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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 4, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the good samaritan smashed the windshield of the rex car trying to get her out. hamilton told the others to get back just seconds later the car blue up. the driver had minor injuries. they are all heroes. have a great weekend, see you back here on monday night. the
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president negotiated new trade deals. europe's economy, their growth a whopping low in the last 6 months. our first quarter growth, 3.2%
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during a government shutdown. the envy of the world. now in the trump economy, everybody wins. american greatness is returning. with the 2020 election around the corner, what is the democratic message? fear, division, the world ending in 10 years. no more oil, gas, planes or combustion engines. will biden defend the 8 years of him and obama? what was the single biggest abecause of power scandal in this country's history? the most sensitive and powerful intelligence tools were turned against its own citizens by a few and not the majority. the trump transition team, it's beyond all doubt.
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they were spied on by the obama administration over and over again. lives were ruined. a partisan special counsel witch hunt divided this country for almost 2 years. in the end they lost. no collusion. the hoax, whether they admit it or not, the attorney general confirmed they are over. stage-2, the second act begins officially. everything we have been talking about for 2 years, the attorney general will begin investigating. >> there has been no president in history that has given what i have given in a total witch hunt. i call at this time russian hoax. no collusion, no obstruction. it was a hoax. we gave 1.4 million documents
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and hundreds of people. i let him interview the lawyer, the white house lawyer for 30 hours! i let him interview other people. i didn't have to let them interview anybody. i didn't have have to give nedocuments. -- any documents. it turned out i did nothing wrong. >> sean: not once did this administration invoke executive privilege. the search for justice is beginning. operation cross fire hurricane. it's the beginning of operation boomerang. these bad actors were accusing the president of misdeeds, they were the ones committing a litany of real times. -- of real crimes. president trump calls it a sc d
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scandal bigger than watergate. we are talking about a few, select power-hungry, those who view themselves as super-patriots who think we don't know better. those that rigged an investigation into hillary and tried to rig an election and set up the trump campaign with an insurance policy and tried to take down the elected president of the united states. the basic and fundamental truth. it's so simple even these lazy overpaid members of the media. so-called journalist, the 99% that got it wrong and lied to everybody. the trump campaign was spied on that. the "new york times" even admitting this program has been covering for years. with the report that details how
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comey's fbi, it's deeper than we thought. they sent an under-cover investigator posing as a research assistant meeting with the trump aide george papadopoulos. the under-cover agent set up the meeting in london with herself, a 30-year-old blond making it known she's available with papadopoulos and this was supposed to involve foreign policy strategies but took a weird, unusual turn. it was all about russia, russia, russia and trump, trump, trump and whether the trump campaign was working with vladimir putin. it's more bizarre. the under-cover agent was trying to seduce the trump campaign
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advisor pomades. -- papadopoulos. he is here tonight to tell us this story. the fbi was spying on page's phone calls and emails after he was wiretapped pursuant to a fisaa warrant signed by james comey bought and paid for by hillary clinton russian dossier. put together with russian lies and google searches. christopher steele they document according to the "new york times" could have been disinformation from russia. now the subject of an investigation being conducted by the attorney general. he said this week, he is not changing his mind on mueller. it's over. it's done and finished. anything from here on in is noise. what he says now is what the second act is going to be all
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about. what we have been telling you. take a look. >> how do we know that the steele dossier is not itself evidence of russian disinformation campaign? knowing what we know now, the allegations made were second-hand hearsay or unverified? can you stay the steele dossier was not part of the russian disinformation campaign? >> no, i can't state that with confidence. -- that's one area i am reviewing. i am concerned about it. i don't think it's entirely speculative. >> sean: this is just the tip of the iceberg. we have barr's investigation into spying and fisa court proud. -- fraud. so many other probes. why did they rig the hillary clinton investigation? in other words, we must get to
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the bottom of what was the biggest abuse of power scandal in history. if we didn't, we can no longer consider ourselves a constitutional republic. the vice-president is of the united states is vowing to do just that. take a look. >> we've got to get to the bottom of how all of this started. the american people have a right to know how this investigation even began. as the attorney general said testifying before congress, there was spying is. we need to understand. >> were you spied on? >> we need to find out and get to the bottom of how this all began. if the law was broken, the people responsible need to be held act believe. >> sean: hell has frozen off. even msnbc might be starting to see the light. only one.
