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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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remember, with i'm waters -- and this is my world. hello and welcome to justice i'm judge shapiro and thank you for making last week's justice number one all day all night, saturday, and sunday all weekend. thank you. let's do it again tonight. the mooch is e here anthony scare is knew chee as well as former republican congressman dan and corey lewandowski and much more but first my opening statement. they've stole about the house the people's house that hallowed chamber our forefathers created to both represent the people as well as be closest to the people. they've hijacked it to maintain
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power for themselves. they don't work for or represent you. in fact, they obstruct the work that they were sent to do by you so they could score their own political points and get the revenge they so desperately seek because they hate our commander in chief. these radicals forfeited their job representing you continue to resist, create havoc and claim constitutional crisis. >> you've talked for a strong time about approaching a constitutional crisis we are now in it. we are now in a constitutionallal crisis. >> do you agree request chairman knadler that we're in a constitutional crisis? >> we are of ever wongd where a constitutional crisis look like? open your eye. i believe we have entered that constitutional crisis. i'm curious because isn't that height of a constitutional
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crisis. president trump is heading with house democrats as hay continues to hide mol or report. >> this administration wants constitutional crisis. >> how buzz they can't get the full mueller report? are they all stupid? they have 98% of the full report, and i've got news for you bozo you weren't entitled to any of it. the ruers was written or for the attorney general by the special counsel. the attorney general decided to issue a four page conclusion and offered skeptical democrats skiff to see the whole rot not one democrat wanted to see it so attorney general barr was in the impossible position of violating federal law releasing six e. grand jury testimony or to the demands of the radical looney
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left. only scriewcial crisis is created by obama administration officials of a false russia collusion spun by that master of deceitsi himself, jim comey. the disgraced former head of the fbi. we with find out the sealed dossier of fake before they brought it to a fisa judge and used it as the soul basis on the trump campaign. that prince of darkness himself comey knew h it was a fraud even admitting to the president in january 2017 it was unverified. yet this use to spy on man that he and his felt didn't deserve to occupy the oval office. comey had the clinton clan saying this week, we don't spy. k,we investigate. jim, who are you kidding?
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the dossier was bsing and knew it. the fbi knew it was a political document. that even had to get done before the election -- certainly not in intelligence document yet you signed three warrant applications based on this fake dossier. you the fbi, the doj committed a fraud on the fisa court a massive abuse of power. a clear violation of our laws. and a yet you come out of the shadow thursday night? because you know that jig is up. >> i think spying did occur. i believe there's a basis for my concern. i think spying on a -- a political campaign is a big deal. >> t the application for the warrant you presented as verifieds was a political document to protect girlfriend hillary who you you as yourself asas i.g. concluded cut loose
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saying no intend to violate the law and you have the nerve to say what asked of president trump obstructed justice is sure look like it. jim, you qongt know on instruction of justice if it slapped you in the face. your girlfriend hillary obstructed justice. she destroyed evidence. by lying to leading 30,000 e-mails destroying phones with hammers and bleach fits so we wouldn't know the the truth. and yet the desperate treatment of donald trump is stunning. in a fake russia collusion claim there was 3600 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, investigations affect aing 30 countries. 500 witnesses questioned. 18 lawyer. 40 investigate, criminal grand jury and panels. the president himself handed over 1.4 million documents and never claimed executive privilege. he was harassed.
