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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 24, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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our fallen men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the united states of america. we can never thank you enough. god bless and good night >> sean: a special edition of "the ingraham angle", american crossroads. tonight special is going to address issues in our politics and culture that are dividing america right into. in what we can do to remedy this . we begin tonight with president trump's decision to give attorney general bill barr the two declassified documents related to the 2016 campaign surveillance. first and foremost americans need to understand that their government has their best interest at heart always. and when it became clear that someone in the upper echelon of
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the doj and fbi, nca and other intel organizations may have ha their thumb on the political scale, a lot of americans were rightly outraged. that is why it is so standing t see democratic politicians swor to uphold the constitution figh so hard to conceal present threats to a. take adam schiff, he called trump's decision to give the public more information un-american. if we can't even agree upon basic set of standards under which these powerful organizations can act, especially in relation to the american people, then we are indeed at a crossroads. now trump addressed this issue from the outside of the white house this afternoon. let's watch. >> id classified everything for it everything they want i put i under the auspices of the attorney general. he will be in charge of it.
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i don't want them to be for me anybody else i just want him to be fair. we are being transparent. we are being ultimately transparent and that's what it' about. >> transparency is to be a good word. it sunshine, but apparently not one president trump is advocating for a. joining me now with reaction, attorney and member of the trum 2020 advisory council. member of the conservative unio and secretary of state under president obama. great to see you on a friday night. the left is accusing trump of some grand cover-up. why would he urge the attorney general to declassify all this information if there were all these nuggets and bits and pieces that were going to incriminate him or anyone in hi campaign. >> you're right to question per
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transparency is good. we are concerned that there needs to be for example an un- reduction of the molar report. if we want transparency let's get it all out there. to have it in one direction to unmask american spies, those helping the united states international security, gears i competing things. we can unredacted the very few not very much of the that is no available especially to members of congress who can go read it and read it almost in its entirety. them, but that is probably ver sensitive sourcing information and methodology, but this is kind of wild. i find this to be weird because i remember the democrats there like you got to get the man demands going to keep the info for us the fbi is going to hurt the regular people and now that she was on the other foot, now they're big defenders of the spine agencies regardless of ho much power they have. >> i think you started off talking about how we tried to
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heal the rift. you heal the rift by exposing what happened under the obama biden, at the end of their term what was done against their political opponents why did the let loose the fbi and other agencies to go over after their political opponents. if they have good answers, then let's move beyond this. i think that that is the key in all of this but somehow we skipped over the obama wrongdoing and moved right to the photo drum crimes and we have been stuck on this russia collusion thing. it's time to get to the real story. >> john kerry is one of the people mentioned in some of the stories about the circle. it was a very tight circle. i want you to chime in here. we learn more about how they me and how they discussed the origins of this probe and their concerns about russia and the election. originally as brennan, clapper, comey, and i missing one.
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so it's very tight and thin it included vice president biden, carey, and ash carter and i guess the president of the united states was eventually brought into the loop. this is fascinating. were learning how brennan would brief the president and keep th info out of the daily intel briefing. that came out in the new york times today. i think we'll learn more about that very interesting double cone of silence purkey absolutely. some of the other things were getting reminded about right no is the fact that british intelligence to the obama ministration in 2015 about alleged hacking by the russians by the dnc, but they didn't do anything about it until very late in the game and until it was clear that they had lost that election. then everything fell into place very quickly. so what nancy below sea and her colleagues are doing today is gas lighting the american peopl by calling the exposure of a
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cover-up and of a plot a cover-up itself. the language has no meaning wit these people. this is kind of a doublespeak going on right now. at think the president is exactly right to delegate this authority to somebody with a long history of knowing how to confidential. >> they are trashing him. bill barr is now what halliburton was in the bush years. you have to have the they have to have the evildoer prayed. >> he is a punching bag for them . it's becoming a logical maneuver . that, well, we should unmask we should unmask and we should reveal all the sensitive intelligence that others though should be redacted in the molar report, but then we should not ask any questions about how we got there. most americans can see that the process was.
