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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 17, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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eric: president trump's first ever veto continues to draw reaction on capitol hill. the resolution blocked the implementation of the border emergency. welcome to "america's news headquarters" on this st. patrick's day. the vote on the president's veto scheduled for march 26. as of now democrats do not have the votes to override it. all of this sparking a debate on the limit of executive authority. senate homeland security chair ron johnson talked about it with
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maria bartiromo saying the president did not overreach. >> this turned into a purely political vote. whether you support the border or support the president. it's to secure our homeland. hopefully they will express the same concern about any executive having that broad emergency power whichs president had and he exercised. i did not believe the president was operating outside his authority. reporter: president trump and the first lady are commemorating the holiday across the street at the st. johns episcopal church. while the president is there, the debate over his national emergency declaration continues to rage. particularly the $3.6 billion he plans to divert from military funding to construct the border
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wall. that raised a lot of concern from lawmakers in both parties who are worried that military projects in their own states could be affected. they aring a for a list of projects to be cut. the white house said there is not a formal list. but democratic senator tim kaine said the administration is intentionally withholding that information from lawmakers. >> they worry if we saw the projects that would be ransacked, they would lose votes. i think they will hide the list until the veto overright occurs in the house and senate. reporter: mick mulvaney says that's not the case and he's not the least bit concerned about the house and senate overriding
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the president's veto. >> it will be upheld in the house and will have to go back to the senate. reporter: lawmakers believe there will be very little chance to override the president's veto. the house was 40 votes short of the 2/3 majority to override a veto. eric: we are going to hear from the democratic view object the veto and border wall. this issue is not the only one of concern on capitol hill. senate judiciary chairman senator lindsey graham blocking a vote on the house resolution that calls for the mueller report to be made public. here is democratic congressman
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reacting earlier on fox news. >> i don't think it was a political stunt. what we saw leading up to that vote was the president suggesting perhaps it didn't need to be released. congress did what it was supposed to do, make sure this important information that the public want to see and provide appropriate advance parent i into that investigation is in the hand for us to digest and understand and contemplate. >> molly, the report is not out yet. the report is going to be out because some of the members of mueller's team are leaving. there is suspicion and prediction that it will be out very soon. reporter: members of congress are trying to have their say in advance. as you said, the house vote is 420-0 to make the final report public.
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it didn't get out of the senate. also part of a discussion what congressional committees will get to see it. >> i have been disappointed at the ways the republican majority in the senate did not move forward with a thorough investigation of the judiciary committee in the congress. we have clear allegations in public of obstruction of justice that the senate judiciary committee should have thoroughly investigated. but it ground to a halt in partisan bickering. >> the final say about what happens to mueller's finished product lies with william barr. congress can vote and try to exert legislative pressure. but the decision is barr's. he said he believes the public and congress should be informed of the special counsel's work and his goal is to provide as much transparency as i can,
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consistent with the law. eric: the president said he want a full public release. he says he thinks it would clear him. reporter: the president made it clear he thinks the mueller probe is a quote illegal and conflicted investigation in search of a crime. he says there shouldn't even be a mueller report. and he also told house republicans to go ahead and vote for transparency because it makes us all look good and doesn't matter. play along with the game. the house sent its bill to the senate where south carolina senator lindsey graham objected. graham wanted the senate to add a provision calling on the trump justice department to investigate how the obama justice department handled the hillary clinton email scandals surrounding the 2016 election. senate democrats aren't on board with that. eric: the wrangling on capitol
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hill has to do with a border wall. a member of the blue dog democratic commission and a former cia for. welcome to fox news channel. what is the message. if the house does not have the votes, it seems clear they will not be able to override the president's veto. >> in our first vote it was a bipartisan vote, there were republicans and democrats who voted to stand up for constitutional authority. and this vote as i see it, as i voted, was to assert the fact that constitutionally it's congress that has the power of the purse. and we did our job. we had a by camera, bipartisan group of lawmakers get together to address the concerns of the border allocating money for a wall, for fencing, for more immigration judges, and more
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customs and border patrol agents for greater technology to be used at ports of entry. we actually had congress do its job come forward with a bipartisan appropriations bill. so for them to see him take the next step of ordering an emergency order it's a clear step around congress' constitution authority to be the one who has the power of the purse. and we have seen republicans and democrats alike desert this point. it's disappointing the president vetoed this legislation. eric: the president didn't think the democrats ponied up enough. he thinks that there should be more coming for the wall. what about that. >> i understand his position. this is something we talked about quite extensively.
