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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 5, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ can do ♪ ♪. steve: good evening and welcome to the next revolution. i'm steve hilton and this is the home of positive populism. i just want to say one thing at the beginning. i want to say a huge thank you to all of you who got behind our joe china campaign last week on swamp watch. that is really important and we got one that coming up later tonight but i want to say thanks to all of you who got that going. i want to start the show with this. >> sarah sanders asking reporters to turn the page as it relates to the mueller report.
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i have to remind you don't turn the page, turn back. look at the page but what the democrats need to do to keep the focus on the mueller report? steve: that is it. what do they need to do to keep the focus on russia? they don't want to talk about the economy because it is booming and don't want to talk about policies because they are increasingly loony. they just want to talk about russia and divide america in the process. remember that as you hear them and leslie pontificating about that to our democracy. it is all just a political tactic to keep the focus on russia. tonight i want to prove that to you forensically, in detail, with facts and their own words and watch closely. steve: let's look at the argument the establishment uses as a justification for all this with the national security requirements to stand up to russia in its behavior. here's an old friend talking about just that last week.
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>> you are in the kremlin and you are vladimir putin who i have sat across and understand his goal is to begin america. i know that. he does not like me because i've stood up for america. steve: are you thinking what i'm thinking? play the tape . >> i wanted to present you with a little gift which represents what president obama and vice president biden and i have been saying and that is we want to reset our relationship. steve: actually we found a better one and this is something she said on russian tv. perhaps she hoped we would not find it but we did quote -- we want very much to have a strong russia because of strong competent, prosperous and stable russia is in the interest of the world. stick it to putin, hillary. of course, it was not just her but here is president obama and why he was on russia and ukraine. fact --
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the establishment frothing at the mouth over him not raising meddling with putin on their call this friday. hang on a second. did not the meddling happen under obama who was told about it at the time? what did he say to vladimir putin? he told him to cut it out. i bet putin was quaking in his boots after that. especially after obama told the whole world that dictators could get away with anything on his watch after he let syria thought his redline and chemical weapons. by contrast, it is trump who put tough sanctions on russia that expelled diplomats who on the ukrainians and above all, totally changed america's energy policy and way russia hates. who was it who launched an actual cyber attack on russia with actual meddling?
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not obama but donald trump. i think that is tougher than cut it out, vladimir. let's get real. this is about substance for national security or even election meddling but it is your politics and member that tomorrow. we are hours away from the deadline during other has set for the release of congress of the unredacted literary report. >> attorney general we have to got a letter late last night refusing to adhere to the subpoena and this is indefensible and part of the attack on american democracy by this administration. steve: he wants the unredacted report must have the unredacted report that democracy depends on it. but he already has got it. adler, you total charlatan there's a report available to you without three of the four reductions in the public version
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that you did not even bother to go look at it. last week you had to walk down the street and the department of justice headquarters. it takes 20 minutes according to google maps. this week it moved right to capitol hill and it is literally in your building. mueller report without three of the four types of reactions removing is literally on the law. you are the one going on but any democracy in this bus is all because the mueller report did not give the establishment what they wanted and now they are taking the russian nonsense going by saying the whole thing is a cover-up by an attorney general who is somewhat unhinged nancy pelosi called a liar back he lied to congress and rebels to that it would be considered a crime. nobody is above the law, not the president of the united states and not the attorney general. steve: this is the moment he supposedly light. >> reports have emerged recent recently, general, the members of the special counsel's team
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are frustrated at some level with limited information included in your march 24 letter that it does not adequately or accurately necessarily portrayed the report's findings and you know what they are referencing with that? back no i do not. >> when you cut it right there it does sound like he lied but when he said that the attorney general had robert mueller's letter asking for his summary to be put out. but that was not the full answer. here is the rest. >> i suspect that they probably wanted more put out but in my view, i was not interested in putting out summaries or trying to summarize. steve: he literally described the substance of mueller's complaints. it was not barr who lied but nancy. as usual, they are projecting and accusing others of the very
