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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 18, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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got in 2016 in those key states, sean. >> sean: all right. joe, thank you. jesse watters, you can catch him 23 hours a day on fox. we'll never be the media mob. the president tomorrow night, and we'll break stories. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingram is standing -- i'm dying to hear your take on all this >> laura: he reminded everyone i did this for you. it wasn't a walk in the park easy 2 years. >> sean: do you want that job? >> laura: it's never easy. the hardest job in the world. especially what he had to do endure from the press corps and this ridiculous mueller investigation. and the on-going investigation, sean, and what the man has still accomplished. most people would be in a puddle
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of goo and not be able to handle it. he said i did it for you, for this country we all love. that's like reagan. reagan was about the people. it's about and you your future, that's a total winner. >> sean: it's so interesting. you talk about this and jesse mentioned this. i will let you decide what our story is going to be. he went back to his inaugural speech. it's about giving this back to the people and to clear this disgusting swamp out. i don't think in all of the years, 30 years in this business in radio and i have been on fox since from day 1. we have the best audience. we thank you all. laura, you and i were an anomaly. seriously. >> laura: i remember. >> sean: we were there early and to the last day. newt gingrich was another. then there were phonies that now
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jumped on board late. the first off the train. because we knew instinctively -- we knew trump. we had a relationship with him. i told people he will keep his promises. this is what he does. he has. and the other thing i said to people was you know what? this disruptor iconaclasst is needed. >> laura: people are surprised when he said if china doesn't change their ways and top ripping us off, we will have to start doing things like tariffs on significant numbers of goods. they didn't think he would do it because other presidents promised and didn't. they predicted he would not do nafta and laughed at that idea and he got the u.s. through.
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now it's up to congress. they criticized trump for his tweets or tone. i get it, but on the stuff -- >> sean: i don't care about that. >> laura: that's all they have. identity politics and race. but the raw accomplishments for the man and woman that were forgotten in this country, it's bar none. i have never seen anything like this. >> sean: if you want me to shut up, just tell me to shut up. we could talk all night. he got us out of the iran deal which was insane. how many presidents promised that and the biggesttacts. >> laura: oh, that was obama. [laughing]. >> sean: then you add the jobs that will raise the standard of
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living. >> laura: that's all obama's economy. -- obama laughed at the idea. have a magic wand and bring back all of this manufacturing? no it's a smart policy because your policy did not work. the establishment -- there are still republicans, they want him to win but know on board with his policies. trump is standing up to the washington chamber of commerce and the democrats who want to push us to democratic socialism. he is standing against both of those powers and the american people know it. i think it will be a wild ride. love it. he started this with the right tone. he is still fighting for the american people. >> sean: that's his greatest quality. people think why does he fight on twitter?
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it's like they want the switch that he fights for the american people to be turned off. you see the 2020 field. do you see anybody that can match this and gives him a challenge that is significant? >> laura: i still think the country is still somewhere in the center. i can't imagine elizabeth warren or bernie sanders will be able to pull democrats over the finish line. i think their best hope is biden. i don't think biden has the same level of fight that trump has. he lost that blue collar appeal and moved so far off left stage and fallen off the stage. i think biden is the only one. we could do the whole hour. >> sean: i watch crazy uncle joe biden. the guy has no zip. no energy. he's got nothing. >> laura: well, are you going to be doing your show? of course you will be doing your
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show? >> sean: you are not watching me. i am acting like uncle joe. he looks like he is asleep. >> laura: does trump have more energy than anyone else you know? the man never sleeps. he doesn't drink. that's why. >> laura: were there from the beginning and fought -->> sean: there were people who ducked out and didn't come on this show. >> laura: i kept lists. i know who you are talking about. some might be working in the white house. you have to be careful. >> sean: they need to go. there were other people that were never, never, and now act like they are the biggest champions. we know who you are. >> laura: great show. >> sean: thanks for letting me on. >> laura: that was fun. i am laura ingraham and this is the "hannity" -- oh, we just made him fade off. that was funny. always good to have sean stop
