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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 12, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> thanks, everybody! >> bill: great show. good morning, everybody. battle brewing in washington awaiting the mueller report. democrats and republicans sparring over a.g. bill barr's promise to look into spying on the trump campaign. good morning. it's friday. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. i love your color, schmitty. >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith. lawmakers beginning a two week spring recess. before they depart, democrats are hammering away at the attorney general's credibility. republicans firing right back. >> the attorney general did exactly what president trump wanted. he dodged questions, peddled a conspiracy theory and like the president lobbed baseless accusations. >> i don't need to know anymore.
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i'm done. he said in his report and i believe barr that there was no collusion. so i am done. we're not going to retry the case. >> i think in the best interest of the attorney general and of the justice department or of the country. >> bill barr will be far more transparent than i think if the shoe were on the other foot and this was a democrat a.g. >> bill: catherine herridge begins our coverage live at the justice department and she is awaiting like we all are. >> the attorney general william barr testified earlier this week he wants to make sure there was no unauthorized surveillance of the trump campaign and looking for a proper predicate that justified that decision. we know from our reporting at fox news, the opposition research funded by the dnc and clinton campaign was a fundamental element of the application for the surveillance warrant for the
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trump campaign aide. it was barr's use of the word spying that set off senior democrats. >> let me just say how very, very dismaying and disappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails. >> instead of giving straight answers, mr. barr seems to be nothing more than a spokesperson for the president's campaign. he seems more like the president's press secretary than the attorney general. >> deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, who is working directly with william barr on the mueller report and the redactions for public release gave an interview to the "wall street journal" where he defended barr saying he was being very forthcoming when he wrote that four-page letter that included all the summaries from the mueller report or the conclusions from the mueller report and that there will be a second phase making a great
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deal of the report public. now, it's important to recall during his testimony that the attorney general was pressed on this issue of the use of the word spying and whether there really was evidence to back up his underlying concerns. here is that exchange. >> i'm now asking what the basis is or what the facts are that lead you to that thought. >> okay, i felt -- i am concerned about it and i was asked about whether there was any basis for it. and i believe there is a basis for my concern. i'm not going to discuss the basis. >> the attorney general testified he has personally reviewing the genesis or the origin of the f.b.i.'s counter intelligence investigation into 2016 who got the surveillance warrant for the trump campaign aide. devin nunes sent eight criminal referrals to the attorney general. he says he is prepared along
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with congressman john ratcliffe to brief the attorney general on the referrals at any time in the next few days. >> bill: in the meantime what's the latest on julian assange? >> we're learning more about the tick tok leading to the arrest of him. it was weeks, if not months in the making. it was only on the morning of his arrest that julian assange realized that his days and his hours in the ecuadorian embassy in london would soon be over. we also are taking a closer look at this seven-page indictment unsealed in virginia. if you look at that very closely you'll see it is very narrowly tailored. the allegation is about computer compromise and computer hacking of defense department networks. here is the vice president, mike pence. >> that's why the justice department is now seeking extradition and we'll bring julian assange to justice.
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working with chelsea manning julian assange was involved in one of the greatest compromises of classified information in american history and literally put american military personnel at risk and we'll hold him to account. >> the reason i'm drawing your attention to the indictment and the fact that it is so narrowly tailored, it is looking at the issue of computer compromise. it sets to one side some of the other questions in the case, freedom of the press and freedom of speech, which is what his defense team is likely going to argue in this case, bill. >> bill: trying to keep track of all of it. a cold day in washington bundle up. >> it is. >> bill: thank you, nice to see you. five minutes past. >> sandra: another alert for you. vice president mike pence getting a firsthand look at the border crisis inspecting a fence in the arizona border city. while calling on democrats to work with republicans in congress to get something done.
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>> president trump and i are calling on the congress to come together and close the loopholes in our asylum laws to bring about the changes that allow us to return individuals that are apprehended in this country to their countries in central america the way that we can't today in mexico. >> sandra: kevin, knowing it is unlikely democrats will work with the administration on immigration reform any time in the near future, where does the white house now go from here? >> bill: i don't think there is any question, sandra, this is as much about messaging as it is about reform because in effect the vice president is echoing a position the president has long -- congressional law makesers need to do something about it. if this doesn't change the fear at the white house is many, if not millions, will continue to game the system, unquote.
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and overload communities along the southern border. if this crisis is to be addressed white house officials say it is in congress's power to do something about it. >> president trump made it clear we're not considering restarting family separation. this enormous humanitarian crisis being driven by human traffickers has to stop. what we've got to do is continue to build a wall, continue to give these courageous men and women the resources they need to do their job but congress has got to act. >> congress has to act and to close the loopholes said the vice president. those remarks come amid growing concerns among ranchers and others who live in the area where the flow of foreign nationals is at crisis levels. the fear is they tell the white house if something isn't done, citizens of this country will suffer because of those who come here illegally. so the issue say white house officials plainly, who deserves first dibs on the priority of the government, citizens or
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non-citizens? >> sandra: now to this report that the president wanted to bus migrants crossing the border to so-called sanctuary cities. what is the white house saying about that this morning? >> a source familiar with the conversation says this is about as much as trying to protect border communities as it is anything else. the thinking is if sanctuary cities believe fundamentally that having mass migration is a good thing, then this is a good chance to have at it. welcome with open arms all the migrants they want. now, the idea as you know was shot down by dhs officials fairly quickly but as a discussion point we're told by that source this is precisely the issue. if sanctuary cities extol the virtues of open borders and mass migration, why wouldn't they want to help the administration aleve yat the pressure along the border? the counter argument is it's political retribution for cities and states that oppose the president's border policy. >> bill: want to bring in
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charlie hurt live in new york washington times opinion editor and fox news contributor. i thought barr's comment about spying seemed to reset this entire story this past week. what is your expectation on the mueller report? >> my expectation is that as we have known all along we're going to see it in the next week. there will be redactions. they will have been vetted and carefully looked at. i don't think that redactions are going to include things that are necessarily pertinent to what we want to know but rather security things and things of that nature. but i think you're exactly right. i do think that his use of the word spying has a lot of people very nervous. i think democrats and obama administration officials are getting concerned about where the course of the investigation is going. we've known there was surveillance of the trump administration. it is a facially obvious thing
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that happened. and i think people don't like it. i think that people are getting a little nervous about it. >> bill: trey gowdy characterized it this way. >> if you use the word surveillance what bill barr said is the least newsworthy thing that was said by anyone yesterday. we already know the united states government was doing surveillance on at least two members of the trump campaign. what we don't know is were there others, when did it begin, what's the factual predicate? >> bill: he is digging deeper. >> it is a very important question. an-out going administration doing surveillance on political components at the height of a political campaign. if that's not a question i don't know what is. >> bill: hillary and bill clinton offered this at an appearance last night about
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julian assange. >> he has to answer for what he has done. he may be the only foreigner that this administration would welcome to the united states. [laughter] >> bill: the crowd was eating that up >> she is good with one-liners. i thought after two years i thought vladimir putin was the only foreigner allowed in the country. what happened to that conspiracy theory? that's gone out the window with the mueller report. >> bill: they talked about the electoral college. both of them thought it should be done away with. >> of course. they didn't like the rules of the game by which they lost. they want to change the rules now. that's not going anywhere. if they want to spend the rest of that your lives trying to pursue that, have at it. >> bill: we'll pursue the next three hours. nice to see you in person. charlie hurt. you bet. what's next. >> sandra: we await the release of the redacted mueller report. could come any day now. deputy a.g. rosenstein is
6:12 am
defending barr's handling of the manner. he said it is bizarre to think he is trying to mislead the public. >> bill: the legal battle with jussie smollett in chicago. >> sandra: a third summit in the works with north korea? governor bill richardson former u.s. ambassador will join us to talk just about that. >> president trump: there are various smaller deals that maybe could happen. things could happen. you can work out step-by-step pieces. but at this moment we're talking about the big deal. the big deal is we have to get rid of the nuclear weapons. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four, where he actually asked me "mommy what's wrong with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years.
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concealing information related to his work on behalf of ukraine. craig calling the charges unprecedented and unjustified. >> president trump: the bottom line result is no collusion, no obstruction, and that's the way it is. i know a lot of people were very disappointed but they knew the real answer. when the democrats go behind the scenes and they go into a room backstage and they sit and talk, they laugh because they know it's all a big scam, a big hoax. this is dirty politics and this is actually treason. >> bill: president trump slamming the russia investigation as treasonous, democrats criticize barr saying they were spying on the trump campaign. doug collins, ranking member of the house judiciary committee. thank you for coming on our program. what is next here do you believe? >> i think what's next is getting the mueller report. bill barr said, one of the things i want to go back it's amazing my friends of the
6:17 am
democrats are upset about the word spying. why wouldn't they be more upset about a government actually going into a political campaign with an administration and going into something that is really abhorrent to our philosophy, the government intruding into a political process? we've seen that political bias. he is being honest here and moving forward on the mueller report and we'll confirm what we already no know. >> did he reset the story this week when he talked about spying? >> i think he did and it's a good thing. we've been talking about this from day one not simply what the reports are and the democrats wanted to get the mueller report done. they don't like the results of the mueller report. now they are trying everything else. let's go back and see how we got here. it goes back well into 2016. early on by the same corrupt people of strzok, page, mccabe, baker and comey all conspiring to lead us up to where we are now. i think that's the concern that every american should have.
