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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the nation's highest civilian honor. congratulations, tiger woods. what a great story. redemption, the the operationss had. that's all the time we have left. we will never be the rage, hate media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. >> laura: fantastic show as always and i agree with you the tiger woods stories is one of the great, great comebacks of all time. if you weren't watching that engineering, i don't know who you are. that was awesome. great to see. good for him. great for the game. i don't think i could've hit that hit at the end. i have hannity rules when i play golf. >> laura: that's why i don't play. awesome show tonight. i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from d.c. we have so much to get to. we are going to take you live to paris for the latest on what was
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a devastating fire that tore through the notre dame cathedral. you don't want to miss a minute of that. the physical structure is of course badly damaged, but francis vowing to rebuild it. there are real signs of hope this holy week. plus with the mueller report to be released on thursday, we examine the newest smears against bill barr and a perplexing alliance within the house intel committee. dan bongino and robert ray are here on that. tonight ben shapiro on the new from representative omar that any criticism this basically an insight to violence. larry kudlow is here with his response to bernie sanders claim tonight that president trump does not deserve any credit for the booming economy. first, the triumphant entry of people to judge. that's the focus of tonight's angle. on palm sunday, south bend
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mayor pete buttigieg threw himself into the presidential unveiling party. >> that's why i'm here today. to tell a different story than "make america great again." there is a being sold to industrial and rural communities, the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back. >> laura: never mind trump has sparked a manufacturing drama renaissance that's been unseen in decades. since he took office, more than 450,000 manufacturing jobs have been added to this economy. but when you've got fancy magazine covers and media acolytes. although right media types, have you noticed? they are dejected after the russian inclusion flop. they found themselves a brand-new political messiah. >> a really special day
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yesterday. everybody stopped. they were watching tiger, and they watched mayor pete. i don't know. ten years from now, 20 years from now, it just might be a day than a lot of people look back on and see history being made. >> it was a remarkable day, two remarkable events. you are right to call them both remarkable. >> laura: scintillating analysis as always. they are comparing tiger woods, one of the greatest athletes of all time, who wins the masters after an 11 year drought that included huge personal and physical struggle, to mayor pete, mayor of a midsized city who announced he's running for president. by the way, tiger is an origina original. buttigieg sounds awfully like he is channeling the last democrat president. >> i recognize the audacity. of doing this as a midwestern
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millennial mayor. >> i recognize that there is a certain presumption in this, certain audacity. >> we live in in a moment that compels us each to act. change is coming, ready or not. >> we are changing hope -- choosing hope over fear. we are choosing unity over division and sounding of powerful message that change is coming to america. >> laura: well, beneath the obama cadence, pretty good, by the way, and the boy scout demeanor, mayor pete's rap doesn't quite add up at least not yet. here's the first principle of his campaign. >> first comes freedom, something our conservative friends and come to think of as their own. but let me tell you freedom does not belong to just one political party. >> laura: that's just silly and patently false. who said it did? when you have little to run on in a race with 17 other
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democratic primary challengers, if it sounds good, just say it. >> our conservative friends care about freedom but they only make it part of the way. as if government were the only thing i can make somebody unfre unfree. it's not true. your neighbor can make you unfree. >> laura: he didn't quite explain what that meant. he went onto the next thing. could your neighbor take away your freedom? and neighbor can disagree with you and being annoying and even commit a crime or civil infraction against you, but how can a neighbor make you unfree? we'll find out maybe. mayor pete seems to see the federal government as a crusading force for good that should be used to protect us from our neighbors. understand this. that view itself is pretty radical. federalist 45, james mattis and explained that the powers delegated by the proposed constitution of the federal
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government are few and defined. those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite. the sentiment about the federal government should do, the power should be, was repeated by numerous state delegations during the constitutional ratification process, including by new york. they understood that freedom contracts with an ever expanding federal government presents because it moves into every area of your life. but again, for a supposedly trailblazing candidate, buttigieg is just another conventional liberal. >> women's equality is freedom. >> [cheers and applause] >> because you are not free if your reproductive health choices are dictated by male politicians in office. >> laura: okay, well, but abortion is freedom?