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>> we have to talk about the media role in this. i think that is part of why people can't even agree on basi terminology. right now they are freaking out. the american media is freaking out over more transparency. i've never seen anything like it . >> donald is obviously melting down. there is no doubt he's unhinged as he was erring the more investigation. >> he has proven himself in my humble opinion sort of the trai seal of the administration paired. >> the idea of giving bill barr the classify all the within the intelligence community is reall unprecedented. >> unprecedented. the attorney general. how was this unprecedented. >> with the directive that was put out last night this is following a very clear legal path and the great thing about bill barr is he's been there before and the only reason he
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has even made the decision yet the only reason he's being vilified is because he is good and they know he's good. and he's going to make sound decisions and they know that when they call him up in front of the senate and the house to ask him questions, he just played teams with impaired huma multitasking plays with paperclips while he answers questions. he's ready for this. >> there is no match for bill barr. could get there not good enough to get him to arise. >> even mueller said himself that bill barr and the way that he describes the report is inaccurate. >> on the call that was transcribed in the notes it sai he didn't say he got it wrong i the conclusion he thought some of the nuance and tonality didn't capture the moment. he didn't say he got it wrong o his conclusion because bill bar asked them that him that in the cold. >> where is mueller?
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>> i have to ask about this impeachment. on-again off-again impeachment. the democrats cannot make a decision about what they want t do with impeachment. let's watch. >> we are seeing more members that recognize that the administration is acting in a lawless fashion essentially having obstructed justice is no obstructing congress. >> it's the obstruction of justice, these could be impeachable offenses. >> could, would, might become a might get their. the president wants to be impeached. >> i think the impeachment question is one where we are watching it unfold in front of us. >> what are they waiting for question mark they have the mueller report. >> i think clearly democrats want to have him up and testify.
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they want to have the transparency is key endif it shows something that should be impeachable than that's what democrats will do. >> i'm not going to put words i her mouth, but pelosi is definitely paired. >> harvey camara quick impeach or not impeached. that is the question are the democrats going to go anywhere near impeachment this fact all the talk about. >> a lot of mockery has been made over this issue, but she is quite smart and she doesn't want to do it she's been pushed to do it however by her unruly left-wing caucus and ultimately it would probably be over bert is going to be political disaster for the democrats varied the support of the president. >> panel, thank you so much. up next on this special america crossroads the city of seattle is dying in a den of homelessness, drug addiction an crime bits only getting that's only getting worse.
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>> sean: as we've highlighted on the show many times once thriving american cities are no declining at a troubling pace prayed seattle is just the latest example of this with
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homelessness and crime running rampant. so why our those in charge actually doing less to control it? fox news correspondent dan springer has the disturbing details for us from seattle. >> in an effort to make seattle more just for certain minoritie and poor people, leaders have stopped enforcing several laws and frankly routine policies. it's against the law to camp in public, but you would never know it because thousands of people are living intent drug possession is still a crime technically, but the city prosecutors want charge people with a gram or less of the cops move on making arrest for using drugs in the open. after a library audit from people of color and the poor were getting locked out of thei accounts more frequently than whites for not paying late fines , the city decided to eliminate the fine but since that will drop revenue voters are being asked to pass a $213 million bribery levy officials say the fines are not about personal responsibility.
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>> the fines don't teach responsibility they just distinguish people with money from those without. >> seattle public schools on racial disparity in kids gettin suspended so this year it did away with suspensions at elementary schools and that could be extended to older students next year. after learning that the poor an homeless were being disproportionately impacted by bus fare enforcement, king county metro just change the policy getting caught dodging affair and then not paying your fine is no longer a misdemeanor. officials say they rarely collect and critic say it puts taxpayers on the hook for bad behavior and divides people along racial lines. >> it seems to me the more checkboxes you have in terms of which category you fit into, that makes you more important and that's not equity for anybody. >> they will decide if they lik the city's direction or want to return to more accountability
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system. almost every city council seat is up for grabs in november. >> totally shocking very thank you so much for doing that report for us today. now at seattle like a lot of west coast cities is overwhelmingly liberal from the people themselves to the leadership. even the new york times taking note writing an op-ed this week titled america's cities are unlivable. play multi livers. a match of the solution of this particular columnist is really the answer. but what are the solutions. given their track record why should anybody trust the democratic party in on this bright democratic hopeful is with us. andrew yang thinks he has the answer and joins me now. andrew, first of all thank you so much for being on with us tonight. we really appreciate it prayed to seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. it justice, san francisco, seattle, san diego, spectacular
