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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 9, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. so we don't have social drinking, and instead we have this terrible, pathetic drug use.dr >> tucker: it tells you everything right there. the great mark steyn. thank you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: we are back tomorrow. sean hannity right now. >> sean: great show as always, busy night on "hannity," we are glad you are with us. the democratic party, psycho anti-trump rage, it knows zero bounds. nadler,el pelosi and company wat the attorney general of the united states to actually break the law or they are goingal to hold him in contempt. that is how twisted they have now become. democrats want barr to reveal secret grand jury information from the mueller report or he will face charges from congress. if he did it, it is illegal. it is a federal violation under rule 60 to reveal grand jury information. they are lawmakers, shouldn't they know this?
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let's be very clear about where we are with this. as we speak, a full, completely unredacted copy of the mueller report is available right now. for the top democrats to view with only two full and seven personal lines redacted. that's it. that protect grand jury information as pursuant to the federal law. neither nadler nor pelosi or any other democrat for that matter have ever bothered to view the report. so all of what this is is a circus. it is a sideshow, a total act. and it is just more lies. as i have said, the mueller issue is over. it is done. it is finished. this that i remains is merely noise. and hank johnson accidentally, well, stumbled on the truth ands spilled the beans and admitted what this is really all about. rare moment of clarity. take a look. >> this is all part of the cover-up. and it is up to this committee to ensure that we get that
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report, because we have lawful responsibilities, constitutional responsibilities to engage in, one of which is possibly impeachment. how can we impeach without getting the documents? >> sean: it is pretty obvious the subpoena and subsequent contempt to vote, just a blatant political game, a circus from a group of, well, people, who have conned the american people for years with lies and conspiracy theories. truth, justice, it means nothing to them. look at how the top democrats reacted in 2012 when obama's self-proclaimed wing man, attorney general eric holder, was held in contempt after refusing to turn over scores of subpoenaed documents related to the fast and furious scandal. by the way, a scandal where americans and others actually died because of their stupidity.
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congressman nadler's rage, he tweeted against a very thought of a contempt ruling in the case, "just joined the #walkout to protest the shameful politically motivated g.o.p. vote holding the ag holder in contempt. he deserved it." from the very same person who just devoted to hold, oh, ag barr in contempt, why, for not releasing two lines that he must, he is mandated by law, legally protected grand jury information. your hypocrisy reeks.d and it was not just nadler, it is a whole bunch of lunatics that are known as the modern-day extreme radical democratic socialist party. let's take a look. a >> to bring this contempt off congress against the attorney general. the republicans are contemptible. the rush that they are putting on it is just inexplicable. what are they doing? what are they doing?
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the american people want jobs. they are going on witch-hunt. >> the public majority intends to bring a contempt resolution to the floor against the attorney general. to say that this is a terrible use of congress' power and time is an understatement. >> this is not about the facts. this is about politics. >> they have not found any evidence that this attorney general was hiding anything. that he had lied to anybody. they still do not have any facts to support this illegitimate investigation. >> to our republican colleagueso shame on you. shame on you. shame on you. [all together "shame on you"] >> sean: what are we going to rant today? selective moral outrage, pretty much the democrat party's favorite tool. theory over kavanaugh, nothing over the allegations of violent rape and sexual
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assault against a democratic lieutenant governor of virginia, indignation over a covington high school student who actually was perfect in a response in one of the most difficult situations. why? he was wearing a red maga hat. nothing more than a yawn over the governor, the attorney general of virginia, dressing up in blackface. they are apocalyptic, panic over climate change, but they have no problem flying in and out of their private jet headquarters and riding around in their massive suvs with oh, let's see, people to guard them with guns. and we are not allowed to have them. and let's not forget anger from the 1% from a multimillionaire who calls himself a socialist. yeah, that guy. and worst of all, the selective moral outrage surrounding so-called russia collusion. because for two and a half years democrats, their buddies in the media mob,s they perpetuated nothing but lies, conspiracy theories, a total hoax on the american people.
