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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 5, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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soon nuf said. >> jesse: well done. hell of a hat. >> tyrus: thank you. >> jesse: that's it for us tonight. see you back here on monday. have a nice weekend, everybody. ♪ >> jon: this is a fox news alert. i'm john roberts in for bret baier. president trump says the immigration system is full and the u.s. cannot take in any more people. the president is in california at this moment. he is wrapping up a tour of a section of border fencing after taking part in a round table on immigration and border security. the visit comes as the president continues to threaten mexico with tariffs or a border shutdown if it does not improve security on its side. correspondent kristin officialer is in calexico, california right now. hi, kristin. >> john, the white house says this is the first finished section of the president's border wall. it's 30 feet tall. about 2 miles long.
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the original plans actually date back to the obama administration. it wasn't funded until president trump took office, which is why there is now a plaque on the wall with his name on it. >> we expect to have close to 400 miles done within about three years from now. >> president trump is putting a timeline on his plan to get his border wall built despite a new lawsuit from 20 states led by california, challenging his national emergency declaration to fund it. at a meeting with border patrol and immigration officials nut california border town of calexico, president trump said the wall is needed now more than ever to stop a collosal surge of migrants. >> this is our new statement. the system is full. can' a 400 percent increase in the apprehensions of family units in the el centro border sector from january and february of this year to the same time last year. critics say it's a sign the hard line immigration
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policies aren't working. >> his administration told us that if we could just be cruel enough to separate little children from their parents that that would deter, that would stop more families from coming from central america to our border. and here we are a year later and actually the opposite of that is true. >> after days of threatening to shut down the southern border entirely, today president trump thanked mexico for stepping up. >> the last four days has done more than they have ever done. they are apprehending people now by the thousands and bringing them back to their countries, bringing them back to where they came from. >> he is now giving mexico one year to stop the flow of migrants or else he says he will slap tariffs on mexican auto exports. the new tariff with mexico that president trump signed in november the usmca would prevent him from doing that the president says border security is more important this will supersede usmca. usmca is a good deal and great for mexico.
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this will supersede usmca. >> on this border tour president trump was supposed to be joined by his pick to lead the customs enforcement agency ron vitiello, the white house sent a letter yesterday that his nomination was being withdrawn. >> ron is a good man but we are going to go in a tougher direction. >> before this new wall went up, the border patrol chief here in the el centro sector said her agents were getting rocks or large chunks of concrete then at them every single day. he shoe said the number of assaults has dropped 65%. john? job john we will have more with this with the panel later on today. kristin fisher on the border with calexico, thanks. former vice president joe biden says is he very close to making an announcement about whether he will run for president. biden gave a fiery speech today to union electrical workers here in washington. during the event he made light of the controversy
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over his inappropriate touching of women which prompted some criticism. correspondent david spunt has it all for us tonight. hello, david. >> hi, john, this was biden's first public appearance since the accusations of inappropriate touching and he wasted no time addressing it in front of a large crowd this morning in washington. the moment he took the stage, biden greeted the president of the international brotherhood of electrical workers with a hug. he assured the crowd that he got permission first. a few minutes into his remarks, he brought it up again, this time inviting some children to join him on stage. >> by the way gave me permission to touch him. [applause] >> after the speech he was asked about the accusations. >> the fact of the matter is i made it clear that if i made anyone feel comfortable i feel badly about that. that was never my intention, ever, ever, ever. i'm sorry i didn't understand more. i'm not sorry for any of my
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intentions. i'm not sorry for anything that i ever ever done. i have never been disrespectful, intentionally to a man or a woman. >> earlier this week the vice president 2020 teased talking about a whole lot of issues. today he was a little bit dodgy when pressed on his plans to run for president. >> i'm told by the lawyers that i have got to be careful what i say so that i don't start a clock ticking. and change my status. but -- i am very close to making a decision to stand before you all relatively soon. >> president trump showed zero signs of concern though this morning when asked about the biden controversy and the chance of a challenge. >> >> what exactly is offensive about joe biden's behavior and are you the right messenger for that? >> yeah. i think i'm a very good
