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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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think, all of which are in over abundance. our good friend, one of our favorites, sean hannity is in new york city to host a tv show right now. >> sean: it's not a surprise anymore. let me straighten my tie up. great show, tucker. good to see you. welcome to "hannity." just breaking as we speak tonight, well, we call him creepy and crazy uncle joe biden for a reason. now he's facing a second accusation of inappropriate touching. a rough week for the democratic party. it's only monday. alexandria ocasio-cortez embarrassing herself again. bernie sanders can't answer a simple question about his own policies. you just heard the breaking news. creepy crazy uncle joe biden is
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facing a serious backlash for being creepy. we have the hannity watch on the radical 2020 extreme democratic socialists. he hasn't formally entered the race but already creepy uncle joe is facing two separate allegations of inappropriate touching and more. a connecticut woman named amy lapos told the hartford newspaper that he pulled me in to rub noses with me. when he pulled me in, i thought he was going to kiss me. the first accusation came from lucy suarez. she encountered the vice president back stage in 2014 at a political event. she claimed that crazy uncle joe got close to her from behind, sniffing and smelling her hair and planted a kiss on the back of her head saying my brain couldn't process what was happening. i was embarrassed, shocked and
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confused. take a look. >> eva longoria was there. we were lived up next to the stage. eva was in front of me. joe biden was behind me. it's the last days before the election. i'm preparing my remarks. very unexpectedly and out of nowhere, i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up close to me from behind. lean in. smell my hair. and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. >> sean: smelling someone's hair from behind, rubbing noses, kissing strangers, some of the lips. who does that? apparently joe biden and he does a lot. creepy uncle joe is the nickname that he's earned through the years. awkward touching, grabbing, kissing, hair stroking and smelling and nose rubbing. the woman you just heard from told political that it's so easy
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to google creepy biden. everybody is entitled to due process and the presumption of innocence. the prop for joe biden is there were dozens and dozens of pictures and videos showing these kind of encounters. biden offered a half-hearted apology and he said he doesn't believe he acted inappropriately. brings us to an important question. will the democratic party hold biden to the save believe-all women, i believe, zero tolerance standard that they have utilized so vigorously against republicans. where are all the kavanaugh i believers? so far the radical socialists that don't want biden to win are coming out against the v.p., but that's for political expediency. creepy uncle joe fans are singing a different tune. take a look. >> to make a big kerfuffle out
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of this for a man that spent the life in his service of others is wrong. what else is he to do? lucy, i'm sorry i got too close to you. seriously, what else is he supposed to do? >> it's one person's allegation five years old. that cannot negate or change joe biden's very strong record empowering women. >> he's extremely affectionate in a safe way. but are we allowed to bring up that lucy flores is a huge bernie person. she has, you know, political connections that might be counter biden. is it okay to bring up this could be politically motivated? >> no surprise, sucking up to creepy uncle joe. the same mob that tried to ruin judge kavanaugh's wild over
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30-year-old uncorroborated allegations. the one that gave them thrills up their leg, barack obama, they're not going to do it to any of the 2020 candidates on the extreme democratic socialist side. so it will be up to us here on this program because there are so many red flags and joe biden other than the constant need to touch and stroke and kiss and rub noses. i'm let you be the judge of the pictures that you see. i'm personally not a fan of people right in your grill. we've all met people like that. so close to your face that your noses do touch. even if you take a step back, they move in more. people that massage other people. go up and rubbing their shoulders and want to kiss people on the lips. you'll decide. tonight we start with biden's
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sketchy past on race in america. this will be an issue for him. for a democratic party so obsessed with identity politics, this is not a good look for a presidential candidate. take a look. >> you cannot go to a 7-11 or dunkin' donuts inless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> what couldn't of a chance would a northeastern liberal stand in the south? >> better than anybody else. my state is a slave state a border state, the eighth largest population in the country of blacks. >> articulate, bright, clean, a nice looking good. >> romney wants to let -- he said the first 100 days, he's going to let the big banks write their own rules. unchain wall street. going to put ya'll back in
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chains. >> first mainstream african american, articulate, clean. you know, that's story book. that's right. so the person currently polling high nest the democratic primary is a man that called the president clean, articulate and story book, man. he bragged that his home state was a slave state. you can't work in a 7-11 or dunkin' donuts unless you have an indian accent. a younger senator biden fought hard against bussing for skills. he didn't want integration. take a look. >> i think the concept of bussing, which is the question you just asked or the statement within the question you just asked, that we're going to integrate people so that they all have the same access and