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all while totally ignoring real collusion right in front of their eyes. and as we all know by now, hillary clinton bought and paid for, yeah, russian lies using a foreign spy, putting together a document that he does not even stand by with propaganda, misinformation, lies leaked to the press. why? to help rig the election in hillary's favor. did ii say with russian lies? "the new york times" suggesting that this is actually part of a russian disinformation campaign all along. and that did not stop the phony dossier from being weaponized by our own federal government. and the dossier author, christopher steele, i thought foreign nationals were not supposed to influence our elections. anyway, steele fed his tainted propaganda with multiple individuals inside the obama administration. high ranking doj official brucel ohr warned everybody in the doj and the fbi that steele was being funded by the clinton campaign. she was paying for all of it.
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and that his information, her information she paid for, was unverified, that steele hated trump, and hillary paid for it. that was august of 2016. investigative reporter john solomon from "the hill" will join us in a moment with much more breaking news. reporting that the deputy assistant secretary of state kathleen kavalec, well, documented that steele's research was all political. there was an end date, he had an electionic day deadline. ten days later, october 21st, oh, jim comey, mr. jim. 2016, signed off on the first fisa application against carter page swearing that steele was reliable and accurate, and that he verified the bulk of that information, which was hillary's bought and paid for russian lies. remember, that is on top of the fisa applications. a verified application. the words are right on top. and tonight, we have brand-new
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just released handwritten documents uncovered by johnig solomon. the investigative reporter showing the state department official kathleen kavalec actually sounded the alarm about steele to the high-ranking members of the fbi, jim comey's fbi, over a multitude of issues all before the first fisa application went in. not only did she report the partisan nature of steele's research, but also accused him of giving the government blatantly false information and also leaking his material to "the new york times" and "the washington post," all too happy to of course print it. she raised all of these damning concerns well before christopher steele was the centerpiece of the first fisa warrant request or application against trump campaign associates carter page, thus giving a backdoor into all things trump, all things world trump, all things trump campaign.
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according to solomon, and breaking minutes ago, mark meadows confirming this information was in fact transmitted to the fbi. wow. maybe that is why the self-aggrandizing super patriot jim comey is trying hard to reshape the narrative in yet another public appearance on fake news cnn earlier tonight. take a look. >> "the new york times" reported that the fbi sent an investigator posing as an assistant to meet with a trump aide george papadopoulos in 2016. does that qualify as spying? >> yeah, i will not comment on a particular investigative step, because that is for the borough to do. i'm not in the government any longer. but the fbi does not spy to begin with. the fbi investigates. >> the inspector general, attorney general are looking into the origins of the investigation, are you confideni you did everything by the book and that the fbi, the people around you, did everything by the book? >> yes, no doubt in my mind, that does not mean that i am against review of it., that is totally fine. >> you think that the inspector general will find
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nothing inappropriate? >> i do not think so. at least not that il know of. but if they do, they do. they should be transparent. >> sean: hey, jimbo, you signed a fisa application to spy on carter page and the entire trump campaign! by the way, i have warned you before, you know what, jim, you have the right to remain silent. i would use that right. we will have more of my monologue in just a minute, but joining us with all of the details on the late-breaking report is "the hill's" investigative reporter john solomon. john, i look on this, and you have more breaking news just moments ago, as confirmation that really is game, set, match. what do you got? >> this is very significant, mark meadows, who has been one of the key republicans unraveling the false russia collusion narrative, confirms that the u.s. government officials tonight that the state department notes that i've written about were transmitted to the fbi prior to the issuance
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of the fisa. why is that significant? it means the fbi would've been in possession of four pieces of derogatory information about christopher steele. one, that he broke his agreement and went to the state department. two, a that he gave the state department false information. we can get back to that in a second. the same information that was in the dossier. three, that he had a political deadline, meaning that his goal was not to help the intelligence community, but to get it out before the election date, and four, that he was in contact transmitting information too "the washington post" and "new york times." ifif they were in possession of all of that information and then ten days later went to the court and swore the statement, we have no derogatory information about christopher steele, they would have overtly misled the fisa court in order to secure the first fisa warrant against the trump campaign. >> sean: let's go through this, because we know through closed-door testimony that bruce ohr warned everybody at the doj and the fbi in august 2016 before the first fisa warrant
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october 2016. now what we have is the first concrete evidence that they were warnedvi with great specificity before they put in that fisa application that did spy on carter page and the trump campaign. the first one signed by mr. super patriot jim comey, correct? >> yes, that is correct. he signed off on the first fisa warrant for sure. here's the most extraordinary thing. senate intelligence, house judiciary, senate judiciary investigations, on these documents did not tell the group until the citizens united got them through foil litigation. somebody chose to give the information secret. i think that is a very serious -- >> sean:n: it would not have gone to a low level fbi special agent. not that any are low level. we love the fbi except for these guys. and andrew mccabe, then deputy fbi director dossier, said, no fisa warrant, correct? >> that's right.
