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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 2, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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stadium. team called him up. got to the game seventh inning and ended up not playing. yankees paid for the ride. your world with cavuto starts now. >> neil: southern border melting down, white house doubling down, congress watching it go down. i am charles in for cavuto. this is your world. fox on top of border officials on alert. homeland security saying our immigration system quote on fire. dhs secretary kierston neilson sending additional 750 agents to the border trending to 100,000 apprehension of illegal immigrants every month. at the white house on what the president is demanding of congress, john? >> charles, good afternoon to you. conference call, dhh officials say the system is melting down
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across the board and reallocate officials to areas that are patrolled by the border patrol is having an economic impact. president dialling back recent days, mexico stepped up to the plate and appear henneding people coming in from northern triangle companies and insisting mexico and congress need to do more or he will shut down the border listen here. >> very easy stopping people coming in from mexico. let's see if they can get it done. if we don't make a deal with congress, the border is going to be closed 100% or close large sections of the border. maybe not all of it.
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it is the only way we are get ago response, totally ready. many people want me to do it. >> president trying to put pressure on mexico and congress by threatening to close the border. president putting pressure on el salvador, guatemala and honduras. democrats say is a horrible idea. here is secretary pelosi. >> point is to have resources that make it feasible. i don't know who is advising him there. if advising is even the word. i don't know who is poisoning his mind on some of these subjects. >> president does acknowledge, charles, white house coming up with plans to mitigate, one
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idea, close out pedestrian and personal travel across the border but leave open commerce lanes. customs and border protection moved from ports of entry to areas in land. brownsville, texas average wait yesterday was three hours. in otaamesa east of san diego, 150 trucks lined up on the mexican side waiting to get in. already seeing commerce being effected. nothing what it would be if the president shut down the border. >> so would dhs and white house stepping up efforts, should congress be doing the same? let's ask fox news contributor, rach
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rachel, zach and jirard. ultimately this is congress's responsibility. they punt or fumble or look the other way time after time. >> in the summer they tried to passion immigration bill that included changes to the asylum law. again due to the enticing of people to abuse our asylum laws causing this crisis at the border. i will say charles, up until now, democrats and the media outside of fox have been able to say this is not a crisis. you are seeing a little crack. last week my husband representative sean duffey did a show on the border and know he even admit it is word crisis doesn't even begin to explain what is happening and how bad it is. my guess is, if the president keeps drawing attention to the
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problem and if border patrol keeps educating the american public, there is a chance maybe the american people will demand even of their democrat congressmen and women they do something about the problem. >> there is no doubt, particularly since jay johnson said forget politics, 4,000 is a nightmare, crisis. zach, president trump also saying democrats don't want this to change if they were to fix it, would be seen as a gop victory. are politics that divided in this nation, we won't resolve these issues because of that? >> i sure as heck not, charles. i will say it is also true the president had both of congresss last couple of years. would have been good to work with them at the time. now it is divided, he is going to have to come to the table on a lot of issues including something like doca. i think politically it would be
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an absolute disaster to close the border. somnambulism border states, 2020 election in arizona that could help decide the balance of the senate. they would have catastrophic impact. politically doesn't make sense. couldn't agree with you and also agree with rachel. realistically, we need to cut through the partisanship. some sort of crisis that needs to be addressed by both parties. >> i also want to say we heard president trump earlier today saying he understands the economic risk in doing this, nevertheless feels like he will be pushed to it and mexico is apprehending people at their southern border. >> he made the case when he was
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implementing countries like china and the trade imbalance against the nice. certainly that hurt farmers in middle america. looking at the immigration issue, very little incentive to get things done given the fact we have an election coming up in a year and a half. democrats and republicans find it in their interest to push and demagogue the issue and blame the other side in particular so they can resonate with their base. >> you know, rachel, when president trump spoke earlier and called idea of going to court as an asylum speaker. no one knows why they show up. does underscore the fact, the system is so broken, if you are desperate, even if you are not a a legal silent seeker, looking for economic opportunity, you are going to take that risk. >> i don't blame anybody that
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wants to come to america. who wouldn't. there are laws. we are a country of laws. one party says let's make legal pathways and another party saying no, we think it is in our electoral interest. phanning frankly as a hispanic person myself, it is a cheap way. president trump is winning hispanics, by enhancing their economic opportunity. data is undeniable that hispanics are doing better under his presidency. democrats think it is a way to win the hispanic vote. these illegal immigrants might be future voters tomorrow. cheap way to win votes, bad way to win votes. in the end, again if american people are properly educated on what is happening on the ground,
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border patrol, a 52% hispanic force. no calls of racism. i think they will demand change from the democrats. they may have to move. it is difficult in a presidential year. >> everyone is saying the same thing. we have cleared a big hurdle. thank you all very much. question now, what if anything is congress going to do about this? arizona representative andy bigs will joining us later. first a key vote, house democrats look to subpoena full unredact unredacted mueller report, can the attorney general release it? the judge is next. >> tech vo: ts puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage...