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my background is that of national security. i was a case officer with the cia. i worked narcotics cases and counter-terrorism cases. working to keep the american people safe. and there are many loud voices within congress that have said we want to have a strong secure border and a strong secure point of entry system. it is a lot more than just a physical barrier along the border. we have miles upon miles of physical borders -- barriers at the border. we advocated for barriers and fencing. but how are we best look at way to protect our border. and it is through technology and a smart wall, if you will. and greater personnel along some of the point in the border. there are point along the border where it takes hours for someone
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to respond. we need greater technology and infrastructure. these are conversations when have been having since my arrival in january. but before that the conversations were held in a bipartisan manner. last congress there was a bill put forward that would have directed a tremendous amount of money toward border security. if we are going to make smart decisions about keeping our borders safe. eric: the president's plan does call for that. agents and judges. something i bring which i don't understand. in 2006, democratic leaders supported the secure fence act. that called for 24 miles. the cbp is calling for 55 miles, even less than that. there is that perception that
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democrats are against this. they supported the bush and obama border barriers, but not the trump one because it's this president and the need is the same but they are against it because they are against this president. >> well, in the appropriations bill that we voted for, the bipartisan b bicameral bill. if we did advocate the money as requested by the cbp. we did take the step forward and the president signed it into law. since 2016 we have been building infrastructure along the southern border. sometimes that gets lost in this conversation. while we are talking about what to do in the future, we are building a structure along the
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southern border. so we have made progress on securing the physical structure on the border. and we did vote to fund fence and border wall as in addition to more cbp officers so we have a more holistic approach. eric: how do you think this will resolve? there are other plans for the more high-tech security. but the president is insisting in and will continue to do so to build a physical barrier. >> this is a place where he needs to continue the conversations with congress. taking the step of creating an executive order is a clear overstep of congressional authority. x concern is when we are looking at the larger scale, the
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separations of power as they are in existence and put in place by our founding fathers. mandating dollars spent that haven't been allocated by congress. in the executive order the billions of dollars the president is advocating has to come from somewhere. as a representative of central virginia, it's coming from our national security funding. it's coming from a place where we are going to have to reallocate dollars. eric: how do you feel about that? >> congress previously appropriated those dollars because we felt they were necessary. to see billions of dollars pulled out of our defense budget to bal rated toward something congress hasn't approved to fund is a terrible precedent and it's
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undermining our security elsewhere. eric: thank you for your service in this. arthel? arthel: thousands across new zealand gathered to remember the victims of the mass shootings inside two mosques in christchurch. 50 people were killed inside the mosques. reporter: new zealand is gearing up for a meeting tomorrow on gun regulation. the prime minister promising changes to gun laws. she said she was look into reports that there was a surge in gun sales since the attack. the government is weighing a ban on semiautomatic weapons as the death toll rose to 50. their calls to review the roles of tech companies who live stream the violence.
