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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 28, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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what did he do? the driver tries to maneuver between two cards, crashes into one of them, 140 mph, facing several charges including dui. this was not on the shopping list, a texas walmart employee found a giant rat snake in a shopping cart. a local police officer was bitten while moving that snake. hopefully he is okay. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> a tornado just hit our house. oh my god. oh my god. we were just sitting out here. jillian: it is tuesday, may 28th. parts of the midwest waking up to absolute destruction after a late-night tornado outbreak. rob: and it is not over yet. several states bracing for historic flooding. janice dean tracking the latest.
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jillian: donald trump will wheel down in washington after an important stop on his way home from japan. rob: congress will greet him with a fresh fight for impeachment. will nancy pelosi cave to the pressure? jillian: one presidential candidate is really this desperate. >> what is my favorite window song? rob: kirsten gillibrand sings for your vote. ♪ ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ ♪ i can make your hands clap
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♪ i am like a stranger -- rob: long weekend over, back to work on tuesday. "fox and friends first". jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. let's get a weather alert, brand-new video showing catastrophic damage in dayton, ohio after two powerful tornadoes touched down overnight. at least 5 million people without power across the state. heather: an incredible picture here. you can see a car wrapped around the light post after that storm. jillian: that photo going crazy on social media as people wake up. another twister leveling homes and knocking out power. heather: arkansas and oklahoma bracing for historic flooding, police telling people living anywhere near the arkansas river to leave now. jillian: janice dean joins us live. >> we expect more dangerous
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weather today and tomorrow. we are stuck in this matter with potential for strong to severe thunderstorms and the arkansas river story, that could be catastrophic. we are watching whether today. a couple batches of storms that moved through ohio. the damage is extensive and we are going to see what happened as the sun comes up in ohio. it just takes one tornado moving through heavily populated neighborhood to causing credible damage and that is what happened in ohio but we have reports of tornadoes not only in ohio but indiana across the midwest, the chicago area under a tornado warning and we have watch is in effect, severe thunderstorm watch is in effect in kansas and nebraska so this pattern is set up where we will see potential for strong to severe storms including hail, strong wind and tornadoes not only today but through the next couple days so there is the threat through
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tonight stretching from the plaintiff states across the ohio valley, it only takes one bad storm through a populated neighborhood to make a huge impact. that will happen not only today, not only tonight but into tomorrow. wednesday severe threat more widespread and the same areas across texas, up towards the ohio valley, the midwest and the mid-atlantic because we've got high pressure across the south and a trough across portions of the west, severe storms, the flooding will be extensive and the arkansas river is going to be up towards historic levels today, tomorrow through the work weekend that will cause the potential for massive flooding, catastrophic flooding and that is why they are telling residents to get out now. you need to look for your local weather and your local authorities to know what to do if there's a watcher warning in your area.
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shannon: jillian: you mentioned listening to your local forecasters which i saw a video circulated online, meteorologist in ohio, he was interrupting a show with the bad weather alert and people were angry. i don't care, i am trying to keep you safe. that happens all the time. we are not coming on tv because we want to be on tv. we want people to listen and take things seriously. especially today and tomorrow, you have to listen to the watches and warnings. now to another fox news alert, three did and 16 hurt after a stabbing spree at a bus stop in japan, witnesses say the attacker was carrying a knife in each hand screaming i will kill you while cutting a group of schoolchildren. 11-year-old gerland man were killed in the attack. the suspect took his own life. japan has experienced a handful of knife attacks in recent years, in 2016, 19 people and care center for mental disability were stabbed to death by a former employee.
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rob: a missing 5-year-old girl's disappearance. utah police say alex whipple is uncooperative and unconvincing when questioned about elizabeth shelley who went missing saturday. >> everything he has done has been successful and we have no reason to believe anything he told us was accurate. >> his father says he can't believe whipple would do anything to his daughter. the man is in custody on an unrelated charge. more than 200 officers have been scouring that neighborhood for any clues as the search enters its fourth day. shannon: donald trump leaving japan after what he calls an unforgettable trip. the president making his way back to dc as republicans warn against impeachment talks. rob: meredith on what awaits the president when he gets to dc.
