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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 24, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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people. thanks for all you do. you are tonight's midnight heroes. good night from washington. job. that's the "story" for this monday night. >> tucker: welcome to tight. there's a lot going on in the world right now from iran to northa to china. so we thought we would get out of dc and seat world. that's why we're no japan tonight, in central tokyo, the g summit will be taking place in osaka, japan and the president will come over for that. we're going to be interviewing him for that. all eyes are on the democratic party. the first two democratic debates held this we went all candidates desperate to stand out from the others. not so easy when they agree with everything. how do they do it?
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by attacking each other. biden has already taken fire in the past month for showing personal warmth to other people that's not allowed, for not loving abortion enough, and for caucusing with fellow democrats 45 years ago. how does he get back in the good graces of voters in by saying lunatic things. biden claimed that trump's election was tail amount to a political assassination. >> i think donald trump may have reawakened sensibilities in this country to say, whoa. maybe we can do this now. just like our generation is awakened when dr. king and bobby kennedy were assassinated. a whole generation said i'm back in now. >> sitting across from the democrat's moral leader, alstarton. but biden's we could was better than some candidates. to break it all down, we're join
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by independent women's lisa boot, who has been covering the scramble for the democratic nomination. >> hey, tucker. >> tucker: goes to see you: so how was it, pete bull judging. we're getting reports back from the united states that pete by the judging was having a hard time. >> what's interesting about joe biden, he's been ahead because of name id and i think these comments that he's making, also the flip flop are going found cut the narrative that he is the most selectable candidate. so i think biden going to be his own undoing. but pete budigeg, he had to go home to south bend to face a crisis. there was a police shotting of a black man, so he went home and this is what he faced.
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watch, tucker. >> [indiscernible yelling] >> sure. sure. sir -- we're going to allow him to speak if everyone can just calm down. >> i would love to be able to finish. i would love to be able to finish my replay, if that's o. >> so erik logan is the man's name. so obviously, butegig, facing a lot of criticism there. if you're launching your presidential bid on your mayoral record and that's what you're running off of t and you face that scrutiny back home, obviously that, makes it difficult to try and run on that record he want's talked about the things like revitalization it's going to make that really difficult. and he's also faced criticism of lack of diversity with the south bend police department as well. logan's mother, also was, you know, not very happy and not a
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good look for the mayor and he's face a lot of scrutiny, which i suspect might -- >> tucker: lisa. >> yes, sure. >> tucker: pbutegig is running like a military tough guy. he sat there as people screamed at him. did he ever say, why don't you stop yelling at me for a minute? >> he didn't. you know, if you're facing an unruly mob and angry audience another really tough to have a reasonable conversation. that's what he tried to do. to no avail. another democrat, who's having challengingonnics as well is mayor bill demy salvationio, someone who has really struggled to find his footing. he was in south carolina over the weekend. only 15 people showed up to one of his events. he's just not finding any traction at all, as you can see there, he did get the
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endorsement of the mayor of orangeberg, south carolina, who is one of the 15 people there but not drawing a strong attendance. you know, there's just really not that excitement for him. so he is really struggling. we'll see if he can make going of being on this stage this week. the democrat debates but he's really struggled to get any traction so far. >> that is so hartening. reality still matters at least a little bit in the united states. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: a little bit. elizabeth warren, you think would have a way to stand out on a democratic field z.'s running on a plain to -- over the weekend, warren did what they all do, went for identity politics hard, and tweeted out support for something called gay reparations. here's the "d." it tions. here's the quote:
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our government owes them more than 50 million dollars for the tax code left them out. we must right these wrongs." emmy bruce is president of the independent women's adjustments and joins us. great to see you tonight . >> nice to see you, too. >> >> tucker: so if i understand this, reparations for gay couples who would have gotten married. two questions. one, wouldn't this be a transfer of wealth from the middle crass to some of the richest people in america. and b, why did barack obama and hilary clinton who stood in the waive gay marriage, get a pass on that. >> it's interesting. bill and hilary clinton, of course, responsible for some of the worse civil rights setbacks for gays and lesbians, in modern history, when the marriage defensive marriage act, don't ask, don't tell. what's interesting is the foolishness of this and of course z's an tunist. along each section here.
