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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 25, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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loyalty. call me back when you do it. >> magan called bannon, he intended to resign. >> the president had asked him to do crazy [belief] >> a dramatic reading of the mueller report, more entertaining than the original or anything out of hollywood these days. shannon bream, take it from here. >> it is monday night. that's all i can say. >> rather than another batman or superman redux. >> i would go back to the 80s, don't touch them, just reassure them. we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump potentially offering crippling new sanctions and cyber attack in response to
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iran's decision to shoot down the us drone of the united nations refuses to condemn iran and urges all countries to exercise restraint. we will see what tom cotton thinks of that when he joins us to win. chicago police releasing 70 hours of video on the investigation into jussie smollett at alleged a crime. he says he is innocent. we are going to the footage. a live report is coming up. did someone on the inside leaked details of a planned ice raid in order to stop them from happening at is there any chance democrats and republicans get something done on capitol hill while the president hits the pause button? we start with iran and its claims that the newest round of us sanctions amount economic terrorism. jillian turner kicks off our coverage. >> is the trump administration rolled out the most targeted, biting sanctions in decades
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donald trump was laser focused on diplomacy and put the potential for negotiation front and center. >> we do not see conflict with iran. i look forward to the day when sanctions can be lifted and iran can become a peaceful, prosperous and productive nation. >> he kept his public message to iran optimistic and encouraging. >> very quickly, they should do that rather than going along this route. >> the goal of the new sanctions, box iran in on all sides in hopes the regime will ultimately abandon its nuclear weapons program and start talking. these new sanctions go to the heart of that strategy. targeting iran's supreme leader, the grand ayatollah who has the final say on all policy and the strict religious code that governs daily life in iran post we military officials from the revolutionary guard. steve mnuchin said iran's foreign minister is the next
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target on the sanctions hit list. >> we are both responsible for the chain of command whether they do it or not. >> national security official still fox news the sanctions have been in the works for months and aren't a direct response to the donning of the us drone last week and strikes on two oil tankers in the strait of hormuz, they insist the big goal has never changed. they want to cut off iran's support for terrorism across the middle east, finding new ways to deny iran revenue is the idea behind everything the us is doing from deploying troops to selling saudi arabia billions of dollars weapons to now sanctions. >> we want the stoppage immediately of their sponsoring of terrorism. they sponsor terrorism a level
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nobody has ever seen before over the last number of years. >> donald trump's cabinet is taking that message on the road. mike pompeo to saudi arabia and the national security adviser john bolton to israel and treasury secretary steve mnuchinrain. there instructions from donald trump, get america's middle east ally on board as soon as possible. >> thank you so much. donald trump issuing this warning to iran today. >> a lot of restraint has been shown bias. a lot of restraint. doesn't mean we are going to show them the future, that i felt we want to give this a chance, give a good chance. >> let's turn to tom cotton who says from the senate armed services committee and the new york times bestseller sacred duty, great to have you with us tonight. >> good to be on with you tonight. >> a tweet from iran's foreign minister, the subject of additional sanctions later this week, donald trump is 100% right the us military has no business in the persian gulf. removal of its forces is in line with interest of the us and the world but it is clear that the
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team is not concerned with us interests, they despise diplomacy and thirst for war. the president repeatedly said during his campaign he wasn't about war, wanted to get out of this overseas incursion but the critics say he is surrounded by hocks and they question what his real intentions are. >> he can tweet from tehran all he wants because when he faces sanctions he's traveling to europe and the united states spending people's money and 5-star restaurants anymore. the president to the larger point made clear he doesn't want war. i don't want war. that's not what is warranted by the attacks iran has launched on the high seas were against american surveillance aircraft. we would need retaliatory strikes like president reagan did in 1988 or donald trump did to syria in 2017-18 when bashar al-assad gassed his own people but the president showed
