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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 14, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks for watching. i will see you right here next week. >> and we begin with fox news alert from georgia and dramatic comeback on the links, tiger woods winning masters, first major tournament win since scandal and surgeries derailed one of the most dominant careers in modern sports, what a day in the sports world today. hello, everyone, welcome to brand-new hour of america's news headquarters i'm eric sean. arthel: i'm arthel nfl, exciting after an 11-year dry felt, tiger woods reminding of glory days, clinching fifth green jacket and first major win since 2008 u.s. open. bryan llenas has more of this very exciting news from our new
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york city news room, bryan llenas, all i have to say -- ghter] >> win for the ages, arthel, has been 11 years since you said since tiger woods won major championship, struggled marital issues and injuries, tiger woods winning fifth masters championship, the crowd chanting tiger, tiger. but perhaps the most emotional moment was seeing tiger hug his mother, daughter sam and son charlie, it reminded everyone of a special moment 22 years ago when tiger won his first masters championship in 1997, then tiger hugged his father who was suffering from heart complications at the time and yo has since passed but today a similar photo, this time of tiger hugging his son. it was unreal to experience this is what he had said with his mother and with his family, now like i said, this is tiger's
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fifth master championship putting him second-all time before jack nicholson and tiger's 15 total major wins second behind jack nicklaus. i'm so happy for him and the game of golf, this is fantastic. president trump urging people to watch on twitter and to tune in to watch history then tweeting, quote, congratulations to tiger woods, truly great champion. tiger woods takes home $2,070,000 but not the only one going with big money, arthel. the man who bet $85,000 on bigger woods winning this master at 14 to 1 odds turned that wager into $1,190,000. unbelievable. arthel: he bet -- great day in golf. he bid on the right man and i think everybody is happy for tiger woods.
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bryan llenas, thank you. eric: another democrat making it official today, mayor pete buttigieg announcing his run for president and he did so at rally in hometown of south bend, indiana, where he's, of course, the mayor. riding a wave of growing popularity in already large field of presidential democratic hopefuls, going from relative unknown to a recent polls has been in third place, some seeing him as a very serious contender. >> my name is pete buttigieg. [cheers and applause] >> they call me pete. i'm a proud son of south bend, indiana and i am running for president of the united states. eric: mayor pete made it officially hopefully in his view
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to become president pete, hi, mike. >> the crowd here in south bend was excited out here, they pioneered a new three word, paul gigot, -- pete buttigieg. there's restrictions, reproductive rights, the security for the united states did not impact violence an greatest security of threat to the united states is climate change. moments he spoke about moving forward, turning the page, going into a new chapter but he said if we were to look back he would talk to himself 20 years ago and tell himself on the day he declared, he would do it while
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he was -- his husband was looking on. we are we are all right, that's the very latest, thank you so much, we may have had a technical issue. arthel: okay, we will go to david, chief editor-in-chief of the fire wall. david, so why is mayor pete resinating and on the rise and how will he stack up against senator bernie sanders and vice president and biden who is likely to join the race? >> it was really interesting that in his speech a few minutes ago, pete buttigieg compared himself to sanders and biden and said, you know, look i'm -- sort of making the point i think that he's talked about people who had been meandering, i think that's the word, meandering in washington for careers, mayor pete says i'm the mayor, fourth largest city in indiana but being the mayor is about getting
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things done, so that's one way he's going to contrast himself with these two sort of elder states of the party, obviously generational change. i would say that you could not think of somebody who is tailor made to be contrast to the president in terms of his -- his sort of built in eloquence, seeming cool, he talks passionately about the issue, this is what you hear democratic voters say time and time again, he seems like sort of a return to normal in the way that the president was sort combustible, this is a very different kind of president was authentic and is who he is and mayor pete says i'm authentic in a different way and the country is going to want more than donald trump. arthel: yeah, on policy, pete buttigieg he would like to eliminate the electoral college and medicare should be an option