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places. what can be done that is not being done now in this beautifu city given the leadership that' in place and given the in normandy of the problems? to get the cost-of-living in seattle in san francisco both o them have skyrocketed over the last number of months. my plan would put $1,000 a mont into the plan of every american adult and that would create incentive for cities to be able to invest in people who are struggling with substance abuse or homelessness and hopefully get the economic resources to provide them a path forward and in some cases even access to shelter and housing. >> you think $1,000 a month is going to make much of a difference here? because it seems like we are wa beyond that. i mean gavin newsom when he was mayor of san francisco or on th city council, he actually came in the day i started my radio show back in 2001, in april he came in and he said giving cash
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to the homeless was a disaster. he said we did cards, we gave them cards for extra food i think and shelter may be, but they found that cash payments didn't work at all. in fact they just incentivized people to be more or less industrious i would say and jus on the money. according to cato, it was since the war on poverty was declared in 1964, we have spent about $23 trillion. it didn't seem to help us, at least in the city. >> the question is worded that money go? my plan would put economic resources directly into our hands. it would create a given an economic path forward for many people who right now are struggling and don't have acces to let's a treatment for substance abuse problems, or mental health issues because right now we have to have face
7:20 pm
facts where these problems are going to many of our cities and our current programs are not well designed to handle this particular program because in large part if there's someone who's on the street there is no right now economic incentive to help that person get back on their feet. >> the problem is if you give $1,000 to a guy on the street, not everybody, some people are down on their luck, but there's a significant percentage of people, and we know just two blocks from where we are now there's a homeless shelter with a lot of people in a lot of problems. drug problems, mental health issues, so giving $1,000 to a person who already has a mental health problem is probably not going to do the job. i mean that money is probably going to be quickly spent on things that are going to get that individual into more problems that is the concern of just giving cash to people because they're obviously not making good decisions, many of them to get into the position they're in already. i want to read you a statement that you may just a few weeks ago to newsweek. you said when i talk to trump
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voters around the country they said that they are disappointed in what they've gotten from the administration. they feel like a lot of it was bluster and hot air. recent goldman sachs wage has picked up sharply. bottom 50 percent of wage earners are making more. consumer confidence is up, metrics up 70 wins percent sinc the beginning of pulling on the economy. so, at this idea that nothing i working with trump, i just thin that's an overstatement at best. >> i've been around the country and a lot of people don't feel like they are connected to a lo of the statistics coming out. if you remember donald trump th candidate in 2015, he said that a lot of these headline unemployment numbers we're misleading and they don't repor what's happening on the ground right now that he's in the whit house he singing a different tune. the experience i'm having when talk to voters around the country is that 70 percent of
7:22 pm
them are living paycheck to paycheck. 70 percent are in trouble with an unexpected bill. >> a lot of people are vulnerable and there is a lot o insecurity. this has been going on for like 20 years, the flatlining income for 18 years preceding trumpet finally it's going up. expected leadership because i think you're someone i don't ma be agree with you, but you're someone that seems like you wan to solve things. you want to solve problems and respect that. forbes as the top five cities i the united states with the largest home in homeless populations are the following non- surprising, new york,, la, seattle san diego, san jose. four of five of these cities th cities are run by democrats. how is liberal governance working out for these cities. my hometown of hartford is having real problems they've ha problems for a long time. always liberal leadership in very detroit, chicago has big
7:23 pm
challenges. it's not like these our raging conservative districts in the country, andrew. >> that's one reason we need to build an economy that works for everybody by putting economic resources into the people's hands. were in the middle of this winner take all economy. you can see it in the irby area where there are rich and poor living next each other in different circumstances. unfortunately the dynamics of our economy will become extremely polarized as technology starts transforming industries like retail, transportation, food service, and on and on. we need to wake up to the fact that were in the midst of the greatest economic transformatio in our country's history and move in the direction of puttin economic resources directly int our hands. >> did anybody give you a hand out to start working at manhattan prep, you started that , right? is that your baby question wrecked. >> that was my baby. we've all had. can get you did really well. you are a really successful entrepreneur bright.
7:24 pm
and you worked really hard. everybody gets help, but did anybody handy $1,000 question wrecked. >> a lot of people including under maneuvers. >> sean: here at s-uppercase-letter. you're ex-ex-ex-full capitalist. nothing wrong with that. you become a huge success because of the market and because of your hard work and because of your work ethic. all of that together your famil i imagine not everybody has a family that supports them, but that's combined to really work for you. >> that's the great thing about putting the economic resources into our hands and giving more people an opportunity to start businesses they would create ne jobs in the economy and reward hard work. right now many americans might have a great idea, but they're stuck with their heads down and not able to build around them and build a new business. >> i maintain the best time in my lifetime to be an american i you want to work and you want a job, this guy is the limit righ now i think. andrew, we appreciate you joining us tonight.
