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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 18, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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party tonight, done with these people. keep in touch with us. the hour spy in the culture. alexis one of the greatest. check out my new podcast. shannon bream, take it from here. shannon: welcome to fox news at night in naples, florida. we begin with a fox news exclusive. michael flynn's brother a magical long-running high-level effort by the fbi to trip up and trap former national security adviser. breaking minutes ago. james comey is lashing out at the president and the attorney general. what did he just say? bill hammer traveling with the
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attorney general in el salvador and william barr has more questions now than ever before about the earliest origins of the russia probe. here about how he finally plans to get some answers. new revelations of what is behind escalating tensions with iran and top gop lawmakers says there was a directive to kidnap and kill american soldiers. we begin with an exclusive from katherine herridge on a key section of the mueller report flying under the radar about how long michael flynn had been tracked. >> reporter: new special counsel records show michael flynn reported multiple instances before and after his guilty plea where he or his lawyers got called to individuals connected to be a ministration or congress, quote, that could have
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affected his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation. the defendant even provided a voicemail recording of one such communication. sources close to the matter say flynn had a joint defense agreement with the president's legal team and when he began cooperating with the special counsel the president that lawyers protect privileged material. >> absolute surprise. >> reporter: speaking to fox flynn's brother is reacting to the mueller report and the key section indicating the retired general was already under fbi investigation during the 2016 presidential transition. >> general flynn went through 19 sessions with the special counsel, 90 hours of torturous interviews and this never came up the entire time. >> reporter: the report states investigators came across the fbi probe when examining discussion of sanctions with russian ambassador, the fbi opened an investigation of flynn based on his relationship with the russian government. flynn's contact became a key component of that investigation. that time it matters because it
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was previously thought his phone calls that led to flynn's termination for lying prompted the fbi case. 27 year justice department veteran reviewed the passage. >> it looks clear to me the use of the word previously suggests an independent investigation. >> reporter: footnotes site fbi interviews, mary mccord helped with the art russia probe and james comey, the president tweeted it seems general flynn was under investigation long before it was common knowledge. why was i not told so i could make a change? flynn's brother says bad stuff to stanley of long-held concerns. >> because of his vocal criticism of the obama administration and the intelligence community which he came out of my suspicion is they were doing everything they could to trap them up and trap him. >> reporter: the reference to russian context might be it, flynn sat next to the russian president. show flynn says his brother kept them in the loop. >> he briefed the dia prior to that and after that.
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>> reporter: there was no fbi briefing warning the trump campaign of a counterintelligence case on flynn. the special counsel's office declined to comment. shannon: attorney general william barr is determined to get to the bottom of what sparked the probe into the trump campaign during the 2016 election. he spoke with bill hammer in a fox news exclusive in el salvador. >> reporter: in his first interview since becoming attorney general william barr laid out a legal roadmap to his investigation. he made it clear he has questions about the fisa court and how the steel dossier was used. >> this appears to run deep. why is it so hard to figure out? >> there is a misconception that we know a lot about what happened. the fact of the matter is bob
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mueller did not look at the government's activities. he was not looking at the counterintelligence program. we have a number of investigations underway that touch upon it but no one has looked for us. >> you came into this job and started asking questions. do you get answers? >> i thought when i came in from the other side that questions, i had, many other people had, that would be readily answered once i got in but i haven't found that to be the case. >> reporter: the attorney general was in el salvador to show support for mueller and its fight against crime and street gangs like ms 13. we walked through a steamy gym outside the capital city san salvador where gained members were under arrest. william barr took the job three months ago and started asking questions about timeline and events like a meeting between
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james comey and other intel chiefs with donald trump. in the period between election day and the inauguration did anyone in government or intelligence take action to justify their decisions? >> there were strange developments during that period. griff: such as? >> the handling of the meeting on january '62 the intelligence chief said the president and the leaking of information subsequent to that meeting. >> reporter: is that in new york city? >> yes. >> reporter: and trump tower? >> yes. >> reporter: what questions you have about what happened that day? >> i'm not going to get into that. we need to look at it. >> reporter: democrats have the attorney general in their crosshairs. they believe he lied before congress and a house committee voted to hold him in contempt. just this week william barr saw nancy pelosi on capitol hill.