6:18 am
how politicized was the department of justice? >> bill: james comey was doing an interview in california. here is what he said about barr's comments just yesterday. with respect to barr's comments. i don't know what he is talking about when he talks about spying on the campaign. while i hear that kind of language used it's concerning, the f.b.i., department of justice conduct court-ordered electronic surveillance. i have never thought of that as spying. is there a difference between the two? >> i think the difference is now james comey is being scrutinized for what he signed off on and was a part of. it is getting old for comey' to continue to pop up. he is getting scrutinized for something he is a part of. he doesn't like the term of what was happening. he has to answer those questions again. his light will continue to fade. >> bill: do you see a difference between court ordered electronic surveillance
6:19 am
and spying, or are they the same? >> i think it's a matter wording here. i think what was being put in here is what bill barr said the other day. he wanted to make sure he said it was spying. they were looking into a campaign and what was going on here. what he is looking into and made very clear he said how did we get here? if it was all proper and legal and looking into it and above board, fine. if there was a political bias or political nature here, something that shouldn't have been or the courts were misled. that's something mr. comey does want to talk about was in the applications to get the ability to do what they were doing. that's why this has to go forward and why it's important. >> bill: rod rosenstein did a rare interview. one of the quotes. he said he is -- taurking about barr, he is being as forthcoming as he said. the notion he is trying to mislead people is completely bizarre. he talked about his tremendous confidence that he has in the work that barr does. your comment on that. >> look, bill barr has done
6:20 am
everything he said he was going to do from the moment he went through his confirmation hearing to conversations to congress and what he said in his letters he has done everything by the book. it is really disgusting for democrats when they didn't get what they want they attack him personally. he will be truthful and that's what we're finding out. they don't like the story being told. >> bill: when is your best guess when we see it when the mueller report goes to congress? >> i think from what we've heard it will be next week is what we're looking at and what we're prepared for. >> bill: doug collins in georgia. thank you, sir, for coming back. >> great to be with you. >> sandra: middle east following netanyahu's reelection victory. another round of protests today the first since the election. >> bill: there is big legal trouble, big legal trouble for
6:21 am
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6:25 am
fan of the electoral college. make sure some of the others running for the democratic nomination, felt the same way. monday night at 6:30. bret and martha will host a town hall with bernie sanders, also tax day. bernie said his taxes are going public on monday as well. stay tuned for that. she said i think about it every day. about getting rid of the electoral college. i said it in 2,000, should be abolished. i had no idea i would still feel so strongly 19 years later. >> sandra: april 15th we'll tune in. tensions spiking in the middle east now. palestinians in gaza gathering along the border fence with israel setting the stage for massive demonstrations there. marking the first showdown since israely elections this week. trey yengst has the latest. any reaction inside gaza about the israeli election results?
6:26 am
>> reaction from inside gaza, it is small. we spoke with a senior hamas official inside the gaza strip who indicated the group has no formal reaction. make no mistake this is a good thing for hamas that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is serving out his fifth term in office. they know what the policies are and what the policies are of the administration of benjamin netanyahu. ultimately he like to weaken the palestinian authority and provide an opportunity for hamas to get stronger. the scene is hundreds have gathered along the israel/gaza border. thousands are expected. the israeli military is firing tear gas and live ammunition to push back the many protestors who gathered at the border. early in the demonstration. if last week is any indication there are thousands more expected to arrive and there may be some infiltration attempts. i.d.s, grenades and other
6:27 am
things thrown toward the israeli troops. the second year the demonstrations have taken place. the first year tens of thousands injured and 150 killed. hamas is looking to use these demonstrations as an opportunity to increase or decrease the violence to get what they want in negotiations with the israelis. the egyptian delegation that has been trying to broker a long-term cease-fire agreement between hamas and israel has been working day and night as conflict erupts for a few days and quiets down. oftentimes these border demonstrations can spark some larger conflict. hamas would like to use these demonstrations to send a message to the prime minister they'll keep up pressure on the israeli government to ultimately give them some of the things they're asking for including increased fishing zones and hamas salaries from governments like qatar and others who want to see the group remain in control of gaza. >> sandra: great reporting on
6:28 am
the israel/gaza border. >> bill: mitch mcconnell saying the next election should be a referendum on socialism as he tries to get democrats on the record for the green new deal. >> sandra: president trump talking about the arrest of julian assange. julian assange will fight extradition to the u.s. governor bill richardson will join us on that next. >> i'm glad the wheels of justice are finally turning when it comes to mr. assange. i have never been a fan. what he did was despicable and dangerous. we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. anso let's promote our springfe. ftravel deals, on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies.
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>> sandra: quick check of the markets on friday morning. to start off the final trading day of the week oraly. the dow up 223 points. double digit gain. earnings coming in this week are strong. bank earnings, j.p. morgan and
6:32 am
others are leading to optimism, a rally. >> bill: j.p. morgan, wells fargo. disney is booming after the merger there. >> sandra: j.p. morgan up 3% out of the gate. >> bill: it will make your weekend that much better. enjoy this. 9:32 in new york. let's go to chicago. that city is filing a lawsuit against jussie smollett. legal action comes days after smollett refused to reimburse the city for more than $130,000. mike tobin is live to tell us whether or not they get the money back from the actor. what does it stand? >> of all of the stunning developments in the case, this one was predictable. lawyers for the city of chicago said they would go after jussie smollett in civil court and yesterday evening 16 days after the cook county prosecutor dropped all the charges against the actor the lawsuit became official. they said detectives investigated the hate crime. overtime works out to be
6:33 am
130,106 and the city wants it back. smollett missed his deadline to repay the overtime cost and now the city says they can put the demand up around the $400,000 range. mark geragos stated the legal team will mount a vigorous defense and the city owes the actor of an apology. we know chicago mayor rahm emanuel and eddie johnson were passionate about the case. a new mayor takes over may 19th and not clear where she stands on the civil suit. >> bill: mike tobin watching that from chicago. 9:33 now. >> president trump: i think north korea has a tremendous potential and i believe that president moon agrees with that and we will be discussing that and even potential meetings,
6:34 am
further meetings with north korea. and kim jong-un. >> would you accept a smaller deal to keep the process going? >> president trump: i would have to see what the deal is. there are various smaller deals that maybe could happen. >> sandra: president trump signaling his interest in new talks with north korea saying he is open with a third summit with kim jong-un. let's bring in jim richardson, former governor of new mexico. do you think the president could make progress with a third summit with kim jong-un? >> i believe right now a summit with kim jong-un would not be a good idea. but i did like what the president said maybe smaller deals are possible. i think that's showing flexibility on both sides. maybe north korea freezes its nuclear and missile development, their activity. shuts down the nuclear facility. in return the united states has some sanctions relief.
6:35 am
because both sides are really far apart. north korea wants all sanctions relief on everything. we can't do that. and we want north korea to totally denuclearize. that is not going to happen. so something in between, progress but let his negotiators, the president, the state department, not the president, get into another summit. we're not ready to do that. >> sandra: it seems that that would please president moon of south korea who was meeting with the president. he said in this sense talking about a possible third summit between the two leaders i believe that hanoi summit was not a source of disappointment but actually part of a bigger process that will lead us to bigger agreement. so he is touting the prospects of a third meeting with kim jong-un and president trump. >> yes, south korea wants another summit. they are the ones right in the line of fire of north korea, 25 miles away from the dmz you've
6:36 am
got 25 million people living in seoul, korea and we also have american troops, 28,000. he wants a deal between the u.s. and north korea because it's good politically for him. it is good for his country. in some ways, sandra, he has pushed us a little too far to make deals when we have to coordinate better. but he has been a constructive player. the president of south korea. they are great allies of ours. but i think we have to get something in return from north korea and they have not taken serious steps on denuclearization yet. >> sandra: the "wall street journal" moving to julian assange and the latest there. ecuador jilted assange as it is trying to build ties with the u.s. the ecuadorian president on the latest with assange. i'm sorry, it was translated so we put it into a quote. the patience of ecuador has its
6:37 am
limits. we're not stupid. from now on we'll be very careful in giving asylum to people who are really worth it and not miserable hackers whose only goal is to destabilize governments. what are you seeing happening here? and what is your latest take on what has transpired? >> well, i think the new ecuadorian government felt that assange was taking advantage of them. he was behaving inappropriately and using ecuador, the embassy as a platform for his views. i have no sympathy for assange. you know, this is not a freedom of the press issue. this is an issue where he went and hacked government -- u.s. government, c.i.a., pentagon, state department classified information that affects our national security, that goes into sources and methods of our potential intelligence community. so i have no sympathy for this guy assange. i hope he is extradited.
6:38 am
i think we're taking the right steps. ecuador who wants better relations with the united states now is coming through. and i think these are good developments. >> sandra: here is the president on assange. >> president trump: i know nothing about wikileaks. it is not my thing and i know there is something having to do with julian assange and that will be a determination i would imagine mostly by the attorney general. so he will be making a determination. i know nothing really about him. it is not my deal in life. >> sandra: both sides of the aisle, governor richardson, have been quick to condemn wikileaks and its founder julian assange. but democrats were quick to pounce on the president's words referencing back to praise that he heaped on wikileaks in the past. i love wikileaks. republicans have been asked about that. richard buher says it's up to the president. lindsey graham the same thing. >> the president was very happy
6:39 am
with what wikileaks did. they put forth a lot of hillary clinton's emails, state department emails which i thought was inappropriate. nobody should get involved in cooperation with russia in our elections. but the president did know -- he took the right step saying it's the legal matter and the attorney general is handling it. that is not necessarily the issue. the issue is assange helped hack computers at the department of defense with chelsea manning at the department of state, classified information. this is, i think, the nub of his arrest and his possible prosecution. i have no sympathy for this guy. i think he should be ex extradited. anybody that leaks classified information and hacks into computers without proper authorization, i mean, journalists have a right to get into government secrets if it's done appropriately and legally.
6:40 am
but not a hacker like this guy. so i hope he gets extradited. >> sandra: great to get your thoughts on that this morning. governor bill richardson, appreciate it. thank you. >> bill: good stuff. first round of the masters in the books. some of the biggest names are on top of the leaderboard. tiger woods is one of them. two americans are sharing the lead. that's good right there. former champ phil mickelson in the hunt. would be the oldest master winner ever, i do believe. jim gray is coming up later to tell us about the rest of the tournament. he is down there. the app is fantastic, schmitty, really good, do you have it? they do a great job. tiger tees off later today at 1:00. four strokes off the lead. he is right here. two under. leaders -- >> sandra: i say watch dustin johnson.
