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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 6, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> sandra: all right. >> bill: ash wednesday. >> sandra: ash wednesday. >> bill: better come up with something. >> sandra: to the cardinal just put out a tweet. we are taking a look at this ash wednesday. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, new warnings that u.s. immigration system at the southern border is at a "breaking point," as house democrats launched a series of hearings on capitol hill, putting homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen front and center. the head of u.s. customs and border protection's face as lawmakers in the republican-controlled senate. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today is a harris faulkner, fox news contributor lisa boothe, fox news contributor jessica tarlov, and donates on the card for the very first time, michael knowles. host of "the michael knowles show," which you can catch on
9:01 am and he is "outnumbered." are you feeling ready today? >> michael: to be here surrounded by beautiful women, it's as good as it gets. if you have the waters were. it will be a good show. >> harris: although the weather's not great. >> melissa: dhs chief nielsen testifying before the democrat-lead house judiciary committee where she is facing scrutiny over president trump's immigration policies. secretary nielsen warning the migrant situation of the southern border is spiraling out of control. watch. >> i take my oath with utmost extreme importance. i always do my best. >> your oath to the american people or your oath to the president of the united states? >> the oath, as you know, is to the constitution. given the facts of the men and women working the board, by my read of it, it is an emergency and agile crisis. >> and any moments ohmic memos that would have given the basis for calling for, in my opinion,
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a false emergency declaration, i will not judge or data. i would like that to be submitted to this committee. >> melissa: dhs reporting that more than 76,000 migrants were apprehended illegally crossing into the u.s. last month. the highest level in 12 years. and the number of family and branches for the first part of the 2019 fiscal year hitting more than that, surpassing the entirety of the 2018 fiscal year for more than 107,000. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is on capitol hill with the latest. >> melissa, good afternoon. those numbers suggest why customs and border protection is saying the situation of the southern border is at a breaking point. for example, to get look at the number of large group apprehensions. groups made up of more than 100 people. in fiscal year 2019 so far, 70. in fiscal year 18, there were 13. president trump today is not here on capitol hill, but no
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surprise, some questions have been asked about his decision to label the situation of the southern border a national emergency in order to build his wall. >> have you advised the president on his end emergency declaration questioning >> what i've done is given of all the fd women working at the border. what i do is give him the operational reality. that here is what we are facing, here is what we are seeing, here are the facts. by my read of it, it is an emergency. it is a dual crisis. >> there is also a hearing on illegal immigration in the senate side on the judiciary committee, and lindsey graham noticed some stunning numbers there as well. >> there about 45,000 beds basis. we are on track to apprehended 219,640,000 illegal immigrants. do the math. if you are an unaccompanied minor and you make it to america after 20 days, the border patrol hands you over to labor hhs labor hhs and only 2% of unaccompanied minors ever go back to the country where they came from.
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>> then chairman graham tried to drill down with the customs and border protection commissioner. >> if we build barriers where barriers make sense, that would help. >> certainly. >> if we changed the laws that created this problem, that would help most of all. >> dramatically. >> okay. and we could possibly lower the cost of detention by doing some of the things that senator durbin said. >> agreed to come as well. >> doing nothing is networking. do agree with that? >> yes. >> you heard a reference to illinois senator dick durbin. he pitched the idea of ankle bracelets or access to attorneys as alternative to costly detention. bottom line, trump administration officials are saying that congress has to do something to address these programs. melissa? >> melissa: mike emanuel, thank you for that. michael, i want to bring it out to you and i want to highlight the numbers that stuck out the most to me. it's those large groups. it speaks to the way that the illegal immigration into this
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country has changed. the idea that so far this year you are looking at 70 of those groups that are more than 100 people. all of last year he was 13. the year before, and 2017, it was only 2. does that -- i grant that everybody could probably find a statistic that would prove their point in these myriad points -- or, myriad facts. but that one seems pretty compelling. does it not? >> michael: everybody confided to statistic but those who want to secure the border can find my more statistics. we were seeing there was a reaction to discovering that the united states is not serious about securing its border. at the start of the top administration, you saw a dip in illegal crossings. now that number is way up. you're looking at over 2500 people per day in the month of february. why? because they realize there is no way to deal with it that the united states is not serious serious, that half of the political edifice of the country does not want to do it.
