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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 26, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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generation, a collective memory of the price of freedom. may we all live worthy of that cost each and every day. god bless our great country, our troops still serving at this moment so we can live free. and god bless texas. >> thanks, guys ht here i appreciate it. thanks, guys. ♪. thanks, guys. steve: good evening and welcome to the next revolution i misty tilton and this is the home of positive populism where coworker, profamily, pro- community. we bring you more for my confirmation conversation with president trump apart that we cannot squeeze into last week's show. if those of interview with wrestling entrepreneur. tonight i want to start with three letters that just about some up how i have been feeling. i know as i watched with increasing this belief this week the idiotic, infantile, irresponsible index of the democrats in washington and their lackeys in the establishment fake media.
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that's what i found myself yelling at the television all week ffs i'm not allowed to spot out but look it up. that is what i felt when i saw every ludicrous melodramatic cynical statement [inaudible] your own precious mueller report nadler you're the one holding the constitution in contempt, do you even understand what the separation of powers is and do you care? what does they mean when they impeach the president, impeach him for what? winning the election they thought was theirs by right? what is it that they want to investigate? what do they want to get to the bottom of with their endless subpoenas and hearings? bottom of the barrel? they are already there. in the hours wasted on this, hours when we could be talking about real things that affect the lives of real americans not
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the person, not the politicians, not the news anchors or the pundits spend a single second talking of anything of actual substance that might justify all this manufactured scandal and it's all about the process and the political theater, washington dc political media establishment have lost their minds. they are consumed with their own pathetic psychodrama one that is utterly irrelevant to the rest of the country but foisted on us anyway. what is the point of any of this except to indulge in the demented rate of the resistance in attics outdoing each other and shrieking at president trump if there is justice with we kick out the lot and replace them with normal people that can calmly work with each other and the president to get things done. i sent out a tweet last week that seem to strike a chord so here it is again.
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steve: allow me to elaborate. all of this madness will come back to haunt pelosi and nadler and shift and maxine waters and the rest of them, the fury of the country whose votes for the president are being scorned on a daily basis by democrats who refuse to accept the result of a 2016 election and i want to overturn it through undemocratic means, the fury of those millions of americans, it will be visited on the democrats. that i can tell you. people will not forget the way the self-righteous tyrants behave. vengeance will come. if impeachment is not a way to pursue political differences all right, let's impeach pelosi and nadler. they are doing or damage to our democracy that donald trump has ever done. if total all-out investigation is now the chosen tactic to
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obstruct political opponents let's make sure it's applied with equal force to the democrats let's get nancy pelosi's tax returns and her husband and maxine waters bank statements and that will be fun considering she was once found to be the most corrupt member of congress and speaking of corruption don't forget jerry nadler he's up to his neck in it with a decade long track record of taking money from businesses where he has a clear conflict of interest. let's get the southern district of new york unto him. we got to pay it forward, one day there will be another democratic president and that person whoever they are must be crippled right out of the gate by the full weight of investigatory power and no honeymoon, no cooperation, just resistance, obstruction and vilification but that must be the fate of the next democratic president. it is only fair. president trump that this should never happen to another president again. that is certainly magnanimous of
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him but it needs qualification. he is right about the long-term but before we move on for me to return to normal the debt is repaid by the democrats and they must go through the exact same process they put this president through. it is only fair and what justice demands. then, once they have received a taste of their own medicine and wants the democratic debt has been repaid perhaps then we can return to a more civilized state of affairs. tell me what you think of that at steve hilton and let's meet our guest for tonight. fox news contributor there carter and turning point usa founder, charlie kirk who is also the host of the fantastic new charlie kirk podcast. very good. i'm steamed up about everything and i think half the country is
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to. >> it fantastically said. i talked to some of the day who said the same thing that let's just put everything out on the line to put all the cards on the table and let's investigate the democrats to and if they want to invest it president trump us not to stop with them but investigate their families and their children and their connections and how do they handle money and did they meet people in office and how is it possible that people like maxine waters come into office with a relatively normal bank account and leave with millions of dollars or nancy pelosi at her business dealings with her husband's let's put the cards out on the table and investigate trump let's investigate every single one of them and their children and any family members deliver them in business dealings they have. >> look at hunter biden. at this microscope they put our friend, donald trump junior under for taking a singular meeting of which nothing resulted back in june to 2016 with but that microscope of 1100 under hunter biden and you covered this brilliantly, steve. look at what their family did to this country to sell out our