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>> democrats preparing a subpoena to obtain full unredacted mueller report from
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attorney general barr. >> charles, good afternoon, house committee chairs pressing attorney general william barr writing, wednesday april 3, 2019, house committee will start authorizing subpoenas for the report and underlying evidence and materials. if the department is unwilling to produce the report to congress in unredacted form, we'll have little choice but to take such action. elijah cummings, oversight. adam shift, max seen maxine waters. president trump complains democrats will never g satisfied. >> no collusion, no obstruction and start this process all over again. these are democrats that want to
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try and da mean this country shouldn't be allow. >> still democrats continue pushing for the full mueller report. >> they have turned over the entire report within a day or two. taking place here sharp break through and it is indy fenceable. >> not releasing sensitive material. >> everything should be released if it is legal. should not have classified information. >> attorney general says by mid april, democrats are saying they want it now. charles? >> mike, thank you very much. even if democrats voted for, could bill barr do it? unredacted version of the report might never be seen. fox news senior divisional analyst judge janet napolitano.
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>> if you ask me literally, can bill barr, attorney general take the report and hand it to congress, answer is no. he is regulated by and this is a phrase everybody is going to hear, 6e section of the federal rules of criminal procedure when it has evidence of guilt of someone who has not been indicted from revealing that evidence. this is the rule that james comey violated when he said we are not going to prosecute mrs. clinton, but here is all the evidence. if congress feels it is short circuited they have to go to a federal. judge. only a federal judge can override 6e.
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>> who is the person or persons that you are refering to in this report? >> one would be president trump. maybe some evidence presented to a grand jury. there maybe others. >> does not rise to a proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the president either because he is confident in himself, we know he has a lot of self-confidence or an idea, he said go ahead, release it all. i have nothing to hold back. that might have been a dangerous statement. might have been taken by a federal judge as a waiver of his private si rights, we don't
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know. we don't know if this report is about him or the full record all the other people. >> 400 pages, almost two years, interviews, subpoenas. enormous document, you would assume everything is in there. both transmitted to congress. both not redacted they included grand jury statement, testimony. you are saying this rule you are referring to wasn't around back then? >> rule wasn't around, didn't pertain to this. no longer exist that appointing them. ken star and jer oski did. bob mueller still works for
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rosenstein. star had no boss. that didn't exist anymore. they want to second guess bill barr and bob mueller whether or not the evidence rises to beyond a proof. they no longer want -- they want the underlying documents. it is probably a few million pages of materials. >> wow. amazing. >> judge, thank you very much. >> dow falling 79 points, nasdaq and s&p both at highest level since peaking in october. coming up, sick and tired of ending robocalls and nothing happens? how a republican senator plans to put offenders behind bars.
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>> forget fines, my guest is putting robocallers in jail. in hopes it will soon become law, senator, welcome to the show. >> most across the country are
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incredibly, elderly preyed upon robocallers. there are sufficient deterrents in place to get these robocalls, more importantly the scam ones to an end. >> current deterrents whether they are fines or anything else aren't enough in part because some of these are offshore operators. how would you go after them? >> we believe there is a credible threat, criminal prosecution. that doesn't exist today. fines levied. outside the country, that doesn't effect you. someone testify in front of our committee who said that these fines are a cost of doing business, they actually built it into our model. there has to be a stronger
1:24 pm
deterrent, stronger penalties, strengthen some of the legal authorities that the fcc has. more importantly we believe there is going to have to be to provide disincentive, threat of criminal prosecution. then also allows the telecommunications companies gives them more tools to authenticate calls. they can start to filter these calls. there are three parts to this process. we believe this is something that ought to move. certainly, there is a desire to move by the american public. >> no doubt. cost of doing business when you live in a big city, it is worth doing. the sophistication. my family, my family's numbers.