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they learn to grow up with one another is a rejection of the whole movement of black pride. >> sean: the very same biden told the local newspaper that i don't feel responsible for the sins of my father, grandfather. i'll be damned if i feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years ago. two decades later as chair of the senate judicialry committee, he provided over justice clarence's confirmation. it was a circuit. thomas called it a modern day lynching. biden went on an apology tour because he offered it to anita hill, the accuser of justice thomas. he's been on this tour apologizing a week now. take a look. >> anita hill, professor, showed the courage of a lifetime. talking about her experience being harassed by clarence thomas. we knew a lot less about
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harassment back then, 30 years ago. she paid a terrible price. she was abused through the hearing. she was taken advantage of. her reputation was attacked. i wish i could have done something. there was a real and perceived problem the committee faced. a bunch of white guys. i mean it sincerely. a bunch of white guys. >> remember anita hill didn't follow clarence thomas after the incidents happened. facts don't want to be discussed at this time. he's has not formally jumped in the race. biden is on his first apology tour. don't be fooled, amtrak joe tries to paint himself as a sympathetic champion of the people. behind the scenes, we have discovered and will reveal in great detail, shady, swammy behavior. back in 2014, while joe biden was the vice president, his son hunter accepted a board seat on ukraine's, one of the largest oil and gas companies owned by
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ukrainian oligarch facing international money laundering allegations. naturally this raised serious ethical questions and some scorned from the left corn to author peter schweitzer and his book "secret empires" while hunter biden was working in the ukrainian oil company, suspicious foreign transactions flowed to an account used by hunter biden, including a multimillion dollars deposit from that company. keep in mind, this all occurred while his father was vice president. serving as one of the key point persons for the obama administration anti-corruption methods in ukraine. any of this sound familiar? eerily similar to what we learned about the clinton foundation? a lot to unpack here. we'll have full coverage of this story in the days and weeks ahead. same story with china. another example of hypocrisy from the left. clint
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clinton, biden. democrats get a free pass. sexual harassment. conservativ conservatives, demonized with or without evidence. and by the way, his son while doing the deals in china and ukraine -- we'll get to china tomorrow -- he was on air force 2 with his father. he had a free trip to do the deals. look at the commonwealth of virginia. democratic governor, attorney general, they admitted to dressing up in black face. being racist in the 80s. are they facing in i consequences? nope. what would happen if it was a republican? there's lieutenant justin fairfax. two separate women have made serious allegations, sexual assault and violent rape. yet to this day, the i believers, democrats in virginia, they have done nothing to hold fairfax accountable and
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deafening silence from the people saying i believe in the kavanaugh case. so the party that tells you and us to believe women, all women, well, they don't seem capable of accusing one of their own. unless they want to beat them in a primary. that's why lieutenant governor fairfax, the first accuser, was compelled to speak out earlier today. we have the tape. >> he's pushing down, pushing down. i couldn't hold my neck up. i didn't know what was going on. i honestly didn't know what was going on. the next thing i know, my head is in his crotch. >> sexual assault is an epidemic taking place across the country every day. >> what do you want to happen to justin fairfax? why are you coming forward? >> i want him to resign. >> in the coming months and tomorrow, we'll get to see
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whether the party of identity politics is willing to hold themselves to the same standards they place on everybody else. we're not going to hold our breath. but that is your radical crop of extreme 2020 democratic socialists that want to be president and how they will shamelessly deploy the same old tired fear tactics and identity politics always against president trump. beto o'rourke kicked off his campaign in el paso. frequently implying that walls are immoral. we should open the border, tear down the existing walls there. robert francis lives in a fantasy world. there is a serious crisis tonight at our southern border again. illegal immigration is experiencing one more time a massive surge. another huge caravan on the way. president trump has cut aid over the weekend to three central american countries where the
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caravans are originating. he's threatening to close the southern border in mexico if mexico does not do their job and stop the caravan from marching north. we'll have more coming up tonight. first, another radical 2020 candidate who just predicted millions of people are going to die if president trump threatens to fix, keep your doctor, pay less. millions lost their doctors and everybody paid more. take a look. >> trump has an idea on healthcare. his idea is to throw 32 million americans off the health insurance they have. doing away with insurance for kids that are 26 years of age that are younger and on their parent's plans. doing away with the protection that the aca has for pre-existing conditions. that means if you have cancer, heart disease, diabetes.