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restraint but he should not anticipate that to continue if they continue to march up the escalation letter and harm an american citizen or service member. >> another round of sanctions was announced, the new york times quoted a middle east expert at rand corporation, the administration argues maximum pressure will bring iran to the negotiating table but instead it brought provocative iranian actions that will not end without iran getting something concrete on sanctions relief. what do you make of that? >> let's be clear the president's maximum pressure campaign has put iran in the toughest situation they faced in 40 years since the revolution in 1979. for the first time the united states has -- you see iran lashing out, whether it is in the kind of comments you read in the foreign minister of iran the
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sanctions today go to the supreme leader of iran, supposedly godly man who is worth $200 billion making it one of the richest and greediest men in the world. eventually iran is going to get the picture the united states is not going to tolerate not only iranian nuclear program but there campaign of terror throughout the middle east and aggression against american partners. when they act like a civilized nation the united states will consider any kind of reciprocal commitments to iran. >> senator chris coons had this to say, questions about where this is going long-term. >> i am relieved we are not in a military conflict with iran but i'm concerned about the absence of a clear strategy and explanation to congress how the
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president sees the way forward in us iranian relations. >> reporter: do you think the president needs authorization from congress to move on a potential military action or strike with regard to iran and do you think there is a new strategy from this administration? >> any president has the constitutional authority to protect americans or defend our interests. barack obama conducted a bombing campaign against qaddafi that is more extensive than anything to our president. if the iranian's were to attack an american ship or aircraft or their proxies were to attack in iraq the president does not need to come to congress for authorization for immediate quick strike authority. there is a clear strategy, mike pompeo laid it out at length, the president alluded to that strategy as well. not only will we not tolerate iran developing a nuclear weapon but iran has to start to act
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like a normal and civilized nation, to quit supplying missiles that kill citizens as just happened in saudi arabia, stop supporting groups like hamas and hezbollah and the attacks we have seen in the high seas, those are not did big demands of any nation. shannon: we will see if the two sides can meet on common ground and also count on the other to meet them in the middle. it has been decades. thanks for weighing in. the massive field of 2020 democratic present levels is descending on miami preparing for the first primary debates to see which can be the most progressive. fox news team coverage tonight, some trouble back at home with
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mayor pete buttigieg, mark meredith in the latest battle for the left wing of the party. >> reporter: this week debate could be a make or break moment for the 2020 candidates. the liberal hot button issues, voters who tune in maybe behind. >> time to hit the reset button. >> bernie sanders once them to pay american college loans with a new tax on stocks and bonds. >> the american people bailed out wall street. now it is time for wall street to come to the aid of the middle class this country. >> reporter: sanders estimates the tax will raise $2.4 trillion over ten years. he says that's enough money to pay off everyone's loans and other future generations free tuition at public universities. >> we need big structural change.
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>> reporter: elizabeth warren who is catching up to sanders in the polls is reintroducing a bill from 2017 to allow some same-sex couples to refile their tax returns. it wasn't until marriage equality became law that may -- gay and lesbian couples filed taxes and so they paid more on taxes, the irs owes gay couples and a handful of states roughly $50 million in refunds. former vice president joe biden spent the weekend in south carolina, sat down with civil rights activists, and asked about the recent controversy he found himself in when he said he appreciated when some segregationist senators called him a son. >> i do understand consequence of the word boy but i wasn't in that context at all. >> reporter: biden was criticized about his original comments including cory booker, booker and biden are not sharing the same debate stage, they are speaking on separate nights.
