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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 13, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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actual crisis. >> sean: there is a guy i will listen to, sure. a lot of breaking news. this is just the opening. an avalanche coming. we will never be the hate, rage, media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, how are you? >> laura: i am great. game on with the u.s. attorney in connecticut. i am excited about this. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." we say this every night, but it's a busy one tonight. we have breaking news. attorney general bill barr just launched a new investigation into the probe, the original origin of the russia probe and spying in the 2016 trump campaign. we know why the democracy were trying to destroy the attorney general. how deep will with investigation go? how high will barack obama and hillary clinton be implicated?
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ken starr and john with answers in moments. our 2020 clown car segment. should illegals receive free health care and old biden comments on immigration that might surprise you. and harvard cans a dean to appease their students. and a congresswoman sparks another israel controversy. first trump, the clean up man. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." on friday after trade talks broke town, president trump raised tariffs on some chinese goods to 25%. today the chinese retaliated. threatening to hike tariffs on 5,000 u.s. products. the media went into instant and
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predictable meltdown mode. >> he is building a wall of tariffs and you are paying for it. >> weilding tariffs because it makes the president look tough. that only hurts american families. >> no one wants this. the chinese don't want this. the americans don't want this. it looks like this was a problem of donald trump's own making. >> laura: yeah, this whole china problem, just popped up in the last few years. oh my god. presidents since george washington recognized the power and importance of tariffs to protect the american interest. trump is wisely using tariffs to punish china for bad behavior. what is the alternative? with trump in the white house china knows the days of the exploiting the american market are over! talks broke down when the
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chinese reneged on the promise to change their laws requiring american companies in china to do transfer technology trade secrets. outrageous. why did any u.s. president allow china to hold our companies at gunpoint? stripping them of innovation to turn around and use american engineering and know-how to dominate the market themselves. i still remember this really well back in 2000 when bill clinton urging china's admission into the world trade organization made all sorts of promises to the american people. >> this agreement is a good deal for america. our products will gain better access to china's market and every sector from agriculture to
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automobiles. >> laura: yeah that, worked out well. let's break it down. it's complicated but you can get it. in 2018 u.s. exports to china 179.3-billion. chinese imports to the united states were 557.9-billion dollars. the trade deficit with china was 378.6-billion dollars. that was up 10% from 2017. a very good deal for china. last year u.s. imports from china were up 427% from 2001. that was pre-admission to the world trade organization. >> china has been taking advantage of the united states for many, many years. i am not just talking about the obama administration. you can go back long before
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that. it's taking 600 billion dollars a year out of the united states. we can't let that happen. we for a strong position. our economy has been powerful and theirs has not been. >> laura: trump is now the clean up man for presidents and politicians who did nothing about china for decades. that just facilitated the rise of the communist regime. with all we know about how china operates, there is a question to ask: where are we trading with them at all? they are a geo-political adversary that intends to destroy freedom. they want to dominate. during the cold war we didn't do business with the soviet union and that was smart. i have a question:
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where are all of the liberals who supposedly care about human rights? they protested apartheid in africa in the 1980s. we have christians held in internme internment camps in china. there is no freedom of thought or freedom of religion. you add to that their trade practices and their pledge. stated pledge to dominate every major city by 2025. they are well on their way in space weaponry and artificial intelligence. this is a toxic mix for anyone who loves freedom. trump properly assessed the threat to the entire world where
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china controls all fuel production. think about national security. 90% of the world's printed circuit boards are manufactured in asia and more than half in china. american weps depend on chinese parts and some may be infected with computer viruss that would allow to disable them. our leaders seem to be waking up under trump. >> no country poses a broader, more severe intelligence collection threat than china. >> we understand the threat. the chinese are working to put their systems in networks across the world to steal your information. >> the president's instincts to go after china are the right thing to do. i think china has taken terrible
