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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  March 3, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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words teach them the words because they might not be learning it at school. we love you thank you for joining us, on this sunday edition of fox & friends. >> ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning everyone thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo straight ahead right here, sunday morning futures, reaction from two lawmakers whose committees question former trump attorney michael cohen, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee republican devon nunes is here, and house oversight and government reform committee member democrat carolyn malone ahead of may's next testimony this upcoming week. plus, republican senator rick scott on the resistance from some in his own party to president trump's emergency declaration over the border wall will the president be forced to veto any move to block it plus the senators reaction to the summit in hanoi between president trump and north korea 's kim jong-un and also
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with us this morning ken starr on the pending release of the mueller report how much of it if any will attorney general bill b arr make available for all of us to see and chinese telecom company huawei is in full spin mode now, after criticism from u.s. officials about his practices, all that and a lot more right here right now, sunday morning futures. maria: and we begin this morning with former trump attorney michael cohen scheduled for another round of closed door testimony before the house intelligence committee this wednesday this as democrats ramp up their own investigation into the proposed trump tower project in moscow. joining me right now in an exclusive interview is the ranking member of that committee he is republican congressman from california devon nunes. he also sits on the house ways and means committee and congressman always a pleasure to see you. first we action to michael cohen , this past week, and give us a sense of why it's important
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to go from the public hearing last week now he's going to be in front of your committee behind closed doors this upcoming week. >> remember he was in public with the oversight committee and then he came behind closed doors with us for no reason at all. this is not a man who has any classified information whatsoever. we interviewed him for some eight, nine hours, in fact republicans were pretty much done with interviewing after a couple of sessions we didn't have any more questions to ask him. we're not sure why he's coming back but he will be back this week once again in a classified setting for someone who has no classified information. so, from my perspective it's all about building out a narrative. they want to keep it behind closed doors so that they can conveniently say well, we can't talk about what happened behind closed doors when the reality is we can talk about what everyone talks abdomen since the guy has no classified information. it's ridiculous. maria: he said a couple things this past week some people wondered if he perjured himself again by saying he never wanted a job in the white house and then i thought there was something really interesting in terms of the work you've done so well for the last year and a
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half, on the dossier, he said he was never in prague, and isn't it true in the dossier, the dossier said he want there to go meet with russian officials to medal into the u.s. election? >> this is why they don't want him outside. they want him behind closed door s so that we can't talk about the testimony, the bottom line is that cohen was great for reporters great for donald trump because we now know that the dossier was total bunk, there was no truth to it, and we know that because of the cohen has testified now publicly that he wasn't in prague, and there was no truth to anything in the dossier. maria: and then he said there was no collusion by the way. >> no collusion, my conspiracy, no obstruction. you know these are all issues that were essentially made in that dossier that was the democrat remember for the viewer s out there i think people forget, this was the democratic campaign committee working with the clinton campaign, that produced this dirt, set it into
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the fbi to start this investigation into the first place it was totally debunk this week and will be again next week maria: and you've been investigating this now nor upwards of two years, you've told us a lot, you've informed the public a lot, in terms of what took place in the 2016 election. i don't think without you, and your colleagues, we would even know what really took place, but this people at the top of the fbi and the doj. >> there's still more to come. we're going to keep interviewing people and get this information out. maria: so tell us about that because you're wrapping up your investigation. you've got a couple of things to do. one of them is you've provided a list of the people that you'd like to come down to speak to you and get testimony of them so we've got this list, go through some of these names and why they're important, tashina gohar , gregory brower, that is important, why? >> so these are all names that we had sent to our republican task force at the end of the last congress. these names are all-important because we need to know if these