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by. you saw it on fox news. president trump officially launching his 2020 campaign with high energy and long rally in orlando, florida. the president laid out his case for another 4 years in the white house. as i mentioned last night, the president needed to show all he had been able to accomplish even with 2 years of the russia hoax hanging over his head. here's what he said tonight. >> our patriotic movement has been under assault from the very first day. nobody has done what we have done in 2.5 years ago. our economy is the envy of the world. perhaps the greatest economy we have had in the history of our country. >> laura: we talked about how he needed to remind americans: do you want to keep the good
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times rolling? are you better off than you were in january 2017? >> as long as you keep this team in place, we have a tremendous way to go. our future has never, ever looked brighter or sharper. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the fact is the american dream is back. it's bigger, and better and stronger than ever before! >> [cheers and applause]. >> laura: check. and remember, we suggested that he remind america if they send bernie or uncle joe to the white house. the democrat socialists will run out of other people's money and tonight: >> america will never be a socialist country, ever. >> [cheers and applause]. >> republicans do not believe in social. ism. we believe in freedom and so do
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you. >> laura: freedom for the individual. your decision and your family and your pirates. -- priorities. he made sure to note that no one else recognized and responded at the border as the democrats sit by and do nothing. >> as we fight to mike life better for all americans, the democrat party has become more radical, more dangerous and more unhinged than any point in the modern history of our country. no one who supports sanctuary cities should be allowed to run for president of the united states. >> laura: we will get into more of what the president said and how his democratic opponents are responding. plus we have raymond on the ground in orlando. spoke to trump voters about the rallies and the issues they care about and misconfrontation with the trump protestor. first to break down the president's kick off, we are
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joined by a great panel. ari fleischer, pam bondi, and richard goodstein. pam, this is your home state. your thoughts after watching this rally? it was a huge turnout. the biggest rally of this campaign season which is underway. thoughts? >> i think the rallies will get even bigger. there were so many people that could not even get inside. they were waiting outside to see president trump. it won't be close. the polls are not right. president trump will take florida and he will take the country. he's a great president. he is doing everything he said he would do. i i think his best moment is when he looked at them and i said i will not let you down, the american people. nor has he. he's been a terrific president
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despite the personal attacks on his family, on don jr. and ivanka and jared kushner who are fighting for our country every day. president trump is the real deal. we know him so we know that. the american people love him and are going to support him. >> laura: it was close in florida last time. 1.6%. ari fleischer, the state is changing. certainly a lot of new voters in florida. a lot of new voters from puerto rico who moved after the hurricane. what about turnout and the momentum given the democrat's fury towards president trump and his agenda? >> well, both parties have fury and enthusiasm. whoever has more will likely win. there are three things that jumped out about that speech. one the enthusiasm the president garners from followers. it's remarkable. few politicians have that level
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of turnout and enthusiasm. two, he is an outsider. he still is despite being president. it's clear the way he act and speaks and walked around the stage covering his ears when people were screaming what they want the logo to be. he is the outsider. the third is the socialism line. this is a devastating line the president should have used it earlier and spent more time on it and listed democratic policies that are socialistic. it's a huge opening that the president should continue to exploit. i hope he does more of it. it worked well tonight. >> laura: richard, even chris cuomo from cnn said the democrats don't have a candidate right now that can pack an arena like trump. what are your thoughts just about the number of people? he's been around for 3 years, who show up on a night like this?
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>> it's true. there is no democrat that can do that. my reaction he packed the arenas in 2018 and his speech was the same. the economy and the people he campaigned for, roy moore and the opponents -- one second. >> laura: yes. >> and all of those people lost. >> laura: are those socialists leaning democrats? no way. >> he went to bat for people. promises made and kept. promise 1, build a wall and mexico will pay for. no check. promise 2. repeal obamacare. no check. trade deals galore. no check. >> laura: mexico hasn't paid for it yet. if they don't it, they will get
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tariffs. >> then the consumers will pay for it. >> laura: the democrats will argue that trump was not tough enough on the border, that's an interesting argument. beto o'rourke said there should be no fence. >> he's had a republican congress for 2 years. >> laura: so you want him to be tougher? >> the democratic senate passed the bill in 2013 that would have put up fences. >> laura: if the democrats care about the border more than trump does and want to stop this flow into the country, i am all years. i can't wait to see what schumer and pelosi and mcconnell come together for this asylum reform. they could shut this problem down and solve the humanitarian crisis in an afternoon. they won't do it because they want to keep this flow into the country going. see, trump is not getting the problem done.
