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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 28, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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and saturday, we added it to the tour. on books a million, in nashville at 2:00 at 2:00 pm. can't wait to meet more of you out there, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful. >> the tornado just hit our house. oh my god. we were just sitting out here. >> reporter: it is tuesday, may 28th and this is "fox and friends first" at 4:00 on the east coast, tornadoes ripping through america's heartland, thousands from ohio to arkansas waking up to utter devastation with entire neighborhoods flattened. we are tracking what is coming next. donald trump returning from his historic trip to japan, the message he just delivered to our
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troops and the battle with democrats as he heads back to washington. are you feeling burnt out at work? >> i am going to need you to come in tomorrow so if you could just be here around 9, that would be great. shannon: having a case of the mondays is now considered a condition. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ born free ♪ free ♪ heather: little kid rock to get you out of bed.
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you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. thank you for joining us if you're beginning your they are into your evening. straight to some extreme weather. catastrophic damage in dayton, ohio after two powerful tornadoes touched down overnight, incredible photo showing a car wrapped around a light post after a storm. a man capturing one of the month its twisters forming outside his home and north of dayton another twister leveling homes, knocking out power to everyone, first responders going door-to-door as people are trapped inside their homes. >> scariest moment of my life honestly. we are lucky to be here. shannon: twisters touching down in indiana and iowa as both states face more severe storms. right now arkansas and oklahoma
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bracing for historic flooding. police near the arkansas river to get out now. 12 people have died from severe weather in the last two weeks and we have more on this because you need to know about it. fox news alert, three people are dead and 16 others injured after a stabbing spree in a bus stop in japan. witnesses say the attacker was carrying a knife screaming i will kill you while cutting a group of schoolchildren. in 11-year-old girl and man were killed in that attack. the suspect took his own life. japan experienced a handful of violent life attacks in recent years. in 2016, 19 people medicare ctr. for mental disabilities were stabbed to death by a former employee. donald trump leaving japan overnight after what he calls an unforgettable trip.
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the president making his way to dc as republicans warn against impeachment talks with mark meredith in washington with more on what awaits donald trump when he gets back to dc. nice to have you with us. >> reporter: the president is expected at the white house at 2:00 this afternoon. he is on his way back, that four day trip to japan meeting with japanese leaders on a number of topics including trade and north korea and had a chance to meet with us service members based overseas, the first lady recognizing memorial day on the uss wasp. the president praised service members based in japan and continued service to the country. >> reporter: >> every day the men and women of the seventh fleet live there motto, ready power for peace. we face down terrorism and render aid in the wake of devastating natural disasters and i see what you do, incredible.
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>> reporter: back in washington it is expected to be a fairly quiet week on capitol hill. lawmakers are not here. they are back in their districts but when they return the debate over impeachment is expected only to grow. many democrats are speaking of encouraging congressional leaders to begin the impeachment process. >> it may well be a time for an impeachment inquiry to begin. >> the judiciary committee as a whole is for at least it inquiry of impeachment. >> it reached a point we have to open an impeachment inquiry. >> the president of the united states of america needs to be impeached. >> we should begin impeachment proceedings against donald trump. >> reporter: the recent poll from quinnipiac university shows the majority of americans, 66% do not think congress should begin the impeachment proceeding. heather: much more on this to come. let's talk about iran's foreign
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minister lashing out at the united states in direct response to donald trump. tweeting and part, quote, economic terrorism is hurting the iranian people and causing tension in the region projections, not words, will show whether that is donald trump's intent. donald trump says his focus is on preventing to run from getting nuclear weapons and is not looking for a regime change. he believes making a deal with iran is possible. donald trump slamming joe biden for supporting the 1994 crime bill. as far from the senate judiciary committee helped pass the law which critics say mass incarceration by boosting police forces and budgets. donald trump colin that, quote, a dark period in american history but has a sleepy joe apologized? know. the president writing he helped with criminal justice reform.
