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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 21, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> harris: texas governor greg abbott just deployed national guard troops to assist our troops at the border. keep watching. >> julie: secretary of state mike pompeo will be speaking later this hour after the president called off strikes on iran following their aggressive military action. plus, eight 2020 democrats making their pitch to latino voters. and it's been almost a month since a mother of five went missing in connecticut. where the investigation stands and whether police will bring murder charges if she isn't found. hello, everyone. this is "the daily briefing." president trump holding his fire, saying he approved then called off a retaliation strike
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against iran after learning how many casualties could be on the ground. >> i said, do you know what? they shot down an unmanned drone, plane, whatever you want to call it. and here we are sitting with 150 dead people that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead. i didn't like it. i didn't think it was -- i didn't think it was proportionate. >> julie: jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer, is this strike paused or is it called off indefinitely? >> reporter: i'm told it has been called off, at least for now. the act defense attorney leaves the building at 4 p.m. today so that leaves you a sense at the atmosphere at the pentagon. things could change, but there's a very different atmosphere here today compared to yesterday. the b-2's that were supposed to be used in the strike had noted
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taken off yet, we're told, when the standdown order came. other fieger jets, however, were in the air, maybe war ships were in position and ready to strike with tomahawk missiles awaiting the orders. the president explained his decision but there remained serious questions about what changed his mind, any strike plan earlier in the day would have been accompanied by a casualty estimate. those first briefings by the military occurred at 11:00 a.m. in the white house. trump's tweet explains his thinking. quote, we were cocked and loaded to retaliate last night on three different sites when i asked, how many will die? 150 people, sir, was the answer from a general. ten minutes before the strike, i stopped it. not proportionate for shooting down an unarmed drone. i'm in no hurry. the u.s. has 77 troops and an aircraft strike group in the
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region. >> julie: any reaction from iran? >> reporter: today a propaganda victory for iran, who claims it chose not to shoot down the navy surveillance plane with 35 americans on board to avoid casualties. that plane was flying near the american global hawk and shot this video of the unmanned american drone being shot down. today iranian state television also released this video showing what it claims is the wreckage of the large u.s. navy drone. it's the second time in a week iranian forces fired on u.s. drones. there is no evidence these were rogue units. this iranian video released by the regime shows the advance surface to air missile used to shoot down the high altitude american drone worth over $100 million. late last night, the faa issued a notice prohibiting u.s. commercial aircraft from flying over the persian gulf, near the area where iran shot down the drone. as you can see from this flight tracker, there has been a steep
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drop in airline traffic over that region. many international airlines said they would be avoiding the strait of hormuz. tensions are high today but the u.s. military is still poised to respond if need be. as one civilian leader said in private discussions yesterday, sometimes a show of restraint is a show of force. julie? >> julie: very good point. jennifer griffin, thank you very much. former obama adviser tweeting, he has created a major crisis by withdrawing from a deal that was working. isolating the u.s., provoking the iranians, risking boats and a resumed nuclear program and war. joining me now chris gibson, a purple heart recipient and former member of the house armed services committedty. first i want you to react to that tweet there, as far as the president provoking war. what's your take? >> i don't believe that to be so. i think actually we're on the right path here.
