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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: we are out of time had really back tomorrow, the show that is the sworn enemy and sincere enemy of my income lying, pomposity, smugness, , ad groupthink. a good from washington. very talented joining us from a surprise appearance. >> sean: if tucker was on the west coast, it would be too late to go to in-n-out burger. >> tucker: man, i've eaten too many burgers in my life. >> sean: bad, and convert her in salt lake city, you cannot go wrong, you will love it. obviously, i like hamburgers paired welcome to "hannity." we are witnessing what is a logical, major shift in american politics. like you've never seen. the new far left extreme socialist democratic party, they are hitting new levels of radicalism. mueller didn't deliver on their collusion fantasy, and by the way, rush was great earlier tonight when he said "oh, hillary needs to be in jail and indicted, if you did what she did, you would be in jail.
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the trump agenda succeeding, that is driving them off the rails. it was on full display last night. fake news cnn put the 2020 democrats on stage one after another, hour after hour of hard-core socialism, are they completely tried to out socialist of the other socialist on stage, impeachment of trump, open borders, guns, oppressive taxes, and of course, yes, redistribution and the green new deal, where crazy bernie sanders was confronted about the real failures of socialism throughout history. why would we not learn from history? again, from a woman whose family actually fled the former soviet union in 1979 care take a look. >> my father's family left russia in 1979 fleeing from some of the same socialist policies you seem eager to implement in this country. my question is, how do you rectify your notion of democratic socialism with the
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failure of socialism in countries that have tried it? >> your assumption that i supported or believed in authoritarian communism that existed within the soviet sovi, i opposed it. what democratic socialism means to me as we expand medicare, we provide educational opportunity for all americans, we rebuild cumberland infrastructure. in other words, government serves the needs of all people, rather than just wealthy campaign contributors. >> sean: of course, bernie, the socialist, didn't have an answer, because everywhere his ideas, his utopia is put in place, they always fail. keep your doctor, keep your plan, save money scared everyone lost doctors, plans, only one choice, everyone paid more and it got worse, because sanders is backing the right for all felons to vote. prisoners, murderers, yes, even terrorist like the boston bombers. you can't make this up. take a look. >> you have said that you will be people with felony records
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should be allowed to vote while in prison. it does this mean you would support and franchising people the boston marathon bomber and convicted terrorist and murdere murderer? >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes, even for terrible people. so i believe people commit crimes, they pay the price. they got out of jail, i believe they certainly should have the right to vote, but i do believe even if they are in jail, they are paying their price to society, but that should not take away their inherent american right to participate in our democracy. >> sean: shocking, bernie wants to take more of your hard-earned money, raise your taxes, eliminate all private health insurance. you only get the government version, good luck with that. get rid of all fossil fuels, get rid of the combustion engine, we will let sex offenders, murderers, terrorists, vote from prison. what a plan for america's future, and that is only one candidate. look at kamala harris, took even
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her big government agenda even further. california senator ramping up her attacks, yep, on the second amendment, thinking we don't have a constitution and we don't have coequal branches of government. amazing moment. take a look. >> there are people in washington, d.c., supposes leaders, who have failed to have the courage to reject a false choice, which suggests you are either in favor of the second amendment or you want to take everyone's guns away. suppose a leaders in washington, d.c., who have failed to have the courage to recognize, you know what, you want to go hunting, that is fine, but we need reasonable gun safety laws in this country, starting with universal background checks and a renewal of the assault weapon ban. upon being elected, i will give the united states congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws, and if they fail to do it, that i will take executive action. >> sean: quick "hannity"
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civics lesson for the california senator . that's not how our constitutional republic works. our government works. no magical countdown clock gives the president sole authority to attack constitutional rights because congress will do what you want. remember, president trump's emergency declaration, while within his authority, legislatively, constitutionally, acting pursuant to a real law put out by congress, passed by congress to secure the southern border, granting him the power to do so. something like the constitution commander in chief. democrats, they don't care about it. last night, did you hear anything about serious efforts to keep our nation safe and secure? remember, two years, 4,000 plus homicides, 30,000 sexual assaults, 100,000, oh, yeah, violent assaults by illegal immigrant criminals. two years! now it was just the opposite last night. good old mayor petey, genius that he is, talking about
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amnesty for millions of people that didn't respect our laws, our constitution, our sovereignty, and our borders. take a look. >> there is a broad u.s. consensus that we need to find a way to protect dreamers. but as your question brings out, there are over 10 million people who are undocumented immigrants in this country who don't fall into that category. on the reality is, we can't have comprehensive immigration reform that works unless it addresses the status for those 11 psalm million undocumented immigrants. what we need to do is make sure there is a pathway to citizenship for them too. >> sean: of course, no democratic event would be complete without, yes, even more lies and conspiracy theories about trump and russia. four separate investigations, the fbi nine month investigation, house intel investigation, senate by partisan investigation and robert mueller himself, no collusion. listen to senator warren calling for impeachment, with no basis.