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messenger and people got a kick out of it he is going through a situation. let's see what happens. i just don't see him as a threat. he has been there a long time. his record is not good. he would have to run on the obama failed record. >> i asked the former vice president about trump's criticism he brushed it off with a smile. john, it sure sounds like biden is going to get in the race it may be a matter of when. one thing we can tell you for sure. he says if he does announce. he wants to be the last candidate to announce, john? >> jon: we will see. david spunt for us tonight on the entrance to a possible campaign trail for joe biden. david, thanks. many of the democrats who want to replace president trump are sales pitch tonight. >> we have a president today who is a racist. >> senator bernie sanders launching direct attacks against president trump in front of a packed room of black voters today. sanders is one of a dozen 2020 democratic presidential candidates who spoke at the
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national action network convention in new york this week. all of whom blamed trump for worsening institutional racism and growing disparities in america. >> good morning to all my sisters and brothers. >> senator kamala harris is the only black female presidential contender. california's former attorney general has positioned herself as the best candidate to reform the criminal justice system while putting an end to mass incarceration. though, some critics are weary of harris' history as a tough prosecutor. >> we need to double the size of the civil rights division of the united states department of justice. we need to increase pattern and practice investigation like did i in california. and it means enforcing consent decrees. >> candidates focused on closing the racial gaps in black. >> the average white family. >> but president trump contends the black community is doing better under his
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leadership. 7.9% to 6.7%. an average weekly income is up $37. senator elizabeth warren says those numbers don't tell the real story. she is calling for free universal child care and early education. >> black women are more likely to be bread winners for their family, are more likely to work more, are more likely to get paid less. and are the least likely to be able to afford don't child care. >> the biggest ovation of the day was not even for a presidential contender but for representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. the freshman democrat. >> ultimately ending injustifiable is about ending the root causes of despair. >> the latest fox news polling shows 88% of for african-americans disapprove 6 president trump. anti-trump message won't be enough to win in 2020. must increase black voter
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turnout which saw a record drop in 2016. john? >> jon: briabryan llenas. last night fox news hosted howard schultz for a town hall meeting in kansas city. we are looking forward to welcoming democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders to another town hall session 10 days from now. and senator sanders is, apparently looking forward to coming. >> in the ring during the last campaign i did a town meeting with a fellow by the name of brit baier who did it fairly he did it straightforward. believe me, we went over the ground rules before and they kept their word. so, to me, it is important to distinguish fox news from the many millions of people who watch fox news. >> right. >> i think it is important to talk to those people. >> and for the record it's bret baier. you can see the town hall with senator sanders april 15th from bethlehem, pennsylvania. big hiring gains in the
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march jobs report hit the markets in a good mood heading into the weekend. the dow was up 40. the s&p 500 finished ahead 13. the nasdaq jumped 47. for the week green lights across the board. the dow gained almost 2 percentage points the s&p 500 over 2. nasdaq finished up almost 2.75%. the new jobs report comes as the administration is trying to putt the finishing touches on landmark deal with china. correspondent rich edson has an update tonight where things stand with trade and the economy. >> the u.s. audited 196,000 jobs last month. that's 102 straight months of job growth in an american economy with continued low unemployment. the bureau of labor statistics say the economy averaged 180,000 jobs created the first three months of this year. during the same stretch last year, the u.s. averaged 223,000 jobs a month. >> i personally think the fed should drop rates. i think they really slowed
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us down. >> president trump says he also wants the federal reserve to resume big bonds to keep down the cost of borrowing money and stimulate the economy. to prevent the economy from overheating, the fed has been trying to reverse those policies. originally employed to address the financial crisis and massive recession. investors are also watching ongoing trade negotiations between the united states and china. china's top trade negotiator has been in washington trying to reach an agreement with the trump administration. the president has called the potential agreement epic, as officials say they are addressing a wide range of issues. >> we have gone further than we ever have before in negotiating some of the difficult issues. and, in general, by the way, the scope of these talks is like nothing else we have ever had in the history of u.s.-china relations. >> the u.s. and china have raised tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars in imports and the u.s. has accused china of unfair trade practices and stealing american trade secrets. >> i don't want to predict a