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she's pandering to a group of people beautiful an insult to that very group of people where she presumes this promise of money. she complains a lot about people's greed and the left and democrats are always talking about who owes you more money or what you deserve so it serves the left and one t reduces us to worrying, it makes you suspicious and maybe jealous of your neighbor, if not some of your own family members. consider this. it's base on the tax dynamic. can you get married in a state, but not the federal level. her argument s the three extra years we have given those individuals, gay marriage is the law of the land that, even though we gave an extra three years. she's saying she'd go back all the way to whenever you got married. but where does that he understand? for those of us who never got married, maybe we would have 20 years ago, shouldn't we somewhat get some tax break fore never
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being able to do it? and when it come to the backwardness of laws in a way. let's say the death packs. if it's retroactive, if it was judged unconstitutional, as an example, wouldn't we want that to be retroact testify everyone, every family that had to 58 death tax. but there's a reason we don't have laws, retroactive. either criminal law or in the sense of tax law, and especially when it's being used as a political pedule to separate out and isolate once again, another group that the democrats say they own, in pandering to individuals and it's an insult to us. i think, obviously, i've always believed, i know many people have in america. that all-americans deserve the right of every other american butt attempt to continue to have us be looking at each other as threats or as the enemy as got to stop. that's what she's pandering to now.
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>> tucker: the b interesting question f we ever get a chance to talk to senator warren, maybe she'll explain. will gay couples who receive these reparations, still have to pay reparation to the descendants of slaves or is that going to be a wash? >> yeah, that would abe good one. >> tucker: team, great to see you tonight. >> thank you, tuck sneer a lot problems for the democratic party. now, reporters finally are taking a closer look at her past. new documents appear to support claim that is omar committed obvious marriage fraud just a decade ago. that's just ahead b. first, the show coming to you live from jaknow parks ahead of the president's visit, he we'll be talking to i. but first, we hit the streets of downtown tokyo. fish market in tokyo. we've been here about 24 hours. we had an eventful time. we had a minor earthquake this morning. it's monsoon season.
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visit for the g20. ates created a lot of problems for the democratic party since she came to washington in january. now reporters are taking a look at well publicized allegations, but widely ignored in the media. that omar may have committed immigration marriage fraud z. married her first husband in 2002. but only in a religious ceremony, she separated from hinge religionly and landlord illegally married her second husband. omar says, she separated from him in 2011 and reconciled with hersy. but only legally divorced elmy in 2017, if can you keep up with that. according to the "washington examiner" court documents, she was living together while with elsy. that race questions if her marriage as sham from the first
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day. she could probably clear that up if she wanted to, but her office has persistently refused to answer any questions. we have a republican state representative from the state of minnesota. thanks for coming on tonight. give us the quick overview of how likely it looks, that congresswoman omar may have committed marriage fraud. >> well, it looks very likely, actually, a lot, as you mentioned, a lot of these documents of course dug up. david steinberg and others v done digging of the information and and put together out there. the minnesota media is decidedly liberal, attached to the pc cuttlure so much, they aren't doing their job here's.
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i appreciate you covering this here tonight b. my involvement, began a year ago, when i discovered that when i discovered representative omar had been find for the third time as a freshman representative by the state of minnesota by the campaign finance board, and then i discovered she had taken money, then, from the public universities in the state that, committee upon when she served, made funding decisions. it was a direct violation of minnesota houses. but representative omar covered the whole thing up by waiting a full five months and violate the law to cover tup so that he can make it past her endorsing convention, which happened three days before she finally posted
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the information and she could avoid an inquiry from the minnesota house ectics committee at that time because we were already out of session . >> still not surprising. this is someone whose family was rescued by the generosity of taxpayers. and denounces her country is racist and not worthy of her. if she did in fact commit marriage fraud, what would be the motive? >> well, some are saying that maybe i know, probably the leading, it might be fafs a frayed want because beth her were student students at north dakota state university and some of the stuff the washington examiner covered yesterday. actually, david steinberg brought that forward, actually showed, the address records show both of them desirable, all
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three. representative omar, almed almy, and ermy, lived at the same address on two occasions. the media, generally, especially in money has been unwilling to act. >> of course, you come to the country, you scam our system, you hate us, and we feel like we can't say going about t. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate t. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well, the trump administration was close to launching major military strikes on the nation of iran last week, at the very last minute, the president pulled back. instead of being praised for one of the best decision he is's made so far as president, he's come under talks for that. on the right, hew hew wit, accused the president of being a weekling, for not launching a
9:20 pm
trillion dollar war over a broken robot. >> i'm very critical this morning, i call at this time u-turn. >> i think it's very important for all of our decision makers to recognize the that weakness is provocative and a world in which response to american assets is to pull back or except attack, is a world in which america won't be able to defend our interest. >> tucker: democratic candidates have denounced the president. >> from the very beginning of his betsy, taking a belligerent course of escalation, with iran. i mean, we pulled out of an antinuclear deal that gave us complete transparency into the
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program. >> it's like somebody, setting ar a fire to a basket full of paper, and putting it out. he helped create the crisis and he stopped the attacks. >> there's no question in my mind, that the current occupant of the white house, put in place a seize of events that led to that event. >> so it isn't trump though, it's the rest of official washington, obviously, start wealth national security advise ojohn bolton. and the president pointed that out over the weekend on ""meet the press." ." >> i have two types of people. i have ducks and hawks. john bolton. yes. >> presidents are typically that straightforward and honest he want's a liar.
