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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 4, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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monday he has raised more than $20,000 and because of that he is the midnight hero with all of those law enforcement officers he's representing. most-watched, most trusted, thank you for spending the evening with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" "tucker carlson tonight." we have seen a lot of change in the 2 years trump has been president. the american media has changed forever. these organizations that seemed like a big deal 5 years ago are extinct and some forgotten. those that remain degraded themselves beyond recognition like the new yorker or they have been purchased to conduct lobbying for like the "washington post." it is hard to remember that not so long ago america had prestige media outlets. harvard graduates went to work for newsweek.
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rather than private equity. not anymore. teen vogue has a news division and so does a blog called buzz feed. ifle you are an affluent single person who likes cats, then you know and a love buzz feed. when a buzz feed headline commands you to stop everything and watch this, you do. you stop everything and you watch that cat. when buzz feed offers a trademark cat quiz, you take the quiz. what kind of purrs-onality does your cat have? takeur this quiz. meow! you think you know a lot about cats. buzz feed knows more. all on questions feline buzz feed is the final authority. what happens when buzz feed tries to do real news. in 2017 we found out. releasing the trump dossier, it
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was unverified gossip financed by the dnc by president-elect trump. many other news outlets saw the dossier but passed on it. but notts buzz feed. they thought it was purr-fect so they ran it. 2 years ago later the buzz feed dossier defines the entire trump russian collusion conspiracy tale. the problem is, a lot of dossier is untrue. for example, one key claim in the dossier that buzz feed rantt was that the trump attorney michael cohen held secret meetings with russian agents in prague. they never offered any evidence that that happened in there never was any evidence and last week michael cohen himself confirmed it never happened. >> have you ever been to prague? >> never have. never been to the czech republic. i balance my time.
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>> tucker: that seems like a big development. 2 years ago buzz feed told us that michael cohen held a secreh meeting with russian spies in prague. we have been hearing that about ever since in congress and on cable news. we in fact, halted the normal workings of government because of that meeting. now it turns out it never took place.f it'sth not a small thing to lean from michael cohen. how d did buzz feed cover this latest stunning development? they didn't cover it. they ignored it. they ignored it. buzz feed floated a story about 21 life changing things you can make in a waffle maker. there was nothing about the non-existent michael cohen russian spy meeting in prague. a lot of people in the media only read buzz feed and not just for cat coverage. this january, buzz feed published a story with this sentence. president trump directed his long time attorney michael cohen to lie to congress about building a trump tower in moscow.
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buzz feed did not show that was true. just unnamed sources. it didn't matter.r. the cat lovers on cable news went crazy. >> it would be a bombshell. >> the latest report. >> a bombshell report. >> from buzz feed. >> if this is true. >> the bombshell report. >> tucker: it was really a bombshell. actually, sometimes it was. the claim was directing someone to lie under oath is a felony. and it ought to be. this been true the trump presidency would have ended for a legitimate reason. but it was not true. instead, it was like the claim that cat sucks breath from baby or a black cat brings bad it was a wise tail posing as fact. the mueller investigation itself bad down buzz feed's story after this came out. buzz feed never retracted the piece.
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once again, the site pretended that nothing happened. you can yell at a cat but can't make it pay attention. to be clear, here are the key quotes from the january buzz feed story. trump directed michael cohen to lie to congress and the president personally instructed him to lie." and one again, the first example of trump telling a subordinant to lie about his own dealings with russia. explicitly telling a subordinate to live. that's the claim. democratic members of congress asked michael cohen last week specific claim. cohen was under oath at the time. a declared enemy of donald trump. not someone who had any reason toto lie. here's how he responded. >> mr.?trump did not tell me to lie to congress. that's not how he operates.
