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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 26, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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officers say the parent who has not been named was trained to do just that. the ugly. this bride-to-be is furious the nfl draft is ruining her national bachelorette party. >> i am good, have to watch football sundays. when do they start planning this? i just found out about this. >> how often does this happen? >> every year. heather: she says she will not let her husband watch football next season. the if that last. that wraps of this our of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: a fox news alert. a mass migrant breakout. 1300 people escaping a detention center in mexico overnight. rob: the pentagon consider sending reinforcements to the southern border. donald trump not holding back about joe biden. >> i have known joe over the years. he is not the brightest lightbulb in the group i don't think about he has a name they know. he won't be able to do the job.
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jillian: mixed reaction to the former vice president's 2020 announcement from both sides of the aisle. rob: the nfl draft, this guy is out. the short trend, writing the internet on fire. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ my god ♪ it's the weekends ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekend ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ ♪ jillian: haven't heard this one in a while. todd: stage manager joel, his
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team had a decent nfl draft. we will get to that throughout the course of the morning. watching "fox and friends first" friday morning. jillian: we begin with a fox news alert, 1300 migrants escape in immigration detention center in mexico. todd: hundreds on the run is police in right here try to take control. in washington, possible steps to protect the southern border. >> reporter: this is a sign that mexico might have trouble controlling the mother of all caravans, 1300 migrants, mostly cubans escaping the largest shelter in the southern city where officials have been trying to slow the caravan's advance, national migration, 700 of them returned with 600 remaining on the loose.
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the largest escape ever for federal police having to detain migrant caravans. the shelter's capacity is less than 1000 but there are 3000 being held, this as dhs sends a new request to the pentagon to send 300, 400 troops to the border. there are currently 5000 on the border, 3000 are active-duty, 2000 on national guard and a decision on numbers of not been made. they can operate on a support role and do not engage in law enforcement. one place they may be needed is the el paso sector where border patrol chief says it is worth running them. >> numbers keep going up at a faster rate and we have seen unprecedented numbers which is something new for us. this places manpower and resources from securing the border leaving few of us on the line. >> reporter: that secretary thing a 700% increase, donald trump says wall construction is
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underway. >> we are building many sections of wall, under construction right now and i intend to have by the end of next year over 400 miles of wall with renovated a lot of wall already. >> reporter: the president tweeting yesterday he is proud of the hard work border patrol has been doing and is giving them arrays. rob: some in congress, the massive caravan heading for the border, arizona republican andy biggs says congress has to act now. >> high walls and when we hear 300,000 people are coming from mexico that is only the people we know. estimates are anywhere from 3 to four times that many getting in that we do not know, we do not have, can't ascertain the number and the cartel's control of who is coming through the border,
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they are sending groups through and we have drugs and bad guys coming through in other places so i am glad mexico is providing that count. it is providing the closest count we are going to get from mexico. it is more than that who are making it through the borders. >> the department of homeland security said border patrol apprehensions will approach 1 million this fiscal year. >> massachusetts judge pleads not guilty for helping an illegal immigrant escape the feds. a joseph accused of oregon ice agents out of the courtroom to help perez escape out the back door last april. >> this is not about immigration. it is about the law. even the rich and famous. today i would add it must apply to the privilege and powerful. todd: lawyers call is a political witchhunt. he was caught by ice a month
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after his escape. hundreds of college students amid the measles scare, ucla and cal state university issuing the orders after two students with highly infectious disease visited those campuses, some of the people were allowed to go home after approving they are vaccinated as the cdc claims cases that surpass record totals for the 21st-century. jillian: violent and powerful storms with across the south was a tornado in louisiana killing a mother and son. the governor issuing a statement urging businesses and homes completely devastated in southwest texas and good samaritans rushing to help a truck that flipped over in floodwaters. more thunderstorms and possible tornadoes are expected today. janice dean will be tracking them. a fallen hero will be laid to rest, hundreds giving firefighter and marine staff sergeant christopher sleptman a
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final funeral. he was killed by roadside bomb earlier this month. others were killed in the explosion. he is survived by his wife and 3 young daughters. todd: challenge accepted, donald trump welcoming joe biden to the 2020 white house race, the president standing by his announcement and his campaign. jillian: more on what donald trump said in an exclusive fox news interview. >> reporter: joe biden says he wants to restore america's standing in the world, the president says he doesn't think he has what it takes to lead. the president giving an exclusive interview to sean hannity where he defended his record from biden's attacks, first the former vp said in his announcement video that he wanted to restore the moral character of the country. >> the battle for the soul of this nation. that is even more true today. we are in a battle for the soul of this nation.