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>> it was more like an icebreaker. i was introduced and asked if she had brought her handcuffs with her. >> reporter: and she said? >> i didn't quite hear what she said. she wasn't unpleasant about it. >> reporter: will you by sometime? >> my statement at the bottom line of the report was accurate. >> reporter: the attorney general says he has no objection to robert mueller testify on the hill but as of today no date has been set. robert mueller and william barr have known each other for 30 years and william barr told me he considers robert mueller to be a friend. shannon: james comey tweet researching the president claiming the fbi and litigation was, quote, treason. reminds me a lie told often enough because the truth. that shouldn't happen in america.
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who will stand up? let's bring in the legal eagles. bradley maas, independent counsel fall weisenburger. another tweet from the former fbi director says this. the ag should stop sliming his own department. if there are bad facts show us or search for them professionally and then tell us what you found. and ag must act like the leader of that part of justice, an organization based on truth. donald trump has enough. what do you make of this? the former fbi director coming up to the current ag. >> he is a congenital liar is what i think. the attorney general did not slime his own department. the attorney general said that if government officials acted improperly and abused their power and put their thumb on the scale that is something everybody should know about.
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he is going to look into it and said i am not saying that happened. let me tell you about william barr. last week i went to rod rosenstein's farewell in the department of justice. that was held in the great hall. they don't usually hold a farewell ceremony for the deputy ag in the great hall. christopher ray was there, william barr was there, rob rosenstein was there, jeff sessions was there. that sound like somebody who is sliming his own department? a complete lie. william barr has not said one thing since he became attorney general to slime his own department. thanks for the promotion. i was not independent counsel. i was deputy independent counsel. shannon: rarely in washington do people demote themselves. they like extra credit where they can get it but we want to keep it accurate here. we hear from brad, the president's 2020 campaign manager, he things all of this will help them. here is what he said. >> is the russia investigation
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has fallen apart we are investigating the people who made the lies at the table has turned. the president has seen an increase of democrats supporting him. shannon: do you think this investigation into the investigators now revealing various things and we will know more in the next few weeks? we will get some results. could backfire on the democrats, it appears they've been too aggressive in going after the president? >> i don't think so. even fox news polling shows the american public trust robert mueller over donald trump, over william barr. what is scary is the language on the campaign, language out of the white house and language out of the attorney general is all one and the same. they are all saying this was a hoax. they are all saying it was lies. we had 108 pages that showed it was a legitimate basis to run this investigation from the beginning. it wasn't based on the dossier but on standard fbi investigative techniques.