6:41 am
>> bill: you are a golf fan. you can appreciate. >> sandra: what are you saying? >> bill: the world class golfers who believe this is the greatest tournament in the world, to think that you can have that leaderboard after day one will make for a great weekend. >> sandra: we're all watching. >> bill: we could drown in masters coverage this weekend. enjoy it. >> sandra: i just want one of those sandwiches. a cheese sandwich. >> bill: you have to go to augusta and get it. >> sandra: big developments in the college admissions cheating scandal. a key figure in the case set to make an appearance in court. the man accused of taking the students' entrance exam tests for guess what, $10,000 apiece. >> bill: top republicans pushing for action on immigration reform. will democrats reach across the aisle and play ball? there is an indication this might happen. we'll put that to congressman mark green coming up next.
6:42 am
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billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. >> president made it clear this week we aren't thinking about bringing back family separation but it is absolutely essential to end a humanitarian crisis that really threatens the security of the american people and is creating hardship on both sides of our border. congress needs to act. >> bill: vice president pence trying to light a fire under lawmakers urging them to do something about the border crisis. mitch mcconnell backing him up saying he is ready to work with democrats on the issue. mark green is on the homeland security committee. welcome to our program. we get a sense of bipartisan
6:46 am
breaking out here? or is it too premature for that? >> i think everybody knows it's a crisis. we have to do something about the border. we have to do something about immigration and if we can put it all together that would be a huge win. i think the democrats haven't had a win in this cycle. the president is leading. he has made changes on taxes, regulations. he called it a crisis when it was a crisis when it began. now jeh johnson is saying it's a crisis, the democrats are wanting perhaps to do something. leader mcconnell has a read on what's going on in the senate. he will take advantage of it and i think it's time. >> democrats in the house haven't had a victory. >> they have not. >> bill: since they got the majority. here is what nancy pelosi said. this is intriguing. it is complicated but not hard to do if you have good intentions and are not giving up on the president on this. i'm always optimistic and this has to happen. it is inevitable. what do you think of her
6:47 am
comment? >> it's clearly a softening for speaker pelosi. maybe it's an olive branch. i hope we can interpret it as that. leader mcconnell came across and said there is something we can do and we can get something done on immigration. that certainly should create hope for all of us. >> bill: wow. mitch mcconnell also said this. nancy pelosi is in a phase where republicans were for a long time trying to corral certain members of their caucus on the house side. is she herding cats in a way where she would need a republican votes to get something done? >> well, that's very possible. she has a larger extreme left wing in her party and she has thrown a few light punches toward them with comments that lets people know she is not there. so hopefully -- hopefully we can get an agreement on this and it's sort of like playing
6:48 am
poker right now. nobody is showing their cards. it is not time. but at some point we'll all get in and negotiate and find some common ground and hopefully get something done on immigration. >> bill: you guys all leave washington yesterday and today. you're out for two weeks. come back for three months and after august it's all going to be about 2020, is it not? the window is small for a big deal like this. >> absolutely. and that's kind of why i think because the democrats haven't had a lot of victories, they need something. we're going -- after this summer we go into 2020's election cycle. they need a win and that creates an opportunity for us to negotiate with them. >> bill: are you willing to wheel and deal with nancy pelosi? >> i think we've got to fix immigration. clearly there are things that we're not going to give up on. they've got things they won't give up on. if we can find the middle ground on some issues we can get some of this fixed. i certainly am willing to talk about that. >> bill: thank you for your
6:49 am
time and enjoy the weekend. thank you. all right. 11 minutes before the hour. >> sandra: a deadly storm leaving thousands without power and now new worries about what will happen once all that snow melts? >> i was coming south, it's getting pretty bad. everybody is going 35, 40 miles an hour. if anybody is smart they won't drive. i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv.
6:50 am
patients with serious diseases are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk.
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6:52 am
>> bill: might be the best video of the day. blast-off in florida. spacex launching the new falcon heavy. this video is so -- not that, this video is so awesome, communications satellite. the rocket's first paying customer, happened a year after
6:53 am
spacex chief musk put his own vehicle in space. they were able to launch the rocket and reland the rocket back on earth on a concrete platform to be used again. that is a revolution in space. they were trying to hit the platform in the specific ocean a couple years ago. sometimes they would nail it and sometimes they wouldn't. they have perfected this. it makes space travel cheaper and easier to obtain. good stuff. >> sandra: watch that again. i like it a lot. >> bill: rerack it. >> sandra: on to this. we're watching the weather. a state of emergency and calling out the national guard as a spring blizzard hammers the heartland. a mix of snow, ice and rain slamming the midwest. minnesota could be getting the worst of it. some folks seeing over a foot of snow. matt finn is live in medford, minnesota where it does not look like april, mid-april.
6:54 am
matt. >> no, it feels more like january and there is some snow that is continuing to fall. just that nasty wet precipitation that lingers after a major storm. one thing i think everyone is thankful for this morning the winds have died down. there was biting winds yesterday and wind gusts of 70 miles an hour recorded here in minnesota. we're in steele county, an hour's drive south of minneapolis. one of the 62 counties where the governor has declared a peacetime emergency that means the national guard can come in and assist people without power or stranded motorists. there were stranded people reported here in steele county. the roads are just kind of wet here. the department of transportation is warning that statewide there are still roads completely covered in ice and snow. urging people to take caution if they are driving. this storm brought up to two feet of snow across the midwest, hail, even thunderstorms. we experienced all of that, all types of nasty weather from
6:55 am
this storm. there were utility poles snapped in half causing power outages. the minnesota state patrol reports at least 31 jackknifed semi trucks. and within the last hour a fatal accident of a semi versus a car in the western portion of minnesota. not clear if that's entirely weather-related. today in general much better going but there are side roads and streets that are very slick and, of course, we'll all keep our eye on this precipitation as it melts. many portions of the midwest and northern plains just experienced catastrophic flooding. no one wants to go through that all over again, sandra. >> sandra: those are quite the pictures and the snow melt another problem. matt finn in minnesota for us. thank you. >> bill: too late in the year for that, isn't it? it was 70 degrees here yesterday and today it plummeted. in south dakota it looks like switzerland. >> sandra: send us your pictures. it is unbelievable. over a foot of snow coming down on the roof there.
6:56 am
quite a situation in the midwest states. >> bill: we're almost out of the woods. not quite yet. spring is out there somewhere. another shoe drops in the russia investigation. congressman devin nunes sending a criminal referral notification to the justice department claiming misconduct during the course of that investigation. louisiana senator john kennedy has a lot to say about it this week. he will be our headliner coming up in the next hour so come on back on a friday. you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie? yeah, i thought doing some hibachi grilling would help take my mind off it all. maybe you could relieve some stress by calling geico for help with our homeowners insurance. geico helps with homeowners insurance? they sure do. and they could save us a bundle of money too. i'm calling geico right now. cell phone? it's ringing. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and condo insurance.
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>> sandra: julian assange finally facing justice, the co-founder of wikileaks fighting extradition to the united states. he could spend years behind bars for his part in a conspiracy to hack into pentagon computers. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," friday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. assange's arrest after the u.s. gave assurances he wouldn't face the death penalty. he could face additional charges for spying. he claims he is a journalist and whistle-blower. hillary clinton weighing in on that claim last night here in new york. >> it's about assisting the hacking of the military computer to steal information from united states government. he has to answer for what he has done. >> i'm glad he was arrested. i think hacking, stealing classified secrets, releasing
7:01 am
them in a way that endangers the safety and security of american soldiers, of our c.i.a. officers, i think that's unacceptable. >> i'm glad -- i hope we extradite him to the united states as quickly as possible. it's very much needed and find out the facts. >> bill: greg palkot picks up the coverage live in london. a lot reporting from you yesterday greg. where are we today 24 hours later? >> well, bill, the after shocks are still being felt from the arrest of wikileaks boss julian assange and some quick action as we reported yesterday. after long years of being holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london after ecuador nixed his asylum and after he had jumped bail here in the u.k. he was quickly brought before the british judge where he was found guilty. he faces a year in prison for that bail charge. and an indictment against assange and request for
7:02 am
extradition was quickly unsealed by washington trump administration wants to try him for assisting then bradley manning to break into the pentagon computers, classified documents being posted on the wikileaks website. he could get five years for that. today the british opposition labor party echoing assange's lawyers saying the british government should block the extradition move. however, theresa may has said no one is above the law. bill, experts here that we've been seeing are split on how this extradition process could go. some say smoothly. some say it could take years. there is one quick move. the first hearing in this process is on may 2. julian assange will be video linked into that hearing from his new home, a jail in south london. back to you. >> bill: greg palkot in london. frnlts >> sandra: either owe go to our
7:03 am
a-team jeanne is zaino, hugo gurdon and joey jones, appreciate you all being here this morning. happy friday morning to you. hugo, start us off on julian assange and what we're looking at. >> the case hinges on conspiracy. you heard that from your clip on capitol hill that neither said is shedding tears about julian assange. he has managed to alienate both sides of the aisle at different points in the history of his sort of wikileaks. he is being supported to some extent by the republicans. they were pretty happy when all of the stuff that he produced about hillary clinton came out. but before that, they were very upset about the chelsea manning stuff. so it hinges on conspiracy. he claims to be a journalist and those who support him claim see a journalist because that would say what he was doing, encouraging sources to give him tore and publishing the
7:04 am
information is what journalists do. the key here, though, is he helped is accused of helping to crack the code to get into pentagon computers and that is not a protected activity. that is helping chelsea manning break the law. >> sandra: the problem with the story there is a lot we do not know. a lot of facts we still need. alan dershowitz makes this legal case about assange. >> they indicted him on a very factually questionable basis for encouraging manning to try to get information. very weak indictment but it doesn't indict him for publishing classified material. one of the reasons for that is great britain probably wouldn't extradite somebody who was charged merely with publishing information. >> i think alan dershowitz makes an excellent point because it is a very weak indictment on this one charge. what the government is trying to do is stay very far away to the earlier point from the idea
7:05 am
that julian assange is a journalist or a reporter. because they don't want to enter that realm because it is -- let's face it, very unclear how you classify somebody engaged in this kind of activity. what do we tell students all the time? journalism is about holding people in power accountable. it is about acting as a watchdog and that's what julian assange and his attorneys will tell you he was doing. the government wants to stay away from that. focus on this charge of encouraging conspiracy. and encouraging this hacking and assisting in that. i think that will be the real rub here. regardless of julian assange or not the questions remain particularly with new media. what is journalism today and see engaged in that? >> two actors here. we're conflating what each person played. bradley manning at the time took and oath and disavowed and broke that oath. it is funny to me that the left or right either one you want to champion bradley manning.
