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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 6, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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engineering degrees. good luck from washington. as the camera pulls back and our screen goes to black here in washington, in new york city -- >> sean: i give him a hard time. [laughs] >> tucker: sean hannity, ladies and gentlemen. >> sean: 15 seconds early, 15 seconds later. >> tucker: now they know it's you. >> sean: it's not a surprise. the producer is calling it a stretch. >> tucker: oh, but i'm enjoying it. >> sean: we love you. yes. i love the fact that -- tucker, great show. no surprise. we are glad that you are with us. buckle up. the democratic mob is out of control. grasping at straws. it is officially a psychotic state of denial. this is the absolute truth, and
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reality, that the democrats in washington, the media mob cannot to grips with the reality. the truth of that will set them free. they are now in a psychotic rage, and they keep spending over and over again in their little liberal brains. every single saying, and i will say it, you hear from this day forward about mueller and russia, and collusion and collusion dominic trump is nothing but forever meaningless and just a lot of noise by bitter people. four separate investigations -- no trump russia collusion. none, zero, nothing. nothing they say is going to change that. the fbi's nine-month counter intel investigation, nothing. the investigation, nothing. robert mueller's witch hunt
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found nothing, and they were trying. this is like worse for them that election night 2016. especially when the exit polls showed at 515 that he didn't win a single stage. look at the liberals. fears, panic, mayhem, and downright unhinged nature of everybody. tonight continue the hysteria. and frankly,an i'm going to be blunt here. this is now officially mass mental disturbance never before seen on this kind of level. a full-blown psychotic meltdown. the rigid shop mobs -- they have to blame somebody but themselves for the lies they told and to the conspiracies and with the hopes that they believed him spread. this is where i get so absurd. listen closely to this. "under federal law -- yeah, the
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law, attorney general barr was not required at all -- zero, to release any portion of the mueller report. he didn't have to release one word. but in an effort to be transparent, he did it anyway. he didn't have to. the ag release the report in full only after rejecting that which was legally required, including grand jury informatio information. investigatory sources and methods. prior to the full release, we know barr submitted a public letter outlining the key findings. no collusion, no determination on obstruction. but the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, they all concurred pretty much within an hour that there is non. obstruction. heed offered mueller the chanceo review his letter before he sent it. speak now or forever hold your peace. he later admitted the summary was no way inaccurate or misleading, despite him writing
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a whiny letter about how he was misinterpreted by the media mob. we have something in common. we see that medium up for what they are. he testified but refused to be interrogated in the house, not by the congress men and that are accountable and elected to office, but by regulators, lawyers, and staff. this has never happened in the 206 years of the history of thah committee. in a barr wasn't going to let it happen now. to still willing to testify before actual committee members. i think they're afraid of him. he told the truth. he committed no crimes. he went above and beyond in terms of transparency. now, laughably, because of what i just outline for all of you and described a long list of prominent democrats, they are calling for barr to resign. the cowardly adamg schefter, and of course there's always maxine
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waters. no one else is calling for impeachment. she has. speaker pelosi even claims that barr committed the crime of lying to congress. no he didn't. yes, chicken little himself, he actually is calling for barr to be locked up. they lost it. there unhinged. look. >> do you actually support the idea of putting him -- are you talking about having him set for a hearing or locking him up somehow? >> we would have to have him sit for a hearing and have him locked up unless he agrees to participate. come to the hearing. >> do you actually believe that the attorney -- that your committee is going to order the attorney general of the united states to be arrested by the sergeant of arms and put in jail? >> i don't know what will do,
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but we can't just go to the justice department. it's meaningless. >> sean: they have lost their mind. he wantsre to handcuff the attorney general of the united states. the sergeant of arms, drag him before the committee or to prison. no trial, no charges. nothing. well, welcome to saddam hussein's usa. keep in mind as we are predicting and have been predicting for years, the democraticl mobs deal continues to be the impeachment of the president. they won't let the truth or fact sent any way get into their narrative and conspiracy theories. take a look. to top democrats. what they set over the weekend. they've lost it. look.ou >> are you concerned that impeachment talk may actually help for his reelection? >> i'm concerned that if we don't impeach this president, he willll get reelected. he will say he has been vindicated.