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thing they do all the time. just look at this. >> do you know if the bureau of relied on the steel dossier as any court filings? applications, petitions, pleadings -- >> i have no -- >> to the cia rely on this? >> no. >> why not? because it was not part of the office of intelligence information that we had and it was not in any way used as a basis for the intelligence community assessment that was done. steve: why is not nancy calling for brennan to be prosecuted for lying to congress? because they are all on the same team. the establishment he tried to keep the focus on russia. another tactic is pretending this was never about collusion and the most laughable example came during the coverage of last week's bar hearing when nbc's brian williams cut in with this important announcement. >> a phrase or lack of it is absence from federal code, this
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no collusion mantra, is so conditional to why we are here today that we decided to flag it when we heard him use it yet again. steve: brave collusion, not a thing, not at all and thought about collusion -- brian? >> collusion, collusion, collusion, collusion. >> for the record the president has said collusion 94 times on twitter. steve: nearly as much as you but the most strange claim from the establishment is that william barr is running a cover-up. >> this is robert mueller saying hey, attorney general bar, stop lying about my report. it gives us a ton of new information about how hard mueller has been fighting to try to get his report out and how many times and how many ways barr has been blocking that from happening. far covered up mueller's findings in this is representing the findings and refusing to release the findings exposing
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mueller's personal fight against the trump administration to try to undo the cover-up of his investigation and find it. steve: okay. publishing something is now covering it up. i think we need to demand msnbc stop covering up rachel maddox monologues. america needs to hear what she has to say. every weeknight at 9:00 p.m. democracy depends on it. there is rachel trying to get her opinion out on how many times and in many ways that [inaudible] has been blocking that and covered up rachel maddow's monologue. maybe he's working for sean hannity or the russians? steve: even on its own crazy logic the cover-up theory makes no sense according to the ranged establishment and the government
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was revealed by the complaint letter and a bit they point to is this. summary letter the department sent to congress and released in the public late in the afternoon march 24 not fully capture the contact, nature and substance of this office's work and conclusions. let's talk about the substance. the aim of mueller was to investigate russian interference and any coordination by the trump campaign plus obstruction. that is exactly what barr addressed in his original letter. no indictment on any of it. that is the substance and it just that the establishment does not like it in mueller's letter complained about public confusion and misunderstanding and you can see why the public would confuse for years they been told trump was a russian agent but mueller said he wasn't. after the attorney general announced that fact mueller wanted to put more out there. that when i have changed the substance but would have changed the spin. now, why the hell does mueller care about any of that? from public understanding, media coverage, spend, the
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establishment loves discovering attorney general bar is' lawyer but by his own letter, robert mueller told us how he sees himself. he is the establishment spin doctor. many in the media say how can you question mueller he's a republican but this is the whole point. the big right here is not between republicans and democrats but between the astonishment and populism between insiders and outsiders. mueller is the ultimate insider. as we told you in a swamp watch a few months ago. robert mueller sloppiness goes beyond awarding billion-dollar contracts to his best friend's employer. after leaving his post as fbi director what did this modern day saint and this paragon of ethics and integrity do? he cashed in. mueller went back to work with his old law and lobbying firm now called wilmer hale in surprise, surprise it was elected to government work. one of them was a like luck
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[inaudible] bloomberg has called him the world's most profitable by agency. steve: this whole russia mania is about the establishments fighting back and has no better example than that then nicole wallace. >> attorney general who turns out to be donald trump with a brain what you make of the complete departure from reality between the republicans have gone to a land only familiar to diehard viewers of fox news primetime? yes, trump should get the blame but it would seem that when the people around him become polluted by his lack of any sort of character that there is reason to worry about those people. william barr is saying -- like watching the princess bride. up is down, down is up and the floor is the feeling and feeling as a floor so what was that today?
