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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  May 27, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the sacrifice of our fallen troops. we will see you next fox news. >> the president cuts short a meeting and rip it is speaker, the mueller investigation and assembled reporters. >> this whole thing was a takedown attempt at the president of the united states and honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for the way you reported so dishonest. not all of you, but many of you, the way you report it. >> accusing him of cover-up, democratic colleagues are demanding impeachment proceedings, sometimes promoted
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by the media. >> the president will get impeached i think now. >> i think president trump is already 98% under impeachment. >> a president desperate to be in impeached. >> you'll have the radical base of the democrat party calling for imphment even long into trump's second term. >> would be in and of itself article of impeachment against any other president. >> donald trump, i don't do cover-ups and undeniable echo of richard nixon i'm not a crook defense. speaker pelosi, today is catering to her ever radical caucus by dangling red meat in front of them. >> what about videos online? democrats pete buttigieg with big ratings and fox news is becoming the star of the democratic race, why that's
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still a big controversy. plus michael avenatti accused of stealing and why did so many news outlets turn this guy into a tv star. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ ♪ >> an hour before heading to talk about infrastructure, reporters asked about democratic colleagues pressing for impeachment. >> no one is above the law including the president of the united states and we believe the president of the united states and we believe the president was engaged in a cover-up. >> quickly ended the meeting. >> instead of walking in happily into a meeting, i walk into look
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at people that have just said that i was doing a cover-up. i don't do cover-ups. >> liberal think tank pelosi does not favor impeachment nonetheless used the i word. >> he's engaged in a cover-up and that could be an impeachable offense. >> the white house denied plos ie's account that the president lost his cool which he called a lie. >> all the ridiculous stories the president was in a rage, he's fuming, temper tantrum, there was none of that. he actually never raised his voice. >> joining us to analyze the coverage, sarah fisher, media reporter for axxios and clarence page, columnist for chicago tribune.
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>> ic he -- i think he was upset and so i think that was probably what provoked that and enflamed him and to some extent you can understand why he would be upset about the coverage and so that would be my best guess as to where that came from. >> right that was just starting to happen in the initial news conference because we found out about it. look, the president beats up on fake news all of the time but some critics say they were using props. >> a lot of people thought that the whole thing was staged. what a lot of people on the left, you had posters that were printed that had to be a staged, reporters were staged. >> posters of mueller. >> republicans on the right, those pesters have been used before. everyone was looking at this you said, he said, pointing fingers at one another.
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>> journalists have had a field day, nancy has lost it and she's crazy, crazy nancy, nancy pelosi says she prays for trump and his family advisers should stage intervention. a journalist covered both sides of this increasingly personal spat. >> more than two sides, howard, another that says how about infrastructure. >> ding. >> that's what we have been saying, we need to fund this, americans are seeing bridges crumbling, et cetera, et cetera, suddenly we are talking about the whole spat between president trump and nancy pelosi again, you know, the president wasn't prepared to talk about infrastructure and distract us all, could that be a possibility? >> a possibility that he did not want to negotiate who just accused of engaging him in a cover-up and the media downplayed and the fairness. >> i'm glad that you brought that up because i don't think the media cared about the
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infrastructure. the political battles and intrigue and theater is much more enticing to journalists. >> you're right. >> and i think people, why don't you guys get together and help rebuild america, but even if you took this out of politics, pelosi by saying those things to reporters because she could have brushed off the question about a cover-up, if it was a business meeting and then you attack the person you're having the meeting with, the chances are the meeting would not go well. >> certainly democrats and not just democrats that were saying that congress should pursue impeachment investigations and pelosi has said, we will investigate, but she's doing a slow roll on actual impeachment for a good reason, she does not want to get trump another issue, she does seem to be begging for that or anything. >> we will come back to that. first, it is true the main media narrative here has been trump blows out, trump storms out of media, trump's tantrum when, of
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course, you have both sides. is it in your view antitrump tilt to the coverage? >> oh, absolutely. and i mean, i think to some extent you can make good argument that both trump and pelosi are winning when it comes to basis, what happens this week, you rightfully call it, trump is able to show that he's standing up, she's talking tough to trump and standing up to trump and what is lost is infrastructure. >> or getting anything known the government. the press has had to grapple with counterexplanations, he was looking for excuse the meeting because he didn't have a way to fund 2 trillion-dollars. so you layer on this sort of bad-faith accusation. >> yeah, it's tough.