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. >> live from america's news headquarters president trump on his way to japan for over four days state visit where he will meet with japanese prime minister. the president and the first lad left washington earlier today during a stop to refuel air force one in alaska the president also met with groups ahead of memorial day. trade talks expected between th two leaders this is the trump administration puts on hold a move to increased tariffs on cars coming from japan. the man convicted of killing a kidnapping a wisconsin girl and killing her parents has been sentenced to life in prison pretty broke into the home of
7:30 pm
the teenager last october, but she was able to escape in january after being held for 88 days straight a statement was read by the family's attorney saying she wanted patterson to be locked up forever. now back to "the ingraham angle." >> it's friday and that means it's time for friday volleys. deceased singers return and messy political protest. joining us with all of the very troubling folly details fox new contributor and best-selling author of the amulet of how my. telus about a truly disturbing themepark that opened this week? >> in pigeon forge tennessee, the national enquirer live themepark has opened. now you talk about america at the crossroads this is a museum dedicated to all that is wrong
7:31 pm
with the country. it purports to celebrate the stories behind the stories, bu it's really like a tour of the seven rings of tabloid. its ripley's believe it or not for the really twisted. you can take a selfie like kim kardashian, you can see michael jackson anna hyperbaric chamber will or the king of pop danglin blanket out the window of the berlin hotel. nothing says family entertainment like the very creation of the oj murder scene. yes, i wish i was making that u right most controversially is a 3d journey to princess diana's final car right. laura, this is the commoditization of tragedy. why are we celebrating or using murder scenes as entertainment? come on, kids, let's see how th princess died. >> do we think this is going to
7:32 pm
be popular? >> i don't think it's going to be popular, but inquiring mind might want to know, but i don't . >> okay, i have a spin on this. maybe we could do a different spin. if you could kind of re-create the interesting noon just moments like when president trump had all his aides lined u yesterday. tell them that. >> that would be lighthearted. or like the suppose it hate crime it's going to be okay because it wasn't really a hate crime. it was him and his two friends pretending. i'm not sure what you are learning from this? >> i'm learning nothing from it because i want to go. i find it gross. speaking of gross displays the whitney houston estate announce it is planning to send the dead singer on tour via hologram. no other diseased acts like roy orbison and tupac are on tour thanks to the technology. now whitney's cousin dionne
7:33 pm
warwick reacted to the idea of houston hologram tour yesterday. i have no idea as to what that is. it surprising to me do. i don't know what that is i think it's stupid whatever it is . >> i don't like this idea at all . i saw sinatra 30 times in concert, i wouldn't pay a dollar . >> it's not a friday folly unless freeman mentions sinatra. or new orleans or breeze, new orleans, or sinatra. >> at least breeze i can see live. >> i find it depressing. you know why it was depressing? because the really big acts. the real talent that's going to last for the ages, they there are not as many. a few years ago there were people whose music you're still
7:34 pm
listening to whether it's the beatles, the who, led zeppelin, or frank sinatra or dionne warwick or gladys knight, hearing their music. >> this performance is the interaction. the audience and that live moment the diversity of performance. this is really like watching a recorded concert because it. >> did dionne warwick say something about beyoncé? >> she said she doesn't quite think that beyoncé is at the iconic status yet that it takes decades to. >> she said she likes dear beyoncé and she's been watching her journey, but don't claim the dvi icon status until you'v walked in my shoes where that was kind of fun part. >> my final take on this they'v got nothing, nothing, nothing. disturbing trend we've been seeing over the last few weeks that really should be resisted. aggressive political protest that crossed the line.