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what is concerning here is the attorney general seems to have prejudged how it sounds. not think it is definitive but how it sounds, he has prejudged that something was wrong with how the surveillance was done. we've not seen evidence of that. he should have kept his mouth shut about that until the investigation was done. if you found something that explain it, then disclose it professionally and that is what james comey was trying to say about the attorney general. >> he never called a hoax. shannon: blaming the defense for himself? do you think james -- do you think james comey is laying a defense for himself in some way? anything to worry about with these investigations? >> i don't know if he has anything to worry about but he is much more concerned about the historical record. he knows he disgraced himself in the 2016 election the way he interfered, the whole hillary clinton press conference but william barr never called this a hoax and to say that he has and
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compare his comments to political operatives is not true. he made it clear he is going to look into whatever he needs to look into. he is not prejudging the matter. you cannot find me one instance where he called it a hoax and it is very clear we know already the fisa court did not get the full story. shannon: bradley, in the context of that, the ag felt i was falsely accused i can see why he would call it a hoax. >> he will follow the president's line, his type of verbiage to discredit the concept of why the investigation was gone. shannon: hopefully we will know more and have new material soon. great to see you. tonight donald trump says what he calls the fake news media is
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hurting the us with its inaccurate and he says dangerous coverage of iran. without republican says intelligence shows there were plans to kidnap and kill american soldiers. allison barber picks up the story from there. >> reporter: senior administration official tells fox news this is a serious situation but they've reached out to the iranian regime and made an offer to negotiate. iran has not responded. iran's foreign minister says there is no possibility of talks with the us. the head of the national security committee is calling for negotiation and blaming saudi arabia for trying to push the us and iran even into a war. concerns about conflict between us and iran skyrocketed after the white house ordered warships and a bomber task force two weeks ago. national security adviser john bolton says it is in response to a number of troubling
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indications and warnings. on wednesday the state department ordered all nonemergency us government employees to leave iraq. the wall street journal reported this -- arena the us may have misread each other's actions. they say us intelligence showed the iranian's started to make preparations to hit us interest in the middle east because the iranian spot the us was preparing to strike first. us those are command told jennifer griffin they saw multiple threats including satellite images of iran loading cruise missiles into the hollowed out holes of small ships and were concerned it could threaten us bases or ships at sea. >> i don't think we have a communication with the iranian government that we need to do you escalate the situation. i would like to understand more about who we are talking to. >> reporter: lawmakers received
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the classified briefing thursday. a pentagon official says acting defense secretary patrick shanahan on tuesday, donald trump seems to be blaming the media for some of the tension. >> a source says, there is no source. the person doesn't exist. the person is not a live. >> reporter: the fake news media is hurting the country with its fraudulent and highly inaccurate coverage of iran. iran doesn't know what to think which may be a good thing. the uranium foreign minister replied he is doing one thing and donald trump saying another, apparently the us that doesn't know what to think. a top iranian commandery should threat the a terry warning iran's short-range missile can easily reach us warships in the persian gulf. >> reporter: thank you very much.
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some democrats put all their eggs into the mueller basket was one billionaire says house democrats have blown it by not moving forward on impeachment right now. the stall investigation into donald trump frustrated and divided democrats to change their strategy. our power panel, chris flynn, brad doris, way and next. [music playing] (michelle) i know what it's like to be in a financially struggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that.
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nancy pelosi has successfully turned the volume down on talk of impeachment. instead democrats are opting for plan b which is more investigations, getting the unredacted mueller report and hearing from robert mueller himself. problem is mueller has not agreed to testify. even house judiciary chairman gerald nadler has acknowledged the white house has done a good job clamping down the energy of the mueller report adding that can quickly change but sounds like the far left is tired of waiting around, and trump haters turning their anger towards democrats. tom stier is launching a one million-dollar ad campaign blasting democratic leaders for failing to impeach. the ads start with people demanding action and concludes with tom scott. >> he is defining you. >> is laughing at you.
12:22 am
>> he is getting away with it. you ask us to wait for the next election? >> the system is broken. we have to fix it. >> reporter: supporters of the impeaching the president wait for democratic leaders to get the message other democrats insist they have options. unclear what those options are but we know yesterday the house majority spent 12 hours in a capital committee room reading the entire redacted mueller report out loud including a guest appearance by liberal activist and actor john q sack and was broadcast live on c-span where history unfolds daily. the hope is to keep the public focused on the mueller report although many democrats admit interest is waning and the only way to gin it back up is for robert mueller to sit down before congress. shannon: thank you very much. special counsel's russia investigation concluded no prosecutable legal case for
12:23 am
collusion but they are still pinning anti-trump hopes on robert mueller. what is next with the power panel. reuters white house correspondent doug mason and the author of the thriller spy master, brad door. great to have you with us. i want more on the tom stier read. he says democrats are blowing it. it is time for impeachment and he has people of all backgrounds and ages to make the case why this should happen. >> this is a message. >> for leaders of the democratic party. >> the two years this president has broken the law. >> and nothing happened. >> wait for the mueller investigation. >> when he showed instruction of justice. >> nothing happened. >> now you tell us to wait for the next election? >> really? shannon: they are chomping at the bit. the time is now. >> the united colors of cluelessness.