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>> good question. nicole wallace and the rest of her establishment should ask it of themselves. they lie about the attorney general being a liar and accuse trump have been putin's puppet when they are the ones helping putin divide america. they condemn talk of deep states buying as a smear even though there's plenty of evidence for it all they spent the last two years smearing the president as a russian agent with no evidence at all. they are the ones, these establishment sycophants who scream about trump undermining democracy in the room of off when it's all them. it is you, chuck wallace and you during other and you, adam schiff. and you refusing to accept an election and using every trick in the book to overturn its results. that is what this is about. all of it. and arrogant, entitled ruling class they cannot believe that peasants have taken power away
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from them. well, long may that revolution continue. all right, tell me what you think of that at social media. here with me tonight to discuss former utah congressman and fox news contributor, jason tibbetts. i just spent time in utah and how amazing is utah. >> yes, will have to devote a whole segment. steve: so lovely. senior advisor katrina and former bernie sanders national staffer -- jason, what about this russian menace what you think. >> no caps cannot believe they lost to donald trump and that he is the president of the united states. they been feeling these lives for long time and have nothing to show for. they are being exposed and i think -- this is my own personal theory, but the reason why there tacking a bar so aggressively is they know that bar is looking under the hood at the genesis of it to michael horwitz, inspector general working for more than a
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year to figure out where this dossier and other things came about in bar called it spying exactly what it was and i think they believe they need to discredit bart because he's about to blow the lid off the whole thing in the game they were playing and using the assets of the obama ministration to essentially spy on donald. steve: they will not stop though will they? >> they can't, what will they do? of it that they been part of this huge russian hoax? the inmates are no longer in charge of the asylum. i think attorney general bar's testimony has done a couple of things. he has been able to drive home the fact that the democrats lost the election and try to rig and highlighted the fact that they lost an investigation that they did rake. it's quite clear the most people, most reasonable people, now understand our sitting president has been under attack since even before he took office
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and we know that out because even after the testimony and cnn's posole she's not present other viewers want to see investigation into the investigation. steve: the this has any effect on the president's approval rating which has been pretty steady all the way through an approval rating of the economy is going up and up as the economy goes up and up. >> i was amazed because even he told mueller looking like you're stuck in the president at this point. people on the left are pretty sick of it. talked about mueller all the time like it would be this big exposure and that did not happen in our going forward and i'd like to see bar do investigation of the investigation. is that on the show before i think it will turn around and bite us in the butt because once you start exposing everything that we see democrats who also were not doing everything above bar as well, no pun intended. steve: that's your point about them being frightened. >> but william barr said stop using the department of justice
9:17 pm
as a political football and we have to get to the point where it's only a jury of your peers can make you guilty. this idea that there's no exoneration and let me tell you the things we found wrong but they're not against the law -- that's very unfair but i thought they were unfair and part two hillary clinton, by the way, but certainly been up there now to the democrats in their quest of this power grab our going way above and beyond. steve: hold lots of thoughts because we'll keep going with this. so much more to unpack. do stay with us as we look at what they will do on the investigation, impeachment and menace goes on but we've got it covered. don't go away. i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. mine... ...caused liver damage. epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. i had the common type. mine was rare. epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. i just found out about my hepatitis c.
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9:22 pm
>> sure that there trying to find a way to put points on the board. no collusion, no instruction and my understanding is now they are saying the attorney general lied about in noncriminal investigation that turned out to be a life by the democrats. i find it hard to believe that any are serious about this and i thank you are right early but it's all more manufactured chaos so that no one has to talk about all the successes the ministration has been putting forth and just half of a term when you're looking at eight years under democrat leadership and how president trump comes in and suddenly we have stock market record-breaking numbers, multiple -- i think were even at historic numbers as president trump took office a dimension gdp growth and jobs created, which increases we can go on and on to find all these successes the president trump has been able to accomplish and they don't want to talk about that because it's about 2020.