7:06 am
the left does now who sold us out as a country and service member and then you want to hate or have all this capitol hill discouragement against assange what you would expect a journalist to do. i'm not saying what he did is right or shouldn't go to jail for encouraging or possibly helping them steal classified information. the juxtaposition is that manning has become a rock star and he had the legal responsibility to protect that information. where julian assange is an outside actor, not an american citizen. we shouldn't expect love for america from julian assange. and so if he did what he is being accused of, the maximum penalty being five year. he spent seven years in his own self-imposed imprisonment there is a political win here for president trump.
7:07 am
the left conspiracy theory of being on the side of assange, say that's correct. you can win political points getting him to stand trial on the small charge and under conviction. he has had seven years of self-imprisonment. there might be a win for all. >> bill: we'll see, chelsea manning on that. bill barr. i get a sense this week he reset the entire story. the president from yesterday reacting on this. >> president trump: there was absolutely spying into my campaign. i'll go a step further in my opinion it was illegal spying, unprecedented spying. and something that should never be allowed to happen in our country again. and i think his answer was actually a very accurate one. >> bill: whether you believe him or not, bill barr dropped a hammer this week. >> he sure did. the president admitted he went farther the barr did. the known facts are confirmed there was spying on the campaign.
7:08 am
look, when the intelligence services surveil either electronically or in person on russia, they call it spying. they think it's legitimate. they suspected the trump campaign of being in league with the russians. that's where the collusion narrative is. they surveilled it electronically through carter page's emails and sent halper in person to court page and papadopoulos. clearly there was spying. but the attorney general made it plain that might have been well predicated and that's what he has to find out. the one thing we know was a conspiracy theory and was false is the collusion narrative. now it is important to look how did that come about? who invented it? >> sandra: last night on the story trey gowdy tore the democrats for now calling so heavily into question barr's credibility. here he is last night. >> nancy pelosi said that barr was off the rails, if anyone in the country would understand being off the rails it would be
7:09 am
speaker pelosi. this is the guy that was voice voted by the senate. democrats loved him and thought he was an institutionalist and revive the department of justice. what they don't like is what he summarized in the mueller report. >> sandra: is that fair? >> i do think democrats make a mistake when they don't just say listen, if there was spying let's look into it. maybe it was lawful and let's move on. i think their fear is that what barr has done is going to somehow undermine the release of the full mueller report and i think they make a mistake in that because there absolutely was investigation into collusion that tied into the trump campaign. whether you call it spying, investigating or whatever word you want to use to describe it, it happened. it don't mean it was unlawful, illegal or wrong. the fact that they're making such a big deal of it is drawing more attention to it. i think they're doing themselves a disservice. >> i think the democrats are
7:10 am
losing a narrative game right now. if your biggest rebuttal to make america great again is america was never great or your biggest objection to what barr had to say is using the word spying instead of surveillance, you lose the ability to say these are dots that exist and you are attacking the attorney general for wanting to know how they're connected. call it surveiling or spying, if a campaign was listened in on. >> bill: james comey seemed to think there was a difference. is there? >> there isn't a difference. spying has a nuance to it but they're the same thing. >> i think we want to know what was done and then more importantly why. we should expect our law enforcement and attorney general to find out. >> sandra: a lot of folks want to know what michael avenatti was up to charged now with stealing millions from his clients using gains from those clients to buy a private jet.
7:11 am
here is an irs investigator looking into avenatti. >> mr. avenatti failed to meet his obligations to the government and now faces severe consequences if convicted of the crimes in the indictment. including significant jail time, substantial fines, and the for tour of his assets. as the tax filing season comes to an end, the indictment announced today sends a clear message that no one is above the law. >> sandra: this is over a period of four years, three dozen charges were brought against him from federal prosecutors in california. >> michael avenatti is in trouble on the west coast, on the east coast, a variety of charges. many of them we don't know for certain. this has to go through the court system. but involving people who he claimed to represent and represent well who he stole an awful lot of money from according to what prosecutors are saying.
7:12 am
things look very bad for michael avenatti. one question that has to be asked more broadly is where was the governance in all of this that this lawyer could, if he did, take this amount of money from his clients and use it and it's taken this long for these charges to come out? i think there are big questions to be asked here and he will be answering them. >> bill: a massive collapse around this guy who came out of nowhere and went public. >> it is obvious that this guy is a hux tear. i don't know anything about the specific charges and whether he was guilty or did these things. but if you think that just not -- less than a year ago people were talking about him as a possible presidential candidate. it is laughable. people should be ashamed, i think, of even judging it that way. >> this is a man who has gone on tv and said please investigate me for a year now. he has dug his own grave.
7:13 am
he has been so beloved by the left. this is a man who went out and tried to extort nike because they don't have good lawyers and they don't have someone that can find out where this is leading to. he has all but asked for this. he is getting what he asked for and seems like what he deserves. >> bill: thank you, jeanne, hugo, joey. thanks. fox news alert. new developments in the college admissions bribery scandal. the man accused of taking entrance exams for the students for $10,000 a pop, rick leventhal has more. >> he is due to arrive in federal court in boston later this afternoon expected the plead guilty for his role in the college admissions scandal. close to 50 have been charged including actresses felicity huffman and lori loughlin and her husband. huffman admits to pay to have her daughter's sat score rigged and this was this man's area of
7:14 am
expertise. the florida school billed as the world's largest sports academy founded by a tennis coach. this is about this man. a harvard grad was the brains of the scam secretly taking exams for students replacing the answers with his own for seven years collecting up to $10,000 or more per test. the feds say he worked closely with rick singer accused of masterminding scheme. paying bribes to coaches and key administrators and in a statement he said i'm profoundly sorry for the damage i've done and grief i have caused. i understand how my actions contributed to a loss of trust in the college admissions process. he is charged with two mail fraud counts and conspiracy to commit money laundering was facing up to 20 years in prison
7:15 am
and a large fine. his hearing is scheduled for 2:30 this afternoon. >> bill: we'll watch it for you. rick leave than thal in new york. >> sandra: new fallout from the mueller investigation. congressman devin nunes sending a criminal referral to the justice department claiming misconduct during the course of the investigation. reaction from our headliner, senator john kennedy. >> looking forward to that. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell looking at 2020. why he said the election needs to be a referendum on socialism. >> sandra: the battle over the border. democrats and republicans ready to work together. will they? to deal with this immigration crisis. >> i think what you hear the president expressing is the frustration of the american people. that last month alone more than 100,000 people came across our southern border illegally. to look at me now,
7:16 am
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7:20 am
>> bill: republicans taking aim at medicare for all and the green new deal. mitch mcconnell urging his party to turn the 2020 campaign into a referendum on socialism. charles payne host of making money, fox business network. business policy issues. >> i think he is right. he -- i think americans need to understand that's what is at hand here. so ironic it would be happening right now as we're in this amazing economic revival that you'll have one party who potentially will have a presidential candidate saying hey, we need to take government resources, raise taxes and put the government in charge of medicare, the health industry, the green new deal, which is a
7:21 am
hodge podge of social justice issues mixed in with the notion that we're going to somehow save the planet even though we're a tiny fraction of it. >> bill: he is defending a lot of seats. >> 22 seats with 12 for the dems. >> bill: we need to have a referendum of socialism. i encourage my colleagues to argue we're the firewall against socialism. the best way to avoid that is to have a republican senate. >> i think it's spot on. the firewall, you can get that on a bumper. firewall against socialism. that's your bumper sticker right there. it will be the number one issue right now that i can see and i think it's a battle because the younger voters are seeing this in a different light. some people are saying i'm doing well but i wish it was shared. some are saying i'm not doing well, the system doesn't work. either way there is a whole group of americans more interested in this right now than in a long time. >> sandra: a lot of interest in
7:22 am
this uber ipo right out of the gate disclosing a $1.8 billion loss in 2018. fbn has dug deep into the release and buried in page 27 it may not achieve profitability. there is a lot of excitement about this. >> tremendous excitement about this. they have a list of risk. one of the risks. another risk is some criminal activity will happen by users or drivers and that could give them a bad image. they haven't been profitable. accumulated deficit of $8 billion in losses and yet this company when it goes public will be valued at no less than $100 billion maybe reaching $150 billion in the first week of trading because their other numbers are mind-boggling. the reach they've already penetrated in this world including the recent acquisition of a company in the middle east and north africa. >> sandra: perspective on uber
7:23 am
by the numbers. 91 million registered users, drivers have earned nearly 80 billion dollars through the platform since 2015. short amount of time. the app is active in 700 cities. you can get it just about anywhere. it's huge. >> but now to ever be profitable they'll probably ultimately have to get rid of the drivers. imagine if they were able to put $80 billion on their bottom line. it is a problem but a social society problem where they are one of the big investors pushing for this autonomy vehicle. i gave a talk on that. on one hand we have the first and second industrial revolution and people who were afraid humans would lose jobs to mfrps. they turned out to be net positives. you can't argue that it's hard to see how you will get rid of
7:24 am
every truck driver, every limo driver out there ultimately and what will they learn the code? is that realistic? there will be a major impact. the other side of that in a 10-year period we'll save 600,000 lives around the world from auto accident and free up billions of hours of manpower and save hundreds of billions in collisions. they balance this way and so intriguing where we're going. it is unstop able. it is the future. >> bill: you drove one. what was the experience? >> i'm in the back seat. the car is doing the driving. >> anyone in the front seat? >> guy in the passenger seat. he didn't touch anything. >> bill: how did it feel? >> it felt weird. what was weirder is this company can take over your car. let's say you became incapacitated. i was able to drive it from the back seat and that was weirder.