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my take from the press, look at what has changed and look at what hasn't changed. the president is always someone who will throw counterpunch. nancy pelosi has always looked at the trump administration kind of talking down as like the naughty grandchild. well, now she's directly at them hitting them hard before press conferences, nancy pelosi head of the democrat party is for once fighting back really tough. >> what we know that there are reports this week about the struggles within the democratic party, there's so many house members, pressure for nancy pelosi and for democrats in particular to actually initiate impeachment. >> when the press jumps on board , is there a recognition that she is the one who is trying to sort of hold off against impeachment for now? some journalists say that but do you think that's the impression that many people get from the coverage that she's not the
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ravel rouser here? >> this week was week of that. >> every hour. >> i willgo back to this. now a year later not only is she leading the party but with much more stiff fist. the coverage was nancy pelosi wasn't very strongly some time ago and now she's winning into it. >> the question i ask, pelosi is undeniably a tough opponent as the media cheering her on as head of democratic party. i'm calling this impeachment like, all the house committees subpoenaing documents, they got encourage flent two federal judges. the democrats don't want the backlash but the press should just acknowledge, this is impeachment in everything but
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name. >> they haven't got the votes. if pelosi changed her mind tomorrow there would be impeachment proceedings, what i'm saying should the press acknowledge that this is sort of a version of impeachment even though they don't call it that or do you disagree? >> the public is confused, howard, without blurring the line and nancy pelosi trying to do as much as possible without losing the young bunch who want to go out with torches now. >> nancy pelosi came out and said that trump wants to be impeached. do you want to be impeached, he said nobody wants to be impeached. do you get the sense that increasingly, that the press actually does favor what trump
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calls the i word only because it would be a really dramatic story? >> absolutely. 100%. the second i word is he needs intervention. [laughter] >> it's driving up a lot of drama and, of course, we know the press feeds off of that. i think the press loves that. >> sets me up for sound bite which is the white house on friday the president taking a few questions before getting on helicopter, one reporter asked him, what are you trying to accomplish with personal attacks on the speaker, here is mr. trump's response. >> this shows how fake you and the news are, when you say a personal attack, did you hear what she said about me long before i went after that? did you hear? she made horrible statements, she knows they are not true, she said terrible things, so i just responded in kind. >> so the president says it's a fake question to ask why he's
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personally attacking nancy pelosi. what he meant was, i think, it was a one-sided question because he said she attacked me first and i responded in kind, is it fair to phrase it that way? >> i have to agree with him. there have been especially last week, there have been many. it's not she doesn't engage in any of this. this week was good for both sides and what you see is a lot of stories about nancy pelosi being a master negotiator and not a lot about -- >> i have a minute. why are reporters saying to nancy pelosi what do you hope to accomplish the president needs an intervention? >> well, they ought to ask that because that's a strong statement to say the president needs intervention, both sides are getting personal in ways we have not seen the presidents in the modern era and that's what the public wants, it's our fault
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for putting all of this on the air, the hotter the issue, the hotter back and forth, the better it gets. >> my answer is we have to cover it and we don't have to cover it 24/7. not just infrastructure, when we come back, given the focus on the poison's parulis between congress and congress does the media really care that nothing is getting done, the media calls the profanity president. we will take a look at
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>> video viewed of nancy pelosi after post to go watchdog. the audio of the speaker's voice was slowed down to 75% of her
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normal pace making appear like he was drinkingly slurring her words. >> we want to give the president to do something historic for our country. >> rudy gull -- giuliani retweeted and later deleted it. it was not to be terred and -- altered and highlighted that the speaker was stumbling. >> custody of the border patrol. [inaudible] >> everyone -- it started making -- sending signals. >> president trump tweeted that video, part of headline, pelosi stammers through news
