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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 3, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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train to hawaii and they beat me with the green new deal i deserve to lose. shannon: getting rid of cow flatulence, great policy, new podcast, very philosophical. listen, shannon bream, fox news at night team. shannon: my worst grade in college, the only see that i got was philosophy. maybe i need to listen to your podcast. i might learn something. that classroom and my gpa. look at me now. been in shambles ever since. shannon: you did the right thing by getting an a-in philosophy. >> i wish. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. shocking insight into how dire things are at the southern border and breaking news on how
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homeland security is handling what even the president's critics admit is a humanitarian crisis as the president threatens to shut down the border altogether. with mexico and our own congress don't get something concrete done. two more women come forward with accusations about inappropriate interactions with joe biden sending the democratic party into more turmoil. how they are dealing with growing allegations? under fire for a potential scandal in ukraine, the former vice president got the top prosecutor fired? that man was investigating a company paying his son millions of dollars. peter schweitzer is live with the inside scoop. welcome to fox news at night, we go to trace gallagher in the la bureau as we learn how dhs is handling the growing border crisis.
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>> reporter: the president made it clear he's prepared to shut down the us-mexico border and is trying to lay this solving for stricter immigration laws by moving out of central america. so far it doesn't appear capitol hill is scrambling for a solution but donald trump says mexico appears to be taking the threat to heart. >> they apprehended 1000 people today at the southern border, there southern border and i said why didn't somebody do that in the first place. >> for now the border remains open but in case that changes the white house has been studying options like closing different parts of the border or closing parts and keeping truck lanes open. the very prospect of a closed border resulted in a push to get goods across leading to delays at some texas border crossings in the number countries to keep
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talking about how he shutdown would affect the economy the president says he's more worried about securities and trade. homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen equally to the border situation with a disaster everyone can recognize. >> one of if not the biggest crisis this country faced in a decade truly. security aspects of this humanitarian aspect of this have got to be addressed. this is at the top of our list at dhs, we've announced today we are not treating this like a massive hurricane disaster. >> meaning the secretary has ordered emergency surge operations to handle the influx of migrants including shifting 750 border patrol agents to areas of higher need and re-implementing migrant protection protocols that would
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keep us asylum-seekers in mexico while claims are processed because the president has repeatedly complained about the catch and release program he calls the dumbest immigration system in the world and with all of that said another caravan of central american and caribbean migrants are now in the southern mexican state of chiapas moving north. shannon: it continues, thank you very much. dhs secretary kirsten nielsen says the agency is treating the border crisis with the same protocol as a major national disaster. let's bring in the power panel, julian epstein, president of the national border patrol council brandon judd and are in c committee chairwoman for california harmony dylan, welcome to all of you. i want to start with you. what is the truth factually, party aside, what is going on at the border. >> if you look at the crisis we have the biggest problem the united states border patrol has ever faced in its history. i worked in tucson in the mid-2000s when it was the
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biggest crisis of the time. know we are facing something completely different. we had 25,000 people across our borders that were able to even aid apprehensions that we don't know who they were or what their intentions are better now here in the united states and they have done that because all our resources are being taken to handle all of these asylum-seekers. this is an actual crisis and we have to do something about it and if we don't we are going to be in trouble. >> across the partisan divide it seems people are going to agree there is a crisis with ecology military or a national security crisis or both, they agree the numbers surging past are leading to a situation where more people are left in a situation where they are going to be released and they are coming here is family units, unaccompanied minors, or turned around and not have a chance to pursue the life they would like to because the numbers, it is catastrophic, they cannot handle the process. >> you are sticking your hand in the sand if you don't agree or to knowledge there is a crisis,
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seeing illegal crossings increase by a factor of threefold or fourfold, chris nielsen, secretary nielsen's letter to congress was a very good and compelling explanation of the crisis. you have to -- the key question is whether we are going to see a bunch of chest thumping and political posturing or really going to try to fix the problem. fixing the problem involves first using efforts at the front line. carrots and 6 with mexico and our central american with which we should be allies central america falling into disrepair, authoritarian leaders, it is chaos and the us has got to step in and play a leadership role cutting a fade is the wrong thing to do. that's the first step. the second step is border security, the system for processing whether it is asylum-seekers or people trying to come and in other forms in