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jillian: later in a philadelphia fundraiser he spoke about restoring what he calls economic dignity and the middle class. listen to the president's response. >> the greatest economy anywhere in the world which it is. nobody is even close to us and that is because of the things we have done. when biden makes a statement talking about the soul people forget there was tremendous division during the obama administration, tremendous division. >> reporter: he is picking up endorsements from several current and former elected officials, you see the names on screen. a lot of people talk about this on social media, the former vp saying he doesn't want the endorsement because he wants to earn on his own merit. jillian: that statement got a lot of eyebrows going.
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todd: until the 2020 election, who knew? jillian: joe biden talking less about the issues and more about the 2017 charlottesville rally. is that a good strategy? our political panel debates it next. todd: one call just changed everything, the guy in the pink suit, number one. the nfl draft coming up when "fox and friends" returns.
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everything that has made america is at stake. i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. jillian: using the charlottesville tragedy is part of the presidential announcement video. was this the right message to connect with voters? that's the question a lot of people are talking about. here to debate that, minority leader and political analyst gianna caldwell. thank you for joining us. we start with you. what was your reaction when you saw that video? >> i thought immediately joe biden was running to be the divider in chief instead of uniter in chief. as we know charlottesville was a hurtful experience for many americans including myself. i don't think donald trump said the right things when it comes to charlottesville. however when it comes to joe biden, ignoring the pain of the
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situation and the mood in which charlottesville opened, to use that experience as an emotional tool especially directed to where the group impacted by it, african-americans, was fairly disgusting. and for an individual who can be impactful in this race and potentially when i was disappointed with that. jillian: a lot of people share that sentiment. it seems there are two trains of thought. some say this shows he's willing to go head the head with donald trump, willing to battle. a lot of people say, this is from a clergyman who protested the whites the premises in charlottesville and a lot of people have the sentiment. how much charlottesville and our dramatic footage seems to be motivating and framing joe biden's candidacy one might think we would have received a call or visit in the past 20 months first. a lot of people feel they are being used as ponds. >> nobody wants to be used as a pond in that regard.
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joe biden obviously is trying to frame his campaign. he mentions in this video about the soul the nation. it seems a choice between hope and fear and good and evil and the thing i find fascinating about this where joe biden may have made a mister. i have always been a joe biden fan but one of the most compelling arguments for joe biden has been he could connect with donald trump voters, he's a straight shooter but what he has done in this because he is making a choice between good and evil he also by extension is basically saying trump supporters, you are on the side of evil. how is he supposed to get those people back on his side if he is lumping them with the narrative that he's trying to paint in
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this? jillian: joe biden had a lot of support. right now people are we are not sure about this rollout. >> it is the unique approach. i have known joe biden's campaign manager, an ohio native, for 15 years and the best of luck even though i'm a ryan supporter in this race but i would love to know from greg's perspective what the thought was behind this because i do think he's trying to say i will stand up to donald trump and this is about the soul of the nation but was charlottesville the right tool to convey that? i'm not sure. >> a microcosm of what the democratic party has been advocating in terms of getting african-americans involved, reparations, knowing if they were to win the united states presidency there would be no reparations.
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many tools in which they elicit to spark this desire in african-americans to rally behind the democratic party i find to be disingenuous and certainly not something that will be meaningful impact for for african-americans. we care about having money in our pockets and making sure our families go to the best schools possible, elementary, high school or college. when you think about those issues the democratic party is misfiring using these symbolic areas that dig into race and the rules of racism on our country. they will have a hard time with that cell this coming election. jillian: let's talk about the, quote, 15 minutes of fame. nothing it's a few minutes of fame but there was a lot of hype around beto o'rourke and now a lot of hype around pete
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buttigieg. who has the staying power, someone we are not talking about a someone like pete or beto? >> maybe more candidates will enter the race at this point. it is anybody's game. the words of my former boss who says people -- polls don't vote, people do. that being the case we know polls fluctuate and change and it is all about who has staying power and what resonates with people overall. jillian: who has staying power? >> biden and bernie have name recognition. they have staying power in that regard but my congressman, tim ryan of ohio, if he has an opportunity to get in the spotlight through townhall or whatever it is possible, he has an opportunity to connect with trump voters that crossed over focusing on kitchen table issues. i call him a gen x joe biden.