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>> you think that the house judiciary committee should open impeachment proceedings. >> i do think they should begin the process. >> sean: a congressman al green, i've got to give him credit. he's being honest about this. it's all about politics. they want to impeach they said it. why? they can't beat him in 2020, and they know it. it's the only way to get rid of him. they are calling for miller to testify. another desperate way to keep the conspiracy theories going for as long as possible. it doesn't even matter what he would say at this point. it doesn't matter in the least what he says. now maybe you mueller would like to take another parting shot at him. but he still gets invited. if he does, the good d.c. establishment parties, it doesn't matter one iota legally. his report is what his report is. it's done. it's finished. all noise. that's why the president rightly
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says why do we let mueller testify? he works for barr. the endless smearing of an innocentoc man, this now get serious. this has to stop. now if you don't like president trump and you are suffering from psychotic range against him, my advice is to go try to beat him at the ballot box. by the way, good luck with that. crazy uncle joe, good luck. if he does testify, okay. he should definitely be forced to answer significant questions about his two year $30 million political persecution. why did he think it was okay to hire a team with major conflicts of interest? why did he even hire hillary clinton's lawyer? that's pretty ballsy. he was trying to celebrate, but it didn't happen. why did he hire his hero
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republicans? when did mueller know that the trump-russia collusion was a real hoax? did he conceal that fact from the president to set up a perjury track? why didn't he tell us? why didn't he tell the country? by the way, that would be obstruction. by the t way, mueller's mandate was broad enough to investigate taxicabs, tax violations. why would it not have been brought enough to investigate hillary clinton's bought and paid for dirty russian dossier? again, created by a foreign intelligence officers by. we know now full of russian lies. even "the new york times" admitting that hillary's dirty russian dossier could have actually beneficial russian disinformation campaign chaos creation from the very start. well, what about spine? did mueller ever bother to investigate that members were
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spied on? how many instances where they spied on? how many spies were involved? thanks to our two years plus of reporting and a story from "the new york times." thanks for catching up guys. i know you were pushing lies for two years. we know that the trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos, he was spied on by an informant. and it was sent by our own government, who was flirting with him, and using her charms and suggestions of information. well, we're going to have a great relationship. that actually happen. right out of a james bond movie. on friday, "the new york times" reported -- they had this pretty stunning admission. >> was she an fbi agent? >>un i'm just going to leave it right now as a government investigator. i use that wording for a reason. and i'm going to leave it at that.
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>> sean: george papadopoulos said everything in the story was true. that person being an fbi employee. who was that? was the cia spying against one of their own citizens? who ordered it? what did obama-biden know? when did they know it? did they try to abuse their power to bypass american laws? do they outsource illegal spies on we the people? did they outsource that which they knew was illegal to friendly countries to do the jobs they would not be able to do? the attorney general is now definitively investigating the spying, and sooner than later, we are going to have the answers we deserve. evenav sooner, we will have the results. let's notho forget, the investigation into all the leaks. speakings of which, more onerous to text us.
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never ends. the new stream of information. rampantly reeking sensitive information about the russia investigation. just after president trump was elected. strzok writing her, they have begun leaking like mad. worried. they are kicking into overdrive. an email in april, strzok also wrote i'm beginning to think the agency got info a lot earlier than we thought and hasn't shared it with us. might explain all of these incorrect leads. all of these media folks have. it also highlights the agency is the source of some of the leaks. there are concerns that these lakes were coming from either the national security agency or the cia. all under obama's watch. they were led by clapper and brennan. two of the biggest trumpeters in
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america. what did they leak it? when they know it? they are rightfully calling for a new investigation into all of these leaks surrounding their russia probe. that is only a small portion of what we will be getting night after night on this program. we told you, we are notl stopping. we are going to continue to demand the truth now, we do have some really good news to report. the media is trying really hard to ignore the economy in this country is bopping like we have not seen in over 50 to 60 years. 1.3 million more jobs opening in america than we actually have jobless individuals. think about that. financial optimism is at an 18 year high. unemployment is at a 40 this is low.