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interest to our greatest enemy, china, so they can line their own pockets. let the invitations begin now. publicans have the senate and there could be investigations starting about how nancy pelosi met with asad's father back in 2007 before collusion let's talk about for inclusion where they will go down a being very dangerous route. steve: sorry to cut you off but that's a great point about the bidens in china because it shows you how partisan this whole thing is. if they really cared about democracy and the constitution and doing things holding the executive to account they would be investigating that biden family connection with china. >> biden family connections with china, hillary clinton with china, ukraine, with russia let's look at all of it. we seem to forget that bill clinton and i bring this up over and over again from the renaissance capital days which is basically run by the fsc and russian spies about half a million dollars to speak about what he was supporting the
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iranian one deal back then in 2010 and this is just crazy. let's do it and put the cards on the table and i think the democrats would agree they want full honesty and effort they said everything out in the public. let's get their taxes going back six years and investigate and let's go one step further. let's find out about all the me to money and hush money in congress that was paid out and find out who those congressional representatives were. >> you struck a chord with me because i'm hearing republican say we have to move on and forgiveness is a virtue of which i tried to have but i'm not there yet. i want justice for what they for this president through. maybe i'll get to a place where were ready to move on but every now with these people gallivanting around and virtue signal this president is the most transparent and most successful of our lifetime we know exactly where he is in the meetings and everything is so transparent with him and they are the ones saying he's
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engaging in a cover-up? steve, i agree that we need to investigate the investigators but hold the very same people that been preaching against this for foreign corruption influence. steve: so interesting. i felt this week when we'll talk about it later that the interview i had with president trump last sunday talking about policies, issues, china, debate and immediately is the democrats are back onto this ridiculous investigation and for me it was a radicalized moment and reminded me of the cabinet hearings were you saw the troop partisanship of what they're doing and i thought we got to fight back and that's why i made the point that there's this debt there that has to be repaid and then we can -- >> they started mentioning impeachment in april 2016 before he was even a nominee and mark levin mentioned that. >> we got to leave it there but that's what it's all about but
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they cannot stand the fact that the disruptor and people's representatives came in and they took power away and do anything to get back in it so disgusting. steve: we are in agreement the there. we talk about the latest in the boeing scandal and we talked about the swamp watch, next. hey! alright, let's get going! and you want to make sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our family together. i'm just resting my eyes. (dad vo) even though we're generations apart. what a day. i just love those kids. (avo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. wave to grandma, everybody. (avo) love is now bigger than ever. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast...
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steve: my conversation with president trump covered a wide range range of topics we squeeze as much is a good but one part we do not have time for was discussion at the region controversy surrounding boeing. take a look. another example of the swamp the people related to that argument that you made you see it now with what's going on with knowing and that's you talk about the military industrial complex and civilian planes are a big part of that government machinery what you think of going on now in everyday it seems like there's a story of boeing and its wording in terms of what they may have covered up. president trump: i feel badly for boeing. it's a great brand of the world i've never seen a brand be hurt so badly so fast. that 737 max has been a disaster for them. i guess they're doing a lot of things but.
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steve: your covenant he's the right guy to the that company out of this. president trump: he was flawless until about four months ago when that first plane went down and i've been saying it there making it to come pick it up it you want to have pilots in making airplanes and other equipment i could tell you stories about ships that we are building we always think they have to up it, a bit but eventually you have to graduate first in your class at mit to fly an airplane. there making it to come get it and what they are doing is making it too dangerous and it's no good and i told that to dennis at boeing who you're talking about but dennis is a good man and had a great career and the last four months have been a disaster for. steve: nikki haley on the board there so what would you hope she be doing connect. >> think she can help them a lot she's talented and good person angry with me and did a good job at the united nations and already supported us but i think she could do a job.