7:25 am
it is amazing. there is a lot of regulatory insurance, some technical issues. it is the future. it will be exciting. >> bill: did you feel confident in the car? >> not yet, no. they'll have to get us there. we're in level three, the great leap over the next few years. this is where we'll learn to be more comfortable with a car. >> sandra: would you take a ride? >> bill: i don't know how comfortable i would be. >> you'll be behind the wheel. when we get to level five there will be no steering wheel, no brake pedals. you'll get in the car, sit in the front sit and swivel and talk to other folks or do business. i'm thinking about buying a plot of land somewhere, cheap land, buying a bunch of cars. i think opening a car park in the future like a dude ranch will be a big moneymaker when they outlaw driving around the world. >> bill: i could see you on a dude ranch. >> i think the horses would get nervous as soon as i start walking over there. >> bill: thank you.
7:26 am
see you later. >> sandra: unions have been a driving force in national politics but are they losing clout thanks to a supreme court ruling? we'll have a live report next. >> bill: also the a.g. bill barr promising to look into the feds spying on the trump campaign 2016. what exactly is he looking for? our headliner senator john kennedy will tell us next. >> bill: it will come back to undermine the attorney general. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at so let's promote our spring ftravel deals, on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
7:27 am
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takes more mathan just investment advice. from insurance to savings to retirement, it takes someone with experience and knowledge who can help me build a complete plan. brian, my certified financial planner™ professional, is committed to working in my best interest. i call it my "comfortable future plan," and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at >> there are five direct referrals based on lying, obstruction of a congressional investigation and leaking. we have a global leaks referral which involves just a few reporters, but could involve multiple people. i don't think it's that many people because i think they probably only have a few sources within these agencies. and then you have conspiracy referrals.
7:31 am
>> sandra: that was congressman devin nunes calling out what he says was misconduct in the 2016 russia investigation. submitting a criminal referral to a.g. william barr yesterday. let's bring in our headliner republican senator john kennedy who sits on the senate judiciary committee. senator, great to have you on this friday morning. thank you for being here. could you respond to what you just heard from devin nunes and what questions do you have? >> i just want the facts. and i think bill barr will get them. i listened to his testimony very carefully, sandra. he said look, there may have been -- he said there was spying and i think there was. now, i might have used another word, maybe investigation, surveillance, but clearly, there were people at the f.b.i. who surveilled, investigated both the trump campaign and the clinton campaign. >> bill: stop there. is there a difference?
7:32 am
what is the difference between spying and surveillance in your mind? >> none. i mean, i think look, bill, that's a great question. you have two groups of my democratic friends here. you have one group that say mueller called it like he saw it, i accept it. i would like to see the report and see how he reached his conclusions. but you have another group of my friends on the democratic side who are wholly dishonest and say we thought mueller was one of us. we didn't know he was going to be fair and now we'll attack the process, including but not limited to bill barr. when bill barr issued a summary, you would have thought according to some of my democratic friends it was the second coming of the apocalypse. he issued a summary. what do you think would have happened if he hadn't issued a summary? now they are saying he is in bad faith and shouldn't take a look at how these investigations started. it is clear to me that there
7:33 am
were a handful of people at the f.b.i. and maybe justice who acted on their political beliefs in 2016. i think some of them put their thumb on the scale against trump. i think some might have put their thumb on the scale against clinton. i don't know. i just know that they need to be gone. all i want from those people is away. they aren't supposed to act on political beliefs and they don't need a hug and a cup of hot cocoa and be told don't do it again. they need to be fired and if necessary prosecuted. they have hurt the f.b.i. the f.b.i. is the premier law enforcement agency in all of human history. 99% of the men and women there play it straight up. you had a handful of bubble heads that decided they were smarter and more virtuous than the american people and were going to try to influence the election. i want bill barr to find out who they are if they exist. we know some are gone. lisa page, peter strzok, james
7:34 am
comey and others are gone. there may be some left. >> sandra: you want that, senator. but we're hearing from some of your democratic colleagues they're calling into question the credibility of the attorney general william barr in the wake of the release of this report. >> sure. here is my advice for my friends on the democratic side who are in bad faith. number one, leave bill barr alone. let him do his job. we'll have the report next week. the redacted report. if every third word is redacted and you can't make any sense out of it, i'll join them raising fresh hell. but that's not going to happen. number one. i think bill barr is straight up. number two, he is not a moron. he knows if he does that he will be heavily criticized by both democrats and republicans. i don't think he will do it. my final bit of advice to my democratic friends is look,
7:35 am
never corner somebody meaner than you. my advice to you -- i'm not saying bill barr is an unfair guy. i'm just saying leave him alone, okay? let him do his job. he hasn't bitten back yet but i wouldn't want to corner him. i don't think he will bite back in an unfair way, i'm not saying that. but he is being used as a punching bag for something that he didn't do. we haven't even seen his redactions yet and as i alluded to earlier, already my democratic friends some of them are saying it's another sign of the apocalypse, western civilization is going to end. we haven't seen it yet. >> bill: i want to move to immigration. are you staying in washington this weekend or going back to louisiana? >> i'm leaving town tomorrow. >> bill: do you have a guess when we'll see the mueller report? is it over the weekend or today or monday? >> it could be. my guess if i had -- i don't have any basis to say this, to
7:36 am
say maybe wednesday. barr is sitting down with a lot of the -- with mr. mueller and a lot of the mueller folks and they're being careful to make sure that it's all classified information and grand jury testimony is deleted. it needs to be deleted. do you really think congress wouldn't leak it? they would leak the stuff in a heartbeat. >> bill: remember the brett kavanaugh hearing when they went into a secure area beneath the capitol? some of that stuff leaked. >> yeah. look, some of my democratic colleagues say well, don't show it to the american people, but show it to us unredacted. you can trust us. look, this place leaks like the titanic. it would leak at warp speed and it would impact other investigations. it would violate federal law in terms of releasing grand jury testimony, and bill barr is
7:37 am
doing what the law says he is supposed to do. >> bill: i want to squeeze this in. mitch mcconnell calls for bipartisan immigration legislation. that's a big lift. is congress ready for this? >> well, one way to find out. i would like to see us do something. you know, doing nothing is hard. you never know when you are finished. and i've been very disappointed that congress hasn't done more. look, here is what we ought to start with. whenever we get back i would like to see speaker mcconnell put an asylum bill on the floor. let's design the asylum law so they look like somebody designed them on purpose. let senators be senators. let people debate it, offer amendments, the asylum laws are broken. we won't fix the illegal immigration, which is at a crisis as the mainstream media is finally admitting.
7:38 am
we won't fix it until we fix the asylum laws. >> sandra: senator kennedy, if i could just ask you just to go back to the mueller report because this could happen any day now, i hear you are going back to louisiana this weekend. are any of your colleagues going to stick around for the potential release of this report early next week? >> i don't know. they will be available. i can't wait to see it. and i meant what i said. if i'm wrong about the attorney general and i don't think i am, and it is so redacted it makes no sense, i will have plenty to say. but i don't think bill barr will do that. he will not do that. >> bill: thank you, senator, keep the bubble heads in line, are you? >> full-time job up here. some people might think i'm a bubble head. that's okay. you can believe what you want. this is america. thanks, guys. >> bill: some unions may be losing clout after a recent ruling by the u.s. supreme
7:39 am
court. doug mcelway is tracking the story. good morning. >> good morning. landmark 5-4 decision last june the supreme court ruled that forcing non-union members in right to work states to pay union fees is a violation of the first amendment. at the time public sector unions predicted it would deal a blow to labor. some of those predictions are coming true. the american federation of state, county and municipal employees and the service employees international union lost roughly 210,000 agency fee payers. so what you might is an agency fees? >> simply a fee that union officials charge based on their federal privilege to force everyone into the union collectives and say we have to represent you so therefore you need to pay for this representation that you didn't ask for, didn't vote for and
7:40 am
perhaps never wanted. this is about 150 million hit to those two unions that reported that loss. 98% of agency fee payers in one union. 94% in another. real people and real money. >> but supporters of organized labor say those losses are mild. in fact, the decision spurred organized labor to become more proactive to seek new members and it is working. >> i see this as a big boom to organized labor. they're looking at different industries and nonprofits and others who are willing to go before the management and seek union rights. >> the full effects of janice won't be known until later this summer when the national education association and american federation of teachers report their finances, a bigger tell will come as the 2020 campaigns ratchet up and we see how much money organized labor is throwing into campaigns across the country. >> bill: doug mcelway watching that in washington
7:41 am
>> sandra: infighting in the democratic party. nancy pelosi faces her own version of the freedom caucus. our a-team will dig into that one. why the city of chicago is taking jussie smollett to court now. like our classic lobster lover's dream... so hurry in! lobsterfest ends april twenty-first. and now for a limited time, get ten percent off red lobster to go.
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>> sandra: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says house speaker nancy pelosi seems to be dealing with her liberal version of the conservative house freedom caucus. jeanne zaino and hugo gurdon and joey jones are here. >> it's fascinating and mcconnell makes a good point. you remember that when paul ryan was trying to run the caucus republican caucus in the house, the freedom caucus caused him trouble. so they wanted his bills, wanted legislation to be more
7:46 am
conservative. but because they wouldn't vote for what he brought forward, he had to reach out across the aisle to get democratic votes. so actually the bills became more liberal. now what's happening and what mitch mcconnell is pointing out because of the left wing of the democratic caucus people like aoc and some of the others, they wouldn't vote for the budget. they wanted more domestic spending. well, now maybe nancy pelosi has to reach out across the aisle and get some republican votes which means making the budget more fiscally responsible. >> this is exactly why americans are so frustrated with washington and you are absolutely right. it is paul ryan, john boehner before him. nancy pelosi is facing the same exact challenge. you cannot run a government like this. they have to be able to get basic bills through congress including our budgets. and so as much as we want to blame paul ryan or nancy pelosi, this is really about the structure of the american
7:47 am
government which at this point unless there is a crisis, it is even when there is a crisis but very difficult to get basic things done. it's a problem. >> bill: if you want to get legislation the point mcconnell makes she would need republicans to get it done. >> exactly. i was working on capitol hill when the tea party came n. you have a larger subset. what the democrats have done so well so long, a big 10. blue collar midwesterner to vote with a social justice warrior. it has been masterful to watch it happen. on the republican side our biggest asset on the state level and strongest weakness running against obama was the idea we did have the subgroups start to come up and have a voice. now in the age of social media the natural ebb and flow of a big tent party is challenged quicker and more immediate. >> sandra: here is the words of mcconnell. you watch the democrats wrestle in the house with a one-party only spending.
