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tv   Hannity Memorial Day Special  FOX News  May 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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night to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and especially group think. have a great memorial day evening. see you tomorrow. >> sean: welcome to the special edition of "hannity," tonight for the hour will highlight the most important stories covered each night in our hannity monologue. let's go to a flashback. sad day for be about haters everywhere when the result of mueller's witch hunt for two and a half years were laid bare for all to see. let's start there. take a look. the truth has been laid bare for all to see. no collusion. no obstruction. no truth to the lies that have been peddled daily. we on this program have been right all along because unlike the mainstream media, we have been telling the truth with evidence to back it up. many of you since yesterday have been writing me, and you want me to spike the football
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i am not in any type of celebratory mood here tonight in any way. this is a time every americand that now knows truth, you should be angry at what has happened here. all of america, i am pissed off and so should the rest of the country be over what has happened. this is only the first chapter, this must be a day of reckoning for the media, for the deep state for people who abuse power and blatantly in this country. if we did not get this right, if we do not hold these people accountable, i promise you, with all the love i can muster for this country and our future for our kids and grandkids, we will lose the greatest country god is ever given man.nd we'll lose it. we now have 675 days, 25 plus million dollars, 2800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants, doors kicked down the,
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predawn raids, felonyy convictions for processed crimes and screws turn to get people to lie and hurt the president. other lives ruined, mounting legal bills for so many americans, many who are now facing bankruptcy like lieutenant general flynn, a 30-year combat veteran for that's how we repay him?eu after a nine month prior fbi investigation that found zero evidence of trump-russia collusion after a bipartisanou senate investigation that found zero evidence of collusion, after another investigation found zero evidence of collusion, lo and behold for the fourth time we learned over the weekend we found that robert mueller has found zero evidence of trump-collusion according to attorney general bob barr's summary of findings of the mueller report.rt
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"the special counsel's investigation did not find that the trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 u.s. presidential election." let me be clear, a direct quoteo from the mueller report, "the investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired, coordinated with the russian government and its election interference activities" and that's not all. president trump has also been cleared of the issue of obstruction of justice. mueller did not draw a conclusion one way or another as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction for the special counsel did not conclude the president committed a crime, but read a little further. after reviewing the matter, the attorney general in consultation with the deputy attorney general who started this whole thing, rod rosenstein, concluded, "the
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key phrase that the media misses, the special counsel's investigation is not sufficient to establish the president committed an obstruction of justice offense" and this is important. "our determination was i made without regard to and is not based on the constitutional considerations that surround the indictment and criminal prosecution of a sitting president." he concluded, "generally speaking to obtain and sustain an obstruction conviction, the government would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person acting with corrupt intent engaged in the obstructive conduct with a sufficient nexus to a comtemplating proceeding." anyone in the media who refuses to admit this truth is continuing the lying that they've been doing the last two years. you can't obstruct a crime you didn't commit. there was no collusion.
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there cannot be any obstruction. no charges will be filed. the mueller media witch hunt is finally over. the big question for this country tonight, this shouldn't be about conservative, liberal, democrat, republican. where do we as a country go from here? how do we prevent this unprecedented attack on a duly elected president in an effort to then overturn the will of the american people from ever happening again? people with the highest levels of power, abusing that power to exonerate one candidate that we know, to favor the candidate committed to rig a presidential election, and to undo the results they didn't like. after all, you, we, the american people, we were lied to over and over and over again. my promise to this country from this night forward is that we will hold every liar, every propagandist, every conspiracy theorist accountable. this will likely take us months and maybe longer to unravel the truth. we got all the tape, we got all
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the comments, it will take time. but i make it his pledge tonight. every deep state actor that abused the power that you, we the people, give them will will be held accountable. we will hold every super rpatriot, [cough] comey, whont knew better to hold them accountable if it will hold every fake news media liar accountable for it will hold every liar, that cowardly schiff to begin with, accountable. we'll name names, demanding investigations, we will get this right, demand we get this rightg and we will show you who can never be trusted again. and tonight, we start with this corrupt media mob and the democratic party. we now know they work in unison. they are one entity. the past two years, there have been two parallel narratives in this country. one, of course, was the truth, which we have been proving night after night and reporting all night after night.