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so biden at legislative history not the only thing going for him. the president's booming economy will go a long way in securing the african-american vote. >> donald trump will be able to make a case to the african american community. he went to them and said i will fight for you whether you vote for me are not. he has delivered the lowest unemployment rate for african americans ever recorded. he built empowerment zones, past the tax bill. he's not going to win the african american vote but he got 8% and he could get 14 or 15%, democrats are in big trouble and lots of people who are persuadable voters will like that he is reaching out to the african american community. >> african-american unemployment thanks the record level of 5.9%. all eyes on the supreme court as major decisions could be handed
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down as soon as today, notable cases on a decision docket include the so-called cross case and the census citizenship question and could roe versus wade be revisited? todd pyro breaks it down. >> reporter: we expect numerous decisions from now until the end of june but here are three areas we are following closely. for a separation of church and state, at issue a world war i memorial cross on public land with the american legion saying it honors are awarded in a style similar to european graveyards. the american humanist association arguing taxpayer funds should not be used for something they say is a religious. the justices didn't signal a willingness to let that cross stay. next whether the 2020 census can ask about a person at citizenship. the trump administered what is the question added to help the
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barbs of justice and for the voting rights act arguing it will prohibit discriminatory voting practices. critics say there could be an undercount of 6.5 million people if the question is included because noncitizens will be hesitant to answer. based on questioning during moral arguments conservatives appeared ready to side with the administration and allow the citizenship question by a narrow 5-4 majority. the issue generating the most controversy, abortion. no decision is likely in the current supreme court, once again ready to revisit roe v wade. challenges to laws in 3 states, indiana, alabama and louisiana pending before the court meaning any case would likely be heard in the next term beginning in october with the decision around this time next year right before the 2020 election. heather: that would add something for sure. great to have you with us.
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how about this? the service dog of the late president george hw bush remembers his hero honored on memorial day. sully posing for a picture next to the national world war ii memorial in washington reading always thinking of my best friends, bravest military in the world who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our country for our freedom. bush served as a navy pilot and commander-in-chief. always remember our military members for sure. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. a middle east breakthrough. japan's prime minister mediates talks between the us and iran. the next guest says it is a sign the president's tough action is working. >> they have fifth amendment rights, freedom of speech, you're not allowed to take that from other people.
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heather: that doesn't stop one school from trying, the m aga had students who got blurred in their yearbook. ♪
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>> iran when i first came into office was a terror. now they are pulling back because they have serious economic problems. we are not looking at regime change. we are looking for no nuclear weapons. heather: the week surprising tension in the middle east donald trump welcoming japan's prime minister's offer to broker talks with iran. could a third-party ally be the key to the breakthrough with iran. research fellow for demands of democracy joins us now with more. thank you for joining us, appreciate it.
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is this a good idea? shinzo abe negotiating with president rouhani? >> donald trump is playing it right here. he was cautiously optimistic, very cautiously welcoming the idea of prime minister abe mediating between the us and iran but washington must be careful not to dilute a successful campaign with eagerness for diplomacy. the success of the campaign is a reason america's allies like japan which have had to scale back are looking to end the current crisis. heather: why is japan so willing to jump into it? >> there are multiple reasons. there a terror issue between the us and japan and close personal relationship between donald trump and prime minister abe and the japanese have long-standing relations with iran before and
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after the islamic revolution. it is a multifaceted piece of the puzzle coming together. heather: in terms of negotiations, what could be negotiated that would benefit the us? >> it is open to interpretation, japan would have to find a way to dampen iran's incentive against the us and restrain the nuclear program and convince iran it is in iran's interest to come back to the negotiating table and multilateral eyes those talks through another mechanism but all of this is too early. iran is looking to double down, triple down in the face of american pressure. heather: we had iraq offer to help with negotiations as well. >> the more successful the administration's pressure campaign is, the more allies like japan or thoughts between
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tehran and washington such as iraq looking to offset tensions and mediate so the administration must apply pressure to make sure tehran knows it is serious about washington's desire for change with the broader and better deal. heather: at the same time dealing with north korea. >> similar issue, the president use the max pressure campaign against both countries, using coercive economic measures to bring both to the negotiating table so they have missile technology and conventional military technology. i would caution the administration not to prematurely undercut the success of sanctions as has been the case with north korea with respect to iran. heather: that is an area where there is some disagreement between shinzo abe and donald trump when it comes to short range missiles north korea has recently launched. >> let you mentioned short range
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missiles because iran has several missiles from north korea that were force multipliers for the missile program and should washington turn a blind eye to north korea's short range systems threatening northeast asia, tehran would have incentives to stand firm on its missile arsenal and realize washington would only care about longer-range systems that tehran doesn't have so the goal is to take a firm line with one rogue state to get a good deal with another. heather: so glad we do these segments because people don't understand the connection between these countries. thank you so much for joining us, great to have you with us, have a good day. 18 minutes after the top of the hour, time magazine columnist who tweeted a fake quote from donald trump is sorry but is it enough to simmer social media? students fired after their photos are blurred for wearing m aga has, carly shimkus has