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it's good to have on the board and i think she can help. steve: this is our original boeing swamp watch about the faulty technology in their 747 max that they knew about the problem with safety features before that you cautiously killed hundreds of innocent people. in 2017 their engineer discovered a problem with the key safety indicator once before delivering their planes to clients for boeing conducted an internal safety review decided the problem was no big deal and chose not to communicate the problem to their clients or regulators at the faa until hundreds of people were killed and then they thought it might be worth is closing but after reviewing the issue the faa declared the issue to be quote, low risk. that's not all. recently unveiled audio recordings of a private making showing the american airlines pilot union confronted boeing executives over a possible safety issue just a few months before the deadly crash in ethiopia and all of this raised
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new questions about what they have failed to disclose about the safety of the plane. boeing is a great american company with many thousands of workers best in the world but boeing leadership is obviously now crooked, self-serving and shockingly irresponsible. they must be held accountable. charlie, you follow this all along. >> it's important to realize it's not the market work but cronyism and you look at the self dealing is a perfect way to put it government access to contracts for monopolization they have on the american manufacturing industry for airlines there's only two firms in the world to make the type of planes they make, transcontinental airline and that would be airbus in france and boeing in america and i like to think where the country that's a rich, 20 million dollars gdp or americans we have one company that can do that that goes to show that the tax dollars should always eat if used in decentralized when you bid for these contracts.
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steve: important point. so much the thing that's gone wrong in so many parts of the economy of the centralization not enough competition. >> so true. for me i fight frequently we put our lives in the hands of these companies and it's about not just a flaw in something that will harm anyone but hundreds of people on board an aircraft with their children and family members entrusting their lives to the people who make these claims. unfortunately for boeing and their executive they withheld information that could have saved people's lives and it's one of the most grotesque moves of company like this can make. love boeing and my father was a mechanical aircraft and worked on [inaudible] my father looked at the safety issues on the plane so for me to think that boeing could do that those are the questions i want to know how much more has been withheld from
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the public and what are we fighting of our corporations and you are right it's cronyism but does not stop there we need to know what's going on and they need to be honest with us. >> good point and you talk about this in your book when you don't have competition to get lazy and stopping your best version of yourself and boeing has not had that competition for years so they got to this level where they had endless tax dollars coming to spend more money on public affairs and lobbying than on research and development and making sure the products are the best in the world and what you talk about the book we talk about on the show many times but decentralization, competition, entrepreneurship will make the product better and better value and hopefully -. steve: and there really great terrible example of what we talk about the time about the revolving door and they are literally i can't remember the exact details but the head of safety at boeing as a becoming head of safety at the faa. >> research and development. the problems with that we see net not only in the private sector but in the public sector
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with the pentagon department of defense where you have these contracts that are open ended contracts with very few bidders and little competition the people are putting out roddick's that are sub because they're not competition putting out the best product. >> i would venture that if president trump didn't lose conference entity news conference and would be open bid in what entrepreneurs from all over the country saying i'll do it and had expertise and i used to work for boeing and to be a competitor and allow the market to solve these problems but don't rely on washington dc. steve: great idea. anyone watching with the power to make it happen i would say go for it. interview with president trump made headlines from iran to [inaudible] up next, break down the key moments what they tell us about this president, don't us about this president, don't thanks for the ride-along, captain! us about this president, don't i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying?
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oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪ ♪. steve: last week at the chance to talk to president trump about everything from domestic policy to foreign relations twos approach to doing the job. i just want to pull out a couple of the highlights from the interview. i think it tells you something important about this president and something that is not recognized out in the media. let's look at this answer about iran. president trump: when i first came to office with the first
9:25 pm
meetings i had was at the pentagon with the generals and they showed me the middle east and had 14, 15 sites where there's nothing but war, problems with every single one of the sites was instigated by iran. steve: what does that tell you? we keep hearing the whole time he does not listen to the people around him and does not read briefing and watches tv total rubbish but in response to questions about iran he minimally goes to a briefing to the efforts and the generals at the pentagon and remembers the details precisely. second, this is about interest. >> tax cuts, tax reform, it's been an amazing boost to the economy and there was one thing that did not fit the talk about the people noticed in 2060. you described that is getting away with murder and why it
9:26 pm
wasn't that. president trump: i traded that for two points, i could have carried interest out but you would have paid 23 or 24 instead of 21 and wanted the 21% and use that as a negotiating chip and frankly very good deal. steve: let's look at that. we talk about tax reform bill time in the conversation in this carried interest point i do in their and now they're talking about the debate from two years and he merely got the point got into the whole argument of why in the end he decided not to do it and not understanding policy basically something a dummy and it's really fascinating the grasp of the policy detail in his answer respond i thought was a burden from one to understand but finally this one on tweeting and watching tv and the rest.