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pennsylvania, they are so desperate for workers, they are actually having job seminars in prison. when are you getting out, we need to hire you. no kidding. we're seeing record low ununemployment, for those with a high school degree. even though who dropped out in high school. record levels. on friday, in order to explain the trump's great economic boom and recovery that we never got in 8 years from obama-biden. have you msmbc conspiracy theorist, chris hayes took to time warner cable sports channel to issue brand-new, multi part conspiracy here theories, about how businesses, and republicans conspired, they were so out to get obomb a they conspired intentionally, to make economy bad and now, they are working hard to make economy good. maybe it has to do with the tax
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cuts, the deregulation, the better business conditions, the limited government, low taxes philosophy that worked for john f. kennedy, ronald regan and is now working for donad trump. and americans are tuning out these conspiracy theorists. wow, president now has from gallup, heightest numbers of his presidency. gee, how did that happen? a few points up from president obama during his third year in office. we have a lot to get to tonight. joining us now with a lot reaction. sara carte, investigative reporter, and author of best servant "the russian hoax the illicit scheme to clear hilary clinton and frame donald trump. john solomon work this. a big part of this. ukraine now has evidence. they are admitting they tried to conspire to influence the 2016
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election. people that were all about russian collusion, they don't care. it was only trump possible collusion. the ones ncaa say, what about obstruction for donald trump? they don't care about hillary's e-mails, acid wash, bleach pit, devices and sim card. the i believers that wanted to bludgeon trump from kavanaugh in his high school year, none of them, i believe the lieutenant governor, dead silence. rape and serious allegations. they're not principled. this is selective moral outrage, has been and always will be. this is all a political game that came desperately close to impacting, littleerally, taking out of duly elected president. and barnes now, their new villain. this was all by design of robert mueller. he led these obstruction crumbs
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in congress to, undue the presidential election and remove trump. he applied obstruction where none exists f. you read his report studiously, you will see for every negative, there's a countervailing positive. he knew there was no obstruction of justice but he couldn't bring himself to say it so he decided i'll let barr say it. he'll be the vitalian and they'll use my report as a pretext for impeachment and you know, it's kind of pretty vicious towards bill barr. they are accusing him of -- lying f you actually read his testimony under charlie crisp, he didn't lie at all. they're now saying that, you know, he out to be impeached because he won't show up for questioning by investigators. there's no justification for that. this goes to, now, there were some of us doing this whole
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pile, if you will, of investigative work but we were the one tenth of 1 percent, of newsrooms in america got it all wrong. they advance conspiracy theories. lie after lie, anonymous source after anonymous source. it's not like they're going to say, hannity watchity, john son mol and company were right. they're just going to double down on stupid. but the difference now is, barr was clear. mule servant over. the decision is made. it's all noise from here on end, but he did say the fix for hillary, the to rig the investigation, the phasa abuse and literally, the abuse of power and intel community, et cetera. auto now all on the table excuse me category . >> that's right., sean. now, what barr has to do and
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john hubert has to do i'm sure s look at expansiveness of what happened here during this investigation. they're going to want to take a close look at john brennan's rule in this, the cia, how that played into. for example, who was dealing with george -- >> she's a 30-year-old blonde spy that was very flirtatious with pop noplace. >> that's right. and what's essential is that they gather all the communications. e-mails between brennan and claper and others. if those are classified, then they can review them in private in camera. they need to get those text messages of andrew mccabe, that judicial watch has been waiting for, those are going to reveal an enormous amount of information. i can tell you this because i've spoke tone sources who are familiar with them. they need to get a hold of all of these texts, e-mails, and find out how expansive this investigation was because i'm going to tell you this right