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users moved the video across platforms faster than the platforms were able to bring them down. according to the "washington post." algorithms designed to flag the materials weren't water marked. >> i think it might be time to think about delaying or forcing those providers to delay live broadcasts or live streaming. there is no down side to forcing some delay into that broadcast. reporter: it's become apparent that radical groups share information and congregate online. u.s. intelligence shares threats from isis, but not quite as often with nationalized groups. >> sharing of intelligence is
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vital. intelligence sharing across governments does save lives, does interdict terrorist plots. reporter: according to "washington post," the u.k., canada, the u.s. and australia are looking at the methods they are using to forge alliances 0 online. arthel: pope francis expression his heartfelt solidarity with the muslim community. in his sunday address at st. peter's square. the pontiff renewed calls for peace and prayer and made an urgent appeal to combat hate and violence. >> family and friends say good-bye to the victims of the
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ethiopian airlines crash. 17 empty caskets were draped in the national flag. the service comes one day after family remembers received bags of earth instead of the remains of hair loved ones as officials were trying to identify the bodies. it led to the grounding of the 737 max 8. the investigation is ongoing. but many suspect boeing's new anti-stall computer software could have played a part in this crash. arthel: the cleanup begins in paris after yellow vest protesters fight with police and destroy businesses. plus another democrat entering a crowded race for president in
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eric: it's becoming a regular saturday event in the city of light. protests sparked a cleanup in the city of paris after violent rioting. shop owners repairing shattered glass in the front windows on the champs-elysees. this time yesterday the demonstration grew to 10,000 people. that number down from 250,000 who demonstrated in the demonstrations last december. arthel: senator kirsten gillibrand jumping into the race for president. the new york democrat making her
9:23 am
announcement in a launch video where she highlights a number of causes and calls for bravery. >> it isn't right now. brave does the pit people against each other. brave doesn't put money over lives. brave doesn't straight ahead hate. cloud truth, build a wall. that's what fear does. we need to remember what it feels like to be brave. arthel: jeff paul is with us. reporter: she uses the word of the national anthem with a heavy emphasis on the word brave. she announced her -- her rally outside the trump tower in new york. she talks about the influence of money in politics.
9:24 am
while she doesn't say his name outright, there are images of him in that video where she tries to show the con treas between his leadership and hers. >> we need someone who makes bold choices and someone who isn't afraid of progress. asks a question, forcing every generation to make a choice. reporter: she is calling on her supporters to join her outside of trump international one week from today. they will there are the question many democrats want answered is will former vice president joe biden get in the race? he's leading in some of the polls. reporter: polls have former vice president joe biden leading the pack for the democrats.
9:25 am
while speaking at the first state democratic dinner bind was talking about his critics within his own party when he seemed to begin to announce his candidacy and walked it back. >> i have the most of progressive record of anybody running or anybody who would run. folks, we have to bring this country back together again. >> elsewhere, former texas congressman beto o'rourke is campaigning in wisconsin. amy klobuchar, and senator warn is in tennessee. you only get one chance to launch. arthel: eric? eric: you want to read the
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mueller report and curious about what it will say? the president is urging republicans to vote for transparency. and he is joining all saying that the report should be made public. we'll have a lot on that and whether it should be made public. the question is should attorney general bill barr r let us see ? can they take back the executive power? that push under way by members of congress to take power back from the other end of pennsylvania avenue. that rocking chair would look great in our new house. ahh, new house, eh? well, you should definitely see how geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique! all right, how much for the recliner, then? wait wait... how did that get out here? that is definitely not for sale! is this a yard sale?
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at outback, your steak & lobster wish is our command. steak & lobster is back by popular demand, starting at only $15.99. hurry in to outback! steak & lobster is only here for a limited time. dream to visit up on capitol hill in the wake of courts to the wake of courts to president trump to veto congressional resolution seeking to act as declaration of a national emergency at the southern
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border. utah republican senator michael introducing a measure to overhaul the 1976 law that allows the president to circumvent congress might enact emergency declarations. part of what the senator told "the new york times." ultimately this is a problem created by congress and it has been allowed to persist by congress. congress has started to make up to the fact that over time it is delegated out too much power. the senator wants a time limit. for more let's go to gillian turner live in the washington newsroom. reporter: hey, eric. i'm pretty president trump issued the first veto of his presidency after congress rejected his national emergency declaration to find a border wall. turns out he poked a sleepy bear at a major fight is raging on capitol hill over the commander-in-chief's constitutional authority to declare a national emergency. more moderate members of the president's own party are pushing back on him. take a listen.