1:25 pm
technolo technology curves is it enough to catch them? >> certainly will make a dent. they use an area code you recognize is something they developed. they come up with new technologys to get around the filters put in place already. we think there is a real deterrent if you have the threat of criminal prosecution. today like i said, a lot of these financial penalties, something they build into their business model. i think we have got to have more tools in place, not only when it comes to threat of criminal prosecution. make sure that whoever is calling you, somebody calling you to tell you your flight has been cancelled or doctor's
1:26 pm
appointments have been moved. most of the bad actors, violators preying on people. i think that is what we are trying to get at. we think this legislation will make a serious attempt and not end them all. certainly make a dent. >> looking for 100-0 on that vote. i want to switch gears a little bit here, president trump tweeting out, move to go after 'obamacare' will be a post 2020 issue for your party. are you happy with that decision? >> i think it is a realistic one. what the president concluded virtually impossible to get a health care reform bill on the president's desk whose main priority enact 36 trillion dollar government run health care plan. that is where nancy pelosi and the democrats and house are
1:27 pm
coming from. president recognizes in order for us to get the kind of health care that will provide people greater access is going to take republican house. he has concluded best way to get that is after the next election, get him re-elected. >> in the meantime, prescription drug pricing and that is an issue a big priority. >> thank you very much, always a pleasure, thanks. new fallout, former vice president joe biden faces two allegations of inappropriate conduct. nancy pelosi said it won't disqualify him, is she right or wrong, we'll debate it after this. mornings were made for better things than
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so i can rent fast without getting a hair out of place. heeeeey. hey! ah, control. (vo) go national. go like a pro. >> serious security breech president trump's resort and residents in florida. how the heck did it happen? amazing story, wait until you hear it. we are back in 60 seconds. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> i don't think it is disqualifying, i think it is important for the vice president and others to understand, it isn't hah you intended, it is how it was received. >> house speaker nancy pelosi defending former vice president joe biden against allegations of misconduct. he should be aware of
1:32 pm
accusations, they are not disqualifying for a presidential run. does this help provide cover for him to run? capria, let's start with you. joe biden has to join the straight arm club and pretend he has a cold. >> i think what we need to think about, who are the people saying yes, maybe joe biden is a little too friendly so to speak. people know him, people like nancy pelosi and megan mccain. alyssa millano.
1:33 pm
two people that have come forward, do they really know him? is this a one-time thing. >> you shouldn't touch someone you don't know. >> i don't disagree. i do agree with nancy pelosi that this is something about how it is received than what joe biden is about. this isn't about these issues. to me this is about trying to marginalize joe biden before he is in the race because there are progressives out there that don't want to see him in. >> the other stuff has been around a while. it is interesting, this is imnating out of the party. as the republican watching this from afar, how do you see it playing out. >> a long time ago, we looked for candidates that had the
1:34 pm
connectability that would kiss the baby. don't be so cold. mitt romney didn't have a warm presence and that hurt him. joe biden has the ability to connect, warm and loving and whatever. we need to walk the line between men being affectionate and sexual predators. there is a difference, i am from the south. >> i am italian. we give people space. >> personally last year enough, i am a hugger. when i see people i know, i hug them. unfortunately it is the world we are in. from a legal perspective, you know, maybe there is nothing there. as more and more women come forward, if they do, this changes the dynamics of the
1:35 pm
story, doesn't it? >> when we are having this conversation whether it is disqualifying, it is not disqualifying. is nancy pelosi calling it defensible? regardless whether you know him personally or how he acts, there is a huge gap in understanding these actions. even though they are not sexual advances, they are very disrespectful. >> this is the issue, though. >> it is not going to discourage him from running. >> there is a group trying to say, look while you are ahead, don't embarrass yourself. you have republicans jumping on the band wagon. there is a generational gap. >> it is a cop out to call it a generational gap. we have people in politics over 70, over 80 even. it is a lack of getting into 2019 mindset. >> speaking of witch,
1:36 pm
ironically, other old guy in the race people are blaming, bernie sanders had good news. they raised whopping 18.2 million dollars first quarter of the presidential race. could fundraising be another problem for the former vp. >> that is definitely an issue. joe biden may have fallen prey to the hilary clinton syndrome. he is something assumed because he was ahead in the polls which had to do with name recognition. as soon as he gets in the race he is going to scare everybody away. he may have waited too long with these allegations piling on more difficult for him to raise money. it is an uphill battle. >> that is one of the things i noticed. i have a lot of friends on the opposite side of the street, they were doing fundraisers for
1:37 pm
kamala harris and booker. if these big cats are holding fundraisers, where did that leave joe biden? if you are committed with your pocketbook and hosted a huge 100 million dollar fundraiser, you are not doing it for joe biden. he maybe getting it in for joe biden. >> he is going to raise funds, popular. has the name recognition. question of whether females are going to vote, other races are going to vote for him. >> you have been in the public eye this long. a lot of baggage. ladies, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. price spikes, shortages, what would happen if president trump closed the southern border and acts on it? were honest. need cash?