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the immigration system is completely broken, the system is overwhelmed, they don't have the ability to handle the number of people crossing, don't have the security forces, the system is incomplete disrepair. once people get here, what secretary nielsen refers to as incentives for central americans to come to the united states, we are doing nothing about visa over stays or employer sanctions. if we are serious about this we have to deal with all three problems, using carrots and sticks with a central american country, fixing the border security problem and the processing problem which is incomplete this repair and taking away all the incentives for people to abuse the system once they are here. >> it is interesting because the new york times also points to this that it is a two pronged issue as far as the immediate enforcement, he said mexico and
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he says congress, migration was spurred by mexican policy. according to migrants, local officials and migration scholars. the increase has been spurred by the policies of the president of mexico. deportations plummeted. the president speaking at an event, he did say we are seeing the maximum from some. he told him it will be rough for you. i will close down this border he said today, security is more important than trade but also said to congress you've got to get something done. it is two pronged, those are the two responsible buckets. >> the problem is the president seems to be the only one taking leadership and trying to propose some solutions here. closing the 50 border checkpoints, crossing is one area to do, it will hurt americans as well. we are not talking about here is members of congress on the democratic side and some on the republican side are okay turning a blind eye to the significant
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problem and democrats are pandering to this voter base and see it as a future voter base to them, they don't want to stem this problem, they think it is fine and they spent all day long, we haven't talked about the fact that most of these candidates are condemning what our government is doing at the border to keep americans safe and that is outrageous. when you have j johnson and cnn commentators talking about the crisis and having abuses in the asylum system we need legal reforms of the asylum system, to provide more human beings on the border to take care of these people and make sure there isn't violence, human trafficking going on across the border. this is a serious problem. there are actually gangs of people recycling children, bring them across with the family and then send them back, that is outrageous, turning a blind eye
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to it -- >> compounding human suffering on both sides of the border. we are out of time on this issue but that is something we should all be able to agree on regardless of party or ideology that kids should never be used or trafficked that way, we've got to find a solution. thank you, panel, great to have you with us. fresh accusations of inappropriate behavior by joe biden for a 2020 democratic primary field into uncertainty, over the vice president's picture has some rich and famous considering their political futures. you are here to tell us about that. >> happy to be here with you. the list of women accusing joe biden keeps growing, the new york times reporting two additional women saying his physical contact with a public events was too close for comfort, 222-year-old caitlin caruso claims he put a hand on her thigh and hugged her a little too long 3 years ago at
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an event, discussing sexual assault. 59-year-old writer tj hill claims at a fundraising event in minneapolis in 2012 the vice president put his hand on her shoulder for a picture but she got very uncomfortable when he started dropping his hand down her back until her husband noticed and interrupted with a joke. >> as the former vice president pushes back on suggestions biden intentionally mistreated women several advisors believe folks tied to bernie sanders are pushing these stories as part of an anti-biden campaign. the sanders campaign tonight playing any role with the campaign manager saying neither the bernie sanders campaign or anyone involved in it planned cajoled or otherwise urged anyone to tell their story. donald trump is embracing any suggestion of democratic infighting and welcome joe biden at a house gop fundraising dinner this evening. >> looks like the only non-heavy
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socialist is being taken care of. our former vice president, i don't know him well. i was going to say welcome to the world, joe. you having a good time? >> despite the growing list of women accusing the 76-year-old of inappropriate contact us and he's going to enter the race. however if he decides not to former new york city mayor michael bloomberg may decide to take up the moderate mantle of the democratic primary is a candidates race to the left. the billionaire businessman said he would not run for president, told allies he would reconsider a 2020 bid if biden opt out. with all signs pointing toward another biden campaign, nancy pelosi gave her longtime colleague credit for going forward. >> i'm a member of the straight arm club. you have a cold and i have a
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cold. >> one indication the president's allies view biden as a serious challenge of the party nomination is the pro-trump great america pack released a new ad targeting biden over these allegations. shannon: thank you. 191 house members have signed a petition to force a debate on the born alive abortion survivor protection act which says doctors must provide medical care to babies that survive abortions with, charges. steve scalise is leading the effort. he leads 218 signatures which means 21 democrats will have to join pro-life republicans in order to get a vote.
