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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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i'm greg gutfeld. , i love getting to know you and i really appreciate the time. thank you so much, alex.>> my pleasure. >> this is a fox news alert. im jesse watters, welcome to watters' world. cnn will be heading to court. the lawyer representing covington high school student, nick sandman saying he plans to sue cnn for as much is $250 million. do you remember that sandmann had a standoff with a native american if you weeks ago? >> they really went after nicholas with the idea that he was part of a mob attacking the black hebrew israelites. yelling racist slurs at the black hebrew israelites. totally false.
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on cnn monday or tuesday. >> how much? >> it's reputational damage, the claim will be higher than it was against the "washington post". >> much more from the interview tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern on life, liberty and levin. right here on fox news. romeo michelle malkin and dan bongino. michelle, we begin with you. i believe these types of massive lawsuits, 1/4 of $1 billion. it's exactly what you need in order to chip away at fake news. fake news has peaked. if a big lawsuit against the post, now one against cnn. i think is downhill from here, how do you see it? >> i see it the same way. finally getting accountability against the smear merchants
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who are just going against public figures anymore. every conservative public figure expect this kind of smear mongering to go on but this is a kid. this is a teenager. the absurd idea that you will hear from these defense lawyers for these media corporations that somehow nick sandmann was an accidental public figure and it is the standard by which he should be judged, absolute joke. outrage and thank god for people like lin wood and other lawyers on his team. we need more of this accountability to chill and stop fake news. the other thing i want to talk about his actual malice and reckless disregard for the truth. happens every day on his officials, media, the accounts on twitter, they never held accountable, certainly not by the twitter safety and truth counsel. so it has to be litigated in courts of law as well of course of public opinion. >> right because dan, the media
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loves to hold other people accountable. but whenever he tried to hold them accountable, they don't like that very much. i think what will happen here is probably already happened at the "washington post". of the top editors, people that own the post. they now tell every single person and then everyone in the newsroom, stop being first on twitter. stop and get it right. it's okay if you are the second. do not be the first and wrong. that will have an effect on people because people don't want to cost their company another $250 million for fake smears. >> i call the bongino rule. the weight for any story that has an antitrust bias because it's likely will have egg on
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your face and be made to look like a complete imbecile. especially ephesus story from the "washington post". the stores are endless! the covington kit, the nikki haley story, the russian collision hoax. it never ends! it's ironic and hats off to kellyanne conway. nick sandmann is a teenage kid that and literally not figuratively said nothing. and this person tried to run his lapeer than ilhan omar, a grown adult woman who just got elected to congress, repeatedly, openly says the craziest anti-semitic things. and yet the "washington post" runs interference for her every single day. if that does not show you what trash the media is, i don't know what does. >> you are wrong about one thing. he didn't do nothing, he smirked, dan. remember? that vile, vicious, provocative smirked. i'm also very curious about the dan bongino rules. you should write a book about rules of bongino.
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michelle, want to get to you on this because dan actually perfectly segued into this. if you have the mainstream media constantly leaving the democratic party over a cliff, things like jussie smollett and things are covington and the presidential candidates are piling on because they see fake news that has not been fact checked and is done by malice, they are now in trouble. because they now have perpetuated fake news. they lose credibility. and they just look like they have terrible instincts when, if they want to be commander in chief and they cannot get something as simple as covington right or jussie smollett right with all of the facts so clear, how are they going to do in the time of war? >> yeah, well, the sjw hijacked media has no credibility left to lose. years ago the left, enclosed -- liberals see racism where it doesn't it where they
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cannot find it. and they ignore it within their is been the motive. that has been the theme that has run through every day since president trump took office. and of course during the campaign as well. covington, they serve racism where it doesn't exist. jussie smollett, they made it up with a could not find it. ignoring it within their ranks. that is omar, rashida -- as i said, the french has become the mainstream and the democrat party, nancy pelosi has completely lost control of that party. and what does it bode for 2020 and the current democrats fiel ? they can't get left anymore. they are all going to go off the cliff. >> remember, she was supposed to come in and start chopping off peoples heads and they were
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going to realize they were bleeding. now she's the one bleeding because she's lost all control. you mention bigotry. what about the northam blackface situation? last i checked he still in office come in the blackface thing, you've than bringing up a convicted liar to testify as the star witness. michael new deal is a complete joke. hoaxes are all over the place. and the democrat candidates are following it all over a cliff. if you look unbiased at the last couple of months, the state of the democratic party is in such rough shape, and donald trump 's approval rating is now at or near the highest it's ever been. the media is not being honest about what's happening in this country. and is only hurting the left. >> yeah, jesse, how ironic is it that the party, the democrats that bathed themselves and identity politics for what? over 50 or 60 years now, currently is the governor of virginia was either a blackface or a kkk outfit, we don't know.