9:27 pm
>> that's one thing you get it for a lot that is up in the residence all morning watching tv rage tweeting at morning joe and not focusing on the job is what the response? >> i had over 100 million people on the various things much more than that over 109 people between twitter and facebook and instagram and all of it and it's a tremendous way to communicate for me because i have so many people are people too but they beg me, please, it goes to be a best-selling book. if there's someone interest that i like to watch i watch much television. they like to make me look like i'm up early in the morning and in the oval office early and leave -. steve: when they say you're up. president trump: they do that as a form of disparagement but i was about three weeks with very big businessmen and in the oval office negotiating and have a small screen of television and
9:28 pm
they noticed that they were saying donald trump is up and steaming and angry and up in the residence and i said i'm in the oval office and i'm a very calm person and they like to make me like i'm raging bull and arranging -- sometimes you do that for reason. tweets seem to work. steve: what does that tell us? this is not some impulsive lunatic as the resistance maniacs describe him but someone who's incredibly intentional and strategic about how he does the job and what he values and how he wants to operate and mitigate but i just thought when you take it all together the briefing the policy grabs i wanted to make this points out about the specifics but what it tells you about the president is the direct opposite of what you hear all the time. from his critics.
9:29 pm
>> what, the most important thing in the american people that voted for president trump got this right off the bat. he listens and does not want to be bamboozled for people to come into the pentagon and sit down and talk about every tribe in syria and the machinations between them but want to hear whether what is going on in her that clearly all of these areas, iran, it was involved in making a problem for us in the middle east and affecting our national security and sees the problem and make the decision and negotiates. this is a perfect example of why he won because people get that and when he talks to an audience is able to deliver a message and american people sitting there listening safe for the first time here's someone who's not playing me and tells me like it is and hold to the problem in moving forward and that's what the democrats hate about him most. >> he's brilliant and i say that
9:30 pm
but i have not been four separate look at the different topics. he was able to lead back to years ago and exactly why he had that specific policy position and what he got in response. so quick and relentless but you look at what he can accomplish with the amount thrown at him i don't think the commendation has happened and where you have this level of commitment with that level of diversity through it and i will say those three examples that you use with the iran and how he listens to the generals and process information to make a decision of the correct decision without having to step into, a war which deserves to be praised and heralded but carried interest which is no, use that as a negotiating tactic and got a lower tax rate because of it and i think that such a service to the media when they describe this president. >> how he utilizes twitter and these different platforms. steve: this is what i find truly unfair about reporting on him because it's one thing to
9:31 pm
disagree with this policy positions and say [inaudible] there's never any recognition but to get elected president from nowhere the idea that you're some sort of dummy it was i tried to do. >> everyday it's contradictory but one day he has no idea what he's doing and then he's a mad scientist the next day. one day he's clueless and the other he's mock eval and plan to uproot america. you can be a mad scientist and clueless. >> targeting his family as a consistent hiding in there trying to isolate and the people around him and those that went into his ministration go after but what's a billion is president trump and in history they will write about this that he continues to do the work for the mac and people despite all these attacks and is able to keep himself straightforward levelheaded moving forward and
9:32 pm
despite everything they throw at him he is been able to do incredible things. >> literally this week when you got the investigative mania of the democrats leaving the blowup we saw there was still be pushing ahead what they can do with executive action but i have good feedback last sunday and i appreciate that and a lot of things what you said is great to see the president giving time to breathe and express his views in that range of issues and that was exactly my intention so thank you. all your feedback on the epic coming up, linda weighs in on the 20 took the election my exclusive interview next. what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet. what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. steve: i recently spoke with
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linda mcmahon about her time at president trump's cabinet and new position as head of the american first super pack. take a look. linda, great to see you. i'm dying to ask you and i want to start with your experience and president trump's cabinet and focusing on small business. what were your priorities and focusing on when you are in that role connect. >> i had a tremendous good time being at fpa but also incredibly beneficial for me to be able to go all over the country and went to all 50 states and visited all 60 district offices and in tha that -- i really's wanted to hear from small businesses and as head of the was the advocate for small businesses in washington and talk to over 800 business owners and went to dozens of businesses all around the country and what i heard from them were the benefits of tax cuts we will need and write off in the purchase of equipment and to expand, hire people,
9:38 pm
raise wages and regular tory rollback and all that was so important i was bringing those messages back to washington. steve: the regulatory stuff, i like you started and run my own business not on the scale of yours but it's the regulatory stuff that just is so irritating and gets in the way. just to talk about some of the specific stories you heard about the things that have changed to make small business owners lives easier. >> what i heard mostly out meeting small businesses was not necessarily any particular relation but the cumulative amount of regulation small business owner is often the ceo in janitor and so you don't often have time to do all the things that are necessary to comply with all regulations and might not even know about all of