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on, if he gets a chance to get exposure he could have some traction. heather: thank you for your time, have a good weekend. todd: we still have more than a year before the election. the of ventures are in the end game. >> we lost, all of us. we lost friends, lost family, we lost part of ourselves. >> already on track to be the largest movie opening in history but is it worth your money. ♪ ♪
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>> first pick in the 2019 nfl draft the arizona cardinals select kyler murray. jillian: history was made last night as the draft kicked off in nashville making kyler murray the first athlete ever taken in the first round of the nfl and mlb draft. todd: despite going ninth overall to the oakland as but where did this come from? this wasn't in the script. that is what i look like, fans like me of the new york football
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giants furious with their top pick. did you know this was happening? the team drafting sixth overall when most experts thought they would go defense or if they did go to uv would go from northern new jersey which they play instead. this continues with round 2 and 3. jillian: the biggest movie of the year in theaters today, avengers end game predicted the pool in $300 million just this weekend. >> we owe this to everyone not here to try it. >> after more than a decade, 22 movies, it all culminates with this. jillian: here with his reviews
2:25 am
fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. thanks for being here. >> anybody waking up to this jacket, you are welcome. jillian: the money we mentioned. >> that is domestic numbers. these are predictions but people say this movie could make 900, $100 billion on a worldwide scale. it is probably the biggest movie opening in cinematic history. todd: why is this movie so -- >> it is incredible. the rooster brothers of the greatest working today, they directed four of the best films in the marvel cinematic universe. think about where we are right now, 11 years in the marvel synthetic university with iron man in 2008 and look where we are, they have read the storyline throughout and this film without giving anything away, spoiler free is a ward to
2:26 am
people who spent so much time and money on these first 21 films and the storyline of infinity, that film ended with josh brolin's character snapping his fingers and wiping out the universe. he is -- a gigantic purple villain in the movie but an amazing performer, that is where infinity more leads you. the so now the of ventures remaining trying to take them down. that is where the storyline is. that's all i will say. you are seeing the repercussions because a lot of the avengers disintegrated. what you are seeing here is not end game but we are reviewing end game and this is an absolute master class in juggling dozens of characters, dozens of storylines seamlessly.
2:27 am
the rooster brothers directed four of the best films so far, winter soldier civil war, infinity war and end game, end game is one of the best superhero movies i have ever seen. i don't understand how they took 3 hours long. i saw it twice in a 24-hour period on no sleep and did not blink an eye. jillian: you've seen it two times. can you see it again and again and find different things? >> my first viewing of avengers end game was like this. what is going to happen? the second time i sat back and chilled and relaxed and watched. these directors are juggling dozens of characters and every one of them is getting a moment and i don't understand how this movie exists. it shouldn't even work as well as it does but it does. for anybody who has been a fan of this franchise as long as i have you will have nerd tears. i am telling you this is reminding me what it is like to
2:28 am
have an event film back in the day. 5 out of 5. this is a movie, please, anybody out there don't spoil it for people. i don't understand how people get happy about making - spoiling films. keep it to yourself, let audiences experience it for the first time. it is wonderful film. alan silvestri did the music to back to the future. we are lucky this movie exists. jillian: thank you very much. have a good one. todd: north korea handing the us a medical bill for otto warmbier's care. jillian: shocking details about what happened before he came home next. state of the art technology makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2019 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. when a nasty cold won't let you sleep,
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welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. jillian: 1300 migrants, mostly
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cubans, escape from immigration detention center in mexico overnight, police responding with right year as hundreds are still on the run. right now the white house is considering plans to restore the southern border, the pentagon is preparing to deploy hundreds of troops as the mother of all caravans inches closer to the us. 100,000 illegal immigrants graduate us high schools every year. a new study showed 33,000 more than previously thought. the study released by nonprofit migration policy institute says 98,000 illegals get diplomas from american schools, california and texas graduate 44% of those illegals. todd: north korea charges $2 million for the care of otto warmbier. they released a college student of the us envoy pledge to pay for the hospital stay, he signed but no money was paid. that is not going to change.