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they refuse to govern and trump is doing what he cares about. >> that's what he does. he's doing everything he can. he is building the wall. he is following through on all of his promises. our unemployment is the lowest in 57 years. everything he said he would do, he is doing more. he is a great american and cares about the people. the american people see that. he is stopping that and protecting law and order for americans. >> laura: he is doing what he can do. >> exactly. >> laura: ari fleischer, if democrats argue they will be tougher than trump on the border! give me a break. every candidate says abolish "ice" and you can't deport
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people? the other networks talked about how it will be terrible to deport those people. that's an insult to the american memo to say that. >> the tragedy of the democratic party they lost the ability to make the moral distinction between immigrants who come here legally and who come here illegally. let them all in. we must make that distinction. one reason immigrants come here is to escape lawlessness. they come here legally. you can't make your first act as a would be american an illegal act where you broke the law to get into america. the democrats let them and pro-immigration reform republicans like me believe there is a distinction to be drawn. >> i agree with ari. legal good and illegal bad. in 2018, we played up caravans and there were family
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separations. the women who supported trump in 2016 abandoned the republican party. >> laura: do you think we should release children -- >> that's because they lump them all together. >> laura: not just that. the media wants this crisis to continue because if it does, they can bring in the size of south bend, indiana, 100,000. 140,000 came in, in may. that's transforming an entire american community. that's a fact. that costs a lot of money for the people watching the show. a lot of rich people in this town and a lot of cranes and buildings. it costs money to people who don't make a lot and send their kids to public schools who say what about me? >> that's not fair. >> laura: it's against the law and the democrats don't stand
7:18 pm
up. speaking of "ice" removal. the leftist media are accusing trump of inflicting mental harm by announcing deportation efforts. >> why do it? to terrorize the people in this country illegally. there is no other reason to say you will deport millions of people when you know you can't do it unless you are trying to terrify them. >> laura: richard, this is what we are talking about. the media hand in glove with the democrat candidates. trump is doing this to terrorize the immigrant community. no, we have 800,000 people who have already been ordered deported who refuse to show up to hearings to leave the country. should they say? >> obama was accused of being the deporter and chief. >> laura: i am not talking about obama. >> democrats, when they were in
7:19 pm
the white house departed far more people. >> laura: they have moving way far left. you have people to television saying he is doing this to terrorize people. no, he is saying if you come, you can't stay. that's what obama said. do you remember that? >> right the mischaracterization is that democrats want open borders. the truth is otherwise. what obama did and what the senate passed with every democratic vote and 14 republicans which did a range of things including setting up a lot of fencing. i bet if that came up today it would pas the senate and the house. >> laura: pam, let's talk about what the president did in talking about the american people. i chatted about this with sean. what kind of country do you want to live?
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we are rolling and let's keep it going. watch. >> they are really going after you. that's what it's all about. it's not about us. it's about you. this election is about you. it's about your family, your future, and the fate of your country. >> laura: i think the more that the message is about what the people want, not so much about mueller or hillary. it's still relevant but not on the mind of most people. they want to send their kids to a public school and know they will be taught and know they can afford their health insurance and it won't be $2,000 a month for no coverage and they want the border enforced. that's a winner because the democrats want to transform the country in a way most people don't want. >> what he did tonight was flawless. he stuck to. that these people who were there tonight clearly adore the president. what he is doing is committing them to get out there and.