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for whoever wants it but not mandatory, talk about pete's policies and how they be seen as democratic as well as independent voters? >> i think you're right. the president and probably a lot of republicans will be spending the next six months trying to portray almost anybody who is running for the democratic nomination as too far for the left. pete buttigieg seems to be trying positioning himself in the center of left. he is not as progressive and liberal as, for example, bernie sanders, he does talk about, yes, taken some -- he's taking a hold of progressive like eliminating the electoral college as you say and maybe enlarging the supreme court, but also taken some positions that are to the center of many democrats as you say he says medicare should be option and not should be the only health care system for the country and citizens should be able to opt
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in. he's not talking about making college free for everybody, he's talking about making college debt-free for everybody. not that the taxpayers are paying for everybody to go to college, change it so that loans, more loan forgiveness, pell grant, lower interest loans so people can get through college without a whole lot of debt. he also talked in the speech, the motif was about freedom, talking about he says that the democrats have lost the word freedom for the republicans, he wants to talk about freedom as a democratic with a capital d value, he talks about what does it mean to be free in the country and portrays it in a way that allows for him to talk about democratic issues about economic justice, abortion rights, gay rights, gun rights and on and on, so interesting way to package himself. arthel: he's also a millennial so he probably gets the young vote probably.
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>> let's pick our heads to face what might be the greatest security issue of our time, climate change and climate disruption. we are not having a contest about which is better. if you don't like our plans on climate, fine, show us yours. arthel: more of his outlook on the way, you know, important for the country. let's take a look, david, at recent polls, vice president joe biden, with 27% which is more than 10-point lead of senator bernie sanders coming distant third pete buttigieg, followed by kamala harris, next look at the new hampshire poll against, vice president biden with a strong lead at 23% followed by senator sanders, 16%, pete buttigieg with 11%, senator
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elizabeth warren 9% and senator kamala harris 7%. hypothetically speaking going back to mayor pete, could he take on president trump come debate time, should he get the far, the folksy versus balsy. it's 3 months into the first debate. arthel: of course. >> one of the people in the poll, the one at the very top hasn't even announced for president. a thousand things can change, so the question is, of course, whether somebody who is now propelled himself to sort of statistically narrowly at the top of the second tier, you have to put biden and sanders in the first tier, you know, they're in the 20's, the other ones are in the high single digits, pete
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buttigieg seems to be leading in the roster but these are tinny amounts of supports and can change in instant or a week. the question is do we think pete buttigieg has sustaining power and to my mind is yes, it does, it's hard to see what the weak link in presentation especially because as you said in this particular question he does just present himself as a clear contrast to the president, very calm contrast, but a very sort of impassion, articulate, he talks like he went to harvard and was a scholar and speaks 7 languages and speaks like a military man which he was. he talks in a very disciplined and passionate way that doesn't come across histrionic. arthel: you make a good point but i will call this, that john melaney will play pete buttigieg
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on saturday night live. >> that's a really good call, arthel. arthel: thank you. [laughter] >> thank you. eric: well, president trump he says he's got the right to do it, busing illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities across the country and questions of whether that's even legal or political stunt, live at the white house with the very latest on the proposal. plus deadly storms ripping through south leaving thousands without power, the latest details on this rough weekend coming up. >> democratic socialism, do you want it? the green new deal president trump says it'll cost us $100 trillion to do what democrats want and they say they have great ideas on health care, we will get into all of this plus the #me too movement says working through some of the candidates as they hit the trail from democrat side, 2020 tonight in a town hall america with me and a couple of hundred people
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arthel: several people reported dead, some of them children as severe weather slams multiple states across the south, reports of tornadoes and baseball-size
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hail in spots amid high winds and flooding that demolished homes, uprooted trees and down power lines in texas, arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama and georgia, power knocked out for some 90,000 people in east texas sheriffs says two small children died when a tree flattened their family's car, quote, like a pancake. eric: president trump is warning house democrats that they have to toughen the country's immigration laws. illegal migrants into the border across sanctuary cities across the country. >> you have to look at all options across the table so that the towns right there on the border aren't taking on the entire burden and that we are shifting some of that burden to places who constantly claim to want to have open borders and want to have an open city, so