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comments on both of those trending stories. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪
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heather: the nyu professor and time magazine columnist is apologizing for tweeting a fake quote from donald trump about kim jong-il and -- rob:. carly shimkus is here with the latest backlash. >> another posting something that with apologizing. he and brimmer tweeted the president said that kim jong un is smarter and would make a better president than sleepy joe biden. that fake quote landing brimmer
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in hot water, the president tweeted about it criticizing him and now he is apologizing, he said my tweet about trump preferring kim jong un to biden was meant in just. the president correctly quoted me as saying it was a completely ludicrous statement. i should have been clearer. my apologies. that suppose a joke falling flat on social media. katherine said he had no intention of saying it was a joke until he was out of. 70 tweets no consequences, right? there has to be some accountability. jeff saying these are times we just not. the president agreed with kim jong un's criticism of joe biden's intelligence but did not say kim jong un would make a better president. heather: let's talk about taking things a step forward. these kids in pennsylvania, their yearbook photos were
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blurred out because of their m aga hats. >> two high school students in pennsylvania were a m aga hat. it was selected for the yearbook but when they saw the photo the m aga slogan was blurred out. the superintendent of that school which is middletown high school is apologizing, the editorial preview process prior to that, we apologize on behalf of the yearbook club. we love to find a way to have civil discourse around emotionally charged issues where facts are understood and the opportunity to learn is available. emotionally charged, jennifer says strange how they always say it is a mistake. another twitter user says a sorry example to set for students. this is not the first time a high school has censored a m aga slogan in its yearbook. in new jersey this happens, the former yearbook supervisor suing the school.
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>> what do they do? reissue all the yearbooks? carley: they did in the case of the new jersey high school. heather: i wonder what history will say looking back. carley: the students and mom are not happy. ihop changing their name again. a year after ihop changed to i hob to promote their burgers they are changing back. they tweeted what could be key? find out june 3rd. could it be pancakes or something totally different? the strange thing is they changed the name. one twitter user says it better be pizza or pasta or you can keep it. this is not how you enter the
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presidential race and other people are not wanting to do the name change again. last year was a burger motion, burger sales skyrocketed, really worked. heather: i thought they didn't need push back. >> it is working. time is 26 after the top of the hour. donald trump meeting with world powers overseas democrats in washington are busy too, fighting about impeachment. how close nancy pelosi is to losing her power? that debate up next. ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with
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any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! heather: half past the top of the hour, a look at top headline starting with this fox news alert, three dead and 16 injured after a stabbing spree at a bus stop in japan, witnesses say the attacker was carrying a knife in each hand screaming i will kill you while cutting a group of skilled in. it 11-year-old girl and man were killed in the attack. the suspect took his own life. michael avenatti facing two judges today. he is being arraigned on charges
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that he stole $300,000 from former client stormy daniels. he will see a judge that he tried to extort nike. he plans to plead not guilty. all eyes on the supreme court as major decisions could be handed down as soon as today including separation of church and state and across case and whether the 2020 census can ask about a person's citizenship. the high court could visit roe versus wade, challenges to abortion laws are pending in indiana, alabama and louisiana. while you were sleeping, powerful tornadoes touched down in the midwest leveling homes and causing catastrophic damage. >> sideways. this is probably where the kitchen was. heather: tornadoes not the only threat facing americans, the central us bracing for historic
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flooding today. ray bogan live with us in fort smith, arkansas where the water is rising. >> reporter: much of the water you see behind me has come up in the last 36 hours and gotten deeper overnight and continues to rise. the national weather service predict this will be the worst flooding in recorded history along the river in northwest arkansas in multiple areas, predicted to get 20 feet above flood stage. severe thunderstorms possible today and tomorrow as the cold front come through from the west. arkansas isn't alone, severe weather has batted the midwest and central united states, national weather service confirms multiple tornadoes touched down near dayton, one was described as large and dangerous.
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the transportation working hard to get the interstate open, take a look this mangled car, severe damage from this storm, an estimated 5 million people i without electricity across ohio. >> a tornado just hit our house. oh my god. oh my god. we were just sitting out here. >> reporter: you can only imagine how scary that was. back here in arkansas handing out tens of thousands of sandbags. take a look at the national impact this could have on the economy. brigadier general says through this section of the arkansas river $8.5 billion worth of goods is shipped every year. heather: so horrific for all those folks. janice dean will let everyone
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know what is on the way. thank you so much. back here, house democrats split on how far to push their attacks on the president. a top republican warning nancy pelosi a rush to impeachment will only lose her the speaker's gavel? >> nancy pelosi is writing a bucking bronco, democratic caucus. her job is at risk. what i think will happen? she will be driven toward impeachment and if she goes down that road it will be suicide for the democratic party. heather: should nancy pelosi be worried about losing her job. the independent women's forum, thank you for joining us this morning. bucking wild broncos.