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and tell the world it's about the american people and go to church and school safely. having streets that are safe. getting the drugs off of our streets. we have a president here who supported prison reform. a republican president who has done great things with the first step act. unemployment is at an all time low. women's employment is higher. everything he is doing is for the american people. >> laura: statistics won't win an election. what wins election are stories. reagan said that and when he tells stories, that's the best trump. trump is extremely charming. he is very charming. the stories about america, the country we all love. that's what makes it great. americans have dreams too. it's not just people illegally coming in. americans have dreams and he spoke to this. ari fleischer, i mentioned the
7:22 pm
giddiness in the media over some of the polling. 18 months out from the 2020 election. pollster nate silver no fan of trump and who got it wrong in 2016. he said this in a tweet: to have a news cycle about general election polling a year and a half before the election is completely preposterous: tonight's trump's campaign manager was on cbs knocking down the polls for another reason. >> the ability to turnout voters. the polling can't understand that. that's why it was so wrong in 2016. it was 100% wrong. nobody got it right. i think we would win in a landslide today. more electoral points than last time. >> laura: is that wishful
7:23 pm
thinking or is this revealing a lot about the media's obsession with the anti-trump line? >> it's both. the president, his job approval is around 43 and disapproval around 52. that's a worry for a president. on the other hand, we know that the press got 2015 and 2016 wrong t. doesn't seem like they learned any lessons from it. that's troublesome. the reason is because the press is cheerleading too much. they don't like the president or his policies. they want him to be gone and they believe the polls that show he will be gone. those are flawed polls. the one that just came out in florida showed ron desantis would lose his race to the
7:24 pm
democrat and he won. look, i don't think the president is a shoe in for reelection. this will be a 50-50 race. the enthusiasm factor is huge. the president's people are fired up. the president's opponents are fired up just as well. the 2018 election, usually 85 million people. you had over 110-million people vote. we will shatter records in 2020. >> laura: i agree. it will be all about turnout. that rally was impressive like all of trump's rallies are. democrats can't turn that number out. on election day and the roll up to election day, because we have early voting, there will be a massive push and republicans have to spend the money and have the turnout machine to match this democrat's fury machine. they are really operating on
7:25 pm
110% anger. that's the angry white male party they say republicans. they are the angry party, the democrats. richard? >> i agree with ari fleischer. the problem for trump is the economy is doing pretty well. for him to be in the low 40s is troublesome. two, in 2018, we heard the same thing we just heard: well the polls are not accurate. they said republicans would win by a wide percentage point. the republicans lost by 9. >> laura: the economy is good as it is now? >> no. >> laura: absolutely not. >> yet obama's numbers were never as weak. >> laura: did obama have a press corp that piled on him every
7:26 pm
day? >> if he loses, the president will say it's the press's fault. >> laura: yes? >> they were at the same point in the cycle. >> laura: the same approval. >> correct. >> laura: i am not saying that trump's numbers should not be higher. i agree with ari fleischer. you want the numbers to be higher when means you just have to keep talking about the results. if you do x, vote for bernie sanders or elizabeth warren or joe, this is how much you will have to fork over. this is how much of your money will go to their pet projects. we know where that will end up. down a rat hole. ask france how that is working out. bam? >> the crowds, i was with him in 2016 will be on the trail with him in 2020. the crowds are twice as big as
7:27 pm
2016. tomorrow he is having a $5 million fundraiser. the money will flow in as well. you need a lot of money to do a campaign. people are going to continue to give him even more money and support him. it's going to get better and better for our country. >> laura: thank you very much. it was a great and spirited panel discussion. how did trump's message resonate with the folks inside the arena? raymond is getting real time reaction and he talked to some protestors and those calling for the impeachment of the president. uh-oh. next. >> [loud explosion]. -- [crowd noise]. mpic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it.
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>> ♪ >> since the very first day, i walked through the doors of the white house, i have never
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forgotten who cent me there. you did. -- sent. when i get behind my desk in the beautiful oval office. i think about only one thing. how the american people are going to win, win, win today. i am fighting are you and i think you see. that not easy, but i love it. >> laura: the president making his witch to americans in the swing state of florida for another 4 years in the white house. the reaction by the crowd inside is any indication, the 2020 election launch is off to a strong start. raymond arroyo spend the night outside the arena and some inside. >> i love that his speech focussed on all of his accomplishments from tax reform to nafta. >> president trump is showing us the way forward and telling us how we want to keep america strong after he makes america
7:33 pm
strong for us. >> i liked all of it, but the wall is important to me. if we don't have national security we have nothing. >> what resonates was the message for the african-american community. it was powerful! we have to realize we have lesser unemployment because of president trump. >> laura: here is raymond arroyo down in orlando. matt with me in the stewed. -- studio. chairman of the american conservative union. what was the reaction tonight? >> it was incredible. the weather was not good. to get 20,000 people plus out here. they abandoned their lawn chairs and there are hundred of them out in this field next to me. it was incredible. they loved the unity and the feeling that the president was including them in this relaunch. to a person they told me that. and the wall. it seems the wall is the one
7:34 pm
powerful touchstone for so many of these trump voters. every one of them mentioned national security and immigration. if you listen closely to the way they explained it, they said we want people to come here and work, but they have to do it legally the way my family did. it was a diverse crowd. a fascinating event in hot orlando to get a crowd like this to turn up in the middle of the week amazing and the president is off and running. >> laura: richard admitted there were no democrats that could get that crowd. matt, have you been to a lot of rallies and seen this. it's hard to believe we are here already. it seems like he just won yesterday. we for the thick of it. the poll numbers and the opsession with them this far out i find to be predictable. what else are the democrats going to say? >> everyone needs to listen.