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people were involved in the chain of custody of the dossier, that we just referred to, because the dossier makes claims that this information came from russians, so all the names that are on this list that we didn't get to last year that still need to be interviewed if we're really looking for russian collusion we need to know if any of those people were actually talking to russians on be half " clint on campaign or any operative whether it's fusion gps what russians were they actually talking to because look they could be the problem these clinton people could be the ones in bed with russians for all we know or total nonsense. maria: many of these names are associated with hillary clinton and obviously names like jake sullivan who was a pr guy i believe for hillary clinton, robbie mook, another pr guy for hillary clinton, sidney blumenth al, tell me why he was on your list? >> he was also involved in one of the dossiers so there's several versions of the dossier so this was dirt he was feeding into through friends and acquaintaces that got into the
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state department, right? so remember the dossier came at very different angles all over the place into the fbi and doj. some of those people in the clinton campaign a lot of people forget this, why would people in the clinton campaign be tweeting out messages about trump's involvement with russia? it's because they had the dossier. they were promoting this message , this dirt, out there in 2016, and we need to ask these clinton campaign people where they got it from. did they get it from glenn simpson and fusion gps the dossier they were paying for or do they get it from some russian friends of there's they know of. the bottom line is that everything that was in that dossier, all the accusations that were made whether it was tweets from the hillary campaign , president trump:s from the hillary campaign, it was all nonsense, it was stuff they were feeding into the press, the press was writing about it they were tweeting about and promot ing and they were all there. maria: it was part of their strategy to get this narrative out, that donald trump colluded with the russians.
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give it to the media, let the media drive the bus on all of it and it actually worked because -- >> at the end of the day it worked. maria: talking about the potential of this. >> that's right and that's why we're trying to get to the bottom of who was involved that's why we have this list off people we need to interview. maria: so this is a list of 32 people. do you think you're ever going to get these people to come down and give you testimony? you don't have subpoena power any more. your colleagues are trying to lift every rock and look for a crime around donald trump. >> so the democrats claim that they're going to be so much nicer than we were to them so remember we gave them every single witness they wanted over the last two years when we were in the majority. they claim they're going to give us witnesses so far they've given us zero witnesses, so if they continue not to give us any witnesses we will ask all of these people to voluntarily come into congress to talk to us. if they won't come in, we will either do it through the courts or we will send it over to the senate and hope that lindsey graham and his team get to the bottom. maria: and senator graham has
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been with us many times and says he's going to do a deep dive and bring the necessary people to testify in fact he's going to interview the people who signed the fisa warrant so as you wrap up your investigation, you've got these 32 names you want to interview, you've got number two declassification, are we ever going to see declassification for some of the documents that you think are most important to educate the american people about this? >> yeah, i kind of summit up this way there's really five areas the interviews we just talked about the criminal referrals, the declassification, radical declassification, we need to have declassification across from everyone we interview to everyone that mueller interviewed, then we're going to have to have a fundamental fisa reform we can never again let the fisa process be used to target political campaigns, right? we can't let our intelligence capabilities be targeted and pointed at political campaigns. maria: they went to the fisa court and said look we have this dirty dossier, and that's the reason that we're going to spy on the trump campaign, essentially. >> not only that, not only did
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they get a warrant to get into somebody's e-mails on the campaign and suck all that up, e-mails and listen to phone calls and all of that, they also opened a counter intelligence investigation into a political campaign. now these are tools that are supposed to be used to go after terrorists the people that destroy the buildings here in new york, and then the final thing that we have to deal with is the media was involved in all of this. this disinformation campaign. they were given the dossier, and they spread it out. they spread numerous fake news stories about myself, the work that we were doing on the committee, many members on our committee, staff on our committee. that's going to have to be dealt with to this disinformation campaign, the slander and the liable will have to be dealt with. maria: you're saying you're going to deal with the misinformation out there. how do you deal with that? you've referred to them in the pastas tech oligarchs to me. yeah, so there's two ways they're doing it so the fake news media they're putting out fake news stories sometimes it comes from the democrats and the dossier they feed it to the