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that's right. remember, rod rosenstein said,in we took everything out before we do the fisas. people do not appreciate that. >> sean: one year ago this may.o >> it was this month. and here is the thing, the state department official who spent maybe 45 minutes with christopher steele detected false information from him was talking that he to the media and leaking, got out of him that he had an election deadline, and the fbi has pretended for the last two and a half years that they cannot figure that information with all of its tools. >> sean: last thing, we also know that steele was trying to communicate with the special counsel through bruce ohr. and we know that from bruce ohr's notes. >> absolutely, all the way through. >> sean: they knew everything ahead of time, which means that the conspiracy to commit fraud on a court, they knew ahead of time. t that is premeditated fraud. by every definition. what you are describing. >> there is a lot to be investigated. there is noat doubt, sean. this is a lot of important information. >> sean: john solomon, thank you. the dark underbelly of the
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deep state, as we have been eepromising, is being exposed. every day, week, month, as we go forward, you will seeing so much more. we are seeing illicit spying on a campaign. fisa abuse. real russia collusion from the s clinton campaign and of course, yeah, they rigged her investigation as it relates to the secret server with top secret classified information on it and then of course the obstruction that happened thereafter.rm by the way, serious abuse of power surrounding creepy uncle joe biden tonight. and the country of ukraine and the country of china. tonight, a "hannity" investigation on that serious matter. we will be bringing that up in a special "mini hannity investigation andan monologue," but all of the bad actors must be held accountable. at least one republican senator appears to be somewhat brainwashed t by the democratic colleagues. and that tonight is senate intel committee chairman richard burr issuing a subpoena to donald trump jr. he has already testified nearly 30 hours! why?
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an attempt to force them back to capitol hill, a perjury trap to answer more questions about what we know now is a hoax? something that never happened? confirmed now four separate times. four separate investigations. listen closely, senator burr, let me spell it out for you, robert mueller found no collusion. the fbi's counterintelligence investigation for nine months. talk to page and strzok, no collusion. house intelligence committee investigation, no collusion. and in february, two years, 200 interviews, your ownd committee found no collusion. senator burr, are you like a collusion truther? how many times do you want donald trump jr. and other people to answer the same stupid questions that have been disproven? this is now bordering on harassment and abuse of power and certainly a waste of our tax dollars. how many private citizens' legal bills do you want to continue to run up? it is $1,000 an hour for a good
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attorney in d.c. are the peoplele of north carola really being served by this never ending witch hunt, four separate times it has been found not to have happened. so the question is, senator burr, maybe you have been in the swamp way too long. and meanwhile, burr's colleague, senator blumenthal, a lunatic anyway, he has made a career about lying, for example, his nonexistent service in vietnam, oh, he is threatening don jr. with prison.n. i'm sure that don jr. is shaking in his boots. take a look. >> if he fails to answer, he ought to be put in jail. if he fails to comply with the lawful subpoena, he has no privilege, prison is the only answer. >> sean: yes, mr. i believes himself, a senator threatening a private citizen with jail over a hoax. wow.a we used to be the united states of america, a real democratic republic. after lies and conspiracy theories, this is how you want to treat the first family?