9:23 pm
steve: just on that point i want to make a point to everyone watching because you have this incredible performance of the economy and friends or coworkers to make on the other side and say but it started under obama and look at the line in a straight line up until 2009 want to tell you how to respond to that. when you have economic growth it goes in cycles. you expect the fastest growth to be at the beginning so you would expect by this point in an economic cycle for it to be tailing off our going into recession but exactly the opposite is happening but it's going further up the amazing thing about this economic performance is that is happening at the stage of an economic cycle that is the direct result of the trump ministrations progrowth, pro- enterprise policy. that's what you say to your dating people who say it's all thanks to president obama. i really wanted to get that out. >> that is absolutely right. when donald trump came in and
9:24 pm
got less regulation and started to pass tax cuts this all had a consequence and that is money and capital have more confidence to make the investment necessary to expand their businesses and make america the greatest economic showcase on the face of the planet. again, this is why i think the democrats are so desperate to change the subject and eight buckets of chicken on the stage. it's a clown show over there but they are doing that to get attention and they look at me, don't look at the economy but look at me, to look at the fact that on top is in the clear. steve: that is right. do you think the presidential candidates think of it any differently how is the genomic working for president versus nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi already said there will be no impeachment. she's made it clear when she initially came out that they were not be impeding because it does not make sense unless they want to lose. at the end of the day to keep pushing this narrative over and over will be distraction for democrats but you have the
9:25 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez and freshman saying we must impeach and chew gum and walk at the same time but there will be a disaster one wants to win and the other wants to create hysteria but not writing about it. >> pelosi is losing control which is group of people radical dems in more than 60 people sign on to the idea that there will impeach the president before the report came out and then you have all the presidential candidates jumping to figure out who can lurch further to the left than the other person and they are so out of ink with the american people. steve: more on that later on the show. coming up, # joe china. we got a huge reaction to last week watch on joe biden ties to china. tonight, what can we do about it? a member of congress who joined us next. ♪
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♪ ♪. steve: last week liquid and had a bit of fun on rachel maddow's show, the russians help republicans, she said that she issued a sarcastic call for
9:30 pm
china to help the democrats. no need, hillary big china is already helping democrats as we told you last week swamp watch. the chinese regime has poured billions of dollars into democratic front runner show biden family covers to shady business deals of his son, hunter. and we know what china is getting in return. listen to joe biden from earlier this week. >> china is going to eat our lunch could come on, man. they are not bad folks, folks. but guess what? they are not competition for us. steve: here is what the president had to say about that. >> to somebody to be so naïve and say that china is not a problem that if biden actually said that that's a very dumb statement. steve: not just dumb, mr. president, but corrupted joe biden has become the mice by americans number one enemy and they pay the amount to billions of dollars in bribes to biden family businesses in exchange,
9:31 pm
joe biden does soft on china. this is a massive scandal and with your help we will keep up the pressure. please continue to spread the word by following us at next rev and see and share will be poster using the # joe china. here tonight here discuss alabama congressman and u.s. senate candidate for alabama badly burned. congressman, so great for you to join us. i appreciate this. let's get started with one basic question that help most people would agree which at the very least joe biden china ties be investigated? >> absolutely. when someone makes a comment like that who spent decades in the united states senate, eight years as the vice president of the united states we have these stories out about the ties with his son, someone needs to ask the question what's going on here?
9:32 pm
they took something that was like one tenth of this, maybe not even that much and spent two years of us getting the president of the united states and found nothing to it can't we take this much and do something with it and have a real investigation? i think we should and hope we do. steve: just talk us to the mechanics of that. how could that happen. you are on the house hoping to be in the senate and what kind of prospect you think there could be forgetting something going. everyone watching a home so fired up about what we revealed last week they want to get involved and try to see justice done at least ability so what can they do and put pressure on congress to do? >> everyone should call their congressman or senator and say we now have the facts and this unbelievable statement by the former vice president of the united states wants to be president spent all this time and money on the previous investigation of the president and here's a real problem right here. we want to see an investigation.
9:33 pm
i hope the fbi, justice department will look into it as well because there is very important national security temptations here. steve: when you bring up the fbi could there be a criminal component? >> there might be here but i'm not a nurse busy don't know the full fact but that is what you have the mitigation and get the full backs on the fact that we know of are very troubling. for the vice president son to travel on that united states jet with two china and shortly after this business deal points out, come on, people, people have a reason to ask questions what happened there. this is the swamp and why people hate things in washington because there is one set of rules for the lead in washington and another set of rules for all the rest of us. look, my home state senator jones has already endorsed joe biden and i have questions for
9:34 pm
him. do you really believe china is not that to the united states? to think everything about these ties between the vice president son in china are okay? that you think we ought to ask important questions like we spent all his time and money dealing with president trump? like to hear what he had to say about that. steve: that is great here but i thought you would do the -- i thought we would get that probably just as well we did it. before i let you go i have someone here and wants to say hello. someone you might know. >> jason here, honor and pleasure of serving with you in the congress and there's a lot of investigative components. inspector general, congress itself but what specifically do you think should happen in this case? >> two things i want to see happen, jason. good to see you. first and foremost, congress itself needs to investigate the totality of the circumstances.