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advantage of america over the last decade and they don't play fair. >> laura: will the tariffs cause short-term pain? probably. but in a 20-trillion dollars economy like our tariffs on 60-billion dollars worth of goods can be absorbed. it's better to absorb short term pain than china's domination of our industry. trump offered this way out earlier today. >> if they don't want to pay tariffs, make it here or buy it from another country that is a non-tariff country. whether you go to vietnam or others you can do that. >> laura: word to the wise. trump has a prudent approach to a problem that has been ignored for decades. now it's time to do something about it. that's the "angle." joining me now marty davis and
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rick, president and ceo of the american apparel and footwear situation. marte, you said trump is intelligent and right on trade issues. a lot of big american ceos tonight disagree with you. >> i did say that and believe that to be the case. a lot of the ceos, many are dealing with individual company issues that are important to them. especially in the bubble market sector. as it relates to the long-term interests of our government and our country, president trump is 100% right. i think he showed great courage. he said 3 or 4 administrations and the congress swept this under the rug for 20 years and
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prior to 2000 when they went into the wtl, so he and his team have done a tremendous job. they understand it. they will deal with it. and have dealt with it well. >> laura: rick, you make apparel and sneakers. a very big company. you are very upset tonight by the escalation in this on-going negotiation with china. tell us from your perspective why we should continue business as usual with what we know china is doing on trade. >> well, laura, first opening. i don't agree with everything you said. >> laura: bring it on. take up the temperature. let's fight this out tonight. >> marty, i know about the history of your company. that's fine too. here's the problem. we give the president a lot of
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credit for bringing this subject up. he talked about it. he talked about it when he was candidate trump in january. there was discussion in the first republican debate. >> laura: why are you surprised? all of these people are surprised trump is doing what he said he was going to do. obama said he would be tough on china. bush promised the world and said china would become freer and all of these doors would be open. american companies going into china. the numbers don't lie. we have a 380-billion dollars up 10% with china. how is that fair? i know it's good for you company make cheap stuff in china and bring it back to the united states. i get it. for the average american company doing business here, they have to turn overtheir intellectual property and they are off to the
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races. >> it doesn't work exactly that way. let's be candid about this. we for a difficult situation. tariffs used surgically can be a good thing. used on a mass scale they bottom weapons of mass destruction. this could destroy our economy. we are not arguing -- >> laura: we have a 20-trillion dollars economy. marty, i have heard that tariffs will destroy the u.s. economy for the last 3 years. what are the chances of an inflation raging through our economy? if you are saying this will destroy the economy, we have to see signs of inflation. no economist i read sees inflation. >> i think the answer to it -- and it kinds of the same old
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rhetoric. first, china comes at our market and hijacks american capitalism with the keenness of a government rundown by a political dictatorship. they don't play in our structure, but they harvest the fruits of our structure. they are aggressive and predatory. this is not new. the clinton administration trade people after clinton orchestrated a proposal with china, their people pointed out what could happen. there was a great article in 2000 that laid out what could and probable would happen in the wto. bush sustained it. it's not political. it's policy. congress got it wrong. over half of them.
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they allowed china to come into the united states and work by their rules. >> laura: rick, the people who say this is not the way to go. okay i say to them: gives your blueprint. we had obama for 8 years and things got worse and worse in stealing our intellectual property and the dumping of state sponsored industry. how do we right this? obama could not do it. it got worse under bush. >> president bush tryed it in 2002. the steel tariff didn't work. >> laura: we didn't stick with it long enough. >> -->> we tried washing machines. that's not working.
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>> laura: that's not the case. we have some growth. >> the growth is terrific. right now it costs 817,000 dollars per employee. >> laura: what is the answer? do you want to keep doing business? the business as it's been going? you are fine to keep on the same track? >> look, here's the issue, laura. the ambassador and president trump steered away from the american consumer. as of tonight at 5 o'clock, they have gone after us in a big way with with the last round of tariffs. we oer are on this list -- ande will get hammered. >> laura: what about the country? >> now, now -- >> laura: what about america?
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>> this is america. >> laura: so this is good for freedom, really? >> in the first decade they were in the wto, we lost 5 to 6 million manufacturing jobs. the consumer suffers under that a heck of a lot more than this transition back to a free mark. >> laura: we will see what happens with inflation. all of the predictions with doom and gloom, we have to see inflation or those predictions are false. my next guest said the obsession over russia allowed china to fly under the radar. china has been doing this near criminal behavior for a while.