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now. it didn't just resolve around trump and those in his campaign. i believe request they take a good, hard look at this, they're going to find out the a bruce of power, extended years before, and that they were utilizing, and weaponnize think the intelligence community to, investigate people they considered enemies. if that's the case, this is the biggest scandal in the united states intelligence community that has ever existed and that is something that needs to be rectified and we need clarity on. >> let me go back to you. so they want to impeach the president, now they want to impeach bar and now they want robert mueller to testify. i raise a whole bunch of questions for him to w. jim, homie, you have the right to remain silent. i suggest you use t. i think he's in more legal jeopardy have the. >> absolutely. >> if robert mueller testifies, and these questions that i'm
10:21 pm
raising and you're raising are asked, what does that mean for him because i don't think he'll have good answers. >> well, one of the principle questions s when did you first realize the evidence didn't support collusion? wasn't it a year ago? more than a year ago, didn't you tell the attorney's lawyer, you knew there was no evidence. so why did you disable this presidency to some extent, and put the nation throughout trauma of the collusion hoax. >> by a bias team of investigators. >> y. absolutely. y. >> and you know, there is so much in his report that he's going to need to justify. why didn't he look into hilary clinton paying for the dossier. >> auto going to be an avalanche of information. the only way for any of this to be rectified is for the attorney
10:22 pm
general bar to have his say, to be able to investigate this and to move on. from the russia. conspiracy hoax here and he move on. to what really was happening and that was an investigation of the interesting municipality, into the president to unseat a duly elect president of the united states. >> notice, they lie in their own experience here and he they have no idea. the medium democrats going to be hit so hard with this avalanche, the newsrooms will be shaking in their foundation, they are i they won't be able to handle t. hilary clinton suggesting, the 2016 election was stolen from her. more conspiracy theories. larry elder later. wow. wait until you hear what they project about the 2020 bid. we'll be back.
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>> ♪ >> sean: hillary has been hillary has been busy, giving advice for 2020, but from the sound t she's still making excuses for her loss to president trump, which frankly, most democrats, most in the media cannot accept. and mueller is probably worse than that. take a look. >> i think it's also critical to understand that as even telling candidates that come to see me, you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you. >> ah. poor hillary. maybe hillary will also advise
10:28 pm
democrats maybe that campaign in wisconsin. that was a brilliant decision. joining us now is america first action adviser, shaun spicer. i decide which person i'm going to ask the question to. larry, you won tonight but not by much. i'm just saying. your reactions are priceless, but you know, it's now a new conspiracy. but the problem for hillary is attorney was clear. attorney general was clear. regularred the investigation into her. that's problematic for her. >> tell me about t. you know, in 2004 when john kerriy was losin to george w. bush, as they were watching the returns and jon lester and i quote, i can't believe i'm losing to this moron. close quote at the same time think less of donald trump than george bush. they think much him as a racist
10:29 pm
ah, fascist, a dictator. she still doesn't understand why she lost. donald trump and the russians have nothing to do with her fail tower step federal ' in the state of wisconsin. donald trump had nothing to do with her arrogance and the so-called blue wall would be there for her. donald trump and the russians had nothing to do with putting an unsecured server in her basement. and then destroyed e-mails. >> good point. i wouldn't want t. you know, sean, 2004, 2016 have one thing in common. everyone overlooks, and that is the exit polls were wrong. the exit polls showed john kerriy was the next president and donald trump didn't win a state and i remember, i actually called then candidate trump, and i said, you don't poll well. i don't believe this and i told the 2004 story, dick cheney called my radio show that day,
10:30 pm
at 5:35 on election day, 2004 to talk to florida and ohio. my question is this. i think that the media started out to coverage election day, they were so happy. they thought they knew the answer, and then as the night went on, you could see the signature change in shift and hood mood and by the end of the night, it was an out right funeral for a lot these folks. they couldn't believe t. i actually think the reaction to the mueller report is as bad or worse at the same time can't handle that their own collusion conspiracy theory narrative was all a hoax and a lie. am i wrong is this. >> no, you're not wrong at a. a lot of these folk that is come to the race, haven't taken the time to really understand how the game is played. number oncer electorally, but data has changed how elections are won or loss and they look at these public polls that are not that accurate because they are the cheapest once available to the media.