9:35 pm
you and i both know with the democrat in charge of the house that will not happen in the house. i think the senate could do it and hope the senate will consider that but secondly we do need to have on horsemen investigation now that we have more backs out there to say if there's quid pro quo here because if there is a quid pro quo i think there is likely to be a crime committed here and get to the bottom of it. steve: congressman, thank you for being so clear about it. i appreciate that. we will stay in touch on this. good luck and hope to see you soon. >> all right. steve: president trump was a massive structure plan but guess who's trying to block it? next. hey! alright, let's get going! and you want to make sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our family together. i'm just resting my eyes. (dad vo) even though we're generations apart. what a day. i just love those kids. (avo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent.
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♪lean on me, when you're not strong.♪ ♪and i'll be your friend.♪ ♪i'll help you carry on.♪ ♪lean on me. into. steve: this week president trump agreed with democratic leaders and a massive infrastructure bill. yesterday the president tweeted --
9:40 pm
he is right that it is not easy especially when the plan is being sabotaged by his own chief of staff. in a recent interview for many poses the first chief of staff will they trump the trump here he is trying to control the president and stop him delivering his promises. president trump is right about this. a massive intersection plan would not only boost jobs today but boost jobs and incomes for the long term by raising the activity. let's hope on infrastructure president trump is able to bulldoze roadblock mulvaney out of the way and it sounds like jason will be there on the roadblock from what you were just saying i love make mulvaney for when he's your chief of staff don't think it's wise to undercut the president what seems like hours after the president made his historic
9:41 pm
announcement. i have deep concerns but i don't think i'm in favor of this introductory plan but it sounds good, let's rebuild roads, bridges and interceptor but in obama and ministration they fed 700 -- five but that did not go to -- >> exactly. that was the way it was sold but it was not what happened. you got to cut spending around here because revenues to the treasury but we keep spending more and that is why we are $20 trillion in debt. steve: katrina, defined the argument that it's a lot of money but pays for itself enabling businesses to grow and get around and boost the econo economy. >> well, right. that is the difference. whether or not it will be 2 trillion or whatever but we have to invest in our infrastructure but it's one of the things the president campaigned on something that will benefit the most underserved individuals in our country whether it be americans in the inner cities or rural areas. what they are talking about
9:42 pm
doing things that historical president, ronald reagan in 1986, i believe, use a similar tactic to what they're wanting to do by taking assets to fill them office but that in half. steve: that is the bill coming up. >> yeah, it's been done. >> i'm all for job creation so anything that brings jobs to the economy particularly in texas with vehicle and for structure we sorely need bad roads but this not only helps the middle-class and those who are under in poverty to transition to jobs and apprenticeships been able to learn how to become in the construction field as well as general contractors and that's where in the african-american community specifically will use the big jobs boost and where you can train into those positions. steve: let's get to the objections because -- just to be clear you're saying it's a waste of money.
9:43 pm
>> show me something that will will cut spending and then say let's take a portion of that. steve: hang on but you did not say that about texas. >> i was totally critical of it. it's great to allow direct people to keep their money but if you don't cut spending then you get to the point where we now spend more than $900 million a day and interest on our national debt and those of us that our fiscal hawks and conservatives can say you want to spend trillions of dollars on roads and bridges but show me something that you will cut spending because right now it doesn't balance. [laughter] steve: coming up, really shocking videos for you but democrats admit the medicare for all plan would cost at least 1 million jobs. wait until you see how they talk about that. loony left is next. ♪
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♪ ♪. steve: democrats medicare for all plan to step forward when house rules committee held a hearing to look at the bill and the price tag of estimated $32 trillion that more than the infrastructure plan but what about the human cost? the progressive democrats cruelty on jobs was this week loony left. ♪.