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media and the media runs a story and then the numerous tech companies out there that are really controlling what all americans see, so what these tech companies have become is they try to pretend they're not but they're contend developers, they're developing content, through two ways. one, algorithms, so they're controlling what you and i see when we get on our device, so for them to say they're not developing content is nonsense. the other thing that they're doing is monetizing this, so there's some people that will not get rewarded like if you're a conservative out there putting conservative videos together, you're not going to get money for that, right? people are not going to advertise on that. so all this has got to be dealt with, i think, in the future. maria: let me get back to that because i want to find out how are you going to do that but speaking of interviews and your team looking at who you want to speak to i want to talk about this letter that your colleagues
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mark meadows and jim jordan sent to the attorney general william barr and basically, they are asking for a number of things from the ag and they mention in particular andrew weisman these are two individuals that worked at the department of justice and now, work at the special counsel 's office. can you tell me about andrew wei ssman and ahmad? >> so weissman is the number two it's mueller's deputy he was involved in the custody of the dossier so in early 2016, he was given the dossier. this is somebody, him and the other individual that's mentioned there both doj people, both on the mueller team. they shouldn't be involved in this investigation. i don't know, well, and the questions that my colleagues are asking is, you know, there's clear regulations that doj has that you know you can't be conflicted and so they're asking questions. look did they disclose to mueller before mueller picked them that they were involved in the chain of custody of this
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dossier because i will tell you i don't know that they're going to have any criminal indictments or not, but if i was any attorney, i'd be saying look, these people that are bringing this forward they shouldn't be involved in this because they are biased we already know the people kicked off but you also have the fact that these two individuals that jim jordan and mark meadows are asking about were involved in the chain of custody of important evidence the dossier, the dirt from the clinton campaign, that is the basis for this entire hoax. maria: this is important, because for a long time, i've been asking the question, can the robert mueller special counsel report have credibility if it doesn't look at what we know to have been wrongdoing, by the people at the top of the fbi so jim jordan and mark meadows writes to bill barr and they say number one, we'd like you to identify all actions taken by weissman and ahmad including disclosures to a prize the special counsel's office of their role in the events bruce
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ohr testified to about supplying the fbi with information relating to the trump campaign. so, they also want to explain all the actions taken by weisman and ahmad after learning steele, simpson and ohr were producing information for relating it to the fbi provide all documents and communications referring or relating to disclosures made by weisman and ahmad and documents or communications and the department used to evaluate prosecutors and investigators independence so they're right now still working on the special counsel's investigation, robert mueller. >> they're not independent investigators. these are people that were in on this from the beginning they knew about the dossier, they brought this dossier forward, i don't know maybe they told mueller and mueller decided to wave these requirements that are there. also, let's not forget, we also have evidence that at one-time, weissman was meeting with reporters and so you have this, and this is part of this whole disinformation campaign. i should have said this earlier. it's not just the media. it's not just that they were
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getting it from the clinton campaign. you also have people within the department of justice, and the fbi that were briefing reporters now, what on earth are you doing briefing reporters? what was weissman doing talking to ap reporters? we've asked those questions and never got the answers. maria: well it's a good point that you make. jordan and meadows want this information from the ag by marc. i want to take a short break but we've got more to cover here. do you think they are going to get this information by march 15 and also, mueller's report going to drop soon got to get your expectations congressman devon nunes is with us this morning staying with us quick break and we'll talk about the concerns about china technology giant huawei as well and the red flags being waived by u.s. lawmakers on how beijing may be infiltrat ing american universities to spread its propaganda. follow me on twitter at maria bartiromo at sunday futures let me know what you'd like to know, from devon nunes on instagram@ sunday futures stay with us as we look ahead on sunday morning futures right now carl, i appreciate the invite here.