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deal or not a deal. but we're very well along. we have really negotiated probably the two hardest points very successfully for. the agreement is still a sticking points between the two countries. >> president trump says he will know in the next few weeks whether the united states and china can reach a trade agreement. if so, he says he have a summit with chinese president xi jinping. john? >> rich edson at the state department. attorneys for michael cohen are begging members of congress to help keep their client out of prison. cohen's legal team says in a letter to lawmakers he is still sorting through documents in his personal files that might be of interest to house democrats investigating the president. cohen is running out of time to stay out of prison. is he supposed to begin a three-year prison sentence next month for tax evasion, fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to congress. we are learning more tonight about the man who police say
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lied about being a kidnapped child missing since 2011. they say he has made similar claims before. here is correspondent matt finn. >> it's like reliving that day all over again. >> a gut punch for the timmothy pitzen family. the u.s. attorney's office revealing today 23-year-old brian rini was caught lying to police for the third time about being the victim of juvenile sexual trafficking when he told kentucky police this week he was this boy 6-year-old timmothy pitzen who went missing in 2011. >> as a representative of the united states government and as a father my heart goes out to the family of the victim, timmothy pitzen of this terrible kidnapping. and any additional page that this incident may have caused them. >> police say as they investigated rini's claim they warned him about the penalties of lying to police. he insisted he was missing timothy. rini was then confronted with the results of his d.n.a. test. that's when he confessed
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claiming he saw timmothy pitzen's story on tv in hopes of he is scang his family. his family says he has mental health issues. >> i feel sorry for what he has done. i hope he gets out. i hope hope he goes to prison for this or at least an institution. >> outraged authorities warning there are serious penalties for lying to police saying 50 law enforcement and health officials were diverted from true missing cases to this hoax. >> there is no greater win for law enforcement than to be able to find a missing child. i can't actually imagine how horrible it is for that family. >> rini faces up to 8 years in prison and scheduled to be in bond court on tuesday. john? >> bizarre story. matt fbi for us. up next, how a group of volunteers has tried toll ease strain on american operation troops. here is a look at what some of our fox affiliates is covering around the country.
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wfft in boston second parent plans to plead guilty. gordon caplin, the former chairman of a prestigious new york law firm. fox 32 in chicago is an actor for jussie smollett threatens to demand sworn testimony from the mayor and the police superintendent if the city of chicago pursues a lawsuit over smollett's alleged hate crime hoax. thursday the city said it would take action to force smollett to pay $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation. and this is a live look at new york city from fox 5, one of the big stories there tonight. democratic former congressman anthony weiner is ordered to register as a sex offender. weiner is nearing the end of a 21 month prison sentence for having illicit online contact with a 15-year-old girl. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. feel the clarity...
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forces for nearly two decades u.s. special operations forces against terrorism since 2012 help them it's a bonding and healing retreat heather pew dick. >> gary founded operation healing forces after watching injured service members scuba diving on tv. >> key west florida to hilton head. most of them are generous donations from people that have luxury vacation homes as well as several resorts. >> the charity helps some of the nearly 15,000 wounded special operators. nearly three quarters of participants are active duty forces. knows what's at stake. >> the divorce rate in the special op. is horrendous. >> our marriage is not
3:21 pm
thriving. >> credits operation healing forces husband. >> my gave hit thing was we went on a hot air balloon ride nut middle of the dessert. >> deployed to combat multiple times. traumatic brain injury cut his trip short. he struggled with the transition. >> challenges that you face overseas are completely different than the normal every day face here. it's almost so simple that it's hard for you. >> for the markel brothers the joy comes at the end of the week long retreats. >> the initial reaction is i can't believe somebody would do this for us. well, of course, our response is we can't believe what you would do for us. >> at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson. >> coming up next bret baier with nato secretary general on where the alliance is right now and where it is going. first, beyond our borders tonight. british prime minister theresa may is again seeking to delay the united