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don't get carried away. agreeing with the vice-president that spying occurred. remember, nothing but conspiracy theories every second, minute, hour of every day for 2 years on this conspiracy tv channel. take a look. >> let me start with a central question in a lot of people's minds as they first read it. how is this not spying? >> well, it depends on your definition of spying. >> sean: this has serious ramifications for the 2020 election. not looking good for creepy uncle joe. he was in the meetings with comey, obama and rice about the dirty dossier? what did he know? and biden's shady dealings with the ukraine. according to the "new york times," he did use his position as the vice-president. he threatened to withhold our money. the taxpayer's money.
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a billion dollars in u.s. loan guarantees if ukraines leaders did not in 6 hours dismiss the country's top prosecutor who we know is investigating corruption accusations at a ukraine energy firm where biden's son served on the board. he has the worst economic record in 8 years of obama. 13 million more americans on food stamps and 8 million more on poverty. compared to the trump economy. all of these records broken. hillary clinton, well, she and her fellow democracy accused president trump of colluding with a foreign government. they were the ones doing the colluding. looking at this damning report from the hills john soloman.
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accusing the dnc to accord to affect the presidential election. a contractor tried to arrange for the ukraine president to comment on paul manafort's russian ties during the 2016 campaign and email evidence. the left has a lot to be worried about tonight. they were using the most sensitive, powerful tools in our federal government as a political weapon. turning it on the american people, to bludgeon the candidate they didn't like in favor of the candidate they thought should win 100 million to 0 and add an insurance policy. we are just smelly wal-mart voters. what do we know? they were colluding with the foreign government to impact the
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election. they divided this country for over 2 years with lie after lie and a full-on hoax. they are the ones weaponizing our political system against itself. now they are the ones lashing out trying to distract from their crimes and according to a great new op-ed from the "wall street journal," barr is attacked because his probe endangers powerful people. the action of hillary clinton, james comey, andrew dole and joe biden and peter strzok and lisa page and even the former president himself obama are now coming into focus. we will get answers. sunlight is the best disinfectant. the penduleum has swung. the mueller issue is done.
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-- act 2 begins. we better get it right or we lose the country we love forever. here now the author of the brand new book the mueller report, the final report of the special, law professor alan dershowitz and author of the number 1 best seller is with us. i spent a lot of time on your columns. why democrats are desperate to destroy barr? because he told the truth? because he made the right decision and will investigate potential crimes? >> it's not because of the mueller report. barr did what they wanted. handed over a redacted report
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quickly and critical of the president. what you are seeing are people expressing their fear. there are a lot of powerful people that will be affected by this. current and former intelligence officials. senior most level people in the democratic party and in the media. the folks who leaked classified information and could go to jail. they have for a couple of years made sure there was no oversight at the department of justice. no outsider looking at this. barr came in and said he won't back down from his saying he will get some answers out. that's provoking the reaction. the goal is to demean him and hurt his integrity to undermine what he puts out. >> sean: he said this is over. professor, your analysis on the obstruction side and barr's decision is accurate. we have 4 separate investigations and 4
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declarations and no collusion. i know you hate that i ask this. when i bring up, well, professor, you are a great attorney. if i deleted 33,000 emails with top secret classified information on a server where it did not belong and then i had somebody acid wash the hard drive and bust up devices with harmers and rim out the sim-cards. i know you don't like it and don't like the politics surrounding this. you could not get me off and that's the problem here. it starts there. then we have a widespread fraud against the fisa court with a dirty dossier. >> i agree. look, barr is right. barr said in front of the senate that we have to stop weaponizing the criminal justice system. from day 1, i said what we needed was a neutral, bipartisan
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commission looking to every aspect of the 2016 election to find out what happened. how did it start? who was involved? no pulled punches or bipartisan. they should have been the report like the 9-11 report. that would have credibility. you don't have credibility when you have republican truths and democratic truth. >> sean: there is only one truth. >> i understand that. that's why a neutral, objective, non-partisan commission could have come to that truth. >> sean: that time has come and gone. the reality is what barr said about the potential rigged investigation into hillary clinton. that's real. we have a lot of evidence. >> we should look into it. no doubt about it. >> sean: and the same with fisa. >> absolutely.