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did she read the constitution? take a look. >> the tools that we are given for that ability is impeachment process. this is not about politics. this is about principles. this is about what kind of a democracy we have. in a dictatorship, everything in government and revolves around protecting the one person at the center. but not in our democracy, and not under our constitution. we have checks and balances, and we have to proceed in a way understanding history. >> sean: senator, what part of collusion don't you understand? by the way, senator, i have another question: did hillary clinton break the law under the espionage act, top secret classified information on that secret server? and was her intent to obstruct justice when she deleted, bleached pit, busted up devices
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with hammers, pulled out sim cards? warren followed up that remark with more talk about, yeah, higher taxes. remember, she wants to legislate stealing come over after you pay your taxes, if you happen to have any left, she wants the government to say you saved too much and we are going to go back and take another bite at the apple, and don't forget, when you die, you pay a bigger bite of the apple. they always get the gold in your teeth if they could. government debt and forgiveness, free college, who is going to pay for all of this? take a look. >> we are going to rollback student loan debt for about 95% of students who have debt. that is part one. and part two is to make sure that we never get in this mess again on student loan debt, and that is to make college universally available, with free
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tuition and fees. >> sean: went to the rest of us get our refund? i wrote for ten years a check that you make a payment, i took out one student loan, and guess what, 5805, when i didn't have any money. not what we are seeing is a party that has gone so far left it even looks like crazy, creepy uncle joe biden is having cold feet, according to a new report tonight, he again pushed back his launch, which was set for thursday, won't do an official campaign kick off until monday, and a new piece out in the daily mail lays out the chaos surrounding biden's 22 "rollout," raising more questions about creepy, crazy uncle joe even has a place in t. wait until they hear some of the things we are about to advise them on. this is your new democratic party. remember, medicare for all would take up most of the budget for ten straight years. that is one item. gas and oil, remember, we are going to get rid of what is the
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lifeblood of our economy, the green new deal is 94 plus trillion dollars in ten years. leading felons vote, abolishing i.c.e., new york, new jersey, california, illinois, pick off future, stacking the supreme court with liberal activist judges, reparations, crippling the second amendment, they want a 70% top rate on individuals, marginal rate. 90% on corporations. not many people are going to invest in america. and it goes on. and maybe you want to dismiss all this, maybe you want to laugh at all of this is just crazy, unhinged madness, but these are really ideas within the new radical socialist democratic party. they have, what? over 100 congress and senators supporting ocasio-cortez's new deal? these are ideas that have been tried and have been a massive failure everywhere they have been tried.