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tomorrow, all the people that deserve the credit will be here with me. about the biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal perhaps in history. and then there was the media's pack of lies about a grand scheme where donald trump and his team worked closely with russia to steal the election. breathless reporting, hysteria, pushed week after week, every second, every hour of every day. look at some headlines. commonplace across nearly every media outlet. there is actually lots of evidence of trump-russia collusion. wrong. the atlantic. the collusion with russia is in plain sight. wrong. "huffington post" ran this lie on their front page, manafort indictment proves trump-russia collusion. a lie. talking about thousands upon thousands of reports in the opinion and so called hard news pages n
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alike. they actually won a pulitzer prizes for their lying coverage of the russia collusion hoax. that's a disgusting disgrace and a real dishonor for every person that deserved a real pulitzer prize for this horrible conspiratorial coverage was amplified every single day on the fake news cnn. conspiracy tv msnbc. this is but a tiny sampling. take a look. >> i think this meeting in thee revelations about it are a game changer in the investigation because they present the first evidence of actual collusion. >> what mr. trump did yesterday was to betray the men and women of the fbi, and betray the o american public for that's why i used the term that this is nothing short of treasonous. >> this is direct collusion. it's out in the open. we know this all took place. >> the notion of being no collusion? this is the biggest version of the trump crowd. there was collusion. this picture that the president iswd so desperate to avoid, this picture of collusion begins to fill in.
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>> it's interesting is on one hand, very damning, it's collusion. >> it would seem that collusion is obvious.ou >> collusion in plain sight. they went back and forth with individuals affiliated with the fump campaign and russian individuals. that collusion is quite obvious and apparent. >> a political hurricane is out there by him. we'll call it hurricane vladimir if you will. >> this is a willingness to commit collusion. >> at the height of this hysteria, especially fake news cnn and conspiracy tv msnbc, they were featuring every second of every day former stormy daniels' attorney michael avenatti, more than 108 times in two months because he hatede donald trump.
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and avenatti ate it up about trump and russia on a daily, nightly basis. today, avenatti was indicted in two separate cases citing fraud ander extortion, yet for two weeks, avenatti was their star guest on show after show after show and the media was desperate for the false narrative and lies to beeb advanced. brit hume, 50 years in journalism, call this russia collusion coverage the worst journalistic debacle in his lifetime. over 50 years in journalism. i thought i had a lot at 30. even far left former rolling stones writer matt taibi, nobody wants to know this news that mueller is heading home without issuing new charges is a death blow to the american news media. jeff zucker, are you going to apologize for your network's stream of lies and hysteria?
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phil griffin, nbc, are you going to apologize for the conspiracy theories that you allowed to be spread every second on msnbc? are you going to come clean over the front page deception every day in "the washington post"? will you at least stop referring to the far left collusion obsessed pack jennifer rubin and others as conservatives? they are not. is the "new york times" opinion editor dean going to give back the paper's pulitzer prize given they were caught reporting a hoax? they lied day after day for two plus years. in reality we know there'll never be a mea culpa but from any of these major fake news outlets. let's move on to the next group of lies. they'll never apologize to him or retract their lives, anonymous sources, the endless
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speculation. they are hopeless. journalism, i told you in 2007, it's not something i said lightly. they have earned their horrible reputations. and they never vetted obama, rush to judgment going back to richard jewell. look what they did to a 16-year-old kid nicholas sandmann and the covington kids, look at what they did in thee smollett case, and look with they did to the cambridge police, barron wilson, michael brown in ferguson for freddy gray, rush to judgment in baltimore. the fake rape allegations in uva, the fake rape allegations against the duke lacrosse team, be damned under the laws, equalt application of the laws, through all of them be damned. the media mob, democratic party mob, they have caused great harm and division in this country. they laughed at the idea that donald trump could win. they begged him to run.
