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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 24, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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a true gentleman, she writes. they were all basically positive come all the males we got. coming to the story of send your emails. good to see you everybody and we will see you tomorrow tucker carlson up next in d.c. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. there is a war on speech going on in america. your right to say what you think as protected by the first amendment to the constitution. on one side is the entire tech establishment and big business, hr department down the hall from you, academia. on the other side is adam corolla and a few other people. luckily adam corolla can hold his own. we spoke to him the other day in los angeles and we have that interview after the break worth staying for. very good and interesting. but first tonight put yourself
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in this position, imagine being a democratic presidential candidate right now. it is pretty hard to stand out in the field. there seems to be dozens of democratic candidates, may be thousands of them. it is a huge group, but they don't disagree on the edge. they are not allowed like the democratic party does not tolerate dissent. everybody believes the same thing. the amish have more intellectual diversity than the democratic field. as a democrat the only way to the nomination winning gold in the victimhood olympics. you have to convince voters who have suffered more than anyone else. that is not always easy for some of the candidates. cory booker, for example has not suffered much at all. he grew up in a white neighbor of two ibm stanford, oxford, yale law school and yet with a straight face, cory booker telling you all about his triumph over racism. christian jehle brand came from privilege, she went to dartmouta
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u.s. senate seat, she took it and doesn't mention any of that now but she talks about sexism and the harassment she supposedly faced. you see the point. in 2019, whining is power. pete buttigieg understands that and he may be the least depressed person of any president. both of his parents college professors, he went to harvard and then oxford as a rhodes scholar and kennedy, where finer points of stuffing up the corporate america. he got an a in that class. the system has been good to people to pete buttigieg. if he is a victim, then nobody is the victim and the term has no meaning. so how does pete buttigieg when his parties and hood olympics? simple. it would be mike pence story. you will remember the governor of indiana back when pete buttigieg the mayor of south bend. as pete buttigieg has suggested recently, this sets the two of
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them on a collision court -- chorus. he is in a traditional christian he plans for the 12th century and above all hates people passionately and how much does he hate people? watch this exchange from 2015. he was asked directly about pete buttigieg. you can see the rage in his eyes. the venom that flex is lips and mike pence looks dangerous. brace yourself for this. >> i hold mayor of pete buttigieg and the highest regard. we have a great working relationship. and i just see him as a dedicated public servant and a patriot. >> tucker: could you feel that i hate radiating from that man? highest personal regard. in other words, oh, wait for me center, you are filthy and repulsive! great working relationship says mike pence, sure.
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among evangelicals that is code once i establish my theocracy i will throw you in my dungeon and let you rot for eternity, dedicated public servant patriot. oh, please. mike pence would spit and pete buttigieg face and call them a replicate the same is bashing, but pete buttigieg it is responded to attacks like these as you would expect and warmly gave governor pants i love t-shirt and joined him on a fitness walk. he wrote about it on facebook if you want the unnerving details on time. to this day, he seems traumatized by his experiences with mike pence. but buttigieg told the crowd in austin "not judge my state by former governor." he accused pence social extremism. a cheerleader of the star presidency. on cn buttigieg suggested that god himself disapproves of mike pence >> my marriage has made me a better man and yes,
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mr. vice president it has move me closer to god and that's what i wish the mike pence as of the world would understand. if you have a problem with who i am, your quarrel is with my creator. >> tucker: i don't think that was written by consultants at all. you can imagine how mike pence responded to an attack like that. when you call out man as hateful as mike pence what do you get in return? they hate tsunami. that is exactly what mike pence delivers. watch this. >> i have known mayor pete for many years and we work closely together when i was governor. i considered him a friend. and he knows i don't have a problem with him. >> tucker: man, those evangelicals. when are they going to learn to love their enemies as the bible commands? pete buttigieg by contrast and episcopalian so he has his christian faith by late-term abortion and attacking people who have been kind to him. it's more of effective men
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talking about the city he leads. in 2015, south bend's murder rate the same as chicago's. aggravated assault more than tripled since buttigieg became mayor. rates have nearly doubled. but but pete buttigieg doesn't want to talk about that but the real victim himself. chad mike moore is a journalist and joins us tonight, and i guess what frustrates me, pete buttigieg is exactly what our system produces at the top and, in other words, he's the greatest success you can be in our society, he went to harvard a rhodes scholar and a present at a young age. how in the world can he be a victim. >> chad: the way he speaks about the vice president you would think that brunei was holding the office. of course the true enemies of people in this world, unlike the president, unlike the president