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federal prosecutors say a woman got into donald trump's monologue:00 in florida with two chinese passports and much more. there are 2-year-old woman allegedly kept changing her story to various secret service agents. documents allegedly securing four cell phones, a laptop, external hard drive and thumb drive containing computer malware. officials say so far no evidence she had any nefarious motives. trumpcare 2020. will voters by it, the president double down on a big promise. >> we are going to be the party of great healthcare and the democrats have let you down. >> we are here to sort out. richard fowler, doctor mark siegel next. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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the biggest week in television is almost here. xfinity watchathon week. starting april 8th, enjoy free access to the best shows and movies from hbo, showtime, epix and more. what! whether it's more jaw droppers, standing o's upon standing o's or tv's biggest show stoppers. get more into what you're into. get ready to watch with xfinity x1 or the xfinity stream app. xfinity watchathon week. free starting april 8th. boop! >> shannon: president trump says the g.o.p. will roll out its to replace obamacare aft >> donald trump says the gop will rollout its plan to replace obamacare after he is reelected. republicans retake the house. he had harsh words for democrats going to authorize subpoenas for
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the mueller report just hours from now. >> big day tomorrow on capitol hill. democrats what the mueller report delivered to the hill today. that didn't happen. the attorney general has 400 pages to go through. house judiciary chairman tells fox news no more excuses. a subpoena for the report will be issued tomorrow morning. >> very bad thing for the united states, total waste of time. >> donald trump not mincing words about the mueller report as democrats say a subpoena is on deck for tomorrow morning. >> we have to see this information to protect the american people and has to be the congressional judgment. the congress knows how to handle classified information. we will use the subpoena as necessary to make sure we get the report and all the underlying arguments. >> the attorney general wants
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congress rejections would be made to protect sensitive information. >> i have great respect for the attorney general but i will tell you this. nothing you give them, shifty shift or jerry nadler who has been fighting me half of my life, anything we do will never be enough. we could give them 800 pages and it wouldn't be enough. >> the president took a swipe at democrats and their support for obamacare, a plan recently ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in texas, the president says republicans have a plan, just won't come out until after the 2020 election assuming he stays in the white house and nancy pelosi pans her gavel to a republican. >> when the plane comes out, you will see it, it is possible democrats would want to do it, we go through the election, we have a chance of retaking the house and we have a chance of keeping the senate and i think we will keep the senate and i think we will keep the presidency and we will vote in the best health care package we ever had.
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>> democrats want to see it and have criticized him for being an office two years with no plan for the public to see. more pressing, that subpoena of the mueller report. >> thank you, david. counting down to 2020, joe biden throwing the democratic party into turmoil, donald trump back to healthcare. time for the power panel. and fox news medical contributor doctor mark siegel, great to have you with us. let's play what the president had to say about this mantle of healthcare. >> i think the republican party will become the party of healthcare. if we get back the house and on the assumption we keep the senate and we keep the
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presidency which i hope are two good assumptions we will have a phenomenal healthcare. >> they have a lot to put together in a relatively short time, to completely remake healthcare as we know it in the us. >> i don't think the supreme court or any lower courts are going to overturn obamacare because of the legal argument called severability and statute law. i won't get into the legal part of this but is also the idea that when an entitlement is in place it usually stays in place in the united states but that doesn't mean the republicans can't be the party of healthcare and healthcare reform because obamacare has had its two front teeth knocked out because the individual mandate is gone and it wasn't working when it was there, 6 million people a year taking the penalty because they didn't want to pay exorbitant premiums and high deductibles to cover essential benefits they
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never need. what trump can do and has shown you he wants to do is add more choice, more different kinds of plans, association plans across state lines, more generic drugs to bring down the cost of prescription drugs and most importantly on the issue of choice, price transparency. he is going to focus more and more on that and you will see more shrubbery rather than just a single tree of obamacare. i predict the medicaid expansion will stay in but they have to work on these work requirements for able-bodied medicaid recipients you have to be told community service or education or get a job, less and less people and medicaid rolls by getting them to work. that's reforming healthcare. he may be talking big now about repeal. repeal isn't going to get through the courts. >> he knows and all polling shows us that healthcare costs are one of the biggest issues if not the top issue for most voters out there so by saying yes, republicans are going to