7:35 pm
they mean nothing. all of the polls that came out. it shows the president doing less well non-college educated white house. his stronger areas he is down 10 points. don't even look at the polls. they mean nothing. take a breath. look at his virtues and what the people see in the president. that's what matters. >> laura: raymond, you went to a protest today. i want to play a little bit about what you saw. >> i did. >> as you can see, this is the anti-trump rally. just blocks away from where the president is holding his kick off. it's a lightly attended event. there is a concentration of folks here squaring off with trump supporters. heavy police presence. even that is a light display considering the magnitude of this event for donald trump. >> i think that women need access to safe and legal
7:36 pm
abortion. >> do they not have that in florida? >> not right now. there are more policies coming out to make it difficult for people to get abortions. minors can't get abortions without parent's consent. >> but they are minors. >> laura: wow, the democrats -- god bless her. that's sad. >> this was only a few blocks away. it was a paltry turnout. there is a lot of fire here. but it's not focussed. there is no single candidate or even issue that really unites this group. that was the thing that jumped out at me. people there for climate and people for lgbtq and the young lady about abortion rights. there was no cohesion or vision that held them together. the trump side, there is unity
7:37 pm
here. >> laura: yes, random anger. when go through the list of accomplishments and we have not focussed on the energy and isis, taking china. this is wild he's done as much as he was able to do with all of the investigations and all of the lies told about him about treason and his son would go to the jail. all a lie. >> nobody ever faced this level of opposition. >> laura: no one. >> love versus hate, they hated george h.w. bush and a lot of us hated barack obama's policies. it doesn't work. donald trump cleaved himself to the supporters because of what he said he would do.
7:38 pm
>> laura: none of democrats are even trying. raymond arroyo. >> people loved. that they said over and over. we love that he delivered on what he promised. he even got a trump baby to show up again. >> laura: adopt the trump baby. it's kind of cute. thank you. more from the same folks raymond caught up with orlando later in the show. when we come back, the democrats continue to cite trump's rhetoric as inflamm attory without looking at their own and what alexandria ocasio-cortez said about u.s. immigration. like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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>> ♪ >> just imagine what this angry left wing mob would do if they were in charge of this country. they would shutdown your free speech. they would strip americans of their constitutional rights while flooding the country with illegal immigrants. >> laura: president trump taking the opportunity tonight to take a shot at the angry leftists at his reelection launch in florida. he has good reason. as this show as documented week after week, democrats continue to cite trump's rhetoric as inflammatory without seriously examining their own. exhibit-a, alexandria ocasio-cortez made not only an
7:43 pm
outrageous claim but a false claim about our policies on the southern border. >> the united states is running concentration campus on our southern border. that is exactly what they are. i want to talk to the people that are concerned enough with humanity to say never again will we accept this. >> laura: joining me is charlie founder and president of turning point usa and general scott from the national diversity coalition for trump. the's recollection -- reaction from the media for aoc, where don't the same rules apply to the left as they do to the president? >> that's such a great point. when she says something that is wrong and incorrect, anyone who
7:44 pm
calls her out or criticizes her, we are attacking her. isn't that strange? we can't have a conversation on something she said wrong without saying republicans pounce. let's be honest. she is basically the most powerful democrat in office in america. if you think about it. she has more social media power and draws the crowd. most of the democrats could not fill up this crowd if they paid people. they can't fill up coffee shops. she is angry and committed to radical ideas. shame on her for saying and shame on the media for not allowing us to have a conversation without criticizing us for attacking her. >> laura: this is not political criticism. several jewish figures have strongly criticized her comments. that's where we are. it's not about whether america is better off than it was 2.5
7:45 pm
years ago under these unbelievably positive policies of donald trump. it's about demonizing politics and flat out lying about america's current situation and even our history. >> yes, democrats right now are playing the same worn-out card they played back in 2016. the race card. they trot that every 2 to 4 years. pin the racist on the republicans. obstruction and collusion, immigration. they are trying everything to deflect from the positive achievements of this president. they try to detract and take away from it. it didn't work then and it won't work now. then we looked forward to what he was going to do. now we are able to look back at
7:46 pm
what he's done. his positive accomplishments outweigh any of the negative things they try to bring out. >> laura: not even close. donny deutsch accused the president's make america great slogan as having racial undertones. >> it's about make america white again. >> laura: come on. >> that sounds stupid. i want to call aac dumb, but she calls herself that by the things that come out of her mouth. compare the southern border to nazi germany concentration campus is dumb and what that gentleman said it a.