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>> sean: and the experience policy and bludgeoning a president. where did this all start? >> barr knows spying went on. was it legal or illegal? were rogue operators at the cia and fbi involved in setting up something line george papadopoulos which is what papadopoulos says. he is inviteed to london and sits down with an under-confer informant for the fbi. he sticks out his phone like he is recording the conversation. george, you and russia are hacking the campaign. it appears like papadopoulos was a patsy set up as a pre-text to
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investigation and spy on the trump campaign to collect evidence of a non-existence conspiracy to damage trump. >> sean: kimberly, i look at all three of you. you all have taken the stance of the 1%. the 99% of analysis went the other way. when you so this boomerang. the country was told one thing but in reality the other people were involved. how do we get everybody to see this is really bad? this is a clear and present danger on a lot of different levels to this great republic we have? >> well, sean, this goes to one of the follies of the special counsel. we warned of this when mueller was put into place. it creates a black hole. we had 2 years where the press was allowed to run wild hand in
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hand with the leakers who were giving them information. that narrative got established. the important thing is to get the actual documents out so people with read things for themselves. >> sean: professor? >> if they do this to the president of the united states, they can do it to every one of us. everyone ought to be outraged. the fisa court looked into weath weather -- whether it was an abecause of their conduct. >> sean: when we come back tonight. house intel committee member devin nunes sent letters to the cia and fbi demanding answers
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about joseph misfud and george papadopoulos was set up in a major way. like out of a bond movie with a flirtatious spy.
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>> sean: breaking news earlier this evening. the house intel committee ranking member devin nunes sent a letter to the nsa, the cia and fbi demanding answers about joseph misfud. remember, this is the "professor" who told george papadopoulos that the russian he had dirt on hillary clinton. remember the story? george papadopoulos will be
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joining us. joining us to explain is congressman devin nunes. thank you. the breaking news. i have the full copy of your letter right here. rather than me explaining it, it would be best if you do. >> it's great that you remember the story. after the mueller report, which i called the mueller dossier dame out. -- came out. i said we would comb through. it they used a guardian news report to claim that the campus was a place where misfud worked. what they failed to say is that misfud was actually related to italian intelligence services. if you are mueller you have to put the entire piece before the
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american people. we not do that. we are calling him out. this is not how investigations are supposed to be be run. when you look into misfud closer you realize he is connected with all kinds of intelligence agency including our own fbi. in that letter, sean, you will see there are pictures with fbi agents at the campus where misfud teaches at. we will sum it up. we want to know every document these agencies have relateed to misfud. if he is a russian agent, it would be one of the biggest intelligence scandals for not only the united states but also our allies like the italian and blitz and others. if he is a russian agent, he
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know about our intelligence throughout the globe. we want those documents and giving them a week. -->> sean: the issue about russia. mueller implies he was a russian agent. it may be much deeper. do you believe in an effort to illegally spy or get intelligence on the american people that it's possible that some at the top of of off intelligence chain under obama and biden, they may have outsourced things that were illegal to do to americans so they could have our allies do the spying for them? let me give you an example. great britain or australia or italy? am i over the target here? >> i think you are.