9:22 pm
l certainly honest there. the editor at the "american conservative" and called the president's decision on thursday, the nice donald trump became president. jim, great to see you tonight. >>, he you have a president, pulling back from war and is being attacked. >> the incentive structure from washington is entirely bias in favor of war. so when president trump bombed syria without congressional authorization, twice, we had pundits say that was the night donald trump became president and this shows he's a real commander in chief. and all these people otherwise, say he's this reckless and he needs to control chief executive are dog doing nothing to constrain him, nothing to restrain him. nothing to enforce constitutional prerogatives and that include the democrats. so have you people in the democratic party who say that
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trump is unfit to command. he's unfit to be president, yet that i can want to him to oversee a major war in a country larger than iraq. they're disappointed he didn't commence the attacks and they seem to think there is no inconsistency to that, without there even being a permanent secretary of defense confirmed by the senate. totally bizarre to me. >> maybe they feel that way. the war is being prosecuted and it would be a triumph in permanent washington. >> the polling shows when, the vote ears actually understand what is at stake and we would be risking a fuel full-scale war, we don't want this. yes, they don't want a nuclear iran b. they want diplomacy to war and we have seen over the last decade and a half, war after war after war, the things
9:24 pm
we set out to do to keep america safer from islammists were not accomplished. we have seep islammic forces become more powerful than before. and we're seeing results, even in cases where we did have a militarily necessary response to 911 and afghan. but when afghanistan to, yemen, we have seen results i don't think many americans are pleased with. so with washington to be a repeat of iran, while criticizing the president is totally incongruous to me. >> tucker: isn't this is the same people, pushing us to war met middle east. and we have to accept the populations coming to our country. >> it's a very strange concept, where we can enforce our own boards but redraw the borders of every country in the middle east and create democracy in the
9:25 pm
middlest and invading -- it does make sense to people in washington. >> tucker: it's almost like they're trying to destroy our country. it's funny. great to see you. here's a weird story. christopher steele, held secret meetings with a state department official. and why did that official later get nominated for an ambassadorship. what a strange story. we'll talk to a congressman to find out what happened. and chicago releases information with jussie smollett: coming to you live from tokyo japan for the g20. away we'll be right back.