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we have interests here in seeing iran change its policy, stop promoting violence in the middle east. this approach of sanctions is working. that's why iran is desperate and they're trying to provoke us. >> julie: when he says things are working, things are not working clearly. iran just attacked two navy war ships by the japanese and the u.s. navy was there luckily to save all those sailors. there were no casualties. certainly, it is not working. i don't understand how anyone could say that. >> look, we are on the right path here. their reaction, what they've been doing, they're getting ever more provocative. they're trying to get off this trajectory. this strategic trajectory works for us. the president made the right call not to strike. candidly, i wish this indecision
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wasn't public, but i think going forward, he made the right call. as long as he doesn't make a pattern of making a decision and pulling it back, i think we're going to be just fine. why is it that i think the president made the right call, these sanctions are working. what we ought to do, if we have proof that our drone was in the air over international waters and classified, we ought to declassify it and publish it and use it. >> julie: jennifer griffin just mentioned a tweet the president sent out basically talking about causing so many casualties would not have been proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. the president has a point. any president in his office would have tried to consider the pros and cons here. he had asked how many people would die? a general told him 150. why do you think though, and this is the question that seems unclear at this point, that the president only learned of the casualty estimates after he had initially first ordered the attack and justed ten minutes before the u.s. strikes were to
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hit their targets? >> so, i don't know. that's inexplicable to me. my advice would be for the whole team, including president trump, is to take your time about making these decisions. i commanded in combat. i know what it's like to make these weighty decisions. take your time about making your call and then stick with it when you get it. part of that process means getting all the information, including casualty estimates. >> julie: there's been an on going debate on how to handle iran. democratic senator chuck shumer yesterday said the president may end up stumbling. he uses the word stumble into a war. i want you to listen and react. >> the president may not intend to go to war here, but we're worried that he and the administration may stumble into a war. we told the room the democratic position is that congressional approval must be required before funding any conflict in iran. one of the best ways to avoid
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stumbling into war, war that nobody wants, is to have a robust open debate and for congress to have a real say. >> julie: first of all, i don't think the president would ever bumble into war. the president's intentions are to send a strong message to iran, which he did last night, by imposing sanctions. how el do you do so without military conflict? >> well, look. senator schumer's statement is clearly political in nature here. president trump doesn't want to stumble into war. what he wants to do is help iran's people, that it's in their interest to change their foreign policy. if we declassify this information, that this was aggression on the part of iran, we can get a u.n. resolution condemning their actions, making them pay, repay our taxpayer for that aggression. and then also turning to great britain, germany and france, which set up a trading entity to get around our sanctions.
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look, you need to be with us on this. tightening that pressure will actually get iran to change course. that's what we all want. >> julie: thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> julie: the trump administration facing new scrutiny over its treatment of migrant children. this after a doj lawyer suggests in court the government is not always providing kid sz with toothbrushes and soap. hi, christina. >> reporter: hi, julie. well, this three judge panel wasn't buying this lawyer's argument. the judge asked her whether not having soap or toothbrushes for days was part of providing migrants with sanitary conditions. the doj attorney was in the u.s. court of appeals for the tth circuit on tuesday appealing that 2017 ruling that migrants were detained in unsanitary conditions inside u.s. customs and border protection facilities along the southern border.
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that decision actually goes back to the obama administration which the court ruled violated a mandate that immigrant children in government custody be housed in safe and sanitary conditions. this tuesday the government argued what is and what is not sanitary is vague and doesn't specifically cover toothbrushes and toothpaste. but the appellate court judges all appointed by president clinton argued that should be common sense. >> it's within everybody's common understanding that if you don't have a toothbrush, if you don't have soap, if you don't have a blanket, it's not safe and sanitary. wouldn't everybody agree to that? do you agree to that? >> there's fair reason to find that those things may be part of safe -- >> not maybe. are. >> reporter: just last month the head of dhs congress were in the midst of an on going security and humanitarian crisis at our
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southwest border. he said in april, border agents encountered almost 110,000 migrants attempting to cross without legal status, the most in a single month in over a decade. >> we are in the midst of an on going security and humanitarian crisis at our border. the department, at the request of our front line officers and agents, has made clear we need additional resources and authorities to respond to this crisis. >> reporter: many republicans in congress believe that border agents have their hands tied legally when it comes to efficiently processing and taking care of migrants. as a result, we now have what many call catch and release. julie. >> julie: thank you very much. an explosive situation in philadelphia, as a huge refinery goes up in flames. plus, new reaction as president trump confronts iran and how he has flipped u.s. policy 180
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>> julie: massive explosion rocking philadelphia as the largest oil refinery on the east coast catches fire and just look at that ball of flames. huge plumes of flames and smoke in the air. early morning flames light the sky. the blast felt for miles. jackie heinrich is live in philadelphia watching it. hi. >> reporter: hi, julie. it has been ten hours since that fire started. it still smells like gas for miles. it's the first thing you notice
11:17 am
when you get close to here. fire department said standard practice to let gases burn off in a controlled fashion. so that's what's happening. health department said it is safe to breathe. want to get straight to that video. that is what really tells this story. this is the scene at 4 a.m. as that vat of butane exploded. it eventually set fire to propane, which is what is burning now. people reported hearing three to five blasts felt as far as south jersey. it's a huge complex here, the largest on the eastern seaboard. it produces 330,000 barrels of oil per day. it is incredible that no one was seriously hurt. we are told there were people working close by at the time of the initial blast, but they were able to get out of the way. firefighters treated one person
11:18 am
on scene. four employees were treated for injuries. it was the smoke that prompted the department of emergency management to issue a shelter in place. the plume stretched several hundred feet into the air. traffic was shut down for hours including part of the highway. both of those restrictions were later lifted. despite the continuing smell, the department of health said preliminary catching said it found no carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide in the air. this is the second fire in two weeks at this refinery. there was a small fire june 10 and also one in 2015. philadelphia's mayor said this month's incidents with unrelated in nature and cause but is say wear of the room for improvement and you have the leadership panel to look for solutions with a special focus on air quality. the next step will be finding out what triggered that initial explosion and, of course, the cleanup could last for days. >> julie: thank you very much. joe biden picking up the phone
11:19 am
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>> julie: new developments in is search for a connecticut mother of five who has now been missing for almost a month. police say their search of a hartford trash facility is expected to end today. as we learn that when dulos was filing for divorce, she told a judge her estranged husband had, quote, sickening revenge fant y fantasies. authorities charged him with evidence tampering but as of yet no murder charges have been filed. the executive director of government affairs at sacred heart university, also a former police fair for fairfield connecticut. you believe this is in no doubt a planned homicide. can you explain why? >> well, i do. we see it across the country, cases like this in the past, where a spouse will always be something we would look at. now you look at the indications are that the crime scene occurred, or the victim was planning to go to new york city.