10:31 pm
at it from that perspective. as opposed to the turn out models. who's up and down. hilary clinton, i hope she keeps giving advice to candidates. number two, thee didn't run a great campaign. it's not like this was close. it was 80 electoral votes if states like michigan, pennsylvania, all throughout the country that donald trump turned from blue to red. so auto not like this came down tie single state or this was a big win b. number four and this is important. this is what hilary clinton said when she requested what donald trump was saying. she said we have been around in the united states, for 240 years want we have had free and fair elections. we have accepted the outcomes. we may not like them. he heat talking down our democracy and i for one, am appalled. and then she sent out a tweet, saying, donald trump refuses to set this. by doing doing that, he threaten our democracy. so at the time, the media was in
10:32 pm
an outrage that, donald trump was going to september outcome of the election and this was undermining the integrity of our institutions and no one has a problem with hillary over and over again, undermining the outcome, which is not in question . all of those states trump won because he ran a better campaign. >> here's any going forward, larry. russia. and the chaos, it all happened on biden-obama's watch. the crappy blank economy was on their watch. the filthy uranium deal was on their watch. you're better than you were four years ago and to that, how do they justify what they did for eight years and compare it to the incredible record-breaking success we have had if. >> you know the answer to that. racism, it's being homo phobia.
10:33 pm
this has been a great economy. donald trump has delivered what high said he was going to d. obama gave us the worse economic recovery since 1999. we have got 3% last year, 3.2% the last quarter. the economy is rocking. out will come the race card, the sex card because that's all they have got. >> i actually have the proof and i'll tell you next. good to see you both. thank you. we'll discuss biden's latest eoh, another priceless gap and other media is already shameful 2020 coverage later. yup, they are here. they want to interview me, the robertson. duck dynasty, we'll get their thought on all things, politics. 2020. everything else. straight ahead. reduction, and stable blood sugar control, around the clock. find your groove with toujeo. ♪ let's groove tonight. toujeo is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter
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>> sean: 2 dozen democrats are nearly 2,000 democrats are running for the party's nomination. crazy uncle joe biden, his opponent actually may be crazy uncle joe biden, now accusing republicans, of wanting to bring back jim crow. oh. let see. larry elder just predicted this and it actually happened. take a look. >> last year 24 states introduced to enact at least 70 bills to curtail the right to vote and guess what? mostly directed at people of color. you see it. we have got jim crow sneaking back n. no, i mean t. >> looked down at my notes. very energetic. he couldn't get a thousand people in away away. uh-oh. crowd matters. biden's troubles, tend far beyond gas and bad language. crazy uncle joe is already running scared.