9:39 pm
them. i think rolling back relations and paperwork of the climates is giving viewers more time to spend and focus on their business and grow. >> i remember when i was engaged in a similar program in the uk government 20 rollback regulation saying to the officials from the department why don't we rather than trying to find the specific ones we want to get rid of why don't we reset the default and then see what happens for a year and then bring back the ones we feel were risking the heat. i remember incomplete or. >> that would have been horrific. i do think the approach that each agency has taken and then as the regulatory rollback out into the private sector has been successful in the right approach because it's been successful. steve: let's look ahead to 2020
9:40 pm
in your new role which is getting the attention apart from the candidates on the democratic side we may get to that but there's lots of focus on the particular voters the president trump one over in those particular states sometimes called literally insulting me, the rustbelt, and that economic argument there was so important in 2016, do you think will be able to make that case again in 2020? absolutely. it's been successful. look at the first time in decades wage growth is actually happening and there was no wage growth but there now is wage growth. test in ten years. workers are feeling that. when i often hear democrats talk about how well the text does everything that if it the upper income earners but it is not true. the lower 25% really had better benefits than anyone across the
9:41 pm
spectrum. steve: what you think of those who say well, yeah, but you got a couple of the candidates in the fast growing democratic field that may pose a problem there but for different reasons and first they talk joe biden have a particular appeal in the states and those workers, all blue-collar appeal, but bernie sanders because they have voters in the category whose interestingly crossed over and voted for bernie and democratic primaries and trump in the democratic election because they wanted that populist message. what do you think about those? bernie invited? it will be interesting to see how the field narrows and who the candidate is but if you take a look at former vice president china by the record while he was vice president, jobs lost, under president trump jobs gain. manufactured jobs were lost and
9:42 pm
we brought them back. the feeling of those workers that i think biden had a great appeal to clearly understand promises were made but president trump delivered. steve: i agree with that. on bernie, what you think about his appeal to those trump base? >> i think bernie sanders takes us farther and farther to the left. i don't think we'll see the economic growth at all anywhere but you'll see the opposite. he was elected president of the united states and medicare for all it sounds like a wonderful promise but the real understanding is not there of the detrimental effect that it would actually have on healthcare around the country because of the quality of the care and lack of numbers of doctors we would need in our country already have a doctor shortage and this would not
9:43 pm
accomplish what bernie sanders want to do and our economy would definitely go the other direction. steve: those people don't want and they're looking to 2020 and wonderful. >> thank you so much. steve: san francisco california is any indication having the loony left in charge of country is a scary proposition but the loony left is next. ♪ (photographers) candace! charlie! i'm so hungry. (photographers) look here! candace, starkist creations come in over 20 flavors-- right: chicken, salmon, or tuna like my favorite! just tear, eat... mmm-- and go! starkist tuna, chicken, and salmon creations. bravo! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new loaded fajitas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ ♪. steve: the city of san francisco has long been home to the most left-wing politics and country but with a piece of washington post quotes longtime residents calling the city a train wreck and highlights many attributes that are the opposite of what progressives say they stand for. the downfall of san francisco is tonight loony left. ♪. steve: here's a quote from that washington post piece, to take a
9:48 pm
midday tour downtown is to be developed by a gene and at the leisure army of young workers mostly white and asian predominantly male but the presence of a boomer or toddler is akin to spotting and endangered species. the city is too homogenous, too expensive, too tech, to millennial, to white, to elite, to broke and i connect from personal experience over many years the entire city thanks of pcs, urine and we pretty drunk. familiar can be found on every street corner, homeless people lined the sidewalks and yet the housing is so expensive regular working americans with jobs in the city often have two or three hour commutes from somewhere affordable. san francisco is a civic catastrophe and is entirely the response ability of the democrats and the self-righteous big tech overlords who slavishly back them. they have been in a soul control, state and local government, for over a decade and they have no one else to blame. god help us all if this goes national. >> and we are seen it but god
9:49 pm
help us all if it goes national but we are seeing it. unfortunately, when you think about this it is so tragic and so horrible that when people from other countries get to san francisco and walk out on the street and they are expecting to see this booming, beautiful city on the hill they see feces and they see homelessness and people with mental illness rummaging around in the streets looking through trash for food and what they don't see is the middle-class america or low income america but they see the rich and the poor and what does that say about us? all the people that have fled and even in california and in los angeles we are seen it. evidence of this and in washington dc in some cases. there has to be something that something needs to be done. everyone knows it. steve: the focus of the conversation on this is not an accident or act of nature. it's the consequence of the policies of the loony left. >> this is by design.