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threatened, prosecuted, hounded, tormented inske his family, the same. and you cardinal comey dare to show your face in public -- bill barr is now hold in contempt by the same congress that says to hell with the american people in their work. we want to money up barr to when he start indicting us. we can say it is all political. it is no wonder that almost 80% of americans do approve of the work that congress is doing. i personally think if these guy don't do work we send them for they shouldn't get a pension or salary or allowed to go on junket or get free health care and if you don't approve of the gainsmanship going on in house of representatives in swamp, find out who you're representative is. you can sending a letter or an e-mail or just pick up the phone. i
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but i doubt they'll care. the only paper they respond to ishe this -- and a don't limit yourself to those in your district. we are one country, one america. if you don't like what they're doing, find out who is running against them whether it is in a primary or a general election. and get involved. voice be heard. and most importantly, start gearing up for 2020. we need a house of representatives that represent the people in the great nation. not the people who want to remake america and maintain their own power. god help us, and god help us if we elect these same people and they stay is in control of our country. and that's my open -- tell me what you think on my facebook and twitter hashtag judge janeen and about joining me now with reaction to my opening statement and much more is our good friend former republican congressman from california, and the president's
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nominee forsm director of the u. trade and development agency, darrell issa congressman welcome back to justice. . well thanks for having e me on. judge, and you know, i want to just give you a listeners views, a couple of numbers because when you were going through that, that intro, it occurred to me that first of all, only three times in 35 years has the full house held someone in contempt. the last one being eric holder. >> right. inch eric holder held in contempt after i subpoena and asked for documents and worked with the department of justice for 204 day finally refused to give any additional documents at that point we want another 48 days of trying to make agreements asking to look at what is called in camera, asking him to look at documents that he wouldn't give us the said he might give us, we said with let us see it and see if it is sufficient. here we have jerry knadler 19
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day over half of which he was on vacation. 19 day from the release of the report and he does contempt and killer about about this is -- his people were with offered the opportunity to go downt to look at the documents unredacted and decide did they really need them? did they need to somehow get, you know, secret things that were done on a grand jury? you know what's amazing is, the minority, n the republican sent down d people some of whom usedo work for me they looked at them and read them and then they advised it their ranking member to vote no on contempt well jerry knadler voted yes on what he's never seen. >> well that you know given the opportunity to go into that and see that stuff, with they don't want to see it which leads anyone to the one conclusion that make sense. then that is that this is all about chaos. this is all about creating a constitutionallal crisis. only crisis in this country right now congress man is what is going on border where people
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are are they say 91,000 this month are coming in from the southern borders in one month. that's double the size of the town that i grew up in. but what the difference between erichold per being held in contempt after, you know, you have the patience of 250 day, is that people were being killed with guns from fast and furious. that was a -- that was a whole mess and drug cartel got guns from law enforcement. it was sick the whole thing was sick, and in the end, i mean, you have every right to ask for that. these people can get what they want but they're not interested in it. let's talk about chairman of oversight and reform right now, he doesn't that's elijah cummings what is i he doing? right now we've got this -- this other committee that's jerry knadler got a personal for donald trump, they've i know this. they've hated each other from the new york days. >> they have. since actually the 70s to go
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back that far. i think if i feel, jer is rei knadler who said on a train and was -- o overheard say he was going to impeach the president -- simply is trying to work backwards from impeachment in case of cum i don't recognize similar to what he was when he was my ranking member but i will say one thing he's he understands that this kind of extreme and a fast behavior is inappropriate.e. now here's one of the interesting things, though, is when you look at jerry knadler greatest offense it was the indignity if you will if say he and other elected officials people accountable including aoc they're not going to they're not going to ask questions they're goingon to have unelected staff attorney ask questions something is that hadn't happened since water gait so happy that attorney general said --
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ill come down, i went to the senate. but i'm not going to be cross examined by attorneys when, in fact, the members are just is trying to duck their responsibility. >> well you know, the democrats are in a frenzy right now. how do you think people are looking at this after they get the mueller report that they sold us to prove that donald trump shouldn't be in the oval. not one of collusion between the trump campaign and they violated later in the show but you know -- now they want to continue this thing as if they're going to do more of an investigation that barr is. and american people aren't stupid. these people going to keep their job. what do they start working for us? >> well, the fact is this is a -- an investigation search of a crime opposite of every investigation that i ever did when i was heading oversight committee you normally have a valid t accusation of real belif in a crime as you know, with as
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a prosecutor, and as a -- as a judge. you start off with a prima facie case that passes sniff testing and you investigate in this case, when they ran out it and d to dismiss there must be a crime and must get tax records and go after his kids it is endless. i think important thing judge and what we know now is, this is a purely political witch hunt and for the president to not stand his ground would be irmt -- irrational, and i'll give you an example some time in the near future, against her best interest, nancy pelosi are will probably hold a contempt for full house on this question. i'm hoping that -- thei' department of justice will say, to every member of congress, come down, read the unredacted report. see what's there so that ones that vote yes will be one that haven't read it and one who is
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will vote no will vote no and seen it and know for a fact there's no reason these thingsl have to be made public against the law and against tradition. >> issa thank you so much for being here. witch hunt not toking with the president or his aids. now his son is facing a subpoena from the senate intel committee here it talk about that and much more fox's news contradict tore host of theen podcast, dan bongo all right so dems want to drag don jr. back he testified for 29 hour or something like that. and the word is that michael cohen planted a seed about the russia tower thing, but michael cohen has been convicted already of lying congress to. they bring him back as a chief witness, i mean, some prosecutors these lose rs are and then he lie to congress and based on those lies they want to bring don jr. in what should don do and do they have that right?