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>> tucke there's news tonight in the jussie smollett case. police in chicago, have introduce aid body cam the night he faked his famous hate crime. we are in chicago with the very latest. hey, matt. >> tucker neither, we pouring through hundreds of filing the chicago police department just released to us, through our freedom of information request. so far, two note worthy pieces of video. the brothers heading to or come from this area of the alleged attack, on the night police site two brothers were feed pretend to beat jussie smollett. another piece of video is the moment, chicago police enter actor jussie smollett's apartment for the first time. and a man who said he was creative director called the police. chicago police enter, ask smollett if he wants to take the
9:31 pm
rope off. smollett says, yeah, i d. i just wanted police to see t. and then he says, they poured bleach on me. here's that moment capture bod chicago police body cameras. do? >> yes, i do. [inaudible]. >> >> we have seen video of the brothers being arrested. last i judge ruled that a special prosecutor will investigate this entire case from the tart and jussie smollett could be charged again. so far, smollett maintains his innocence. >> tucker: thanks a lot, matt. l newly released documents show that trump dossier authors the
9:32 pm
brit, the intel officer was in contact with a senior american state department official, just before the 2016 election, which is odd. according to the deputy assistant secretary of state, kathleen kapalac. she met with steel and he was eager to have his material released prior to the election. he was specific about that. before the election. but take three steps back. why was a top state official trying to meet with steele he want sent a letter, requesting the fbi about any information about that meeting. congressman nuñez is with us. thanks for being on. have you heard back from the fbi? >> not yet. but we gave until friday and if they don't give us the information until friday, i'm either going to refer a criminal referral over to the department of just toughest tournament in sports u.s. attorney in conclave
9:33 pm
because this is clearly obstructing our investigation. we were looking at the state department for this entire investigation. they all knew that we needed everything and going to do with christopher steel. this is clearly in that larynx without a doubt. >> tucker: so you didn't have this information during the whole span of your investigation. is there any legitimate reason they might have withheld that from you. >> worse than that, tucker, it's way worse than that. this is in october of 2016. why is that date important? because that's right before they get the warrant on carter page. so this is just more evidence that shows they knew before they went to the phasa court that, christopher steele as big problem. not only did caff lack, this information sent to the fbi, she also pointed out things like this, that the russian embassy or consulate in miami was supposed lite one running this operation to help trump. there's only one problem.
9:34 pm
there is no consulate in miami. no russian consulate. >> well, so this was a pretty open propaganda effort by christopher steele to influence the outcome of the election. >> we can't gherk the clinton campaign, and democrats were paying christopher steele to do this. we were never able to interview christopher steele. i think he needs to be intrude by the department of justice and the brits have a lot answers they need to give to the united states. but the bottom line s the guy was being paid by the democrats and that was to do what? that was to dirt up donald trump and make it look like he had ties to russians, and the truth is, the only one that may have had ties to russians would be the democrats themselves. christopher steele was supposedly talking to russians. >> of course, he said it himself. the information came from russians. they always accuse you of what they, themselves are doing.
9:35 pm
congressman nunes from k. thank you very much for that. hope to keep us posted. well, the death toll in the dominican republic has reached at least 12 western tourists. now, a toxicologist says, he may know the culprit of those those deaths. as we continue live tonight from tokyo, japan. straight ahead. know the culprit straight ahead. ♪get along, on down the road
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tokyo this morning, standing on the room of a building downtown, ahead of the president's visit to osaka, japan, and also news from the dominican republic. the number of american tourists keeps rising.
9:40 pm
shockingly. 12 people have died after suddenly falling ill or just after leaving. punta cana's hard rock hotel, has removed full bottle liquor dispenser from the room n fierce they are making people sick. what could be in the dispenser that is could kill people o. a question we've been think being for a week or so. toxicologi doctor, what is your i mean, what in a minibar could kill a tourist? >> well, unfortunately, right now, we have no answers but we have lots of questions. any toxin or toxic tint that can be in a bottle that people then swallow could cause problems. what resighsly that toxicin is, is unknown. although the hint is that it's
9:41 pm
in minibars or in the liquor dispensers, it could also be an inhaled toxic or even something topical. the deaths are very curious. if we look at these people, they had very few, if any, pre-existing illness and suddenly, succumbed. so we don't have answers. >> tucker: now, at least one report suggested that bootleg lick, methanol could be to blame away. does bootleg liquor poisoning look like? >> methanol was mentioned. that's an exactly and derivative that can cause damage to the lungs if it is ingested and it's quick. the leakyness or pulmonary adema that can occur in the lungs, can be pro found, causing respiratory disstress, and eventually, respiratory arrest.