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kingdom's withdrawal from the european union until the end of june. similar request was rejected last month. britain is set to leave the eu without a divorce deal in place, the so-called hard brexit a week from today unless an agreement is reached at a brestle's summit scheduled to take place two days earlier. turkish president he had presids reaffirming his country's purchase of russian defense system. the u.s. has retaliated by announcing a suspension of its sales of f-35 warplanes to turkey erdogan says delivery of f-35s are continuing and turkish pilots are being trained. japan's space agency says an explosive drop from a space craft successfully blasted the surface of an asteroid. he says the explosion formed a creator an crater and paves ty for collection of underground samples. the probe touched down on the asteroid in february. bruce will liz was not
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3:27 pm
thanks for your time. >> thank you so much for having me. >> 70 years ago this week the nato treaty was signed here in washington and at that time president truman said we hope to create a shield against aggression and the fear of aggression. i want to ask you about what russia is doing now. is that aggression? >> we see a russian behavior where they use many different tools to try to intimidate and also to destabilize neighbors. some partners, nato has treated the biggest enforcement of nato since the end of the cold war. we have seen that in ukraine where russia for the first time since the end of the world war has taken part of another and by force. we have seen, you know, different kinds of attempts to mettle in the processes and different nato countries. we have seen the use of nerve agent against kingdom in salisbury and seen, of
3:28 pm
course, support for the murderous regime. >> bret: some of the member countries there has to be fear of aggression or future aggression. how do you counter that? >> by standing together and delivering what we call strong deterrence and strong defense. we are now the strengthening nato. we are the troops in the eastern part of the alliance in the first part of our history. significant increase forces quickly move in if necessary. all of this any potential adversary that nato is willing and able and capable of defending all allies that's the best way not to provoke the country but to protect the country. >> bret: french president macron said europe needs a european army. one, is he right and two how realistic is that? >> we welcome eu efforts of defense but we don't support anything that can be outside of nato framework or undermine the unity.
3:29 pm
the european efforts is good but it must not compete with you about complement the efforts of nato. >> bret: do you support the deployment of american intermediate range missiles to counter what russia is doing? >> we don't have any intentions of deploying nuclear ground or land based missiles in europe. but we will make sure that nato is able to deliver credible defense also in the world where the inf treaty doesn't any longer exist because russia is now violating that treaty. and deploying missiles. and we have to respond to that. >> bret: you mentioned provoking russia. is putting more u.s. troops in europe a provocation? >> no. and, therefore, i welcome the fact that the united states has increased its military presence in europe. because we see a pattern of behavior of russia which requires that we are responding. >> bret: there is a concern and many corners both left
3:30 pm
and right that somehow the u.s. will be drawn in because of article 5 if russia has further aggression in one these nato countries to something bigger. how realistic is that threat? >> first of all, we don't see any imminent threat against any nato ally. and the main reason for that is that nato is strong and any potential adversary knows that if they attack one country, it will trigger a response to the whole alliance. we have to remember that the only time we have invoked article five collective defense was after the attack of the united states on 9/11 and hundreds of thousands europe pepe mean and canadian troops have served together with u.s. troops in afghanistan and also, for instance, in the global coalition to defeat isis in iraq and syria. >> bret: if the u.s. draws down in afghanistan, will nato draw down? >> went in together and we will leave together. the main focus now is on the thd to a peaceful settlement that will enable us to
3:31 pm
reduce and also leave. we are committed to stay as long as needed because taliban must understand that they will never win on the battlefield. >> bret: the president has said and pushed for nato countries to spend more on defense. you've backed up that call. how would you describe that effort from a nato point of view? >> so president trump has been very clear. nato allies have to spend more. i totally agree. but also nato allies his message is having a clear impact after years of reducing defense budgets nato allies are now increasing budgets. by the end of next year they have added 100 billion extra for defense. and that makes a difference. that shows that european allies are now stepping up. they still have a long way to go. but this is now really going the right direction. >> bret: his supporters and administration officials say that's proof that the president is strengthening nato.