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. maria: welcome back and i am back with congressman devon nunes the ranking member on the house intel committee and congressman you just said that you want to get these people a list of 32 people down so that you can interview them. what happens next? our audience wants to see accountability. what are you expecting in terms of accountability, how will bill barr stand to this letter that meadows and jordan just sent him , and do you think, i mean, when you say criminal charges what does that mean criminal referrals? >> let me start with this. all of us want to see justice equal under the law right? so we want to see everyone held accountable. i believe that if the new attorney general and the department of justice if they don't take all of this on, into a full scrub and have full accountability and transparencies for the american people, you're going to see
7:19 am
generations of conservatives who will not trust department of justice, they will not trust the fbi, and they for sure will not trust the fisa process, so i mention this in things that we have left to do earlier and i don't want to gloss over it because it's very important. the fisa laws were first written in the 70s. they need to be completely re written, because of what the clinton campaign and the former people at doj and fbi were able to do. that's going to be a whole undertaking that congress has to undertake. if that's not done, so we need accountability, by the attorney general and the department of justice for all the people that were involved in this mess, and at the same time congress is going to have to rewrite the laws that allow the intelligence agencies to go after american citizens. maria: you've brought all of this information forward you've put it right there in front of bill barr, is he going to act on it do you think? >> well we'll continue to work with the justice department, he just got in there so let's give
7:20 am
him some time here, i think once the new deputy attorney general gets in, and then we'll slowly get to work and start to work with them to try to bring accountability to everyone. maria: last week, a federal judge in florida ordered the release of depositions given by former british spy christopher steele and an associate. what are you expecting in terms of getting these depositions un sealed? >> this is great because i think it's on march 14 is the day. so remember, christopher steele is the guy who was hired by the democrats to go get information from the russians. he wouldn't come and talk to us, right? he's already been criminally referred to the justice department. he was supposedly an asset for the fbi. we never got to interview him. luckily, someone sued him, and a guy named i think david kramer who was also involved in the creation and cure asian and dissemination of the dossier. maria: right. >> so he plead the fifth to us
7:21 am
so between christopher steele and kramer, we really want to know what did they tell the court so this is going to be fascinating information. maria: what about the mueller report? are you expecting it to drop soon? what's going on there? >> you know, you're going to interview ken starr a little later. i don't understand if mueller doesn't have any crimes that he's going to prosecute on, then i don't know what report we'd be looking for, because as far as i can tell, the mueller investigation was stood up for one reason and one reason only, and that was based on the dossier. and remember, we've never seen the scope and the start that we've talked about many times on your show, i hope people understand this, there's a classified scope memo of what mueller is supposed to be doing, and then hidden from congress, hidden from the american people. my guess is all it is is the information from the dossier. maria: real quick, adam schiff is looking for a crime, and he's
7:22 am
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[ cooing ] [ door closes ] [ cooing ] ♪ [ ding ] show me fish on youtube. say it and see it with the x1voice remote. from netflix, prime video,youtube and even movie tickets. just say get "dragon tickets". maria: i'm back with congressman devon nunes the ranking member of the house intel committee your colleague whose the chairman of the intel committee is adam schiff he said a long dime ago he had more than circumstantial evidence there's collusion between the president and still out there looking for a crime as you're trying to finish up your investigation to indicate wrongdoing that he continues to pushback on. >> it's a lot like looking for like some mythical creature, this collusion creature, so i often say i joke that it's like in search or lockness monster, which is like this mythical animal supposedly in the
7:26 am
southwest. which don't exist and so he's just doing a lot of chasing the ghost a undercut rosenstein in the closet. he's made lots of promises, and now he's basically moving the goal post to where they're no longer on collusion, on to basically every single one of donald trump's business ventures that he was ever involved in. maria: yeah. >> so its gotten way out of control in terms of this is no longer, this has nothing to do with russia any more. this is just like going after trump. maria: they want him out let's face it. i want to move on to china, because you've done an investigation for multi-years at the intel committee, and this week i had the opportunity to speak with the chief security officer of huawei telecom. you've said for many years that china has been stealing our intellectual property for years. listen to this exchange i've got to get your reaction to andy pur dy from huawei. maria: you just said there have been no major issues around huawei, but in fact, over the last year, years, several years,
7:27 am
i can cite a list of companies that have sued you and you've done settlements with. motorola solutions, t-mobile, cisco, all of those companies sued huawei for stealing trade secrets. >> there have been no major cybersecurity incidents in the world involving huawei. that industry and the fact that we've had some lawsuits in the past has characterized the industry for the last 20 years. we have resolved those issues and we're moving forward. the remaining issues we hope to resolve in the next year or so. maria: andy it's not accurate to say that there were no issues around huawei when you had lawsuits for stealing trade secrets. huawei settled a lawsuit with motorola solutions for stealing trade secrets. you settled a lawsuit with cisco for stealing router trade secrets so are you saying that yes, these issues and lawsuits went on in the past and we settled them and now, we're not going to steal any more is that the what you're saying? >> i'm saying two things.