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>> well don jr. should tell him to go, judge they miss memo did collusion story was a hoax? did they miss the 440 what page ofof memo from bob mueller himsf and like donald trump? would done anything to write that collusion that this was real this is what's fake and here's what's beginning on judge richard barr republican yeah republican chairman of the senate committee that recalled don r jr. is weak. he's always been weaning. weak he's not a conservative he's a fake republican that committee is really run by mark warner the democrat richard burr is like a dr. evil from mark warner keeps cat in his lap there he runs that committee and they want don jr. back to keep this hoax alive because i they'e afraid i.g. report will come out soon and look ugly and nothing more to say to me and no reason to go back and cooperated toest extent here and collusion had story is hex you w want to bring
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back someone's kid bring back joe biden kid and the charisma deal that i would like to hear about that. >> talk about that later in the show but amazing thing with all of the staff, with all of the time all of the money mueller did not indict don jr. and you know don jr. was in his cross hairs and now these bozos think they're going get something from don jr. why work from people and you hit on something important and that is inspector general report in homing in on the fbi and the fact that they have a fake dossier, everybody in had the fbi knew that it was a fraud. and yet jim comey signed three times before a fisa court to get a qarnt to spy and i'll use word spy till the last -- breath i breathe, now because he wanted to defeat donald trump. and now, what they're saying is you know number one there was no spying. and number two, sturdy up bill
9:17 pm
barr and donald trump jr. to report to come out say it was political and getting even with us. >> well comey is in world of trouble not a credible witness in entire thing he signed first fisa first one that was based on bogus information from christopher steele that has been discredit bud. real problem they're going to have now judge is this, john report this week that hill was devastating we know how fbi at a minimum the united states government through the state department knew ten day before the fisa was issued before the fisa was issued -- thater christopher steele motivations were political. they have a state department representative who wrote it in a memo that they hid from congressional oversight just found recently. so just be clear on what that means the fbi and the united states government clearly knew the information they were using to spy on donald trump was being put forth by a guy with a political not an intelligence agent. comey is in world of trouble his
9:18 pm
signature is on that first fisa. >> you know jim spent in a world of trouble for a long time like leaking informs to get to the "new york times." as well as, you know, stepping out of histi own -- lane to say that hillary is not responsible and no responsibility prosecutor would go after her. i but you know, jim comey has a lot of stuff to pay for. leand anyway dan thanks so much for being here. >> thanks judge and mooch is next on justice. back in a moment. -motor? -it's pronounced "mo-tour." for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. welcome back to justice, trade talks with china hit a snag, the trump administration is imposing new tariffs and tonight, the president is tweeting about it saying, china felt they were beaten so badly at the negotiating table that they figured they just wait around for the next election wait for a democrat and continue to rip off the united states. but the president says, quote, they know i'm going to win. he goes on to threaten the far worst deal for china if it needs to be negotiated in his second term. so what is this all mean and what's next step? here to simplify thing for us the mooch anthony scaramucci thanks for being here. >> how are you? >> doing great. >> good now let's talk --
9:23 pm
okay. so we've got the tariffs. we know everything has been in balance and un fair. from the obama administration bush administration, everybody -- >> become to wto2,000. >> nobody care or want to fight them so now china thinks they're entitled to get a benefit but now president say not doing it about but to impose tariffs what happens now? >> i think you have to take the president seriously and they have to take g hill at his word and culturally with china different from us you make a wortd with me we're ready to go with contract. with china they were predicting that the president which saved a little to get his reelection strategy and narrative in place. so they were also predicting to save a little a because they're afraid president would keep the the economy would weaken so those are two tactics that chinese use but they don't understand the president. if anything -- that best line the president
9:24 pm
ever gave me as a businessmen is you have to be prepared to walk away from table if you're not prepared to do that then you're strength and influence in negotiating notal going to work so -- i think that is hallmark of his 45 year success is as a business person now as a politician so they should get that message from him. they should not be going tactically where they are right now. >> you would think that they study the man. he's pretty -- i mean, pretty much know that he's willing to walk any point. but the amazing part of it is that our economy is so strong right now. and china's economy is very is vulnerable. it is the president pulls a plug on this, i mean they're going to be in real trouble. j you know well listen, it is hurting both economies. if president ising loo at this thing saying it is a 30-year shrug with asymmetry in the trade jeanine what hechts to do is right size it and do it quickly and set that up before the reelection take place. but if he can't do it i think he's signaling to these guys listen if you're not going to play billion now, it is going to be rough for you later. here's the first president in 30
9:25 pm
years that is using the strength of our free enterprise system as a con jewel against chinese so i think it is interesting i predict they'll fadee here and probably take longer than we were liking as market participants but i think they'll fade because they need to deal more than we do right at this moment. >> but they already tariff our stuff. >> that's correct. >> yes. >> we don't tariff their stuff. >> but you have to remember one of the things president is upset about is they came in as a developing nation that means they can tariff and embargo thing they're now second large dmi in the world so president isup set they've literally had democrat and republican nows practiced on behalf of lower middle class americans so -- he wants them to be the world now as a not an emerging nation or going economy. butno as the second largest economy in the world competing with the develop nations like us and great britain and france, et cetera. >> so no question. >> that's one of the things that inpresident is upset about. >> let's talk about farmers and