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if trump gets his way, the cost of health insurance for you will be so high that many people literally will not be able to a ford it. thousands of people will die. >> sean: actually, it's socialism that has killed millions and millions of people and led to more poverty and suffering. every promise a socialist country makes is broken, unrealistic. the greatest standard of living, the greatest country that god gave man, the united states based on freedom and opportunity. that's why so many people want to get her illegally. they have what we want and we take for granted. bernie sanders, alexandria ocasio-cortez, they don't seem to have the best grasp on history. for example, take a look at this historical analysis from congresswoman ocasio-cortez from over the weekend. this is priceless. >> when our party was boldest,
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the time of the new deal, the great society, the civil rights act and so on, we had and carried super majorities in the house, the senate, we carried the presidency. they had to amend the constitution of the united states to make sure roosevelt didn't get re-elected. >> fdr died in 1945, two years before presidential term limits were implemented. you'd think a person -- remember she was going to be sworn in to office. somebody sworn to uphold and protect the u.s. contusion would understand the amendments to our u.s. constitution. maybe that's too much to expect given that the congresswoman compared climate change to world war ii, 9-11 to hurricane katrina. more we action. we have karl rove, fox news contributor. let's start -- the only democrats -- notice they've been
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silent on the lieutenant governor of the commonwealth of virginia, karl. they went after kavanaugh with a vengeance. i don't see the i believers there. a few of the 2020 candidates that don't like biden, they're back for their own political motive. what is your reaction to these issues that biden will face if he jumps in? >> biden has been known as a guy that is a hugger, a kisser, a back slapper. i've been the victim of joe biden, the goofiness of joe biden at the unveiling of george bush 43's official portrait. he was seated in front of me and saw me, in good nature, started poking me in the chest with his finger saying your a great man, you're great. . >> sean: did he try to kiss you on the lips? >> sean: no. dana perino was horrified. david petraeus was on the other
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side. he was thinking should i stop the vice president from thumping karl rove in the chest? he kept doing it, this is a minor thing. a couple lessons. every time a democrat gets in the race, somebody generally on the left is going to do an oppo dump on him. they're doing the dump on him now. they did a dump on amy klobuchar. they fed all this stuff out. even robert francis o'rourke got hit. he's too close to the republicans and he has a thin record on policy. the democrats will play tough and hard and nasty and mean this time around. joe is not ready for prime time. despite the fact that he's been a vice president, he's served in the senate for a long time, ran for president a couple times, he doesn't have his team together. when this popped on him over the weekend, it took him some time to get his sea legs and put out an appropriate response. finally, it raises the question will he continue to apologize. we saw him do it about anita
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hill. the question is will he feel compelled to apologize for anything else that specifically he did in the past or can he do sort of a blanket statement of you know who i am, my intention -- i want to be respectful. is he going to keep apologizing or show some strength? i think democrats will plaut him more if he shows strength. >> sean: if you look at robert francis, beto, this weekend -- >> no, no no. don't use that phony nickname. it's robert francis o'rourke. that's how he shows up on the ballot. join me in this crusade. >> can i say robert beto bozo? >> sean: i'm a talk show host. give me latitude here. in 2018, democrats, they hid who