9:32 am
>> i think the president came to a different conclusion about the constitution long as it did about three quarters of my republican colleagues to be candid about it. >> i understand the constitutional issue. i am as well. reporter: the national emergencies act of 1976 that up after president nixon's watergate scandal and conceived of a tool to rein in presidential power. fast forward to 2019 and the act instead gave a route to expand his presidential authority. he declared a national emergency in order to bypass congressional opposition on the wall. both sides have plans to ensure future president of a national emergency. >> we'll focus on the head and allow the president to declare an emergency for 30 days and if a majority of both chambers agreed to have that extended
9:33 am
from and i pass constitutional muster. congress has given way too much constitutional authority away to the executive branch and we should quiet back. >> a path forward is an entirely clear but the declaration will get hashed out in the court and investigated in hearing. as for the veto, senate and house lot the required votes to override it which means anything from the pentagon to the wall will likely stick. >> president trump this weekend acknowledging that he encouraged house republicans to greenlight a resolution calling on the justice department to make special counsel robert mueller's available to the public. the president meeting on the recent nonbinding vote in congress about releasing the board i told leadership to that all republicans make a solid good good and doesn't matter.
9:34 am
>> the chief congressional correspondent at the "washtington examiner" joins us now. why are you smiling? >> i was an interesting tactic sort of mocking still the mueller investigation in which he thinks is politically motivated witchhunt. i told republicans vote for transparent the privileges play along with all of this. it's a way of sort of covering for what happened last week with the mueller report both and also just repeating to his base that he thinks nothing to his investigation. we don't know yet. we haven't seen the results yet. arthel: there have been some indictments but were not sure what is in the mueller report appeared the president is encouraging the house to vote for transparency to play along with the game. senator lindsey graham as you knows that he'll go along as long as the justice department assigned a special counsel to investigate misconduct in the doj regarding investigations looking into hillary clinton's
9:35 am
use of a non-authorized e-mail server which fell flat and will fall flat. so essentially block the vote for transparency. but now what? >> what comes next will be when mueller concludes its investigation he will report his findings to attorney general william barr and then barr will formulate a report insult based on what mueller sent him and he will send not to congress. the interesting part now is what will barr do in depending on what he provides to congress and how thorough and all-encompassing that is, we will see how democrats in the house will respond. they control the chamber and they can say time for subpoenas and hearings because we don't think we're getting all of it we don't like that he saying they can't be public. i do believe on the report is issued were going to find out about it because everything is like these days as it is. the report will come out one way or another. it just depends how thorough it
9:36 am
is and whether democrats in congress feel it is early roadmap for them. they will want it publicized in a collision aspect they can find or any wrongdoing even non-collision related. i want to expose as much as possible. if it doesn't have collusion in there, democrats are going to take a hit on not because they've been pushing this for months and months and months and i will give democrats a great talking point to say look, there is no collusion. it depends what is in there. and how much of it bar is willing to turn over to congress. those are two things we don't know yet. arthel: the president took to twitter to dismiss the mueller probe in a special counsel himself saying he should never have been appointed there should be no mueller report. this is an illegal and complected investigation in search of a crime. russian collusion was nothing more than the excuse that the by the democrats for losing the
9:37 am
election that they thought they were going to win. you should never have been to a president again. that was the day before the president told the house gop to vote for transparency, suzanne. is this a case of public pronouncement versus private pressure? is there any source of your reeling behind the scenes pressure from the president to keep the mueller report under wraps. >> no. he's been doing this all along saying fine we can be transparent but there is no collusion that he doesn't think there's any evidence of collusion. a lot of republicans, not all side with him on it. if you like it was politically motivated that the connection was always weak and also politically motivated. they side with the president on that. the transparency issue you get into a tricky area here because we know the mueller investigation is not just about collusion. it's expanded further out and could include other things that trout may not want the public to know.