9:26 pm
soybean so china is a huge purchaseer of soybean now say we're not going to buy your soybeans who what happens to farmer and why is -- you know what is china doing? >> so china is a very large demand coming from china. and so that drop is causing soybean price to go down at the same time that tariffs are raising the prices of farm equipment and i that dislocation that tariffs strategy is going to hurt certain industries pretty hard and president understands this and basically said to farmers is we're going give you a government subsidy to hold you over and this message toto farming community and heartland is okay listen we have to fix this problem this is almost a generation and a half of having a problem with chinese. i don't want to hurt your business or your farming industry, so we're going subsidize you while we're putting pain on china and part of the other economy our economy that's stronger. so that's basically what he's saying here. >> speaks to man to the
9:27 pm
president the way he knows if someone is going to get hurt he's going to cover them and give farmers subsidy. >> he knows that he doesn't want to get wiped same way to rebuild the streel industry, he knows that it is superimportant and farming and steel saying we have to get that stuff back in the united states and -- in case of the farmers saying let's subsidize this to protect ourselves in the situation. >> thanks for explaining that. back from las vegas from school. didn't lose money in las vegas thank god. here we are. >> all right. good to have you here. and corey lewandowski still ahead with the panel is next. stay withh us. run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more.
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suspect in connection with disappearance of four-year-old malala davis. police say they found blood in his apartment and have now charged him with evidence tampering. host a former fiancé of the little girl's mother the suspect told police malala abduct last saturday the cops also say that suspect was seen carrying a full longed drink basket from apartment to his car which was found thursday in a nearby town. and unknown amount of a gasoline product called reform mate spilled into the houston ship channel when tanker collided with a tug boat pushing two barges. one capsized other was damaged each estimated to be carrying 25,000 gallons of its toxic product and unknown amount a of gasoline products spilled into the water no one was injured. i'm now back to justice with judge janeen. >> have a voluntarily released a tax forms and that i think what we're trying to do here is --
9:33 pm
to main consistent with a principal that previous development. >> the democrats just can't let it go. still battling defeat president trump taxst returns as if theres not enough to fight about. but panel ready to talk about that ando much more, video columnist stephanie and host of the aggressive progressive podcast on revolver chris hahn okay guys so they're telling us crucial crisis when it is in the a scriewcial constitutional crisis at the border but question i have for you is this, this who is chair of weighs and means chris just said we need a president tax return because we want to keep him in line with last six presidents. really? that is why -- >> a constitutional crisis when the court tells them give them what he asked for and he said no and there will be a crisis but right now -- >> not in a crisis. not a confrontation -- no i think we're in a
9:34 pm
constitutional confrontation right now, congress does have right to oversee the president and they absolutely have right to see tax return for that wall they have the right to leak to the public but right to see it. >> l i think the chance of it not being late. >> i don't know. i mean, i think if it is leaked there should be consequences for leaking but i think look when you have something that every president nixon has done without any question releasing their tack return and this president doesn't want to we should is all be asking the question why that is, and i think most americans are about and now that we've learn he's lost 100 million dollars a year for ten years back in the 90s and early 2,000 that is interest and we want to see what he's all about. >> sterve knee when chris said we all i think speak for himself and some of the democrat that are trying to score political points. most americans don't care, that democrats are already tried this in 2016 and no one cared then so we're relit at a timing taxes president trump made it clear that he's used -- and everything and then everything possible to pay the
9:35 pm
least amount thatss he possibly could and taxes, and what i'm seeing is that democrats are abusing power, and this week when senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said that democrats are publicly you know going through the five stages of grief, that is exactly what's happening first it was denial that was the russia hoax now they're angry and they're throwing everything at qawl to see what sticks trying to get taxes goingth for the obstructin charges that is -- literally looney town crazy world and washington, d.c. right and i can't be the only one who iswh furious about it. it is hard it see democrat crying about this thing a constitutional crisis since when had have democrats cared about the constitution. >> steph, stephanie you're -- you're not a little bit curious to see what is in tack return that she didn't want to show it and anybody else has a little bit kier use i think we all want to see it. i don't know maybe it will be nothing. maybe it will be more losses
9:36 pm
then you can talk about -- real estate that can happen. but i -- is curiosity a reason to invade privacyy for someone not mandatd by law is not mandate by any of the committee, this is not something that president is required to do everyone el is in politic for 100 year let me ask you this, chris. i like to know and i think it was mark levin who asked about nancy pelosi's husband multimillionaires. i want to ask him about diane feinstein husband and ask him about harry reid son. i want to ask him about joe biden's son. what was he doing in the yiewg ukraine while russia was invading ukraine i want to see those tax returns i have, and you know this is a game that we can all play. >> you know, what when you run for president you have no expectation of privacy. solet put that aside for a minute.