7:35 pm
arnold swarts and egger was in south africa when somebody dropkick to the actor. divorcees in such great shape a 71 he barely moved. then in the uk, several conservative politicians have been subjected to milkshake impaired this is where protesters target by dousing them with milkshakes. here is nigel faraj being milkshake in newcastle where he was campaigning for his party. >> now were using that as a ver now. the other day, he had to shelte in his campaign because they ha a bunch of people weeding with the milkshake spread. >> i wouldn't shelter i would just bring is draw. let's not waste a perfectly goo milkshake. the fact that they can violate schwarzenegger did not press charges. he should have. >> it's an assault. and much to say what we always say in these circumstances, if the milkshake were on the other
7:36 pm
lapel, people would be reacting differently. they wouldn't think it was cute they wouldn't want to put a cherry on top they wouldn't ask if it was malted. but, bring a straw insight is that all you've got bread spread . >> charge the guy. i brought a milkshake out. i was wondering what i should d with it. >> this is about the best thing eyewear. this would be redundant or wouldn't do that, but monday alora and raymond extravaganza on memorial day bread. >> this is almost going to be too much. you're going to watch because you're going to see what we do on fox nation and it is a bit wild. >> rico a slightly different direction. >> please drink that, coming up transgender athlete stripped of
7:37 pm
titles after breaking records and women's powerlifting competitions parade the president of the federation nex lane's way he did it and the backlash that he is now facing plus one author asks are the issues facing young men in our society being totally ignored? he is here to explain next.
7:38 pm
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7:40 pm
. >> is small corner of the athletic world may just have found the solution to the
7:41 pm
challenge of transgender rights. we told you last night about transgender power lifter mary gregory who was born man, but competed in women's events. gregory broke multiple records last month at the 100 percent raw weightlifting federation competition. and that sent shockwaves throug the athletic world. now finding out the federation president stripped gregory of all titles insisting that the bylaws of his competition we're based purely on biology at birth . so why has that reasonable explanation become so controversial? he is here exclusively to explain, what is the reaction been so far? >> welcome at the beginning it was terrible. i got a lot of hate mail for th first couple of days. the competition was on a saturday and on sunday when thi became public knowledge on instagram, i started to get a
7:42 pm
lot of hate mail. by the time i realized what was going on and was able to put a statement together it was about a day or two after that and while i put a statement togethe saying were going to investigat and look into it, the hate mail was coming in by the dozens. it was terrible. once i made my statement it was about three or four days later finally made a statement and since then, things have gotten much better i'm getting e-mails hundreds of e-mails from across the world i just had a woman today, he from south africa thinking me. >> well, paul, this is gotten out of hand. we have a situation in connecticut my high school wher i played sports in my high school i played a couple sports three sports, but track and field which i did not run, to biologically borne meals defeated the top runners in the state and one in this particula competition paradigm sure
7:43 pm
they're really nice people i'm sure they want to win and i get it, but you have the parents of these girls who have worked since they were little girls to be the best girl competitors, and they lost. and they lost pretty big to these two individuals who identify now as transgender females, but they were born men . and commit that sent shockwaves through connecticut and now this . people have to understand and maybe you can comment on this, just the biological differences regardless of hormone treatment and all of that. females are on average 9 percen shorter than men male bones are bigger in size and density. females have shorter arms, legs relative to the body size and females are around 35 muscle by weight while males are 40 percent muscle by weight. female ligaments are thinner an softer. paul, does all of this pure biology affect the results in your sport?
7:44 pm
>> absolutely. 100 percent. that's where we have a policy i place where biological males compete against meals and females compete against females by the transgender situation is relatively new in all sports. we have seen it happen in a different organization about tw or three months ago. we have been preparing for it we've been trying to put together a policy it just takes a lot of time to get the facts and rules straight for the new policy to be put in place. we saw this coming and we tried to be proactive. >> you know, paul, sorry to interrupt, the equality act which passed commit, but it's not law yet, that would either affect your sport. it would require you to allow transgender females to compete against biological females. what would that do to your records? what would that do to the sport of powerlifting?
7:45 pm
>> that would destroy the sport of powerlifting for the females. it is a terrible decision. i can't even believe were even talking about this. it doesn't make any sense at all . women have worked so hard over the years for equal rights into get their opportunity to be on the sports field and now also women have good programs going to they have good records going good sports organizations lots of e-mail division spread it's going to change it all. >> sean: it's going to append the entire female sports framework i don't care what anybody says. paul, you've got a lot of guts. you still have your bylaws. i think you're going to get a lot more supports. use of respect all people, but these are the rules of your federation federation we appreciate your perspective tonight. with all the attention being paid to protecting transgender individuals are we losing sight of the problems dogging young men and boys? my next guest is the future of
7:46 pm
america herself is at risk envoys are facing a crisis economic health and mental health. joining me now is warren farrel co-author of the book the boy crisis. warren, what is the cause of th series of problems the boys are facing? >> all 56 countries where there facing this, their common denominator is these countries are developed. survival is not such a big problem, so there's plenty of permission for divorce and plenty of permission for women and boys to be raised without dads and it's in the areas wher there is a lack of father involvement that the problems exist. the boy crisis resides where fathers do not reside so it's one part of it and the other is where we have single moms who are not helping single moms kno what dads typically bring to th parenting process so that the single moms can do things like roughhouse with the kids or teach the kids.