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conference, let's start with video, so many people watched it, shared it and including the president's employer. >> yeah, it shows success to some extent demonizing of nancy pelosi but the narrative that nancy pelosi is crazy. i think it's taken root on the right. >> we don't know who -- >> right. that's why it's so dangerous, it's such a subtle tweet to the video and i think that's why -- it looks real. >> the technology here is scary and you've written about this. you have political actors, propaganda, foreign markets, who know that is can use tech that someone is drunk and incoherent, hey, i saw it with my own eyes. >> what about 2 million people that saw it on facebook, with the world, it might have been a lot of reviews to elevate, so lots of people can see it. >> a way to --
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>> that's right. emily's point is crucial which is any bad actor that's going to put out this information is going to seize on narrative that could be true, why, because it spreads faster that way. that's why in 2020 campaign trail a lot of misinformation that you see is actually tie today things that people might be questioning, there have been misinformation about kamala harris and ethnicities. that's something to watch out for, the technology is really bad when there's underlying feeling. >> she said that the social network is labeling the video false but not taking it down and you should get out of news if you can't do it better and he was spot on. there's no dispute that this was doctored in completely and misleading way and facebook is defending having it up. it boggles my mind. now the president's tweet was different because the show had edited, what you saw was edited,
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some of the media had been conflating the two. we did it right here that the president was distributing a fake video altered for speed, he wasn't retweeting that video. so clarence, is this the new campaign battleground for social media showing the opponent stumbling and fumbling? >> we have seen this age approaching with the rise of social media, we saw in retrospect the false information that was put out by bots or russia but all retweeted the various folks, the more exciting it is the more people retweeted. i can say forget it. everybody needs to have journalism course or something here but with empowerment and twitter users are empowered now to be media onto themselves, there also goes responsibility and that's something that we all
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responsible for double-checking everything that we see on the web. >> the problem here not only facebook and twitter need to do a better job, there's no debate that something -- not just warning label, but harder for journalists to do their job, fact-checking when it's difficult to find out who posted it, the slowdown, what's the alteration and all of that. great discussion, clarence page, emily, reaction from the white house spokesperson who called to defend him. up next, president trump dominate it is news on weighing just about everything, 24/7, is just about everything, 24/7, is that entertaining or exhausting
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♪ ♪ >> no secret that donald trump has utterly dominated the news for nearly 4 years now, it's not just the president talking about politics or the democrats or the much malign media, he gets involved in every national
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conversation from culture to sports, entertainment trump is in short talking about, for example, the jussie smollett case. >> he said he was beaten up by maga county, total lie, that case in chicago it's a disgrace to our nation. >> trump tweeted at jussie smollett again yesterday. >> the guy at cbs, what allow life. honestly, are these people funny? >> he offered thoughts on how to fight the raging california wild fires. >> that should have been all -- you wouldn't have the fires -- >> the disputed call, america's top horse race, the best horse did not win the kentucky derby, visit with world series champions, does anybody know that the boston red sox have done is win since coming to the white house, the national
12:26 am
inquirer piece, jeff bozo being taken down by competitor. the reality show producer to have center of every daily drama and that has the washington post points out makes him inescapable, supporters love it because they he's popping off on stuff they talk all of the time and distracters find annoying and distracting. nobody can ignore him. meanwhile "the new york times" calls trump the profanity president and says he's cursing more than ever. >> certain anchor on cnn fake as hell cnn. sleepily eyes chuck todd sleeping -- >> if word, be s, perhaps trump should ease up in public with cursing, other politicians do
12:27 am
off mic, remember joe biden calling obamacare bfd. even new york times found it fit to print bs word 14 times in many years but 26 times since, that's no bull. in media buzz michael avenatti, coverage of the economy, tensions with iran and trump's constant clash with the
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my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish but now, i take metamucil every day. it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. over his walking out of a meeting, the president asked top aides to back up his account of the meeting including
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councilwoman kellyanne conway. >> very calm. >> very calm. [laughter] >> and you have every right to do that. crisis on the southern bored and they have not done nothing, they have not done -- >> i sat down with white house press secretary here in washington. welcome. >> thank you, great to be with you. >> you said you weren't at the meeting, you spoke about other media. msnbc was leading every hour, was it awkward for all the advisers to have to vouch for the boss? >> absolutely not especially when you're in the face of 92% negative news coverage against