1:18 pm
let's put some of those people into their communities and into their towns and see if they are okay with the same impact. >> ellison barber live on the lawn of the white house. >> white house is defending this idea but acknowledging that it initially was shot down, white house press secretary sarah sanders told fox news sunday, the idea of busing migrants apprehended at the u.s.-méxico border into sanctuary cities was initially raised as staff level and then pushed back on, sanders said the president decided he we wanted to explore it again and she says they are now doing a complete and thorough review. >> we have to look at all options across the table so that the towns right there on the border aren't taking on the entire burden and that we are shifting some of that burden to place those who constantly claim to want to have open borders and want to have an open city, again, nobody thinks that this
1:19 pm
is the ideal solution, but until we can fix the crisis at the border, we have to look at all options, this is one of them, whether or not it moves forward, that's yet to be determined. >> sources told fox news the white house asked the department of homeland and immigration and no, we think this is likely illegal, violates laws as well as appropriation restrictions, the president disagrees. president trump said this, quote, the u.s. has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to sanctuary cities, we hereby demand that they be taken care of at the highest level especially by the state of california which is well known for poor management and high taxes. key democrats are saying that they think this is illegal and that the president does not have the right to spend money that congress appropriated for completely different purposes.
1:20 pm
eric. >> all right, thank so much. arthel. arthel: eric, more blowback coming coming coming from democratic lawmakers. jeff paul joins us live from our west coast bureau with more. jeff. >> arthel, the president is squaring off with the mayor of oakland calling her out in a tweet wondering why sanctuary cities don't want, quote, detained migrants. mayor respond today trump on twitter, it's time to stop sending hate and division, real donald trump, i've been consistent and clear oakland welcomes all no matter where you come from and how you got here. la's mayor eric garcetti calls disgraceful policy, cam dollar harris says trump using human beings for political gain and the governor of california who the president pointed to when announcing the idea of sending migrants to sanctuary cities is also responding. >> it's illegal, it's immoral,
1:21 pm
it's unethical, it's sophomoric and par for the course. >> but the head of border patrol union which represents thousands of agent who is work at the border has a much different take, he says the president should be praised for his plan calling it brilliant. >> these are cities that the city councils have consciously made a decision that they're going to accept the illegal aliens into the cities and protect them. these people have been to be released for one reason or another and if we are going to have to release them why not show these sanctuary cities the same pressure that other cities have feeling. >> in las crucez new mexico border patrol dropped 200 migrants. asking for donations to help the
1:22 pm
migrants who now wait for future court hearings and we are learning border control are telling shelters to expect more migrants being dropped off later tonight. arthel. arthel: jeff paul, thank you. eric: the redacted mueller report will finally can go to congress any day now. we are waiting to see if it will happen this week. what will we see, what will it spark, as critics say off base, taliban announcing offensive and how would this impact peace talks with u.s. and afghanistan, america's longest war continues america's longest war continues to grind ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone!
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1:27 pm
ahead of peace talks with u.s. envoy, before we get to discussions, fox news steve harrigon takes a look back at what now has become america's longest war. >> days after the september 11th attack that killed nearly 3,000 americans president george w. bush signed a joint resolution authorizing the use of force in afghanistan against al-qaeda and the taliban. president bush also demanded the taliban hand over 9/11 al-qaeda leader osama bin laden and close training camps, i arrived in afghanistan shortly after the attacks on 9/11, this was my first day at working on fox news. >> as far as northern alliance here goes the opposition in afghanistan, they are skeptical, they think that the taliban will never give up osama bin laden. >> on my orders the united states military has begun strikes against al-qaeda terrorist training camps an
1:28 pm
military instillations of the taliban regime in afghanistan. >> on october 7th, operation enduring freedom began, within days the taliban and al-qaeda were on the run. they were no match for the northern alliance backed by cia operatives special forces, marines and u.s. air power. one after the other, cities in afghanistan were liberated and on november 12th, the taliban fled kabul, the capital. in exclusive interview i spoke about bin laden. >> criminal and killed thousands of people, catch him and given -- >> any idea where he is? >> no idea.