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and administration which i might add. as you know, the administration announced an effort to work to decriminalize around the world. and he has stood behind this but spearheaded by an investor rick out of the closet for decades. his entire life to gay rights and pete pete buttigieg hasn't done nothing except for mary onf them. after all he's only been out of the closet for years. and so it is interesting as you pointed out, these two had a working relationship for years in south bend or indiana. and while not during 2015, 2016, 2017, all of those years pete buttigieg never once was upended by mike pence and never called him a hatemonger and then suddenly the last two weeks it's all he can talk about. what could possibly be going on? oh, well, fund-raising season. so he has to push this hate hoax about mike pence being a bigot
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which he doesn't believe in himself. he does not believe that pence is a bigot and he's not offended by pence but he's got to pay his woke penance. yes to sell himself as being woke and appease himself to journalist and the most unhinged activists on his side. it is really one of the most gross things that all politicians do. >> tucker: it diminishes everybody and including the person doing it. you want to be president and tell me how you will improve my life, stop whining, privileged guy by the way. again how disgusting to watch the most privilege people talk about how they are oppressed. actually stomach turning to me. but this is the whole game in politics right now. you used to be a liberal, you tell me. >> chad: it completely is. and i can't believe they still do this. imagine, for one second if pete buttigieg said if he was stand up and say let me be honest about mike pence. people are lying about him and
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we simply have a disagreement, he would stand out as courageous and a freethinker in the same thing made donald trump stand out. he went against the grain. these people are so out of touch that they don't understand why. they still don't understand why president trump one which is why they deluded themselves with the russia probe. and it was one of those reasons. he was honest, a straight talker and people knew they were not being led astray. he knew he would not say something they didn't believe him. and with pete buttigieg commit is just more of the same. it is incredible that he thinks this is a good idea and just going with the herd. they have learned absolutely nothing. >> tucker: had he done that and come out and said, look i disagree with pants on all kinds of things but i'm from indiana and i know the guy. i think anyone who has ever met pence can vouch whatever you think of pence you can despise pence but certainly not seething with hate but just the opposite, gentle, meek character. if you had said that like what
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would be the downside? he would probably win the nomination, right? >> chad: he could come actually. i think you are right he could win the nomination if he would do that. but they have two of at these villains. the truth about this issue, homosexuality is so boring. and so tame and so reasonable that they have to turn it into something full of fear and sensational. the real truth being essentially 9 out of 10 christians in this country against gay marriage would tell you, no, i think the couple should have the same civil rights but we don't like the word marriage being used because of our faith. bring a book, snooze, we want somebody to say he hate you. >> tucker: why is it christians? christians are not the only world's religion, not even the only abraham it faith with these positions on ethics including gay rights. you have at least two coothers that have similar positions. but it's only at the christians who are called out on this and
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why is that i wonder? >> chad: i think they despise christina -- christianity because it's a christian eighth -- christian nation. they choose islam because the enemy of the friend as their friend. so they will stand up in the most hateful, intolerant places of the world and obviously not all of them but the most hateful intolerable places on earth where, every single nation where gay murdered, seven of them. indiana christians are running those nations. no, no, i don't think. we have to look into it it and i'm a journalist. >> tucker: i thought it was the god people doing that but you know what i will get to go both during the per -- during the break. >> chad: radical amish are doing it. >> tucker: [laughter] great to see you, thank you. well you just heard a pete buttigieg competing become the victim in cheap but they don't seem to care about those
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victimized by the wide open border with mexico and why would they care. simple -- imposing -- it doesn't matter, it is real. and newly surveillance video from the border show a heavily guatemalan migrant and her son think right across the border by high-powered rifles. armored men crossing the border used to be called innovation. it is now the status quo on our border and nobody cares. here is another part of this data spoke of my new caravan of about 10,000 people is heading north from central america tonight. the caravan is expected mexico city any day including as many as 20,000 people or bigger. we don't know. mexico interior minister calls it the mother of all caravans. we will follow the progress on fox because we covered the news unlike other channels which distort it. but even the mother of all caravans doesn't mean that much. eventually, another even bigger caravan and then another and another because the word is out.