2:33 am
>> no one is paying this bill anytime soon. this would violate un sanctions. it shows the level of childishness and inexperience and what donald trump and our diplomats, mike pompeo had to deal with. this sort of things pop up all the time with north korea. todd: warmbier died after his return to the state in june 2017. the former vice president rocking the 2020 democratic party with his big announcement. jillian: peter hegseth joins us in delaware. what are they saying this morning? >> reporter: we will talk to a bunch of them on breakfast with friends on your show and "fox and friends" all morning. joe biden was asked is he the best choice for democrats? he said that is for democrats to decide, that is why we are in
2:34 am
delaware where he will -- was elected 6 on us senator and we are talking to voters to find out the real deal about joe biden. thanks for being here. was on the couch? todd and jillian, "fox and friends first". "fox and friends" is coming later. you are independent and live in the state. what is your take on joe biden? >> we see him here walking around, he has a house and a little notoriety. >> can he win the democratic nomination? >> is pretty moderate. perhaps he could. todd: you are a democrat. he is more moderate. the party is not as moderate today. >> it is all about numbers and name recognition. he has the name recognition and
2:35 am
i believe he is the only democrat that can win the white house. >> will that carry the day for democrats? the primary field is stacked full of progressives telling people that is what the base wants today. can he get through the primary? >> i believe he can. jillian: what is his biggest threat? >> he is a regular guy. we've seen things happen. he gets right back up. i believe he is the one that is the competition. >> reporter: you heard it here. we have a lot of great folks here and we will talk to. apparently it is tasty but i will try it. you would do the same thing. never heard of it until now. people standing behind you. i don't let people stand behind me at diners. >> reporter: i am cool with it. jillian: that scream in the
2:36 am
background was gin. see you on "fox and friends". >> i loved it, you are with the people. they are awesome and love pete hegseth. all about america. todd: you got to get the people -- >> i do the weather with a ton of people tonight. i don't think you could fill in for me. todd: talking about whether. >> we have serious whether going on across texas and louisiana and the mississippi river valley where we had tornado reports and lost lives yesterday because of tornadoes. pay close attention because we could have the threat for strong storms across the mid-atlantic and southeast today. the storms cleared the area but moving across the southeast towards the mid-atlantic an area of low pressure across the great
2:37 am
lakes towards the northeast and there is the area we could see flash flooding, strong winds, some hail, isolated tornadoes in popular areas where pete hegseth is. you need to be on alert later this afternoon into this evening and i want to check out our next system. what is that white stuff on the map? that is a late-season snowstorm that could bring measurable snow to the upper midwest and great lakes including the chicago area. this would be overnight tonight into saturday. the on alert if you're traveling. todd: green bay? >> upper midwest, great lakes. it happens sometimes. todd: 37 after the hour, homeland security rolling out face scanners, the impact on passengers is the question. what is more important? stay tuned. jillian: kurt the cyber guy
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joins us with his answer next. ♪ and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. try downy fabric conditioner. unlike detergent alone, downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning and smoothing fibers, so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done.
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jillian: airport face scanning sparking controversy. the department of homeland security halting expansion of the technology over privacy concerns. todd: the technology has proven to help people identify others overstaying their visas. the cyber guy, good to see you, kurt, this is an interesting question. we live in a democracy, a free country but we want to, quote, live. where do you come down on this? >> too early to forget 9/11 and too early to remember this technology is out there. we are being watched and recorded. what technology is about is border protection has put up 15
2:42 am
cities so far and recording people as they exit the country. it includes us being recorded. i don't mind. your name is already on the airline manifest, required by law. they don't let a plane fly until they check the list of people flying internationally. my thought is this. i know what the concern is. where are they storing this? by what means is it secured, who's in charge of the data? how long do they have the data, what can they use it for, those are serious issues that remain unaddressed. i got to say that is fine. let's work that out. can we all agree that wouldn't it be great from the safety and security standpoint to know who is leading our country and who is coming back in? now let's jump to the convenience. wouldn't it be cool, here's where we go, go to the airport,
2:43 am
don't need a driver's license or passport, you walk up to a boarding pass on the commercial side of things. when you come back to this country instead of standing in long lines wouldn't it be amazing to just walk through the line and say there's todd and jillian, and do you have anything to declare and into the country you go. this is amazing technology that will not just make it convenient course would keep the bad guys out. >> the exit programs, the us operational at 15 major airports across the country, successfully identified 7000 over saturdays, for 12 hours and non-us citizens up to 14 days. a lot of things going on right now. >> they say they want to keep your image forever. is that true? i don't ever believe what the
2:44 am
government tells us or facebook or google. they tend to stretch the truth but you never know who has access to that. is there a real danger to your face being associated with your intimate details. and on facebook, here is the deal. let this happen. let's work out the rules that make everybody feel good about how it secured the data i am talking about it with these cameras do what people in human beings have not been able to do which is to know who is coming and going from our borders. rob: people are doing this, let the government do it. jillian: it is 16 minutes until the top of the hour. joe biden facing backlash from those who say he is using the charlottesville attack for personal gain.