1:29 pm
>> october 9, 2004, first democratic elections were held since the fall of the taliban and hamed was elected president of the islamic republic. >> u.s. patrols around the country are already seeing dangerous change on the roadway. bret baier covered the afghan war for fox news. >> there have been more explosive devices in afghanistan in the past few weeks. >> as the afghan war pressed on u.s. forces continued to battle taliban insurgence. while covering the war sometimes danger came too close. >> steve explain once again who is shooting at whom behind you. >> the positions are about -- >> get down over there.
1:30 pm
when president barack obama entered the white house, he promised to add resources to afghanistan where u.s. casualties were increasing. >> it is in vital national interest to send additional 30,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan. >> six months later general david petraeus architect of the surge took command of forces replacing general stanley mccrystal. when the war hit its tenth year u.s. troop levels peaked at attack navy seals killedr the osama bin laden. bret baier spoke with general at headquarters about obama's and nato's intention to draw down surge forces. >> matters to have afghans forces in the country by the end of 2014. >> and they did, on december 28th, 2014 the united states and nato forces formerly
1:31 pm
ended their combat missions in afghanistan. >> america's longest war is taking a tremendous cost, more than $1 trillion spent, more than 2,200 americans killed, more than 100,000 afghans killed , eric. eric: spectacular in-depth reporting by steve harrigan who will be on the ground reporting from there. live reports from afghanistan all week long. steve and the fox news channel. arthel: fascinating, for more on this let's bring in dan hoffman, former cia chief who served in moscow, iraq and pakistan, also fox news contributor. what is it about the taliban that seems to give them staying power and why is there spring offenses still active? >> well, i think the taliban never sees being force, they
1:32 pm
receive medical and other assistance and it's a place where they've been able to hide from u.s. forces and at the same time they do enjoy support inside afghanistan throughout the country and afghanistan has been extraordinarily challenging for us building up the afghan military, it's a lot stronger, a lot more effective today but, again, this -- most of us think have agreed there's really no ultimately military solution for the conflict. it's a stalemate. arthel: it's a still mate and i'm curious who they are getting support from inside the country, from whom? >> i think there are those among local populists who feel like they need some sort of rules and taliban provides it, now, it's not the sort that the government of afghanistan would always like, it's retribution in many cases but it serves local tribal customs in times and the taliban i would highlight too is not --
1:33 pm
and maintains links to al-qaeda. arthel: to that point, even if they were to be a peace agreement, you know, the taliban themselves are split, how would that work? >> yeah, they're always going to be irreconcilable members whom we consider threats to our national security and consistent with our policy over the past two decades, we need to preempt those threats before they are visited on our shores, that's the challenge we face, the world is small and interconnected and ultimately we need some force there.