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tackle this is he trying to flip the script on democrats who said we were going to talk about and he says we are too. >> he could probably take it to nancy pelosi, you have to find out for me what is in. i love the good doctor but with the good doctor is doing is this is all speculation and the reason it is speculation, the reality is we haven't seen it from healthcare plan. we haven't seen republican healthcare plan. we heard bits and pieces here, bits and pieces there but we haven't seen a comprehensive plan from republicans on how they plan to cover the same amount of people, cover preexisting conditions, allow students in college to get healthcare coverage, in the world we currently live in. without that i have nothing to speculate on or speculate about. shannon: just to see the numbers they are exponentially more people on private insurance health plans than any form of obamacare, they don't want to pay premiums, there's no penalty
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for the individual mandate anymore. when people on the campaign trail see what their options are, medicaid for all, medicare for all, socialized medicine, the polling shows as soon as people realize with the offset is, delay treatment times or higher taxes they back off being interested in it so which party gains the advantage in 2020? >> that goes to why the president is bringing up healthcare now. he wents the 2020 election to be a referendum on medicare for all and the green new deal and these larger progressive platforms because they are ones you see paul overwhelmingly in his favor when people dig into the particulars of these policy proposals and by saying the republican party will be the party of healthcare and pushing and trying to turn it into a referendum in 2020s playing on the calculus that democrats especially in the progressive primary field are talking more about medicare for all, the republican party, any
12:26 am
alternative which allows private insurance is going to come out on top and will reverse the losses we've seen in the house in 2018. >> i want to get our second topic which is new allegations against vice president biden and i want to hear from all of you. 's defenders saying he's very friendly, this is the way he's always been with men and women, it's not sexual but there are those saying if he doesn't intend it to be inappropriate sexual this is shown he is out of touch and not going to be the standardbearer for democrats which are much more progressive and enlightened in 2019. comments from each of you. >> the issue is the working class. any democratic candidate -- biden had some appeal because he might have gone to the states like pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota, wisconsin. the problem democrats have is most of their other candidates like harrison warren, these
12:27 am
candidates are not don't get the purple states, they don't have an appeal to the working class, they are too extreme, talking about socialized medicine, socialism basically so they have to have to a candidate who can go down the middle. bloomberg doesn't have big appeal to the working class either. they've got a big problem. >> just very quick, 10 seconds on the former vice president. >> we have to have a road to reconciliation. you heard it over and over again, those who know the vice president who can speak to his character. including alyssa milano. a leading member in the me too movement. >> i'm not when it became a progressive position to apologize to people when you make them feel uncomfortable and it doesn't matter on intent. it matters how these things were perceived. that is where we should be in 2019. instead the vice president, right-wing twitter trolls saying
12:28 am
his intent was not to make anybody feel uncomfortable. >> diving into 2020, we should know soon. breaking news on a new headache for the former vice president, potential scandal involving him and his son. - there are tens if not hundreds of thousands
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so i can rent fast without getting a hair out of place. heeeeey. hey! ah, control. (vo) go national. go like a pro. ♪ >> shannon: new scrutiny tied over former vice president jo >> new scrutiny over the former vice president's past comments and actions in ukraine. not long ago he bragged about pressuring the country to fire to top prosecutor who just so happened to be investigating corruption in a natural gas company paying his son millions of dollars. peter schweitzer, great to have you with us tonight. people know what the former vice
12:33 am
president had to say. >> the prosecutor is not fired and you are not getting the money. they put in place someone who was solid at the time. shannon: what is that about? >> very interesting. he is referring to a prosecutor in ukraine who he wanted fired and what joe biden told the ukrainian government is if you fire i will uphold loan guarantees from the united states. joe biden was the point person on obama administration policy toward ukraine. the problem is if that prosecutor was investigating his son who was on the board and being paid by the natural gas company started by a former government minister, very
12:34 am
corrupt entity, based on financial records from a related court case that he was paid some $3.9 million, just 14 months period and joe biden had the prosecutor fired who was investigating that company. the new prosecutor who took his place the joe biden called solids in those comments wants to reopen that case and investigate hunter biden for money laundering and other assorted charges and share the information with us attorney general william barr so things are about to get interesting for joe biden's family. >> how can this work if he decides to get into the 2020 race? the president's opponents have tried to link him and his family to russia and inappropriate relationships and accusations of all kinds. what democrats hesitate to choose the vice president biden is there man knowing he might
12:35 am
have this whole ukraine things that he would have to answer for as well? >> great question. it goes beyond ukraine. is the regular guy. his son hunter biden until 2009 when his father became vice president was a lobbyist for the online gaming industry. he then started a financial services company called seneca partners, lines of not only a deal with ukraine but also got a private equity deal with the chinese government for $1 billion. hunter biden flew over with his father to beijing, china on air force to to close the deal. it is not just ukraine but a whole host of other foreign money the biden family was getting rich off of while joe biden was america's chief diplomat to those countries.