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certainly not to the unborn child or for that matter the child born after a botched abortion in this new democrat party. i don't see the freedom there. again, push past the carefully studied meticulously measuring rhetoric and what mayor pete really has is a beef with our constitution. >> we can't say it's much of a democracy won twice in my lifetime the electoral college has overruled the american people. why should our vote in indiana only count once or twice in a century? or you are vote in wyoming or new york. >> laura: okay, well, we live in a representative democracy not a pure democracy. maybe they left out that entire discussion from the harbor government lectures. but the electoral college protects the vote of people in states like indiana. otherwise back to the framers, government of, by, for the people of california and
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new york. by the way this revolutionary candidate is basically a carbon copy of the most radical house freshmen on the issue of climate change, asking all the skeptics... >> are you saying for instance that some of the talk about retrofitting every building in america or trying to make the country carbon free by 2030, that that's unrealistic? >> we are going to have to do it. if we can't do carbon free will do next carbon free. we are taking out as much as we are putting in. >> laura: translation: a massive wealth confiscation is needed, forced and overseen by the federal government to fulfill this green new deal. by the way, a government who under president pete would decide which cars need to be sent to the trash heap and which buildings are up to code. mayor pete is academically very accomplished and he deserves real respect for serving in the naval reserves.
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seven months in afghanistan. but he is a run-of-the-mill liberal on most issues and is running against an economy that is on fire because of the policies of president trump. who is largely kept us out more foreign entanglements than most. if this were maybe george w. bush presenting over a cratering economy with an unpopular war abroad, may be a guy like buttigieg would stand a strong chance. but given the prosperity at home and america's current place in the world, the left had better find a new messiah. there's going to be no resurrection for this one. and that the angle. joining me now with reaction is monica crowley, "washington times" opinion editor. byron york, chief political correspondent at the "washington examiner" anna fox news contributor. kevin walling, democratic strategist was known pete buttigieg for nearly a decade. it's clear that the democrats are looking for someone, in a
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big and crowded field. how is he unconventional and how is his experience stronger then let's say a cory booker or kamala harris? >> it's a great question. as you saw in his announcement, he realizes it's an audacious thing for a 37-year-old small-town mayor to be running for the presidency of the united states. he said these times call for different kinds of leadership. >> laura: how was he different? >> he's different in that he's run a city, unlike a lot of -- >> laura: cory booker. >> he ran newark. the 17 other candidates likely haven't had that executive experience. the small-town mayor has. the lights go out in the potholes need to be fixed. >> laura: the federal government doesn't do potholes. we went to federalist 45 or the federal government is supposed to -- the states have the power. >> you start small and you realize you need everyday people what she's done for eight years and i think that puts him a cut above some of the other folks running in the field. >> laura: buttigieg tonight, byron york, was on with rachel maddow and he was pressed on the
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issue of policies. it's his package, he looks like an attractive guy and he would be a first. first gay man, married. what about the policies? >> i do want everybody to understand where i stand on any important policy issue. i do think as democrats we sometimes have a tendency to lead with the policy minutia. of course it's important for people to know where we stand but also i think one thing conservatives did effectively was they claimed the idea space. they talked a lot about values and won a lot of the arguments, or at least a lot of the media space for their values. it's important to me that were winning a values argument. >> laura: i still can't follow it. >> he is saying policies to come. first i want you to notice me and like me and then maybe i'll tell you what i'm actually for. i don't want to get bogged down in these details. one of the things about buttigieg is he's very, very
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well-spoken, very polished. there was a town hall a while back on cnn the got a lot of notice. democrats being able to swoon over him. i do think the gayness is an important factor with him. >> laura: i thought we were not supposed to care about sexual preference. does that indicate inability in and of itself to distinct issue from the field? what about the first african-american woman? why doesn't she get to be the first? why would he get to be the first? >> democrats have an african-american woman, african-american man. >> laura: they like firsts. >> an 80-year-old president and who would be the first gay president. it's a big thing for democrats. >> laura: monica, andrea mitchell addressed this issue of why pete versus other, similarly historic figures. >> there are number of women who haven't been getting very much traction, have been overlooked,