7:28 am
i'm saying that but i'm also saying there have been no major cybersecurity incidents in the world in the 170 countries in which we do business. our customers trust us around the world and we believe there are additional mechanisms that can be done so we can provide assurance and transparencies so that we can help make the america benefit from us being allowed to compete. maria: look i understand that you are on this pr trip today and you have this whole page in the journey and i agree that huawei needs to convince the world that we can actually trust the products of the company but to say there have been no issues with huawei is just 100% inaccurate. i just listed the number of companies that have sued you for stealing trade secrets and the settlements that you've done. >> maria i did not disagree with the facts of those cases. maria: okay. maria: and there you go what do people need to understand about huawei and china? >> like all major companies in china, they're owned by the
7:29 am
chinese communist party. they're owned by the leadership. huawei especially is one of the largest. they are developing connections across the entire globe, the entire communications network around the globe, so that they can have, they can suck up anyone's e-mails, phone calls, text messages. maria: wow. >> that's what they're working on and any of the countries that allow huawei to come in and put in the backbone of their architecture, they're absolutely crazy because everything from their government is going to be headed straight to chinese intelligence. maria: i have a report here by i pvm and they call themselves the leading researcher on all video, all things video cameras. they report that huawei telecom components are currently in 60% of all video cameras across the world. i want don't to be alarmist, but that tells me that china is not just listening to us, they're
7:30 am
watching us. >> and don't forget the big tech companies are able to do that too, and so but as it relates to huawei, the challenge s that this is not a private company as much as it is a government-owned company from the chinese communist. maria: i want to ask you about the so-called confucious centers because we've spoken about this in the past but there was a new senate investigation and they're warning these chinese state-run centers are in more than 100 u.s. colleges. you've got centers in and around silicon valley like near stanford, they're sharing research. >> well, i would say first that senate report that you referred to great report done by senator portman and his team. it's not just the 100 universities they're involved in , it's what they do there, rosenstein it? so they're bringing in what are likely either inks officers or people that are working with chinese intelligence. they're doing seeding people into companies.