11:24 am
so that gave a lot of time, or a big window of time, where likely she wouldn't be missing. that gave the individual a lot of time to take care of business. the crime scene apparently occurred within the garage. that crime scene was cleaned up. again, that had a lot of time to do that. hours later we now have the individual disposing of bloody sponges in an attempt to clean up the crime scene. that really indicates a very planned operation. not the least of which is yet to find the wife in this case. >> julie: still no body. the question now is, do you believe that the estranged husband and his girlfriend, who have been eyed as possible suspects, but so far have not been charged with murder, do you believe it's possible, what is the likelihood of charges being brought against them if no body is found? >> well, look, there's a lot of
11:25 am
evidence to indicate he did this. we know the spouse is often the first person to look at. we have the spouse and his girlfriend on video disposing of bloody items, presumably from the crime scene. that's a whole lot of evidence. what's occurring now is the investigation is going two fold. number one, they're developing more evidence to charge them. at the same time, they're hoping to find the body. it's really important we find the body because that body is gonna tell us a lot of facts. cause of death. difficult to do a homicide charge without a body. it's hard to say how she died. they could have claimed it was accidental and we just panicked and we didn't mean to kill her. it's really important they find the body. there's clearly a lot of evidence here to eupbd kated that mr. dulos and his girlfriend are involved in the homicide of this poor woman. >> julie: i understand in the state of connecticut there have been three such cases where
11:26 am
murder charges were brought despite the fact that a body was not found. estranged husband has been charged with evidence tampering, hindering prosecution. his girlfriend is also facing charges. you talked about how they were spotted dumping bags of evidence along the road in hartford connecticut on the same day michelle went missing. they have also revealed his dna was found at the scene, also blood splattering belonging to jennifer was found. evidence is overwhelming. state police continue to search that dump. we heard originally the state dump in hartford, connecticut, that they were going to cease that search today but it does continue. do you think they found anything there thaeupbd ear continuing their search because perhaps they do have evidence that they are not disclosing at this point? >> well, any case like this is puzzle pieces. so while it's easy for us to look and say, well, maybe they're done, i don't think
11:27 am
they're going to be done with that. they're going to continue to build that case. lot of this will come down to circumstantial evidence. so they're looking for any dna that might be in that plant or anything that might lead them in a different direction. so while it doesn't appear that they found anything, something sometimes that doesn't appear to be significant from the trash could be significant down the line as they continue to investigate. so when they put it all together, something that seems, eh, might not be much, might be a significant piece to that puzzle later on. twhaeupbt to make sure they do a thorough investigation. >> julie: what about her estranged husband's cell phone records? >> we all have a digital footprint. if that digital footprint all of a sudden goes dark, we know certain things. we know at one point he is in hartford dumping what appears to be that evidence. what happened before that? where is that digital evidence? do they have that? are they looking at that? if that individual went dark,
11:28 am
that is a significant piece of the puzzle. we all operate in a digital world. we never shut our phones off. now during a certain time frame, we don't know where you were and your phone is not leaving that footprint? that's significant. >> julie: yeah. gary mcnamara, thank you very much for talking with us. we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> julie: 2020 candidates going on the campaign trail. they make their pitches to african-american voters with controversy still dogging joe biden with his comments on segregationists. plus, we are keeping an eye on secretary of state pompeo. he is set to make remarks amid the standoff with iran. >> he wants to discourage iran from doing this kind of thing. discourage it by sharing the cost. on the other hand, he does not want this to escalate to further conflict. you're headed down the highway when the guy in