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>> tucker: okay. make sure we have this clear. trump directed michael cohen to lie. he personally instructed him to lie. he explicitly told him. those are the claims from buzz feed. did michael cohen really do that?ro here's his act again. >> did the president in any way coach you in terms of how to respond to questions or the contents of your testimony before a house committee? >> again it's difficult to answer. he doesn't tell you what he wants. what he does, again, michael, there is no russia. there is no collusion. there is no interference. i know what he means because i have been around him for so long. if you are asking me whether or not that's the message on point, that's the party line that he created that so many others are now touting, yes, that's the message he wanted to reinforce. >> tucker: that's the message.
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michael cohen said that trump claimed there was no russian collusion and no interference in the 2016 presidential election. if that sounds familiar, that's exactly what trump has been telling the world for 2 years. every day ind a loud voice to anyone who will listen. buzz feed claims that this is somehow proof its original story was accurate. 19 adorable siamese kittens, we are waiting for that story next. ben smith is the editor and chief of buzz feed news. he was game enough to join us. we are grateful to join us. not his first time on the show. i am thankful you came. first the dossier. this is a sincere question. you publish the dossier and we debated whether that was a wise move but you did. we learned in the testimony that cohen did not go to prague. we only believed he went to
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prague because you ran the story. you never ran a follow-up story informing your readers of that. why? >> that's totally false. in weeks of publishing the dossier, weks were reaching outo cohen and we photographed the inside of his passport. we published his denial that he went to practicing. the one right. >> tucker: hold on. i just read that story 20 minutes ago. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: i just read the story you published. it did notea say because you didn't have evidence that he didn't go to prague. last week we had him under oath with no motive for lying saying he didn't go to prague. that's one of the headlines out of the hearing. yet you ignored it. since you published the dossier don't youu have the obligation o
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tie the bow and tell us what happened in the end? i guess we don't see tidying bows. >> we covered the hell out of that. to writing michael cohen's repeated and now you will. >> >> i am surprised you think that cohen's latest statement makes it more of a fact. it was not a new development. >> tucker: we get to ask michael cohen in public. he has ever reason to tell us if yes, he went to prague and everything you think about trump is true. we all hate trumpian media wor world. he hates trump. now he can tell us the truth. he tells us the opposite, no hoo did not go. the dossier claimed?-- carter page's life was destroyed?-- that he received 11 billion dollars from a russian energy company in a deal. now, he didn't. i don't think buzz feed ever
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told us that. why not? >> weth published the dossier at the time not because we had bee? able to stand up or knock down every allegation. in fact, we said unverified document and it's important public document at the heart of an feb. investigation. when we talked about this last time i got the impression you agreed with that. certainly the idea that nunes said there was a secret document. it makes a my case but you are t allowed to see it. you would be able to make the argumentsou you made about christopher m steele and the people on the other side sayingt this document will scald your eyes out if you look at it. we only the elect, weight journalist -- >> tucker: i get it. i said it at the time, i think that's not a crazy argument to make. >> i agree with you. >> tucker: in favor of openness. you are a journalist and not simply a guy who runs a platform. you are not running google. you w are running a news site.
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you inject these claims and into the public sphere and then you don't follow-up. if i run a piece by your neighbor saying ben shot somebody, don't i have an obligation when you get acquitted to cover that story. why doesn't you? >> some of them are very, very hard to confirm or knock down. discussions between vladimiro putin and his aide. cohen was straightforward. >> tucker: and carter page's life was destroyed. he can't get a job. considered a russian spy and never been charged with anything. your dossier added to the perception he is not a loyal person. we know he didn't take up $11 million, that is untrue and you spent all the time you talked about the trump tower in moscow and this guy lives with this claim against his name and you have not corrected it. >> we reported on carter page and his contact with russian
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intelligence back in the day and we talked to him. we have talked to him repeated repeatedly. he was at my office several months ago at a reception. i don't know how carter page feels, but we have carried his side of this.t t you dismissed something before. a lot of it is the collusion story and the wild allegations of collusion. the tower story that michael cohen is going to jail about lying, the story you feel cohen?-- and you and i disagree on what cohen said. it's not a collusion story. it's a real estate story. it is a great real estate story. >> tucker: i am aware of that. >> [overlapping talking]. >> you spent a lot of time talking about cats. >> tucker: i want to get to the specific claim that i made
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in the open which i know you will want to respond to. here you have cohen and the mueller investigationmb both debunking the so-called bombshell you ran in january. you are refusing to admit it's been bedunked. i paid two pieces of tape of michael cohen saying it's not true and you said it's still true on what count? >> if this was my show i would have extended that a little bit longer michael cohen was saying in his way he was telling me to lie. i don't think there is dispute that cohen claims, you could say he was lying, he claims trump was telling him to lie. now, when this first went out you called it a hoax. >> tucker: that's not what your piece said. he told him to. >> cohen described in meetings. cohen described personal meeting with jay sekulow and trump.