9:38 am
he doesn't know what's in the report. you see a little bit of hedging there. if you truly damage him if there are things in that report that implicate the president did not wear some kind of wrongdoing be at obstruction of justice or something with his business dealings to reinforce the democrats in the house in their big rod investigation they are doing to trump right now aside from the mueller investigation. this could go on and on for him and that is why you see the tweet yesterday about the witchhunt and also saying let's go for transparency here. let's go along with this. arthel: except for the parts illegal to release come if in the end attorney general barr and not to fully release a report to the public, would there be a political price to pay and by whom. i know what you're telling us in terms of the democrats will push hard on this. at this .2 years in the public
9:39 am
want to know him if in fact our president is involved in some sort of obstruction of justice. if the report says that it is, the public wants to know. the public needs to know that as well. >> that's a great question could not make it public or relevant parts of the public has been clamoring to know more about will be really damaging to the president and republicans because it will just reinforce what the democrats have been saying all along which is why they held this vote last week about the mueller report which is we need to be transparent to make it public and if not, what are you trying to hide? it's in the republican best interest to go along to try to make this as public as possible and to show what is fair. it does seem, i'm sure you would agree there is no greater evidence thus far that a big collusion result is going to come of this spirit we are not sure what other peripheral things might involve trump them is that it doesn't look like the
9:40 am
term pressure collusion erie is going to hold true. that is part of the reasons republicans are feeling more at ease then let's make this public because they say now mr. purple showed there was no collusion and democrats will be the one scrambling to defend it. it depends what is in their, but it does look at this point like it's not going to be the result that i think democrats initially thought it would be two years ago when this investigation got under way. arthel: susan, you know adam schiff said that he is prepared to call mr. mueller testified before lawmakers and house judiciary chair jerrold nadler has threatened to issue a subpoena of attorney general barr does not release it to congress and the public. do you think it will come to that? >> if they don't think they're getting everything they want, like i said, serves the same kind of filter here in terms of what the congress gets.
9:41 am
he is the key here. he's hardly been very vague about what a fun to congress if you recall there was a big point of contention within. >> is on record. >> and not being fully 100% committed to giving him everything. if they are not fully satisfied that they're getting every note and cranny of this investigation and all the results, all the findings come as you bet they will immediately start serving subpoenas and calling for investigations to make sure they will reign every last bit of information out of the investigation. they're not going to say okay they give us what we could have. they're going to try and find out and keep pushing forward on this whole theory that something is being hidden here. arthel: listen, democrats ruled the house now. that was the american public speaking thing. dig in which you can find out the truth.
9:42 am
i don't know. we're going to keep watching this. it's always a pleasure to talk to you. thank you. take care. eric: an american navy veteran been held captive in iran for allegedly insulting the country's top leader and he may be spending years behind bars. we will tell you about that site in the country that calls for death to america. north korea threatening with the u.s. and restart missile testing. did they really mean it or is it just more about murderous regimes brazen and empty bluster. >> i think the resumption of the missile testing can be seen as sort of a violation of some sort of reach of trust. as a general understanding there is no reason for that continue. the conversation will continue.
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eric: an attorney for an american navy veteran held in iran says his client had been sentenced to at least 10 years in prison. authorities detained michael white last summer while he was there visiting his girlfriend. his alleged cries include insulting the ayatollah. the attorney says he has about three weeks to appeal. >> israel is searching right now for palestinian attacker accused in deadly rampage. killed an israeli soldier and wounded two other people appeared to bloodshed unfolding this morning near an entrance through the west bank settlement. authorities say the suspect fatally stabbed a soldier grabbed his rifle and started opening fire on passing cars. prime minister benjamin at yahoo! valley and the attacker. hamas meanwhile is praising the attacks. arthel: north korea threat in turn talks and restart nuclear and missile testing.