12:24 am
i feel 5 of people in the ad being used as dupes that still believe what they see a couple unnamed cable-television networks. they have been lied to for two years every day by the adam schiffs of the world and news anchors and they believe it. what happened to be no money in politics? the first billionaire donor comes along to launch a million-dollar television campaign designed to shame democrats on capitol hill. they are completely shameless. they work there without shame. you cannot shame these people and we have an embarrassing -- the mueller report is out. it is over. like ferris bueller's day off, the movie is over, go home, you didn't get what you wanted. like saddam hussein's regime, japanese soldiers in an island in the 1970s taking notes on shipping traffic. there was no russian collusion except possibly as the worm turns at this point it looks like the hillary dossier was based on information steel got
12:25 am
from russian intelligence sources. things are changing quickly and they are behind the times. >> there's a lot of talk of democrats being divided about what to do next. the new york times is frustrated house democrats pin their hopes on mueller, still trying to get to the hill. the special counsel's damning report on national television, testimony from witnesses who discuss mister mueller's findings on russian election interference and mister trump's possible obstruction of justice but so far mister trump and his allies have successfully parried every one of their moves. this will end up in court as they fight about subpoenas. you think mueller will come to the hill? >> almost certainly will end up in court. whether mueller will come to the lucille to be determined and worked out. they still have questions they don't believe were answered in this report.
12:26 am
one of them being what was his intention and his own thinking and not charging the president with obstruction of justice. those are questions they would like to ask him and do it in a setting that would create good television to keep up the momentum that came out when the report came out and they are struggling with that. the president and the white house and the administration are not cooperating. shannon: a couple months ago, we are not united by that. there have always been vocal members who have voted on moving forward on impeachment. she said this. i am not for impeachment. it is a divisive that unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming a bipartisan i don't think we should go through that path because it divide the country and he is not worth it. more recently in recent days she has been saying things like we
12:27 am
might have to start down that path to get the information to find out if we do need to impeach him. where do we go from here? >> it is a loser and will not go anywhere in the senate and 22 republicans up for reelection including mitch mcconnell. no way even of the house were to get that that it would make it through the senate. this saber rattling about impeachment is a waste of time and money. they need to focus on 2020. you see biden ahead because all the democrats know their only chance is to leave this behind and pin their hopes on someone like biden. i don't know how much work is being done but it is a loser. and this has been going on for generations. and congress needs to pull its power back.
12:28 am
whether democrats do it, backed away balance in dc. >> congress does have oversight powers. have they seeded too much authority to make these arguments? >> they have and congress has plenty of power. i would like to see the senate take up something like the church committee of 1975 looking at abuses of the cia and fbi. the problem democrats have is not that they don't have sufficient power but they are abusing that power in an almost comical where casting a wide net, subpoenaing millions of people when they don't read the 448 page report made available to them at the justice department and freedom adam schiff and chairman nadler don't look at the unredacted report.
12:29 am
they are not serious about pursuing a serious goal. it is over. there was no russian collusion but the issue of instruction has been dealt with. the deputy attorney general and office of legal counsel have adjudicated that. it is over. they are flogging a dead horse and they can subpoena all the people they wanted if mueller comes up which i assume he will to capitol hill he's not coming with a silver bullet that will turn everything around, i left of this part about russian collusion. it is 448 pages. the testimony might make for more television. is a terrible television show but won't give the answer they want which is just done. it is over. move on. shannon: i will still pop popcorn and i hope you will join me. thank you very much.