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by the way, on all those cases we mentioned? we didn't rush to judgment. justice kavanaugh another case, we allowed due process, we allowed the resumption of innocence. they never allowed it in any of those cases and they never have been held accountable. but it's never been this big. now that he's president, they have never taken the time to ever cover donald trump's accomplishments, which have been record-breaking. they hate him, they hate all of we the people that dared to vote for him. they thought they knew better. we, the irredeemable deplorables. we believe in god, our bible, a religion. we are the smelly walmart shoppers. his hatred of this rage has caused the mainstream media to be wrong over and over and over and over and over again. npr embarrassed after it lied about don jr. senate testimony -- we paid for their coverage? the guardian reporting of fakef
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conspiracy about mueller and julian assange, three fake news story after fake news story, lie after lie. propaganda after propaganda and if it had to do with russia, president trump? the story was hastily reported and facts were nothing more than an afterthought. we'll get more at the video evidence. >> here's the call to the blocked number. there seems to be good evidence that that was probably resident trump. [buzzer] >> michael cohen claims that then candidate donald trump knew in advance of the june 2016 meeting in trump tower. [buzzer]ll crucially these stories tell us that cohen is willing to make the assertion to special counsel robert mueller. [buzzer] >> we begin with a new report that paul manafort, the president's former campaign chairman, paid secret visits, multiple ones, to julian assad
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-- assange at theon ecuadorian embassy in london. this is according to the guardian. [buzzer] >> president trump directed his attorney to lie to congress. [buzzer] >> sean: why no due process? why no presumption of innocence? why no due diligence, even on a 16-year-old kid? blatant false reporting, rushing to judgment again and again. the answer is simple. this corrupt partisan media mobh is an integral part of the new radical extreme democratic socialist party. they clearly work together. they develop, they push the same narrative, using the same words whether it is true or not. outlets like fake news cnn, conspiracy tv msnbc, they have become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the propaganda -- of the democratic party. that's why when they try to tell us here at fox and you support us, you are allowing the only
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voice of radio on the air half the time. that's why democrats, the media sounded exactly alike. remember their comments about collusion? they sound like one it's like they are one mind, one heart, one body, one soul. take a look. >> my republican colleagues, the president himself, the white house has been saying that there is no evidence of collusion. we need people to say there is no evidence of collusion. well, it turns out that there was collusion. >> our investigation we saw strong evidence of collusion. the republicans now are choosing to bury it. >> over the course of the last year, we've seen a lot of evidence of collusion between the campaign and the russians. >> the evidence is pretty clear that there was collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. >> i think the evidence is pretty clear.
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>> the evidence is there. >> seems quite clear that the thought evidence, question is how high the collusion went? a criminal conspiracy to defraud the american people of an election. >> we saw cold, hard evidence of trump campaign these are the trump family eagerly intending to collude possibly with russia. >> sean: all lies. in the end, we now know the truth. trump-russia collusion, the conspiracy theory was nothing more than a coping mechanism by people that couldn't handle losing. desperately hoping that the 2016 election results were not what they were. some evil force was behind the scenes behind the curtain pulling the strings, russia, russia, russia. never before has a country, have we witnessed such sore loserism ever like this. so many lies, so much hysteria, breathless reporting. and democratic house intel committee chairman schiff? i call him a cowardly schiff?
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lied repeatedly when he said there is significant evidence of collusion. he is not to be trusted. should be taken off as the chairman of the house intel committee. he is a national disgrace. as is congresswoman waters lying to you when she vowed to impeach trump over collusion. you can never trust people that lie like this, or congressman eric salwell who said he's seen plenty of evidence of collusion. he is a liar. he's never to be trusted. or as senator hirono exclaiming we are heading to a constitutional crisis. more total b.s. and the hysteria on the left was many of them at the fox news channel like tucker, laura, lou dobbs on our sister station, fox & friends, independent thinkers standing alone. there would've been no one out there advocating for the truth, discovering the biggest abuse of
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power, scandal in our history. nobody. we now have to concern ourselves as a country with a two tiered system of justice featuring a high-ranking deep state powerful officials, we empower them, they first try to rig an election in favor of hillary clinton by exonerating her from what should have been obvious extraction and a violation of the espionage act. then they used their power to try and influence the 2016 election with a brush and lies paid for, of all ironies be that's why our hannity watch on the deep state is more important than ever. coming up, my monologue on sleepy, crazy, crazy uncle joe biden. and later, i will tack on the -- i will tackle the rise of socialism within the democratic extreme party. i have a special message for alec baldwin tonight. stay tuned as a special edition of "hannity" continues. ed as (photographers) candace! charlie!