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if you have any doubts, look at the promises of obamacare. keep her doctor and pay less, how did that work out? tremendous human suffering. let's go to san francisco. oh, we sent our own lawrence jones back yesterday and have exclusive footage just ahead, but have to give a viewer warning, it is pretty disturbing what is going on in nancy pelosi's backyard. by the way, within walking distance to both her home and office, homelessness, needles, massive wealth inequality, sanctuary cities, day in and day out, and yes, feces. we've got the video, all over the place. that is why so many people are fleeing places like california, new york, new jersey, illinois, where all of these progressive fairy tales turn out to be nightmares come to life and why do democrats make such a far left turn? where the out of touch with law-abiding, common sense americans that make this country great? why exploit people's innate, natural fear that they are going
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to take away every fear that they have and take care of everything, promises of everything for three? it is impossible! they will never be able to deliver it. it is because the democrats, they are being led by a new crop of radical leftists. this is their power base. they make you dependent, you reelect them, then you are voting back in the very benefits they are promising to give you. establishment democrats, even as bad as they are, they are even terrified now of losing to the far left base that they want to win reelection. they are literally running on those programs. it is why extremist like speaker of the house alexandria ocasio-cortez, i didn't misspeak, are leading the party. pelosi is really speaker in name only. every day she somehow finds a way to top her previous bad idea with one that is even worse. the latest, dismissing efforts by the president to reform the va system to help our vets, saying everything is fine.
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thankfully, the president has been fixing it. take a look. >> when it comes to the va, my parents told me growing up that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. the idea that this has grown, this thing that provides quality care to our veterans, somehow we need to optimize it, tinker with it until we don't even recognize it. >> sean: it is not just a speaker ocasio-cortez, her radical cohort, congresswoman omar, who by the way, again embroiled in scandal. remember, first it was a series of anti-semitic remarks. by the way, what bernie said last night about israel, a downright disgrace for every democrat. downplaying, in this case, congressman omar, 9/11 terrorist attacks, now it has been revealed at the minnesota congresswoman attacked the
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soldiers that died fighting in the 1993 black hawk down operation, posting in a twitter thread oh, about 19 u.s. soldiers dying in the battle of mogadishu "in his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of somalis killed by american forces that day." #nottodaysatan ." where is that accountability, the outrage? where the democratic leaders? this is their party. and where is the media in this country? if this was a republican, they would have gone insane right now, but we are here to do the work the media doesn't do, and that is to expose how radicals and how radical this party has become. they don't understand simple, basic, fundamental things like the law, the constitution, separate of powers, coequal branches of government, or any of the real consequences of their actions like the green new deal, which comrade bill de blasio, here's ramping up in new york city, can't wait for
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this to happen, wanting to take the city back to the stone age, that is fred flintstone for those of you that are young at home, with bill de blasio's face on it, with "inefficient steel and glass skyscrapers," because they're bad for the environment. so what exactly does bill de blasio want to build with? i guess we can't use trees because that would pillage the forest. to do democrats not understand that these materials they want to band, along with oil and gas, fossil fuels, it is the lifeblod of our economy and every economy around the globe, it drives wages and opportunities. for people in this country, it is why we are putting this big new green new deal disaster on trial. because democrats want to roll back all of the success of the trump agenda. are you better off than you were to end a half years ago? if the answer is obviously yes, like for example, we are now energy independent in america for the first time in 75 years. not relying on countries that hate our guts for the lifeblood
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of our economy, and now we are net exporter of energy. did you see this? forecasters are revisiting their first quarter gdp estimates. s&p 500, nasdaq closing at record highs. all while democrats want to recreate, you know, what? a erode the entire middle class, send us back to fred lynn stone's era? the success of the forgotten men and women, the men and women of this country that go to work, pay their taxes, obey the laws, raise their kids, really? they are getting guaranteed from them? i don't think so. it is going to be coming from your able-bodied, hardworking americans, who they are chasing out of big cities. and if you leave new york, new jersey, california, great, don't bring those stupid policies with you when you go to texas with the carolinas, nashville, tennessee, or florida. want to build a better future for your kids and grandkids, the