7:31 am
they're recruiting people these are all things in the senate report of rob portman, that i'd encourage all of your viewers to take a sunday and read it. maria: not only that but china has an enormous amount of money so they're buying up companies and getting american data that way too. >> and they're doing that all over the globe which could be a whole show just on that. maria: common great to have you on the program, thank you so much devon nunes joining us when we come back house oversight and government reform committee member democratic congresswoman carolyn malone is with us and then rick scott on the show down of the president trump's emergency declaration a lot to come as we look ahead on sunday morning futures right here. fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named 'park' in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? so let's promote our spring ftravel deals, on like this:
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>> a few republicans in the senate all you need is 51 to get it out of the senate so to pass the house, with a handful of republican votes that come to the senate it might get 51, ited get vetoed by the president and republicans will stand with the president to sustain his veto, and it will be deader than dead. maria: all right that was south korea senator lindsey graham, last week with me here on sunday morning futures sharing his prediction on the fate of a democratic house resolution intended to block president trump's national emergency declaration to build a border wall. the senate will soon consider the measure after it passed the house last week. some republicans are signaling their support over concerns a future democratic president could also choose to go the national emergency route, to bypass congress. that's why they're pushing back
7:36 am
on this joining me in an exclusive interview is florida republican senator rick scott sits on the senate homeland and governmental affairs and armed services committees and senator good to have you how are you going to vote in that measure? >> i'm going to vote for border security. i'm going to vote with the president. everybody that's going to vote on this ought to go down to the border like i did, talk to border patrol and they will tell you one, they need more people. two they need new technology the technology is decades old and three, they've got to have barriers so they have operational control. so, if you go talk to them there's no way you could then say oh, i'm going to vote against border security. the democrats don't want border security. american public wants border security, they want results i know a lot of people don't like the process none of us like this process. it's all caused because the democrats don't believe in border security. i want results i know the president wants results. maria: so what about your colleagues who say the reason that i have to pushback and not vote with the president is
7:37 am
because a democratic president in the future might take advantage of the same thing. this has been used what, 60 times, calling a national emergency. >> well look, people can come up with the rationale for voting against things i think the american public they want results. the president tried. look, he's tried to get the democrats to fund the border. he offered things, he said let's talk about daca, let's talk about fixing the tps program and they said no way, they did everything they could to make sure there was no border security so the president is doing what he has to do to take care of the american public which believes in having a secure border, and i'm going to vote with the president, and help every republican and the democrats will take the time, go to the border, once they do, they have one choice either vote for border security or go tell border security that you don't care about their safety and americans you don't care about their safety. it's a simple choice in my opinion.
7:38 am
maria: well what about your colleagues on the republican side, that are going against the president. why aren't your colleagues firmly behind this president then? >> i think people are, you know , they want to say that this is not the right process and i agree. it's not the right process. i mean, nobody wants this to be the process we go through. why are we here? because washington is completely disfunctional. that's it. washington doesn't work i've been there about two months. it doesn't work. but the democrats will not fund what americans want. americans want border security. the presidents doing his job, secure the border. maria: when you say washington doesn't work, is that because that too many people in the congress have their own ideologies and they're not doing what their constituents really want them to do? >> i think there's a bunch of actors. i think look at the democrats. they will give us talk about border security and vote against it. there's just a lot of actors. we've got to get people that we
7:39 am
have to get new people up there that are just absolute committed to getting something done. we shouldn't pay people, if you shut down government if you don't pass a budget that's your job. there's basic things that i'm a business guy. maria: right. >> in business, you try to get things accomplished. maria: let me ask you this. the bill is going to come to the senate floor when? what's the timing on this some when do you expect to vote? >> we're not sure exactly when we're going to vote on it. i think it's still another couple weeks at least that's going to come. it's going to come i think to armed services first, so then we have a 15-day so i think it's at least two more weeks. maria: meanwhile the president is back from hanoi with his meeting with kim jong-un, your reaction to that, the president talks a lot about his relationship with kim jong-un, so but we are yet to see any real movement to determine denuclearization. >> well first off, let's remember, he's a dictator. kim jong-un is a dictate
7:40 am
dictator, he's a thug, a murderer that's what he is. i think the president is doing the right thing by trying to figure out how we make our country safer by sitting down with him saying you need to denuclearize and this is why you and your citizens will be in a better position. now in business, you know that you have to walk away from deals a lot. that's the way it happens often before you get the deal you have to walk away from it. i think the president did the right thing. he walked away because he's not getting what he wanted out of the deal and i'm proud of him for doing that. maria: yeah, but what can we expect on this issue? >> well, what you hope for is that north korea comes to their senses and says look, i want to have freedom and democracy, i want to have our citizens with plenty of food. i want to have them great job that's what you hope. maria: yeah. >> but we have to remember this guy is a thug, he murders his own citizens his own family, so you have to have low expectation s. maria: all right we will leave it there senator good to see you
7:41 am