1:34 pm
arthel: i may get back to that because now we are talking about, i think, round 5 of peace talks, so far 5 rounds and others set to begin soon. who will or should, dan, have a seat at the table and what items would make for a viable peace agreement? >> well, so far the dialogue which began in october of 2018 with the taliban delegation which includes the infamous gitmo 5 which we traded for release and includes former taliban minister of defense, minister of interior and deputy head of their intelligence, that only occurred between the taliban and the united states and what has been missing thus far is an intraafghan dialogue, i think that's on his plate, he needs to deliver that at some point, right now the discussion has been about u.s. troop withdrawal and counterterrorism. arthel: okay, a couple of follow-ups. i will start with the government
1:35 pm
of afghanistan, how strong and how reliable is afghan government? >> well, i think they are, you know, strong and reliable to an extent. they are the elected government of afghanistan at some point they need to be brought in to negotiate with the taliban over a cease fire and new government which is going to have to incorporate some of the taliban as well. it's a messy process but if you look back at what we began with almost 2 decades ago, there have been significant improvements in afghan governance and for that i would say, yes, we spilled a lot of blood and treasure in the country, it's time to reduce fingerprint but there's a lot of success as well that we can look back on and build on as well. arthel: and build on. speaking of the footprint, i think i have the numbers here, 14,000 u.s. troops, 8500 nato and ally troops in afghanistan, you just said that there should
1:36 pm
be troops always there, did i hear you say that? will there be an afghanistan without u.s. troops? >> well, i think the question as long as there's ungoverned space which terrorists enemies of ours who speak to do us harm in our country would use to their advantage, meaning that the countries in the region specifically pakistan and afghanistan if they are unable to secure those areas, then in some form we need to be in afghanistan conducting counterterrorism operations. now, our administration will decide how small that footprint can be. i think we would like it to be as small as possible and mission with the united states conducting own operations when needed, but i think that -- that's certainly the ultimate goal. what that number is in terms of troops and supporting capability intelligence and diplomatic and other, that's to our administration and the folks on the ground to figure out that
1:37 pm
hard challenge out. arthel: that's the hard challenge, you're right. dan hoffman, thank you for your analysis and explaining everything to us, we will be talking about this again i'm sure, thank you, dan. >> okay, thank you. eric: thank you. we could be reading the mueller report finally this week but just how much will be redacted and what will it say, attorney general william barr has come under criticism but will the report back him up or raise even more questions? >> bill barr, it's sad the democrats attack a great man like bill barr [running through woods]
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1:42 pm
neutral his process. the white house insists the allegations have been spinning report while they say it's just not the case. >> the president is 100% right. once they get the report and they see what the summary has already layed out that there was no collusion, there is no obstruction, it's time to move on, they don't get a second chance on a complete hoax that we all knew was a lie from the very beginning. eric: so what can we expect, alex joins us, richard member of the republican association. alex, let me start with you, when we get the report, 400 pages or so what would you like to see in. >> what the evidence actually is, we talked about conclusion is in the past few weeks, the questions for the american specl find in terms of what actually did happen, what were the facts of the past few years in the investigation. eric: is there a difference -- well, there is what's legal and what's embarrassing, could be
1:43 pm
troubling behavior? >> absolutely, i think we are at the point now where the american people will have to make a decision on what they find troubling and how they are going to respond to the president but they need to first know what happened so i think what's going to happen is a first step we will determine what the facts are, they're going to be layed out and i expect some pretty clear detail certain events and certain behaviors by the president and people around him and then we as folks in congress we in public will have to make decisions about how we feel about that and maybe embar -- embarrassing. >> they have to be very canful in this and the reason why i say that and cautious and doing a mueller 2.0, mueller spent 2 years, over $30 million, 500 witnesses, a thousand subpoenas, 50 fbi agents, there's been author reinvestigation, unless the member it was judiciary committee can look and see that there is nothing that will lead
1:44 pm
to anything impeachable they justin: say, you know what, let's move on, it's time to move to something different but unless anything impeachable in there the judiciary committee should leave this alone and let the american people get to what's really important and that is the upcoming presidential elections, the economy, immigration, health care, let's move on from this. eric: they probably would not do that. here is the chairman of the committee, nadler talking about what we need to see, here he is. >> the fact is that we also need to see the -- the report because it may be that the mueller decided not to prosecute obstruction of justice for various reasons, but there still may have been proof of some bad deeds and very bad motives and we need to see them and the public needs to see that. eric: alex, very bad deeds, the