12:30 am
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>> shannon: tonight, a missouri bi shannon: a missouri bill that would ban abortions after 8 weeks is a step closer to becoming law. the 2020 democratic field is using the controversy to fire up their base. >> reporter: missouri added itself to the list of states passing the strictest antiabortion laws in the country criminalize the procedure starting a eight weeks of pregnancy two days after alabama's governor signed into law the most restrictive antiabortion been in the country. >> alabama. >> reporter: every democratic presidential candidate accept bill diblasio is talking about alabama's new law and all are
12:35 am
adamantly against it. >> we see in alabama if someone is raped and she seeks an abortion the doctor who treats her will be penalized with a longer prison term than her rapist. makes me question whether the discussion about freedom in this country has gone off the rails. >> reporter: in the last 48 hours elizabeth warren and kirsten gillibrand have put forward proposals to pass federal laws protecting roe v wade. senator warren said it is needed to, quote, protect access to reproductive care from right-wing ideologues. >> as president i will codify roe v wade. i will make it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that women in this country have a guaranteed right to an abortion. >> reporter: according to a wall street journal nbc news poll, 71% of voters believe roe v wade should not be overturned, 20% wanted reversed.
12:36 am
joe biden is blaming republican governors were assuring in-laws that should be declared unconstitutional. senator amy klobuchar is pointing fingers at one person, donald trump. >> this was a movement he started and that is why the 2020 election is so important. >> reporter: the president says democrats are on the wrong side of the debate especially in new york. the state passed a law in january allowing abortions after 24 weeks if the fetus is nonviable or if there is risk to the mother's health. >> democrats are pushing late-term abortion, allowing children to be ripped from their mother's will write up until the moment of birth. >> donald trump has not commented directly on alabama's new law. the most polarizing issue in american politics and taken center stage in the 2020 campaign. shannon: thank you, kristin.
12:37 am
new york city mayor bill diblasio dishing it right back to donald trump and the countdown to 2020. the latest remarks after donald trump called out bill diblasio's track record in new york. here is his response. >> hey, con don, i saw your video and you have really low energy and get your facts wrong. shannon: stacy abramson together 2020 run herself, wait until late fall to decide, she might miss part of the campaign season if she delays. a big weekend on fox news. tune in at 7:00 pm for pete buttigieg and then the host of the next revolution speaks to donald trump. trump derangement syndrome. coastal elites call it censorship. hollywood identity politics and cultural watchdogs.
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>> don't you think it is great to see you've got a guy on stage and it is normal. great progress in a country -- >> it is great, something perhaps some people have a problem with. i have no problem. >> mayor pete buttigieg on the campaign trail with his has been which is historic but has the president silenced his critics by embracing their marriage? even a was joins us to discuss this in his new book white takes on pc culture. great to have you with us.
12:43 am
i want to play something, a couple posts on another network, this is how they characterize the president. >> this whole anti-gay anti-black racist thing, anti-muslim thing has been cynical, sleazy, political suit he has put on. shannon: take away one of their talking points, having this interview saying it is fantastic? >> i like pete buttigieg a lot and one of the most progressive things about him is he shows another face of the gay man in america you don't see often in american politics at all and
12:44 am
this kind of traditional somewhat conservative looking guy is a war veteran who running a political campaign, is married to his husband is out in the mainstream media, really progressive and something radical that hasn't happened before and what trump is responding to is that. this is the new normal and will happen in the future. i don't know if pete buttigieg will be a main player in terms of being the candidate for 2020 but certainly 2024, 2028. i like him a lot and what he is representing is the silent majority of gay people in the united states. shannon: he had some pointed comments to the vice president. they were both politicians in indiana. the vice president thought they were full, apparently not now but guy benson, regular
12:45 am
contributor on fox says no matter what's partisan views on any of these issues it is undeniable that trump is the most pro-lgbt republican president ever to hold that office. a relative judgment but true. these folks who want to say the president is a hatemonger and anti-lgbt is that characterization they have to let go of? >> mike pence is in the picture and a lot of gay men i know attached to mike pence. i don't think trump cares that much. it is something mike pence has played and got put on trump's plate but i don't think trump feels it if you look at trump's mentor was a gay man. not the best representative of gay men but i don't think trump cares about it and trump feels -- i believe what he says about
12:46 am
pete buttigieg. i don't think he feels he is siding with one side. i think he generally believes that. jillian: trump derangement syndrome and folks who said they cannot live another day if he wins a second term. >> the trump derangement syndrome has fed into all aspects of whatever is going on right now including the campaign. even affecting pete buttigieg. there are a lot of people, a lot of gay men who don't see him as progressive enough, too traditional. not the game and left wants him to represent, too mainstream. what he is doing is a reaction against trump derangement and syndrome in a neutral way.