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entre material spirit, the freedom to find what you are made to do, your purpose in lif, that is what has driven success in this country and what has led this nation to become the greatest civilization god has ever given man. nobody knows all about that all too well, he is the new voice, by the way, the new ceo, a friend, mr. 99999, herman cain. how are you, sir? >> i'm doing fine, sean here i want to add one word to all of those radical ideas that you delineated, and you are absolutely right, you can add one more word. they are radical and impractical. not one of them is practical relative to cost or relative to the constitution. you can add that the next time you do a monologue, where he identify all of these crazy, radical ideas. >> sean: from herman cain, impractical. got it, we will put that on the list. you were going to the fed, i was happy about you going to the fed. you and i have joked, when you
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are running for president, you talk about all of a sudden, you start getting hammered with allegations, allegations, and i don't have the money to fight back, it is not available. people are saying, oh, that started -- it stopped the day you got out of the race. pretty interesting, right? it was so important. is that part of the reason, i know you have given five reasons, but i want to give you a chance to respond. speak of those accusations had nothing to do with my decision. my decision was driven by one, during the phase one of this process, collecting all the information, and also finding out from administration staffers the things that i could and could not do. and when i started to look at the things that i could not do, that is like taking a stallion, keeping him in the stable, and not let him run. i couldn't do the things that i enjoy. i enjoy the new voice, i enjoy my show, i enjoy speaking, i
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enjoy my web side, i enjoy working with people, and most importantly, sean, just like you, i enjoy educating people about the power of capitalism and how socialism has never worked since the history of man. if i have become the federal reserve governor , i would have been limited in terms of what i could talk about and tell people the truth, whereas in this environment, i am unlimited in being able to say what i want, when i want, to whoever if i want when it comes to the truth. that is why i made the decision not to do it do it. >> sean: okay. by the way, i have known you for many years. it is true. how many people, by the way, and this is just breaking, i just got this, trump says he opposed to white house aides testifying to congress. okay, this president has now given more documents, never once like obama and past presidents, not one time, did he invoke
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executive privilege. he never fired mueller, never fired rosenstein. all of these things. now they want to just go on a fishing expedition. you know what? enough. i don't think the president should lift a finger to help those people that won't lift a finger to help the country or serve their constituents. they've done the investigating, and they lost. they're a bunch of crybabies, it is like election 2016 all over again. >> if i am the ceo of a company, which i have been many times, and a ceo of my company now, -- >> sean: pretty big companies. >> pretty big company. >> sean: you are rich. >> they are not allowed to go and represent their company bear the president represents the country and administration, and for them to say they want to be able to interrogate aides is absolutely ridiculous. but this fits in with all of the
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other radical, impractical ideas. in this particular case, i would suggest that the president just simply say no. there isn't anything they can do about it. >> sean: not a darn thing. and you know what, i think the president is right, drawn a line in the sand. although, collusion in russia, doesn't work very taxes, let's empower the irs for our political enemies. let's collaborate with that concept, step on the first amendment while they're at it and ask lawyers for the president that they've got to testify. sorry, it is called attorney-client privilege. grow up, learn something can herman cain, good to see you my friend bitterly come back, dan bongino, geraldo rivera, they will weigh in on bernie sanders wanting felons to vote from behind bars, including terrorist peered also, we sent lawrence jones back to san francisco, wait into you see this video. it is -- look at this. >> hillary clinton needs to be investigated, she needs to be indicted, and she needs to be in jail. >> sean: we will talk about
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rush limbaugh's comments on hillary clinton, yes, if we have equal justice under the law. all of that, straight ahead. ♪ metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women have significantly more time without disease progression, and more than half of women saw their tumors shrink vs an ai. diarrhea is common, may be severe, and may cause dehydration or infection. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. serious liver problems can occur.