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they want to incentivize people coming across that border. so the numbers are only going to increase. this does constitute a crisis. these numbers are hitting 11-year records. this cannot go on forever. by the way, for those people who say it is of the crisis because this has been going on since the 1970s -- sure, if you have a number such of this for 40 years, all of a sudden you've got a crisis on your hands. gradually and then suddenly. >> melissa: jessica, do you want to respond to that? >> jessica: i do tickets crisis, and i've been consistent about that. it's a crisis with our laws and for humanitarian issues back home at honduras and guatemala. what we want to do is make this a livable place where people can say. you're completely correct about the trendlines. over a million came in under bill clinton, but they were single men. now they are coming in with groups and families. i like to hear dick durbin talking about ankle bracelets, getting people lawyers right away. we can't tell these people --
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they have legal rights to claim asylum here. we can't say, "absolutely not, you state in mexico." that's on us is never too. you can address this question without knowing going the natil emergency route. the president can't win that argument having been denied the cash for it. that's the difference between his emergency and those in the past. he didn't get his way with congress, which is an equal cobranch. and he decided to call it a national emergency. that's not how it works. >> melissa: let me look at what you think of a jessica. you can address it without it being a national emergency but no one has been doing that. yes, there are a million different better ways to deal with the situation come up with the american people see that neither republicans or democrats have done that. and it's so frustrating. >> jessica: if you look at the cover of "the new york post" of a coming of a bunch of illegal immigrants climbing over a wall. some of the president stands up there and he says, "wall, wall, wall," -- >> melissa: but it's not 200. >> lisa: that's the whole point of the law.
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if we start does incentivizing this from happening, and illegal activity, it's going to continue happening. but instead of doing that, congress has done everything they can to make the problem worse. they have failed to address the catch and release loophole that absolutely needs to be addressed, saying -- like the decree that limits the amount of time they can be detained. the antihuman trafficking law that treats central american unaccompanied minors differently than mexicans. these are the issues that congress needs to address. even if you look at the recent funding bill that president trump signed and congress put together, and section two to four it essentially gives de facto amnesty to sponsors and people that accompany unaccompanied minors here in the country. so congress is doing everything they can to make this problem worse. what i find a little bit ironic as a lot of people are dismissing the trump administration and president trump, calling this a crisis. but neglect the 2014, you had president obama addressing the country in the rose garden saying there's a humanitarian crisis and talking about the fact that unaccompanied minors are being brought over by
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traffickers and smugglers. yet president trump has been ridiculed and mocked for something similar. >> harris: the challenge there for democrats is that he wasn't the right messenger with that message. just as when he was willing to offer what some republicans blew up and called amnesty to 1.8 million dreamers and extended family members. he's willing to come up with a solution. again, maybe he's just not wearing the jacket or the team spirit sweatshirt of the right team for the democrats. i will tell you the most alarming thing that i've seen, though. my husband and i have lived on the border. we got married just outside of nogales. here is from arizona. i've seen that situation. we've been married 16 years next month. when i hear the customs border patrol commissioner say the situation is not sustainable, the situation is not sustainable. i believe him. i trust him. i worry about those words, and i am wondering -- when they were doing whatever they were doing to get to the point where they
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paid for a little bit of the wall money, $1.4 billion, it's a little bit compared to the original $25 billion. were they listening to these experts the way that you and i listen to them? and that is listening for solutions. they are not all on the same team in terms of politics, they are on the american team and they can get something done. i agree with melissa. my hand is in the air to call out people who are willing to sit at the table and do it. no, they are too busy fighting over, "well, this will look like a win for the present. this is going to look like a win for speaker pelosi." you know who's not winning? us. >> melissa: michael, can i ask you -- because what worries me, building on what you are saying there -- because you are absolutely right -- it feels like we've got to a point in politics where you can only get enough people to give it to say no. and you can't get enough people together to say yes and come up with a solution. everywhere. you even see it with the brexit situation. it's kind of spreading everywhere. here in the u.s., that's part of the problem.
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they say no to the president's emergency, or even say no to this group of emigrants or whatever. but you can't get enough able to say, "here is how we are going to say yes. here's what we will all do together to reform the system, to have company as a border security that involves a wall and everything else. all these things you can't get enough agreement on anything. just agreement to stop someone else from doing something. >> michael: the way that we can win on border security, the way we can finally secure our border, is by speaking in explicitly moral terms. we have failed on this for very long time. we speak in economic terms, we speak -- >> melissa: how do you do that question or give me an example. >> michael: one example would be to use a statistic reported by "the huffington post" and fusion and amnesty internationa international. that 60% of women and girls who go on that journey are sexually assaulted. for so long, democrats especially have demagogue to this issue. "well, you can't put children in jails. we have to have the families separated.