1:45 pm
president says that comey was fired because of russia thing, is that potentially what congressman nadler is referring to? >> it could be, what's important is we don't know yet, when we see facts in the report that would change debate, what's interesting today apparently the attorney general has briefed the white house about some content it was report and they are very concerned about don mcgann is going to say, he obviously knew a lot of what was going on and if the white house is concerned about what the white house council told -- eric: that's a great point. you both are lawyers, alex, let me start again, what if mcgann is spilling any beans -- >> he represents the american people and not the president and that's always been a dangerous place since watergate distinction of who do you represent. job was to represent
1:46 pm
the white house and the united states government and his co privileged and did not have good intentions, that certainly could be the focus of impeachment >> absolutely. it sounds like from reporting earlier today that it may be. eric: that? >> whether or not there's concern of some type of embarrassment there's difference if there's a high crime and misdemeanor. unless there's misdemeanor that comes out of 400-page report, congress should leave it alone and that's what congress has to boil down to. rod rosenstein, the deputy in charge of doj and the attorney general both said that there was nothing criminal here, so if there's nothing criminal there, they now need to go to congress to determine if there's any high
1:47 pm
crimes or misdemeanors which would probably be unlikely, i believe that congress should have the report and the american people should see it so we can move past it but don't do another 2-year investigation. that would be a waste of the american people's time and tax dollars. eric: dan, one big question, would there be alleged fisa abuse allegations in those cases in this report, do you think mueller got into that at all in terms of how this started, when it started, the dnc, perkins, hillary clinton campaign funding material, the fisa court was not sufficiently told about the political motivation of some of that material, alex. >> i can't imagine it will be, robert mueller is a serious investigators and serious individual. so robert mueller will not waste his time on that stuff. eric: richard. >> the department of justice and inspector generals coming out with report in may or june to talk about abuses in fisa court,
1:48 pm
so we will certainly wait and see what comes out of the attorney general, inspector general's report from the department of justice. >> richard and alex, big week, we will all be reading it. can't wait, thanks. arthel: eric, thank you, white house hopeful senator bernie sanders trying to sell swing states on policies some call too far left, big weekend of campaigning with another rally in pittsburgh, we are there live, that's next. who's idea was this?
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arthel: bernie sanders out on campaign trail tonight holding rally in pittsburgh as the senator wraps up a big weekend
1:53 pm
touring battleground states that president trump won in 2016, that event set to start in just a few minutes and laura ingle is there live, hi, laura. >> hi, arthel, well, supporters here have been on field behind me, all ready to be part of senator sanders' rust belt tour that has kept them very busy over the last few days. we have a map to show you what he's been doing, sanders and campaign have been focusing attention this weekend on swing states president trump narrowly won in 2016 including wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania, sanders is also hitting indiana and ohio on this 5-state, 8-city tour, calling president trump a liar over and over again for what he calls broken campaign promises while telling supporters he hopes democrats together will make sure mr. trump doesn't win again.
1:54 pm
sanders medicare for all challenging the president trump's proposal and he will be able to guaranty health care as right to all americans. >> as president what trump did was worth over time to repeal the aca and to throw 32 million americans off of the healthcare they currently have. can you imagine the people dealing with cancer and diabetes and heart disease who are kept alive by the health insurance they now have and his plan was to throw all of them off the health care that they have? >> sanders attacked and replace nafta, north american free trade agreement which he says will allow companies like general motors to send america job
1:55 pm
across the border. >> keep your campaign promises, go back to drawing board on nafta, don't send this treaty to congress. now, the rally is about to get started any minute here, i tell you, arthel, the folks are very lucky, it has been pouring all day long, he's about to take the stage, we will let you know how it goes. arthel: all right, we will be standing by for your report on fox report. reminder senator sanders will take part of town hall hosted by bret baier and more that -- mara mcallum fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
arthel: big week ahead in washington with the expected release of redacted version of the mueller report. eric: we may finally see that and that's going to be huge, meanwhile tomorrow we have a special town hall with senator bernie sanders at 6:00 p.m. eastern. bret and martha will be hosting
2:00 pm
that. arthel: tonight don't miss harris faulkner. i'm arthel nfl. eric: appreciate your time with us, have a great night. >> i don't know about hollywood anymore, i don't know how people, you know, there's so much that people find offensive that i, you know, i used to feel like i could pass gas anywhere. >> same here. [laughter]


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