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♪ >> sean: as we explained in the monologue, senator bernie sanders open to having felons, including yeah, the boston marathon bomber terrorist, sex offenders, vote from behind bars, murderers. today, the cohost of "the view" tried to tackle this topic. kind of as usual, things went off the rails, but interesting. >> for bernie sanders and kamala harris to go on tv and say the boston terrorist debtors any rights in this country after killing three people and injuring 264 in 2013, i think it's disgraceful. >> yes, if they let them out, he gets those rights back. >> no, i don't agree.
6:27 pm
i think he should be given the death penalty. that's where i am out with this. act of terror on american soil. >> does that include them estes terrorists? >> yes, terrorism is terrorism. >> sean: now hollywood superstar cher tweeting "as bernie sanders bully people who are in prison, rapists, murderers, deserve." i think she is watching the show. joining us now, geraldo rivera. former secret service agent, dan bongino. welcome. geraldo, i don't mind prison reform. when i saw alice marie johnson come out of prison, a family, that made me happy, and she said "thank you, america, for a second chance."
6:28 pm
she was a one-time offender, drugs, and she said i won't let you down. i want to find all of the alice marie johnsons in prison and let them out. but the marathon bomber? terrors, pedophiles, no way. >> you know, the president, president trump past of the first step act, meaningful criminal justice reform that reduced the use of mandatory minimum sentences, provided jobs training, education, alcohol and drug rehab, that is real criminal justice reform. to propose that convicts the granted the right to vote before he or she has served their time behind bars, played their debt to society, is an obscenity. it is grotesque, and it is deeply disappointing. i'm starting to look at bernie sanders and saying, that feisty old guy, he's got charisma, he's got what it takes come he's the best one of the democratic field. now i look at him and i'm reminded of all of that crazy
6:29 pm
bernie talk from a couple of years ago. >> sean: geraldo, that's the difference between me and you. >> it's an insult an insult. >> sean: it is an insult. listen, you give up your rights. if you inflict harm on a child, if you are pedophile, murderer, terrorist. i'm like, where is this party, dan bongino? and the comments of congresswoman ilhan omar, really come about black hawk down and what happened to americans, her state and comment? no criticism from the democratic party or leadership. >> sean, can you believe what happened in these conversations? we are on your cable television show in front of white, 3 million plus people, actually having a conversation about the boston bomber, a savage man beast who built this six leader, pressure cooker bomb build with ball bearings and nails, placed 8 feet away from an 8-year-old kid and many others, by the
6:30 pm
way, watched it detonate, and then fled, led the police on a chase and shot up basically an entire city. we are actually having a conversation on your show about the leading democrat many states, bernie sanders, advocating for this piece of human waste to vote! can you imagine politicians pandering to this savage for a vote? in bernie's america, that is the kind of place he will be looking out at his words, by the way, he supports it. >> sean: geraldo, i assume at some point in your illustrious career, some of the greatest investigative work ever done, i've looked at those old tapes recently, it's amazing the work you did. and how you changed, the mental health system in this country, okay, what is happening? this is twice in two weeks, one on immigration, and then once here. have you been talking to her? this has got to be a geraldo influence somewhere because your
6:31 pm
friends. >> [laughs] no, but there is a pragmatic idealism to you, sean, that people don't get it. your ideas were compared for bernie sanders, it seems to me a panicky move to make sure none of the other candidates, and there are now almost two dozen of them, outflank him to the left. so bernie is going to make sure he is the furthest left a candidate can possibly be. what's the craziest idea that you can come up with? i got the idea: the boston bomber has the right to vote on who is going to be representing him in the commonwealth of massachusetts, or wherever he is in, you know, deep isolation, solitary, right now. it is a bizarre idea that has nothing to do with ordinary, normal, prudent, voting americans. that is what i can't figure out. when does this craziness get you the kind of following that you need to beat the president, who was on a great job to the economy, and as i mentioned, criminal justice has passed meaningful reform, the first
6:32 pm