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or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. president trump set to remark memorial day in japan. he'll deliver a memorial day address to the troops aboard the uss fox news will bring that to you live when that happens. also during a visit to japan, he is held extensive talks with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. on the agenda, trade, north korea, and the military. and the governor of oklahoma touring the area where a tornado killed two people this weekend and seeing the destruction, governor said "it's unbelievable that anybody could survive."
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the area 25 miles west of the city hit late in the night and leveled a motel and tore through a mobile home park as well. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to our "hannity" special. >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." two weeks ago, creepy, sleepy, crazy joe biden announced hisn: presidential bid. we actually took the time to vet this career politician. things they never talk about. take a look. >> crazy uncle joe enjoys early frontrunner status in front of the 2020 democrats. below the surface, biden looks as vulnerable as any of them. especially as the evidence of internationalna corruption is mounting. tonight, the hills john solomonl explained while biden was vice president, his son hunter took a job at a major ukrainian energy company.
10:26 pm
when the company became the subject of a corruption probe in that country, he used his influence to get the lead prosecutor fired. he even bragged about it. remember? the prosecutor was investigating biden's son. tul biden used the threat of pulling $1 billion in u.s. aid if they didn't fire the prosecutor in six hours. now the shady dealings extends all the way to china because as author peter schweitzer uncovered, hunter biden's private equity firm got a whopping 1 billion-dollar deal back in 2013 after ten days when he went with his father to meet with chinese officials onn air force two. here's the kicker. according to schweitzer, hunter biden had no background in china but walks away from one of the world's most powerful governments with an enormous deal. beyond the shady dealings, biden is doing everything he can try to do to catch up and cozy up to the far left. promising free health care for illegal immigrants. spreading baseless fears about republicans wanting to bring back jim crow.
10:27 pm
playing the race card. even apologizing the way he treated anita hill. all in an obvious effort to make up for his long history of insensitive remarks. let's take a look. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> what kind of chance does a north eastern liberal stand in the south? >> better than anyone else but you do not know my state. my state is a slave state, border state, the eighth largest black population in the country. >> articulate, bright, clean, i mean, it's just historic. >> romney said in the first 100 days, once again wants to let the banks write their own rules. unchained wall street.
10:28 pm
they'll put y'all back in chains. >> sean: old establishment candidate with shady international dealings is running on a last name, no message, gaffe after gaffe, pandering to the far left. sounds a lot familiar to you? it's hillary 2.0. don't forget, he has to run on his and obama's economic failures. eight years, 13 million more americans on food stamps, where it's the worst recovery since the '40s. on top of that, the only president and vice president in history never to reach 3% gdp and he took on more debt than all 43 presidents and vice presidents before them combined. compare that to the trump agenda. record low unemployment into and a half years, best wage growth -- in 2 1/2 years, best wage growth in 10 years, energy independence for the first time
10:29 pm
in 75 years. an even bigger are the questions surrounding the obama white house's role in what's the biggest abuse of power, corruption, scandal in history. beyond biden's shady international dealing, he faces an uphill climb and already doing everything he can do to try and cozy up to the far left of his party. look at his rollout >> i believe history will look back on the four of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the, character of this nation. who we are. and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> sean: record low and employment for african-americans, hispanic americans, asian americans and women in the workplace, and, oh, youth unemployment. we have literally wage growth stagnant for 10 years, really? now, it's back stronger than ever. that's hateful? that's bad for america? i don't think the american people think so.