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sad, pathetic. and while blumenthal is stuck in his never ending cycle of fake russian vitriol, the other democrats and some of the media mob, their willing accomplices, have moved on to breathless hysteria over president trump's taxes. so-called bombshell report from "the new york times" revealing documents from the '80s and '90s, 35er years ago, showing that the real estate mogul lost over a billion dollars. now, this is not even news, because actually the president himself pointed this out many times. one being the very first episode of "the apprentice" in 2004. "the new york times" is finally catching up. there is no secret he went through an incredibly tough financial period in the '80s and '90s. that's when atlantic city casino business absolutely went belly up. watch the president in 2004. tell "the new york times" that they reported this week.
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this is beyond idiocy. >> i own buildings all over the place. model agencies. the miss universe pageant,in courses,, golf casinos, and private resorts like mar-a-lago. one of the most spectacular estates anywhere in the world. but it was not so easy. about 13 years ago, i was seriously in trouble. i was billions of dollars in debt. but i fought back, and i won, bigly. i used my brain and my negotiating skills and i worked it all out. >> sean: he told the whole story himself. maybe before the media mob breathlessly, hysterically tries to besmirch the president over his taxes, maybe they should just go back and watch old episodes of "the apprentice." separateew news from needless he and hysteria. nothing in "the new york times" report that donald trump did not already tell us. now this might be hard to hear for the socialist justice warriors in the press, donald trump is still really, really rich.
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he is still a billionaire. still owns a 757. stillh. really successful. and though you have not accepted the truth and reality, he is the duly elected 45th president of the united states of america. time to face some truth. joining us now, author of the number one best seller "the russian hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump," gregg jarrett. along with investigative reporter sara carter. sara, we begin with you, john solomon's report from tonight, this is now concrete evidence, the fbi was told everything about christopher steele, who paid for the russian dirt dossier lies and they then used ithe anyway. to spy in spite of what james comey says. >> it was to spy, and what is worse is the fact that the fbi was well aware of what christopher steele was up to and doing, the fact that christopher steele himself had admitted to
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the deputy assistant secretary of state at the time that he was going to release the information before the election. this was certainly to target a then candidate trump and then eventually president trump. remember after they get the foreign intelligence surveillance warrant to spy on carter page, which they did not disclose to the court, all of the information that they had, and where the information came from, and the fact that half of it was lies, they continue to spy on carter page, renewing it for four times during 2016 and 2017, all the way to the fall. the last one being signed by rod rosenstein. so what john broke is so significant and so important, it will unleash the avalanche, because now they will have to explainca why they did this. and it is absolutely spying. when you concoct a tale to actually look into other people's emails, listen into their telephone conversations and try to set up a duly elected
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president of the united states. >> sean: the avalanche that i keep saying, coming cascading down. gregg jarrett, this is but a small part. we have, of course, the inspector general's report on fisa abuse. we now have the attorney general that will look into hillary's rigged investigation. we will have the huber report on leaked materials, we will have 302s, we will have gang of eight, we will have the fisa applications themselves. mueller is dead. whether people can face the truth or not, now act two, the curtain is up. >> and john's documentary evidence now proves conclusively that james comey was lying to the fisa court. and tonight on cnn, you played the clip, that he said he went by the book. that is also a lie to the american public. james comey is now swinging these wild hay makers, because he knows that very soon -- >> sean: does he? >> he is going down on the
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canvas for a ten count. he is in a deep, serious legal jeopardy. for a number of things. lying to a fisa court, leaking government documents that he stole, starting an investigation without credible evidence, spying on the trump campaign, and making false statements to congress. i hope that he saved all of thea money thaty he made from that phony book of his. i'm talking about "liars and lying people." because he will need the money for his defense team. >> sean: gregg jarrett, remind me to never piss you off, because that was a pretty damning indictment. that's why you have the number one best seller in the country for weeks. great work, both of you, and john solomon. when we come back, the senate. majority leader, mitch mcconnell, will be here. we will get his thoughts on the democrats' outrageous behavior in capitol hill. their unwillingness to let it go. he says that it is dead, it is