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just bring a child or say you are a child, say you fear for your life in the u.s. government will let you in the country. that is right, you will never be deported. you will get free education, free food, free housing vouchers, free medical care. it doesn't matter if president trump sends troops to the border and the fact -- the system itself is broken will stay that way unless republicans on capitol hill decide they care about the country they live in. they don't now and they couldn't be clearer about that. california once had the biggest middle-class in the united states. people who live there are really proud of that. one opportunity and now sadly in many places, the way that garbage, needles in despair. the ongoing investigation of california's collapse continues. also ahead free speech under attack adam corolla here to fight back. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: tonight in our ongoing look at the sad, but continuous immigration obviously california. last night we showed you the map of human waste on the streets of san francisco. tonight we have another map for you. assemble every case of hypodermic needles found on the streets of san francisco since 2011. take a look at that, believe it or not things can even get worse. in 2018, there were 9,520 reported needles on the street. that is used needles on the street. the number is more than double the number from 2016 and 33
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times as many as reported in 2011. san francisco is literally becoming unlivable by the day, even by the hour. california lawmakers care? no, they really don't. where is nancy pelosi? she lives right in the middle of san francisco. you wouldn't know it. she doesn't mention these things. when california politicians want to solve problems they go on trips to central america because they care about the people who live there but they don't care about their own people obviously. on monday exclusive footage of downtown los angeles when the producer shot it. we were there last week. that part of the city has been transformed into an immense repulse of homeless encampment parent karen hicks has been in los angeles for a long time and her family runs a business there for more than 100 years. they say the city is becoming unlivable, karen hicks joins us, karen thank you very much for coming on tonight. we are going to put as we speak pictures on the screen. i think you took from around your business and what it actually looks like. so your family as a business
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basically downtown los angeles? >> karen: yes. it's been in the same location for over 102 years. and yes, these are pictures of what is going on right around the neighborhood. >> tucker: so we are seeing, some of these pictures are almost too disgusting to put on the screen, but we have a number of them, rvs. b3 yes. >> tucker: people are living in those full-time? >> karen: yes. people are living in them full-time. you will notice there is raw sewage that is coming out. this raw sewage ends up in one place, and our gutters which goes down to our ocean. and it is more than an environmental crisis. it is a health crisis down in this area. i have reached out to councilperson, councilman price. i have reached out to mayor garcetti and as of today,
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you know, they have not contacted me. >> tucker: now, we got in contact with you because you copied us on an email to lawmakers in your city. and i just happen to see it in the inbox and so shocked by the pictures and you were nice enough to come on and tell us. what does it say about the lawmakers that they don't even respond to you? >> karen: you know, it is so disheartening to know that we are kind of at the bottom of the totem pole. we have very good relationship with our senior leadoff officers in the area. in he is the only one, if anything positive does happen, it is only because of him personally. my calls to the city, they go unanswered. >> tucker: do they not know? garcetti, your mayor lives there and the city is falling apart as again on the screen, raw sewage in the streets. i mean but what is their
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explanation for this? >> karen: [laughter] welcome i would love to hear it, but like i said, they will not contact me and i would love to have a discussion about you have invited them here. to live on our streets and our sidewalks by disregarding the laws that are actually in place. and not letting our law enforcement actually enforce these laws. so now you need to deal with what this has brought. that is what i would like to say to them, but i haven't had the opportunity. except right now. >> tucker: so your family has been they are over 100 years providing jobs and paying taxes. you are and for the long haul. >> karen: absolutely. >> tucker: you own all this in the middle of los angeles and you are the one they are ignoring and catering to people who are not even from there who are relieving themselves in the street. i mean how insulted do you feel? >> karen: our voice is not heard. extremely.
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when i sent that email i was at the end of the rope. and angry and hence, talk to you. >> tucker: you know what i'm glad you did. you have every reason to be angry and i hope you will come back with an update on this. if they don't listen to you, let's get louder because this is when civilization collapses. you have every right to be heard by them. karen hicks, thank you so much. >> karen: thank you, tucker. >> tucker: oh, man, i feel bad for you. over in canada at the prime minister justin trudeau may talk a tough game but if you are ready for work only a sick to come to that. for years he has bolstered his credentials by taking household garbage from canada and just shifting it to the philippines. then refusing to take it back when it turned out to be not recyclable. the philippines getting really annoyed by this. president rodrigo duterte just told trudeau he has one week to stop sending garbage to the philippines or its war
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literally. >> i will give you may be until next week. to pull this thing out. or i will declare war on them. >> tucker: okay, this could turn out to be a war. the great garbage were of 2019. how will it end up? stephen joins us, thank you very much for coming on. >> glad to be with you. >> tucker: make the obvious point, justin trudeau a little sensitive, justin trudeau is sending garbage to the philippines. how racist is that out? >> steven: i don't think it's racist at all. we send garbage to michigan all the time and have for years and years. >> steven: i don't think that it's racist to michigan but obviously somebody in the philippines said and they were receiving it, we will take this garbage. you will pay us to take it and now they are doing so.