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>> reporter: donald trump is due back at the white house at 2:00 today. he makes his way back from japan after a 4-day trip. a mix of business and pleasure for the president as he met with japan's leaders, played golf and face-to-face with us service members but the president and first lady greeted servicemembers on board the uss wasp and praised their work in the region. >> you defend your homeland and our allies against missile attack with our most advanced radar and weapons systems in the world. we have equipment, missiles, rockets, tanks, planes, ships nobody in the entire world can build them like we do. >> the president is expected to return to japan in june for the g 20 summit. back here at home house democrats are facing the question. should they begin impeachment proceedings against the president.
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we heard from a number of lawmakers before the holiday who said they are ready to get the ball rolling on impeachment even as top democratic leaders seemed reluctant. >> it may well be a time for impeachment inquiry to begin. >> the judiciary committee as a whole is for an inquiry of impeachment. >> it reached a point we have to open and impeachment inquiry. >> the president of the united states needs to be impeached. >> we should begin impeachment proceedings against donald trump. >> the republicans say no matter what the house decides they don't expect impeachment go forward in their chamber. lindsey graham says democrats would face political suicide if they go forward with impeachment. >> first-time joining us at 5:00 am, glad to see you. rob: iran's foreign minister lashing out at the united states in response to donald trump
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tweeting and part, quote, economic terrorism is hurting the iranian people and causing tension in the region. actions, not words will show whether that is donald trump's intent. on monday the president said his focus is on preventing to run from getting nuclear weapons and the us administration is not looking for regime change in iran and he says he believes making a deal with iran is possible. >> democratic socialist and presidential hopeful bernie sanders taking aim at donald trump over escalating tensions with iran. >> trump and people in his administration apparently have learned nothing from that horrific war in iraq. not only would a war with iran be a disaster, it happens to be unconstitutional. >> sanders making comments at a social event in new hampshire,
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donald trump is ordering an additional 1500 troops to the middle east to counter iranian threats while insisting the us isn't looking for regime change. rob: all eyes on the supreme court as major decisions could be handed down as soon as today. >> notable cases on the decision docket include the so-called frost case and the census citizenship question and could roe versus wade be revisited as well? >> todd pyro breaks it down for us. >> always an exciting time it the supreme court the weeks with numerous decisions from now until the end of june but here are 3 areas we are following particularly closely, separation of church and state, at issue a world war i memorial cross on public lands, the american legion, honoring our ward did in a style similar to european graveyards. the american humanist association, taxpayer funds shouldn't be used for something they say is religious, whether the 2020 census can ask about a person's it is ship, trump
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administration wants this added to the department of justice to enforce the voting rights act arguing it will help inhibit this, tori practices but critics say there could be an undercount of 6.5 million people if the question is included because noncitizens will be hesitant to answer and the issue generating the most controversy, abortion. no decision is likely forthcoming in the current supreme court term but the court could signal it is once again ready to revisit roe v wade. challenges through the law in indiana, alabama and louisiana are pending before the court meaning any case would likely be heard in the next term beginning in october with a decision around this time next year. you know what that means, right before the 2020 election. >> timing is everything. 11 minutes after the hour, donald trump made tremendous progress with the economy but that doesn't stop the left from
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taking a bit of credit. >> inherited an economy from obama biden. >> voters disagree. can the president keep the momentum for 2020? ned ryan joins us with what could get even better. >> stars & stripes swipe. how world war ii veteran got his american flag back thanks to his local sheriffs office. ♪ nothing says summer like a beach trip, so let's promote our summer travel deal on like this: surf's up. earn a fifty-dollar gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at
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did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? using multiple cleaners on grease can be expensive, and sometimes ineffective. for better value, tackle grease with dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. it provides 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, which cuts through tough kitchen messes, pre-treats laundry stains, and even tackles grease build-up on car rims. tackle tough greasy messes around your home, and save money with dawn ultra. brand power. helping you better. >> i know donald trump likes to take credit for the economy and economic growth. donald trump inherited an economy from obama/biden. rob: joe biden going head to