10:23 pm
over. and tonight, the great one, mark levin, will join us, and a special "hannity" investigation into joe biden that nobody else in the media will do. stay with us. ♪
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♪ >> sean: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell declared that the case was closed on the mueller report earlier this week, but the republican-led senate intelligenceom committee has subpoenaed donald trump jr., why? respondedtrump earlier today. let's take a look. >> my son is a good person. my son testified for hours and hours. my son was totally exonerated by mueller. who, frankly, does not like donald trump, me, this donald trump. and frankly, for my son, after
10:28 pm
being exonerated, to now get a subpoena to go again and speak again after close to 20 hours of telling everybody that would listen about a nothing-meeting. yeah, i am pretty surprised. >> sean: joining us now with reaction is the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell himself. senator, good see you. you have called this partisan paralysis, breathless conspiracy theorizing, unhinged partisanship, groundhog day, a spectacle, stop relitigating a 2.5-year-old election result and move forward for the american people. i agree with all of that. what is senator burr doing, did he not hear your message? >> i think the good news is that he has already indicated that the committee will find no collusion, because that will be consistent with the mueller i think that this is going to have a happy ending.
10:29 pm
i understand the president's frustration here. but i think that this is just a blip, i think that the case is closed. i think that the controversy has been concluded. i don't think the house thinks that, and they will continue to try to stir this up. but enough already. we have found out from the mueller report that the russians were deeply involved in it. there was somethingt like 18-20 indictments of russian companies and russian individuals who were trying to get into the campaign and to mess with it. i think that it is over. i think that it is time to let it go and move on and try to deal with people's business. >> sean: specifically is that your message to senator burr? >> that is my message to the public, that is our view that the case is closed and it is time to move on, and i believe when the senate intelligence committee finally does report, which i think will not be too far down the road from here,
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they will reach the very same conclusion. >> sean: you called yourself the grim reaper of the country. >> that's right. >> sean: when it comes to the o green new deal. everything will be for free, so we are told, but we were also told that you can keep your plan and your doctor and save money, that did not happen.n. millions lost their plan. the doctors and everybody paid more. but i think it is important to point that you are making, this is not congresswoman ocasio-cortez, we have presidential candidates. how do you assess this group of 20 plus democrats that want to be president? >> even the ones, sean, that declare themselves moderates, with regard to health care, they say that they want the public option.. there will not be any private health care insurance if w you have a public option, because the government will always sell you the insurance cheaper. so no matter how they choose to characterize themselves, you can bet, whether it is joe biden, bernie sanders, or somebody else, the nominee for president
10:31 pm
on the democratic side is going to be on a path to try to turn america into a socialist country. we are not going to let that happen. donaldtr trump is still in the white house and as long as i aml majority leader of the senate, i get to set the agenda. that's why i call myself the grim reaper. we will not have the green new deal. we will not have medicare for none as long as i am majority leader of the senate. >> sean: tell me about and tell us about your relationship with the president now. i know that you said we are not going to do health care this year, but i know that most americans would like health care fixed. they would like to have portability if they change jobs. i personallyha like either healh savings accounts, a health care cooperative where it is $50 a month on unlimited care in wichita, kansas, dr. josh umbehr. what are the top agenda items as we close out this year and move into an election year? >> our challenge in doing any kind of health care reform now is the democratic house.
10:32 pm
they are not going to agree to the kinds of things that we would like to do that you mentioned. the president established this business to form small groups for purposes of being able to allow groups to purchase insurance like larger companies. and a number of other things at the administration has been trying to do through executive orders, but look, you know what the democrats want to do. they are running the house. they want to have medicare for all. which is actually medicare for none. doing a deal with nancy pelosi's house is a real challenge. as the president has pointed out on health care, what he wants to do is to come up with a recommendation that we can enact when we get the house back and cold the senate in a second term. >> sean: tell us about your relationship with president trump and how you work together.