10:30 pm
despitele biden's attempts to appease the far left radical socialist base of the democratic party, they're already sounding autoalarm against him. -- sounding the alarm against him. in a new tweet from the group justice democrats, the same group behind the rise off congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, the group wrote biden is out of touch, the center of the energy in the democratic party today. do not forget congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez went for me in the party. -- went firmly on the record, she doesn't want biden to be the normally, an, -- nominee and les remind you. >> this idea that we can go back to the good old days with obama, with obama's vice president? i think there is an emotional element with that. but i do not want to go back. i want. to go forward. >> sean: look at this article waom the liberal website slate comparing biden to jeb bush, calling him a week establishment candidate. -- a weak establishment candidate. a headline in the ap said, quote
10:31 pm
some women of color frustrated with biden's bed, raising questions about his campaigns appeal based on past statements on immigration and bussing. look, it looks like biden may not even have the backing of his old boss barack obama. it looks like uncle joe was trying to spin this uncomfortable truth. take a look. >> why didn't president obama endorse you? >> i asked president obama not to endorse -- whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merit. >> sean: does anyone actually believe that? did anyone believe that barack obama was all set to endorse him and joe stopped him? let not your heart be troubled, joe, because the big coveted endorsements already rolling in like from conspiracy tv darling michael avenatti tweeted this about biden, offers them the -- offers dems the best chance
10:32 pm
in 2020, especially in key states. he has the fight, intelligence, fortitude to beat trump and begin to make america america again. he has my enthusiastic support. an, biden bragging saying, all these foreign leaders are begging me to save the country and the world? really? you have a little messiah complex? biden enters the race fending off scandal after scandal. multiple women have accused of inappropriate kissing, touching actual video footage of biden's disturbing touching antics. doesn't this alone immediately disqualify in the eyes of the democratic party? if biden was a republican, what would they be saying let's make a double standard is on full display. >> sean: coming up, my monologue on the radical a socialist left who wants total control of your paychecks and everything else. that and more as this special edition of "hannity" continues. control of your paychecks and everything else. that and these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use
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>> sean: welcome to the special edition of "hannity." radical socialist lawmakers have taken the reigns inside the democratic party and they have big plans for your money but we detail their latest policy issues in the recent monologue. >> i want to explain in detail, what is free, free, free everything government mean? the left continues to place these fantasies that they'll take away all your fears and everything will be taken care of from the minute you're born until the minute you die. free health care, free college care, free vacations, government funded guaranteed healthy food, and more. and no cows, planes, oil, gas. think about this, every single time you're offered something for free, in this case, these are promises you they could never keep and you will give up your freedom.
10:38 pm
you give up more control of your life to a bureaucrat and you lose the ability to make choices, to do what's in the best interest of you and your family. we told you bernie sanders, he fns three homes. a seven figure income but why doesn't he share his own money? congressman ocasio-cortez left -- loves to take planes despite her call to abolish air travel. her motto should be say do as i say, not as i do. in addition to everything else, democrats want to hand out free cash to every american. no strings tapped. -- attached. look at cory booker's hometown of newark, new jersey. they are doing a test. universal basic income program. you have democratic candidate andrew yang grabbing headlines weighing in on male circumcision. deciding that for people. also proposing we give each andl every american thousand dollars a month. how are we going to pay for that? corporations like amazon, for example, take a look. >> i'm proposing their freedom dividend that every adult in america starting at age 18 will
10:39 pm
receive $1,000 a month to do whatever they want. what this will do is enable millions of americans to more effectively make transitions as we are in the midst of right now the greatest economic and technological transfer mission -- transformation in the history of our country. we're calling it the fourth industrial >> sean: i'm sure mr. yang's proposal seems like a good faith attemptr to help the poor and working-class challenges they have, handing out money no strings attached is dangerous. first thing it'll do is destroy incentive, work hard. better your life. take 70% of income of people, 90%e of corporate income? nobody is going to want to do anything. where is this money coming from, swho is funding this? what happened in finland. they tried universal basic income, they failed to get anybody back to work. here's what the left doesn't
10:40 pm