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head with the president over the economy. jillian: he says the president inherited the obama administration's success but do the numbers support that? rob: the ceo of american majority, ned ryan, thanks for coming back. what do you make of joe biden's argument on the economy? >> i keep hearing from democrats but somehow this economy started with the obama/biden administration which would make sense if trump's policies were continuation of obama they are not. they are completed radical departure from the obama philosophy of governing. obama wanted more regulation. trump started cutting regulations. i don't recall massive obama tax cuts, trump and the republicans delivered a massive tax cut. you can look at the fact that trump is putting the regulators across the administration but what has not been reported is all these judges he is appointing to the federal bench are dismantling the
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administrative state, the regulatory state, these are radical departures from obama's philosophy of governing. it makes no sense at all. >> some argue what is going on with china could have a negative impact on our economy. what do you say to that? >> the thing with this is if trump can be successful on the trade fight with china we will see greater economic growth. it is a massive challenge, the number one and number 2 economy facing off but if trump can get this and balance it out better. the economy can go to even new levels. it is a fight with having? 100%, not only because of the bad trade deals but i have in making the argument this is about who controls the technology of the future as well. >> most responsible for the economy, this is what people think according to our paul, 44%
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giving to donald trump and the republicans, 15%, another interesting thing, new york times story a couple weeks ago, why wages are rising 10 years after the recession, how wages were not going up during the obama and biden administration, that is what democrats talk about, we need wage growth, happening under donald trump. >> absolutely right. not only record unemployment but gdp at 3.2, we are seeing wages rise. one of the big debate, donald trump is going to be running on the economy but if you want to see this economy continue to grow, wages increase, we have a record number of job openings in the private sector. democrats, what they are proposing almost across the board is a complete reversal of trump policies with their socialist ideas so this is one
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of the great debates. if you want this to continue you reelect trump, if you want to reversal on the economy, the democrats. >> one of the things that is hard for people to denies donald trump before he was president has always been a businessman. how do you think that business minded has played into where we are today? >> i think it played a huge influence. he said none of this seems to make sense. we have to remove the barriers for innovation, entrepreneurship, unleash american innovation to increase jobs, increase wages, increase all of these things so he looked and said none of this make sense, got to remove these barriers. i made the argument he removed the restrictions and poured fuel into it with the tax cuts, those things combined have made sense for the economy. it has been amazing to watch, those who said no way this will happen, the first quarter,
2:20 am
minimal growth and 3.2%. it is i think his business experience has come in and said this doesn't make sense, a common sense approach which we needed desperately in washington dc. rob: a crazy story to tell, all those people who said he would tank the economy and we would plummet once he was elected. >> m aga had wearing student centered in their yearbook. >> everybody has first amendment rights, freedom of speech, not allowed to take that away from other people. >> not something one school from trying. rob: carly is here with the view of students. ♪ get it! get that butterfly!
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jillian: nyu professor and time magazine columnist apologizing for tweeting out a fake quote supposedly from donald trump about kim jong un. we tell you that part of the story yesterday. rob: carly shimkus is here with all the people on the internet and what they are saying. >> he and brammer told his 4 and 29,000 twitter followers the president said, quote, kim jong un is smarter and would make a better president than sleepy joe biden. that fake quote landing brammer in serious hot water, even the president called them out on twitter and now he is apologizing writing my sweet yesterday about trump referring kim jong un to biden as president was meant in just. the president correctly quoted me as saying it was a completely ludicrous statement. i should have been clearer. my apologies, that joke falling
2:25 am
flat on social media. katherine says he had no intention of saying it was a joke until he was outed. stephanie tweets with no consequences, right? there has to be some accountability, jeff shiny and seeing these are times when sadly we just not. the president agreed with kim jong un's criticism of joe biden's intelligence, he did not say that rashida tlaib would make a better president than joe biden. rob: you believe everything you see these days but you shouldn't. >> especially when someone has a verified account, they are a professor with all these twitter followers, you have to be careful. >> he made a big point. let's talk about these kids who had their hats blurred in their high school yearbook. this continues to happen. carley: it happened at pennsylvania high school, the m aga slogan off the two students hats in a yearbook picture.