7:48 am
congratulations, you have a freedom caucus. the only way to get a rational spending cap bill is in the center. her most liberal members probably most vote for it and many of my conservative members won't vote for it. >> party leaders are weaker because of what we were just talking about there. social media, everyone has their own brand and can take on the institutions. it is not good for government. >> bill: interesting thing to watch. see what happens. thank you, well done a-team. you are always on the a-team. >> maybe underqualified but over energetic. >> bill: great for tunnel to towers. they have done such great work for so many. >> go to tunnel to towers and donate $11 a month to help them. >> bill: stacked leaderboard at
7:49 am
the masters. great round one. tigers woods is in the hunt. we're live at augusta. >> sandra: not even in the top 10. >> four strokes off the lead after round one. we're live at augusta next. ♪ es ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize.
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>> bill: we have a great leaderboard after round one of the masters, two americans share the lead. dechambeau and koepka. phil mickelson is one stroke behind. tiger woods is lurking. had a pretty good round one. two under par. only four strokes off the lead. tiger is out there. great names. dustin johnson and others. did you see that yesterday? beautiful day. beautiful day in augusta. >> sandra: the story to catch you up. bill really wants tiger woods to come back. you want this to happen. you want him to win the masters. >> bill: correct, i think the comeback has already happened. when you think about four back surgeries and the comeback and play the way he is. jim gray, we have him hooked up. fox news contributor, sportscaster live at augusta.
7:54 am
rain earlier today. what's the status now? >> well, it got pretty wet here this morning. play commenced. rain expected maybe again at 4:00 this afternoon. rain over the weekend. so it will be soggy. they've had four times the amount of rain. it hasn't stopped dechambeau and koepka. dechambeau had his best round yesterday shooting a 66. previous to that his best round was 71. in the ninth round he was very pleased and he came in on the 18th hole there you see 16, it was close. on 18 he hit the flag stick. almost for an eagle. needless to say he was happy with what happened after his round. >> obviously my best round out here. 66. i was looking the shoot something in the 60s this week. i haven't done that yet in my couple times playing here. but what a magical back nine.
7:55 am
the wind started to pick up right around the corner. and it was tough. it was not easy one bit. >> it was also a magical day for 48-year-old phil mickelson. he had five birdies in his last seven holes. he was incredible. he is 48 years old and bill, if he would win this major championship, he would become the oldest to win a major eclipsing that by many years. the oldest man to win here was 46-year-old jack niclas in 1986. phil mickelson will tee off in a minute from now and he is back out on the course. he talked about tiger woods. tiger woods had a 70 yesterday. a 70 yesterday. and of the three times that he has won his first round has been a 70 when he won last in 2005, he shot a 74. >> sandra: you have a smile on bill hemmer's face.
7:56 am
>> if you believe in the cards. >> bill: and we do. jim, enjoy a great weekend. >> he has had a 70 three times. >> sandra: i appreciate those azaleas, they look beautiful in that shot. washington keeping a close eye on william barr as the release of the mueller report is looming. chris wallace will join us next. -i call it my comfortable future plan. -it's our confident forever plan. -welcome to our complete freedom plan. -it's all possible with a cfp professional. ♪ -find your certified financial planner™ professional at cancer, epilepsy, mental health, hiv.
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>> sandra: more fallout in washington from bill barr's testimony this week looking into if there was improper surveillance of the trump kam -- campaign in 2016. are you okay? >> bill: i think i've got an hour in me. >> sandra: we're happy about that. >> bill: bill hemmer, good morning. democrats taking digs at barr's credibility after his remark there was spying in the trump campaign. all that playing out as washington waits to see the redacted mueller report which could be released at any time. we begin this hour chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live at the justice department. good morning there. >> thank you, bill. good morning. based on our reporting at fox news of the redaction process is ongoing as recently as yesterday and we're now really within this window based on the attorney general william barr's testimony within a week or next week. so really between thursday and tuesday being that window when
8:01 am
we do anticipate the release of the mueller report. republicans are really coming to the defense of the attorney general saying he is being unfairly targeted by democrats. here is congressman collins. >> bill barr does not deserve the attacks he is getting. he has been truthful and will be truthful. they don't like the story being told. >> democrats have taken issue with the attorney general's use of the word spying when he testified and he questioned whether there was unauthorized surveillance on the trump campaign during 2016 and just the use of the word spying really set off senior democrats. >> let me just say how very, very dismaying and disappointing that the chief law enforcement officer of our country is going off the rails. >> instead of giving straight answers, mr. barr seems to be
8:02 am
nothing more than a spokesperson for the president's campaign. he seems more like the president's press secretary than the attorney general. >> the attorney general is personally reviewing the genesis of the f.b.i.'s counter intelligence investigation that opened in late july of 2016. the reason it matters, it's the foundational piece that paved the way for robert mueller's investigation. by looking at the or ij begins and genesis of the investigation they put under the microscope the intelligence that was used and who brought it to the table. senior f.b.i. leadership and intelligence officials. james clapper said he felt they handled things by the book. >> i believe they did give kind of standard defensive briefings after the candidates were designated and after their respective conventions.
8:03 am
when the two candidates emerged, we started, as is customary, intelligence briefings. those intelligence briefings included reporting on the russia meddling that was ongoing. >> what's interesting about clapper's comments he talks about the defensive briefings during the latter part of 2016 but what would be more typical was the opening of a counter intelligence investigation is that individuals would be warned they are being targeted at that time by a foreign entity. based on our reporting, we don't think that happened with the trump campaign. >> bill: what can you tell us about the indictment yesterday of julian assange? where does that stand today, catherine? >> it is really important to look at the indictment and understand that its focus is extremely narrow making the allegation that julian assange encouraged chelsea manning and also facilitated the hacking and stealing of the classified records from the defense
8:04 am
department and the state department so it is not getting into these broader issues of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. we're also learning more why he lost his asylum from the ecuadorians. they are saying he was a very bad guest. disrespectful and a lot of complaints. late night skateboarding, loud music, being generally disrespectful to the staff at the embassy. the past president of ecuador says it is no excuse to allow his -- the loss of that protection so he now may be extradited to the united states. we're getting more details about what really happened and went down in the last 72 hours. >> bill: i'm assuming that skateboarding indoors, is that what that was? >> sounds like my house. i don't know what the problem was. >> bill: thank you, catherine. >> sandra: for more on the fallout from attorney general william barr's testimony earlier this week let's bring in chris wallace anchor of "fox
8:05 am
news sunday". we appreciate your time. good morning to you. so what do you make of what you have seen so far as far as the reaction to the a.g.'s testimony earlier this week and ahead of the release of the redacted report possibly next week? >> look, this is highly charged. we knew it was going to be highly charged politically. democrats are upset that the mueller report doesn't seem to have found more dirt, more evidence of criminality or at least bad behavior by the president. we know that from mr. barr's bottom line conclusions that he gave when he first received the report. the word spy is charged. and i think that barr realized that because at the end of his congressional hearing he said look after reviewing all as he put it the colloquys i have had with various members of the senate maybe i should say surveillance and whether or not it was proper or not.
8:06 am
there is an absolutely legitimate question, and legitimate investigation is already going on by the inspector general, as to whether or not the surveillance of the trump campaign, members of that campaign, was legitimate, was based on reasonable concerns. the use of the word spy, that was charged. think if you were going to talk about the justice department surveilling organized crime figures, would you call that spying? you would call it surveillance. and as much as barr is saying -- if i may just finish. inasmuch as barr is saying i'll investigate whether it was legitimate surveillance or not. maybe use of the word spy he got ahead of himself. >> sandra: we asked senator kennedy about that and a lot of people are having a hard time differing between using the word spying versus surveillance. some agree it is the same thing. rod rosenstein interesting to see him come to the defense of william barr in this way.
8:07 am
deputy attorney general rebutter democrats' suggestions in the "wall street journal" this william barr is trying to miss lead. here he says he is being as forthcoming as he can. so this notion that he is trying to mislead people i think is just completely bizarre. but that's not stopping democrats from questioning barr's credibility. >> no. again, this gets back to the extreme politics of this whole situation. i remember we did a fox news poll just before the mueller report was even released and at the time i think it was 70% basically said we don't care what it says. it's not going to change our mind. that was conservatives who were defending the president saying whatever mueller found. we didn't know what they were going to find. it wouldn't change their mind and liberals saying the same thing. it wouldn't change their mind. as i pointed out, a lot of
8:08 am
democrats are upset with what bill barr -- we don't know the mueller report. all we know as it has been interpreted by bill barr. they're upset about that and all i would say to rod rosenstein, who i think understands it himself, is welcome to the political world where everybody has their own set of facts and if you don't like the other side's set of facts you'll find fault with them and raise questions about their credibility. >> sandra: that being said let's talk 2020. this morning "politico" buttigieg busts out in iowa. polling among support from democratic voters in iowa. biden although not formally in the race still leads the pack 27%. sanders 16%. buttigieg 9%, third for democratic voters in iowa. notably absent there is beto o'rourke and there is this piece in the "washington post" this morning how buttigieg
8:09 am
stole beto's mojo. in that piece they say buttigieg mania isn't a thing. not only because it is a mouthful but he is appealing not for being larger than life but regular size. refreshing in an area where buttigieg pointed out one nominee in the last presidential put i'm with her on campaign buttons and the other was donald trump. so buttigieg surging in iowa suddenly. >> i have to say i'm proud. i think you and i and a lot of people have learned to say his name properly. it took a while for all of us. he is a really intriguing figure and i don't make much of the biden number. a lot of that is very interesting. came out in one of those polls. he is also third in new hampshire as well as iowa. 24% of people don't even know who buttigieg is and i think a full 50% have no opinion. he is only playing in a universe of 50% of the electorate as opposed to bernie sanders and joe biden who have
8:10 am
100% name recognition. my guess is 99% people have an opinion about them one way or another. buttigieg still largely unknown outside of political junkies has made an impression. he is a very impressive guy. a rhodes scholar. took a leave of absence at the mayor of south bend, indiana to serve in afghanistan. he is smart as the dickens. he has some issues. he is 37 years old. only been the mayor of a small town of 100,000 people. as i say south bend, indiana but it certainly is true that he is the bright shiny object on the horizon and no question that he has stolen the thunder of beto o'rourke because frankly, there is more substance there. he actually has -- you can like them or dislike them but he has interesting, refreshing ideas and there is some substance there. not just all style and sizzle. so he is a real factor.