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in which discussing his testimony. and this is something where everyone is chasing for more details. it's hard to argue without a transcript of the meeting. trump said no russia, no deal. that's personal. talking about the testimony. is it that explicit? that's a reasonable argument. reasonable people can have. saying the whole story is about a hoax. by the way, the story is not about collusion. but it's about lying about a real estate deal. >> tucker: hold on. look, i want to say once again, i respect you coming on to defend your reporting. most people won't and you will. i think you deserve a lot of credit. t but it's the details that matter in life as in news stories. your story said, he explicitly told cohen to lie. cohen was asked twice by two
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separate democratic members of congress if that was true and said it was untrue. why not say parts of our story were right but we went too far and made a claim we can't back up? the subject of the allegation deniesje and we admit it? why don't you say that? >> i think as jason said that the bar seems to be did he say, michael, i now instruct you to lie. anything short of that? >> tucker: that's what your piece says. but your piece claimsys that. >> in the context of his system, no russia, no deal. again, details of that exchange matter a lot. where and how he said that. it matters a lot. but i think the question of whether trump is directing and ordering people and how he is talking about it is something everybody is wrestling with it. you saw the "new york times" that he had ordered kelly do something but didn't the exact words. michael cohen worked for him a long time. it's not crazy that he should be expected to be able to interpret
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his boss's words. >> tucker: i appreciate you coming on. thank you and the door is always open to you. appreciated. michael cohen's testimony last week seemed to put a dent in the russian collusion narrative. has the story changed at all? that's next. ♪ at midas, with every oil change you get a free tire rotation.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: if you took the politics out and tried to see things clearly and paid
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close attention over the last week, you have ton say you have more doubt with the russian conspiracy than before. michael cohen the president's personal lawyer for 10 years turned on his boss. had all of his communication seized by the justice department and said he would reveal everything because he hates donald trump. in the end, he revealed what? he said there were no secret meetings and no hidden paves and no collusion. it doesn't matter. people who believe in the russia conspiracycy believe just as muh as they did before michael cohen testified. on a pod cast hillary clinton of her party job to keep digging all the way through the earth until they reach the kremlin. >> there is enough grounds in what has already been made public for the government, forat congress in particular to be doing more with it. i am pleased that under speaker
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pelosi the democrats are beginning to hold hearings andoc try to connect some of these dots. >> tucker: this is an independent journalist. michael tracy, thanks for coming on. have we reached a point where it's not impossible to prove that the russia conspiracy is not real? >> it's most instructive to see what the leading democrats leading the charge are saying. they are totally changing their tune. the general who would lead the impeachment proceedings against president trump said he reserves the right to disagree with robert mueller's final report. adam schiff on the sunday shows maybe more than any human in history. he has been saying there is ample evidence in the public record to establish that collusion i occurred.
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he is also saying we now have a basis to disregard and wipe from the record the entire mueller investigation because it's not necessary to prove collusion. these are the same people screaming from the rooftops for two years saying we need to preserve this. now they say it doesn't matter. it's an about-face. but because the media is so blinkered by the trump fixation i think your exchange with ben smith illustrated as well. i watched that with my jaw on the floor. you referred to buzz feed as a cat blog which is funny but they do produce legitimate journalism. >> tucker: i agree with that.