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shall we say. amy klobuchar, gillibrand, even kamala harris with her rollout has not been getting as much attention as pete buttigieg. is it possible that a married gay white man from south bend, indiana, is less threatening to some of the voters in a woman? >> or woman of color. >> i think that's one thing some democrats are believing. >> laura: monica, that's a bit of an interesting dynamic in the democrat party because you have a lot of people who want to claim they are the aggrieved people or -- i don't think he is necessarily even saying that but i think others are. where does the dead rat party come down on this? the backdrop is a booming economy and america not getting thrown into new foreign conflicts. >> laura, you will remember the old adage that republicans -- excuse me, democrats fall in love and republicans fall in line when it comes to their presidential nominees. democrats really want to fall in love with their nominee, as they did with jfk, bill clinton,
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barack obama. when they don't fall in love with their nominee, i.e. hillary clinton, they see disaster. so first they thought beto o'rourke was the swoon-worthy candidate and then kamala harris but both of them have seemed to stall out. now they are settling on their crush of the moment which is mayor pete. mayor pete, as you have said, brings a lot of interesting aspects. he's young. he's from the midwest, openly gay, saved and he was military. i also think as you pointed out, he's a garden-variety progressive. now that he has gained some real traction in terms of fund-raising and polling numbers, it's going to be very interesting to see how he stands up with the rest of the field, 17 other democrats, maybe more. gunning for him. the national spotlight is very intense and you either shine or you meltdown when the spotlight is turned on you. >> laura: he is a pretty cool
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cat. he was channeling obama. i would like to have the vocal expert kind of go through the patterns, even when he said it's audacious. i wouldn't have done that. i wouldn't of gone that close to obama with the hole by the audacity. that was just like you're giving it to -- not that that late-night comic would kill a democrat but he did reference the constitution issue. he talked about getting the electoral college and then he talked about this tonight. >> the question is can our democracy accommodate the forces that are hitting us through the 21st century? i think it can, but to get there, we've got you some of the most elegant features built into the constitution like the ability to amend it to make our country stronger. i think we ought to have that level of ambition. we are proposing using the constitution's processes for of self-healing. >> laura: what does that mean? self-healing?
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>> it's an interesting point brought up by the mayor. i can give scenes and frustrations of democrat voters and americans across the board that elections are not reflective of the electorate. >> laura: they are reflective of what the framers believed america should be, which is not a pure democracy. >> hillary clinton won 3 million more votes than donald trump did and that's not truly reflective of the populace of the country. >> laura: we are not true democracy. he wants to change the country from a true democracy -- from a representative democracy to a true democracy because our framers didn't want to true democracy. what would happen with certain parts of the country overwriting other parts of the country, in this case indiana's influence would be completely wiped out. >> if you do away with that, then you have to campaign everywhere. you have to campaign in indiana, montana, all over. we do not really. california and new york are not many other places. maybe illinois. >> democrat going to texas -- >> laura: who's going to go to iowa? who's going to go to arkansas?
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maybe georgia? you're not going to have to go to small states. >> visit all 50 states to have some kind of presence -- >> laura: this is my point. this is my point. byron. obama had a certain -- he had a swagger and a charm. mayor pete is trying to take that obama magic and say look at me. i'm here. is there enough of a parallel. what was obama's experience? what was his experience? mayor pete has more experience than he did. >> elected a united states senator who'd been a state senator before that. >> laura: he had never -- >> the economy had fallen off the table. there was a terrible, terrible failure in war. the winds were in his favor. another really big argument of buttigieg is making a generational one. against joe biden bernie sander
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bernie sanders. joe biden will be 70 years old on inauguration day. bernie sanders will be 79. there could not be a greater contrast. >> laura: again were going to be following this closely. panel, thank you so much. we now know when we're going to get to see the mila report finally, and conspiracy theories are spiraling out of control on the thursday timing. holy thursday. plus, wise devin nunes teaming up with adam schiff? wait. is that right? dan bongino on the bizarre
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. >> laura: the mila report is coming. everyone is finally getting to see what's in it on thursday morning. there will be some redactions and we think by thursday afternoon the democrats will have stopped insisting that trump colluded with russia, but maybe not. who knows? as we know from attorney general barr's summary, it didn't happen but now house out committee leaders adam schiff and devin nunes want the committee to be briefed by mueller on every aspect of his findings. so why would devin nunes ever sign onto that? he knows what's going to happen. somehow schiff's buddies in the media are going to get a hold of a redacted report and use it you try to do what? to inflict as much pain as