this morning thanks so much. senator rick scott joining us there congresswoman carolyn malone on his questioning of michael cohen last week as well as a number of issues back in another minute. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume,
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tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me now. i'm still clear. how sexy are these elbows? get clear skin that can last. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. president trump: so they don't have anything with russia. there's no collusion so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done. we're going to go into his finances. we're going to check his deals. we're going to check these people are sick. >> [laughter] president trump: they're sick. i saw little shifty shift yesterday. it's the first time he went into a meeting, and he said we're going to look into his finances. i said where did that come from he always talked about russia? maria: that was president trump at cpac slamming house democrats this comes as they ramp up their investigation into the president 's finances. following michael cohen's public
7:45 am
testimony, this past week, on payments made to women before the election. joining me right now is democratic congresswoman from new york, carolyn malone she sits on the house oversight committee and wearing a jacket given to her from the fire department of new york. good to see you. >> good to see you maria. maria: i want to get to the compensation fund for the 9/11 victims in a second because that's why you're wearing the jacket and good for you that you're wearing that jacket. i was there, at the new york stock exchange and it's a horrible day we'll never forget but let me ask you first about michael cohen. congresswoman, some of those questions last week, were so bizarre, does president trump have a love child? does he beat his wife? i mean all this stuff, focusing on everything that the american people really do not want, they would like to see these two sides work together. what's your reaction to michael cohen last week and what he's trying to do? >> well i thought that his testimony was alarming, because it did point to possible crimes and campaign finance violations, ethics violations, and possible
7:46 am
tax and insurance crimes, and he gave a list of people that he thought could lead to other possible crimes, and this really was the first hearing oversight hearing that the democrats had, on the white house, and holding them accountable for allege ed crimes and trying to influence and disrupt an election. maria: but that's what i'm saying look we know there was no collusion so far we have no evidence of that we're waiting on the robert mueller report, but isn't it true that you're supposed to follow and see if there was wrongdoing donald then follow the crime, but here you've got your guy and you want to find a crime. you want to look under every rock to try to hope to find a crime. you've got your guy donald trump he's the guy you want to find. that's the path you and your colleagues are moving on. >> i would say that our whole system of government was founded on checks and balances and holding everyone accountable and
7:47 am
holding everyone to the law. maria: did michael cohen perjure himself again because a couple of times he said things that some of you colleagues on the right are saying look that's a lie like he said he didn't want a job in the white house. he said he's never been to pragu e, that's what the dossier said by the way. >> well i believe him because he has no reason to lie. right now as you know he's going to jail. maria: right. >> partially because he lied to congress, and he would gain nothing by lying to congress again except increasing his term in jail. maria: so how do you justify bringing a guy down whose already lied to congress once and that's why he was indicted and going to jail but this is your first witness. given all of this wrongdoing and upset over the fisa abuse, and what happened in the 2016 election is this really the first person you want to bring down to question? >> well, he was one of the closest confidents of the president for 10 years, both while he was president and while he was running for office and even before that, he gave
7:48 am
valuable information about how the president operates. he answered one of my questions about meetings because the president always says i knew nothing about this meeting. he said nothing ever happened at trump tower, or any time that was an important meeting that the president was briefed before the meeting, and the participant s went back and told him what happened at the meeting right now, we're trying to gather information. he also testified that he was cooperating with prosecutors in several other investigations. so there is a lot of investigations including the important mueller one, where the facts have to be looked at and studied to see if there was any obstruction of justice, if there was an attempt to influence the outcome of an american election. maria: well i think that's what he said. it comes from the house, the senate, the doj and the fbi that there's no collusion. >> well he gave us a list of
7:49 am
names and i know that the democrats are sending out questions to roughly 60 other witnesses to gain information. what we need to do and i think you did hit something that it should be more bipartisan. maria: yeah. >> we should start agreeing on a set of facts. maria: well exactly. and we should agree on at least the constitution and process things like that but there's a lot of division. >> we have a responsibility to the american people. maria: absolutely. >> on honesty and government on oversight and government. maria: that's what we all want honesty. >> and we want our democracy to be just as strong after we leave offices. maria: well i'm with you on that but there is a lot of division in your party right now, alexandria ocasio-cortez basically stopped amazon from coming to your district, new york. what are you going to do to get amazon back and your reaction to all of that? >> well, to me, i find it tragic that they are not coming at this point, and i have joined
7:50 am
the governor and the mayor and many many others, including the leaders of all the public housing projects, the leaders of our community, the people that i represent, they wanted amazon to come. they wanted the jobs, they wanted the transit improvement. maria: but aoc didn't want it is she the face of your party at this point talking act this green deal costing $94 trillion. what are you going to do about it if you're a moderate democrat faced with these radical ideas all the way to the left? >> well we can always disagree. we don't always agree on everything so you might for what you believe in. i believe in a diversified economy and i believe in more jobs for new york, and i think this statement that we're working to reach out to amazon is an important statement to other businesses that we want to welcome jobs, that we want to work with them to help our country. maria: first you got to get the tax structure better and you've got to make sure you're not double taxing right? >> absolutely. that's the biggest one.