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we don't know which one he was. he's not sure. they have a known anti-semite who uses her twitter account to just repeatedly and openly attack israel and jewish people and accuse americans that have some foreign policy positions on israel, with dual allegiance. was incredible about the whole thing, this is what the democrats have always been. i don't want to speak for michelle but i think she agrees. i think the gift from donald trump is only been to get the democrats to show their butts this is who they've always been. >> i completely agree! >> they are taken of the masks. they were always about government run healthcare, socialism, environmentalism. the communist disguised as environmentalism. donald trump is not enough to show their face. >> because donald trump has them reacting so very seriously from him.everything he does,
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they have to do the opposite and they are exposing themselves for who they really are. before we go michelle, i want to ask you about something that, a comment you made it cpac that got everyone talking. let's roll that and then we can respond. >> e-verify has been installed. dangerous cities has metastasized. and both parties are to blame. and yes -- [applause] i'm looking at you retired paul ryan. and yes i'm looking at you mitch mcconnell! [cheering] and yes, i am looking at you bush family and yes, i am looking at you, the ghost of john mccain. >> okay michelle, everybody saying that it was inappropriate. not everybody but a lot of people were upset that you said that. upon reflection you have any regrets about that statement? >> of course not. i think if you look at the full context of my remarks and by the way, you can watch the whole speech in context, 20 minutes, on my website.
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as well as a transcript. you will see that what people were cheering, never was had my heart in the place of the grassroots of the conservative movement. not the republican party and elites. i think as much as the democrat party is falling apart, there has to be a reckoning between the grassroots versus the elite. and who donald trump represents. and the fact is that the ghost of john mccain and all the other big business chamber of commerce type republicans that have been selling out the american people, that is where the republican party needs to reconnect and they can't simply rely on the democrat party falling apart. so of course you have these sjw credentialed journalists sitting in the gallery it cpac. that's all they heard they tried to turn it into a stupid cat fight rather than talking but the real problem that there has been in the fight that's going on on immigration.not between the identity politics left and the right, but also between the grassroots america
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first-ers that but don't jump in office versus the big business interest that want to expand every last temporary visa program as well as prevent the wall from being built. >> okay. because megan mccain was very upset by the comment and obviously, you don't feel like you have to apologize. not reconsidering at all? considering how hurt she was? or -- >> no, the big business republicans, chamber of commerce and the people who are blocking the agenda that put donald trump in office should apologize to america. >> all right. michelle, dan bongino, thank you very much. now to a "watters' world" exclusive investigation into congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. she entered chief of staff a ready accused of funneling nearly $1 million. $1 million! in campaign contributions to a business in order to avoid campaign finance laws. now she is facing possible
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ethics violations regarding her twitter account. and, and -- accused of being a green hypocrite. joining me not to break it all down, president of american commitment, phil kerpen. let's begin with the campaign-finance violation for their calling a possible felony. her campaign manager i guess was playing loose with a bunch of cash. $1 million. is she in trouble for this possibly? >> well, she certainly in trouble. the question is how much trouble? we know the minimum they are reporting violations. almost the entire back office campaign operation was outsourced to a vendor called, brand-new congress llc. in a storefront in knoxville tennessee. the disclosure on the campaign reports a strategic -- even though they were doing obviously much more than that. we don't know if any the money
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was diverted or stolen but even if it was all used on legitimate campaign expenses, there's almost certainly a reporting violation here. much bigger problem -- >> a reporting violation? i think that's what they tried to impeach president -- [laughter] a reporting violation. with stormy daniels. let me just say what a former fcc official had to say about this alleged crime. go ahead. >> i've never seen this kind of set up. knowing and willful violations of the campaign act. $2 million, it may 62,000 and contributions to candidates. nothing in independent expenditures. what to do with all the money? either it seems to disappear into the pockets of -- where they used it to assist campaigns without reporting it which would be you know, major. -- >> and now, the freshman congressman is in trouble potentially, for twitter use. they say she's breaking all sorts of rules as a member of congress. what rules is she breaking on