2:26 am
one of those students and his mom not taking the situation lightly. take a listen. >> everybody has first amendment rights, freedom of speech and they can say what they want but not allowed to take that away from other people. >> he wears that hat because he support our president. >> is not doing anything illegal whatsoever. heather: the superintendent apologizing thing the mistake was not noticed during the editorial preview process. we apologize on behalf of the your book club. we must find a way to have civil discourse around emotionally charged issues where facts are understood and opportunity to learn is available. some on social media sounding off strange how they say it is a mistake in situations like this. a bizarre example to set for students, this would he is a saying i may not agree but they are entitled to freedom of speech. this happened a few years ago with a high school in new jersey censoring m aga t-shirts, that
2:27 am
did not go well for the high school. jillian: are people tired of ihop changing its name? carley: they are. they are ready to year again after changing it to ihob. what could the be? find out june 3rd. is it pancakes or something else? people are getting on social media. one says it better be pizza or pasta. another says this is not how you enter the presidential race. some said they are not having it. a whole lot of i rolling going around. you are right. after they tried to promote their burger menu by changing the p2 a b they did change it back. it is just a promotional situation. jillian: the boy who cried wolf. carley: i think it will stand for pie. rob: you are always hungry.
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this is wild, this really is. 27 minutes after the hour. people heading up mount everest are vying for that perfect view of the major accomplishment, the world's highest peak but this daring feat is now more deadly than ever. what is to blame and what is being done about this? jillian: emergency crews hard at work after tornado slam ohio overnight. millions of dark over dayton and states across the midwest bracer historic flooding. we have a live report. where we all want more energy. but with less carbon footprint. that's why, at bp, we're working to make energy that's cleaner and better. we're producing cleaner-burning natural gas. and solar and wind power. and wherever your day takes you... we have advanced fuels for a better commute. and we're developing ultra-fast-charging technology for evs.. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere.
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so we can all keep advancing.
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rob: we start with a fox news alert, disturbing story, three dead, 16 hurt after a stabbing spree at a bus stop in japan. witnesses say the attacker was
2:32 am
carrying a knife in each hand screaming i will kill you while slashing at a group of schoolkids, an 11 year a girl and the man were killed. the suspect took his own life. jillian: a colorado county spending $10 million on improving school safety after deadly school shooting. commissioners expect to approve the 1-time grant today to focus on more security and mental health services. this comes just weeks after a student -- shooting that killed eight more were injured. rob: michael avenatti facing two judges today, the celebrity attorney arraigned on charges he stole $300,000 from stormy daniels and he will see a different judge, trying to extort money from nike. jillian: powerful tornadoes touched down in the midwest flattening homes and causing catastrophic damage. rob: tornadoes not the only threat, the central us bracing for historic flooding.
2:33 am
jillian: all eyes on the water level today. >> reporter: we have been watching this water all morning and it is slowly but surely getting deeper and deeper. an hour ago we heard a large bang in the distance and all the lights in the neighborhood behind me immediately popped right off. the national weather service predicts it could be the worst flooding in recorded history for the river in northwest arkansas. in multiple areas it is predicted to get 20 feet above flood stage. arkansas isn't alone. the midwest in central us have been battered nonstop by severe weather. the national weather service has multiple tornadoes touched down outside dayton, ohio including one described as, quote, large and dangerous and look at the department of transportation
2:34 am
trying to clear i 75. this mangled car got wrapped around the pole, estimated 5 million people without power in ohio. listen to how this person described the terrifying moment the tornado came through. >> gary asked moment of my life. we are lucky to be here. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers handing out sandbags, one church not far from here says they have run out of stand and are waiting on another shipment so police are putting out a warning to locals. if you are caught stealing sandbags from homes or businesses you are going to be arrested. looking at financial impacts of this flooding, the general we spoke with yesterday says $8.5 billion in goods comes through this area every year
2:35 am
along the arkansas river including construction materials and agricultural products and a lot of those shipments now have to find another way to get to their locations. back to you. rob: the storms have been catastrophic and more to come. other news, safety concerns on mount everest after a second american dies after reaching the summit. 11 people have died climbing the world's tallest mountain. why the summit is becoming even more dangerous. >> you have probably seen the photos and videos, long lines of people atop mount everest vying for the perfect view from the world's highest peak 29,000 feet. overcrowding is becoming deadly. >> there were massive traffic jams and people are pushing themselves who are not capable
2:36 am
of doing it. >> reporter: christopher coons died on the way down the mountain, the second american to die in as many weeks. bringing the amount to 10 mostly from exhaustion. the colorado man passed away when trying to navigate an area known for dangerous levels of oxygen. >> you have limited oxygen. you might make it to the top at you still have to make a down. rob: mountaineers cite several reasons for the backlog, whether is one factor, the month of may, the winds lowdown. this year's window was smaller than usual meaning more people tried to get to the top in a shorter amount of time. >> many issues. jillian: some calling on the nepali government to limit the number of climbers per season and only qualified people for their own safety.