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booker made news after he was asked if he would meet with louis farrakhan, someone who had been criticized anti-semitic remarks. booker says no such meeting is planned but he wouldn't rule one out in the future. >> interviewing donald trump as the president accuses 2020 democratic candidate joe biden of lying about why former president obama has not endorsed his vice president. >> he is embarrassed that obama is not endorsing him so he says i asked president obama not to endorse me. he trying to get the endorsement. it could be president obama knows something but there is something going on. >> reporter: biden camp has not responded to donald trump. the police union for pete buttigieg at sometime accusing him of playing politics with an officer involved shooting and trying to drive a wedge between
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the south bend community and police officers. the fraternal order of police issuing a statement late tonight, mayor buttigieg is focus on this is only for political gain and not to help the city service. mike tobin has more on tensions running high on south bend. >> if anyone would just calm down. >> he works the national stage for buttigieg to focus locally while a police involved shooting, white self and officer kill the black man. >> get the racists off the streets. it is disrespectful that i wake up every day scared. >> if anyone who was on patrol is shown to be a racist or to do something racist in a way that is substantiated, that is their last day on the street. >> and 16th ryan o'neal answer call for an individual breaking
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into cars in an apartment complex and confronted 54-year-old eric logan. >> the individual then approaching him, when officer o'neil got close to his vehicle a discharge two shots. >> south bend implement and body cameras o'neal's was not turned on. >> just like the camera on that tv worked. but they are not going to show this stuff because they don't want to show the truth. >> compounding matters another shooting at a bar killed one, independent. buttigieg came off the campaign trail canceling interviews, fundraisers and speeches, he joined eric logan's spent time with his family. the mayor joined the call for an outside investigation and acknowledged problems with the police and the minority community have not been solved on his watch. >> the effort to recruit more minority officers to the police department and the average introduce body cameras have not succeeded. and i accept responsibility for
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that. >> you should a statement today that he is running for president as a mayor because of local problems like these are problems nationwide. at the townhall yesterday he said the problems of gun violence, mistrust of police don't get solved in his lifetime it will sink america. >> thank you very much. fox news at night will be live from miami for the two first debates, we will get instant reaction you can only find on fox wednesday and thursday night. we are live with extended coverage from 11:00 pm to 1 am eastern. ice rate at major cities across the us targeting people already deported, details are now on hold. tom homan and brandon judd our next. let's do the eyebrows firs, just tease it a little. slather it all over, don't hold back. well, the squirrels followed me all the way out to california! and there's a very strange badger staring at me... no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. uh-huh, where's the camel?
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no kidding. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> donald trump's new acting
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homeland security secretary being accused of leaking plans for the scheduled ice rate after allegedly expressing fierce opposition to them. what is alicia learning from the west coast bureau? >> reporter: a source tells fox news some in the trump administration accusing acting homeland security secretary of being the source in a washington post story detailed long planned ice rate in several us cities. fox has learned he was on the government play with a post reporter two days before the paper reported friday the operation slated to target 2000 families in as many as ten universities including houston, chicago, miami, los angeles and other major immigration destinations. city officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the law enforcement operation. the washington examiner spoke with 5 current and former
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senior administration officials confident he was the leak. >> someone else i spoke with, one of the officials said if you like doing okay -- cocaine bust, tipping the person off the we are going to be here sunday at but please be here with the cocaine. so then you go there and they are not there obviously. kind of the same thing. >> the washington post report prompted chicago's mayor to revoke ice's access to police databases. san francisco told folks to report ice actively to a hotline in la. >> here in los angeles we will not participate in it. we will continue to make sure the lapd, our police force does not participate in the his administrative actions. >> today on special report acting ice director mark morgan called this defiance unconscionable. >> a majority of individuals ice apprehends and arrests are
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criminals, criminal aliens in those very cities that's where they are not going to work with us. who loses? the citizens of that city. >> remember on saturday the president announced he was postponing the rates tweeting at the request of democrats i have delayed the illegal immigration removal process for two weeks to see if democrats and republicans can get together and work out an asylum and loop or problem on the southern border. if not deportations start. a source tells fox news magazine and has always been opposed to these raids. shannon: good to see you. with the raids on hold for now the left is the president himself created this crisis it is not, quote, acting outside the circle of civilized human behavior. joining me to discuss, a fox news contributor, tom homan and president of the national border patrol council, brandon
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judd. a little more from the washington examiner. they post two different officials, they said the president wouldn't leak that. only a few people involved in these discussions. the only one who could have shared the details of those operations were kevin. do you buy that explanation? this man was hand-picked by the president. >> it goes deeper than that. look at the evidence. that is a piece of the evidence but if you connect the dots and consider he was on a plane with the person who reported this and the fact they did not come out and condemn this article immediately and say how dairy newsagency release details operations that allows people to understand what is going on,
12:24 am
it puts ice officers in danger and the general public in danger because it allows people to just start getting mad and to know when they are going to come in so they didn't come out and condemn this. kevin hasn't come out and said it wasn't him. you look at this evidence, you have to say there is something there. >> i want to refer to something written by the new york times editorial board, the headline is no excuse for mistreating children at the border. here's what to do about it. how to call congress, demand the raids stop. if you see them, record them and report them but here's the quote. there is a crisis, not undocumented immigrants or thousand seeking refuge as the president would have it but a crisis of american values, of america's to dear tradition is a welcoming and humane nation? >> the rule of law. border patrol enforcing the law. i will tell you about mistreatment of children. i see them share their lunches with people they arrest, toys
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in their own home. people talk about mistreatment barge they were built to handle women and children, you have 500 there. they been asking congress for months to give them money so they can have more health and human services beds for children and have the proper facilities for them but congress has not done anything, so start naming the men and women who are down there risking their own safety to secure the border and taking care of women and children, they are parents themselves and doing the best they can difficult circumstances so let me thank the fine men and women of border patrol for dealing such a chaotic situation. this is congress's failure. the president asked for $4.5 billion, they haven't given them a dollar yet so that children -- border patrol agree with that.