work. higher taxes, 70% for individuals, 90% for corporations as proposed, burdensome regulation, massive government programs, they will drive every business out of this country leading fewer and fewer taxpayers to deal with a bigger and bigger tax bill because it turns out nothing isp free, everything has a cost. somebody has got to pay for it but look at the middle class exodus from new york and california and new jersey and illinois. because the 70% top marginal rate, the 90% top corporate rate, it's going to make it impossible. no business can survive. they will all leave. no wonder ocasio-cortez owes taxes reportedly on her 2012 failed business. guess who's hurt by the most on this. the people they purport to help. the poor and the working class for the truth is free enterprise system has led more people out of poverty and created a higher standard of living than any other economic system in history. and while we should do everything we can do to help the forgotten men and women in this country, they matter most which trump is doing, after obama added 13 million more americans
10:41 pm
to food stamps, he added 8 million more americans to m poverty. remember, the standard of living among the poor and working-class in america is better than almost any other place on earth because of our capitalist system. look at pew research. even americans who are considered poor are actually middle-class when you look at the global scale. findings by the heritage foundation, vast in my life, i've lived paycheck to paycheck for it let me be the first to say, that is not what we want for every citizen. we want every american to have better and more than just the e bare necessities. but if you compare poverty in america, places like venezuela, cuba, all these other countries? there is suffering all across latin america. honduras, they have a 66% poverty rate.os conservatism, capitalism, freedom works. limited regulations, low taxes, they allow businesses to thrive bid that creates jobs,ll
10:42 pm
opportunities for everyone. jfk did it, reagan did it, and we now see donald trump doingg it. with near record low unemployment, a million more jobs available, the best wage growth in a decade under donald trump and finally we're energy independent for the first time in 70 years and we will have millions of jobs of high-paying jobs in the energy industry if governments doesn't take it over?l they want to roll all that back. hopefully the american people know better than this. they will not fall for the bait and switch. it seems great, everything is free but nationalizing the health care and energy industry, mandating what car you can drive, what you can eat, getting rid of oil, gas, planes, free ,oney for those unwilling to work? that'll be a disaster. socialism has been a failure every time it's been tried. it's resulted in some of the biggest and largest amount of euman suffering in history.
10:43 pm
so tonight, remember as we go through the election process. one thing. i surrendering control of everything to the government, and they promised to take all your fears away and guarantee everything is going to be great, how did keep your doctor, keep your plan and save money work out? that's only one aspect. the government taking all your hard-earned money? it's not going to lead to economic prosperity. don't fall for the false promises, the scare tactics. the hysteria. playing on your fears. it's all part of their plan. they want to control every aspect of your life, they want you more dependent on them so you will keep them in power. what's taking place right now, this is a defining moment in american politics. two radically different agendas and ideas for our future art on -- are on display. one of them, racking up success after success after success.
10:44 pm
it's time for america to stay the course. the trump agenda is setting records where it's most important. helping people with a ladder up to success. after the break, alec baldwin recently takes a swipe at me and trump supporters. our reaction to that and much more as this special edition of "hannity" continues. stay right there. our reaction to that and much more as this special -meg! there you are. did you take a picture of the cake to put on our website? i mean i would have but i'm a commercial vehicle so i don't have hands... or a camera...or a website. should we franchise? is the market ready for that? can we franchise? how do you do that? meg! oh meg! we should do that thing where you put the business cards in the fishbowl and somebody wins something. -meg: hi. i'm here for... i'm here for the evans' wedding. -we've got the cake in the back, so, yeah. -meg: thank you. -progressive knows small business makes big demands. -you're not gonna make it, you're not gonna make it! ask her if we can do her next wedding too! -so we'll design the insurance solution that fits your business. -on second thought, don't...ask that.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i am marion rafferty. president trump wrapping up his trip to japan with a salute from afar, set to take part in the memorial day ceremony above the u.s. battleship harbored in japan. one of mr. trump's last
10:49 pm
activities there, part of his four-day trip. tensions have surfaced between mr. trump and japan's prime minister. the two leaders are at odds with the significance of north korea and missile tests and u.s. tariffs on japanese cars. a horrific knife attack left at least two people dead and others injured in japan. many of the victims are school children who were stabbed as they waited at a bus stop near tokyo. there are reports the assailant died of a self--inflicte self--. i am marion rafferty. now back to our "hannity" special. >> sean: so far left actor and professional trumpeter alec baldwin recently referred to trump reporters as flyover americans who have been fooled by their president. of course, this kind of hateful rhetoric, that's nothing new for efllywood's biggest ragaholic. the subject of a recent monologue on the show. let's take a look. >> far left actor alec baldwin wrapping up his attacks on hardworking americans across the country.