12:47 am
and these letters, it is representing the silent majority in this country. that is in his favor. >> the most diverse we ever had, on other sides of the aisle. thank you for weighing in. good to have you with us. tiger woods named in a wrongful death lawsuit. the death of a man who worked at his restaurant and then died in a drunken crash. so again, using "para", you're talking about something that is for someone. ♪
12:48 am
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>> it is time now for night court. the parents of a drunk driver who die in a car crash last year shannon: time for night court. the parents of a drunk driver who died in a car crash suing tiger woods and his girlfriend who manages a restaurant. they blame the golfer for allowing their son, an employee of the restaurant to leave after he became intoxicated. the lawsuit alleges woods and his wife knew the man was an alcoholic but the report that he was at the restaurant the night the employee drink too much and got behind the wheel. law and network host an fox news contributor emily compagno.
12:52 am
we are going to start with exhibit a, a soundbite from the attorney representing the family of the young man who died. >> for 3 hours fueling his addiction. they didn't call him a cab, didn't offer him a ride home, just let him leave. shannon: why should buy.bear responsibility for that? >> the statute in florida parents are suing over holds liable a business serving an alcoholic but carves out a narrow exception to that which is knowingly served habitually addicted alcoholic. it is important to note there has been no response filed, but when there is tiger woods has
12:53 am
many defense points. the restaurant is an incorporated corporation meaning it is a rare case for him to be held personally liable for something that happens in the business. he will probably be dismissed. secondly, piece by piece, we had no idea he was eventually addicted, circumstantial evidence, we had no idea, we weren't there that day. we didn't serve him, he served himself as he was the bartender. the video didn't depict that and in the course of natural business, they will go point by point and blow apart what is being alleged unfortunately here. shannon: let's bring bob in for his side of the case. the sun sentinel paper says which side will lead on the alcohol drug defense, restricting payouts the jury makes? the jury must determine the
12:54 am
blood-alcohol level of the person suing the bar was above the legal limit and there must be a determination the plaintiff was 50% at fault in the case. of that person suing the bar gets nothing, exhibit b, bob, your response. >> emily is correct with regard to the law of florida. it is very unusual, one of the few states that doesn't say if you serve a visibly intoxicated person, whether a bit generally addicted or not the bar is responsible, and affirmative duty to make sure they take care of that person. in florida they can get you bombed, drunk, three times the limit in this case, they can escort you to the car, tell you have a nice ride and you could kill an innocent person and as early points out the law shields the bar. the only way to be responsible is if they can show he was eventually addicted. in this lawsuit the plaintiff is saying tiger woods, the girlfriend who hired this young
12:55 am
man knew about his problem, new he was on -- a month before got into an accident after leaving the bar when drunk and the date he disappeared they knew there was a problem with how much they gave him that day. shannon: those are the key issues. you have made your case, thank you very much. folks at home, you the jury, let us know how you would rule in this case. our midnight hero is next. one hospital honoring a fallen coast guard major. be in a financially struggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything. this is personalized guidance. this is wells fargo.
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1:00 am
women pay their respects, showing the great impact molly has had. you and your family are our midnight hero's. my book is on sale, i will see you at naples noon tomorrow at barnes and noble. >> welcome to a special edition of hannity. i sit down with mark levine for an entire hour. his book, "unfreedom of the press." we'll start at the nation's founding, remembering the once great press tradition in america and how it ended up becoming nothing more than an extension of the democratic party and all things left wing. we'll uncover what went wrong, how the media fell so far so fast. we'll be exposing every hoax, every lie, all of the


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