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you have to have the parents and long portion of the children of hhs." and then they say, "you can't separate them, serve to let them all go. you have to have de facto amnesty." by incentivizing that system you are just using that one statistic. putting them in terrible situations paid 70% of people who cross violent situations. >> harris: i want to slide this income of "the new york times" article that came out this week -- a mother, a 36-year-old mom of three, says smugglers took her and had her cook further immigrants who they have brought a cross illegally into the united states. then they took her into a room upstairs, locked the door, and began taking turns with her. in 2014 in the summer, she had left guatemala crossing the rio grande on a raft before being led to a house in the texas border city of mcallen. this is real. we've had lawmakers on both sides of the political i'll talk about this. how do we get them to the point where this young woman doesn't have to keep telling a story over and over trying to get people's attention, because she knows there are other women and
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families coming behind her? and she figures if she tells this, maybe it will make a difference close to mike this is about morality. this is personal. because we are america. >> lisa: it's also about honesty, as well. here the asylum cases being brought up a lot. 90% of them are denied in immigration court, so the individuals that actually show up. the individuals coming here from central america -- of course they have dire straits there and it's incredible he said, the things they are facing there. but those problems have existed for quite some time. they are gaming the system, is what's happening. >> melissa: a liberal billionaire donor back at it again, this time he is targeting republicans who support president trump as he pushes impeachment. why this could hurt democrats more. plus, it's versus as a proposed measure about anti-semitism and triggers a big intraparty fight. whether this threatens to derail the party agenda. speaker representative omar is under a microscope in a way that many republicans have been able
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to say things and get away with them that are also anti-semitic. he's a good
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♪ >> we are strong against anti-semitism. we've said that before. i don't know how many times we need to continue to say that in the face of, i think, some republicans who just want to use this as a wedge issue but don't necessarily call out anti-semitism on their own side. be one that is the cochair of the house progressive caucus s house democrats have delayed a vote on a resolution against anti-semitism or that was seen as a rebuke of ilhan omar's controversial comments about some american support for israe israel. they have told fox news they are working on a broader measure
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which addresses other forms of bigotry, as well. meanwhile, "the new york times" is reporting this. "formal condemnation of anti-semitism has touched off a furious debate between older house democrats and their young liberal colleagues, whether it representative omar is being singled out for unfair treatment over her statements on israel." senate minority leader -- majority leader, excuse me, mitch mcconnell sounds off on some of the rhetoric used by some new members of the house. watch. >> this is a good time for america to think again about anti-semitism. it seems to be more fashionable in europe. it seems to be more fashionable in this country, regretfully, among at least some members of the new class in the house. we need to stand up to it in every way we possibly can. >> harris: just about an hour ago, the house democratic caucus chair hit back. >> this is not a rise of
9:20 am
anti-semitism in the house of representatives. it is a rise of anti-semitic behavior and activity and violence in the country. it's irresponsible for mitch mcconnell to try and politicize this issue. when has he ever said anything about the hateful remarks that continue to flow out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue? so we are not going to be lectured by mitch mcconnell on anything. >> harris: wow. that's a lot, jessica. i didn't realize that anti-semitism was per generation. so you have older house democrats arguing with younger millennial house democrats about whether or not omar should be called out on anti-semitism. and if they need to broaden out a resolution beyond that. why? >> jessica: there are two issues at play. there's an anti-semitism question and the criticism of israel. that's what representative omar has made clear that she thought she was doing. and she apologized before that she didn't know about the
9:21 am
benjamin's trope. >> harris: she apologized many times, even before she got into the house. she apologizes. we are on the record with that. >> jessica: there was a discussion we were having at the height of the 2016 democratic primary. >> harris: why are we having this discussion, is my question. >> jessica: because there's a number of people in the democratic party that does not feel that we as a nation are fair to palestinians who are being ruled over by a terrorist organization. >> harris: can she say that without saying anti-semitic tropes? >> jessica: i hope so. i hope this will lead to a more productive conversation about that, as an american democrat and a jew i would like to really have a conversation and have it -- >> harris: jay crc of minnesota is out of patience. how much patients to have for representative omar? they said they've done enough teaching and conversing with her. they're out of patience. >> jessica: i think she will get a little more time. i think this bigotry proposal will be a nod to her because they were not making this just about you come up they should generally. i want to say what representative jeffrey said is very important. he doesn't have the time to be