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they are. now they can't go to the left far enough. new green deal, no oil, no gas, no combustion engine, no cows or planes eventually and the world will end in 12 years. the problem is and everything is free. how is the country going to absorb that? i assume people that wow, everything is free. guaranteed a job. vacation, government healthy, food, retirement. everything -- even free college, free child care. wealth tax. how will that fly with the 70% top marginal rail, top corporate rate? >> i may be wrong. the good common sense of the american people leads them to understand that you can't have everything free. somebody has to pay for it. the republicans have got to go out there and each time one of these ideas is brought up, attack it. do three things. one is to say this is bad policy. two is to say this is not in keeping with our values and three to offer some positive
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alternatives. the green new deal is one of the best examples. one of the things that gets me, all of this stuff is designed to transform our society into something that it isn't. we're going to move from a free enterprise to a socialist system. a system in which personal freedom and personal responsibilities are paramount to one where the government takes care of us. why are we doing this? we're the only major industrialized country in the world which is growing its economy and reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions. they peaked in the u.s. in six million tons in 2007 and now about 5.5 million ton. we're the only ones doing that. where is india and china? >> sean: they'll never join us. >> we're the only ones doing it. >> sean: 30 seconds. quick answer. so the president says -- it's a 70/30 issue build a border wall. we shouldn't take up healthcare. you guys promised this for seven
6:22 pm
years. show votes. you never got it done. why not fight to follow up on your promises? meaning the republicans house and senate. trump keeps fighting for his promises. >> yeah, if we have a healthcare plan, by god let's fight for it. border security, let's fight for it. everybody has to do it. we shouldn't -- in all fairness, i wish we had had the president step in to office in january 2017 and say i'm asking for a supplemental appropriation to build the wall and the necessary places along the southern border. we would be better off than fighting it today with a democratic house. >> you're right. that was promised by paul ryan. they didn't override his veto. they allocated $9 billion from the defense department. coming up, democrats can't handle the mueller results. mark meadows and alan dershowitz are here and so much more. we'll talk about a real crisis on the southern border.
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even obama's dhs secretary agrees with me straight ahead.
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>> sean: the democrats continue their hysterical response to the mueller report. so disappointed the president didn't collude with russia. the left's blatant hypocrisy is on full release. the attorney general promises a release after redactions. you have hypocrites like adam schiff, the cowardly schiff that won't come on this program, cowardly released the nunes memo. he exposed fisa abuse at the top levels of the dodge.
6:28 pm
he was concerned then about sources and methods being revealed, which he's not concerned about now. take a look. >> i presume that this whole gambet of releasing this memo, this spin memo by the president was approved by the speaker. it's a violation of the compact between the committee and the intelligence community. that compact provides with you share with us your closest held secrets, we'll keep them protected and protect your sources and methods. >> we have crossed a deeply regrettable line. there was a vote to politicize the declassification process of intelligence and potentially compromise sources and methods. >> sean: oh, then it's important sources and methods but not now. tonight's brief hannity history lesson. the current doj rules over the report's release -- by the way, the attorney general has full control. he decides, nobody else. they were widely backed by the democrats.
6:29 pm
remember? two decades after after the starr report was released. what the democrats wanted is designed to make the special counsel more accountable to the public. the same people that wanted to limit the release following starr's finds are pushing for the full report. the democratics are now taking steps to issuing subpoena's for mueller's report and they want grand jury interviews and materials, which would be illegal last time i checked. joining us for the latest house freedom caucus, mark meadows. also, alan dershowitz is back with us. let me start with you, professor. last time i checked, releasing -- somebody is calling for one of you. releasing grand jury materials -- professor dershowitz. hello, can i help you?
