markets have blossomed in korea. they pay taxes to the government and are good at smuggling goods in and producing things they can
1:45 am
no longer import and this is providing a source of tax revenue, much-needed foreign-exchange to maintain his army and so forth. rob: china has a lot of these ideals as well. if he has been shown this many times before this isn't going to be eye-opening to him. he knows what could be. if he hasn't been on it yet how do you sell this in a new way? >> the example of vietnam is so vivid. america has been in enemy so to speak for 75 years. china has been an enemy for several millennia. the koreans are not going to threaten us with nuclear weapons because the guy would be dead from the retaliation. nuclear weapons are to keep beijing at bay. rob: there is a lot here and it is very interesting. thanks for your expertise, see
1:46 am
you later. 45 after the hour. before round 2 begins, this kim jong un impersonator is getting the boot. and vietnam kicked this been out of the country. let's check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> no coffee places are open-ended at this point. starbucks across the street. a lot of live events coming this morning, the president will be meeting with kim jong un at 6:30 eastern time, we will bring it to you live. plus a lot of motorcadeing and analysis from jason chaffetz, congressman mark meadows and kellyanne conway. we have a busy coffee fueled program.
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it is 4 hours long today and kicks off in 13 minutes from now on the channel you transfer your morning news. you.
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jillian: has always kim jong un's bodyguards making a grand entrance. the elite security squad known for running alongside the leader's car going viral again. rob: carly shimkus is here with reaction online. >> if you like jogging, kim jong un might have a job for you but would recommend taking it because this group will lead bodyguards acts as human shields, a very powerful
1:51 am
position in the north korean country, severe vetting process and they are chosen based on how quickly they can run. kim jong un doesn't want any ugly bodyguards. tom on twitter says hope they have their running shoes on. looks like they were in dress shoes and this is my favorite tweet from someone who says this is going to be me when my daughter goes to progress. very funny, sounds like a good dad but kim jong un is very paranoid about personal safety and security and brings his own food among other things.
1:52 am
rob: i never go anywhere without my own toilet. >> we can confirm only one kim jong un in vietnam. >> kim jong un impersonator, look at how much he looks like the north korean dictator, this is the impersonator. he was deported from vietnam, arrived in hanoi last week, with a trump impersonator. he had to go home to hong kong, he thinks they want to get him out of the country so kim jong un wouldn't be angry which may be a good idea because you know what happens to people kim jong un doesn't like. daniel on twitter says how to look at this twice for a moment, the trump kim summit had already begun and you can be deported for looking like someone, that is ridiculous. a lot of social media reaction.
1:53 am
>> a huge bump to the economy. the restaurant loving it. >> they are profiting on the fact the two world leaders, donald trump and kim jong un are in vietnam, there is a restaurant that created hamburgers based on the summit was one of them called that early donald, the other called the kim jong young bird there. a rocket man cocktail a restaurant created and heard about the barber giving haircuts to make people look like either donald trump or kim jong un. and there was interesting hair color to the donald trump haircut as well. rob: i could eat one of those burgers right now. jillian: more coming right back. i can't believe it.
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>> back here at home the house will vote on the most high profile gun legislation in years. >> democrats pushing two bills, one for private transactions, the other extends the time a gun dealer must wait to hear back from a background check before making a sale. the house will pass the bill, likely won't be considered by the senate. conservative goes up on the view challenging her cohost and blasting democrats for blocking and antiabortion bill. >> democrats want to win an election going forward are you going to be the party of late-term abortions and infanticide? >> that's why i need to push back on it. >> should be put down -- >> push back on it. this is why i need to push back on it.
1:59 am
>> democrats blocked the republican bill monday. it would have and prison time for doctors who did not try to save a baby born alive after a failed abortion. rob: the white house slamming democratic presidential candidate kamala harris for calling the president a racist. >> talk about him calling african countries s whole countries. when you talk about him referring to immigrants as racist and murderers i don't think you can reach any other conclusion. >> you would agree he is a racist. >> the senator's claim, he has are peter the condemned racism and bigotry. what do you hope the united states can accomplish with north korea at this summit? a good step towards world peace. >> expedite denuclearization and sign a peace treaty to take us troops out of south korea. >> i don't expect any major
2:00 am
breakthroughs but the fact that they have these meetings after decades of animosity is a good step. >> most would agree with that. >> they are about to meet for dinner. kim jong un in the next hour or so. >> complete coverage starts right now. >> game on here in hanoi. two powerful world leaders hours from the first face-to-face meetings in singapore. there's a feeling the city could be the one to pave the pathway to peace. >> vietnam thriving. you are an example as to what could happen with good thinking. >> donald trump inherited a mess from republican and democratic predecessors kicking the can down the road and we have run out of road. >> the house voted to block the declaration of a national
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