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>> tucker: just to clarify, the united states if we don't like something we call it racist. it doesn't have to be racist but that is how we talk now. >> steven: well, tucker -- at tucker we aren't worried at all about work because we live next to you. i'm certain president trump is going to help us declare war on us and early warning systems with long time to get the ships from the philippines to the west coast. >> tucker: i wouldn't be so cocky, hold on. the population, they are actually, the population of men equal to the entire population of canada. canada is 22% french. you know what percent philippines is? zero, you just zero and that's a massive advantage, that's an advantage of war. in the obesity rate sky-high, no obesity in the philippines but they can actually beat you. at that point. >> stephen: we have so many filipinos in canada, first of
5:25 pm
all, he will not shoot his own people. >> tucker: he executes drug dealers in the streets of manila himself. >> stephen: drug dealers in canada, there are nice people who come to canada and fit into our society and work hard. and they build futures. so it's not drug dealers. i think this is a problem that trudeau is going to say it wasn't me, it was the earlier government. it was the bad guys in power before me. because as you know, tucker he is under a lot of strength these days. he hasn't been successful. and he doesn't want it they are. >> tucker: i have got to ask you. from our point of view and the president takes a lot of heat internationally and some he brings on himself, whatever. but justin trudeau really is a buffoon. that is our perspective anyway. he seems totally shallow and sort of fraudulent. is that the perception in canada? >> stephen: well made is becoming the perception unfortunately. he himself said his largely
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ceremony and he says the ceremonial and in fact on one of the national news magazines last week they had a picture of trudeau imposter across to. that is something that would happen in normal times. it started when he played mr. dressed dress up and went to india and the whole world look -- laughing at him. you remember that. >> tucker: is a is why i was shocked to send his garbage to the philippines, third world country and they need more garbage? so insensitive, i don't know that seems like a form of colonialism, garbage colonialism. >> stephen: i don't think it is a question of insensitivity. you know, tucker or prime minister is very, very sensitive. >> tucker: and bottles garbage to manila. listen i'm just throwing that out there, stephen, thank you. >> stephen: they made a lot of money, tucker. >> tucker: good to see you, man. actress lori locklin to escape
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in the prison time and the bribery scandal in just a my reputation was trashed online,
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i felt completely helpless. my entire career and business were in jeopardy. i called reputation defender. they were able to restore my good name. if you're under attack, i recommend calling reputation defender. and consider joining their groundbreaking campaign to give every american the right to remove old, inaccurate search results by going to if you have search results that are wrong or unfair, call reputation defender at 1-877-866-8555.