2:37 am
>> they should check, is he a certified climber? has he climbed a mountain before? is he an experienced guy? >> let your 5 people died on mount everest, 6 climbers died in 2017-2016. richard denison, fox news. jillian: six men for memorial day, donald from doubling down on his 2016 campaign promise to rebuild the nation's military. >> to it a half years ago we had planes that were so old they don't have parts for them anymore. you don't have that anymore. beautiful equipment. we need it. we need it. peace through strength. jillian: the president thanking troops for their service calling them daring and mighty warriors. >> you are the strongest toughest and bravest, you defend our freedom, our families, you defend our great american flag.
2:38 am
jillian: donald trump reminding troops america exists today because of their sacrifices. rob: pete buttigieg making a pitch to big-money donors, he is offering special access to supporters who promised to raise a quarter of $1 million during the primary. his campaign promises decent briefings with the candidate and monthly sessions with caesar campaign staff. jillian: sherwin-williams making a fashion statement of the french open one year after her outfit was banned from the court, she is putting a jacket that red champion, mother, goddess, and queen, in french. rob: she competed the next two feet, tire marks all over, last year williams wore a bodysuit she said helped with blood clots. the french tennis federation did not approve saying a new dress code this august.
2:39 am
johnson & johnson at trial over the opioid epidemic. >> this lays the foundation for major change when we come back. ♪ rescue me ♪ hard work leaves a mark. it shows on your clothes. they're branded by sweat, pride, and every stain the job throws at you. for the hardest workers, we've designed the hardest working tide.
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jillian: a health alert, measles outbreak at its worst since 1994.
2:43 am
the cdc reporting 60 confirmed cases across 26 states just last week, a total of 940 cases have been confirmed this year. the outbreak is not over. they blame the surge on misinformation about vaccines. rob: inside these e cigarettes could be posing serious heart risks. researchers at stanford university conducting tests to see how flavorings might impact healthy blood cell counts. even without nicotine, some triggered problems can increase the risk of heart disease. the flavors that are the most toxic were cinnamon and menthol. those are healthier than regular cigarettes. jillian: who is to blame for the opioid epidemic? major trial beginning today could set a new precedent on who should be held accountable. rob: tracy carrasco is here with a preview.
2:44 am
>> reporter: the first wave of litigation against drugmakers including one of the largest, johnson & johnson. the trial begins, the suit alleges johnson & johnson played a major role in the deaths of killing thousands of residents because of the opioid crisis. court documents accused johnson & johnson of overstating the benefits and understating the risks of these drugs when it comes to doctors prescribing them. we did see them settle with the state. also previously back in march, purdue pharma settled. this is a major case that could set a huge precedent when it comes to drugmakers and states fighting against the opioid crisis. jillian: my favorite day of the year. rob: she is being sarcastic, my favorite day of the year. >> reporter: national burger day and national brisket day.
2:45 am
there are lots of deals. if you didn't get enough over the weekends, dairy queen, you can get a free burger with the purchase of malt or shea, white castle, free brisket barbecue slider with a purchase, jack in the box come by one burger and get one free, other deals out there, your favorite burger joints, burger, fat burger, fair burger, they have the veggie burger so maybe there is a deal there for you. rob: national burger day the day after we ate burgers for the last few days. aren't we burger out? jillian: you are onto something there. rob: thanks. we are nearly halfway through 2019 and congress has only past 18 bills this year. is there any hope the president and democrats will work together? jillian: our next guest is democrat self defined resistance only cares about grasping power.
2:46 am
rob: we will check with brian kilmeade. jillian: very busy looking at paper right now. >> i'm holding in my hands every guest over the next 3 hours, every guest. have to consolidate this into one crisp tease and only so much music. coming up, asa hutchinson, the governor of arkansas, whose economy is it anyway? president obama and joe biden believe they deserve the credit. is that true? we will ask what is different. judge andrew napolitano is here, handing out a bunch of decisions, what will they do? ben watson, why don't you play for us? he will be playing on our show, talking about that heartbeat law and abortion and everything else. what else do i have on tap? we are also talking about the trip to japan, he calls it a huge success. we will discuss all of that. now what i would like to do is
2:47 am
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rob: congress is off to a slow start because they are 75 days into the session and lawmakers of only past 18 laws. jillian: is that normal or are lawmakers refusing to work with the president and carry out the job they were elected to do? here is trump 2020 advisor, thank you for joining us.