8:11 am
whether he can continue. he has had a great introduction. whether he can continue to build on that is going to be the big challenge for him. >> sandra: we will see probably conversation a lot like this coming up on "fox news sunday" this weekend. chris, we look forward to it. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: a deadly shoot-out with federal agents in phoenix. >> i heard a slam like somebody hit a tree and then i heard, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. >> sandra: the condition of those agents as well as the suspects involved in this shooting. >> bill: also the attorney general bill barr telling congress he believes there was spying on the trump campaign. reaction from "wall street journal"ist kim strassel on that coming up next. >> the nice thing about barr you have a grown-up in the room that calls out this nonsense. 300 miles an hour,
8:12 am
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i'm begging you... take gas-x.ed beneath the duvet your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight. >> bill: a shoot-out in phoenix yesterday. federal agents were conducting a human smuggling investigation. when they tried to stop a car to make an arrest gunfire was exchanged. >> it is scary hearing the gunshots. this is usually a very safe area. >> we just saw there was a body laying in the road with a black shirt on and they didn't have any kind of vest or protection. they were just -- they weren't
8:16 am
moving. >> bill: five people were in the vehicle. a woman was pronounced dead at the scene. four taken to the hospital and injuries not believed to be life threatening. >> sandra: reaction to attorney general william barr saying there was spying on the trump campaign. kim strassel saying barr brings accountability to the case writing no doubt a lot of former obama administration and hillary clinton campaign officials, opposition guns for hire, and media members are stunned and scared that the justice department finally has a leader willing to address the f.b.i.'s behavior in 2016. let's bring in kim strassel, "wall street journal" editorial board member and fox news contributor. great to have you on this morning. so what point are you making about william barr and the politics and political reaction we've seen to his testimony this week? >> well, the point here is that we have to focus on more than just the end of the mueller
8:17 am
report and more than how all this started. we have to focus on the two years in which opponents of donald trump managed to forestall accountability for this. think about this. jim comey, who hid his investigation from everybody, okay? he didn't tell the public about it. he also did not tell the courts about it. he did not tell congress about it, which is a routine thing to do. he didn't give a defensive briefing to the trump campaign. why? because everyone was banking that hillary clinton would win and no one would ever know what the f.b.i. did here. when donald trump actually did win, then you had a new set of circumstances. democrats leaked all this information, they managed to get a special counsel, forestalling any questions about how it all began. they managed to force jeff sessions the recuse himself so no outsider could take a look at what the d.o.j. had done. this has gone on too long. now there is a person in charge who is going to look and that's what is causing this reaction.
8:18 am
>> sandra: i want to read more from your piece here. mr. barr didn't merely refuse to recuse, he has made clear he plans to look at the f.b.i.'s action thoroughly. threat number one to everyone who participated in these abuses and why the liberal media establishment is now disparaging his integrity. they are stunned and scared that accountability has returned to the justice department. just how far do you think that bill barr will go in digging into that time? >> he made very clear in his testimony everything that he was going the look into. first of all he was right to call this what it is. it is spying. i just heard chris wallace saying it is a loaded term. one of the reasons it's appropriate here you surveil bad guys as you said like organized crime bosses. this was a party of one persuasion running an administration that was looking at a campaign of the other
8:19 am
party. and that definitely merits the word spying. that's what was happening here. he says he will look into that and see if there was unauthorized surveillance. meaning there is still some things in the f.b.i.'s timeline that don't add it up. it did not start a counter intelligence investigation until july 31. there were contacts prior to that date. was any of that authorized? was it legitimate? he is going to look at the role of other intelligence agencies, too. he made it clear. not just what the f.b.i. did. what was the c.i.a. doing, what was director of national intelligence james clapper doing? there is a lot of questions that he seems to, from his testimony, under established -- understand all the dots that need to be collected. >> sandra: eventually used the word spying you sensed some hesitation from him before he said that. james comey has responded to the barr testimony and he says surveillance is not spying.
8:20 am
that was interesting. final thoughts, kimberly. >> well final thoughts. i'm surprised to see jim comey so much in the press these days for a guy who claims that some of these politicians are putting their fingers on law enforcement and pressing the scales here. he seems to be doing an awful lot of that himself. i think he ought to step back and allow the debate about his own actions play out. >> sandra: kim strassel from the "wall street journal" editorial board. thank you. >> bill: chicago taking legal action against jussie smollett after the actor refused to pick up the tab for a police investigation of his case. the latest on that. >> sandra: plus congressman devin nunes sending criminal referrals to the justice department alleging miss conduct by the f.b.i. john yoo will join us coming up. >> five direct referrals based on lying, obstruction of a
8:21 am
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8:25 am
deep freeze by the polar vortex. he said two men attacked him and put a rope around his neck and slashed a chemical on him and told him it was maga country. police said the whole thing was staged. the lawsuit claims that chicago detectives worked hours investigating the claim that was bogus working out to $136,106 in overtime. the city first demanded that money smollett and his team refused to pay and the suit demands three times the original overtime costs and legal expenses. the fees for smollett could reach into $400,000. the legal team says the city of chicago owes the actor an apology for defaming his character. outgoing chicago mayor rahm emanuel and eddie johnson have passionate about moving forward with the case. the new mayor may 19th. lightfoot hasn't expressed a position about the civil suit.
8:26 am
>> bill: mike tobin in chicago. >> sandra: lawyers for julian assange say he will fight extradition to the united states where the international legal battle goes from here. >> he should be extradited to face justice here. there are serious charges involving his role in russian meddling in our election. he should face charges here. cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way.
8:27 am
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8:29 am
>> sandra: mitch mcconnell speaking out on immigration saying he is willing to work with democrats on a bipartisan deal amid the news the white house is considering using detained migrants -- sending them to sanctuary cities. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn. with that and more. good morning to you. >> good morning. i'm told this had nothing to do
8:30 am
with retribution but how to take -- i'm also told the president's chief policy advisor stephen miller had nothing to do with this discussion. it was discussed by other officials. the department of homeland security and immigration and customs enforcement were asked if it could be done. they sent word back to the white house it would be illegal and not be allowed under the laws guiding immigration enforcement authorities including the detention and release of illegal immigrants. also ice is so strapped for resources that logistically it would be impossible to bust large groups of people across the country. in a statement today the incoming director of ice said the white house never pressured them to enact the policy. he said as the acting deputy i was not pressured by anyone at the white house on this issue. i was asked my opinion and provided it. my advice was heeded. the email exchange is clear and suggesting it indicates inappropriate pressure is inaccurate.
8:31 am
democrats though were not interested in what all bins had to say. nancy pelosi with this. the extent of this administration's cynicism and cruelty cannot be overstated. using human beings including little children as pawns in their game to perpetuate fear and demonize immigrants is despicable and in some cases criminal. that is the speaker of the house's spokeswoman. the white house position is that democrats want open borders and that illegal immigrants should be welcomed into the country so why aren't democrats willing to work with the white house to get illegal immigrants transported into their districts? why wouldn't the democrats step forward and want them in their districts? questions that the white house is asking today. now, is there a little bit of put-up or shut-up attitude in that? there might be. sandra. >> sandra: john roberts, thank you. >> then you have the
8:32 am
culmination of the ultimate spying where you have the f.b.i. director spying on the president, taking notes, illegally leaking those notes of classified information. why? so they could appoint a special counsel to spy on an acting president again. there is a lot of spying and a lot of leaking. >> bill: there is devin nunes ranking house committee member sending a criminal referral to attorney general barr. john yoo is a former assistant attorney general. how are you doing and welcome back to our program? what do you think nunes has here, john? >> well, we don't know for sure. i think you could say there are three different kinds. he is probably referring to f.b.i. director comey. you recall he wrote these memos that had classified information and used a third person to leak them to the "new york times." that could be illegal leaking of classified information. a second he sounds like he is
8:33 am
referring possibly to the matters that gave rise to the steele dossier and acquisition of a warrant use under the fisa law to try to surveil the trump campaign. if that was all done deliberately to mislead the court. if that was done to engage in illegal spying as attorney general barr suggested it might have, that would be a crime. the third one would be -- the toughest one to get a handle on, is whether there were efforts to lie or obstruct a congressional investigation that was he was running, which itself could be perjury, obstruction of justice if these f.b.i. agents and d.o.j. officials they were interviewing or covering up or destroy documents. that, too, would be a crime. >> bill: trey gowdy was talking about the way that barr reset the story this week when he dropped the word spying. here is trey gowdy. >> i am really to use clapper's word stunned that anyone would not want to know what was the
8:34 am
factual predicate for the united states government to monitor the conversations and activities of two campaign officials regardless of whether they were working for a republican or democrat. i would think all americans would want to know how are you using these awesome powers that we entrust you with? >> bill: do you believe bill barr finds that answer? >> yes. i don't get the whole controversy over the word spying. it is spying. if the government checked your emails or my emails and listening to our phone calls we would think of that is spying. the question is whether it was justified. here i think attorney general barr will get to the bottom of the matter. did the people who authorized, who went to court the get a warrant, were they doing it because they legitimately thought these people were foreign agents that they were watching or was it done because they had partisan bias against candidate trump? if it's for the latter reason, then i think that people are going to have a big problem.