10:50 pm
condescending hollywood jackass. take a look. >> after he won which was horrifying to me, he's fooled all these flyover americans that he's a crack businessman. we know that he's something else. this is the real tragedy. he's exactly the same today as he was back in november 2016. >> sean: fooling all those flyover americans. let's see. they elected somebody who gave us record wage growth, over 3% gdpp, energy independence, lowest jobless claims since 1969, alec. the list goes on, genius. the ones getting fooled are those in the radical hollywood hate machine that fell for the two-year russia hoax. alec baldwin has doubled down to my smearing the attorney general
10:51 pm
barr and lindsay graham, why do god-fearing americans think he's worthy of a senate seat. he's going to win in 2020, in case you're interested. of course, baldwin's beef with the working class is well-documented but he mocked me once for being a construction worker hack.e these b list actors, d list ideas are so consumed with anti-trump rage, it's a psychosis. they lost all ability to think rationally and are completely disconnected. >> sean: alec baldwin, angry man. becoming more and more unhinged. he is obsessed with fox news, talk radio, and yours truly. we've gone back and forth overio the years. attacking me, the great one mark levine, saw him on the howardd stern. take a look. look at and listen. >> hannity is an idiot and then untalented idiot. no talent, and none. he's a ranting -- he's like a janitor, a guy -- what's it with immigration?
10:52 pm
he's like a long island working class buffoon. >> and yet everything is just hate. >> sean hannity who lacks self-awareness on any level. zero self-awareness. >> have you ever had a discussion with him? w >> why would i waste my time doing that? he's a horrible broadcaster. is a slack-jawed idiot. the things he says is just not interesting. >> sean: okay, alec. if i'm so dumb, why have you a failed cable tv show, and network show, and both of us know you wanted to work in talk radio. you felt and flopped in both of these businesses over and over again. alec baldwin wanted to be a radio talk show host. one day, he was given a chance to try out at a new york station that i worked at. so i called in. the great one mark levin called in. something really interesting happened.
10:53 pm
watch. >> sean hannity >> is that brian wittman? >> is that sean? >> alec, i wanted to give you the official wabc radio considering you wanted to come w on my program and you didn't show up. >> i wasn't supposed to come on your program, sean hannity. i wouldn't dream of coming on your program, sean hannity. i'm here with brian. i'm here with a really talented -- >> you don't tell the truth. >> i'm here with a really talented broadcaster. i wouldn't want to come on your show with a no talent for construction worker hack like you. >> are you the guy who said our vice president, while we're at at war, are you the reckless third wave great hollywood w actor -- >> the acid venom spewing, it is sean hannity! >> we only just begun. are you 40 or 50 pounds overweight. >> who is this? oh, mark levin... >> sean: i wish i could play the whole thing. after being completely embarrassed,
10:54 pm
baldwin got so angry, he left his own show that he was hosting. walked out of his own talk show. nowhere to be found. now he was the host ofof brian whitman, a good friend of ours, brought him in to help him get through his first show. listen to how this ended. >> listen, sean. >> alec, come back. they're alec? alec walked out of the studio. alec, please come back. alec baldwin has put on his jacket and he has left. >> sean: all right. alec wasn't done trying out for talk radio. he figures, i won't to go to a station we know.eae they went to wpht, our affiliate in philadelphia. i have to admit, alec, i give you credit for this is the greatest tape in the history of radio. so good. because it's so bad. watch.e
10:55 pm
>> when can we take some calls,ak i'll give? >> whenever we want? >> no calls yet. what number to people call, do we have that number? >> it's right there. do i have the call number in front of me? i'm so sorry. >> that's interesting. interesting. do we have any calls yet, ivan let's read more about scientology.ti is sean hannity a scientologist? alec baldwin posing the big questions here. do we have any calls here? boy, it's just incredible. >> sean: no calls. eventually he just called his mother to be the caller.he we have more of the special edition of "hannity" right after this break. chicken?! chicken.
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