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>> julie: secretary of state mike pompeo making his first public appearance after iran shot down a u.s. drone. he brings those incidents up, we will bring you his remarks. mean time, it is now time for campaign trail mix. today we have 2020 democrats heading for big fish fry. plus, elizabeth warren announcing a plan to ban private prisons. mary anne williamson facing backlash for her stand on vaccinations. peter doocy is live in columbia, south carolina, watching this all for us. >> reporter: they've got 4500 pounds of fish ready for the fryer. just about every single democratic presidential candidate is here in the palmetto state for the jim clyburn fish fry which will be joe biden's first appearance
11:34 am
since creating controversy with his talk about working alongside segregationists throughout the course of his career. >> that is what i would call it. just a choice of words. not that he talked about being able to work with people who may think differently from you. >> reporter: elizabeth warren is going to be at the fish fry, too. she's been gaining in the polls, as she keeps rolling out new plans to try to please progressives. latest one, banning private prisons. warren explains this. quote, the government has a basic responsibility to keep the people in its care safe. i am proposing my plan to get rid of the profit incentives in our nation's prison systems. as warren talks incarceration,
11:35 am
mary anne williamson, another candidate, is talking vaccination and apologizing for saying recently that vaccinations are draconian. he said, i understand many vaccines are important and save lives. i also understand some of the skepticism that abounds today about drugs which are rushed to the market by big pharma. i am sorry that i made comments which sounded that i questioned the validity of life saving vaccines. williamson is going to be here in columbia tonight with just about the entire democratic field. we're told to expect each candidate to be allowed to talk for one minute each. julie? >> julie: all right, peter, thank you very much. joe biden reaching out as the 2020 rivals remain at odd over biden's remarks over segregationists he served with in the senate. biden getting strong support today from a senior member of the congressional black caucus. listen.
11:36 am
>> during the height of the civil rights movement, we worked with people and got to know people. there was members of the klan, people who beat us, rescued us, jailed us. we never gave up on our fellow human beings. >> julie: all right. kevin crabtree covers the capitol and joins me now. you say biden shouldn't apologize for working with fellow senators he deeply disagrees with, but his problem is that he didn't condemn them. explain. >> that's exactly right. he could be forced to go on an apology tour. this was an unforced error, as clyburn said. it's a serious problem for him. but what i think is the worst problem is he did not con testimony these segregationists
11:37 am
remarks. he didn't say -- he didn't condemn their behavior. he went on to say they didn't call him boy, they called him son. that is so offensive and insensitive to so many black americans that have experienced that type of degradation. he shouldn't be going on an apology tour. they can make him apology for almost everything in terms of he already had to do so for the way he treats women. this incident is another. i think he needs to sharply and definitively condemn their behavior and say this wasn't right. this was not a good example of his ability to work across the aisle. >> julie: jim clyburn seems to be defending biden. more than once, in fact, saying he has also worked with carolina senator strom thurmond, another segregationist, adding that if he didn't work with segregationalist lawmakers, he
11:38 am
wouldn't have worked with anyone. what can you tell us about that? >> i think you couldn't have a better set of people speaking on your behalf today. clearly, biden is doing some fence mending in south carolina. now you have the majority whip, very respected chairman of the black caucus coming to his defense. civil rights hero, john lewis. they are both coming to his defense saying, hey, we had to work with people that we didn't agree with. they were people that were segregationalists. if we didn't work with them, we would have been working with other black politicians. this is part of the post civil rights era. and we actually are defending biden, we're coming to his defense. we know he is not a racist. so i think it's a step in the right direction for joe biden. but biden is doing the work he needs to do in south carolina to try to rebuild these fences. >> julie: he's got some strong backers. this was the second time in two weeks clyburn has come to biden's aid.