9:48 am
this comes after president trump walked away with the two sides failed to reach denuclearization agreement at the summit in vietnam. an expert at mit's security program and i'm happy to have you here with us today. >> happy st. patrick's day. i see you're wearing the appropriate color desk. what is up, you blew it. >> i did. you'd think i'd know better. arthel: is kim jong bluffing? >> is this thing started to unravel? one of the things that struck me in pyongyang as they went out of their way not to criticize the president directly, instead to criticize his advisers, mr. pompeo mr. bolton. they didn't announce they were
9:49 am
suspending negotiations. they announced that they were thinking about it. when you put that all together, they are trying to give that little leverage that they are not prepared to walk away. my guess is both sides were disappointed by the result that neither side wants to walk away right now. but things are not moving in a good direction. arthel: to that point, although some went into the premature fanfare, not enough negotiating dealmaking before president trump met with kim jong un. now that this is so far down the road, might the two get diplomacy back on track. >> is certainly a possibility as you will remember the president himself raised the prospect of a third summit. so he appears to be open to it. but to your premise, i'm personally in that camp that would like to see more homework done. i welcome the first summit. i thought it was a good idea.
9:50 am
the idea of breaking the i.c.e. top-down approach is a good idea but that has to be followed up with hard work and hard negotiation and that didn't happen after singapore. i blame north koreans are part of that. i don't think they seem to want to simply keep this to a conversation with the president directly. that was a mistake. the u.s. at least as reporting suggests disorder for refusing to get anything in this process. they're not going to give any sanctions relief until the north koreans do everything they're supposed to do and i have doubts about that. both sides have to improve their behavior. north koreans have to negotiate with serious is regularly come intensely in the u.s. side has to say if you do this, we'll do that. we are not there yet, but it may take a third meeting between the two principles to put this back on track. arthel: third reading going into there. it seems like those you have
9:51 am
some sort of what is called a mythical relationship. there has to be more than not. the music is starting. i've got a go. happy st. patrick's day in your red and white ties. we will be back afteris this break. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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train to at least two people have died from the devastating flooding that struck the midwest. the rising waters brought on by melting snow in days of torrential rainfall. meteorologist adam klotz following all of this with the latest. the flooding is really overwhelming. >> a really good. not totally over yet but we do see a winding down of any precipitation the next couple days. satellite and radar across the country. the big storms at the moment continue to be off the gulf of mexico running more and more into central florida. there hasn't been a little bit of a system moving across portions of the midwest over the last 12 hours now working into portions of northern indiana and ohio now snow but it's drying off into the areas hardest hit that is not going to be enough to win the flooding immediately so much water, so much now. everything you look at any screen colors are your flood watches and warnings of eastern nebraska is still seen how the
9:56 am
flooding. getting into portions of the missouri river talking about the mississippi river. this is several days even though we're not talking about more rain on the way in her future radar. sunday into tuesday and the good news across the region, maybe a couple sprinkles here and there but it's mostly dry the next couple days. even though it is still a mass come at least there isn't more rain on the way in the immediate future. eric: that could be released. arthel: absolutely. that does it for us for now. it will be back at 4:00 eastern. eric: happy st. patrick's day. arthel: yeah, happy st. patrick's day. leland and laura up next. d neve. does this sound dismal?
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has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. the upside- i'm just getting started. boost® high protein be up for life. laura: new york democratic senator kirsten gillibrand declared her run for the white house in 2020 throwing her hat into a very crowded during the 2020 presidential primary contenders. many who are out on the campaign trail this st. patrick's day. leland: about to overwrite president trump's veto. his chief of staff mick mulvaney tells "fox news sunday" why they are confident. >> thousands of people around the world remember those lost in the new zealand terror attacks.


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