meaningful reform in a decade. >> sean: listen, all of that, and breaking economic record after economic record, dan bongino. add to that, you know what, america is feared again on the world stage. i know that is, oh, liberals want to go on apology tours, drop $150 billion in cash and other currency on the tarmac for the mullahs of iran. i prefer america that is feared and peace through strength, that is what i prefer. >> yeah, and so would most sane, rational voters out there. but sean, geraldo is still right on this one. i know we debate a lot, but he nailed it. the strategy on the left is to make yourself distinct from donald trump, and in order to do that, it is a series of insane ideas. it is a liberal forest fire that is going to consume the democrat party. one guy wants a 70% tax rate, the other wants a 90% tax rate. pretty soon they will be arguing
6:33 pm
for no money at all, let's confiscate everything. i've never seen anything like this. >> sean: by the way, when geraldo is right, the influence of his younger, adopted brother. when he is wrong, is on another. good to see you both. when we come back, two brothers involved in the jussie smollett case are now suing smollett's attorneys for defamation. trace gallagher, a full report. do you want to believe hillary clinton, what she is actually saying about president trump. it is so ridiculous, it is actually funny. and rush limbaugh's statement, he should be indicted and in jail. his evidence has been overwhelming, incontrovertible theater gregg jarrett and sara carter, next. ♪
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♪ >> sean: new developments tonight in the jussie smollett a hate crime holds as the "empire" actor faces a fresh new lawsuit in the ongoing saga appeared for the latest from the west coast newsroom, fox correspondent trace gallagher. trace, this never ends. >> hi, sean. yes, it never. the osundairo brothers are suing jussie smollett's lawyer saying they continue to lie, the brothers "led a racist and violent attack against mr. smollett." here is the brother's lawyer, watch. >> the chicago and brothers the truth. spirit if they could have remained silent. but instead, they told the truth to the police, and with their right hand in the air, they told the truth to the grand jury. >> the osundairos state their reputations and livelihoods have taken a hit and they can barely make ends meet. the brothers essay smollett hired them to stage a hate crime hoax and gave them money to
6:39 pm
purchase certain items, and there is surveillance video of them buying rope, gasoline, ski masks, and caps that rezone both president trump's "make america great again" hats. jussie smollett maintains the brothers attacked him without cause, and the attorneys called them the lawsuit against them comical. "it lacks any legal footing, we look forward to exposing the fraud the osundairo brothers and their attorneys have committed on the public. prosecutors drop the charges against jussie smollett, but also said that does not mean he didn't do it. sean? >> sean: trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom. yet another big story we are following tonight, hillary clinton today actually suggesting president trump is getting a free pass on obstruction of justice. um, ever heard of the phrase "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." you can't make this up, but here it is. >> any other person who has
6:40 pm
engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted, but because of the rule in the justice department that you can't indict a sitting president, as i read it, basically what i thought it was saying is look, we think he obstructed justice, here are 11 examples of why we think he obstructed justice, but we are under control of the justice department, and their rule is you can't indict. >> sean: the attorney general, madam secretary, actually said the decision was in no way based on any consideration of whether you can or cannot indict a sitting president. no, that was the office of legal counsel, rod rosenstein, the guy that signed the fourth fisa, the third renewal, and the same one that also appointed mueller, took them seconds. they didn't have the evidence, at all. but we have evidence on you.
6:41 pm
joining us now, the author of "the russian hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump," boy, he has been right, fox news contributor and legal analyst, gregg jarrett but also, investigative reporter sara carter is with us. rush limbaugh said, we're going to play this in a minute, gregg, by every standard, the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. he even sent out hillary clinton as secretary of state, the state department employees, don't use your private devices or state department materials. she signs it. private server, classified, top-secret, information marked as such on her, on that secret server, we believe hacked by at least a six foreign intelligence agencies. that is the underlying crime. why did she delete 33,000 subpoenaed emails, bleach pit, and beat up the devices, pull out sim cards? that would be an intent of obstruction.