7:47 pm
>> i want to get into what we'r looking at here so people get it . we're talking around the issue. just on the issue of suicide when i saw these numbers i have two sons, it just it shocks me. ages 15 dashed 19 years of age, boys have three times the suicide rate of girls. they have four and a half times the suicide rate of girls between the ages of 24, 20 dest 24. three times the rate and foreig half times the rate. for those two age groups. that is one of the issues we have. we have a dropout rate higher. we have opioid use, i think we have a sound bite, he spoke about this, let's watch. >> the opioid crisis is million of people, they tend to be youn males, it is a very significant problem and it is part of a larger picture. >> sean: opioid crisis.
7:48 pm
predominantly men, boys. >> exactly. the suicide rate, your depression rate, we used to always associate depression wit females, but when we look at how the depression leads to suicide and the other characteristics of them expressed depression into video games their withdrawal into and there are so many dimensions of male depression that lead to suicide that we have been completely overlooking. i'm not usually one for promoting new commissions or studies but in this case i thin it's long overdue. doctor farrell, thank you so much break the veterans group i printing the brakes on an annua memorial day per tradition because they're tired of being harassed during the dc event. we investigate next.
7:49 pm
coppertone sport clear. proven to protect.
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>> they are why we have the liberty and freedoms that we do. >> it is what america stands for . >> it's incredibly special and emotional. again, it's a great reminder fo us every year. >> laura: this memorial day weekend will be the last year for the annual rolling thunder
7:53 pm
right in the nation's capital after 31 years. tens of thousands of motorcycle roar through the streets as a reminder of the nearly 100,000 prisoners of war and those missing in action. organizers say they are tired o being harassed. standing by in washington with the story is david. >> organizers with rolling thunder say that harassment stands from logistical issues this is a memorial day staple that began earlier this evening with the blessing of the bikes. rolling thunder officials tell us a larger reason this is the last year they are having problems with pentagon official when it comes to parking and access issues great officials say there are logistical and financial issues they don't wan to deal with anymore for example , vendors pay top dollar are being denied access to staging areas under the gun control. we reached out and heard from the pentagon about this issue and we are told people are not denied access.
7:54 pm
during a review after last year 's event, we were unable to identify any instances when groups we're denied access to the pentagon reservation. there was always the potential to experience a delay or detour transiting the pentagon reservation especially during large event such as rolling thunder either do exist with th general traffic flow or for other reasons. this statement from sergeant aarti moeller who runs the events is in part we are not going away, we have a lot to still do. our military and our veterans need our support and we are moving on. we want a full accounting of ou prisoners of war and missing an action from all past wars that is our goal. organizers say rolling thunder will continue, but not in a central location like washington , dc in the future there will be smaller rights an individual in individual states the last right takes place on sunday. >> final thoughts are next.
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>> that is all the time we have tonight. i hope you might think about taking a moment this weekend to think about what memorial day really is and what it means. we like to be with her family and friends and celebrating, bu it's really commemorating the soldiers the sailors, the airman , the marines all the reservists and their families who sacrifice every day and those who paid the ultimate price. we can never forget them. we always must honor them. talk to your children about it and instill that in them as well . when you go by sm materials see in that cemetery there will be members of the armed forces. may be take your kids in there and say a prayer, think about how blessed we are to live in this country were great men and women make that sacrifice willingly every day of every year. god bless you all. fly a flag, spend some time wit your family and have a
8:00 pm
meaningful memorial day weekend don't forget to check out my podcast on podcast and the best of our fox nation series or an laura and raymond on monday. the fox news at night team and takes it all from here. shannon. >> welcome to fox news at night. we begin with the fox news alerts. the president vowed to expose everything and finally get to the bottom of the origins of th russian investigation which he is calling an attempted coup as fbi director james comey says investigate whatever you like, but he's using about the danger of using the words like. spying. american forces in the region and decidedly part of the split about the moon in the wake of growing tensions with


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