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>> several check points, u.s.-mexico border huge back up our border facing a system wide meltdown. president trump threatening to close it down. our claudia from el paso, texas, claude owe. >> charles, border still open. now it is getting harder and taking a lot longer to cross it. federal officials are facing a quote system wide meltdown at the southern border and shift thousands away from regular jobs to handle flood of migrants especially families seeking asylum. fewer officers that are busy. with reduced staffing, fewer lanes open. longer wait times. one commuter waited three hours. yesterday in mesa, arizona
1:42 pm
backlog of 150 trucks not yet cleared. president acknowledged concerns he said protecting the border is pair mount. >> one of the biggest trade deals in the world we have done with the usmca. very big trading partner. for me, trading is very important. borders very important. security is what is most important. >> while everyone waits to see what president trump decides to do, white house announcing he will visit the border in california to see the situation there firsthand on friday. charles? >> claudia, thank you very much. here with more, arizona republican congressman andy bigs. >> thanks, charles. good to be here.
1:43 pm
we are talking billions of dollars, supply chain, auto parts go back and forth before we get the finished product security is priority no. 1. >> we did this after nine if recall. illegal drug trade and human trafficking dried up in five to six days. that is what happened when the border was shut down. problem we face today, back then the entire country was unified we had to take a security measure extreme. today we are trading more and 50% of the country doesn't thing there is a problem and not acknowledging the security issues we face. we have to have mexico's help. mexico is not doing a thing we
1:44 pm
see two more caravans coming up to mexico today. >> congressman, hearing more of your colleagues acknowledging, they have been backed into a corner after jay johnson say it was a bad day, 4100 is a day catastrophic and boggles the mind how bad it is. have you spoken about being more realistic about this problem? >> i have talked to one or two, they are still dug in. i will say they are moving before it was because they didn't want president trump to get a political victory. now it is like we don't quite know what to do. that is where they have moved. there is a still significant number of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle that say there is no problem. beto o'rourke says let's tear down the fences. i don't know what it is going to take for these people to understand, the reality of over
1:45 pm
a million people apprehended in this current fiscal year. that is what is going to happen. we are only going to get one-third of the people crossing. three mill people will cross this country by this fiscal year. >> castro suggested decriminalizing it. that is the solution. it is not the one americans want to hear. you talked about mexico earlier, sir. president trump said he saw them stepping up. starting to make apprehensives, ability to have tough immigration laws, is this what you want to see as well? >> absolutely. they have tough immigration laws, they are tougher than hour by far. if you can get guatemala to enforce the northern border, you have a chance to cut down. enough ee ee eer if those two c
1:46 pm
can get their act together on their border, that is going to help us on our border. we have asylum laws out of whack and a real problem. >> you are on the judiciary committee and representative natler adamant about going against the mueller report investigation. how adamant he and other democrats are on chasing the mueller report? >> i heard eight to 10 people responded to his request. now he wants attorney general barr and extend to rod rosenstein. they are so distraught. they put all their eggs in one political basket. donald trump and russians colluded. it wasn't true to begin with.