6:30 pm
before releasing grand jury -- it's illegal, correct? redactions for sources and methods for people that are innocent in this, that would be normal but barr does vice president to reveal a thing, does he? >> no. there's nothing in the regulations that require him to reveal anything. the best test is the shoe on the other foot test. when we go back to comey's statement, if he said we won't indict hillary clinton on the e-mails and the republicans said wait a minute. we heard you have a report that says she was extremely careless, we want you to release that, the democrats would have jumped up and down and say no, no, prosecutors don't say anything negative about people they have not indicted. all they're supposed to do is announce no indictment. suddenly everything has changed. it's the democrats that want to know why there wasn't charges. they want to know what is split was between those that wanted a
6:31 pm
charge and not charge in obstruction of justice. the law doesn't authorize that to be released. if the attorney general wants to do it, that's within his discretion. no court should order the attorney general in the executive branch to release grand jury material and other material that the legislative branch, certainly without the approval of the courts. we're seeing rampant hypocrisy. if the shoe were on the other foot, i'm sure -- >> sean: you know, i agree with trey gowdy. i don't think they should release any of it. it was definitive on collusion. if collusion is not a crime and -- okay. so the attorney general and even rod rosenstein agreed in very quick order not based on any principle whether or not or argument that you can indict a sitting president on the merits, they said no, this doesn't rise to any level of indictment.
6:32 pm
grand jury materials, eliminating executive privilege, sources, innocent people. frankly the democrats said we shouldn't do it. i think maybe they're right in this case. let's give them what they wanted. >> you know, it's amazing what a little bit of good news for president trump will do to my democratic colleagues. you have adam schiff, chairman schiff, as you pointed out, was saying no, we can't release anything that is classified. we can't afford to put our national security in jeopardy. but yet here he says i don't care what is in there, release it all. you have jerry nadler, that switched and flip-flopped and said now he's going to subpoena this, even grand jury material. listen, both sides look at this differently. i can tell you right now, this is all about a narrative, a narrative that the democrats have had for 22 months that went away, because their lies were not borne out in the mueller
6:33 pm
report. now what they're trying to do is change the narrative and pick and choose little parts so that they can go after the president again. >> sean: congressman, there's going to be criminal referrals issued this week by chairman nunes. there's going to be the president, i interviewed last week, there will be the fisa applications released. there will be 302s released and gang of eight material. we identified five buckets of information that will be extraordinarily damning, i know that to be the case, based on all of my sources. is that a good idea? you want transparency? i don't think they will like that when they comes out. >> they're not going to like that, sean. i think you have the professor on tonight. it's about civil liberties and making sure those civil liberties are protected. if we cannot count on our government to protect those precious rights to privacy without warrants and warrantless searches, we have a real problem. some of those criminal referrals
6:34 pm
are justified. certainly some of the declassification that gets to the bottom it is justified. at the same time, we have to protect our national security interests. >> sean: professor, i want to ask you this. they're going to call back now to reinterview -- they don't make a lot of people. a good attorney in washington, i'm imagining, is close to $1,000 an hour. for the same questions? how many times must people be harassed like this? why can't they just say i plead the fifth? i stand by my prior time. >> for many people, that implies guilt. remember when the senate did that in the mccarthy period, the courts put an end to it. you can't just harass people and call people in order to expose them. you have to have a -- >> sean: what if they misremember something from
6:35 pm
testimony 1 1/2 years ago? they decide -- >> there's no question, perjury traps can be fallen into by innocent people. if an innocent person testifies to and the prosecutors choose to believe the other person, you fall into a perjury trap. that's why the president was right not to testify to mueller. civil libertarians ought to be concerned about exposing to criticism one-sided report, which only saw one side of the story and didn't result in indictments. that's traditionally not done. at least the courts have to be asked to come in and decide what can be shown hand what can't that come from grand juries. let's have the same -- >> sean: maybe democrats might want to give up on the same investigation. they had the fbi investigation, no collusion, no obstruction. give it up. maybe solve problems and serve the people that put you there. just an idea. thank you both. >> i'm in favor of that.
6:36 pm
>> sean: congress woman maxine waters says it was the correct thing for the charges against jussie smollett to be dropped. that's next. also, obama's former dhs, it's not a manufactured crisis at the southern border. the president now threatening to shut it down as he is now withdrawn aid from three countries over the weekend. i believe it's the right decision. we'll tell you about it.