11:23 pm
possible on trump. >> the democrats are saying they are running a real investigation. if they are running a real investigation, they wouldn't have staffers leak out things that end up not being true. that's what we've been dealing with around here for two years. >> laura: okay, so he's making my point here. joining me now it's fox news contributor dan bongino. you heard what nunes set on march 6. how can you trust schiff today? what's going on here? >> nobody can trust schiff. trusting schiff would be disastrous. if someone once told me your friend is someone you can trust your kids in your car. i don't trust adam schiff with any of that. he's going to leak it. of course. nunes already knows that. nunes understands that schiff is going to leak the information so what nunes is doing is very strategic. he wants to find out what mueller has on the counterintelligence front because i believe, laura, he has absolutely nothing. because no single piece of
11:24 pm
intelligence has ever emerged as per mueller's report which was summarized by barr, linking donald trump to the russians. i'm not saying the russians are not a geopolitical foal. that's not what i'm saying. i'm saying there was no evidence whatsoever out there that this collusion with them via the trump campaign ever happened. it's a hoax. nunes wants to get out in front of it. >> laura: eric swalwell, you might've heard, he's running for president, dan, he announced it last week. no one really covered it but we were nice and we actually covered on the show. but he is actually continuing the nasty attacks on bill barr and using a particular word. let's watch. >> the way attorney general barr is acting is embedded. he is parroting the same lines the president is, the validity of the investigation, even suggesting that the department of justice or the intelligence community was spying on the trump administration. i very little faith in attorney general barr at this point. >> laura: he is embedded, dan.
11:25 pm
>> laurel, swalwell, like most democrats, are panicking right now because the tides are turned. the real investigation, mark my words on this on your show tonight, it's going to start to turn into -- forget collusion. that's dead. i'm talking about amongst sane people, in other words, not the people on msnbc and elsewhere. rational people know it's dead. what's happening now is two things are going to emerge. one, going to get the big school picture of the fbi malfeasance in the spygate, russia gate, whatever you choose to call it fiasco. secondly, people are going to start to ask the key question real quick which is what the heck was bob mueller doing for 675 days? devin nunes said something key on this network this weekend. he said when mueller got into that office right away with the special counsel, there's no question he went to the fbi was investigating trump for two years, laura, two years. national security letters, fisa warrant, looking at all their email traffic through the two hop rule.
11:26 pm
do you think mueller didn't send those investigators down and say fellas, ladies, what if you got? when they looked him in the eye and said we've got nothing, what do you think -- what was he doing for 675 days? they had nothing. he was of nesta getting obstruction. they had to make it up. >> laura: trying to get trump to testify. his lawyers were smart enough never to let that happen. dan, awesome as always. thank you so much. the media of course they're not going to stop trying to smear attorney general barr or his justice department. they are now questioning the timing this thursday of the mila report ruling. >> they are putting this release as late as possible before easter weekend when they might get the least amount of attention. >> if the report really exonerated donald trump fully, you wouldn't need account report from their perspective. you'd expect they would want the thing out there for days of coverage in time for victory
11:27 pm
laps. >> around the holidays, it's a go to washington will because it works. >> laura: joined me now, robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel. in the state of social media and 24-hour news, there's no hiding anything so what you think now is behind the sustained effort to delegitimize barr. i have to get your quick take on the timing. it's thursday which is holy thursday. are they going to do some enter into a jerusalem last supper analogy? i have no idea. what do you make of that? >> grasping at straws. we are to listen for 22 months as the democrats and to continue to say it was inappropriate and bob mueller was untouchable. then we reach a point once we get to the end of the investigation where if they don't like the result, then of course and expects thing is to attack bill barr and try to undermine him before the redacted report is even
11:28 pm
released. so it's the same old playbook. i don't think really much of anything is new. i also agree that that i think devin nunes is being strategic here. i think he knows that there are redactions in the report related obviously to sources and methods in national security information. what he's really after of course are the origins of the counterintelligence investigation and the phis application and what was going on with the fbi. the best way to get it is to essentially force adam schiff's hand. he on the one hand can have it both ways. if he asks for that access from the attorney general for national security information as to what the democrats want, the easiest way to be able to get it from the perspective of furthering an investigation which obviously should occur eventually, right? they're the best way to do that is to join at the hip. i think he's playing the long game and how it works out, of course it remains to be seen but