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companies want to produce stuff cheaper in asia. they don't want anyone to tinker with the way it's been. what happens if the dynamic doesn't change? what is the alternative for america? >> well, your second guest said we should not take chemotherapy when we have cancer because it can be unpleasant. it is. it has side-effects. we tried everything. in the beginning we were told if we overlooked copyright infringements, they would get rich and be westernized and it would be no problem. then we were told the deficits are not that bad for us and surpluses are not that good for them. they disagreed obviously. then we were told they would help out in iran and north korea. none of that turned out to be true. donald trump came back. he is doing something that is
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normal. sticking up for american interests. everything has been so abnormal that being normal is abnormal. >> laura: our guests didn't have an answer. the answer is what we tried before did not work. biden sounded off about the trump tariffs in a campaign stop in new hampshire. let's watch. >> the president has done nothing but increase the tariffs, the debt and the trade deficit. china's greatest violation is the way they steal our intellectual property. make it quid pro quo. he's gone about it the wrong way. >> laura: peter posted out in 20 20 2013 joe biden flew to china and
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ink a deal. does biden have a china problem? >> yes, he does. remember senate feinstein in california her chauffeur was a chinese agent for 20 years and her husband has business interest in china. now people say we have to have a quid pro quo. if they have a tariff on us, we will have a tariff on them. it's a holistic attitude by this communist dictatorship. they push our allies in asia around. if you don't step up now, you won't be able to do. it final thing, we have twice the gdp that china does with one-third of the population.
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the biggest military, the biggest energy producer and this idea we are weak or will lose is absurd. >> laura: we will throw away our future because of china and $3 billion of soybeans. it's not to say soybeans are not important. unless we get this right, it's all over anyway. i don't get this whole thing with the soybeans and the sneakers. trump is doing long-term thinking. victor, thank you very much. breaking news, bill barr said game on. his appointment of an u.s. attorney to look into the surveillance of the trump team shows he won't rest until we get to the bottom of this. ken starr and john are here to break it down next.
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>> laura: summer arrived early in washington for some people. attorney general bill barr true to his word just appointed a u.s. attorney to determine if surveillance of the trump team was unlawful. the announcement dropped over an hour ago that connecticut u.s. attorney john durham will investigate the origins of the
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russia investigation. durham is an inspired choice. he investigated law enforcement corruption and destruction of cia videotapes. ken starr and former deputy assistant attorney general john hue. ken, will durham look at? >> he will get to the bottom of this. durham was a brilliant choice by bill barr. it was timely. we are waiting for the inspector general report. now we have the most respected prosecutor in the united states who served so brilliantly including assignments during the obama administration. he is above politics. you can't talk about he is an angry republican. he was confirmed by every member of the senate who voted. why? because of his record. we have an honest cop on the beat.
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i am pleased that bill barr said let's have the respect from the inspector general. let's have john durham take a look as well. great timing. and remember waiting in the wings is lindsey graham who said i want to get to the bottom of this as well. we will find out. >> laura: john, for the democrats to have done what they did last week, moving on contempt against bill barr. did they think that would cower bill barr and he would be dissuaded from what he said he was going to do, which was take a look at this spying? will they try to smear durham given his professionalism and integrity and a wide ranging experience he has on government corruption issues? >> if i were the democrats i would be quite worried. the reason why i am appointing a u.s. attorney, attorney general
7:27 pm
barr is saying he thinks it's possible that criminal violations occurred in the start of the investigation into the trump russian collusion. judge barr said there is already an inspector general investigation that will come to a conclusion. that's just to reform things. you would not go with a u.s. attorney like durham unless the attorney general thinks something criminal might have happened, that people at the fbi or the justice department were acting out of motives and were not just dubed by the russian. if you are a democrat i think you would be worried to see the appointment of a career prosecutor like this. >> laura: what they said about barr last week was reprehensible. among the people trashing barr
7:28 pm
was jim comey who worked with barr. this is what he said last week. >> he is an accomplished and very smart person. he had nothing to lose in taking this job but his reputation. but i think he lost most of his reputation with the way he conducted himself. >> laura: lost most of his reputation. who might feel that early summer heat tonight but jim comey? >> it's so unfair. it's unfortunate. it's unfair not just to bill barr but to the department of justice which he is leading. bill barr is deeply respected by the career people in the justice department who calls at this time way he sees it. that's what he's been doing throughout this process. i regret what jim comey said and i disagree with it. i hope that bill barr will continue to call them the way he sees them and be the honest person he is and don't bend to
7:29 pm
the pressures of washington, d.c. >> laura: john, how high could this go? how far could this investigation go? there was a lot riding on who won the presidency. obama wanted to hillary to win and we had the whole deal with her server. we don't know where this could go. congress can't do the investigation that a u.s. attorney is trained to do, correct? >> actually someone who worked on fisa applications i could tell you how high it could go. under the fisa law the attorney general has to approve the fisa application. if the steele dossier which was completely made up was used as a basis for a fisa application, you have somebody high up in the fbi had to improve that and someone high up in the justice department had to approve and the attorney general has to approve that.