9:22 am
lectured by mitch mcconnell. the president of the united states and his son are tweeting out pictures of africans on the pile of cash. treating tom steyer with the money sign. the george soros curves is impaired all of those contained classic anti-semitic tropes that, yes, representative omar should have known better to say it's all about the benjamin's. steve king still sits there. i know he lost his assignments, but -- >> harris: why -- >> jessica: i believe nancy pelosi sees she's a new member of congress, not somebody who's been a proven anti-semite like steve king. see when you would know what i think she sees? the support she's getting within those chambers that were willing to call out steve king so quickly. michael? >> michael: i would like briefly to disagree with every thing jessica said perry [laughter] very quickly. just at that we were unfair to the palestinians -- >> jessica: i said that was their perception pair that's not my perception. >> michael: a terrorist
9:23 am
organization that they elected. to compare her oakmont doll doughnut comments others is absurd. any criticism of politicians taking money -- >> jessica: what about the george soros stuff? >> michael: he's a terrible man. >> melissa: the what about his son -- medially turns off. that's how everybody deals with all of these arguments today. it's almost like two wrongs make a right what about when the person on your team did the same thing question what we don't make any progress when we do that. i wish i could out lifestyle together. i think what mitch mcconnell did when he strikes a chord committee said it becomes fashionable. >> harris: in other parts of the world. >> melissa: he said he's worried that it's going to -- to some members of the house. it seems that it's become more fashionable in europe. that's what i worry about with anti-semitism. it seems like it has become fashionable to be anti-jewish
9:24 am
again. >> harris: sometimes that's where the whataboutism comes the foot. third and power of the house of her son is right now about his comments at the president is the grand wizard of the kkk. he might've wanted to use some different words. because he is a leader, and people listen to him. >> michael: and what about whataboutism? if you make a comparison, steve king made his comments about white nationalism. he then went on the house floor. he condemns the evil ideology of white nationalism. he voted to rebuke himself. what happens with ilhan omar? she defends her comments. she defends them to nita lowey, her own democratic colleague. she says, "i'm just asking questions about u.s. foreign policy." alexandria ocasio-cortez is the same thing. but it's not simple criticism of u.s. foreign policy to accuse israel of hypnotizing the world and praying that allah awakens
9:25 am
people. >> lisa: there's another issue at play for democrats. it's this schism between the old guard democrats in these incoming freshman's like rashida to lead, like alexandria cussing at cortez. i think that's where the base of the parties. after the midterm elections, talked about this would be the challenge that she faces. because you get this increasing progressive talk caucus that she's going to try to appease while also not to give party off the deep end that they are out of sync with the majority of americans. on this issue, i think they look at this and say that omar was wrong. even something like the green new deal, alexandria ocasio-cortez is an embarrassing mistake with releasing her freely asked questions document talking about cows farting and giving economic security to people who aren't we going to work. that's accounts with as you pay when you empower people like us who are so green and not ready for prime prime time. >> harris: one thing to melissa, you're right. if your house is on fire you don't really care about a burn mark for a fire they successfully put out down the way. your house is on fire.
9:26 am
you just want that to stay. it's not about -- i do get what you're saying. that whataboutism. it's a trap sometimes. >> melissa: the singular person didn't do wasn't right, either. that doesn't justify was happening right now. >> harris: we move on. the president is fleming house democrats, sweeping investigations, as the president signals the white house will not comply with document requests. how will this play out is the 2020 election gets near? we will debate it. >> it's a disgrace. it's a disgrace to our country. i'm not surprised that it's happening. basically they started the campaign, so the campaign begins. ♪ every veteran, every service member out there,
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9:31 am
listen. speak it it's a disgrace. it's a disgrace to our country. from its present 70. basically the start of the campaign, but the campaign begins. their campaign has been going on for the last two and half years. they'd understand it. they look at it and they say presidential harassment. >> lisa: think he's making it clear how he feels about that? white house press secretary sarah sander suggesting democrats have no choice but to target the president as a party allegedly moves further to the left. >> they have no message. in other party has been taken over and radicalized by a fringe group on the left. and that is not going to play across the board. so the only player they have two try and beat this president in 2020 is to attack him. >> lisa: and former campaign aide michael cavuto, one of the people targeted by the house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler, is telling "the washington post" he is also unlikely to comply with democrat requests.