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>> trying to get the money. the house is controlled by democrats, senate by republicans, they both have to pass something and we are hearing there is trouble in trying to get together on something they can vote on. here's what adam schiff, a democrat, has to say about the administration's use of this crisis. >> the cruelty is part of their policy. part of what they think will deter migrants from coming here, what they think will motivate congress to build a wall and to use these children that way is i think in moral. >> everybody agrees they don't want to see children or adults mistreated or living in on inevitable conditions so where do we go from here? >> what congressman schiff is not telling the public, he's not being completely honest. if he was honest he would be telling them that this operation was going after those
12:27 am
individuals who have already been deported, already exhausted all of their due process, all their appeals rights. these people have been ordered deported by judges, they are still in the united states against the law so we're just going to get those individuals that already had their time in court and had their say. we are not looking at separating families, not looking at separating children. we are looking at doing this in the humane possible way and in a way that we can keep the families together. it is complete and total dishonesty. instead of letting everybody know the whole truth. if everybody knew the whole truth they wouldn't be against this operation. >> house and senate want to provide money for the humanitarian side of the crisis but can't agree on the rest of it. we will see what they get done before they go out for the july recess. thank you both.
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upload your logo or start your design today at >> very difficult for a millennial, self absorbed, self focused millennial to oppose. >> rush limbaugh responding to bernie sanders's plan to forgive $1.6 trillion in student loan debt and he's not the only 2020 content and making expensive promises this weekend. let's bring in josh's wherein
12:33 am
and mark tsin, welcome. we heard a lot this weekend from the 2020 field about things they think need to be addressed monetarily. not sure how it will be paid for. some have an explanation but not all. >> i'm watching the debates this week. i will have to keep a calculator to keep track of all the tax dollars they are planning to spend. to put this in perspective the new york times reported social security trust fund is going to be completely depleted in 15 years which will mean there have to be across-the-board cuts and benefit checks of 20%-25, if you are retired in the next 15 years is not enough money to pay your social security benefits, the times reported the medicare trust fund will be depleted in eight years so the existing entitlement programs are in crisis but instead of
12:34 am
addressing the crisis in existing settlement programs there's a whole litany of new entitlement programs they want to create, not just fixed medicare but have medicare for all, free college, student loan forgiveness, universal childcare, universal basic income, affordable housing, jobs guarantee, african american reparations, same-sex reparations, green new deal, how we going to pay for all this, there is no money to pay for all these things and if you at what they are talking about spending it is over $100 trillion. so the settlement programs we arty promised people before we come up with a litany of free stuff to give away that we don't have the money to pay for. >> republicans or democrats, anybody who talks about reforming entitlements, we remember the commercial about the grandma being pushed off the cliff in her wheelchair. if nobody has the appetite to tackle that which we have projections they are in trouble what about adding in these new entitlement if we are going to
12:35 am
call them that? >> a few months ago republicans pressed a $1.5 trillion tax bill that wasn't paid for that exploded the debt and deficit, they didn't complain about it, they said it didn't matter, it will pay for itself, it hasn't. bernie sanders did introduce a very expensive plan for debt forgiveness but he does pay for it. there is a $2 trillion -- you can disagree with the policy and some democrats do and i'm sure a lot of republicans do but it is paid for so that is a false argument from republicans who just up our deficit with this tax bill which is a massive giveaway to corporations. that is really disingenuous. shannon: what about the tax bill? >> completely wrong. bernie sanders says he will pay for with a 0.5% tax on all stock transactions. the congressional budget office found if you do 0.5% on stock reductions will reduce revenue going in to the federal budget because it will reduce asset value so you have less capital
12:36 am
gains to tax and second it will reduce the number of transactions and avoid the tax so they will not have transactions and when transactions reduced there is less revenue so bernie sanders's plan will not only explode the debt and deficit but will reduce the amount of revenue coming in to pay for this and other programs. >> he didn't address the tax bill which is already exploded our deficit dramatically. >> anything you want to say on that? >> the tax bill is driving this economic boom that has created we now have the lowest unemployment and 50 years. the economy is booming, african american unemployment is down, women's unemployment is down, hispanic unemployment is down and people at the bottom of the economy, the lowest rungs of the economy are getting the most benefits, the lowest unemployment rate in recorded history.