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twitter, aoc. >> is linking between her official taxpayer-funded account and campaign account. she's essentially using tax dollars from official office budget to promote her campaign. that is forbidden. >> is a big no-no. something that got a lot of attention also, she's into the green new deal. she wants to get rid of air travel and cows and you know all sorts of fossil fuels and all that. it looks like though, she is not living too green personally, right? she never takes the subway. she never takes the train. she is always like around in suvs and airplanes. what's going on there? >> it's interesting, right? she wants all of us everywhere to take trains, not to have cars and planes. she lives in new york city, literally the only place in america where it's actually convenient to take mass transit. to get where you're going and she's going back and forth between washington and new york. literally the only two places maybe boston also, that makes sense to take a plane instead of a train and -- a train
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instead of a plane. but she takes the plane every time. doesn't take the subway. she has uber receipts and lyft receipts. >> and they called her a joke because she is spouting all of this stuff. she doesn't even recycle or use compost or she got caught throwing away bunch of plastic bags. here is her reacting to the plastic bag thing. watches. >> i can be upset that i get 10 plastic bags at the grocery store and then have to toss out the plastic bags because it recycling in the areas tough. >> earth to aoc. you can bring those bags to the store again.>> they will recycle them for you. >> i do that all the time from whole foods. phil, nice report, thank you very much.
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kamala harris wants to legalize prostitution. that's right. she wants to legalize it but a former prostitute is furious at the democrat and she will join us next. later, the cheese challenge. sweeping the nation.
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she now leads a nonprofit and joins me now petco so when you were a young girl at 16 years old at the time you got into prostitution perkel how did that happen xp mac i was a
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teenager at a nightclub with my girlfriend i was working three jobs poverty drove me into prostitution perkel these guys were undercover or sex traffickers the first night there was a trafficker that beat me buddy until i almost died but i was stuck in this life for ten long years on the las vegas strip perkel my due las vegas is not legal for prostitution however we have counties that are and the statistics say that when you have legalized prostitution , sex trafficking goes rampant sumac and those that run that operation and those traditionally are controlling the women giving them drugs and taking the profits. >> they take all of the profits teeseven so describe
11:22 pm
in detail what could happen to you. >> i went on a call to a very nice hotel in a nice sweet and this man decided to take the money back when he didn't get what he wanted and tried to throw me out a 22nd story window and they got i was smart i almost gouged his eyes out he let go of me then tried to pull me back out to the window but as they would open three or 4 feet so it is very easy to do this. i ended up in the hallway screaming and thank god security came to help me. these two little old people down the hall heard me and put a robe on me and comforted me but he checked out and got
11:23 pm
away with it teeseven because you didn't call the police obviously. >> i couldn't i was doing something illegal perkel there was no protection. >> now the senator says if you legalize that then maybe they won't happen because people would go to the police and it would be better regulated. 's and now what would you say quick. >> it is not true and i want to ask her a question i would love to have a debate with her. have you ever been sold for sex? do you know, what that feels like to be used as a receptacle? ten or 20 times a day to be abused for these men's pleasure? i would like to see if she could handle one time. i guarantee if she understood the dangers and the abuses that happen, she would never want to legalize this profession teeseven she said they are consenting adults than who is anyone to say what is right or wrong? >> i believe if we legalize
11:24 pm
prostitution we will send the country and a downward spiral. it will change every thought process for a man towards a woman. it will make the country that it is okay to purchase women. men by women just like a coffee cup and threw it away. that is not what we teach this generation we need to be respected but i heard this from a friend of mine we need jobs not. [bleep] teeseven we believe that they are. we will not use that type of language obviously because that is offensive and we apologize for that. michael jackson accusers describe in detail what they king of pop allegedly did to them.