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>> and i respect ben smith and he demonstrated integrity coming on your show. >> tucker: i agree with that as well. >> what he is doing by jumping through hoop after ludicrous hoop to rationalize that story which has been undermined is legitimate, they are taking away from the good worksee that some people within the buzz feed orbit are doing. they are being tarnished by association with this buzz feed story. another example of why none of this adds up. jason leopold a coauthor of the story appeared on msnbc within hours of theared story first breaking. it caused a meltdown with every tv anchor screaming bombshell like toddlers. >> tucker: oh, yeah. >> so to capitalize on that and
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elation, jason went on msnbc and said he had seen documents that corroborated the story is saying michael cohen was told by trump to lie. to congress which you mention would be a felony. people were freaking out and calling for impeachment proceedings to begin right away. and claiming he had seen primary documentation, leibold gave the story potency. okay because it's not just based on -- >> tucker: where are those documents? do we know? >> it's a huge mystery. it went down the rabbit hole with the rest of the proof of the collusion. that was supposed to be provided at this point but anyway, president trump when he calls the media fakes, he is over-wrought and exaggerates, but buzz feed and others give president trump ammunition to make those claims when they so stubbornly announce and stick by a story that has been flatly contradicted.
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speed when just admit it, exactly. i forgot about the leibold document point. always welcome on this show. by the way, always welcome on the show as we've said before. alexandria ocasio-cortez would like to take over the american economy in the name of the environment. is she ready t to make the big sacrifices that all of us must make herself? that's the acid test. always. we will take a look after the ♪ lly shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> tucker: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez told us a lot about how vital the fight against global warming is for her. it is very, very important how important is global warming and fighting it? so important men should stop having children and as important as the second world war.
9:31 pm
>> my twitter references a lotal about how far it's. can you explain that to us? >> we have to address factory farming. maybe we should not be eating hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. the world will end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it? like, this is our world war ii. >> tucker: fighting global warming is as important as liberating the world from the nazis. aoc says that. does she really believe it? we always believed by the way they live, not by what they say but how they act. the new york postfound that alexandria ocasio-cortez spent 30 grand on car services with 500uber trips, even though her
9:32 pm
office was just 1 minute from the new york subway. she didn't take it. she took huber instead. her campaign logged 66 airline transactions. alexandria ocasio-cortez did not dispute these findings but said she was living in the world as it is. the cofounder of greenpeace patrick moore was not impressed and tweeted this quote: the world as it is has the option of taking the subway rather than the taxi. it has the option of amtrak rather than a plain and opening the windows rather than ac. here is a garden-variety hypocrite like the others. he went on to call alexandria ocasio-cortez a little twit and said her green deal would cause mass death. she didn't respond. she doesn't care.
9:33 pm
it has been 845 days and the hillary clinton global blame tour is rolling along. she spoke c in alabama declaring that states should be in a crisis. >> this is a time my friends, when fundamental rights, civic virtue and freedom of the press and the rule of law, truth, facts and reason are under assault. make no mistake. we are living through a full fledged crisis in our democracy. >> tucker: what is so interesting is that hillary clinton spoke those words while standing in selma, alabama. there is a crisis she said. well, there is a crisis. it was right in front of her. the crisis is in selma itself. selma the place, not the metaphor. every year democrats fly down to selma, alabama to posture about racism and civil rights and
9:34 pm
every year they ignore the fact that the city of selma is collapsing. it was once a major industrial center. the factories have closed and the. population fell by a 3rd since 1960. more than 40% of the people in selma live in poverty. by the household income, it's the ninth poorest small city in the entire united states. a 2018 report found it to be one of the most dangerous places in the country and the most dangerous in the state of alabama. in other words, selma is a city full of real problems.lm the kind that democrats used to care about. now, they have moved on. if the city's unemployment rate is high, they have been replaced by foreign workers. hillary clinton doesn't come up with solutions but tells them her own problems. >> i was the first person who ran for o president without the protection of the voting rights act and it makes a big difference. it doesn't just make a difference innd alabama.