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♪ >> tucker: actress lori loughlin and her husband and face up to 20 years in prison for their role in the varsity blue bribery scandal. despite that, they refused to take any plea deal and we now know more about likely depend strategy. trace gallagher has been on it since day one, hey, trace. >> trace: tucker we should note 19-year-old olivia jade was furious with her parents for allegedly bribing her into the university of southern california and running her life. now, "us weekly" said jade and her mom lori loughlin has made amends with sources saying the daughter has realized their parents were just trying to do what is best for them. of course, legal experts point out the family could use a unified front because they might all eventually face charges but as for lori loughlin and mossimo
5:32 pm
giannulli defense it appears to be that old i didn't realize i was giving bribe money claims. sources say will lori loughlin had no idea how the $500,000 wod be used and certainly did not think it would grease the hands of the women soccer coach, except the criminal complaint said mossimo giannulli said at least $1,000 directly to the u.s. assistant athletic director. and we should note, the former women soccer coach struck a plea deal and is now cooperating which could undermine lori loughlin story. former inmate martha stewart asked about future inmates lori loughlin and felicity huffman. watch. >> what kind of advice would you have for felicity and laurie about what may be to come because you've had to walk through a valley and come out the other side? i don't feel sorry for them. they may have made a bad mistake. >> trace: stewart served five months in a minimum security
5:33 pm
prison and a cold awful. tucker. >> tucker: i bet it was. trace gallagher, great to see you. here is something you already knew. young people in america are left-wing. really left-wing. every poll confirms the radical on race issues. and you don't hear a lot about free speech and don't know what's in the constitution. they were giving up on america's economic system. and officially, like most of her peers she is not left wing to news. thank you for coming on tonight. occasionally nice to talk to people who are under 40. to get a sense of what is going on. so you are under 40 come apart under 40 and you disagree with most people your age or do you? most people your age are represented by cnn and the news or no? >> absolutely not. a majority of my age is looked at socialism favorably. i am the minority voice. so very prevalent when i went to
5:34 pm
college. i was probably 1 of 3 conservatives in my classes were at that spoke up to be conservative at all. my representation of an ideology is not seen in hollywood. it's not seen in the media and it's not seen in the university system. >> tucker: so i wonder do you think that is the problem that young people don't need anyone who disagrees with the left wing view? are there any professors, anybody in high school or college who isn't left-wing teaching kids? speed to welcome if you look at that study that was done recently, the name escapes me where they were looked at 66 liberal arts school in the country and they saw the ratio in some of these departments were 108 democrats 20 republican professors. and it leans heavily democratic. and the reason some people are thinking that way if they are thinking is because the same was
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mirrored by the media and they are all left-wing progressive narratives that if you think otherwise, you will be condemned. you will be labeled a bigot. >> tucker: it is just remarkable how many people take their professors word for things. but what do you think the actual percentage of people who agree. do you think there are people that agree with you but are afraid to say so? >> alyssa: absolutely. it is funny because just today i had a coworker had me on my computer and tell me, i saw your article and i really liked it. don't worry, you are not alone. and i have my sister, i have her coworkers coming up to her quietly, hey, we left her sister's article. we agree but you just can't say it. there are conservatives everywhere. closet conservatives and massive push to silence them on campuses
5:36 pm
with conservative speakers being harassed and silenced and put into holes where barely anyone can attend. and it's an epidemic. >> tucker: that is interesting. the small group of nonliberals on your college campus that spoke up, how are they treated? >> alyssa: well, so when i was in college 2011, it wasn't as bad. it was the end of or the beginning of the obama's second term. >> tucker: right. >> alyssa: i had a little bit of trouble with it. my history class, we definitely had to learn of all the america's shortfall of what we did wrong. we had debates on whether or not america should intervene in world war i. we have debates about, okay, you know, america is built on and this is why. when you speak up and you are the minority voice, it is
5:37 pm
troubling because you are usually met with such, such disrespect because you are labeled a. you are abled a racist, bigot. it's okay to punch not sieves, >> tucker: i can see where we are going here, it's pretty obvious from day one. and it hinges on who is a nazi but you are not. i hope you do not face repercussions for that. i appreciate that. good to see you. >> alyssa: thank you. >> tucker: colleges you just heard tolerant of free speech. so why is it aggressively racist professor at trinity college in connecticut that still has his job? what about the kids in his classes? is he discriminated against? we will tell you what he recently said and you can make up your own line. plus the conversation with adam corolla just ahead. here is a preview of it.
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>> so i'm starting to wonder if it's swinging back. i think the insanity of the woke folks out there have forced sane people to push back. and we may be going from this to the grunge. ♪ many people living with diabetes
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monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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♪ people call college campuses were liberal, but is that really true? test it. opposed segregation on a college campus and see what happens. see if they are allowed only two cogenders. the liberals might riot. you might get fired. there is nothing liberal about that but on the other hand fermenting race hate on campus is perfectly fine. here is a case in point, two
5:43 pm
years trinity college and professor johnny eric williams left the college briefly in a leave of absence paid by the way after he shared a blog post that argued that congressman steve scalise should have been left to die when he was shocked by a gunman. the post said that everybody looks like steve scalise the same race as steve scalise deserves to die. let them die it read. professor williams who is not a scholar or a good professor or impressive in any way is back on facebook. two weeks ago williams denounced raquel michelle obama as white who really need a lot of therapy and a good old kicking. easter sunday williams treated this, terrorism and all self identified white people no exceptions invested and included with systemic white racism and white supremacy. if you are white, you are racist and evil. no exceptions. in the view of jonny e williams,
5:44 pm
professor at trinity college. why would you send your kids to a place like that? because of people like that because there are no consequences for saying something that is transparently insane and by the way racist. james k moore lost his job at google for saying nothing like that. alex jones has never said anything like that and completely deplatforms and kicked off paypal. but johnny williams is completely fine. safe in the tender bosom of trinity colleges bureaucracy. they don't oppose hatred. they are encouraging hatred obviously. let's stop lying about that. well comedian and podcast host adam kroll one of the most defenders of actual free speech left in america. he is not only famous host but an amazing car racing fan and participant. we were in l.a. last week and decided to go over to his race car garage and talk to him because we couldn't resist because it's amazing.