10:39 pm
backtracking on his comments, down playing the threat of china where he said, china was not competition for us and don't forget, of course, allegations of international corruption that continue to creep closer and close tore his son and his work in ukraine and in china. remember joe biden, we have him on tape, wrapping about getting the ukrainian prosecutor fired or else he's withholding a billion taxpayer dollars that. guy was investigating his son and even catching the attention left wing outlet "vanity fair. "but will anyone else in the media mob cover t. or resort to the conspiracy theories and russian lie that is cripple now their forever. donald trump has forever branded fake news, it's tattooed all over their slogans, and according to the polls, you, the american people now see the anti-trump bias is a top reason why political reporters get it
10:40 pm
wrong sophic. fox nudes contributor, nearly 7 in 10 site media's reporting is wrong nearly -- a lot of the times, nearly 7 out of 10 people. how are you. >> man, i'm wornout after all that. you're on a tear. >> what's going on? >> l you analyze t. where's the light board. where's your props. >> let's start with our man joe biden. jim crow. he's now the only democrat incidentally, to say that in recent days. kamala harris, also use that would same analogy. what's amazing to, he first of all, jim crow was a reality in our country, and it was an evil and dark period. it sort of devalues it to today, tossing around as easily as the democrats do. you know, georgia. we have heard a lot about this from stacy abrams, who has been touted from the u.s. senate now, is being to hold off z may run
10:41 pm
for president. but this is one that democrats point to all the time. in ga g the increase in black turn out in the last election, it was up by 16 percent in georgia, nationwide, it was up by 11 want the nonwhite percentage of georgia was higher in 2018 than it was in 2016, let alone 2014. so you know, this idea that somewhat way or another, these laws being enactd to protect the sanctity of the ballot are aim at blacks, is not happening. across the country -- >> i have a question -- who is business improvement pro portion atly impact by the the eight years of the biden-obama economy, with 13 million more americans were on foot stamps. lowest homeownership rate in 51 years. lower participation and accumulated more deaths than all three presidents combined.
10:42 pm
were woman disproportionately negatively impacted? >> absolute least think about it, we had the lowest unemployment rate among african-americans and latinos since we began breaking the numbers out by race in 1948. we have got a 50 year low unemployment but we haven't even -- we had a longer unmentment for african-americans and latinos, back when we collected information that allowed touts identify it. it's amazing to me, this is an appeal traits. this is an attempt for decent in our country, you are being kept from voting n. georgia, the voting registration roles, even when you take out people because they have moved or died or didn't participate. georgia leaves the country in
10:43 pm
automatic voter registration and yet, this is the number that democrats point to, as evidence that somewhat or another, the republican-state legislatures and republican governors are actively, trying to disenfranchise african-americans. >> factor in the new green deal. factor n everything is free. 70% individual rate, 90% corporate rate. everything free again and no combustion engine plaints, oil, gas or cows. that's going to go over really well now cows . >> flatulence from cows. that's a deep and important issue. yeah. but look. think about this. what is that going to do? it's going to banger our example auto going to hurt the people, on the bottom of the scale by removing opportunity. i'm sure warren buffett and i'm sure that, you know, mayor bloomberg and the very wealthy
10:44 pm
they can going to make out okay. they're being to be able to get by but the people who are going to be hurt by that are people working in the oil patch you look at those very diverse workforces. lots of latinos. lots of african-americans. and those are the kind of people that are being to get hurt. >> energy independence for the first time in 75 years. we're talking about. literally, raising the standard of living and putting russia. on its knees. if we out produce in oil and gas. am i right? absolutely. and looks we're no longer having to send money to the part of the world where they don't like us. and here's the other thing, we're the only major industrialized economy in the world, that is able to grow its economy, while reducing co2 gas emissions, because of our energy dependence. >> when we come back.
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the duck dynasty gang, right here in studio. beards and everything. they probably want to talk about 2020. donald trump, second amendment rights, apparently, they have some questions for, he but have i no idea what they're going to say. next. i have a vision correction number,
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>> ♪ >> sean: joining us now with reaction of the unashamed pod cast. this book is out today. i cou is ask? it's calmed america's soul, blowing the lids off of the lives that are destroying our country. here's the patriarch of duck dynasty, along with jaceand ha, ha. and you have no beer which makes you the out cast. i don't know what means. yeah, but i remember the munsters.