9:42 pm
other types of alcohol, other alcohol derivatives can certainly be a toxin that could explain the acute onset of a critical illness. >> tucker: so how much would it take? could a single shot of bootleg methyl alcohol kill you? >> that really depends on the size of the individual because we think it really distributes throughout body so it could certainly pro foundly affect somebody who is maybe 50 kilos or a hundred pounds, that kind of dose can cause grave illness. in a larger individual, however, one would have to think that the dose required to cause such
9:43 pm
damage would be much greater. maybe several shots or eight ounces thanks very much for that. >> my pleasure. thank you. the democrats were the party that told you they were in favor of safe, legal and rare abortion. no longer can you be a viable candidate, without jenny neglecting better altar of mass abortion, and efforts to restrict arc portion in georgia, alabama and other states are quote, racist. but of course, the opposite as it always is. it's the abortion industry that is built on aircraft we recently spoke with stephanie curry w the families on alliance about this. here's how the conversation went. >> the numbers are remarkable. african-american women are much more likely to resort to abortion. they're targeted, i think, by
9:44 pm
planned parent hood. you made the point, this is not a new phenom none. >> absolutely not, tucker. planned parent hood and big abortion has been targeting the black community, and black population and that's nothing new. planned parent hood intentionally targets the black community. 80% of planned parent hood 's abortion facilities are within walking distance, of neighborhoods. theft to 50% of the black population has been eliminated by abortion and in our cities, more black babysit are aborted than are born. >> tucker: so this is obviously, a disaster -- if you care about people or a community, then you want them to have children. i love my children. i want them to have their own children, right? that's what you wish for someone you actually love. care about. if you don't like someone, you
9:45 pm
want them to stop reproducing. why does nobody say that? >> the pro-choice party of today, and really, has a degrading argument towards black women and it's almost racist in that black women are perpetually ill prepared, and incapable of raising their own children or provide safe and health environments for their children or quality education, and the only option available to them is population control. >> tucker: s in how we got planned parent hood in the first place. eugenics. affluent, white, liberals, worried about too many black babies being born. why is that stigma not attachd to planned parent hood . >> that's absolutely right. margaret singer came out of
9:46 pm
movement and targeted the black community, intentionally, and aggressive aggressively, and i believe that's still going on today. and abortion is probably a far more effective tool than eugenics because they are able to target a baby, specifically, respond on immutable characteristics and traits. >> tucker: that's exactly right. i hate to say this out loud, but only blacklead when, said going about this at all is louis farrakhan, who i'm obviously, not endorsing. but why is he the only person i can remember saying this? >> well, that's an excellent question. i ask myself the same thing. why aren't we speaking up more. and i think part of the reason is because the pro-choice party's messaging have been so effective, they have been using it for over a century and i've made the point before, that over a hundred years ago, the messaging was, my state, my choice. states can choose whether
9:47 pm
slavery was a morally acceptable option for them and today, that argument has become my body, my choice. but tucker, look. when over 30% to 50% of the black population is missing in one generation, that is genocide and genocide is not a right or a choice. and we need to be speaking out about those. >> tucker: they can say they louve, but if they put abortion clinics in their neighborhood they can lying. trust most trust most thank you for bravery. it is correct. nobody wants to say that but it's demonstratable. thank you for joining us tonight. god see you. >> thank you, tucker. >> congressman alexandria a ocasio-cortez dez is giving tips on how to sabotage u.s. immigration enforcement. this show continues from the
9:48 pm
roof top of two rooms grill and bar in tokyo. we strongly recommend. we wandered up to a fish market in the hotel. and you can find everything. octopus, crab, squid. we looked for puffer fish. i'm sure it was there. can you find everything. ah, fried, on a stick. the fascinating thing about a japanese fish market, it didn't smell like fish. that's how clean this country s. we'll be back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we are back live from tokyo, at the g20 summit where we will be talking to the president. he spent the last week morning he was ready to unleash i.c.e. agent in to sanctuary cities so that they can do what they are paid to do, supporting thousands of people you're unlikely that of a voided court
9:53 pm
orders telling them to scram, get back to their countries of origin. even though these illegals have artie been given their day in court, mayors across the country vowed to for some reason resist the effort. >> we are not going to cooperate with i.c.e. in any operation to round up and deport our residents. that is not going to happen. [applause] >> tucker: they clap as their city falls apart and everyone who can leaves because of the cesspool. we are virtuous, they say. democrats backed up the mayors, of course. people who live in gated communities like nancy pelosi sam forcing american laws are pointless, maybe even legal. >> in terms of interior enforcement, what is the point? i won't even go into what the motivation might be for that. >> tucker: meanwhile congresswoman
9:54 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted on the subject. she urged her supporters to resist i.c.e. sightings to hide illegal immigrants in their homes like the underground railroad orun something. the president called off the raids backing off from something he ran on three years ago. buck sexton, post, radio of the books sexton show, and keep her coming on. so put this in some perspectives for this. what was the president calling for? pulling people who lookedng hispanic off of the street and sending them to guatemala, or was it something else? >> this was looking at individuals who have had their day in court or evaded their day in court who have gone through the process and have now an outstanding deportation order against them. they are not just here illegally, they are specific orders that this person should be deported. if so what he has shown by putting this out there is that the individuals who oppose this, meaning the democratic party now are opposed to really any interior enforcement of the immigration laws.