5:45 pm
here is how the conversation resulted. >> tucker: you've been on the road for the past several months talking about free speech. i know your views on it. have you been able to convince the audience especially young people that free speech matters? are they on your side, do you think? >> adam: i've been able to convince my audience that free speech matters. and i think the pendulum is starting to swing back a little bit, you know, we had a saturation level. i sort of belief as human beings we work this way. i believe that in the late 80 80s, hair bands and big guys wearing fonts and spandex and aqua net, eyeliner and everything else and that gave way to grunge music. kurt cobain, tattered shirts, nobody cared, right? so what could be further away from hair bands, grunge music. that is what came next.
5:46 pm
so i'm starting to wonder if it is swinging back. i think the insanity of the woke folks out there have forced sain people to push back and may be going from the hair band to the grunge movement. >> tucker: has the woke people pushed back against you? >> adam: the woke people will push back against anybody. >> tucker: but you don't seem bothered. you are the one person who seems totally disinterested and bothered by their attacks. >> adam: i know what's in my heart and i hate that statement, but i know who i am. you can't convince me that hate asexual pro -- hate a person, you couldn't convince me come i hated a neighbor or a friend or hispanic, blacks. you can't bestow that up on me. that is something that is inside me, and i'm aware of it and i know i don't. so you can't convince me of that. >> tucker: so you're not afraid because you know what they are saying is a lie? >> adam: yeah, and i'm an
5:47 pm
atheist and i really don't care. at the end of the day i'm going to go race one of these cars chemical ranch on something, build on something and eat dinner with my kids and wife. there is kind of a freedom and not caring. there is a real freedom in not caring. >> tucker: why don't more people feel like that? >> adam: i think there is vanity. and i think everybody is wired to be a little bit narcissistic and no one wants to go online and read bad things about themselves. nobody wants to read untruths or an accurate -- inaccurate things about themselves. and so we are wired to alleviate. and so i've never thought about it this way but your ego when your ankle is sore, you are wired to stay off your ankle, like less weight, hop, lean this way. you go on twitter and you read a bunch of horrible things about yourself, you are wired to alleviate. you are not wired to put weight on a rolled ankle. you are wired to say oh, people
5:48 pm
are saying xyz about me on twitter. let's fix that and the fix is apologizing, walking -- walking statements back to get it to go away. i'm not interested in the truth. i'm not interested what the history books say. my ankle hurts and i want to get the weight off a bit immediately. >> tucker: so you walking this stuff back and you apologizing,u kowtowing to these people as a way to get the weight, it's like a crutch and i can get the weight off of this and it will go away. and i don't care what the doctor orthopedic says about it. >> tucker: right now it hurts and i wanted to go away. >> tucker: but you don't play that game and therefore you don't bother you. and that is a model for the rest of us. if everybody had that attitude, i don't care i just want to wrench on my car so i don't have to deal with my kids and they will have no power. >> adam: they are not in the business of banging their head against the wall. they are in the business of
5:49 pm
mowing you down and moving onto the next subject. you know what i mean? they are immediate gratification crew. let's remember these are kids i got everything they wanted immediately. if you don't give them immediate gratification, they are off you in two days. this is not a long slaughter over months and years. you give me what i want right now which is an apology or you can get fired from your job or whatever that is. you could be humiliated. you could be contrite. if you don't give an almost immediately, they immediately move on to the next victim. >> tucker: you have to be a to give and to unreasonable demands, wouldn't you? >> adam: i think so. but you think about all the politicians and all of the newscasters and voices out there. you think about the ones that sort of weathered the storm and just put their head down and said, no apology. they immediately pack up and go find another victim. or somebody to turn into a
5:50 pm
victim. and if it is clear that there is nothing here for you, if they ring you like a bar oregano tears come out, they move on because they want a bucket of tears. they want a bucket of tears and they ring and they ring and don't let it drop and they pick up the pail and say let's go find more tears. >> tucker: perfect, thank you. here is a story that didn't get enough attention. the u.s. navy enacted new rules for reporting ufos. many of the pilots see things. why the change? we will ask an expert after the break. ♪
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>> tucker: something unexplained is happening in the skies above the united states. even the u.s. navy concerned what is going on. drafting new guidelines for personnel to report encounters with quote unidentified aircraft. the goal is to destill advertise the sightings of advanced very high speed aircraft seen approaching navy ships without explanation. the navy issues a statement in part quote there have been a number of unauthorized and unidentified aircraft entering various military control ranges and dedicated airspace for years. for safety and security concerns, the navy and the u.s. air force take these reports very seriously and investigate each and every report. as part of this effort the navy is updating and formalizing the process any such expected incursions can be made to the cognizant authorities unquote. a former pentagon intelligence official involved in the history channel's upcoming series unidentified inside america's ufo investigation. he joining us tonight.