1:47 pm
they told the american people something they couldn't substantiate. they are going to continue on this bath. i don't know how far down they are going to go. nancy pelosi doesn't seem to be able to real them in. maxine waters, adam shif, elijah cummings, all in on this thing. i don't see any end in the term. >> do you feel like they are trying to intimidate ag barr? >> they are left with nothing left, right? they put it all on the mueller report and there is evidence and now there is not. it is a problem. >> congressman, always a pleasure, thank you very much. >> thanks, charles. have a good one. >> how did a woman carrying chinese passports get passed security while the president was there? late breaking details on a
1:48 pm
major, major security breech next. we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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>> new security questions about a woman who faces federal charges after -- >> charles let me just clarify something, he was not actually on the premises on the ground at the time this incident occurred. instead it was at a different property playing golf. either way this is an incident that made its way up to the secret service. this woman had two chinese passports on her. her name is ujing sang.
1:52 pm
four cell phones, laptop computer, external hard drive and thumb drive with malware. she is being arrested for lying to secret service officers. she said she was going to go there to the pool. at that point due to a potential language barrier issue, they believed her to be a relative and allowed her access to the property. show told a receptionist at the club she was going to united nations friendship event between china and u.s. no such event taking place, that raised suspicions on the grounds. she was taken off the grounds, interviewed and faces two different charges, serious questions, charles, as to how she was able to make it on to the ground at maralargo.
1:53 pm
gwen president trump there that weekend. not there at the time. we are uncertain whether or not the first family was there. >> golly, serious questions in deed. coming up, how could a major breech of security like this happen, next? d debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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>> charles: more on the security breach at mar-a-lago. how did this woman enter the property and what damage could she have done? joining us on the phone, former secret service agent and executive director of the law enforcement officers association, pat, two chinese passports, four cell phone, thumb drive with malware and an external hard drive. i'm wondering if she had a duffel bag with this definite. how does it happen? >> charles, there's a couple things. the first is as you mentioned,
1:57 pm
but she had no weapon which is an accomplishment. the other part of it is, there is numerous concentra's earnings and this is really a success and that she was caught before she got anywhere close to where the president was. >> charles: can you assume with this, if she could have gotten into the house, what was she possibly looking to accomplish here? >> as with anybody who's challenged, we don't really know exactly what she would want but it was access obviously to the president. she got nowhere near there. >> charles: or access to a computer in a house or something? she looked like she had the tools to get a lot of information if she got close enough to write equipment. >> yeah and i guess the first part of security is the initial screening and the secondary screening which is more of a
1:58 pm
roving surveillance, currently is what caught her. she never really got close enough that she could have access to anything personal or any computers or anything. but had she got past the second or third level of security, god knows what she would've done. >> charles: she got too close for comfort. in fact, apparently passing three secret service agents. >> if you remember, each of them had a different purpose of talking to her. first was that they -- the receptionist had said she looks like she was a member of a family at the location. this is a major hotel in new york where the general public is going to be coming and going. >> charles: with all due respect, i've been on the streets of new york city when president trump is there. not even your hotel that he was dania or trump tower and there was more screening than this.
1:59 pm
shouldn't heads roll? shouldn't there be accountability? something awful could've happened. >> secret service always -- secret service goes to school on any type of incident like this and i'm sure that they will be increasing the amount of security and that it will be looking more and more like a street in new york after this. >> charles: she could've had anything in this bag. we lucky she did not but it could've been a weapon. >> they had magnetometers, to my knowledge. anybody getting in that close is going to be screened. the good news as i said was there was no weapon involved. >> charles: that is the good news. your experience, did you ever seen anything like this before? >> i will tell you the truth. much like we said before, most of my experiences were major urban areas and not golf clubs. everybody is kind of changing their procedures now. >> charles: thank you.
2:00 pm
appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> charles: democrats seizing on president trump division the pleasure of health care until the 2020 election. all republicans worried? melinda asked florida republican senator rick scott tomorrow on "making money" on fox business. here is "the five." >> tyrus: i am greg gutfeld with katie pavlich, juan williams, jesse watters, dana perino. "the five" ." as the knives come out for joe, one must ask who is worse, the media and democrats rushing to defend the guy or the media and democrats rushing to condemn him. you can hold these to thoughts. biden has acted strange and yes, it's a calculated hit to get him out of the race by his own side. it's not just about coaching women but being an old white man which for the left is worse than a


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