6:42 pm
meeting all of the criteria and standards, donald trump wishing he wants to fire mueller or rosenstein, doesn't rise to the level. >> we always knew harry hillary clinton was a lousy candidate, now we know she is a lousy lawyer, no basis for obstruction of justice. her hypocrisy, as you point out, is really breathtaking. she is the queen of obstruction of justice, destroying 33,000 emails and devices under subpoena. honestly, if you were smart, and she is not, to be sure, she would put a sock in it. because criticizing the attorney general, who holds potentially your fate in his hands, is really unwise. it's just plain stupid. william barr might decide, i'm not just going to investigate the fbi, now i'm going to investigate hillary clinton for obstruction of justice, reopen the email scandal, 110 different felonies, and i'm going to look into her role in selling uranium
6:43 pm
assets to russia at the same time $45 million is flowing into her foundation. she ought to keep her mouth shut or she will get herself in deeper trouble than she already should be in. >> sean: by the way, they are calling for unredacted materials. apparently there is a reference to bill and monica, tapes, russia. i don't know, but it is neither here nor there. sara, the important thing is on the law, if we are going to have a constitutional republic, equal justice, equal application of our laws, yeah, all of those people that rigged her investigation should be in trouble, and we know it is rigged, people involved in it, paige, strzok, loretta lynch do did it, what did she and obama know and when did they know it? where to find out who tried to rigged the presidential election with the phony russian dossier that "the new york times" is now thing might have been a disinformation campaign to influence the election. and then we have to find out who used the dirty dossier that she
6:44 pm
paid for to bludgeon the president with lies and conspiracy theories remove her. >> absolutely, that is exactly what i was going to say, sean. this is what is so important. she obviously believes in something, which is a two-tier justice system, one in which hillary clinton feels she can get away with everything with obstruction, just as you said. under the law, obstruction is tampering with witnesses, destroying evidence, i mean, this is everything that she did, under the law, and then she turns, she throws it at president trump saying oh, well, he could have been indicted if he wasn't a sitting president. here is someone who feels that they are above the law, and mrs. someone that is going to be investigated, and all the people that supported her are going to be investigated, as well. attorney general barr does his job and michael horowitz does his job, he will be indicted. >> sean: it is going to be an avalanche. people say when? stay tuned, just relax. we expect in may a lot of things
6:45 pm
to happen. by the way, we are going to play rush limbaugh saying hey yeah, hillary should be indicted and convicted and put in jail. the evidence is incontrovertible. we believe in due process, presumption of innocence. all right, before we get to the commercial, the destruction in walking distance of nancy pelos nancy pelosi's house and office. we sent lawrence jones to see how bad things really are. his reports, rush's comments, all coming up. and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. ♪ >> sean: based on that report and the "washington examiner" report about may be a portion of the mueller report has insinuation that there are tapes of bill clinton with monica lewinsky on the telephone, let's leave it at that. when then we in the clintons
6:50 pm
were compromised when we have the whole uranium one thing? than the russian dossier, than bill clinton being paid twice as normal speaking fees. oh, and don't forget, she fined off on the uranium deal. okay, we have a big story, we only have 25% of the story, but we have been telling about the human feces, needle crisis plaguing san francisco. there is even an online map where feces is reported to be found since 2011. we went lawrence jones back to the city by the bay, and here's what he found. ♪ >> there is feces everywhere. homeless people. needles. is is not the norm around here? >> unfortunately, it is. the city has become so much worse in the last ten years. it's a disgrace. >> i see a lot of people in the
6:51 pm
area, needles in their arms, their sides. >> everyone is shooting up right on the street, they don't care. selling dope, crack, whatever. speak with the bad situation. >> what do you see on a typical day? >> drug use, people shooting upright in the middle of the street, it's crazy. >> while the kids are crossing -- >> kids, everything. excrement all over the ground. >> is it safe for kids to play at the playground, when you see all of his human waste and needles everywhere? >> i wouldn't bring my kids to the playground, i wouldn't bring my kids here. >> about how many pounds of feces? >> at least 5 to 10. >> speaker and the needles? >> that could be anywhere, depends on what route you take. >> and pounds of poop? >> the biggest thing is the smell. >> sometimes i have to pick my kids up and carry them come i don't want them to step on a needle. >> our political leaders are not dealing with this, they are not
6:52 pm
dealing with it. i think it is corrupt. >> this is a normal. this is the normal. it's crazy. >> sean: wow. joining is now, fox news contributor lawrence jones, author of "the case for trump," hoover institution, victor davis hanson is with us. as we are speaking, lawrence, i'm going to show some of the video. they have people daily cleaning this up. the needles and real feces. everyone you talk to says what? >> yeah, everybody is sick of it. it has become the new normal, sean. the moment i walked out of the van and the cameras were up, within five steps, i saw my first needle. you are looking at people that are doped up on the streets, it is like a scene out of "the walking dead," these people are like zombies. we drug exchanges, we saw packages where drugs were clearly there, needles every single block.