5:56 pm
chris, thanks very much for coming on. so, we have gone in a pretty short period of time from the u.s. military not really acknowledging that there is such a thing to them acknowledging that these sightings are so frequent they need a formal process for reporting them. what's changed? >> thanks, tucker extraordinary turn around. interaction between congress and the navy. and the fact that this has gotten on congress' radar began some discussions which elevated an issue that before this time if it smothered and kept at low levels of bureaucracy. so now you have more senior policy making officials hearing cases firsthand from the aviators involved and other personnel. they are learning the reality of the issue and they are asking some direct and sometimes tough
5:57 pm
questions. so this has elevated this entire issue within the department and kudos to both for engaging. >> tucker: yeah. >> listening to our men and women in uniform who have been sketched in the past who have really been treated with disdain sometimes for what's happening. >> tucker: pilots, of course, are trained to discern between aircraft and weather balloon. if there is one group you should listen to is pilots. how often are these sightings reported? do we know? >> we don't know we believe it's probably 8 or 9 times out of 10 they are not reported when there is an encounter. we know from numerous debriefings and interviews that individuals and squadrons when they bring forward a story they are the only individual in their squadron usually willing to do so or have that discussion. we see the same thing among commercial airline pilots. it's not career enhancing to say the least.
5:58 pm
we know these individuals are often ridiculed and in the past which is why this is such an important development. they are saying it's a legitimate issue now you can talk about it. >> tucker: i was just reading this morning some of these sightings, again, by military pilots who know the difference estimate these are objects moving at 15,000 miles per hour, for example. that's so much faster than any human made object any human made travel. what do they think this is? what's the ongoing theory? >> this is tough terrain. three hypotheses people put forward and none of them have very comfortable. one of them is one of or adversaries has leapfrogged us china or russia. putin has made extraordinary claims about russian technology: another theory is that these are some test aircraft of the u.s. i think we can discard that now with the navy itself
5:59 pm
acknowledging these are not american third popular theory, of course, these may be from some civilization elsewhere beyond our solar system. and none of these theories are very comfortable to contemplate. we have to look at facts and derive theories from facts not start with theories and rule out facts. >> tucker: i hope this will get us a lot closer doing. this very quickly are the results of these surveys going to be made public at any point? >> the academy of arts and sciences my colleagues and i have drafted some proposed legislation for congress to consider. and simply ask for a retort on this. it wouldn't cost any money. right now. >> tucker: let's demand one, shall we? really quick. >> one of the problems nobody is in charge and
6:00 pm
these organizations don't share information the information isn't pooled or analyzed. >> tucker: that's the story of the government. chris, thanks so much. great to see you. back 8:00 p.m. sworn enemy of the show that's the enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and group think. sean hannity right now. >> sean: great to see you. welcome to hannity. buckle up. tonight the democratic party is officially a dumpster fire far left radicalism spinning in a thousand different directions clamoring for impeachment fantasies. more subpoena stunts and, of course, far left socialism the likes of which would destroy this country. well now tonight, the president, i is standing strong against this never-ending harassment and he now has vowed to fight every single step of the way right thing to do. we have full coverage. operation cross hire hurricane now officially morphed into crossfire boomerang for the clintons, the democrats and all deep state actors that


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