11:29 pm
it's an interesting move. >> laura: robert, an interesting tactic that been used by the left, and i want to focus your nancy pelosi. she was on "60 minutes" over the weekend and she joins the chorus of attacking a man with an impeccable professional record, attorney general 30 years ago, attorney general now. this is what she said. >> do you think that the attorney general's cover anything up? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. he may be whitewashing, but i don't know if he's covering anything up. all we need to do is see the mueller report. >> laura: well, she wouldn't answer that particular part of the question but before that build up, she was hitting him pretty hard, as were so many other democrats, nadler over the weekend. >> the last refuge of a scoundrel and a comes to attacking special special counsel/independent counsel investigations, when all else fails and you have nothing else
11:30 pm
work with, attack the prosecutor. i don't think the american people are going to buy this for one second. i think the real test will be, again, who was running the commerce on the house side. are they really serious, notwithstanding the release of the report on the findings that established no collusion and insufficient evidence of a disruption to actually proceed with impeachment proceedings or not? i think that's a regiment question to be asking the chairman of the house judiciary committee. it's clear to me that the leadership wants nothing to do with it and doesn't want to be part of it. but it's not entirely clear who is running the house, whether the inmates are running the asylum or whether leadership is running the house of representatives and i think they should be pressed for an answer. >> laura: absolutely. robert, thank you so much. great to see you tonight. there is an interesting tactic used by the left right now and representative ilhan omar has perfected it in the wake of her 9/11 remarks. ben shapiro is here and moments ben shapiro is here and moments to tell us what that tactic is. all money managers might seem the same,
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>> laura: congressman ilhan omar and her allies using a new tactic against donald trump and the g.o.p. after the president deemed the freshman wrapped in a tweet over her insensitive comments about 9/11, the freshman rep said that that mere criticism of her was akin to the incitement of violence. the media echo chamber of course was quick to highlight her
11:35 pm
concern. >> the freshman congresswoman says she's seen an increase in direct threats against her life after president trump tweeted a video mixing footage of the congresswoman, who is muslim, giving a recent speech with footage of the 9/11 attack. >> nancy pelosi asking the u.s. capitol police to conduct a security assessment for represented of omar. >> laura: joining me now is ben shapiro, the daily where is editor in chief and author of the granbury -- brand-new book t side of history which is fantastic. this isn't about free speech. it's about downplaying one of the darkest in our nations history. >> nestor and she has a long history of not taking terrorism seriously. in 2018 -- 2013, she joked about people taking al qaeda and hezbollah more seriously than they took america and england. in 2016 she wrote a letter in which he tried to have judge be more lenient where people who try to join isa saying that of
11:36 pm
course these were people who only became violent because of american marginalization and then in 2017 try a column for "time" magazine in which she suggested that america was routed and founded on slavery and genocide. in order for us to not look that in the face, instead we focus on international terror. i am bewildered as to why quoting her would constitute some form of violation of her personage, violation of free speech or something nonsensical like that. >> laura: just so people know what we're talking about, i wans that you're referencing where se say al qaeda. listen. >> i think we... >> when i was in college, i took a terrorism class. every time the professor said al qaeda, he sort of -- his shoulders went up. al qaeda. you don't say america with that
11:37 pm
intensity, you don't say england without intensity. you don't say the army with an intensity. >> laura: benn, pete buttigieg, we talked about him earlier, he's the new star of the democrat party, he has edged out beto o'rourke and now he's taken that spot in the spotlight. he talked today about the consequences of other-rising people. >> one of the worst things that's happening right now is other-izing people. look no further than what happened not long ago in new zealand. and yes the president demonizing representative omar is part of it, it's dangerous and it's got to stop. >> laura: other-izing. >> audit since representative omar has three times been chided for openly anti-semitic statements of the democratic party has defended
11:38 pm
her. i'm amused to suggest criticism and quoting of ilhan omar amounts to violence incitement. where she can say anything she wants. i agree it's not incitement in either case but to pretend that it is when it's tough you don't like and not wanted stuff you do, it seems pretty irresponsible. >> laura: ben, thank you so much. great to have you on tonight. up next, taxi truths from a liberal newspaper. they finally admit that trumps tax cuts are actually a good thing? i can't believe it. larry kudlow is here next to
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
>> laura: midnight deadline to file your 2018 taxes just moments away and thanks to president trump, the majority of americans will be keeping more of their hard-earned money due to the historic tax reform.