9:37 pm
everybody -- husband you know -- every other president released tax return that's all we know is that he's great at one thing losing money. the best there ever was. so we know that about him right now. let's learn or more. let's find out where he's -- >> are you a billionaire? everybodywa wants to judge. president trump and business field like he's a lot better off than even -- >> saying i was best businessman in the world and found out that i was -- best at losing money. he's -- he ran for president saying he was best businessman. >> he was elected. america wanted him to be president. and look at the economy now. you think obama had had any chance to get this economy -- >> started stephanie you have the last word. >> judge -- not anymore -- >> go ahead stephanie. >> chris is any turn. chris you asked me if i was curious honestly i really don't care and i think most americans don't care but are in tacks --
9:38 pm
tax return and i'll tell you because they're more focused about about thehe economy and having secure borders and all of the other things that affect their lives that's not going to change anything. it is not going to change any opinion about trump whatever we find out from tax returns i think from that when i say that. >> show me the money that's all ion can say mr. president. show me the money. [laughter] >> with everyone else and members of congress. show me mr. president. >> why? not running -- >> people want to know -- like don and a everything else you guys are just having a hissy fit and you ought to start working for the american people. chris stephanie, thanks. really we're talking 2020 with corey lewandowski in just a moment.
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♪ >> sleepy joe and crazy bernie, i will take any of them. fix somebody and please start this thing. edge, edge, repghting us against president xi of china that will be great. that will bee great. i want to be in that room i want to watch that one. and beto, beto -- wait has he fallen like a rock
9:43 pm
what the hell happened to beto. president trump a huge field of republican candidate for the republican nomination in 2016 but there are even more contenders this time out. on the democratic side, and as you just saw is he ever ready to go after him here to talk about former trump and corey lewandowski i have to tell you almost empty not almost but it is entertaining sleepy joe and this one and that one -- i can't wait to hear him go after them but i have to tell you i think joe biden he seems to be focusing on him is that because joe is leat guy in the race or maybe because he really wants to run against him and can't wait to go after him. what do you think? >> you know joe i think it is a little bit of both i think actually people forget the eight years of the obama administration and all of the failures that joe biden is tied to. look this president wants to talk about what the economy has doneen under his leadership andf joe bideen wants to reiterate
9:44 pm
the normal that's a contrast where administration has taken american people and joe biden wants to talk about hundreds of thousands of manufacture jobs and they have brought back so this president has lined up a clear difference between what barack obama failed to do and when he's been able to do and remind american people that joe bidens driving that agenda on obama administration. >> you know you make a good point because so many people think that joe biden is blue collar guy from scranton, pennsylvania to appeal to blue collar guy but when you put, you know -- the facts out there and to the economy and people working and ing job and deregulation all of that that is befriending the working american. and -- but i think it is i think it is a hoot when he goes after -- he goes after crazy bernie, crazy why is bernie crazy? >> well, because that guy
9:45 pm
whacked a head on shower door and has 75 stitches on his head and he's about socialist and don't forget you've got pocahontas and spartacus all of the people who all of a sudden want to be part of, you know, what they think is their opportunity to bebe the next president of the yiet. and this president relishes opportunity to define his opponent we saw it very clearly i saw it every day in republican primary and i saw him define hillary clinton and defining a democrat opponent whether it is crazy berniee or sleepy joe or pocahontas american people listen to those name and they say he's absolutely right. he's right who these people are. >> haven't you ever gotten stitches?ea cory -- >> no not like beating head on the the shower door. that doesn't happen. >> i feel bad saying that i really do but i think -- bonkers butlet talk about the fact that he hasn't touched any of the women. he just went after the white
9:46 pm
males. did you no i -- notice that? >> i have noticed it and right now democratic party is at a cross roads they are begging either or for a woman or african-american or anybody other than old white guy and right now it is a two person race and we have a lot of time in that but bernie sanders and joe bide reason running away from field you know robert francis o'rourke you call him beto but name is robert sis fallen like a rock because he's a stone cold lose or so two old qhiet guys if you put them up against donald trump, and trump pence team they are going lose with a historic level just is like ronald reagan won in '84 and donald trump reelected in 2020. >> i think you hit on something really important that has a similarities between ronald reagan and donald trump. and -- problems they entertained in their first administration and successes thatst they attained i