12:32 am
you, we have to vouch for him all of the time. it's amazing what the media covers what he does and what he says in a slant that makes everything negative no matter how positive -- >> everybody does that? >> all they do is mischaracterize his demeanor and take whatever she says, lock, stock and barrel, it would be so nice if we had a complicit compliant media the way the democrats do so often via twitter. >> here is what president tweeted, i was extremely calm at my meeting with pelosi and schumer knowing they would say i was raging which they always do along with partner fake news media, so many stories about the meeting used the rage narrative anyway, fake and corrupt press. in other words, "the new york times" said trump stormed out of the meeting. every story that i saw gave both
12:33 am
sides, he wasn't, they said he was. >> the language they used and they say things like he was enraged or stormed out. you can say he left the meeting, you can say he walked out -- again, define abruptly. he gave his message and left the meeting, there was no time limit set beforehand that everyone agreed upon we will do 20 minutes and he left at 3. he walked in and gave statement to nancy pelosi who just minutes before had accused him of engaging in a cover-up, engaging with no truth or evidence. that's like russia collusion, witch hunt 2.0. now they are saying he's in a cover with no proof and no evidence, not one media member, not one has asked nancy pelosi two questions, what proof do you have for any of this, where's the evidence, second of all, if you have all of the proof and you have all of the evidence why
12:34 am
do you need all of the investigations, just show us the proof and evidence and we will get it done today. >> there's battles of subpoenas and testimony and records, but here, when the president came out he said he can't negotiate infrastructure or anything else with schumer or pelosi while the house is investigating him. the press says he's stonewalling. >> again. >> aren't many americans going to look at this whole spectacle and look at endless high school squabble and meanwhile believe that nothing will get done here in washington for the next year and a half. >> look, the american people are right to believe nothing gets done in washington, d.c., so much because of what we see with gridlock between these polarized camps, what the president did was came in and said, listen, i don't care about the swamp mentality, i'm a different kind of person, i'm a businessman, i like to get things done. record-setting accomplishments. >> after 2 and a half years isn't he partially to blame for the gridlock because it takes 2
12:35 am
sides not to go forward on legislation? >> listen the entire press corp. with no proof or no evidence, the democrat party called him a liar, called him corrupt, accused him of treason, crime punishable by death for 2 years with zero proof, zero evidence, anybody listening to our show today, listening to us speak would be furious if they were accused of a crime for 2 years and once proven that they didn't commit the crime, oh, well, it's fine i can work just fine with you. >> i understand, the president used treason, people he's unhappy. the economy is on fire, lowest jobless rate in half a century, stock market has done very well and for a while it was down played, can we really say now that the president -- that the economy and the gains of the president are not being adequately covered by the media. >> one of the most undertold stories of this administration
12:36 am
as the great kudlow would say. wages are up 9%, african american, hispanic americans, women are employed at record numbers as well. absolute uly, the media won't cover that in a positive manner, they either talk about being part of obama's economy or they just ignore it altogether and you hear the president say if you guys covered the economy i would have a better approval rating. >> the president said this new york times report was fake news. a week or so ago, patrick shanahan had provided contingency report, since then, u.s. officials have confirmed that there's another contingency plan and the president said friday he's sending 1500 soldiers of middle east, it wasn't fake news. >> you're talking about specifics and details.
12:37 am
only he in the people in the room know what actually was talked about as it relates to a plan to move forward. so many leaks come out of this building and throughout this town that just simply aren't true and the president was calling it for what it was. >> why does president shining light on joe biden, many advisers thinks he's elevating the former vice president by making it seem like he's got democratic race wrapped up. >> first of all, the president has known vice president joe biden for quite some time, but to pretend as though president trump is elevating joe biden, he was the vice president of the united states, he's now running for president. >> he's one of 23 democrats. >> right, let's be clear, every metric shows vladimir putin biden had a much higher name id than anybody else and so the president will come out and counterpunch when people attack him and that's what he's going to do regardless whether you're running for president or sitting in congress right now. >> thanks very much for joining
12:38 am
us. >> thank you. >> after the break donna brazile on the coverage of joe biden and pete buttigieg and the other democratic candidates, stay with us
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>> white house official joining us now with a different viewpoint, donna brazile, democratic operative and former chair of dnc and now fox news contributor.