1:35 am
>> when she ran for speaker she pledged she would only keep this position for four years. she is trying to slow roll a topic on impeachment because she knows it is a nonstarter, no chance of passing in the senate. it would give donald trump the win to get reelected so if she is smart enough. heather: democrats disagree when you ask should donald trump be impeached. 72% say yes but republicans, 87% say no. when you look at that, almost evenly split but leading with 45% say no. >> 53% of americans say it is time for democrats to move on. support for impeachment hovers
1:36 am
in the 30s may be breaking 40%, nancy pelosi looks at these numbers and she has to walk that tight rope between the reality of those numbers and where americans are and the reality of the senate and her own caucus which is pushing for impeachment even though she knows that is not the best way forward for the democratic party in 2020. >> these are the lawmakers calling for impeachment, basically is she trying to walk that fine line to make both groups happy? >> here is where the line is and where i see this going. i think what we will see is an impeachment inquiry which is different from impeachment, we could get the documents, we could get all this information out and let the american voters make the choice in the polls in 2020, the most common sense approach but she will leave it right there. i don't think she will push for full impeachment.
1:37 am
heather: this is in the first time we talked about nancy pelosi losing her job. this time around how does she fix what is clearly a fractured party at this point? >> nancy pelosi has been around since 2007 as speaker and politician, she knows what the democratic party is and where caucus is. i'm from the bay area and have been hearing about nancy pelosi for a long time. i don't think she will lose control of this. if she has to go into impeachment hearings to satisfy her caucus and keep her job she will. that will not necessarily be good for the democratic party in 2020, that is why she is the walking this but she has to do to keep her job she will do what she has to do to remain in political power. heather: she knows what happened with bill clinton when republicans went down that road. >> i love the interview with senator graham since you had with that segment about specifically that.
1:38 am
bill clinton's impeachment, she knows how this would go. bill clinton got reelected from that impeachment. we don't want to see that on my side of the eye of this president. heather: republicans win if democrats go down this road? >> i certainly puts republicans in a better position, 53% of americans not only are against impeachment but larger proportion against impeachment, 52% of americans want democrats to move on from investigating 2016. that is not just republicans but a lot of independents and even some democrats. i don't think this is the best route for the democratic party to go down and he does improve republican chances. the more they are interested in 2016, the mueller report, subpoenaing everybody around the president, looking at his personal business stuff is not what the american people want to see. they want to move on to really shoes. heather: they want to see some work getting done.
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thank you for joining us, great to have you with us. have a good day. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. could medical marijuana be the path to curbing the opioid epidemic. researchers think so. doctor mark siegel is here to explain why he thinks it is a promising idea. ♪
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heather: doctors in colorado will recommend medical marijuana instead of opioids. the bill arriving on the heels of a recent study revealing cbd can help reduce cravings among heroin addicts so is swapping one drug for another really the best solution? joining us is doctor mark siegel. thank you for joining us.
1:43 am
what do you think of this? does it make sense to you? >> in terms of colorado marijuana is widely available for recreational use but when it comes to doctors prescribing the first thing i want to know is what are they prescribing them for. what is the cause of the pain? is it muscular? could it be treated with molecular relaxants or physical therapy or losing weight? there are other approaches to pain management but i will say for colorado if you're going to prescribe a drug i would rather you prescribe marijuana than opioids. with 190 million overdose, 190 million prescriptions written in 2017 alone this drug is being vastly overused. there are 70,000 overdose death the year. heather: 130 in the united states die every day from opioid overdose. >> it is a problem because more and more powerful opioids out there and this use of opioids laced with dental and people stop breathing from overuse,
1:44 am
don't know how much they are getting. heather: is different from medical marijuana. >> talking about medical marijuana in colorado and the point would be you may not be using it correctly exactly right. doctor siegel wants you to figure out why you're in pain and treat that instead but if you're going to the prescribing pain would rather you go to medical marijuana than opioids. much more dangerous. heather: what about cbd? that benefits heroin addiction. we can bring that up, the study reveals it would reduce the craving and anxiety associated with that. >> this is exciting is because cbd is the part of marijuana plant that isn't psychoactive, is not the part that makes you high. what does it do? everybody says it does everything under the sun but it looks like it is useful for pain management and looks like it is useful for cravings so in this study, still only a short-term
1:45 am
study. it looks like heroin users had a marked reduction of craving and addiction, users were able to do cbd and have less cravings. heather: is there a danger and any negative aspect of being hooked on cbd or medical marijuana? >> i don't think so. i think cbd is safe. the question is what is its use? maybe we can give cbd to people hooked on opioids, heroin, heading down that road of overdose death, severe addiction, maybe we can lessen the symptoms with cbd. heather: do we know about long-term effects? it is relatively new in terms of what we are talking about. >> long-term effective cbd is a lot less then marijuana is and something that affects your brain to that degree.