9:35 pm
and georgia. it made a difference in wisconsin where 80,000 people were turned away from the polls because of the color of their skin, because of their age, because of whatever excuse could be made up. to stop a fellow american citizen from voting. >> tucker: richard is an attorney that advised bill clinton and hillary clinton. what iss so interesting, you could go to the poorest city in the state, the most dangerous city in the state where 42% of the kids are in poverty, and talk about your own problems. why don't these people try to make selma better? >> yesterday was all about voting rights. that's what people went to selma to talk about was voting suppression and voting rights. the one right.
9:36 pm
and i think her view is that is there were voting rights that were universal, they will address these problems in selma and elsewhere. it's not unique to selma. pittsburgh had a lot of jobs that went away. >> tucker: pittsburgh is doing fairly well.lm selma is governored by african-american democrats. that's not like racism is holding selma back.e at least in voting, okay? and it is complicated and lots there are reasons for this but no one asked the question why is selma such a disaster? people rotate in and out and nobody notices it's a disaster. why? >> i don't know that anybody doesn't notice. in the point of gathering people,ar she got this international unity award and i inducted into the national voting rights hall-of-fame. that why she was this. hillary clinton could go to any place in the country and talk about the problems. that's not why she was invited. >> tucker: going to a place
9:37 pm
where 40% of the children live in poverty, and you complain about your problems. in a city like that? doesn't that seem weird? >> she it talking about the problems that hit selma all the time. she did it during the campaign. it didn't work for her. >> tucker: why does no one make it better? it's a democratic city. where every candidate goes. the problems never get better. why? >> you are suggesting because it's a black mayor? >> tucker: i'm not suggesting that at all. it doesn't matter what color it is. it doesn't get better the people who stand before the population and make promises have not improved it in 50 years. shouldn't we call it for account? m at some point? >> that's true for any community that should be better than that we find?
9:38 pm
right? look, donald trump said what do you have to lose? to communities just like selma. the answert was healthcare. you know, basically some conce concern. we know that not every trump voter was a racist. we know that. but every racist was a trump voter. we know that too. >> tucker: that's not true. >> what evidence?-- >> tucker: you have a politicall party saying give people jobs based on their skin color. that's the definition of racism. those are democrats. >> t i don't think that is what they are saying at all. >> tucker: yes, they are. attacking people on the basis of their race. bthat's racism. thit happens every day. don't notice this? >> of course, but that's not what the democrats are saying. the democrats are saying people of every race should get a fair shot.. notai that they should be sort of -- >> tucker: no, they are saying jobs should go to people based on their skin color. >> what is job one that someone should get because of skin color? >> tucker: they say a certain
9:39 pm
percentage of jobs should go t o people because of their skin color. that is the argument that the segregationist made, the exact same argument and i'm not even arguing, i'm just saying, someone should care about selma or lots of these cities. >> i don't think people would disagree that selma needs attention. >> tucker: yes. >> tucker: richard, thank you very much. free speech is under attack on college campuses. apparently, there is a new executive order will protect it. how will that work and it will actually solve the problems? that is next. ♪
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cancer...epilepsy... mental patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage.
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new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient... and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call and tell congress. protect medicare patients. stop cuts to part d drug coverage.
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>> i am proud to announce i will be very soon signing an executive requiring colleges and universities to support free
9:44 pm
speech if they want federal funding. >> [cheers and applause]. >> tucker: that was the president over the weekend at cpac. american colleges once had the freest speech in the world. that was directly related to the fact they were the best in the world. now, american higher education is dominated by fascists who tolerate a single set of ideas. the president's executive order will seek to change that. it is unclear exactly what it will say but obviously we will follow follow it. in the meantime victor davis hanson is a college professor and author of the "case for trump." thank you very much for coming on. congrats on the book. inwhat do you think this execute order is likely to say and what should it say? >> well, it's trying to restore some balance on campuses.