12:36 am
a huge problem in a huge vulnerability. shannon: new york times is reporting in 2015 about these relationships, a statement saying hunter biden is a private citizen, the president is not involved in these situations involving hunter, his business is his own thing. >> the united states in 2011 signed up for the international bribery agreements, signed by hillary clinton. a payment is a bribe whether it is whether it goes to a politician's family member so just because hunter biden was not in the government is irrelevant. of the chinese government, the ukrainians, money coming from the money of the prime minister during this time they are making payments to the vice president's on to get favorable treatment from the vice president that is
12:37 am
a bribe whether joe biden takes that money or not. that kind of answer is not going to clear this up >> keep us updated with your investigation and we will see that with hunter biden as well. thank you. germany on a financial commitment to nato and donald trump called them out for it. general jack keane on that and why the us should care how cozy germany is getting with russia. i'm here to let all these folks know how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with geico- oi oi oi set the pick! kick it outside!! shoot the three! shoot the three!! yessssssss!!!!!! are you...ok? no, no i'm not. i think i pulled a hammy. could we get some ice? just one cube of ice?
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>> it's called burde >> it is called burden sharing is when i came it wasn't so good and they are catching up but we are working at the 2% of gdp level and at some point i think it is going to have to go higher than that, probably it should be higher. >> some people not making it to 2%. the president praising some nato members for contributions. also saying some countries are taking advantage and will have to step up. the first nato chief to address
12:42 am
a joint meeting of congress. with all these issues out there let's bring in senior strategic analyst general jack keane. great to have you with us. what do you make of this situation with germany, not only going to make 2% but they might make 1.25%. in an opinion piece in the wall street journal they say it is not driven by fiscal urgency, germany is projected to have a balanced budget after last year's surplus. the decision is clear, nato and the us are not as important to germany as they used to be. >> that is clear. angela merkel has lost a lot of political support based on the decisions she made like immigration. she's not going to serve again. this is probably a change in her priorities, wanting to get some domestic programs done but i truly believe the elephant in
12:43 am
the room is her relationship with the united states and particularly donald trump and she has found her nose at what the united states has been doing in terms of pushing nato to meet the 2% goal. she's going to blow the 2% goal because she forecasted 1.25 for the next 5 years and the goal is to% by 2024 so she's not getting there obviously. secondly nato has really stepped up. by the end of this year there would be an increase in nato defense spending. the president to take credit for that because he puts them in a way no previous president has ever done and the other thing is cozying up to russia and building the pipeline which many nato members subject to particularly the united states because germany will have a dependency on russia.
12:44 am
vladimir putin's number one strategic objective is to weaken the transatlantic nato alliance and if he could, to break it. these are evidences of that taking place. >> a nato ally we having trouble with his turkey and the pentagon has halted the of 35 to them and they are, against us objections, buying the anti-arab defenses from washington and there are worries that using our jayme closs 5 information and technology with the russian material they will get all kinds of information we may not want them to have. >> this is the right call. when erdogan was buying the as/400 missile defenses, that was the best missile defense system in the world and if we have a confrontation with russia russia will shut off the supply chain for that system and won't be able to sustain it so i don't
12:45 am
know what he is thinking. secondly cutting off the jayme closs 5, the most advanced still fighter in the world, put those together and erdogan would be able to figure out what needs to be done with the as/400 to help defeat the jayme closs 5 which russia would benefit from which is why they are slamming the door on the of 35 sale just to be able to protect the technology and not wind up in moscow. >> it is one of the things with bipartisan support, good to see the parties agree on something that should be apolitical but what do you make of this trouble because they are a nato ally and yet they are taking a lot of steps that are not in us national interests. >> absolutely. erdogan turned his country more islamic and more authoritarian and has pressed people in his
12:46 am
jail houses more than most authoritarian regimes have, and clearly he also has been closer to russia. russia has been working strategically to replace the united states as the most influential country in the middle east and as you mentioned turkey matters. the second largest military behind the united states, their strategic location geographically is very valuable to nato because it sits at the crossroads of europe and asia touching the middle east. it is crucial to maintain nato as a functioning ally and to maintain turkey as a functioning ally. the good news is he had a local election and he had major political setback so i think he knows people have not been approving some of the moves he has been making.