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and the explosive r-letter kelly interview and geraldo rivera response next. when we started our business
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>> this week, two high-profile sex scandals unfolding involving music megastars and their alleged underage victims. first, new very disturbing first-hand accounts of child molestation against the late king of pop, michael jackson. in the hq new documentary, leaving neverland. >> we were going to sleep in his bed. the first thing i remember is michael -- sort of you know, moving his hands across my legs. we are both clothed in pj's. then his hands got smart crotch area. he sort of fondling their. >> how old were you? >> i was seven, seven years old. >> trina, fox correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. you were very close of michael
11:31 pm
jackson in the early 90s there. i believe that his, recording executives, assistance, they were enabling this. everyone had to know because he was procuring these children, he was spending long times on the phone with them and his people were trying to split up the children from their own families. how are they not accessories to something like this? >> as to the people surrounding him, jackson was a weird character. we were close in o3/o4/o5. during that period there were soldiers all around him. particularly in neverland ranch. but my sense of it was that the parents were willing, i think more than anyone, if anyone was an accessory, the parents of these children who brought their children and let the children stay overnight in an adult male home however, celebrated he might have been.
11:32 pm
>> because you hear some of these parents in the documentary talk about how they would get to neverland and then, jackson would suggest that maybe they go take a tour of the grand canyon for a few days. and they would leave the young boy with michael jackson, where they had petting zoos and rides and things like that. and they would sleep in the same bed. these our soundbites from john safechuck. >> hidden indian fort with teepees. we would lay down sleeping bags, we would have snacks and have sexual relations there. there was also a game room. there was an arcade, there was another room, it had a bit in there. we would go into that room and have sex there.
11:33 pm
>> were not even playing you some of the most graphic descriptions because it is just too horrific.and now, radio stations across the country, some of them are not playing michael jackson's music. i wanted to ask you, are you able to separate the music from the man? or do you just put this all together and do you think confederate statues, people just tear thesethings down and the legacy will never be the same . >> i think jesse, it must be pointed out that both james safechuck and robeson have denied physical relationships with the king of pop, with michael jackson. until they failed in their efforts to be compensated by him . then they have now turned into this explosive documentary. i agree with you that the allegations are horrifying. to listen to. but you know, you posed the ultimate dilemma. let's say that even though i am
11:34 pm
skeptical of some of these most explosive charges. i think that the issue of whether or not you play michael jackson's music is really subjective when you have to decide for yourself, he is, unarguably, one of the most talented performers in the history of the modern history of show business. he is the king of pop for a good reason. none had the same rhythm, none have the same use of lyrics. no one could dance like michael jackson. that's why you know is when he died of the overdose, at the age of 50, he was going to the arena and london england and he had sold out every ticket for hugely expensive week long run there. millions and millions of dollars. he is enormously appealing. whether or not you play his music, you know i have to leave it to you. if we start francis, wagoner. wegner, the great composer was a favorite of adolf hitler. i mean, do we still play him?
11:35 pm
>> i mean you're right but radio stations, they are exposed commercially to boycotts and things like that. that is a decision they have to make financially. that i think every american you know still has the right to listen to thriller. let's turn to the other pop star now, accused of underage sex, r. kelly. had an interview with gayle king, went berserk. watch this. >> i didn't do this stuff! this is not me! i am fighting for my -- life! yo! -- [inaudible] >> robert. [inaudible] >> y'all trying to kill me! you're killing me man! this not about music. i'm trying to have a relationship with my kids and i can't even do it! >> i do not want to convict the guy but again, overwhelming amount of evidence against him. a lot of testimony and he is facing hard time.