3:32 pm
critics of the president say with his rhetoric he is weakening nato. which one is it? >> the fact that nato allies are now investing more that is, of course, strengthening nato. my message to the u.s. congress this week is that also the united states needs -- true nato you have more friends and allies than any other power. russia doesn't have anything like that. china doesn't have anything like that. i like america to fully understand how grateful we are in europe for this strong commitment of the united states. also the european commitment to the united states north america is important for the united states. even big guys need friends and you have a lot of friends in nato. >> bret: mentioned china. how much nato's efforts should be focused to counter china. how much is nato's effort doing that. >> first of all what we do now with significant investing more in defense, increasing the readiness. mobilize our forces,
3:33 pm
training exercise or developing new technologies that is relevant for any potential adversary. and so this is isn't a direct threat against any significant nation but by standing together we are strong enough to protect all allies against any challenge. >> bret: from secretary general thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> president trump goes to the southern border to talk national security and immigration reform. we will get reaction from the panel when we come back. ♪ ♪ w gillette skinguard with a specialized guard designed to reduce it. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm totally willing to close the border but mexico the last four days has done more than they have ever done. they are apprehending people by the thousands and bringing them back to their countries. 45%. coming into the united states. >> let's bring in our panel
3:38 pm
now byron york chief political correspondent of the examiner. mollie hemingway editor at the federal list and author of the new book freedom's detective which comes out on tuesday. the president, when we talked about this yesterday on the panel taking a little bit different tact saying not going to close the border right away. mexico has been doing some good things. if it continues to do those good things we are good for a year. if not i'm going to impose air force on cars. is this a strategy, byron that will work? he is trying to get some sort of traction on this, there is an actual real genuine emergency on the border. the border patrol apprehended 100,000 trying to cross illegally in the month of march, that gets to about 1 million a year. which gets you back to the bad old days of the mid 2,000s. democrats are still calling it a fake emergency. and the things that he needs to do like changing our asylum situation and dealing
3:39 pm
with the large number of people coming over, not trying to avoid detection but turning themselves over to the border patrol, he can't get anything done right now, which is one of the reasons he was promoting the sections of barrier that they actually have built, quite a few miles of that. >> the president says, mollie, he is getting mexico to act through the threats that he has been issuing about closing the border in the last few days but will congress ever act on this? >> this? >> that's what i think is interesting. people are focused on what the president is saying and what the president is threatening. they also get upsets when he acts unilaterally and doesn't have the support of congress. we really do have a crisis. congress did not want to address it seriously this year during the shutdown. they haven't wanted to address it seriously for the past several decades. this is not just a democrat problem or republican problem. this is a bipartisan failure that goes back decades. so it sounds like donald trump is saying a bunch of crazy stuff, shutting down the border, tariffs and whatnot. what a lot of people think is crazy is that nobody is actually doing anything to address the problem because
3:40 pm
the situation is fine. i mean, open borders policy is largely fine for a lot of the people who are elite and so they don't feel the incentive to do anything. i think a lot of these threats are been b. incentivizing people to finally make changes that they have been reluctant to do for decades. >> one part i'm trying to wrap my head around the president threatening against mexico. a letter signed in the usmca that hasn't been ratified just yet that says that the united states cannot impose tariffs on automobiles from mexico or canada up to the first 2.6 million under section 232 national security. which, i imagine, this would be. but the president says that he is going to throw all of that out the window. listen here. >> this will supersede u.s. mca. usmca is a great deal and very good for mexico. but this will supersede usmca. >> so, charles, if you have got that side letter that says no tariffs on cars from mexico, regardless of the
3:41 pm
circumstances, is he undercutting his whole trade deal that he has been touting? >> great question, john. of course, the trade deal has not yet been approved by congress. and at last time i checked and i checked relatively regularly, it's not making great progress through congress, like many other things including immigration policy itself. it is held hostage to total bipartisan or partisan dead lock on the hill. and to pick up on what byron and mollie have been saying about congress. you know, it's not just that they can't come to an agreement. it's not just that they have differences. those differences are widening. the partisan differences are widening through this crisis. such that now julian castro, who is one of the candidates for the democratic nomination has just come out with his immigration plan which is a very anti-enforcement plan which he is sort of planting the flag around that that is becoming the new kind of position on the democratic party. so you are going to have