10:33 pm
tell us maybe things that you did not know about him, that you now -- i assume that you talk with him regularly. tell us about it. >> we talk on almost a daily basis. we have been on the same wavelength almost all the time since he has been there. we are trying to take america in the same direction. and i want to complement the president for the extraordinary selection he has made for judicial appointments. as you know, sean, the biggest call i made in my career was to not let barack obama fill the scalia vacancy during the presidential election. >> sean: i give you a lot of credit for that. many times. >> the president did not blow that opportunity. he set up neil gorsuch, and p tn we fought our way through a highly u controversial confirmation of bret kavanaugh, but it is not just changing the supreme court that we did. we also are changing the circuit courts. one step below the supreme court. >> sean: senator, thank you for being with us. mitch mcconnell, we appreciate
10:34 pm
you being with us tonight. when we come back, you will not believe what hillary clinton said this time. actually lecturing us about the rule of law in the country. the great one, mark levin, gives ust reaction. and tonight a "hannity" investigation into the real joe biden, revealing all of his vulnerabilities that the rest of the media will not tell you. straight ahead. ♪ rest of the media will not tell you.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: we have new breaking news, by the w way. jim comey, former disgraced fbi director, actually says it is likely that trump could have committed crimes and he may be charged after his time as president because of long-standing justice department policy that is against indicting a sitting president. let me just queue in mr. comey
10:39 pm
about one little fact here. the attorney general was clear. and clear in his expressing, that was not mueller's consideration. that that constitutional issue in fact was not in play, that based on the merits there was no indictable offense period. it is interesting to come out on a night when john solomon just broke the news that in fact jim comey, who signed the first fisa application with the bulk of information being hillary's bought and paid for dossier, that the fbi was warned daysos before about the dossier, and that hillary paid for it, steele hated trump and it was unverified. joining us no reaction to all of this, author of "unfreedom of the press." which is coming out very soon. he hosts "life, liberty & levin" on the fox news channel.
10:40 pm
i call him the great one, mark levin. mark, used to be, you worked for you were his chief of staff. you talked about long-standing policy of indicting a sitting president. barr said he had nothing to do with it. a barr said mueller had no consideration of doing it. comey, we know that they were informed about the dirty dossier. he signed the first fisa warrant, to me, he is the one in legal jeopardy, ironically, and not the president. >> all right, what ought to happen here is that there should be a jury impaneled, comey should give testimony, mccabe should give testimony, baker should giveshsh testimony. strzok, page, they should get a little bit of their own medicine, they should have a criminal grand jury and we should have either a special counsel or a united states attorney take charge of the case and get to the bottom of it. put these people under oath and let them get the donald trump treatment. we want all of their documents, no privileges, nothing.
10:41 pm
drag them in d and maybe drag their kids in too. but i wanted to talk about something else, because nancy pelosi is quite ubiquitous these days. she's barely coherent. she's a constitutional illiterate. but that the person may chose as speaker of the house. and i got to thinking she is very, very rich. she is a multimillionaire. i don't really care about that. she has a husband, people don't even know. his name is paul pelosi, he is a san francisco real estate developer, a financial investor, tell me, how did the pelosis make their money? tell me, who do they know? are there any foreign interest? have we seen their bank accounts or tax returns? i'm curious, because nancy pelosi, like eva prall, she announced that we make the laws in the house of representatives, and i need toe remind the speaker of the house, actually, you don't. you pass bills and they are not laws until they go through the senate and the president signs them. that's how the system works. but i would like to know about all of their connections, how they got so rich.