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one of the things we point out in the letter, we are very specific. the fbi or the mueller group claims that papadopoulos misled them and they were not allowed to get to misfud in time to interview him. this is the claims they make against papadopoulos when they sentenced him to prison. what we found is, wait a second, if this really happened, and if you back track, they are making the claim that misfud is the guy who said he had emails or knew the information about the emails being in the hand of the russian government. if that is in fact true, they could not talk to misfud until january or february of 2017. well, how did they know to ask papadopoulos all through 2016 whether or not he had seen the russian emails or knows about them? the only way that's possible is
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that had to come from misfud some way, somehow. it's more likely that i will be the starting center on an nba team rather than when misfud is a secret russian agent. who misfud is working for. i don't know. we have to be slow and patient. what was the relationship within misfud and our fbi and our state department. >> sean: and our intelligence community. i wish i had thought of this myself. the mueller dossier which is interesting. you talk about omissions in the special counsel's report. you also talk about -- explain how papadopoulos met misfud. the story and the tale we know
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is true, even the "new york times" trying to get ahead of it because they know it's coming out. i don't know long you you knew but didn't tell me. they were using a young, flirty woman in this equation to set papadopoulos up along with this professor. anything i am saying is wrong and how deep can it go? >> i said a year ago and i was mocked. i said i am not interested in the trump campaign was spied on. that's fact. i want to know how spies or informants were run into the trump campaign. look. the "new york times" story right now says two. that's up from one. my guess it's a lot more other than that. if you listen to what the attorney general barr said
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yesterday, as sophisticated as this operation was to have a fisa warrant on someone there had to be more involvement with the level of people. i hold to what i said a year ago. i want to know how spies were run into the trump campaign. i don't know but we will get the answer and get it out to the american people. >> sean: i count 3 instances with fisa. don't stop what you are doing. this is too important to the foundational principles of the country. when we get back. right out of a bond movie. set up. pretty young girl and spying. george papadopoulos on america getting to the truth and spying on the trump campaign. straig
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>> sean: as we told you the "new york times" got around to reporting on real spying on the trump campaign. the fbi sent a female government investigator to meet with the trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos to get dirt on trump's connections to russia. dirt we know never existed. joining us with more to tell their story. george papadopoulos. author of the book "deep state target." also we are joined by his wife. two things i will do here. one, i want your reaction to what devin nunes just revealed about the professor.
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i will read a small passage from your book about the blond bombshell. she wrote to you, let's meet for drinks. you weren't sure if it was a suggestive message. they picked the location. she gave the name asra-tucker. a vision out of central casting. a sexy bottled blonde in her 30s and not shy about showing her curves as anyone could miss them. a fantasy's fantasy. you said she was being beyond suggestive and flirtatious. >> yes. sean, thanks for having both of us. we appreciate it. the first thing about joseph misfud, joseph misfud is the
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professor that i met in rome and then in london whom bob mueller classified as some russian cut out. i was introduced to joseph misfud by a woman who was a director for a company i worked for in london. she was corrected to the fbi and other intelligence agency. when is i am leaving and joining trump campaign they were fewerous. -- furious. they said go to rome because we have someone to meet to help you. that's where i met joseph misfud. who passed me off to joseph misfud in none other the former italian minister.
1:41 am
in the italian press said that joseph misfud was forced to introduce papadopoulos to imaginary russians and being protected by intelligence services after he was outed living to the u.s. embassy. she has more. >> the spotlight was on me because they thought there was a conspiracy with joseph misfud. i made it clear he had a connection to western intelligence. i met misfud many years ago in the u.s. parliament with the
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russian diplomats. i decided to move to london and join the london center on campus. i am a person with direct knowledge and made the inform clear to the senate. but none of that transcript became public. portrayed as a russian agent? why not an italian agent? i think it was all a fabrication and misrepresention. the parliament talked about his involvement in russia-gate.