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in honor of my dad, who was alzheimer's. i decided to make shirts for the walk with custom ink, and they just came out perfect. - [announcer] check out our huge selection of custom apparel for every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at >> show biden accused of using the charlottesville tragedy to launches 2020 presidential run. >> i heard the words of the president of the united states that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. he said there were, quote, some very fine people on both sides. very fine people on both sides?
2:49 am
jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with reaction online and there's a lot. >> reporter: some people affected by the writing charlottesville are accusing biden of exploiting the situation. the former mayor of charlottesville says he wishes biden had visited the city before using it in his campaign ad. the mother of heather higher who was killed in the rights appears to agree. she told the daily beast most people do that sort of thing, they specifically and he probably knew we don't endorse candidates. justice democrats, the progressive group that help elect alexandria ocasio cortez slammed biden saying he is entering charlottesville in the fight against white nationalism in a 2020 campaign but where was
2:50 am
joe biden when white nationalists and their sympathizers were beating up on congresswoman omar? a black lies matter activists named lisa wolf agrees saying charlottesville is not a proper. with all that said it is clear that joe biden's campaign off to a rocky start. todd: another day the gaffer alexandria ocasio cortez. >> is facing backlash were twitter mishap. yesterday she criticized the republican party for this photo that shows a politician standing next to a cardboard cutout of her. she said gop, let's pose older male members next to cardboard cutouts of young female legislators. only problem is the man in the photo was the democratic lawmaker, congressman john yarmouth. social media reaction on this one. when twitter user says this is hardly the first time she showed lack of knowledge about the government she has become part
2:51 am
of. renée chiming in saying we all make mistakes but really? ocasio cortez has deleted that we. jillian: when we think of todd pyro we think of a fashion trendsetter. can you be ahead of the next friends? will you be ahead of it? todd: know. >> summer is just around the corner but the only ones wearing short shorts. fashion houses high in brands have come up with short shorts for men. if you ever wanted to see jeff goldblum's eyes here is your day because you just saw them. what is social media saying? don't do it please. another chiming in saying men in short shorts have my heart. do you want to see todd rocking short shorts? jillian: shorts on men have gotten shorter over the years but this is another level.
2:52 am
>> it reminds me of what people used to wear in the nba in the 70s, like a throwback. todd: after seeing jeff goldblum -- famous jurassic park reference. >> i'm not on board with short shorts for men. todd: the reason i don't wear short shorts is i like to eat and today is national pretzel day. q the city. >> up every morning at a bed that is too small and i go to work to a job for which i get paid too little but on pretzel day, i like pretzel day. todd: we all feel that way. jillian: we are celebrating life.
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♪ come and get your love ♪ [laughter] jillian: a live look at new york city. and todd piro singing for you right now. todd: thanks for another great friday, weather. jillian: dreary out there.
2:57 am
todd: today is national pretzel day. jillian: president of auntie ann's. >> thanks for having me. jillian: it's national pretzel day. yes. it is. what's the most popular flavor. >> the original flavor. the most popular flavor is cinnamon sugar and we have original. todd: let's get right to it because people in america want to see me fail rolling a pretzel. jillian: that's a lot of dough. >> >> 120 grams. we don't have a scale. we will do our best. stretch it out just like. so it's pretty simple. hold this hand still. lasso it around. you bring it down. there did you go. todd: that's one that was made. todd: i will slice my own
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dough. todd: this is going to be a large slice because that's how we do it in jersey. jillian: you are already failing. >> most of our folks can learn in a day or so. fastest pretzel roller can roll start to finish in 3.5 seconds. >> i feel like off job tomorrow morning. want a second job tomorrow morning? todd: i can i have a serious question to ask you. is auntie aune still alive? >> yes in austin living her best life i saw her a few weeks ago. jillian: ladies. >> what's happening?
2:59 am
>> i'm holding steady. we did it. >> that's awesome. >> carley: these are the best pretzels. >> thank you. we think so too. >> airport, malls, food trucks. train stations. jillian: perfect. it's perfect. >> i'm excited. i want to watch one more time. swing it around. there you go. she didn't it very well. >> she did do it. perfect. nice job. excellent. >> i would totally hire you.
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todd: you have a buy one get one free today. >> all weekend. todd: we have a big "fox & friends" coming up right now. jillian: have a good day. ♪ it's your friday ♪ jump right in steve: well, it looks like they were jumping right in there on "fox & friends first." it looks like somebody was using pretzel dough as a jump rope. national pretzel day, everybody. brian: todd filling in to be roar wonderful in the kitchen. steve: we have family news to alert you to. jed has officially been named the co-host of "fox & friends weekend." [cheers] jedediah: i apologize in


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