9:32 am
meanwhile, michael cohen is back on capitol hill testifying before a closed-door hearing of the house intelligence committee. a lot to unpack here. there's also criticism from democrats like david axelrod as well about the sweeping nature of these requests. 81 individual names. david axelrod says it plays into the witch hunt meme giving the wide-ranging nature of it. you agree? a >> jessica: i do not. i believe this is what we are elected to do. everybody hates it when you say you can walk and chew gum. you can get legislation passed and also do your oversight duties. as i was preparing for this segment, i came across an amazing statistic. we sent out 81 subpoenas, it does you just said. there were 1200 issue during the clinton whitewater investigation. 1200, for something that turned up nada. during other was on the talk show circuit talking about this. he was saying this is our job, oversight is what we are elected to do. and this is what happens. republicans that want to haul
9:33 am
hillary clinton in front of the panels any chance they got, whether it was talk about benghazi were fast and furious. there were hundreds of thousands of documents that came from democrats to republicans when they were in charge. any of your scandals that the right-wing media were obsessed with. this is just 81. >> lisa: i don't want to live and evil axelrod's head by the think what he's talking about is releasing the wide range of names and subpoenas all at once. that's what plays into that witch hunt theory. and meme, is what he said. a question for you. they've been looking at the rush issue since may of 2017. you have the committees reaching the same conclusion. if mealy doesn't give democrats anything, doesn't this look like witch hunt if they continue the investigation? >> michael: they are falling into this trap. it's a major loss for democrats and it hasn't been reported on. all we've heard about is for two years is russia, prussia,
9:34 am
russia. it appears to have turned up nothing. the 800-page paul manafort report turned up no evidence of collusion between trump and russia. the senate intelligence committee said the same thing. now they are turning to his private business dealings. or who he give security clearances two. or a casino he wanted to build a 1982. or whatever. and it just makes people think, "you've come to a conclusion and i you are in search of an argument to support that conclusion." it looks like he witch hunt, though i agree with sarah sanders. i don't see any of a strategy 2020 democrats because they can't run on green new deals getting blown out of the water. they can't run on totally socialist medicine. they will get blown out of the water. all they can do is attack the president even if it makes them look like cynical witch hunters. >> lisa: will that be effective? >> melissa: i think the average person out there watching this probably thinks, "my lord, if you run for office where you get near anyone who gets elected to anything, opponents are going to dig into
9:35 am
that person's past as far back as they can possibly go and dig up anything you did that was illegal increment or you shouldn't have, or something that was on the line and trying to use it to ruin your life. you walk away with this idea, "who would ever go into public service if this is the way we are going to conduct --" >> jessica: but hopefully they didn't commit a crime. >> melissa: you are parsing what i said, though. if you ever committed a crime, which you shouldn't have come or done anything even on the border. if you went through everybody's tax records as far back as he possibly could, he would come up with something. i bet it would happen to all of us here on the couch. >> jessica: but it so far over the line, that's why this is necessary. look at the new report -- >> lisa: i want to get harrison here, as well. harris, i want to ask you, where do you think democrats take this? republicans -- >> harris: that's what i want to talk about. what do we learn from the former house speaker newt gingrich, that this kind of behavior there thirsting for to lead to
9:36 am
impeachment -- like the one for the democrats talking about impeachment a year ago. the state of behavior does one thing. the megan public sees that you don't have health care. they see going into 2020 things that galvanize the entire party. you want to know why alexandria ocasio-cortez has so much attention on those issues? because she's able to go to a hearing with michael cohen, come up with two or three questions, and move on to go back to her policy. and you don't have to agree with any of it. alexandria ocasio-cortez is able to stay focused. my question is, while you are gum chewing and walking and doing whatever that younger generation, that they are fighting about on anti-semitic solution today, is walking away with your mojo, democrats. they are walking away with your future. maybe you are not in it at a certain age in the house. i don't know, i'm just basic girl here. >> jessica: i am turning 35... [laughter] on saturday.