7:30 pm
it appears that the fbi tried to infiltrate the trump campaign. the attorney general guidelines only allow that in very, very rare circumstances. i assume the attorney general and maybe the fbi director comey all had to approve it. all of their decisions should be looked at. some people are going to be in a lot of trouble. lying to a federal court under oath is perjury. >> laura: thank you very much. we were going to get into other topics. breaking news. the debut of the "the ingraham angle" 2020 democrat clown car is next. and free healthcare for illegals and biden's immigration comments
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>> ♪ >> laura: we are debuting a new segment exposing the 2020 democratic bandwagon for what it is. a clown car. >> ♪ >> laura: this weekend, kamala harris joined uncle joe to call for illegals to have full access to healthcare. >> let me be very clear about this. i am opposeed to any policy that would deny in our country any human being from access to public safety, public education, or public health, period. >> laura: joining me dan bongino author of a book and chris hahn host of a pod cast. chris, do democrats think this is an idea, not that you will deny people in the emergency
7:36 pm
room? that's not when we are talking about. we are talking about obamacare for all illegals? is that something america will sink its teeth into? >> who pays for it when they go to the emergency room. we have to pay for it because we are good people. we should find a way to acknowledge what is going and give people the healthcare they need and find a reasonable way to pay for it. if we keep sending people to the emergency room, that costs way too much for this country. we have to be realistic. >> laura: hundred of thousands ever homeless on the streets including too many just a couple of blocks from where we broadcast. it's so depressing! they are on the street in america. many u.s. veterans. but we are supposed to tell the taxpayers, it's 18 billion dollars a year now. the cost of full healthcare for 20 million illegals will be a
7:37 pm
lot higher. california just nixed 3 billion dollars for medi-cal. that was even too much for california. >> they tried this in vermont with a democratic governor, just to give healthcare to legal residents. chris is unfamiliar how this emergency thing works. they did a study already. he doesn't know the results of it likely. >> i do and you don't. >> he is not familiar with. it they gave insurance to american citizen and use of the emergency room went up and not down. how do you explain to the medicare operation that their tax money is being used when
7:38 pm
medicare is going bankrupt. >> i am on the board of an american hospital. >> laura: that explains it! hospital stocks are way up. i always look at the hospital stocks and the insurance company stocks. way up after obamacare. we will save money? their stocks are way up. good for them but bad for consumers. democrats on the issue of immigration, listen to some unearthed footage of joe biden from way back november 2006. >> i voted for a fence. [muffled audio]. people are driving across that border with tons of everything.
7:39 pm
>> laura: he sounds like trump there. what happened to the democrat party? obama was good on this. bill clinton in 1996. and now it's open borders. what is going on? >> so, what passed for good security in 2006 and passes for it today has evolved, i hope. nobody wants to see drugs and anybody who will harm this country coming up through our southern border. today we have modern technology to defend the border. >> laura: i was just there. i don't think the fence is it at all. i agree on. that but it's wild to hear this old video of these democrats. the threat is more severe today when it comes to the power of the cartels.
7:40 pm
they use the family units to divert border patrol to rescue 200 people or 12 people and do the drug drop 4 miles down the river. we saw this last week. this is how they are doing it. it's worse now because of the severity of the opioid threat. >> i love how chris covers for bind. -- biden. security evolved. the wheel evolved too. >> not with the stone wheel. >> number 2 what really evolved. security and camera technology, granted it. but what evolved is the politician. remember chuck schumer? he was strong on immigration. i don't know why democrat voters put up with this stuff. >> laura: harvard university caveing to the student mob
7:41 pm
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>> ♪ >> laura: a university caved into the student mob. the school announced that sullivan and his wife the dean of a residential house would not be reappointed.