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6:41 pm
jesse from now on. you don't get the u no more. [laughter] that u was respect. you ain't getting no respect from me. >> laura: very funny. congress woman maxine waters sees things differently. dropping the charges is the correct thing to do. matt finn with more. what's going on? >> the outrage over jussie smollett boiled over in chicago in front of kim foxx's downtown office. the chicago police union protesting against kim foxx saying she has a history of being anti-police, exonerating known gang members and they're demanding she resign. a group of kim foxx supporters organized a counter protest in the same location led by jesse jackson. jackson tells fox news that the chicago police superintendent is very wrong and jackson says kim foxx is fixing the judicial
6:42 pm
system. protesters got in each other's faces. police had to calm things down at one point. kim foxx demonstrators called police racist president trump supporters. here's what they had to say. >> the policemen in the city are great people. they sacrifice. they put their life on the line every single time they make a traffic stop. >> he's a trump fan. >> this is not about foxx. >> you care about jussie smollett? >> the president has called for a federal review of the smollett case. today sheila o'brien said she's personally going to appeal the courts here in chicago to assign a special prosecutor to inve investigate kim foxx. >> sean: now we turn to another important story. the crisis of our southern border escalating.
6:43 pm
even obama's dhs jeh johnson said he never got the memo. joining now with reaction, from the hoover institution, victor davis hanson with us, pam body is with us. pam, when you start with 90% of the heroin coming in our country, add fentanyl to it, 4,000 homicides, 30,000 sexual assaults, 100,000 violent assaults. the 2%. not 98. that's a crisis. i met angel moms and dads, many of them. that's a crisis. >> i've seen it first hand as attorney general, sean. as a prosecutor, i don't know how you can say 130 people die in a day from drug overdoses isn't a crisis. i don't know how democrats can want gun control from law abiding citizens yet guns are flowing over the mexican border into the hands of gang members.
6:44 pm
that makes no sense that that is not a crisis. >> sean: victor, i look at this and i'm like wow, have you never looked at the statistics or, you know, you care about the fence, you want to build a wall, you want to fund it. you care about dreamers and daca. all offered on a silver platter but not in trump offered it up. >> when you see things that are absurd, you ask what have the purpose? who profits? so mexico to take one example is not really a neutral anymore. it's more of an adversary. so are the central american governments. they get $55 billion in annual money. some of it is through entitlements that free up the cash. second, people that are dissidents, they don't march on
6:45 pm
mexico still. they march into the united states. it's a safety valve. they form an ex-patriot lobbying when they come to the united states. that i have a different view of mexico as long as they don't have to live there. as far as the democrats and a progressive mind, it's a win-win, win, sean. it shakes the confidence of the trump base who voted for trump to see this secure border. they don't see it. they hope independence see separations from parent and child. we may see that when the weather warms and the caravans increase. let's be honest. in a cynical -- they purple and red stating blue whether it's california, nevada, colorado, new mexico. they feel the long-term demographic advantages outweigh the sovereignty -- >> sean: let me ask you about smollett. we've got two eye witnesses. we've got the guys that are involved -- say they're involved
6:46 pm
in it. buying the materials. you expect federal charges to be brought up here? >> i think they very well may be, sean. jussie smollett said the guys were white and he didn't know them. these two guys are nigeria and they speak with an accent. it's ridiculous. for maxine waters, that's the woman that has zero credibility with me who enables people to come after me, to come after secretary nielson. she's ridiculous. >> sean: victor, your thoughts? >> very quickly, reminds us that we don't have a quality under the law. if jussie smollett was poor and black, he would be in jail. if he was white and middle class, he would be in jail. class, race and politics. the sequence of events this week, sean. if mike pence did what joe biden did, he would have no liberal insurance. he would be asked to resign. if these parents tried to rig
6:47 pm