12:42 am
let's clear the air first because this came when you joined fox. cnn dropped you as contributor after you provided hillary clinton campaign questions before town hall. >> first of all i was vice chair of the party as well as cnn contributor and it was important that as a vice chair that i help expand number of debates, town halls and other forms because as you remember there was a limitation on the amount of time the two candidates, two remaining candidates would engage. i was under a lot of pressure to expand, make sure candidates, the candidates were able to talk to different audiences and -- and have different moderators and so i apologized for two reasons, one, clearly i didn't have no control of my emails being released because if i did you would have seen the interaction between me and the candidates, all the candidates as well as me and my quote,
12:43 am
unquote, colleagues at cnn. i was trying to make sure that we could do our job but what the public saw is what wikileaks wanted you to see which was one side of the story. >> i get that this was hacked, once it came out that, for example, flint, michigan town hall, what hillary clinton would be asked, what was cnn president supposed to do? >> first of all, i never had access to cnn questions, what am i supposed to do as a tv pundit when i am accused of given so-called questions generated by cnn which i had no -- i had no time -- nobody gave me any questions. how could i defend myself? i couldn't defend myself. >> in one of those hacked e-mail, john podesta, one to have questions directed to hr, her family has lead poisoning -- >> how did i know that? that's my point. i didn't know that.
12:44 am
no one gave me questions, cnn investigated their own producers and others, i was never in the room, i was never -- i was never part of the people who put that together, however, howard, if you told me tomorrow how that happened, i would say i can't accept that but i don't know how that happened and then -- this is the part that insulted me, it insulted me that they went to flint to find those two women and they said we don't know donna brazile and i said i don't know them. >> there were many details, to your credit and time magazine, you wrote sending emails was a mistake and i will regret forever and do you have any involvement in fox news panel? >> thank god, i don't want to have any involvement. you know what, i'm no longer vice chair, no one will call upon me to provide more town halls, but you know what i am proud of, i'm proud to not only be a part of the fox news team in terms as contributor and i'm encouraging other democrats to
12:45 am
come on fox because i believe fox viewers need to know what democrats are thinking, what they are proposing and the type of issues that we are discussing in the democratic party. >> on the very point because this is controversial within the party with fox and ban from any dnc debates. how valuable have been fox town halls like pete buttigieg, has been getting great press, rise from obscurity from south bend. >> you disagree with some of the quote, unquote opinionated. you know what, i'm still here. i tell my friends and my colleagues in the democratic party, the worst you're going to get on fox is the same you will get on cnn or anybody else and you're going to be criticized because your proposals don't make sense or doesn't add up.
12:46 am
>> why are candidates and elizabeth warren and kamala harris refusing to come to fox news network? >> maybe they want to talk to half of the electorate. ii want to talk to all of the electorate. anybody that listens to me understands that i have an opinion. if you want to be president of the united states you need to come on and talk to every voter, not all of them will agree with you, but they will respect the fact that you have a difference of opinion. >> why would the media so spectacular wrong about joe biden, for months they were all of the stories, he's so out of step with the party, he's going collapse, he will sink like a rock, liberal comments begging him not to rock and now he has a commanding lead? news flash. >> let's start with the fact that what you see on twitter is not really the american electorate. >> liberal bubble. >> it could be liberal and conservative. i've done them.
12:47 am
i get the hit from everybody. i'm not being critical and i'm just making observation and saying, this guy will not make it, this women will not make it, that's not true, you to get out there, engage with the people, what they don't know about joe biden, he's been around the track a round or two, i was a track person, not a track star but i was on the team, i had strength, i never had endurance. i could go around the track two times and then say i need a beer. joe biden can go around the track 2 or 3 times. people forget that they know him. they may not always believe that he's the top of the class but they know him, they know that they can -- look, joe biden is someone you can go to church with, you can go to a bar with and you can go to union hall with. >> do you think journalists recognize that they seriously underrated biden? anything could happen. >> need to look at not just joe biden but other candidates, we have a couple sleepers out there, you see that with mayor
12:48 am
pete, you see it with -- i still believe kamala is a sleeper, elizabeth warren is a sleeper, we have a couple of other sleepers out there and the reason why people should pay attention, somebody is going to wake up and it's going to be a beautiful moment. >> always a surprise in every campaign that i've looked at. donna brazile, we appreciate you being here. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> still to come the media turns michael avenati into a
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>> peace and security on the korean peninsula with the u.s.-japan alliance is steadfast and iron clad. heather: good morning to you, monday may 27th and this is "fox & friends first". happening right now at 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast fox news alert for you, breaking overnight, president trump joining forces with japan to curve crisis with north korea, what is on the agenda today as the forked prepares to make history?