9:37 am
>> melissa: happy birthday! a >> jessica: thank you very much. 35 a scary, though. what i want to say is it's only been three months since the midterms. at 41% of people leaving polls, dropping down after immigration. nothing happens, we still have that message. specie policy? >> jessica: absolutely. [laughter] >> lisa: i was good to give you time to finish quickly but to be polite! >> jessica: i could go on for ages. >> lisa: and happy early birthday to you, my friend. >> harris: when is your birthday? >> jessica: saturday! >> harris: oh, my goodness. you've got a lot, girl. >> lisa: i will say, americans don't respond to blowing up the health care system. democrats goal of medicare for all may not play well. the senate is set to give a measure of putting president trump's national emergency. this is a growing number of republican senators say they could side with democrats, forcing the president to use the power of the pen to get his
9:38 am
border wall built. could that lead to political fallout for republicans? will discuss it. stay tuned. >> there is no backing off. it is an emergency, not a constitutional crisis. i think he will win in court and i think his veto will be sustained. ♪ for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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9:43 am
administration deals with more possible defections among senate republicans on the president's national emergency declaration. a new report claims as many as 15 g.o.p. senators are on the fence, and may vote with democrats next week on a measure to block the president's declaration. the white house and senator lindsey graham are warning republicans who break with the president that they could face political backlash in 2020. yesterday in phoenix, vice president mike pence calling on all republicans to support the president. >> any food against the president's national emergency declaration is a vote against border security. we call on every member of the senate, senators from here in arizona, to stand for border security, standard of president trump, and uphold the president's call for a national emergency and additional resources to secure our border. >> harris: is that helpful forgetting republicans to stand their ground with the present customer does it work?
9:44 am
>> michael: i think vice president pence that it very well, and they think a message for our senate friends in the g.o.p. is that now was not the time to go weak. we have 31 -- now i guess 32 -- national emergencies already declared. if they have some philosophical problem with the national emergencies act, fine. try to trick the wall later. what are we saying only democrats are declare a national emergencies? if this isn't one, what is? >> harris: is it a legitimate to dull my concern to you, lisa, that if they don't block this -- basically because there are fewer than 20 still, the president can veto. is it legitimate as a concern that, if democrats of the same power -- which they already have -- they could do this on gun legislation or something people feel strongly about if we didn't get their way? >> lisa: 100%. that could very well have been of win the white house here in the near future. i don't think they could -- they would be able to do -- >> harris: or climate change. >> lisa: they couldn't do something sweeping but they
9:45 am
could nip around the edges on it. >> harris: like daca. >> lisa: right. the way you look at this is congress give themselves the authority under the national emergency act to try and resend a national emergency declaration. similarly, the president has the authority to declare a national emergency. it's under the national emergencies act, for essentially any reason that they deem a national emergency. so it's kind of funny because both congress and the white house are exercising their ability and authority under the national emergencies act. they will say that the democrats pointing their finger at president trump and sing this is overreach -- i think there's a fair argument to be said there, but they were silent when president obama used executive authority to essentially write his own legislation on immigration issues like daca. >> harris: there are four words that make me nervous -- "it's up to congress." [laughter] it seems like the president knows what he needs to do. he's moving forward. he's got some money, he wants a supplement that. >> melissa: i think he's been doing congress to take back their power to do something about immigration for a long time and they want to come up on
9:46 am
that bet. i would say to both sides, whether it's their the republis want to go get them or the democrats, he wants us fight, so beware. with the recent? i don't know. i think he feels like when he has this fight it's better for him at election time. whatever it is -- >> harris: is that? >> melissa: i don't know. but whatever it is, he has concluded that he wants this fight. so be careful. you are getting trolled. >> harris: jessica? >> jessica: he wanted despite before the midterms and it flew up in his face. remember everything about the caravan, people went to the polls and they voted for democrats because they wanted their health care policies and they wanted a strong check on the president paid to your point about people not having a problem with past presidents calling national emergencies, past presidents did not have their bids rejected by congress and then stamp their feet and -- >> lisa: real quick, i wasn't talking about the national -- >> jessica: executive order, that's different. >> lisa: but the overreach argument is the same. >> jessica: absolutely. so we agree. i think.
9:47 am
>> lisa: oh, while mike asked i look at that, just! speak >> harris: let's freeze in time. the billing activist now putting the spotlight on some of the president's most vocal defenders in congress. but new polls shows that impeachment may be a dangerous road for democrats to go down. ♪ choose glucerna, with slow release carbs to help manage blood sugar, and start making everyday progress. glucerna.