9:47 pm
really think think there's a comparison there and i look at people like and beto what makes these people think they can be president at least with donald trump he had an empire a businessman as a result of his business expertise this trade -- trade issue with with china we come out shining on that and be down the road a bit but we will. i mean, when are these guy having to offer other than they hate donald trump? >> they're only message to the american people is we hate donald trump more than we love our country. ouwhether it is eric who is zero congressman from california you get seth congressman from massachusetts you know congressman mayor after mayor none of these people achieved anything other than getting elected in a small congressional district to go around and look, historical electoral success doesn't mean you ran for anything and change direction of the country for the pert but you
9:48 pm
have to have to achieved something and they haven't achieved nothing. >> corey lewandowski thanks for being us and brandon up next with a story that has me all fired up. back in a moment. toppable john deere gator xuv835, because when others take rain checks... we take the wheel. run with us. search "john deere gator" for more.
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a pennsylvania principal ordered
9:52 pm
to stop saying god bless america had to his students after the pledge of allegiance why? because a parent complained join me to talk about it is cofounder of formerbo police officer brann it is my understanding that this parent heard every morning the principal would say god bless america and one parent complains to the freedom from religion foundation saying that the establishment caused of the applause of the first amendment prohibitsnd government sponsorsp of a religious message. and now they -- they have decided that that's not going to be said anymore and they're saying that young elementary school children don't need to be cohearsed into affirming god's name every morning at school. what say you?
9:53 pm
>> brandon can you hear me? >> yeah i can hear you. >> braun do you can you hear me? >> i can hear you now. >> i don't know if you heard what i said about but they took god bless america off the after the pledge of allegiance what say you about this? >> well i think it's speaks to bigger issue i'm saddened that one parent can have so much power against god but i think it is -- we're dealing with a jng or a culture in america that is becoming more and more increasingly anti-christ. and i'll say this on national tv for everybody to hear. if we continue to disguide in our culture we continue to dismiss god in our everyday doings in america. we're going to fail as a country and i believe that on the it tv. >> but there are people feel
9:54 pm
empowered enough in minority feel they can just go to make a complaint and say, you know there's separation between church and state and something as simple as god bless america. i mean, if this is a new country there was a remaking of america by the left where saying word god saying anything about religion, christianity is -- is criticized. i think it is ridiculous and can't let other people live it has not going to kill your child for a person to get on announcement say god bless america if your child doesn't believe in god then just don't reiterate the words you can exercise your own faith without damaging or eliminating the faith expression from everybody else. majority of this country is a christian. are christians people in the country are christians so i think that it would be reasonable it allow them to say what they want to say if you disagree don't say it. but i like fact that school
9:55 pm
said, that they won't say it over announce or teacher won't e iterate but they have a right and good step by the school. >> brandon thanks so much. we'll be right back. -motor? -it's pronounced "mo-tour." for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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. >> finally tonight, every
9:59 pm
second sunday in may when we celebrate moms everywhere, the day we show her how much we appreciate her and all she has done for us pico it is usually a sunny day, mother's day with mom regalia of stories of what it was like raising kids whether we are from dennis the menace or other eras and it is always appreciated by moms to devote time and energy at a rate far greater burqa for those of us without mom as i am for the first time this year, no such delight for go instead we have the memories, sweet memories at her gravesite for go if you are still lucky enough to have your mom, hug her and cherish her. to my mother, good night mom.
10:00 pm
thank you for watching. advocating for truthth and justice and the american way. greg is next. see you next week.


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