11:42 pm
that's despite, by the way, the absolute lies told by the liberal media and certain democrats. >> what they are doing is dishonest in terms of telling the middle-class they are getting a tax cut one of fact they are getting rich off them. >> 60% of americans will see their taxes go up because of this bill. >> who would've thought they could've made it less favorable to the middle-class and more slanted towards the wealthy? >> when they said this tax cut would help millie as a people, they meant people with millions. >> laura: colbert, that economics phd. the echo chamber of negative news on the trump tax cuts is having an impact on the voters. according to a new gallup poll, 49% apparently disapprove of the president's tax bill. 40% approve. that's the highest approval for the measures in the gallup started measuring reaction.
11:43 pm
finally, there is some pushback to the lies and now even the liberal "new york times" admits it was wrong, writing "the gap between perception and reality on the tax cuts appears to flow from a sustained and misleading effort by liberal opponents of the law to branded as a broad middle-class tax increase." huh. joining me now, larry kudlow. how much is the average american saving this year? >> about $2300. that's a big number. average family of $75,000 year will save $2300. that's a very big number. businesses are going to save huge amounts of money, not just big businesses but medium and small businesses which may be driving the economy right now. the most incredible drop in unemployment in 50 years across the spectrum, all manner of minority groups including women
11:44 pm
who are the biggest job gainers last year. >> laura: could you argue that the administration might not have done the best job on selling with his tax cut would do from the beginning? to have that poll number with this economy where it is and small business owners calling me. a friend of mine is an accountant and said thank you, president trump. an extra 3,000 or $4,000 this year because of the tax cut. those stories are everywhere look at the poll, still pretty lame. >> let's look at this. trump policies, lower taxes, deregulation, good trade deals. we are in a rising tide of prosperity. policies are rebuilding the economy. 58% harvard harris, georgetown or george washington battleground poll and nbc "wall street journal." 50% believe we are in a positive, prosperous economy. >> laura: bernie sanders
11:45 pm
tonight was on with martha and bret and he said you don't get any credit for this economy, larry. let's watch. >> do you know it on appointment is in germany? 3.1%. in japan it's 0.8%. in the u.k. in other words, the entire global economy, thank god, is bouncing back for the terrible terrible wall street disaster. the global economy is coming back and unemployment is relatively low. trump will give a slightly different spin on it. >> laura: earlier he said the president is trying to take all the credit. he basically doesn't deserve it. your reaction to that. the real truth of the g7 versus the united states. >> the g7, you can argue germany -- i don't get that, germany is either flat or in a recession. the eurozone, flat or in a recession. china slumping. we are the hottest economy in the world, growing 3% or better with a 3.8% unemployment rate with wages rising.