9:55 pm
they are always going to find some reason, some excuse, some fearmongering campaign for why it should not be done. which forces the question, why not admit what they want, open borders. or we can ask why it is illegal immigration bad? because they never have an answer. they don't think it is bad. >> tucker: i am trying to think through my own role as a citizen, i try to be a good person. why should i pay my taxes? now that members of congress, the single most powerful democrat in the united states, third in line to the presidency as telling me you don't have to follow federal law, in fact you are ever virtuous if you don't. >> they are pushing for lawlessness on immigration. a ocasio-cortez and others, they are rooting against law enforcement. that also needs to get a whole lot more attention here. i.c.e. officers are going into communities and they have two in day-to-day options come up themselves in situations where they could be in harm's way, and
9:56 pm
you have ocasio-cortez acting like these are stormtroopers, acting like they are people who are not doing what they are actually doing, which is enforcing federal law. no one denies that this is existing federal law, members of congress about us not separating families, they separated families all the time for medicare fraud,, not paying your taxes, for a whole bunch of things. but federal law does not count. americans. >> tucker: americans, millions of americans are separated by force from fell afoul of some law, right? light a cigarette in an elevator and find out what happens to you. you wonder if lawmakers are encouraging the population to ignore the law, how long does it take before everything falls apart? >> why don't we pick the laws that we do and do not want to follow, if we get enough people behind us, it does't not count. the rooting against law enforcement, we saw this with a polished i.c.e. the fbi is sacrosanct because
9:57 pm
they cause problems for trump at the top level. by particularly immigration, they don't count anymore. >> tucker: exactly paid to such a smart point. you always make those. buck sexton, t thank you. the left and knows that free speech is the biggest threat to its plans to control everything starting with the white house in thehe year. doing whatever they can to suppress the speech, true even on knitting websites, revelry, a social networking site dedicated to knitting has more than 8 million members, most of them reasonable, decent people, but this week the company banned users from suppressing any support for the president of the united states. 63 million american voters is "white supremacy." if the ban works, and they do nothing, basically what they always do, nothing. expect other websites to do exactly the same thing. and your freedom to a road a little bit more. melissa francis, cohost of "outnumbered" as well as "after
9:58 pm
the bell," one of the smartest people in the building. she joins us tonight. are you on this website? >> no, i do not even get the pun, because i know nothing about knitting. so that is lost on me. but i did go and check the whole thing out. and it is right there on the front of the website. it says that this is done in the spirit of inclusiveness. they are including people. that's why they are doing this. we cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. and you are like, okay. you want to make people feel at home and good about their knitting, you cannot have open white supremacy, but it says support of the trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy. huh so half of america is a white supremacist. you can still participate, you just can't talk about this here. i am so confused by the policy, i must dig deeper.
9:59 pm
and it begs an obvious question, what could have led to this? was there a huge incident? i've not seen a lot of crocheted maga has around or mufflers that sake keep america great. so i called and emailed and we have been trying to get in contact and so has "the new york times" and everybody else who has written about it. and there are no quotes from the company anywhere. and no indication of any incident that brought this about. so you think to yourself, i wonder if this is a jussie smollett instance where they are putting this policy on their website. well, they are not coming out and telling us about anything that happen. there is no evidence of it anywhere. so i have to wonder if it isil just really big marketing. you go to the twitter page and it has a black lives matter at the top. and they obviously have a political leaning. maybe they know that there customer is here well.
10:00 pm
maybe they know their customer well and that's what it's what they are after. p.r. >> tucker: i know a lot of knitters, i don't know any of them radical. politicizing everything has a cost after a while, does it not? >> we can't have nice things anymore, tucker. >> tucker: [laughs] melissa francis, you're the best. great to see you. we will be back tomorrow. from tokyo, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, grouping. now over where sean hannity is there. >> sean: you are 13 seconds late. >> tucker: i have no clock. we are 13 hours off. >> sean: i won't take it personally. it is hannity or melissa francis. you would rather talk to her. i get it. welcome to "hannity." buckle up. this is the week that we the american people will really get to see for the first time just how


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