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♪ >> jessica: liberal billionaire tom steyer is launching a new ad campaign targeting some of president trump's biggest offenders in congress. it calls for republicans to get on the right set of history, and support impeachment proceedings against the president. his pac's report of the spinning more than $100,000 to run the ad and congressional districts held by jim jordan of ohio and mark meadows of north carolina. watch. >> when the history of the trump presidency is written, members of congress will be sorted into two categories. the ones who let politics scare them out of holding trump accountable, and those who have the courage to stand up and defend our democracy. >> jessica: president trump reacting on twitter, saying, "weirdo tom steyer doesn't have the guts or money to run for president. he is all talk."
9:52 am
meantime, michigan congressman rashida tlaib says she will file a your solution to file against president him. house speaker nancy pelosi, they downplay that type of talk in the caucus. a new quinnipiac university poll shows only 30% of congress thinks step should be taken to impeach president trump, while others are gives up a list take it out to i'm a fan of bowling. 59% say don't do this. i think we can wait a while to get to that conversation. do think this benefits the present customer xp six there certainly benefits the present. meticulously knows this. yesterday at howard university she laid out a plan and said, "number ten, that's the secret. that's for something special, you have to meet. she's a beastly implying impeachment budget is want to say it because she has read the same polling that you have read. and that shows it's highly unpopular. they are going to wait hopefully for them come one of these lien investigations will turn up will turn up some obstruction, corruption, 30 years ago. >> jessica: i think we've got
9:53 am
something a little more recent, michael. melissa, would you make of this talk? >> melissa: i like your point about the number ten. when nancy pelosi said secret number ten, i though that was genius. because let's everybody at home think about what they wanted to be. and they're like, "that's what she really meant!" it's my issue that she hasn't mentioned it, so she is such a smart politician. i remember when issuing articles of impeachment used to mean something. now just seems like it has become meaningless and that everybody -- it just -- it's the last stand, the last thing you want to do. and during an election. that's what democracy is all about, whatever the will of the people -- even if it seems like you don't agree with it or they did something crazy -- that's what should stand. i think it definitely benefits him when people talk about this. helping the very people that he wants to hurt. >> jessica: also when you
9:54 am
think about impeachment proceedings, we think about the cleansing who got a bump in his popularity. where do you think we are going with this, lisa? or is this just p.r.? >> lisa: i think it goes back to what we were talking about earlier with this schism in the democratic party. nancy pelosi on the democratic party trying to appease this new progressive base that are pushing for impeachment. that's what they would like to see happen. so i think that's a challenge that nancy pelosi is weighing. it would be a greater disadvantage to the democratic party to move forward of impeachment, but you also have to appease your base. i think that's the struggle of the nancy pelosi is facing. i think it is stupid politically, and what are you going to impeach him for? as melissa stated, is basically for political reasons. you are unhappy you lost, that's what this is about this entire time. >> michael: people are forgetting, there is a legal requirement for impeachment. we are talking about is merely a political matter. but there is a legal requirement they have to fulfill. maybe they try to get him on a stormy daniels payment.
9:55 am
if you try to get them on -- >> jessica: you mean a campaign finance violation? >> michael: but you could argue it's not a violation. it's a tough argument politically to make, but legally there's a very strong argument. how can the a legal obligation? >> melissa: that's the easier hurdle. for lawyers, you can take what you want to make it into this and say it is, it isn't. that's easier part. i think the hard part is selling undoing an election at any point in time. that's just -- americans are very uncomfortable with that. >> jessica: if they are definitely americans who don't think it was legitimately won, which is what we will have to contend with the next segment. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ rcent ohome's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. call 1-833-844-6704 need cash? at newday usa, veteran homeowners can get 54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by 600 dollars every month. go to
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10:00 am
pack it up. do you think we can check this? we have to put in the overhead? >> michael: only on economy flights. [laughter] >> melissa: thanks to all of you on the couch today. it was certainly fun. we will be right back here at noon eastern. here's harris. >> harris: let's get started, a big hearing underway today as it ministers and officials say the situation on the southern border has reached "a breaking point. you are watching "outnumbered" over time. i'm harris faulkner. the term administration is warning the crisis of the border is a legitimate emergency after more than 76,000 people tried to cross into the united states illegally last month. dhs secretary nielsen testifying before the house homeland security committee on the president's immigration policy. this is her first time on the hill since the president declared a national emergency. >> this is a legitimate national emergency, it's a twin crisis, and we can do better as the country. we have to have a system where


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