11:46 pm
mr. sanders neglected this, the biggest beneficiaries are the blue-collar workers, not the supervisors. we've never seen blue-collar employment with this in 50 years. wage rates are about 3%. in that cohort, look at overall wages, the biggest gainers, the blue-collar nonsupervisory workers. he is precisely wrong and i'll go back to this point. 50% believe that we are in economic prosperity from trump's policies. tax cuts are a means to an end. >> laura: what about the debt? $22 trillion. bernie hit that idea. the debt is a killer. huge spending added onto the economy. >> we will grow up and have been 3% in our estimates and that is the best measure to bring down deficits. president trump also has the toughest budget he's put out, percent cuts in the domestic side. if the so-called spending caps
11:47 pm
are not met, we are going to sequester across the board. >> laura: i say bring back the sequester. pete buttigieg. everybody hates the sequester. i'm glad. 10% across-the-board. >> the toughest budget. better growth, more limited government, that will help. >> laura: what do you think of buttigieg talk about how trumpets try to capture the middle of america but is selling basically fear and a bygone era of the never coming back? what do you make of that? >> president trump is going to end middle america. this is going to be -- listen to this. this is going to be the biggest economic big tent you've ever seen. you go down the list. african-americans, asians, whites, adult men and women, teenagers. the unemployed rates are so low in the wages have improved so much at the lower end that they are going to come into the
11:48 pm
trump -- >> laura: democrats freak out. are they freaking out? big leanne, all the hard hats, all the construction guys, building pipelines, or opening up trade deals that are going to have farmers, ranchers -- >> laura: are they going to live up to those promises? better not because i'll be coming after you. >> the biggest winners and that will be farmers and ranchers. ordinary folks praise. we've got to go. >> usmca deal. we do bernie, bernie, bernie is -- i've got to tell you. >> let's do it. one last one. >> laura: got to go. got to go. >> senator sanders. 180 million americans will lose their private insurance under sanders. he will take out 15% of the gdp inside of ten years at the very moment where we have a new prosperity cycle from trump policies, he wants to turn it back into a deep recession. that is nuts. it's just crazy. >> laura: larry kudlow.
11:49 pm
good to see you, my friend. coming up, a devastating fire nearly destroyed the historic notre dame cathedral in paris, but their reasons for hope and will bring them to you when we will bring them to you when we ♪ ♪ ♪
11:50 pm
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>> laura: the flames are finally out that firefighters
11:53 pm
are still working tonight to cool down the historic notre dame cathedral in paris after that devastating fire raged for hours earlier today. fox sr. foreigners affairs correspondent greg palkot's live in paris tonight. >> amazing stuff. we are about three and her yards away from the notre dame cathedral and in the last half hour or so we can safely say it really seems like the fire is out. this is about nine hours after it started. when it started late in the day, it was an inferno. it's believed it was triggered by some renovation work around the spire in the back part of the nave of the cathedral and then the entire roof burned out. the spire itself toppled over. tempers were following and flames were reaching inside the cathedral. luckily there was about 600
11:54 pm
firefighters, and day, after several hours, several long hours, got most of the fire under control. they can say that the structure, including the two belfry towers in the front and the sides, the flying buttresses, they are in place but inside, some officials are estimating as much as two-thirds of the timber, they would work, the artifacts destroyed. president macron sang tonight that in fact it will be rebuilt, laura. >> laura: greg, the artistry, the wood carving, the stained glass is irreplaceable. people aren't around they can do this work anymore. so even if you can rebuild, some of those artifacts, including the crown of thorns, greg, one of the most iconic of all christian relics, what do we know about that? it's thought to be from the time of christ and a lot of christians believe it's actually the crown that was used and put on christ's head.
11:55 pm
of course, it's holy week. >> absolutely, the crown which is venerated by catholics as the crown that was on jesus christ's head in fact was one of the items that was miraculously -- this is what they are describing it as, miraculously saved from the interior of the church as well as artifacts -- the one still that i sought fact that really moved me, laura, was a gold cross over the altar. you look inside the church, the still, you see darkness, you see timbers on the floor. that crosses their over the altar not touched. >> laura: greg palkot, thank you for being there and being our eyes and ears. such a difficult and horrific scene and we are blessed there was in a loss of life to accompany this great tragedy. architecture and for the christian faith. you see the cross there in the distance, reminds us of 9/11 was across from the girders that remains now in a museum.
11:56 pm
when we come back, final thoughts. the enduring christian spirit in you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. ..
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>> laura: as notre dame burned today, a powerful sign that our faith, our christian faith for those of us were changes notre dame burned today, a powerful sign that our christian faith for those who are catholics is not found in a structure. it is found in heart and soul. singing are very maria spontaneously. ♪
12:00 am
>> hold onto that. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: a beautiful reminder that it isn't about the building but the body. i am shannon bream and we begin with a fox news alert. notre dame's main structure including the iconic towers are safe tonight, firefighters working nonstop to make the massive blaze under control. live to paris animate where the latest details on what happened and what has become of irreplaceable arguments and sacred treasures inside the cathedral. it is a date, thursday, rejected version of robert mueller's report will hit the conference and the public. what can you expect. we


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