11:39 am
what i want to know, what does it tell you about the loyalty among biden supporters, especially leading up to the presidential election, especially with him topping in the polls? >> i think that the people who are transfixed on beating president trump in the democratic party know that he is probably their best bet and that they are -- he does have a lot of loyalists. john lewis and jim clyburn have been in the trenches with joe biden for years and they also are around his same age so they sort of understand the context under which he said these remarks. again, i think he is -- they recognize they are 100% focused, that they need to be focused on beating president trump, then biden is their best bet. >> julie: president trump appearing on telemunda to single out the latino vote. >> are you looking for the latino vote? we're the largest minority in the country. >> absolutely. i did well in it last time,
11:40 am
surprisingly. i think i'll do much better this time. >> why do you think that? >> i have been very tough on cuba. i love the cuban people from miami and elsewhere. >> julie: some 2020 democrats were also talking immigration today at a presidential candidate forum hosted in miami. now, listen to this. >> proud that i was the first candidate to propose a comprehensive immigration plan. >> i grew up with a grandmother who was an immigrant. i know the power of immigrants. >> we cannot have real immigration reform unless we have people from the immigration community at the table. >> for me, it is policy of not just immigration reform. it is making sure that we've got aeupb crease in the minimum wage, child care available for people, paid family leave. >> julie: latinos are on pace to become the largest nonwhite eligible voting block.
11:41 am
meaning both parties need to fight for the latino vote. right? how big of a mistake is it for biden the be skipping the latino forum in miami? >> i guess he was at the clyburn fish fry and he does not want to take that relationship for granted. kamala harris and cory are also there. i do think he should have made time for both. because this is an essential voting block that will be important in key early primary states like nevada. they also had a problem, democrats, in florida in 2016 not being able to turn those voters out. you have tom perez, the chairman, saying there are 400,000 latino voteders not registered in florida. there is a huge campaign going on to those voters. mike pence is going to florida thursday to announce his latino outreach campaign.
11:42 am
i think the constituency that really needs to show he is leading, he is out front. not just immigration. this is not a one note johnny constituency. he needs to speak their language on a number of issues and also compete with elizabeth warren, who has said she would pull back the census question and julian castor, which has a natural advantage there. >> julie: all right susan crabtree, thank you very much. appreciate it. a missed deadline sparking massive new demonstrations in hong kong. what protesters are demanding. when you start with a better that's no way to treat a dog... can do no wrong. where did you learn that?
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>> shepard smith at the fox newsdesk. restaurants could soon be serving you genetically modified
11:47 am
salmon. scientists say it's mixed with other fish's dna to make it grow faster. and you could end up eating it without anybody telling you about it. that and the rest of the day's news top of the hour. see you then. >> julie: tensions flaring in hong kong as thousands of protesters blocked headquarters. coming a day after the government refused to satisfy demands on its extradition bill. senior foreign affairs correspondent is live in hong kong for us. >> reporter: hi, julie. that's right. this has been another tense night in hong kong. just a couple blocks from where we are near the hong kong harbor. the protesters gathered, surrounded the city's police headquarters and were calling the scrapping of that extradition bill. they worry it could expose them to the chinese justice system, a suspect justice system. that was just one of many
11:48 am
demands they had. they were out on the street. we watched as the protest kicked off. take a look. >> student activists on this day staging in front of the police headquarters here. they're demanding the release of those arrested in last week's riots. for the moment, at least, security is vastly outnumbered. police seem to have held back. neither side looking for a replay of last week's riot, which saw dozens of people arrested and injured. at the same time, the young folks that we spoke with friday sounded very determined. take a listen to a few. >> the government is not listening to us. >> you're going up against china, beijing. >> there's nothing that we can lose. we cannot be afraid of that. >> i have hope in hong kong. i have hope in hong kong. >> you have hope? >> i have hope in hong kong. >> reporter: absolutely
11:49 am
remarkable, julie. 2 million hong kongers turned out last sunday. one time british colony, now a chinese special territory. they're not giving up. more protests are planned. >> julie: thank you very much. a record breaking drug bust in philly. plus newly wed gweneth paltrow has an unconventional housing arrangement with her husband. is living apart the new normal? oh my, this heinz mayonnaise is so creamy, one day you'll tell your grandkids about it. and they'll say, "grandpa just tell us about humpty dumpty". and you'll say, "he broke his pelvis or whatever, now back to my creamy heinz mayonnaise". heinz mayonnaise, unforgettably creamy. too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving
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>> julie: and now a look at other stories. it's the daily three. the father that paid $500,000 to get his kids in usc pleading guilty in court today. toby mcfarland admitting to mail fraud.