3:42 pm
like over heater republican position is build a wall. over here the democratic position is not exactly abolish ice but soften ice. and it becomes harder and harder to see how we are going to get to that bipartisan compromise which everybody, at least used to think is what we needed. >> it's been intractable problem for decades and continues to be. let me switch gears here because we got a new development on the ways and means committee to the irs for six years of the president's tax returns. in a letter from william roy legal team to the treasury department addressing section 6103 of the u.s. tax code. william consovoy while that section allows ways and means to obtain tax returns and obtain information under certain conclusions the committee is subject to certain constraints they extend to the ordinary taxpayer and the president alike. he goes on to say his request is a transparent effort by one political party to harass an official from the other party because
3:43 pm
they dislike his politics and speech. what's going to happen here, byron? will ways and means get these tax returns? >> it's going to go to the courts. the first thing you need to say is this is actually a fishing expedition. that's the fact below all of this. the question the courts are going to have to decide is whether the democrats have to say they have a legitimate legislative purpose in getting these tax returns, which is why, when you saw the letter from richard neil to the irs, he talked about reforming and streamlining and improving the audit process so they need to see the president's tax returns to make their audit process better. now, will courts buy that? i don't know but it's going to be settled by judges. >> how do you predict this will go on? >> there is a legal battle but also a political battle. i think you saw the president refrain some of these fishing expedition as presidential harassment. there is a general view that maybe going for impeachment would not help democrats against the president. he is sort of bucking it all together whether they go for impeachment or not, just this level of presidential harassment he is trying to say this is unfitting for
3:44 pm
him to have to deal with they could do a lot and i generally think congress has the right to go for what it wants to go for and that if people don't like it they can take it out of the ballot box. but, they need to make a better case for why they are going for this and they haven't even tried. >> we have to hold it there. we have a big lightning round coming up. joe biden and the 2020 contender, china trade talks, plus winners and losers, stay with us. ♪ limu emu & doug
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click, call, or visit a store today. ♪ >> by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. [laughter] >> it wasn't my intent to make light of anyone's discomfort. i'm sorry i didn't understand more. i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything i have ever done. >> former vice president joe biden speaking to reporters for the first time about the controversy and also as you saw joking about it which brought this response from lucy flores who was the first woman to accuse him of inappropriate touching. it's clear joe biden hasn't reflected at all how his inappropriate and insensitive touching to make women uncomfortable. to make light of something as serious as consent degrades the conversation women everywhere are courageously trying to have. he is close to jump not guilty race here. how much of a problem is this going to be for him. >> i'm not sure uncomfortable to watch. a divide about how to handle this. either you take it extremely
3:49 pm
seriously and have joe biden go through some sort of struggle session. ask the obamas while they allowed this to happen while obama was president for eight years and he was vice president. or you allow if to be this sort of thing that you joke about which takes this issue and makes it not be taken as seriously. i think you are seeing that people don't know how to handle it and it's very uncomfortable to watch. >> the 2020 contenders up in the race in new york city today most of them national action network. listen to a little bit about what everybody said and get byron's reaction to it we have a president today who is a racist. >> we need to double the size of the civil rights division of the united states department of justice. >> that's the way that we will continue to campaign, bringing people together this election is going to come and go. we have a moral movement that we must create. >> i would be happy with any of them to be honest. >> beto was not at the national action network. he was out in iowa. byron could any of those contenders beat president trump in 2020? >> it's always possible. this gathering shows the
3:50 pm
power of al sharpton the power and head of the national action network. he had 12 candidates who had to go up there and sort of pay tribute and anybody who remembers the 1980 that's an extraordinary transformation. this is the guy from the that within a any brawley hoax. riots. it's a transformation. some of them need his help not cory booker or kamala harris but bernie sanders. the reason bernie sanders couldn't progress in the democratic primaries the last time is because he really did not appeal to black voters and you are never going to win a democratic nomination if you don't appeal to black voters. >> the one who made the most news at the national action network was not even a contender for 2020 alexandria ocasio-cortez. promoting radical ideas to tackle radical problems but saying radical is not radical. listen here. >> radical doesn't mean crazy. radical means addressing the
3:51 pm