1:46 am
i don't want people using it for no purpose but if you're risking overdose, off of fentanyl, something like cbd. i call it safe for that purpose. heather: we appreciate it, great stuff. it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. and opioid epidemic on all fronts, a groundbreaking trial begins today hoping to hit big pharma in court. how this could lay the foundation for major change. a shopping surprise, the hidden guest not being greeted at walmart.
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heather: after a deadly school shooting, $10 million on improving school safety. douglas county commissioner expected to improve the 1-time grant today to focus on more security and mental health services. this comes weeks after a shooting at stem school highland range. one student killed in eight more injured. the commander in chief in japan for memorial day, donald trump doubling down on his campaign promise to rebuild our nation's military. >> 2 and half years ago we had planes that were sold they didn't make parts for them anymore. you don't have that anymore. we need it. we need it. piece through strength. heather: the president taking troops for their service, thanking them calling them daring and mighty warriors.
1:51 am
>> you are the strongest, toughest, best and bravest, you defend our freedom, our families and you defend our great american flag. heather: donald trump reminding troops america exists today because of sacrifices. presidential candidate pete buttigieg making a new pitch to big-money donors. politico reporting special access to supporters who promise to raise a quarter million dollars during the primary. buttigieg's campaign promising exclusive briefings with the candidates, with senior campaign staff. who is to blame for the nation's opioid epidemic? major trial beginning today could set a new precedent on who should be held accountable? tracy carrasco with a preview.
1:52 am
>> reporter: this is the first wave of litigation against the nation's largest drug maker johnson & johnson beginning in oklahoma. oklahoma attorney general mike hunter, the suit alleges johnson & johnson played a major role in the depths of thousands of residents when it comes to the use dangerous drugs, opioids, documents excuse johnson & johnson of not stating the benefits and understanding the risks of these drugs when selling them, telling doctors about them. we are watching this closely as other states are following suit, filing lawsuits against major drugmakers. over the weekend, one of the other defendants announced they settled with the state for an $85 million settlement. the other settlement in march was perdue pharma. heather: on a completely different note it is national burger day.
1:53 am
>> if you didn't have burgers over the weekend you can continue the celebration today, national burger day. also national brisket they. a few deals, dairy queen you can get a free burger, white castle, free barbecue with purchase, jack-in-the-box, by one burger, get one free. take your pick. thank you so much. heather: have a great day. long days and loads of work taking a toll on you? >> stress is like the uptight mayor of the town. watch this. and then we dance. heather: you must be burned out. it is a real medical condition. the brand-new diagnosis and what you can do about it. when we started our business
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heather: live shot of washington dc.
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the president expected to arrive in the nation's capital on the south lawn, marine one at 2:30 this afternoon, a successful trip to japan. a busy day in washington dc as always. situations like this have you stressed out about work? >> i'm also going to need you to go ahead and come in on sunday too, okay? we have lost some people this weekend we need to sort of play catch up. thanks. heather: work burnout is now classified a legitimate medical diagnosis that can be diagnosed by exhaustion, feeling cynicism related to your job, burnout impact an employee's ability to get their job done. the mayo clinic suggests sleeping more, relaxing and exercising can help with stress management.
1:59 am
we are asking what you think about burnout as a medical diagnosis. roxanne says that is true for some people, depends on the job. kathleen on facebook says about time. it is real. usually writes i suffer chronic burnout for 25 years. an amazing remedy lifted my spirits every time i took it, called paycheck. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a mail carrier spends his days off cleaning veterans headstones. and army veteran, clarence holly well, delivering letters to a cemetery when he became inspired to take action. he has now cleaned 600 headstones in north carolina and florida. now the bad. a florida man seems confused about why he is under arrest after leading police on a high-speed chase.
2:00 am
what did he do? the driver tries to maneuver between two cards, crashes into one of them, 140 mph, facing several charges including dui. this was not on the shopping list, a texas walmart employee found a giant rat snake in a shopping cart. a local police officer was bitten while moving that snake. hopefully he is okay. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> a tornado just hit our house. oh my god. oh my god. we were just sitting out here. jillian: it is tuesday, may 28th. parts of the midwest waking up to absolute destruction after a late-night tornado outbreak. rob: and it is not over yet. several states bracing for historic flooding. janice dean tracking the latest.


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