their kids into universities were not liberal and wealthy but they were the parents of truck drivers and welders from bakersfield, they wouldn't be treated the same. i think people -- jussie smollett in particular has jumped the shark. he's taken a very suspect genre of fake crimes and taken it's to absurd. nobody would believe it anymore. there's people with maga hats and they have rope. he added each layer of fantasy to the point that he blew up the whole idea. now nobody will believe this ever again. he's responsible for that. >> sean: real victims. the good point. thank you both. more on creepy crazy uncle joe biden and chick-fil-a not welcome at one new york airport. you continue believe the reason why. tammy bruce, sean spicer are next. -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ]
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>> sean: yes get to a lot of breaking news tonight. joining us right now, sean spicer and tammy bruce. we'll get to the issue -- chick-fil-a. i love chick-fil-a. that's one issue. niagara falls, airport, never heard of them. because of the christian beliefs of dave cathy. i want to ask you about -- the creepy joe biden stuff. we'll put up more pictures. the kissing, the smelling of hair, the grabbing, the massaging. it's so creepy to me. i'll let the audience decide. >> to me, he's a pervert. the left and the democrats want it harvey weinstein rape or nothing. what joe biden is doing has -- is part of what we've been
6:53 pm
dealing with the last 30 years on basic sexual harassment issues in the workplace and in public. this is an invasion of your personal space and flores said he restrained her, he pushed his face into her hair and sniffed her. as though he's a dog on the street. >> sean: look at all of these pictures. >> horrible. >> sean: look at that. not that one. >> yeah. it not one situation. the problem is, we've been watching this unfold for a long time. it's everybody knows, as they have said. this is the kind of thing -- >> sean: look at what. what is that? what does that? >> for the me too movement, it wasn't just about rape. this is -- i'm not going to be treated at an object. you don't get to do what you want to do with me because you think i'm a prak ittractivattra. for men that didn't know what was appropriate anymore, my advice is this.
6:54 pm
if you wouldn't do it to a man, don't do it to a woman. it's a very basic standard. >> sean: sean, i've had this experience. people get in your grill. up in your grill. or people, they go to kiss you. searching for your lips. it's like i don't know you. don't touch me. don't grab my shoulders and massage me. jeez. leave me alone. i'm sorry. >> can we go to chick-fil-a? >> sean: you can do whatever you want. >> i feel bad for the folks in niagara falls, buffalo area and san antonio. i feel bad. it's bad for business and bad because they don't get the opportunity to have chick-fil-a. i fly in and out dca regularly. we have a great chick-fil-a there. always a long line. >> sean: i love chick-fil-a. >> it gets rid of the tax revenue that they generate.
6:55 pm
they're busy all the time and great food. when a guy like dan cathy can't support the salvation army, that's a problem. the left has gone out of control so a business like that can't support a great organization like the salvation army. >> sean: you like chick-fil-a? >> i love it. best chicken soup in the world. that's the bottom line. the left supporting the salvation army becomes a crime, we all have a problem? >> sean: good to see you. a horrific story. south carolina college students murdered. she got in a car she thought was her uber. every parent's worst nightmare.
6:56 pm
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welcome to our busy world. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint. that's why, at bp, we're working to make energy that's cleaner and better. we're producing cleaner-burning natural gas. and solar and wind power. and wherever your day takes you... we have advanced fuels for a better commute. and we're developing ultra-fast-charging technology for evs.. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. so we can all keep advancing. >> sean: nathan d. rowland is suspected of murders samantha josephson. look at the surveillance video.
7:00 pm
she's getting into a car after a night out with friends. she thought it was the uber she ordered. found dead hours later. so heart breaking. thoughts and breyers to that family. we're not the hate trumpmedia mob. laura ingraham, how are you? >> i'm all right. i was supposed to be at the border. >> sean: why didn't you go to the border? >> laura: i have the flu. >> sean: you really do? >> laura: yeah. >> sean: you're working? i will do it for her and rescue her. tamiflu, take medicine. >> laura: i did it. thursday and friday and i felt tired. i didn't feel so well. i'm like it can do it. >> sean: i can hear it. >> laura: i'm go to the doctor saturday. he's like you have type a influenza. but you haven't been working o