9:48 pm
steve: here is washington congressman talking about the massive job losses that her medicare for all client plant would bring about. >> there aren't a lot of people who work in the private insurance industry we thought very carefully about how we would take care of those folks because we think they are important. there's about a million people we think will be displaced if medicare for all happens. we have set aside one present, the total cost of the bill for five years to take care of a transition for those employees in the private insurance sector so that they can either -- they are able to retire that might be one but job-training or move to a different system. steve: what? displaced, transition, honestly she sounds just like corporate bureaucrats and that reveals the truth whether it's centralization from big government or big business it
9:49 pm
always ends up in a job at, bureaucratic systems the treat real people as an afterthought. you are agreeing. >> yeah, that's not how it works. i've been in staff and there's not a thing as will get a new trainee and i'll go do something else. first of all, will be put into entry-level positions if they transfer into something different, it's not an easy transition going from one to the other and you look at individuals have may not have the opportunity to stay in healthcare but this is something that is a real challenge and i want health insurance as well. even in texas you can't make more than $200 a month in order to be able to get medicaid and i still might not be able to have affordable healthcare on my own which is $600 for me and my child. the needs to be something .-period-paragraph against all agree on that but what does not need to happen is people don't need to lose their jobs but will only continue to plummet our
9:50 pm
system. one minute they say you keep your private interests and the next they say you will not or will keep your job, now you will not. it's a prospect who is medicare for all plan can we look at and believe? steve: that is why this is so interesting. the bill is very clear in the language of the bill says all health insurance that is not in medicare is banned. she is saying it's 1 million people so it's like will have to let you go. it's unbelievable. >> is it? were also having aoc saying -- you can lose their job and have more time to look at art. this is the kind of lunacy that we are dealing with on the left. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] there is no such thing as medicare for all. they're saying medicaid for all because they're taking an insurance program that everyone is paying into and transforming that into a government entitlement welfare program so it's a farce and policy and no
9:51 pm
such thing as medicare for all. real question is how do you like your cobra plant because that is what happens to medicare is something like this takes place. >> the government cannot run the ba. there is government socialized reticent for you and it is not working. for all these veterans out there that anyone would bother to ask the doctors about this? >> they said the ba is perfect, did you hear that? [laughter] >> one has to go talk to the doctors because doctors won't take the plans and will invest the time to take the risk to be the doctors to do this under this utopia the democrats -- it is crazy town. steve: executive we have to leave it there but the humanity which he revealed under this bureaucratic mindset. treating people as units. if you work in this industry, star, doesn't fit with our plan but don't worry we'll deal with it but honestly, outrageous.
9:52 pm
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. >> another week another democrat announces a 2021 for the president now turning to michael bennett the total number at 21. so now they are courting the superdelegates those men and women across the country who hold to vote if the democratic party convention cannot agree on a nominee. and then to be moaned that delegate system in 2016 according to reports but they are wooing them now so now let's see from a former
9:57 pm
national staffer has to say. >> of course, he is just like before when he folded like a napkin if he wants to when he has to figure out how to invade the system. it's one thing to say i'm against it but then another to realize the establishment coming after bernie sanders but i hope the senator :-colon brings more chicken because the chicken will be coming home to roost. [laughter] we have lots of reports for the next year. >> michael bennett i don't think he is at all interesting but what i am interested in why he or people like him frankly seem to have no chance at all why do they do that quick. >> why not ask everybody else does it. there is little aspect people want to raise their profile and write books. i think it's more but i think
9:58 pm
they are trying to raise their profile in the community to run for higher office or position themselves in 2024. >> 24? . >> with all due respect he is one of the most boring people on the face of the planet. there are thousand people you could line up not one could pick him out of the crowd. i don't know his motivation to be the second person from colorado after the governor to do this but i guess he does. >> maybe he should try to audition for a cabinet secretar secretary. >> but also to go into all of that. >> but it is embarrassing. how many americans can pick 21 of these people that our real candidates? mimic and people like him it feels like they have no
9:59 pm
chance. not even in the top tier. even like beddoe o'rourke or kamala harris or bernie sanders but is there anyone that should be in the bottom that should make it up i disagree with gabbard on a lot of issues having served with her i really, really like her but i am just telling you. >> i like the way he goes about it but he does seem to be floundering and that's a surprise. >> i'm not surprised. >> i don't know. i thought he was a bigger deal than he seems to be right now. >> a lot of people, andrew yang have you heard of him? he's the one. [laughter] . >> sorry that is it. that is all. thank you for joining us.
10:00 pm
please join us next sunday for "the next revolution". mark: i am mark levin "life, liberty & levin" we have sally pipes. how are you quick. >> nice to be on with you. mark: i want you on here as a health care expert, a true expert. the role of government, the private sector, it's time to get to the bottom of this. things thrown out with health care for all universal health care


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