6:53 pm
you see all of the light orange capsules that protect the needles, literally all over the street. sean, this is not just a rough neighborhood, these are the tech companies, the big tech companies. >> sean: how far from nancy pelosi's house and office, i know it is within walking distance, about how far? >> miles away. we didn't pass her house, but we know based on the map, googling it, she wasn't too far. >> sean: victor davis hanson, this is the thing, she can go to her millionaire friends and say let's chip in? she is a multi-multi-multimillionaire, she can't say, let's build a facility for people to go to the bathroom, may beget drug treatment, a warm meal, and shower? she can't do that? won't do that? >> it's a real. it's a real what is happening. the wealthiest generation in history, three or $4 million in between silicon valley and san francisco, supposedly the
6:54 pm
most sophisticated and clever, they inherited the most beautiful city in the world and made it in 20 years into a medieval mass. i'm not even being metaphorical. i read medieval chronicles about cities in europe in the dark ages, late, middle dark ages, you see the same pattern. there is a "twin peaks," and these people live in a high elevation, they have banquet halls, their private security, and outside the city walls, places to make the comparison, the market, your peasantry, urban peasantry, and they live amid disease, and that is exactly what is going on in san francisco. the common denominator between san francisco today in the medieval city of the past as there is no middle class. illegal immigration, zoning, environmental radicalism, drove people out of san francisco. they can't afford to live there. in general, california, people
6:55 pm
could not be shielded from the consequences. >> sean: your money and our money. lawrence, great job. victor davis hanson, great job. all right, rush on fire tonight, talking about hillary's ridiculous comments from earlier today and what should happen to the former secretary of state and presidential candidate. you don't want to miss it. next. and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear. ♪ book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free.
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♪ >> sean: rush limbaugh joined "the story" the martha maccallum and he had a few choice words for hypocrite hillary. take a look. speaker hillary clinton needs to be investigated. you need to be indicted, and she needs to be in jail. you talk about sour grapes, this is a wilburn who has been rejected by the american people twice, rejected by her party inr primaries against crazy burning in 2016 to get the nomination. she is the last person who ought to be listened to about what ought to happen to donald trump.
7:00 pm
>> sean: exactly. it's called the constitutional republic, rule of law. equal application, equal justice. we are getting there. let not your heart be troubled. we'll never be the destroy-trump-media mob. jason chaffetz and for laura ingraham tonight. congressman, good to see you again. great job, great numbers last night. >> jason: thank you. it's an honor to do it, good to sit in for you on friday but laura, rest assured, she'll be back tomorrow. is that a warning or a promotio promotion? [laughter] this is my lap tonight. thanks, sean. again, i'm jason chaffetz. i'm in for laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. a big show on chapter nine. steve scalise is here. he will break down how last night's democratic town hall about how the left wants to take away your rights while restoring them with some of the western route society. the