12:37 am
>> let's focus on the new promises. >> what i'm happy about is democrats are putting forward policy ideas to improve people's lives. the 2016 debates, marco rubio and don from arguing about hand sizes. i'm glad to argue about how to make college more affordable, more possible to get a good occasion, there's a debate over to have and we can talk about how we get there but it is a positive step and i'm proud democrats are talking about it. >> we will have special coverage wednesday and thursday night, they will face each other on stage. thanks for facing each other tonight. brand-new video of jussie smollett the night he says he was attacked, what he said when he found out it was being reported. atop a police official joins us next. this is the story of john smith.
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not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, chicago police releasing 70 hours of video footage related
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to empire actor jussie smollett's alleged hate crime. he says he is innocent. looking at new footage tonight, hello, matt. >> we are coming to hundreds of files released by the chicago police department, freedom of information requests, new and noteworthy video, the moment chicago police entered jussie smollett's apartment for the first time after police say he carried out the hoax was a man who identifies himself as his director called 911 to report the incident and led police to jussie smollett's apartment. he is standing there with white rope around his neck, the alleged news. police asked if he wanted to take it off. here is that moment caught by police body cameras. >> you want to take it off? >> new tonight, video shows
12:43 am
chicago police arresting one of the brothers at chicago's o'hare airport, they were tracked down, and police say this video helps place the brothers at the scene of the alleged attack, shows them being driven in cabs and ride shares from the area of his apartment the night of the alleged notes. there is video showing jussie smollett returning to his apartment building with the noose around his neck and last friday a judge set a special prosecutor will investigate this entire case from the start at a certain -- jussie smollett could be charged all over again. so far the actor maintains his innocence. >> police footage shows him wearing that rope around his neck. police arrive following the hate crime alert. let's turn to the vice president of the fraternal order of police, for reaction
12:44 am
to the latest balance in the case, great to have you with us. i want to start with the decision the judge has decided is going to be a special counsel, he said the unprecedented irregularities identified in this case warrants the appointment of independent counsel to restore the public's confidence in the, justice system. police maintain this was a hoax. jussie smollett says he is innocent. where will this ultimately end up? >> that depends on who they choose for the special prosecutor. but it is crying out for a good, fair, assertive special prosecutor to sort that out. i don't think too many people, reasonable people think for a second this wasn't a hoax. i don't even think that's where the debate should be. the debate i think now is squarely on kimberly fox and even this week she said she put out a statement after the judge made the decision saying we are going to have a special prosecutor and a couple hours,
12:45 am
former chief ethics officer saying that was not true what she was saying. she is lost in a web of contradictions here. >> when there was talk about the special prosecutor she wrote a piece in the chicago tribune expulsion margin to the headline i welcome an outside review of how we handle the jussie smollett case, she talks about why they didn't move forward, specific aspects of the evidence and testimony presented to the office that would have made securing a conviction against him uncertain. my office will be the likelihood of securing that conviction was not certain. what do you react to that as the reasoning behind her decision? >> what does that mean? that is the point of a trial. if you think you've got a tough case, you just toss it this is just another example of
12:46 am
kimberly fox arbitrarily making decisions over and above the law and above the process, like letting people out of prison for murders, horrible murders and not retrying from, but we are extremely critical of. she is running a renegade prosecutor's office, that's what she's doing. there is overwhelming evidence in this case it seems to me and all these officers and detectives put in so much time and this whole thing seems to be aimed at creating this hysteria against donald trump. she has an obligation to dig to the bottom to get it out in the open in a courtroom so everybody can see what really happened here. i don't buy that for a heartbeat. >> in that same piece she talked about the differentiation and how she wanted to prioritize the
12:47 am