11:36 pm
this looks like to me, a man knows it is all crashing down. and it's over for him, this fantasy world that he created, when he was living in a bubble and could do whatever he wanted to do with whoever he wanted to do it with. it's over. and he feels like he is the victim and he is lashing out and it looked like kind of a juvenile display to me. i will give you the last word. >> i think that that was an award-winning interview.i think that r. kelly, if he is lying, gets the author for best performance under pressure. gayle king gets the enemy for keeping her composure. >> jussie smollett is running for that too! >> both bizarre and unbelievable, the most unbelievable tale ever woven. r. kelly had again come a situation where r. kelly beat many of the charges already in criminal court. now, you know, he has -- he is a subject of this explosive,
11:37 pm
very condemning allegation or series of allegations against him.i think what has changed though is that climate out there. the #me too movement, zero tolerance, all of these people who played apparently with the rules of you know, engagement with either underage girls, teenage girls are with young boys and michael jackson's case, whatever you got away with before you will now be haunted because the rules have changed . you mentioned confederate statues i think it's a comparison. history will be fragile and you know, it will last as long as something is in and then the next generation or the next style trend, it will change again. you know, the next they will get rid of the cowboys and indians, john wayne is already being condemned. >> after that john wayne was
11:38 pm
untouchable geraldo! i think things are moving pretty quickly. geraldo at large, there he is everybody. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> the most ridiculous federal crimes. it could get you thrown in jail. wait till you see what you can get locked up for. be right back.
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[laughter] >> have you ever destroyed a mailbox? clogged a toilet in national forest? written a letter to a pirate? if so, you committed a federal crime and could go to jail. joining me not to explain author of the upcoming book, how to become a federal criminal. mike chase. mike, three years in prison if
11:43 pm
you write a letter to a pirate. if you text or email a pirate? is it the same offense? >> yes, actually any kind of correspondence with a pirate. the catch is, we have to talk about pirate was just idle chitchat you will not go to prison but yeah, if you took about piratical things you will go to prison. >> if you put a message in the bottle about booty you'll get locked up for three years. what about this? you cannot threaten a clown.a lot of people don't like clowns, why can you threaten a clown under federal law? >> this will be heartbreaking to a lot of people. myself included. because clowns just being terrible but the truth is we have to blame animal-rights activists for this one. these have a practice of draining research centers but congress got a little bit overboard. they protected rodeos and circuses so if you send a threat to a clown and he sucked on the circus you're going to jail as well.
11:44 pm
>> what about you cannot clogged toilet in national park. to be guilty of the law requires that the offender put a substance into the toilet that is capable of clogging the toilet. it seems a little rough.>> this is important because it used to be only certain substances like rags and cans and garbage. but sometime in the last couple of decades, they change the rules so it is any substance. i'm assuming that there was an incident. but just a member if you're going on vacation to a national forest, any substance, even accidental clogging us. >> so all hikers, just so you know. while you are at the national park, you cannot give the words you see, you cannot give it the finger. you cannot moon it, you cannot make any offensive gestures to a horse in the national park. why is that? >> well, i don't know. i've never represented anyone
11:45 pm
with a horse mooning case or offensive gesture case to a horse. frankly, i don't know kind of gestures horses find offensive but i know that the feds have regulated it so that any unreasonable gesture made to a passing horse, remember if it's standing still go wild! but -- >> go wild! >> absolutely. that is a really good detail. for people that were planning on doing that. this is interesting. you cannot have offensive body odor in congress. it is a swamp in d.c. in the summer time, there's a lot of congressman with less to say, a few extra pounds. this seems easy to break. >> yes, just be clear it's a library of congress. congress would never make a rule that band their own body odor i'm pretty sure. >> of course, right! >> is the library of congress. if you have sufficiently offensive body odor were really any offensive personal hygiene, you can go to prison for that if you interfere with other
11:46 pm