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>> sean: i don't want to interrupt. you know what this sounds like to me? you could not even write this store y in the novel. the blonde bombshell and you were not dating at that time. >> the only blonde bombshell i fell for is the one to my right. it's a serious problem. when i was flown out to london they were probing me for my own professional background and kicks to the israeli. and they wanted to know about what trump was up to with the russian which was nonsense.
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>> sean: this is important. she was being so suggestive with you to get that information. you were set up in a major way. then it sounds like i would think a perjury trap in the end that put you in jail for two weeks. >> that's what happened. this was a set up. keystone cops. the u.k. was involved. the operation was in lond know. -- london. i met the same day they were spying on me. there was something insidious going on with our ally the u.k. i am sure president trump will get to the bottom it when he meets with the queen in june. >> sean: when we come back, an
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>> ♪ >> sean: all right. the establishment media has been in a tail spin since the bottom fell out of their russians conspiracy three. -- theory. the meltdown of the week goes to john from nbc who said this after brian williams asked a smart question. and to react to a clip of me. take a look. >> everything we have reported full criminal investigationing
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are just beginning. imagine that a talk show host is right and so many in the fake news industry is wrong. >> john, have we gotten wrong? >> first you bring in here and you bring me a big fat steamy plate. >> on the house. happy to do it. >> there is a phrase. people talk about a pig in -- that's sean. happy as a pig. have we got it wrong. >> sean: i will leave brian williams alone for jaw. -- now. john, look in the mirror maybe you should be thanking me for informing the public with the truth as you were pushing lie after lie and conspiracy theory
1:51 am
after conspiracy theory. you should not be surprised. you can't handle the truth. because you were one of the main perpetrators of this hoax and russian collusion therapy. he's done it for months. the trip down memory lane. >> there is no one in the country who is not impaired or a moron that doesn't see donald trump is in the bag. >> he said i never worked for russia. bill clinton and richard nixon said i never had sexual relations with that mom and -- woman and nixon i am not a crook. >> sean: pam bondi, it's hard to admit you are wrong on
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something, isn't it? >> you put the nation through 2 years of turmoil. if they don't understand the damage they have done to americans working together, they put us in parted campus. the last 2 years have broken all of the records. because of people like this. look, sean, i think all of this is a continuation of the people who never accepted the trump election. they tried to overturn it in the electoral college and never stopped. all of is this in the same vein. they never accepted 2016. it doesn't matter what the facts are and they want him out of office. they are making up things to get him out of the office. >> sean: i used a similar analogy. the shock of the 2016 win. especially election day, in the
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exit poll showed donald trump did not win a single state. ari can relate to this because in 2004 the exit polls showed john kerry would be president. it was wrong. the shock of mueller is on parwith the shock of 2016 as they raise the expectation their audience so high. how could they admit they were so wrong. what we know will be coming. from the attorney general told us this week. >> that's right. they want to get in the girt. oo they have nowhere else to. -- you are a man of integrity i have known for 20 years. you are my dear friend. you are honest and fight for what you believe in. they have nowhere to go. they start name calling.
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it's ridiculous. they is nowhere to go. because president trump did nothing wrong. robert mueller's report confirmed that and barr confirmed that. nothing wrong which is what you said on this witch hunt for 2 years. if you have not done this, who would have thought for our president? the american people believe in and believe in you. >> sean: i appreciate that. what is missing here, and you dealt with this. how anyone is a press secretary. you need the patience of job. i could not do the job -- could do it for a day. maybe ten days. not intellectual curiosity. they didn't care about what hillary did. if they really cared about russian collusion, they would care about the dossier.
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they only care about sexual assaults when it's kavanaugh and not the lieutenant government of virginia. >> this will be a fascinating test for the media. as horowitz and others reveal about the obama decision to spy on the trump campaign, will the press cover that with make
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>> ♪ >> sean: that's all of the time we have left. we will never be the hate, rage and media mob. things are breaking wide open. have a great weekend. let not your heart be troubled.
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the "the ingraham angle" is up next. we will see you on monday. >> ♪