10:42 pm
i really would. what we have here is an attack on the president and an attack on the senate. collusion, special counsel, contempt, obstruction, constitutional crisis. i just started writing them down. impeachment, tax returns, bank accounts, they they've already leaked some of his tax information. they accuse him of campaign violations. they accuse him of being a racist and anti-semite, mentally unfit for office. let me tell you what is going on here. the democrat party has hijacked the house of representatives. this is an opposition research campaign. they are working for whomever the democrat nominee is. if they can impeach the president, they will impeach the president. what they are trying to do is drive down his ratings to get them under 30%, and then they will go for impeachment. otherwise, they will act like he should be impeached, they willhe talk about a constitutional crisis. these are the talking points now.
10:43 pm
they create the conflicts. they create the issues. they create the confrontation. they issue scores and scores of subpoenas, six committees. the committee chairman, as i mispeak, are meeting in dark and some shadowy room trying to figure out how to try to bringso down the president of the united states, how to embarrass him, to go after his businesses and his son and his associates, they go after his counsel. they go g after him. what is the purpose of all of this? oh, well, we want to know if the irs is working. let me tell you a secret, the irs is not working. it neverl works. so that is not an issue. we want to make sure that there is no foreign collusion. great, then all of you members of the house and senate, you cough up your tax returns in your bank account so that we can make sure that you are not in the back pocket of some third world country. we just want to make sure the financial system works.nt let me tell you something, it works, you don't work, the debt is through the roof. everybody can see through this. it is not just the federal democrats, they get together in d.c. and bring a phony lawsuit,
10:44 pm
the emoluments clause, because the president has a hotel and foreigners say they are, so he must be making money on the side. such b.s. new york, state tax returns. we will pass and obtainer, that is against federal constitutionu what is that? a law aimed at one citizen, the president. we will turn the president state tax returns over to congress. let me tell you what is going on. this is a democrat party cabal trying to reverse the 2016 election, trying to disenfranchise 63 million voters! mostly republicans, independent, and some democrats, led by a speaker of the house from san francisco, a chairman of thy house judiciary committee from new york, the chairman of the oversight committee from baltimore! three or four blue cities trying to change the course of thisba country, trying to reverse the course of the election! and let me tell you, they keep saying the american people want, they don'tl represent the american people! they keep saying they are following the constitution! they are shredding the
10:45 pm
constitution! they don't even know what is in the constitution! it is we who are standing up to this cabal, this rogue activity. it is we who are standing up fot the constitution. and let me tell you something, they are playing with political fire! there are tens and millions of people who will not stand for this! and they will vote and they will be more active than ever before, and they are not only going to lose the presidency, they will lose the house, we will strengthen the senate, and then maybe, and then maybe we will subpoena the hell out of them. and then maybe we will have special counsels against them. because if they want to use soviet tactics against republicans, then the only way that the democrats know how to stop is if soviet tactics are used against them. >> sean: when is the book out? >> the book comes out may 21, people can preorder it on or any of those sites. >> sean: too. i get the first interview for the book. we have it arranged already. we will make the announcement at the appropriate time. great one, that's why we call you thenc great one. congratulations, my friend.
10:46 pm
sunday, 10:00 p.m., the number one show on cable. coming up, we do a special "hannity" investigation. somebody who knows creepy uncle joe, you might want to call him. you are going to want to watch this next. ♪ you are going to want to watch list next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: all right, well, crazy creepy uncle joe enjoys front runner status against the 2020 democrats, below the surface, biden looks as vulnerable as any of them as evidence of international corruption is following up tonight. as john solomon explained, whilf joe biden was president, his son took a lucrative job at a major
10:51 pm
ukrainian energy company. when that became the subject of a corruption probe in that country, biden then used his influence to get the lead prosecutor fired. he even bragged about it, remember? prosecutor was investigating biden's son. he used the threat of pulling 1 billion in u.s. aid if he did not fire the prosecutor in six hours. well, now, the shady dealings extend all the way to china. because as author peter schweitzer uncovered, hunter biden's private equity firm got a whopping $1 billion deal with the chinese government back inbi 2013. after just ten days when he went with his father to meet with chinese officials. on air force two, and here's the kicker. according to schweitzer, hunter biden had no background in china or private equity. but he walks away with an enormous deal from one of the world's most powerful governments. and remember, just days ago, yeah, biden had to walk back comments saying that china was not real competition for the u.s. beyond the shady dealings, biden is trying to catch up and
10:52 pm
cozy up to the far left, promising free health care for illegal immigrants. spreading baseless fears aboutfr republicans wanting to bring back jim crow. playing the race card, even apologizing the way that he treated anita hill. all in an obvious effort to make up for his long history of insensitive remarks. let's take a look. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts.>> unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> what kind of chance would a northeastern liberal like joe biden stand in the south? >> better than anybody else. you don't know my state. my state was a slave state. my state is a border state. my state has the eighth largest black population in the country. >> the first third of mainstream person in america who is articulate and bright and clean. that is a story book.