9:45 pm
it functions at 2 levels. politically it forces the parents of free speech going back to the free speech. if you follow trump's executive order, then you have to be for trump. they can't be for trump. anything he is for, they are against. to befo against trump is against free speech. how do they square that circle? to mean free speech is hate speech. because you could be cruel to some group and censorship is called a trigger warning. segregation is safe spaces and having some skepticism that global warming is creationalism or denialism. they will make efforts because there is 26 billion dollars at stake of federal support for higher education. so they are going to be for free speech but not what you and i call free speech. >> tucker: higher education is
9:46 pm
destroying the country and making young people hate themselves and hate the country not educating and leaving everyone in debt. why wouldn't the president shutdown federal funding until othero this and a lot of things? to make it a serious sector? >> they will. i think he will try to do that. i am hoping he is successful. i think they will say we believe in free speech but people who engage in free speech say mean things so we can't let them hurt people. and we believe, we don't believe in censorship but mark twain can be insensitive so we won't read certain passages. they will have racially segregated dorms. in that is how they operate. they change the language and think they t change reality. then they come back to trump and think we solved the problem. we can be for free speech and we can be
9:47 pm
against donald trump because it's trigger warnings and safe spaces and denialism. that's what they do. i don't think they will be able t pull it off. they are in a very bad predictament. tucker, this party of left will have to oppose a motion to ensure free speech. >> tucker: it bewilders us. i hope they push this very hard. professor thanks for joining us and congrats on the book. >> thank you very much. democratic party has every intention of taking over healthcare and energy. but not stopping there. they like to nationalize parenting n too. both elizabeth warren and kamala harris have endorsed plans for socialized child care in the united states. the rest of the party won't be far behind why have parents raise their own kids when the state can do it? this is the executive editor the federalist and the mother of five all 8 or younger. joyce, i am glad you got a break.
9:48 pm
i love your stuff on the federalist. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. tell s us why we should be skeptical of socializing day care? >> i think there are two cheap reasons, the first is that's not what mothers want for their families and secondly it's not in the best long-term interest of children. the best research we have on care the more little children are away from their mothers and the earlier they do that and the longer, the more behavior problems they have long-term. also mothers themselves just want to be with their kids. they love them. and they want to spend time with them. so it's not good for the health of our society to break the mother-baby bond. we should be do everything to protect it. >> tucker: the counter argument that the left and many conservatives make which is that
9:49 pm
business demands a higher labor force participation rate for women. it's good for the gdp for momsaa to leave their small children. outsource child rearing to people from foreign country and get back to work to serve global capitalism. what do you make of that argument?he >> well, the whole point of the economy is to support families? we don't have families in order to support the economy. we have the economy to support families. we t should not put the shorttem interests of today's businesses first. s we should put the long-term health of our society first. it's not good for our society if more children are committing crimes when they grow up as happened in quebec when they implemented a full day care program there. it is not good for society when the children are more aggressive and having more special needs placement. and so forth. and all of that, i mean, what we need to do is think
9:50 pm
about what is most sustainable for society and business plays a role but it is not the most important thing. >> tucker: every survey shows that most parents would like to raise their own kids when they are little. anyway. if i was running a political party, that is the first promise i would make, and economy that could live on one an income and raise your own kids. it seems simple. why is no party doing that? >> because the parties are listening to the polsters rather than to the people close to the families and the children. if you talk to low income and middle-class mothers, they call it a mark of luxury to devote more time to family and less to and to be able to devote more time to paid work outside of the home. that's something that mothers are looking for. i am a mother. that's what o i am looking for.