9:50 pm
the left will create policies that protect the ruling class, wiseman washington, philosopher kings and the elites as we call them. they will then point to the inequality they created as a reason to give themselves more power and inequality is activated in the film any more power to deal with the inequality and then it gets further and that's when you have a publication of socialism for the ruling elite philosopher kings are able to live in a permanent luxury all pointing to the inequality that they themselves created as a reason why they need to stay in power. >> absolutely. what you see is the migration so once they've wreaked havoc in one area then they move to another area and say this is too much taxes on her business and we need to move out of here and move to arizona or nevada and moved to utah and then they start voting for the same policies there. it creates the same problems in those communities that they created in san francisco.
9:51 pm
>> america has always been about mobility. there's nothing mobile about san francisco. about income tax rate where people can keep the money they are ready. sales tax, property tax, schools that are not working or functioning the elites can board the price themselves out of it but they can afford to send their kids to private schools and afford to have the private jets to go to better communities but middle-class americans that crumble under these policies. steve: yes, let's make the political connection. so we policies driven by the public sector unions but control the democrats in the state of where we are tonight and around the country. coming up, another democrat jumps into the 2020 race which is makes it the 257 declared candidate. tell you who it is, next. considering? the 2019 subaru outback is an iihs top safety pick plus. the honda cr-v is not. sorry, honda.
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9:56 pm
our interview with president trump last week we cannot be a weekly 2020 but if you get this the democratic field has grown even larger now new york city mayor bill diblasio the president said he is not a fan. >> i can believe that i just heard the worst mayor in the history of new york city and without question the worst mayor in the united states is now running for president burke i'm pretty good at predicting things but i would be very surprised to see him in for the long. it will just not happen most people are not into that. i wish them luck but really be better off if you went back to new york city to do his job. good luck. do well. [laughter]
9:57 pm
. >> probably the worst mayor in the country. >> all you have to do is look down the city streets he talks about change that poverty, people sleeping on the streets the sidewalks in the crime he how big their big gulps are and what they eat. >> the schools are crumbling he is lost the trust and you have that street feel when you go to new york that spirit of new york is not there anymore. >> that's right. >> they just can't stand him. were then they are confronting him with a disaster in new york. nobody likes him which is
9:58 pm
fascinating because now that is something the news outlets can agree on so now president trump says one thing. but if you think about new york city and the changes imagine how much of a change that was going to new york to say the city is beautiful. to have a great spirit people were proud even the critics don't like mayor diblasio. >> trunk played a big role to bring that city together millions of dollars in a huge part of the reconstruction because now new yorkers are the center of the world and now it is a place of where those socialist policies with middle-class new yorkers that are suffering and amazon
9:59 pm
coming in with 24000 jobs and now they will not do it. >> the president put it so well. good luck but it feels like the field like the bigger it gets the more settled it seems for those that are at the top. >> they live in a bubble. they are not with the rest of america. that's why they're freaking out with president trump coming out like nancy pelosi with a press conference the rest of america is not a part of that sotomayor diblasio lives in his own bubble thinks he's doing the greatest thing in the world for everyone but does not see the destruction and the havoc that he reeks. steve: there you are. with the streets of san francisco. that's all for tonight thank
10:00 pm
you for joining us follow us the next resolution and check >> welcome to a special edition of hannity. i sit down with mark levine for an entire hour. his book, "unfreedom of the press." we'll start at the nation's founding, remembering the once great press tradition in america and how it ended up becoming nothing more than an extension of the democratic party and all things left wing. we'll uncover what went wrong, how the media fell so far so fast. we'll be exposing every hoax, every lie, all of the


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