10:50 pm
well, i'm really worried about the country. two years on this program, i have an ensemble. i don't want to take any credit for it. we have all been dicking and dig. this russian conspiracy lie, collusion, attempt to take down the president rig an election, riling an investigation of the opponent. spy on americans is real. a real clear present danger. in my opinion, your book captures it. >> well, i just tried to warn the country i love. i'm told to love god, and love my neighbor. therefore,. >> oh. i love every one of them. you can't eat meat because i don't like i eating meat . >> i'm not giving up my cows. >> i love them, even if they don't sit down to listen. the scary part about the liberal
10:51 pm
left, because they did not think it worth while to retain the knowledge of god, he gave them over not to be done. and list is this long. they let their faceless, heartless, ruthless, i mean. i meant the evil one. this is a true story. you know this is true. i'm at your place in la l. i watch duck dynasty. i remember the algators that were on your property. you live in a trailer. you're a rich man, and you have a filthy seat you won't get rid of -- i'm like, change sheet. there's a mcnally behind your trailer. you wanted to take me in that algator pit. there i am, all skinny then and
10:52 pm
you want to dunk me in the algator swamp to baptize me. >> you have to learn to trust in the lord a crocodile easting. >> you've got to remember. you had more trouble with cotton mouths, but -- somebody has one, and we'll go down to the jacuzzi. >> i'm going to the jacuzzi. can you baptize me in a jacuzzi. i believe in jesus, the son of god, cleanses us from our since. i believe that. >> all have you to do now is get rid of the old sean. i asked the about this. he said i was a sinful man. cavuto said, l are you talking to me. >> he said, it's getting hot in
10:53 pm
here. >> true story. so you guys are in trouble. i learned a long time ago, from a very dear friend of mine, you don't call your friends when you're happy. you call them when they're in trouble. gita in a controversy. i remember i called you. willie was in the tree hunting. >> and i answered. >> you answered. 6:00 a.m. your time. you guys, there's no conversation. how are you all holding up. are you guys okay? okay. hang on a second. he got him on the phone. you didn't care. you done want want to talk to most you remember that call. >> that's because we go public with our faith. when you do that, that's when you're going to be attacked. >> you all see your sins. >> i'm more incoragable. >> when we mess up, we're honest
10:54 pm
about t we're truthful and we use that as a way to trust if god. that's what we d. what we're trying to do is change this human heart. you see it in the political world. everybody's up in arms. every time a school shooting happens, it pains us and it hurts us. we get into the same debates about guns, and we use common sense. we all have guns we want know at the human heart is my point. >> retired military, retired cops. >> let me give you my ideas right here other you train a couple teachers. if you don't have them there we'll bring them in there. don't tell anybody who it is. when you do the greatest thing, you teach. that's a requiredment. mention love is kind, love is patient. it is not ending. >> a book podcast. threw it up on my website.
10:55 pm
hannity good bless you all, thank you for coming. al, you need a beard, man. next straight ahead. clea not to worry about changing their minds in retirement. you may have always imagined your dream car as something fast. then one day you decide it just needs to be safe enough to get her to college and back. principal. we can help you plan for that.
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>> sean: villain of the day congressman omar, tweeting, how many protesters should comment a little kids must be killed s and tell the end the cycle of violence and the statu quo of occupation and humanitarian crisis unsustainable. real justice can bring back security and justice. congresswoman, come with me. come with me. i was in the tunnels that were made from gaza to israel that killed the by the very organizations that are
11:00 pm
threatening israel a past this day.ael' they provided the electricity that were supposed to be used i schools and hospitals. that your heart not be troubled laura ingram.ea >> laura: hannity, great show tonight.ity, >> sean: you know what they tried to do?to you ever watch "duck dynasty"?ni >> laura: yeah, i love it. >> sean: you are on the border i just found out. he tried to bring me to a swamp with alligators to dunk me and baptize me. real alligators. >> laura: well, maybe, you know, maybe that's where you have to go these days. all right, hannity, thank you so at the border, right behind the border fence. we are going to talk exactly where we are, incredibly challenging time. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" on thedibl u.s.-mexico border and we are live on the rio grande, del rio texas.