7:51 am
maria: have you spoken to cuomo about that? >> absolutely everyone in new york is totally opposed to what we all saw that removing the deduction of city and state taxes. it is an error into our heart. we have to change that. i'm working on a report on how it impacts not only new york, but every other state. maria: we have a hard break so we've got to go, but the compensation fund is so important, thank you so much for push for it, the victims need help. >> thank you for supporting the victims and survivors and first responders of 9/11. maria: of course. >> they were there for us we need to be there for them. and pass and make permanent the victim's compensation fund. thank you, maria. maria: we'll be right back. >> thank you good to see you. maria: thank you so much. i'm tecky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning full service with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab? sorry. tecky can't do that. schwabbb! calling schwab.
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maria: welcome back we are awaiting the final report from special counsel robert mueller, into possible russian collusion. the president says that it will
7:55 am
be up to attorney general bill barr to determine just how much from the report will be made public. joining me right now in an exclusive interview is former whitewater independent counsel ken starr also u.s. solicitor general great to see you thanks for joining us. >> oh, my pleasure maria. thank you. maria: first on the mueller report what are you expecting what should we be looking at once that report does drop? >> i think we should go back to what bill barr said at his confirmation hearing, maria, and that is he's going to receive a confidential report. now, the word confidential has to have meaning. that is what the regulations say , that he, bill barr, will make the determination what goes up to congress, so we're behind the ignorance. we don't know but i think we're already see seeing indications especially from the michael cohen testimony the way that entire episode unfolded is there may be less to the mueller report as it's publicly available than meets the eye. he may also just say there's no first of all, he presumably will
7:56 am
say no collusion because thus far as you well know there's been no evidence of collusion, with the russians. maria: right. well what about what we've been talking about all morning with devon nunes, carolyn maloney, the fact there was wrongdoing and there have been criminal charges inferred or suggested by the inspector general for andrew mccabe? will we see accountability? what does that mean criminal charges refers? >> right. it's a process that simply has to unfold and i know it's frustrating on this side of the process until those decisions have been made, but one of the things that we saw this week was just a remarkable set of questions and now that's what the conversation is about, for michael cohen and one of the things that's not being asked of congresswoman maholey, which is credibility. the first thing you ask about a witness is the witness credible and there is serious issues with credibility. maria: we'll talk more about this. we've got an extensive segment with you coming up for fox
7:57 am
insiders we'll talk about michael cohen so i will see you then. good to see you ken starr thank you. thanks for joining us everybody fox business network tomorrow morning join me on mornings with maria have a great sunday. not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. ♪
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howie: on the "buzzmeter." mieblght cohen attacking his former boss on capitol hill. is cohen a reformed sinner or pathetic liar? >> this despite cohen's very veal credibility issues. >> michael cohen wrote the first article of impeachment against donald trump. >> if you believe michael cohen lied, then touch believe the president lied too. >> michael cohen is a


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