10:53 pm
>> mitt romney said in the first 100 days he will lead the big banks once again write their own rules. unchain wall street. [boos] they will put y'all back in chains. >> sean: an old establishment candidate with shady international dealings running on a last name, no message, gaffe after gaffe, and pandering to the far left. it sounds a lot familiar to you? it is hillary 2.0. and don't forget biden has to run on his and obama's economic failures. eightfo years, 13 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty. the lowest labor participation rate since the '70s. worse recovery since the '40s. hellos from ownership rate in 50 years and on top of that, the only president and vice president history to never reach 3% gdp.ev and took on more debt than all 43 presidents and vice presidents before them combined. compare that to the trump agenda. record low unemployment in
10:54 pm
two and a half years, best wage growth in ten years, energy independence for the first time in 75 years, and even bigger are the questions surrounding the obama white house's role in what is the biggest abuse of power and corruption scandal in history. here to react to our investigation, which is only the tip of the iceberg, former secret service agent dan bongino. a lot of dirt, i'm just touching the surface. those are the headlines. >> yes, you are. there's a lot there. we will break it down. joe biden has a lot of problems. problem number one, he has been in office literally as long as i have been alive, not figuratively, as long as i have been alive, joe biden has been i politician. he is not the change agent they go have been looking forward to make a terrible "star wars" analogy. he also happens to be a male and white. which does not matter to me or you or frankly a lot of our viewers, but to the identity politics left, they've mired themselves that the melanin in your skinesme means everything d where you were born. that does not matter to people who care about ideas, but that is not where the left is about right now. and third, what you brought up,
10:55 pm
john solomon's work on this, he should get a pulitzer, his work on joe biden in the ukraine, remember, joe biden takes a trip in april 2014 over to the riukraine, conveniently, right n that exact same time period his son gets a lucrative appointment to burisma, a natural gas company where he is paid a fortune in a monthly stipend and the ukrainians are investigating that, joe biden according to john solomon reporting, pressure the ukrainians.o it sounds like collusion to me. >> sean: and the kids that know nothing about china or inequities. sure, just pure accident. dan, thank you. more "hannity" after this. ♪ when we started our business
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♪ >> sean: it went long tonight but that is all the time we have left this evening. we will have a follow-up to our big breaking news report from tonight, and that of course being, yeah, the fbi was totally, completely given the heads up on christopher steele. hillary paying for the dossier
11:00 pm
the dossier that steele does not stand behind, and he hated trump. b so why did comey lie when he signed that first fisa application? premeditated quit let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, where are you tonight? >> laura: i'm in the swamp. h >> sean: you yelled at me for saying, why do you say every night, i'm coming from the swamp, the sewer. >> laura: now it trips off my tongue. >> sean: in your head like a bad record. >> laura: people down in texas, where you from? i'm from the swamp. i have to stop myself, it's embarrassing. >> sean: it's a small world after all, don't ever go on that ride. you will hate yourself for a week. >> laura: hannity, by the way when the senate intel committee is subpoenaing don jr., okay, my question is, we have t