7:47 pm
>> laura: raymond arroyo will be back from florida with ann exclusive report talking to the issues people care about in 2020. it's illuminating. stay there. at visionworks, our sales are good on over 500 frames. why are you so weird? see great with 2 complete pairs for $59. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> ♪ >> with every ounce of heart and mind and sweat and soul, we are
7:51 pm
going to keep making america great. that is why tonight, i stand ever before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the united states. >> [cheers and applause]. >> laura: president trump kicking off the 2020 reelection campaign tonight in florida in front of a capacity crowd at the amway center. supporters lined up on sunday to get the spot to see the president in person. we sent raymond arroyo down to the sunshine state to see what brought so many people out. what did you find? >> laura, there were blocks and blocks of people here all day long. they sat through the rain and the bright sun. what they offered was advice as well as the burning issues driving them to support the president. watch. >> what brought you out here today? >> the love for our president. >> i support donald trump because he is a patriot.
7:52 pm
the only one in washington sticking up for america. >> polls are saying the president is not doing well against his democratic opponents. do you believe those polls? >> look around. [laughing]. i don't believe it. >> it's a lie. >> you don't believe it? >> no, no. >> joe biden said he will win. >> he can say whatever he wants. >> we got this. >> tell me what joe biden believes. he changes his opinion as often as he changes his drawers. >> what is the issue that is driving your vote? >> we have immigration. look at our economy. it's the best it's been since anybody, ever. >> they pushed me off a cliff. i can't take it anymore. i am pushing back. >> i am a college professor and students are drawn to socialism but they can't define.
7:53 pm
it we need to teach children why america is the greatest country in the world. >> do you support the president deporting these people? >> these policies were put in place by the obama administration. clinton talked about it. >> it's ridiculous who is coming in and how. there has to be rules and regulations. >> you want to come to this country. come to this country and come in the right way just like many others have. like my grandparents have done. >> i believe in the american system. we are america! >> i think there are so many great people from around the world that want to come here and want to do it the right way. we need them. we have the jobs for them. they need to come legally. >> if you could give the president one bit of advice for this election season? >> build the wall faster. >> remain the same person he is. >> keep god in mind and keep him
7:54 pm
foremost and hit hard. >> make america great again! >> an amazing display. >> laura: i love it. >> these people are on fire. they came from chicago, california, to a person they said the president should keep talking about his accomplishments. the things he's promised and delivered on. the one advice they offered was layoff twitter a bit and don't worry about crooked crooked. -- crooked hillary. focus on what you have done for us. they are excited. >> laura: what the president would say that's what the media wants me to do. they want me to layoff of twitter. that's my only way of reaching all of the people. the point might be some wisdom especially for women voters. they like the fighter, but when he is making people laugh on
7:55 pm
stage like tonight, that was awesome. he has a great laugh and we want to see that fun trump as well as fighter trump. >> there were people who were brought to this speech on the way out that told me i am not a trump fan, but after that speech, i am reconsidering. we won people over tonight at home and in this room. >> laura: great job, raymond. see you back in washington tomorrow. i said if trump wasn't president, he could be a stand up comedian. the latest example from his rally. stay there.
7:56 pm
since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220. brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater-
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let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do.
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7:59 pm
>> 33,000 emails deleted! think of it! if i got a subpoena for email, if i deleted one email, like a love note to melania, it's the
8:00 pm
electric chair for trump! [laughter] >> laura: people were enjoying that. people want to laugh, politics has got to be a fun ride. a lot of fun tonight, i hope you enjoyed it and that is all the time we have tonight. my new podcast drops tomorrow. a new one today. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have all the analysis to take it from here. >> shannon: thank you very much. we begin tonight with the fox news alert. a packed house in florida, thousands gathering to begin president trump pick up the 2020 election campaign. accounting jobs, the economy, the art of getting america out of obama era deals come hillary clinton's email, the border wall, and china trade talks. we've got you covered. kevin mccarthy will weigh in and we've got an exclusive with the to counterterrorism exclusive. welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. kristin fisher is kicking off our live


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