8:35 am
>> bill: the language spying versus surveillance makes no difference to you. >> no. i don't think so. spying or surveillance. it is the same activity. the question is why you did it. >> bill: what was the predicate? reaction on julian assange, first lindsey graham the republican and joe manchin the democrat. watch. >> i'm glad that the wheels of justice are finally turning when it comes to mr. assange. i have never been a fan. i think what he did was despicable and dangerous. >> i think maybe we'll get some answers now. i hope we get him back to the united states as quickly as possible. this is needed. very much needed and could find out the facts. >> bill: what is interesting is the different reaction that so many different people have to assange and how they feel about him. what do you think we need to understand about the charges now brought against him and what that may tell us? >> first he is being charged
8:36 am
with conspiring with bradley -- with bradley manning, i guess his name is chelsea manning now. i get confused about the right thing to call people even though i'm in berkeley. he conspired to break into classified computer network and steal the information and use it to the great harm of the united states. he is only being charged with computer hacking. he is not being charged yet the espionage. i can't think of a single individual who in the last 10, 15 years has done greater harm to american national security by himself. he led to i think the capture and perhaps deaths of american agents abroad. attacks on soldiers. this is a perfect case for extradition and our justice department should go after people like assange. >> bill: he will fight that. we'll see how it goes in court. thank you for your time. >> sandra: now to these heart pounding moments captured on
8:37 am
camera when the train slams into an s.u.v. plus the navy seal facing court partial in -- court-martial. they said his commander is undermining president trump's orders to treat him with respect according to his attorneys. >> the charges against him are based someone's word against his. the absurdity of the system is the same. the premise is that in these cases you are always treated guilty until proven innocent.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> bill: there is an investigation underway in florida after a train slammed into an s.u.v. in downtown orlando. the driver was taken to a hospital in serious condition. none of the 82 people on the train were hurt. the incident marked the third crash in orlando involving a train in the past four months.
8:41 am
>> sandra: new developments in the case of a navy seal. edward gallagher. he is awaiting a court-martial for killing an isis prisoner of war in iraq. president trump has stepped in for gallagher directing the navy to move him from the brig to the barracks. his legal team is now accusing his commander of working in undermine the president's orders. joining us now is his wife, andrea gallagher and someone who was deployed with him. retired army captain tyler merritt. thank you very much for both of you for being here. tyler, set up what is happening here what the president asked for and what has been done? >> absolutely. i've had the privilege of speaking with andrea and their attorney for the last several weeks. what it boils down to is the presumption of guilt before innocence. as a commander you have the right to pre-trial confinement. if i get an order from the president of the united states to release this man from prison
8:42 am
and decide to take it upon myself to create these pre-trial confinement conditions commensurate with being in prison that's a slap in the face to the president of the united states and i know he is being fed false information. for example, there is a video out there with exculpatory evidence that the president should see. he needs to see to understand this person needs to be home with his family. he is deployed a dozen times. he has earned the right and respect, the presumption of innocence. >> sandra: requiring him to be in full uniform of the day and not allowing him to put on civilian clothing at any time. restricting gallagher's movements so his only meal options are a vending machines and limited selection of processed foods sold at a convenience store on site. gallagher can't call or video
8:43 am
chat with you, his wife and children who are living in florida unless he is in the presence of a command representative or defense attorney. gallagher cannot drive or be driven to his defense team's offices. he can contact them only under the supervision of a command representative or watch stander. this means gallagher cannot engaged in privileged communication. these are just some of the restrictions placed on him. >> that's absolutely correct. what i would like to share this is comparable to someone going into a busy hotel lobby and trying to make a private phone call. so he has no phone in his room. he has been not afforded access to a cell phone. not only that he hasn't even still yet -- we're 47 days out from this trial. he hasn't been able to help in his own defense. they won't afford him a laptop to review electronic discovery. these are lies being told to
8:44 am
the president of the united states that oh no, he has all these things. he has access to a gym. no, he doesn't. he has access to food. no. he has access to a cell phone and no he does not. they're lying to the american public saying he is at home with his family. he is confined to a building and sits in a room all day. it is tantamount to confinement. we're saying it's unlawful command influence and obstruction of justice. >> sandra: the letter from rosen bloom. i have a reasonable belief offenses have been committed. gallagher committed the offenses and the restraint order is required. they are required to -- to intimidate witnesses and obstruct justice. that was a letter obtained by fox news. >> sandra: -- >> there is not enough time to explain how much inaccuracy is
8:45 am
in that statement. it can be proven. what it boils down to, this individual will not even sit down with your counsel to discuss these things. it takes days, if not weeks, to respond. meanwhile you have an individual getting closer and closer to this date with ever mounting legal bills who is fighting a giant. how much money do you have to spend on this? we've been able to raise over $80,000 in the last two weeks for this defense through the sales of these shirts. but without those type of funds, without great legal representation, this person will end up in jail for the rest of their life. he has survived deployment after deployment and if this crime was committed in chicago maybe he would be free and at home with his family but we allow people to create and incite race riots and they're found not guilty. a navy seal, you watch a video. he is not guilty. >> sandra: the president brought a lot more attention to
8:46 am
this when he tweeted out that gallagher should be moved to less restrictive confinement while he waits his day in court. how hard has this been on your family? >> it is an absolute nightmare. i want to let the president know he is being lied to. there is corruption from the top down involved in this. we look to expose it. in the meantime i'm suffering. i have to fly out last-minute flights. thousands of dollars. legal fees alone will be close to half a million dollars. what military family can afford that? if not for the efforts of people who have come to our aid. most importantly this is a husband and father, this is a son and a brother. we have three children. they have been pulled out at gun point by ncis. we have been tortured, shamed, embarrassed. slandered. enough is enough. the president said to unleash my husband. they have actually put him on a restriction that is tantamount to confinement. we need to president to take a good, hard look. our lawyer just filed an ask to
8:47 am
the judge to allow a release to the white house and to several congressmen who have been helping us of this video. this is a lie that has been told to smear my husband that is so horrible. i have not personally talked to the president. we know he is an ally based on the tweet and his boys both tweeting. we are are so grateful to him for this. >> sandra: thank you for telling his story. we'll continue to follow this. the best to you and your family. >> bill: "outnumbered" is coming up next. good morning, melissa. >> the white house pushing back against reports that it put any pressure on the dhs to release migrant detainees into sanctuary cities or that the idea was in any way political. democrats are seizing on it as the battle over border security continues. and a new controversy could be brewing for joe biden as he is reportedly set to announce his 2020 run. it seems like the issue of his unwanted touching of women has not hurt him at all when it
8:48 am
comes to the polls. whether he will jump in as the presumptive nominee or will democrats start to wonder if he has too much baggage? all that plus #oneluckyguy, top of the hour. >> bill: tax day is only days away. how safe is your information when you go to pay uncle sam? we have a report on that next. ♪ owers, so let's promote our spring travel deal on like this: (sneezes) earn one free night when you stay just twice this spring. allergies. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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8:52 am
>> if i had driven in today, we're all lucky that i biked in today rather than driving in. >> sandra: police believe the boy propped himself on the edge of a window that was cracked open and pushed through a screen and caused the fall. glad he is doing okay. >> bill: we're in tax season and a busy season for cyber criminals ratcheting up malware campaigns that target those who file? is this a big deal? >> a little scary. with the 2018 filing deadline now approaching just a couple of days, cyber criminals here in the united states are ratcheting up malware campaigns targeting thousands of american filers. lawmakers here on capitol hill say there is no need to worry. they say they have it covered. >> the current tax filing season has been the most scrutinized since a long, long
8:53 am
period of time. >> but while tax scams are nothing new cyber criminals are honing their skills. this year found a brand-new method of targeting american businesses and individuals. it is called trick bot. hackers sent major accounting and payroll firms like adp and paychecks and enticed people with click bait and installed malicious excel files on user's computers. once it infects a computer cyber criminals are free to take the wheel and have complete control over the device and can steal personal information, empty out bank accounts and even spread the infection to other network computers. the hardest hit targets for the 2018 tax season so far accounting firms, human resources services firms, and payroll companies. capitol hill lawmakers say the data system would make a great
8:54 am
target for hacking. >> i.t. systems are woefully outdated. while there has been improvement, 45% of the i.t. infrastructure that the i.r.s. is using are beyond their original useful life. >> it is not surprising. they say tax information that enables hackers to carry out a host of equity crimes. a perfect storm for good, honest american taxpayers and more proof that good deeds never go unpunished. >> bill: watch out for it. thank you, gillian. >> sandra: today is friday. a florida prep school administrator is expected to plead guilty today in the
8:55 am
college admissions scandal. they say he was receiving a fee of $10,000 per test. he is charged with several charges. prosecutors are recommending leniency because he is cooperating with their investigation. $10,000 a pop. >> bill: new reports say the trump administration wanted to bus detained migrants to sanctuary cities. how the white house is responding to that report coming up in a moment. no mattere or what your dreams entail, a cfp professional is trained, knowledgeable, and committed to financial planning in your best interest. find your certified financial planner™ professional at
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8:59 am
selling 1 million copies in just one month. to take rock 'n' roll music mainstream. i'm sure you've -- >> bill: good stuff. >> sandra: you've rocked to that. >> bill: are we done? >> sandra: the dow is up 213 points. that's the news today. the masters, even if the leaderboard in front of you. your favorite, tiger, has not yet teed off, bill hemmer. >> bill: 150 today. you don't like we are on mueller watch, too. >> sandra: senator kennedy suggest next week, monday or tuesday. >> bill: he he said tuesday or wednesday, which puts it even for the past. it seems like barr initially said it would be out within a week. that was on tuesday. then we came back the next day he said next week. the reduction process is in full swing. >> sandra: we will see. it could be any moment now. it can be next week. we are on that for you. it was quite a week with you, bill hemmer. >> bill: i'm going to get my voice back by monday. i will be okay. [laughter] fighting it. >> sandra: we hope you feel
9:00 am
better. we will see you back here monday morning. thank you for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: on a friday we begin with a fox news alert. the showdown over the crisis at our southern border is getting even hotter. the white house now is pushing back on reports the president's top aides tried to pressure immigration agencies to release migrant detainees onto the streets of sanctuary cities as political playback. we will get into it. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. fox news headlines 24/7 reporter, carley shimkus. and in the center seat, no! kennedy! on the fox business network! can be expected she move? it's ed henry in the center sea seat. ed is here and you are "outnumbered." forgive me! kennedy does take the spotlight. >> ed: we both have blue on. >> kennedy: and were having a lovely time. really, finding our lane! just hitting the


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