people using the library. in fact, library of congress has been a beacon for other libraries and if they can smell you at a range of about two feet, you will probably look at a citation. >> all right.there's a bunch more we don't have time for. you cannot barter for a flamingo. you cannot ride a amenity, you cannot draw the pentagon. this is a great book everyone go check it out and be careful in the national parks. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> parents during cheese at their kids. it's a thing! and we will show it to you when we come right back. (whispers) with the capital one venture card... you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day... not just "airline purchases." (loud) holy moley that's a lot of miles!!! shhhhh! what's in your wallet? - shhhhh! -
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11:51 pm
here with reaction, fox news national correspondent, ed henry.this is probably the most serious segment you've done all day. >> you needed to bring the injustice that. >> i know, we wanted to wake you up. i heard you needed to go to bed for "fox and friends". we didn't want you to get sleep. this not like they're throwing a block of cheese like hard, this is a craft single. it doesn't hurt any kid, right? >> i think folks, lighten up! what if shows more than anything that we all have too much time on her hands. shouldn't you be reading a book or something? [laughter] throwing cheese at your toddler! can you please come up with something more interesting? all of our lives have just become ridiculous. >> actually disagree. i think it's a great use of parenting time. kids are too young to understand books. it's an fence like maybe six months old. >> and took another parents! the parents should be reading a
11:52 pm
book. >> oh the parents should be reading! no, they should be watching fox news. okay? >> "watters' world". >> if they read i want them to read ed henry 's book. >> i got sandbagged today, they through teasing me on "fox and friends". i didn't even understand this. i didn't have time to open my mouth. you can see it right there. let's just say my attorney has made contact with his attorney. that's all i can say. [laughter] wow! his attorneys having a busy month, can't believe it! you know what though? it is an easy throw. your head is so big, ed!>> this is what i get for doing your favorite coming in late at night on a saturday. i should having a scotch instead i'm here taking abuse from you. >> i apologize and i retract the statement. everyone read ed's book. let's play some tape of this guy from the cowboys. the defensive tackle. david irving. he loves pot, smokes all the time. he is quitting the nfl because
11:53 pm
they test too much. watch this. >> basically guys, i quit. -- in the nfl, man. as you know i post my opinion about this medicine right here. nba players getting in trouble about this. how many do you see getting in trouble about this? how many baseball players? how many ufc players get in trouble? how many actors? not many. i love football. however, i don't love the nfl. the nfl is not football.i'm all right. it's my choice, i'm living with her. i am going to kaperick myself before they do. >> you can smoke aussies just clean up before camp. you get random tests when you cannot get clean before camp. obviously he's doing it a lot. >> yes.and the first answer, we have too much time on her hands. he is 25 years old. he was in the nfl.
11:54 pm
how many young people dream of that someday? and by the way should point out we are laughing but in all seriousness, he is sending off a message to kids! he is 25, he should be on top of the world. >> and you can smoke all the pot you want afterwards when you retire. i want to play -- i know. i want to play some sound this is alex trebek. he was diagnosed with cancer. these are some of his most savage burns. we love this. roll it. >> this is something never heard of. >> nerd core hip-hop. people identifies nerdy rapping about the things they love. video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners. >> losers in other words. you are involved in a boys beauty pageant. what happened in the beauty pageant? >> at one of the competitor. football 200. >> football 400. >> do think we should go to commercial?
11:55 pm
>> 600. >> a fair catch. two clues left, brian. >> 800. >> look at the $1000 clue for the fun of it. [laughter] >> we love you alex trebek! he is the best, we wish him well. thank you, ed. up next, last call. guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'. well now there's score!, from force factor, to rev your libido and maximize physical response. it's no wonder walmart offers score! in more locations than any other performance enhancer. unleash your potential in the bedroom, with score!.
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[♪] jesse: time now for "last call." tempers flared in phoenix. they threw punches on the racetrack over spacing on the track during the qualifying round at the ism raceway. just throw cheese at each other next time. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember, i'm watters and
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this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello, welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight and thanks for making "justice" number one last weekend. we have a big show on deck with house minority leader kevin mccarthy, jim jordan, john solomon and sara carter, to name just a few. but first my open. let me get this straight. she and her family flee war-torn somalia where 500,000 are killed during a civil war. then sent to a refugee camp in kenya for four years. they are


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