11:54 am
he's the last of 14 parents to plead guilty in the college admissions scandal. and second, texas police corporal shot dead in the line of duty while chasing a suspect. he leaves behind a wife and two children. third, a billion-dollar drug bust. >> this case is a prime example of why america needs strong border protection and why drug trafficking and prosecution are a top priority for my office. >> philadelphia police arresting four more crew members in connection to the cargo ship containing 16 tons of cocaine. so gwyneth paltrow may be on to something. opening up about her living arrangement with her new husband. she told the sunday times that her and her husband lived together four days a week. can this be a model for a successful marriage? i'm joined by tyrus.
11:55 am
you are here to tell us it's an obviously an amazing idea. >> phenomenal. >> i knew it. >> where have you been, gwyneth? marriages have been saved all around the world. my favorite movie, "legends of the fall", brad pitt and anthony hopkins. they saw each other the holidays and had amazing christmases and holidays. why? they had time apart and happy to see each other. >> gwyneth and her husband lived together four day as week. let's say what she said to the sunday times. all my married friends say the way we live sounds ideal and shouldn't change a thing. can we throw up her husband? i enjoy looking at him. because the reason i enjoy looking at him, he's a little attractive. some might say hot. i might be worried if i don't have that hot husband with me
11:56 am
all seven days of the week. no? >> here's my argument to that, to your hot husband situation. those that list in mediocreville but we have great charisma. he's around you all the time. you worry. when he's not, you're excited to see him. you be wonder what he's thinking, why he's not looking back at you. it's a good thing. separation is a good thing. seeing the same person every day -- >> i agree. as a married woman, i'll be one to say that animals don't spend the rest of their lives together. >> seasons for a reason. >> distance does make the heart grow fonder. that's a fact. >> and monotony causes arguments making -- forcing someone to watch 90-day fiance when they don't want to when he can be doing something he likes to do. >> i live with my husband seven days a week. i never look at him and be like i wonder what he's thinking? i don't care. >> you tell him what you're thinking. >> very good, tyrus. you're on the ball today.
11:57 am
so you've seen this oh so cute video of this father and son, this comedian, that went viral on twitter. now they have their own commercial. we'll get to that. let's play the clip. we live watching it. >> i don't know what they're going to do next season. >> exactly what i was thinking. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. there's now an extension of that. but at denny's. watch this. >> thanks. the bacon was amazing. you're right. we don't have to worry about it. we can come here, have this, eat right and talk about it, right? we can come here and talk about it. i got you. right. exactly. >> julie: that is so cute. why didn't i think of this? >> you probably have.
11:58 am
every father has a video like that. i have -- with my daughter, she used to make animal sounds and growl. she would tie me up before a wrestling match. we don't see enough of this stuff. great moments. it's cool that he chose to share that with us. with my kids, i have moments like this. they make jibberish. you can make sense. they get excited because you're talking to them. forget the commercial. when that young man is older, they'll look back and laugh. >> julie: definitely. that's d.j. pryer and his 19-month-old son, kingston. he literally just posted it thinking family and friends would get a sick out of it. >> that's what happens a lot. we don't get to see it. it's usually private. hilarious. great. a feel-good moment and more dads should post stuff like that. >> julie: now we have to go back in time and pull out old home
11:59 am
videos. >> from your phone. >> julie: right. hold on a second, tyrus. i want you to look at this. ron mendez was born without arms or legs. that never stopped him from pursuing his dream of becoming a football coach. >> shorter step. let's go. smash route. corner, corner. >> julie: this is amazing. mendez had a life-long passion for the game. he holds a pen in his mouth to draw up plays. mendez describes his outlook in this clip from a few years ago. >> when i started thinking about what i'm blessed with, fortunate about, it picks me up. i try to be self-sufficient. that's a main goal in life. to be end. some people call it stubborn. i call it just figuring things out on your own. >> julie: i call it freaking amazing. the good news is, he will
12:00 pm
receive the espys award. >> no wall big enough for him. >> julie: a reminder, never complain. there's something that has it harder than you. >> and still got it done. >> shepard: noon on the west coast. 3:00 on the east coast. 11:00 p.m. in iran. the president said he spared iran from a series of strikes after tehran fired first. the iranian claims they could have shot down a u.s. plane killing military personnel in addition to an unmanned drone. prosecutors trying a navy seal for murder even after the medic said he committed the crime. fish meet frankenstein. scientists mixing a stew of dna and you could be chowing on it without knowing about it.


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