root; addressing the rot. and that is why we have proposed a green new deal for the future of america. >> radical doesn't mean radical but we're going to go with the green new deal. >> nobody triggers conservatives like alexandria ocasio-cortez. , which is why nobody makes progressives jump up and shout like she does. this is just the kind of thing that triggers conservatives. i have to say right up until the point when she says that is why we have proposed the green new deal there is nothing inherently objectionable or even controversial. >> is she forcing all these candidates to go way left. >> not all by herself. that was going on even before she came on the scene the party was moving left. what she did do was plant this flag called the green new deal which has created a little bit of a divide between those in the 2020 field who rush to embrace it and those who did not. and yet, obviously, she is not backing down off it. >> let's do something quickly. now we can't do china and get to winners and losers. let me ask you this
3:52 pm
question. by the time we get to 2020, are all of these democratic contenders going to be so far left that to get back to the middle would be almost impossible? >> i don't know. i think you might see people start taking different lanes as they try secure the nomination. you might see some people making strong pushes in that moderate lane. we many see. >> all right. winners and losers, mollie go first. >> i will go with chris beard the winner. coach of texas tech. the a.p. national coach of the year. taking texas tech to the final four for the first time in their history and loser is twitter which has already been under fire for censoring conservative speech and they went against this account for a movie called unplanned which is about a person who worked at planned parenthood who became pro-life. they removed the account. they suspended the account. they wouldn't let people follow it and took all these actions against it and bolsters that idea they are not fair to conservative speech. >> byron? >> i'm going to go with mackenzie bees sews. divorce is hard. the soon to be ex-wife of
3:53 pm
the amazon founder jeff bees sews will walk away with $35.6 billion. >> take as little of the sting out of it. >> not even half of his fortune but still enough to become the fourth richest woman in the world. the loser is michael cohen. we have heard that before. he is headed to jail for -- in 30 days still desperately trying to get out of it, now trying to tell the house that he has some really super duper stuff on the president if they will just let him stay out of jail to give it to them. >> charles? >> my winner of the week is premised on the theory that if there has been a big election and somebody won it that person is the winner. lori lightfoot who gets to be mayor of chicago the first african-american woman, first openly gay mayor. the only problem now is she has to run chicago which seems like more fun than it is it really is my loser is the federal reserve which is now looking at not one but two donald trump appointees who are very questionable qualifications herman cain and stephen moore. it's under the institution is under a lot of pressure
3:54 pm
politically from the white house. >> panel, great to see you. thanks for coming. in have a great weekend. when we come back, "notable quotables." ♪ ♪ that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase sensimist is different. it relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. it's more complete allergy relief. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel.
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>> finally tonight, "notable quotables." >> we're now treating this like a massive cat five hurricane disaster. >> if you want to climb that, you deserve whatever can you get. >> potential of my sister and 156 others driven straight into the ground because of boeing's greed. >> it's our responsibility to eliminate this risk. we own it, and we know how to do it. >> let's not issue a subpoena for the mueller report. let's issue one for bob mueller. >> i hope they now go and take a look at the oranges of the oranges of the investigation. >> i don't think that passes the smell test. >> i have been accused of all different types of things and all those things
3:59 pm
have turned out to be false. >> really, what is next putting nuclear codes in stain gram vehms? >> what a reuse, what a shame, what a disgrace. >> go online, check amazon, see if they are selling spines special discount this week. >> i'm going to vote for myself. >> my name is tim ryan and i'm running for president of the united states. >> what the hell was he thinking? [laughter] >> if there is no charges and and nobody goes to jail, then obviously the law doesn't mean anything to anyone. >> lori, lori, lori, pay for es in creepy uncle joe, videos you come up with a treasure trove. >> i shake hands, i hug people. i grab men and women by the shoulders and say you can do this. >> i just pretend you have a cold and i have a cold. >> you know i will do it. i don't play games. >> that was quite a week. that's it for "special report" tonight. i'm john roberts in from
4:00 pm
washington: martha with the story. >> martha: it is true i am martha mccallum. this is the story. thanks for being here tonight. today, among other place that's saw him, joe biden was also on the street outside his childhood home in scranton, pennsylvania. here he is. with a film crew which looks like a pretty good indicator that he is, indeed, about to announce that he is running. a biovideo will likely tell the tale of his blue collar roots, his father who cleaned furnaces for a living and told his is on the measure of a man is not how often he is knocked down but how quickly he gets up. biden has clearly been knocked down a few times this week. the question is will he get up and stay up? today yet another woman came forward to say that in retrospect this picture, which she