7:45 pm
because students were upset he joined harvey weinstein defense. professor you say this school's decision represents the new mccarthyism. explain. >> everybody has the right to a defense. when i was in college, professors and lawyers got fired for representing communists. you could get fired for representing someone who was gay or a woman seeking an abortion. now you get fired and he was fired from his job as dean for representing somebody charged with rape. the students claim they feel
7:46 pm
unsafe. that's a nonsensical argument. the same professor represented a double murderer a couple of years ago and they didn't feel unsafe. this is political correctness run amuck. the only thing they care about is getting their way. they claim he was away too often. if he was away prosecuting weinstein they would be building a statue of him. they use all of these excuses. >> laura: you can get fired for saying the wrong thing. forget representing the wrong client at harvard. if you have the wrong point of view, it's a 50-50 question whether you will survive the mentality. it's not just harvard. i am not picking on harvard. it's a great institution. this stuff has to stop. it's so bad for learning.
7:47 pm
for the life of me i don't understand why the board of trustees puts up with it or the administration. they are giving into the mob mentality. >> many students are opposed to this. >> laura: but they are afraid to speak out. >> alumni and donors and faculty should speak up. this is a terrible thing to teach students. this was an opportunity for an educational moment. the dean of the college could have called the students in. sullivan offered to talk to the students. they didn't want to listen. >> laura: you are much nicer than i am. i would have said go back and hit the books. exams are coming up. >> no, i am nastier than you are. >> laura: i am tired of these students going to the most privileged institution on the planet. i am tired of these kids. >> i said a student who is fearful of a professor like this
7:48 pm
doesn't belong in the university. >> laura: okay. rachida from michigan perceived to be anti-semitic. >> there is a calming feeling when i think of the holocaust and it was my ancestors the palestinians. >> they helped hitler kill jews. the palestinian leadership went to germany and planned the extermination of the news.
7:49 pm
she is making this up. she didn't tell people about the palestinians going to help hitler. >> laura: $70,000 fake wedding albums. the break up of an illegal immigration scam you won't believe. webut some of us turn outhose dreams...... into action... the bookers. the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... is right there for the booking.
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>> ♪ >> laura: as the u.s. is on track to hit a record high of one million illegal immigrants this year. the doj is busting an illegal immigrant scam that offered fake marriages for $70,000. trace gallagher is live tonight in the west coast newsroom with the story. >> of 96 people indicted, 50 are in custody of this marriage fraud scheme. it's like the college admission scandal. a houston based enterprise would charge foreigners $70,000 with album and they would submit fake
7:54 pm
paperwork to immigration authorities. the spouses do not live together and do not intend to live together. quoting the spouses only met briefly usually immediately before obtaining the marriage license or not at all. the u.s. citizens who agreed to the sham marriages received a portion of the proceeds. the more money they paid, the more they got. "ice" said the ring leader ran the whole thing out of this houston area home but had help from associates across texas and vietnam. in the new report, immigration crimes accounted for 34.4% of all sentencing cases. that's up from 30% last year.
7:55 pm
the ring leaders of the marriage fraud could be looking at decades behind bars. those involved in the fake marriages could get 5 years each. >> laura: we will be right back with a salute to a legend in our last bite. guaranteed. plus with most insurance, it's no cost to you. >> mom: really? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage.
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>> laura: a hollywood icon and sing at 97 passed away today dorse. -- doris day. she starred in films when she sang this in the man who knew too much. >> ♪ whatever will be ♪ will be >> laura: she retired in the early '80s devoting herself to protect animals. >> go to your city shelter and
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adopt a pet. the cost is very strong and the reward is very great. give me a kiss somebody. >> laura: she liked being happy and making other people happy and she sure did. may she rest in peace. someone else finding the bright side. shannon bream and the fox news @ night. >> shannon: total class. >> laura: you know who is left dehavalinat 101. >> shannon: thanks. tonight with the fox news alert. breaking news from attorney general bill barr making good on the promise to investigate the investigators naming a u.s. attorney known as a hard charging bull dog to get to the bottom of the origins of the investigation into the trump campaign. former deputy attorney general
8:01 pm
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