limited resources she had. we must separate the people at home who are angry from the people from whom we are afraid. justice system is at its best when it protects us from people we rightly fear while alternative outcomes are reserved for the people who make us angry but need to learn the error of their ways without seeing their lives irrevocably destroyed. >> that is her typical restorative justice babel that is hard to understand. she is not putting serious criminals in jail. she is letting them out. she is not protecting public safety. she's not fulfilling her obligations as a prosecutor. it's great we have a special prosecutor but i really think there's enough here in her administration to demand federal investigation. >> that could be another step so we watch this as you will as well, thank you for your time. the utah college student missing after the lift drivers that he dropped her at a park
12:48 am
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>> we are reporting the new sanctions by the us against the iranian regime. more to come later this week. iran's foreign ministry spokesman tweets this ominous
12:52 am
message, the latest us sanctions mean the, quote, closing channel of diplomacy forever. we will stay on it. the real news roundup kicks off with virginia's attorney governor justin fairfax, reportedly saying sexual assault allegations against him raise his public profile so much it might be time to run for governor. fairfax to limit richmond times dispatch accusations from two women in february gave him name recognition he didn't have before. fairfax claims the accusations are a smear campaign, the two women say the assault happened to me only 2000s and they want to testified to the general assembly which is not happened yet. a newly promoted official and democratic congressional campaign committee reportedly deleting thousands of decade-old tweets, some allegedly homophobic in nature. 10 years ago she wrote some hurtful and insensitive things
12:53 am
and she sincerely apologizes to anyone hurt by her words. democrat gavin newsom telling actually is on hbo he believes the gop will just be a third-party in 10-15 years is what he calls hyper-masculinity and xena phobia and white men who voted for trump are getting a, quote, yard of crap. worldwide social media site, banning anything from from patterns to poets, saying support for trump is, quote, undeniably support for white supremacy. investigators revealing new information about missing university student who disappeared after a lift from the airport. >> reporter: it is a mystery. where did she go, who did she see. after that one:00 text from the salt lake city airport. that is the missing piece of this puzzle. mckenzie took a ride to her
12:54 am
apartment but north of salt lake, since then, no texts, no calls, no facebook, no sign of her luggage, work as you have done? >> or car has not been moved. the police said they have no reason to believe -- at this point it has been 7 days. >> he might have been meeting someone there. i don't see any reason she would be there at that time. >> police have not provided an address or name of any suspects was left says her roots had no irregularities. friends say she did not have a regular boyfriend and did not speculate on where she went. with a friend or party she didn't know about, that is the mystery and police are not providing details. >> thank you very much. the wife of betty gallagher on trial for murdering and isis prisoner is speaking out days
12:55 am
after a shocking twist in that trial. andrea gallagher calling prosecutors file and corrupt telling abc news she's confident her husband will be found innocent. >> these witnesses were really exposed in my mind this week knowing that this is the government's best effort at a prosecution. it relieves so many of my fears. >> prosecutors say they are not going to drop charges against gallagher despite the fact that another seal on stand said he's the one who killed the isis team, not gallagher. our midnight hero is on a mission next.
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after being in the army for 23 >> after being in the army for 23 years our one retired soul just one mission to continue to serve, despite losing a leg in combat jerry collins has run and by 3000 miles across eight states and 50 days all to serve meals to veterans as part of operation barbecue.
1:00 am
organization that helps feed first responders and those in need. he has helped feed 80,000 people. thank you today for your service and the folks at operation barbecue, your tonight's midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. >> it is tuesday, june 25th and this is "fox and friends first". happening right now 4:00 am on the east coast democrats divided. near $5 billion emergency funding bill could fail in the house today but with mexico something 15,000 troops to the border are democrats ready to put their money where their mouths are to fix the humanitarian crisis? live in washington. what about this. 70 hours of video just released from the jussie smollett investigation starring the empire actor with a news around his neck.


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