12:47 am
>> it will be interesting to watch the address by the nato secretary-general. we will see what he says. thank you for coming in. check out this incredible site, a disaster headed towards a major city. stick around, we will tell you what happened and show you as well. google employees demand removal of an african-american woman from a new ethics advisory board, trace is on the case, back to that story. ♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering.
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>> shannon: tonight, chi >> chicago has its first black female mayor. lori lightfoot was elected in a runoff for the nation's third largest city defeating one who served on chicago, the trump administration reportedly investigating the chinese acquisition of gay dating apps grinder. reports as the committee on foreign investment started it last summer because it was concerned about the security of sensitive user data. the hiv status of millions of gay people. 1000 google employees are petitioning for the ouster of evan african-american woman. google advisory board designed to advance diverse viewpoints. trace gallagher is here to tell us what is controversial about
12:52 am
this? >> to create advanced technology, external advisory council google brought in eight people from outside the company to consult major issues how to ethically and fairly implement artificial intelligence especially hot button technology for issues like facial recognition. this is meant to offer diverse viewpoints but hundreds of google employees are trying to shutdown the viewpoint of councilmember james, the first african-american woman to become president of the conservative heritage foundation. the group of employees call themselves google is against trans phobia and says google is making clear its version of ethics values proximity to power over the well-being of trans people, other lgbt key people and immigrants. james oppose federal legislation like the equality act because she says it is not equality and
12:53 am
would, quote, open every female bathroom and sports team 2 biological males. in a fox news op-ed last week james wrote about socialism, quoting again, politicians once ran from the term, now they embrace and polls show younger people are favoring it while conservatives have the right answers, we need to do a better job communicating. we fail to break through the constant deluge of socialist claptrap our future and there's is in parallel when google stood behind the appointment of james saying she was added to do of shore diversity, they accused the company of weapon i think the language of diversity. employees previously petitioned the company demanding it refrain from technology that can be used in military warfare. for years google has been accused of censoring conservative viewpoints and policies. even going as far as to debate
12:54 am
whether it should bury conservative news outlets in the company up search function. shannon: thanks very much. california banning travel to south carolina in the western roundup. california attorney general xavier becerra adding south carolina as the 10th state public employees and college students are not allowed to take tax dollar funded trips to because of what he says are the status discriminatory policies. the policy band publicly funded travel to protect the autonomy of faith-based organizations. four people found that in north dakota including the owner of the company. police have not released suspects names are the causes of death but say the general public is not major. the state of why buying $70,000 worth of upgraded rifles from law enforcement, only to throw them into storage. the decades-old plot prevents hawaii officers from using any
12:55 am
rifles. and aging african elephant unable to get up on her own after falling on her side in the colorado zoo. it took 20 workers including some from the fire department and rescue teams along with a crane to get on her feet. our midnight hero next. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now
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walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola - all for just $10.99. hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules. shannon: check out this massive water tornado from georgetown, malaysia. running for their lives. no reported injuries but 50 homes and businesses were destroyed. it dissipated in five minutes. a nevada single mother in shock after her 13-year-old son make the sacrifice. and to get his manner car, to seal the deal. you are amazing, totally our
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hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. >> to me the most important job i have is the security of our country. >> a massive cat 5 hurricane disaster. heather: it is "fox and friends first" at 4:00 am on the east coast. fox news alert, homeland security secretary kirstjen and promising donald trump will do everything in his power to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. more military resources next, we are live from the ground in the texas border.


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