9:51 pm
to be more with my family. when we are investing in our ischildren, we invest in the long-term health of society. moms ought to be listened to. we are voters and the people shaping the next generation. if we are not there those kids rewill have a greater need that didn't have to be there if moms were allowed to do what we want to do. and what we want to do. >> tucker: that's right. all we hearza it corporate propaganda from elizabeth warren and the rest of them. thanks for pushing back against that insanity. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. >> tucker: first it was the confederate statues and now the campaign to destroy the past has come after dr. suess. a liberal in good standings. they call him a bigot now. mark stein with us next.
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♪ >> tucker: you could have seen thisuc one coming. dr. suess one of the most beloved children's authors.
9:56 pm
he's an american, but his books were written before 2008 so it was inevitable that someone in academia would call them racist. that is bound to happen. a new academic study claims that "racism spans across the entire dr. seuss collection." the study says it's a myth that books like "horton hears a who," which are actually against racism, promote tolerance by the chief argument is that the current dominant characters are always also mail and they have the wrong skin colors, whatever those are. author and columnist mark, mark steyn joins us. but where the skin colors of dr. seuss? >> that's right, they've done a survey and concluded that only 2% of the characters and dr. seuss are persons of color. they find this problematic. i actually find the word problematic problematic because it's become a way of -- for social justice for years to label anything they don't like without actually engaging in it
9:57 pm
in any coherent way. so they may be all kinds of reasons why only 2% of characters and dr. seuss are persons of color. there's not a lot of same-sex marriage in jane austen. there are very few muslims in pn woodhouse. authors generally are entitled to write about the characters they want to write about. if you talked with other novelists, for example, the best-selling american novelist lionell schreiber, don mike told me last year that because she ws about characters who are not middle-aged white women like yourself, she gets accused of cultural appropriation. so if a white woman writes in the voice of a black man, she is culturally appropriating. if a thin person writes in the voice of the obese, they are culturally appropriating. so you can putting either way. and what these vandals, cultural vandals are doing now, basically
9:58 pm
trying to make us live in a permanent year zero, as they called it in cambodia, where we have no cultural inheritance and we are just bobbing around and the flotsam and the jetsam of a hyper present tense, which is no way to live. >> tucker: no art is being created right now. it can't be. i got to ask you about the story. i thought of you. the world's best bridge player, apparently got busted for doping. his name is greg. he was suspended by the world bridge foundation after a test found elevated testosterone levels. bridge not typically associated with home run records. are you surprised that there is doping in bridge? >> no, absolutely not. bridge is renowned for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. all these guys -- everybody's grandma is on steroids and testosterone in these bridge games down at the elk lodge.
9:59 pm
i had a problem with that, too. i was playing solitaire with myself when i realized i had taken performance-enhancinge drugs. you can't get through -- all these. you go to any senior center in florida and traces of urine are being found in their drug samples all the time. this is the world we're living in now. performance-enhancing drugs for bridge games. we've come to -- that's why it's pouring across the border. >> tucker: [laughs] anabolic steroids and shuffleboard. that is next, i am totally convinced. mark steyn, the best. i was good to see you.oa thank you. >> thanks a lot from us before. >> tucker: we could go on forever. obviously. they allowed only one hour for the show. happily we are back tomorrow. 8:00 p.m. the show that as this morning totally sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. all of which are so ubiquitous you don't even notice them.
10:00 pm
but they are there and they're distorting things. fight back if you can. we'll be back tomorrow. we have great news for you. live in new york city at this moment, the largest city in the united states of america, awaits a man called sean hannity. their areas. >> sean: click three times, there is no place like home. >> tucker: [laughs] i'm going to do that. >> sean: if you want an extra hour one night, i'm getting older, time to dig a couple of more days off. >> tucker: i could roll right in. >> sean: tucker, great show. welcome to "hannity."g we have a lot of breaking news tonight and analysis you won't get anywhere else. it is official, though, the democratic party, the media mob, they have zero -- i mean zero -- interest in doing a single thing to serve you, we come at american people. not one thing that will make us more safe, more secure, more prosperous. they are now officially so partisan the blind and focused on one thing, one thing only, get


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