2:51 am
quality over quantity apply? >> good question. the idea of not passing legislation isn't on its face a problem. gridlock, the idea that the parties, the brains of government, checks and balances, that make sense. we are big country with divided ideas but in this case we have a major problem, democrats in congress making clear their issues and the substance of the policy, they just oppose this president, they want to use the instrumentality of government and of congress to go after him on a totally political level. rob: the policy seems to be the easy answer everybody thinks of but chuck schumer says mitch mcconnell has made the senate, quote, the graveyard, blaming it on republicans. >> chuck schumer says a lot of things for political consumption but in reality donald trump has brought and senate republicans have brought the policy the democrats for decades have said they want but they want no part of it and sometimes they say it is immoral.
2:52 am
the border policy the president has espouses line with what they said they want and now it is immoral as though it is a crime. jillian: some are on tape and we played that. rob: it will make great ads for the president's reelection showing all those old soundbites. >> it is a problem. jillian: let's look at the number of laws passed through may 28th. you can see in 2019, there have been 18. in 2017 there have been 35, 2015, 19, 2015, 1920, 13, 11, what do those numbers mean to you? >> the number itself doesn't necessarily indicate the reason. sometimes there are serious policy debates over big issues and looking at how divided, sometimes the issue is whether congress is divided. the point is democrats have been
2:53 am
clear, they want to resist. a totally inappropriate role for this branch of government to play. a democratically elected house and senate, the job is supposed to be to be the executive branch, the legislature, the chair of the committee, the leadership on the house make clear they want to resist. rob: democrats point out the republicans even when they had both houses and the presidency didn't get a lot of things they wanted to get done done. they were not successful when they had it all. >> the numbers don't tell the entire story. there are a lot of reasons, not having -- having a simple majority doesn't automatically translate into laws you want past. trying to get through a house, the number of votes. there are a lot reasons. look what they are saying. they want to use their all to
2:54 am
investigate, the president said i'm going with this and what he's doing is unusually successful and that is what -- politically americans know donald trump's policies made their lives better, the same policies he pushed which were totally rational before continue to be rational, continue to be successful but democrats want to do two things, the house and senate, on the campaign trail they are just a holdover for obama. rob: thank you, appreciate your time. jillian: coming right back.
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. .
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jillian: here's a question. do situations like this have you stressed about work? >> i'm also going to need you to go ahead and come in on sunday, too. okay? we lost some people this week, and we need to sort of play catchup. thanks. rob: bill lundberg, right? it is a great name. >> the world health organization describes work burnout as a legitimate diagnosis. diagnosis of burnout and cynicism. jillian: the mayo clinic sleeping more releaksing and exercising can help with stress management. rob: burnout as a medical diagnosis roxanne tweets i believe that is true for some people, depends on the job. jillian: about time it is
2:59 am
real. julie says i suffered from chronic burnout for 25 years. i had an amazing remedy that lifted my spirits every time i took it, it was called a paycheck. deputies replacing a world war ii vet's american flag after his was stolen. the sheriff's office bought the 92-year-old marine a new flag and spent memorial day helping him raise it. the thieves have not been caught. that is great. rob: that is a great story. next the bad a florida manual con fiewlszed why he is under arrest after leading police on a very high speed chase. >> what did i do wrong? >> you were driving 140 miles per hour trying to outrun the cops. he faces several charges including dui. jillian: finally the ugly. instead of answering a question kirsten gillibrand starts singing. ♪ i flip my hair back
3:00 am
♪ check my nails ♪ baby how you feeling? jillian: i don't know what song that is campaign during a campaign stop in cedar rapids, iowa. ♪ ♪ ♪ nothing standing in my way ♪ good morning. brian: man dissatisfaction could have easily - ease man dissatisfaction could. griff: how much mandisa did you listen to over the weekend. brian: i didn't listen to enough mandisa but it's great to see you guys. jedediah: you are looking


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